I Got Too Confident. - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video on the channel yet? Appsro is at it again, exploring a brand new region that is ...
I Got Too Confident. - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH
I Got Too Confident. - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

I Got Too Confident. - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

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simon: Hey Appsro, have you seen that new video we posted? 'I Got Too Confident' in The Long Dark? It's my new favorite!

appsro: Oh yeah, that one was a blast! I mean, who wouldn't want to watch me get too confident and then pay the price in PERMADEATH?

simon: Exactly! It's like watching a comedy of errors unfold in the frozen wilderness. I can't get enough of it!

appsro: Well, I guess my overconfidence got the best of me in that one. But hey, at least it makes for some entertaining content, right?

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video on the channel yet? Appsro is at it again, exploring a brand new region that is just crawling with teeth. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what kind of crazy adventures he gets into this time.

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oh yeah okay this cabin is a little1.045.739
smaller than I thought it would be3.6595.041
a little tiny place though6.7794.44
where you at11.2194.34
here yeah12.92.659
where's it we're just entrance to the16.14.019
cabin yep18.5395.481
oh you're like oh God20.1193.901
okay come on come on give me a good29.425.02
cabinet baby oh yeah this looks like a32.73.6
stove in here there's going to be a big36.34.86
stove and a workbench and it's going to38.73.359
be perfect41.162.6
yeah yeah42.0594.68
I'll probably still be here cooking wolf43.765.92
meat and drinking water with no pants46.7396.081
for the rest of my life49.683.14
but think but they keep finding me yeah55.324.559
all right I feel you on that one oh [ __ ]57.487.219
it's not a cabin it's a series of cabins59.8794.82
inside them oh oh there's a workbench64.923.36
hell yeah what you gonna make uh oh is68.284.68
that what I think it is oh71.225.46
10 rounds of revolver ammunition oh look72.966.9
out oh sh I'm living here now I got a76.687.04
workbench I got more revolver rounds79.866.299
let's see what's in these cabins places83.724.899
to sleep gotta be gotta be places to86.1596.241
sleep yes yes88.6195.221
new lease on life neebs fantastic93.8413.68
that's a wolf you're looking at a wolf107.524.32
okay I saw some birds I thought is that110.1592.941
something but I remember I killed a wolf111.844.88
on the front porch yeah113.13.62
uh not I think I can get more meat116.9397.381
man there's a cabin on top of this hill120.65.519
did I go to that124.322.939
I don't know have you gone under the126.1193.78
hills much no but like right beside127.2595.941
Milton there's a little frozen pond okay129.8996.661
and I don't feel like I've been to this133.25.16
place somehow yeah man explore I mean136.564.679
this game hide stuff everywhere it's not138.365.22
even hidden like how to not see this141.2394.321
man I don't know it's just your vision143.583.799
flabbergast me sometimes yeah hey145.565.3
consider yourself lucky147.3793.481
there's no way I've been here151.3794.5
yeah and the handrail okay please tell155.8796.201
me there's pants in here159.063.02
well there's a nice place to sleep165.184.5
this nah there's some good stuff in here167.4595.541
there's a candy bars169.683.32
yep hungry boy bag in here174.5997.561
Quick Flame got some Quick Flame let's179.045.419
see yes182.162.299
yes house is pretty well there's a lot184.683.48
of wood around here though I'm tempted186.783.48
to break some of it down to carry it188.163.42
with me I'm kind of just waiting for it190.263.36
to be daytime I do know there's some191.585.1
fishing cabins out of this Lake and I'm193.624.619
just kind of want to go check them see196.682.88
if there's any good stuff in them you198.2393.441
um yeah fish will be good I could do a202.7394.021
little fishing tomorrow if uh204.35.46
yeah if it works how is my food let's206.764.38
still caring man I should eat this meat211.145.72
before it gets too bad I'm doing it213.123.74
yep and now I'm not carrying as much216.9594.381
meat on me so that'll uh219.064.739
you know the Wolves won't smell me I221.343.66
don't think there's any pants in here223.7993.901
man I'm looking everywhere no pants for225.04.44
you nope227.74.819
you're gonna find some one day229.443.079
if I'm alive yeah232.924.459
it's gonna be the best day ever ever235.144.56
make it to pants today you're gonna make237.3793.991
it I believe in you239.75.029
wow neebs yeah man it really cleared up245.364.84
for me here tonight248.584.26
it's a beautiful night yeah I Can See250.24.14
For Miles out here252.843.119
this is great254.343.119
man I should go check these fishing255.9592.701
cabins you know what yeah I'm gonna grab257.4592.941
a torch temperature is pretty damn good258.665.039
I'm well clothed grab my can260.44.98
torch yeah I'm gonna run out and check263.6994.261
these uh these little cabins on the lake265.384.29
why not267.969.12
heard that noise277.085.7
wild bird maybe a seagull278.966.58
man and rats with wings there's some at282.784.32
the Burger King by my house I swear to285.542.52
God they're a completely different287.12.36
animal they're not seagulls anymore288.064.02
they've morphed into this like fat blob289.464.0
of a bird I don't think they can fly292.083.24
anymore they're like something between a293.463.66
seagull and a penguin295.325.06
yeah they're disgusting297.123.26
just walking around the middle of302.583.92
nowhere I found a body303.662.84
and me it's probably one of those dreams306.844.079
you know oh a hat okay308.344.799
that's all right you got hats I'm pretty310.9193.901
sure I'm already wearing a hat313.1394.881
I need gloves314.823.2
and pants318.663.9
I love that I can see my little fire320.943.539
over at that camp from all the way322.563.26
over here324.4793.541
making that noise out here I don't see325.824.319
over there331.2594.221
all right well we got oh yes another338.283.29
revolver cartridge340.322.819
good anything in here took that charcoal343.1394.741
fishing spot I might do some fishing345.743.519
good newsprint it's tender349.2597.201
another revolver cartridge man oh God352.865.42
this is great356.465.519
all right no more no fishing cabins that358.285.38
uh so yeah we'll go back the way we came363.664.44
oh I wonder if there's anything at the366.663.42
top of this hill I'm going to the top of368.14.4
a hill370.082.42
oh wow376.443.36
I'm on a beach kind of a nice Beach377.884.439
what's this379.84.679
cat how the hell the cat tail head get382.3193.781
way out here did it just wash up on this384.4793.801
oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa388.53.78
what are you doing ice is a little fit392.283.0
over there394.1992.701
you fall through the ice395.283.359
it sounded like I was about to fall396.93.299
through the ice and I saw a little uh398.6393.721
icon come up that looked like hey you400.1995.12
might fall into that ice402.362.959
yeah that would absolutely ruin my day405.4194.981
so we got to be careful about that407.46.96
what is this is this a container410.46.239
come out with some food maybe414.363.6
puts a container out here it leaves417.964.14
nothing in it oh there's a wolf those419.944.8
are wolves those are three wolves422.14.08
I don't have any meat on me so maybe424.743.12
they won't smell me [ __ ] all right I'm426.187.16
gonna head back over here on Camp427.865.48
they hear me435.04.08
[ __ ] they heard me didn't they437.0393.421
a lot of noise yep I got a buddy that's440.464.38
okay because guess who just picked up443.342.94
some bullets444.843.0
I think I might lead him over to a446.283.479
campfire because I'm hungry for a little447.843.0
see how wolves aren't extinct over there450.843.12
where you are well I'm in a different452.8192.82
region now now the region I came from453.963.6
they might be damn extinct455.6394.801
but not here oh yeah yeah yeah you want457.564.56
to run over here buddy oh I got460.443.12
something for you462.123.18
bring you over here by my nice little463.563.0
are you carrying meat on you today no I466.563.479
don't have any meat on me right now but468.5393.0
I want his beef470.0393.6
both feet temperature is good right now471.5393.301
yeah come on473.6392.701
come over here boy I thought you were474.844.22
done eating with me476.342.72
I think I could have a little wolf meat483.663.439
I think it'll be okay485.164.319
trying to find a wild shrimp out here487.0995.32
you know a shrimp here I just like489.4794.201
the shrimp exist in cold water493.686.5
probably not okay if I can find one496.686.9
all right let's see the little shiny500.186.04
Green in your eye come on come on come503.585.66
on come on come on506.223.02
the wolf another wolf oh514.24.68
saw some movement oh yeah is that your516.9593.481
buddy running off because she's a scared518.882.459
little puss520.442.519
let's see oh and I got a hunting knife521.3393.241
now I think that actually522.9593.721
is that get oh yeah that's much better524.584.92
12 minutes let's get four pounds of meat526.685.4
temperatures dropping quick but that's529.54.26
okay I can go start up I think my fire532.085.1
still going I hope my fire's still going533.765.699
is fire still going [ __ ] fire went out537.184.82
oh wait539.4592.541
okay am I gonna murder you by the fire545.585.48
I'm gonna burn you by the fire548.583.93
oh God551.064.53
he jumped at me he got me a little bit556.383.66
but uh I managed to stab him I don't558.065.04
think he did any damage to me560.044.739
campfire burned out can I start a fire564.7795.24
in this wind here oh566.823.199
um oh okay uh break that down oh570.067.26
temperatures dropping a little bit574.56.12
can I am I shielded here577.326.6
well I'm pretty much where I started580.625.219
okay uh583.924.32
I don't know if I can go further did I585.8394.201
try that already going back past the gas588.244.8
station can I see something over there590.044.919
nope just the gas station you know what593.043.359
I should probably stop here at my594.9594.101
original House596.3992.661
yep and uh rest up599.3996.301
yeah I'm gonna do that go for it all603.04.8
right let's see drink drink a little605.73.44
water here607.84.32
cooking some wolf breakfast this ain't609.145.319
too bad of a morning I like this is all612.124.26
right it's all right it's not even614.4594.021
morning yet it's night time I'm having a616.384.34
good night618.482.24
I found some decent Trail boots640.225.799
yeah you know what I think I've been644.163.179
wearing something stupid yeah I got646.0193.06
these damn worn leather shoes I'm647.3394.381
wearing I'm gonna drop those649.0795.041
Papa yeah that'd be much better for651.723.9
walking around these leather shoes can654.123.48
[ __ ] off oh like I'm out here tap655.623.899
dancing like a nut657.63.84
tab dancers are the nuttiest people659.5192.82
aren't they661.442.28
aren't they I mean662.3393.901
it's a weird thing you know I used to663.724.619
date a girl it was a clogger666.244.02
and uh yeah I went to a couple clogging668.3393.841
events and uh yeah it's like tap dancing670.263.54
with fatter shoes672.185.04
it's Country Cafe yeah it was um673.84.86
it was something I broke up with her not677.223.359
too long after that oh really clogging678.663.54
all right it's weird680.5793.181
no I'm not going to any more clogging682.24.02
events right right sorry I'm a shallow683.763.5
[ __ ]686.223.84
oh come on Wolf me I mean you know I'm687.266.1
passed up yeah let's eat some of that690.066.839
Full Belly Full Belly full belly okay A693.365.76
little risk but I'm gonna risk it696.8995.281
for the full belly biscuit okay699.126.06
small risk of intestinal parasites I bet705.487.5
my status oh yeah super small risk all709.26.3
right man what four percent I ain't even712.983.9
worried I ain't worried about it getting715.53.6
intestinal parasites from that716.884.98
you like parasites I don't mind them you719.14.14
know what I you know what I should do721.863.06
this wolf I should Harvest it's hide724.926.359
so I can cure728.4597.521
hide and make me a nice wolf coat731.2794.701
let's see yeah give me that hide what is736.23.48
30 minutes738.244.2
oh risk it getting a little cold739.684.92
getting a lot cold but that fire should742.443.78
stay warm744.63.239
and uh oh746.223.66
she started to snow747.8393.841
they look like a blizzard might be749.885.04
coming in on my end oh yeah yep751.685.099
we're down yeah I think I'm gonna have754.924.68
to but I got a full belly I I can cook756.7794.141
some water you know what may as well759.63.6
cook some more water can't hurt right760.923.78
I think I gotta get rid of some stuff763.23.72
man got a lot of stuff still yeah you764.74.28
you know problem is I'm a rambling man774.244.32
you've been in one damn town this whole776.764.139
time yeah but rambled at all okay but I778.564.459
have three houses in this one camera780.8995.281
I've got the church that's across the783.0194.181
and then there's a little work sheds787.26.259
my stuff is spread out holy789.9593.5
holy okay water 16 minutes until my797.824.259
water's boiled800.3993.12
um oh boy802.0794.94
oh boy oh boy803.5193.5
you coming over here buddy oh [ __ ] does808.384.38
he smell I don't have any meat on me810.8395.041
still do I I ate all my wolf meat812.765.519
yeah I didn't Harvest anymore815.886.74
buddy you're gonna need to go all right818.2794.341
oh names I just shot a bear twice832.944.56
that was just out trying to cook a837.64.46
little water he's probably839.2792.781
he's probably oh God this might be844.323.82
stupid I'm leaving the cabin846.125.189
might not kill him huh are you limping853.0794.621
what are you doing855.484.08
yeah he's walking away but he's walking857.75.84
funny like he's got a bullet in his ass859.563.98
I Don't Want to Waste My Bullets man I864.363.84
got 12 and866.3994.68
there's so many wolves around868.25.16
you want to get my water though871.0793.961
I'm gonna get my water873.363.06
he turned around he's coming back876.423.979
what are you gonna do uh well I might880.565.36
pop him again883.0792.841
[ __ ] just make some coffee886.263.68
okay okay890.12.539
open the door open the door open door895.046.76
I hope so if I missed him with that good899.064.899
I mean it's a bear901.84.92
's not you know too hard to hit because903.9594.921
it's a bear because they're big yeah906.724.619
yeah I understand have you killed that908.884.86
bear yet man I got walking down the911.3394.081
bridge for all I know maybe he's dead913.744.8
he's probably full on pants915.424.919
he's pants918.544.5
no he's full on pants oh he's full on920.3395.041
yeah because he ate your pants oh he's923.044.919
got a belly full of needs pants925.384.68
my pants one day927.9593.541
one day yeah would that be something all930.064.1
right going back out931.52.66
oh my God he's walking away936.483.56
wolves okay multiple wolves how far away941.886.12
are you from safety I gotta go back to945.664.979
my little house I'm never I'm I'm doomed948.04.339
to my house forever950.6394.56
oh no it's a it's Aurora Borealis night952.3394.541
maybe yeah956.882.959
yeah I should probably go back home I961.324.139
tried to go out that was dumb963.365.12
I don't know what I was thinking965.4593.021
that was the way I want to go975.9593.661
crap you know what I think I can go this977.884.019
other way979.624.38
I'm gonna go to my other house wolf on981.8994.68
the porch gotcha I'm tempted to stalk984.05.42
this limping bear986.5792.841
another shot989.942.699
I thought it was going to be a blizzard994.0192.76
today but it's actually calmed down oh995.163.539
did you turn around again996.7793.781
oh you really want it don't you buddy998.6993.781
you really want to pull another bullet1000.563.54
to the face how many bullets you're1002.483.479
gonna eat1004.14.76
what if I kill this bear I can't ugh1009.1994.861
What's it gonna do for me other than1012.52.94
like I've killed the bear and he won't1014.063.98
stalk me anymore1015.442.6
oh boy my torches went out I heard more1018.55.72
I gotta put another one in his head1024.7993.941
is that no God damn it open the door1026.95.02
how's your wolf situation well1032.7994.26
is it going to get cold it'll get cold1040.8194.081
eventually and also go bad eventually1042.9194.081
like everything else in this damn game1044.93.659
because I want to drink it but I want to1047.03.54
drink it unless I'm gonna get to go1048.5594.74
outside with it right1050.544.74
I think I've put four bullets in this1053.2994.561
bear I uh I feel like I'm just wasting1055.285.639
bullets and time right I may just uh I1057.865.16
don't know all right tell you what1060.9193.481
I'm gonna1063.022.94
break some [ __ ] down improve my clothing1064.43.56
and go to bed hopefully the Bear's gone1065.965.599
all right let's check outside any bear1080.126.72
all right bear seems to have buggered1083.725.699
off but man I'm thirsty already oh yeah1086.845.54
I don't want to forget my can1089.4192.961
there all right let's get out and check1095.125.1
some of these other fishing cabins1097.44.5
uh I need to drink a little something1100.226.66
don't I yeah go ahead and kill this soda1101.97.26
make some more water tonight1106.884.5
and make a bunch of tea1109.164.759
with water1111.382.539
check that one1114.143.659
don't think I've checked these two in1116.123.98
the distance1117.7992.301
is that a1120.984.199
one right into the wind I think I see a1122.964.56
little cabin out there on one of these1125.1793.721
Hills neebs1127.522.6
yeah yeah1128.94.2
maybe it looks like a structure out1130.123.939
it's a long ways away from1134.0594.681
a comfortable area but I don't have much1136.944.859
there so yeah I got my bed roll on me1138.744.559
yeah I'm gonna travel explore a little1141.7993.181
Wolf Pelt is 23 cured that takes a while1144.985.76
doesn't it um oh yeah big time yeah any1147.866.179
any pill you lay down like takes days1150.747.28
I'm gonna take oh it's snowy out1154.0393.981
outside doesn't it yep1158.664.32
I can't seem to go anywhere1160.644.26
I'm just gonna go you know I'm tend to1162.984.199
just go there1164.94.26
oh that's a that's a risk all right1167.1794.201
match is good I need those1169.164.62
let's see come on something good in this1171.385.1
cover newspaper [ __ ] come on something1173.783.92
uh I can break that down for cloth come1177.74.0
on food1180.326.8
damn it you lazy fishing [ __ ]1181.75.42
oh there's a structure on this hill too1187.65.5
there's one over there on that one and1191.2993.841
one on this one okay I'm gonna check1193.13.78
that these are where those wolves were1195.143.06
hanging out earlier but I don't see them1196.883.659
that's where I live now is this home1198.25.16
maybe there's a workbench and a forge1200.5394.621
and it's got everything I ever needed1203.363.03
ever wanted1205.164.409
oh my God you'll be it's so mean to me1212.366.179
oh he's so mean to me1215.785.399
damn it1218.5394.5
this might be the worst cabin I've ever1221.1794.5
come across neebs some bad cabins too1223.0395.041
yeah moldy salty crackers you know what1225.6793.541
I'm eating1228.082.88
[ __ ] I'm hungry1229.225.64
uh yeah 600 calories you're at 25 oh God1230.965.099
they're eating my water though because1234.864.26
they're [ __ ] salty ass crackers1236.0595.821
what's your next step well I'm just1239.124.679
cooking a little water and you know what1241.885.22
if the uh storm lets up I'm gonna make a1243.7995.101
run for somewhere1247.13.66
it's still bad out1248.94.019
I'm just gonna make a run too you know1250.763.96
like I don't know because I went that1252.9194.201
way and I hit a Mountaintop and I saw a1254.725.94
radio cap uh Tower I went that way and I1257.126.419
run into a bear I go that way there was1260.665.28
a farm but nothing beyond that and that1263.5393.961
I tried to go that way last night and1265.944.02
there was a you know Northern Lights and1267.53.36
it's a bullet situation1273.985.52
well let's see I've got1275.985.74
yeah you're getting low low on supplies1281.723.78
there buddy like I don't know where to1283.643.84
go if I get past that bear1285.54.799
you know I feel like oh there's still1287.484.939
wolves here1290.2995.101
yep they've learned where you live1292.4195.921
yeah this cabin was bunk oh wait oh1295.45.88
toilet water yes that actually works1298.344.86
yeah take it all I need all that toilet1301.283.58
yeah it feels good to have all the water1309.643.46
in me1312.023.24
temperature man I1313.14.14
I am out here my temperature is not even1315.264.56
going down out here neems1317.243.78
like I don't know if it's just this1319.822.7
region because it's well usually when1321.022.7
you're closer to the water I feel like1322.523.3
it's colder but maybe because I'm like1323.724.68
lower in elevation the temperature out1325.825.3
here is great1328.42.72
that's true I could just be chubbing up1332.0595.401
all right so I think1334.944.5
that's where I came in from right over1337.464.56
there because I went over to that camp I1339.445.94
didn't explore right what do I see oh I1342.024.5
think I see another1345.383.299
man this whole place is littered with1346.523.06
is that a yes that's a firearm cleaning1349.583.66
kit I've actually been using my gun a1351.623.9
lot recently I need to clean it1353.245.04
oh but now I got a risk of carrying too1355.525.06
much [ __ ]1358.284.32
how about a little food how about a1360.585.28
candy bar [ __ ]1362.63.26
fisherman make me mad neebs1366.24.44
man getting all mad1370.643.44
I am getting tired though it was a good1374.484.319
chance I set up in one of these places1376.584.86
oh this looks like a bigger cabin this1378.7993.781
is this looks like it might be a1381.443.859
two-story one1382.582.719
okay this cabin is a little smaller than1387.744.939
I thought it would be1390.022.659
oh yeah here we go1396.9194.581
how do I get in this cabinet where do I1405.622.88
oh God1407.485.78
oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]1408.54.76
wolf got me yeah yeah but just oh God1415.725.339
all right all right all right where's it1419.964.199
today how do I get there we go the wrong1421.0593.401
you can't see a thing1427.6593.721
yeah tell me about it all right put that1435.323.02
down for a second1437.03.419
uh let's see what did he do to me what1438.343.64
did he do to me1440.4193.921
um blood loss okay infection infection1441.987.16
oh this ain't good okay let's see1444.344.8
bandage blood loss he bit my damn head1449.2996.24
my head's bleeding you're gonna need1453.863.0
use that oh he bit my left leg1456.865.58
all right not losing blood anymore so1460.0393.841
that's good1462.442.94
all right what else have I got okay1463.885.159
infection I need some antiseptic1465.385.64
and a septic left oh well maple syrup1469.0395.0
has 850 calories1471.023.019
feeling right there1474.54.74
I'm eating Cattails until I need that1475.885.279
I found some ketchup chips I'm eating1479.244.14
those those are a reward for getting1481.1595.101
eaten chewed on by a wolf1483.385.1
all right does this cabin have a stove1486.264.26
come on Kevin give me a stove what do1488.484.76
you got here in this kitchen1490.522.72
stove that I can't use damn it why can't1493.285.04
you use it it's gas it's gas powered1496.1594.321
okay there is no gas or yeah no1498.323.479
[ __ ]1501.7997.38
you know what I'm gonna read a chapter1509.1793.12
and then I'm gonna go check the weather1510.53.96
and if it's storming I'm gonna come back1512.2994.5
and read another chapter1514.463.719
not as bad1518.1794.201
not as bad okay what do you think I1520.284.139
should do should I go south past the uh1522.385.1
Farmhouse go back towards the bear or1524.4194.38
the wolves that I encountered last night1527.483.059
no with no pants yeah I would say south1528.7994.141
towards the Farmhouse man because you1530.5393.481
need to explore down there if you1532.942.7
haven't explored much that way okay1534.023.659
because going towards that bear just1535.644.98
seems stupid well everything sounds1537.6794.921
stupid to me okay yeah listen I'm1540.624.679
exhausted and I haven't looted this1542.64.92
cabin yet but I think I need to heal up1545.2994.321
oh wait do I have a herbal tea I think I1547.523.899
made a herbal tea I'm gonna drink a nice1549.624.32
herbal tea and I'm gonna get some rest1551.4194.86
do you pronounce the h sometimes but not1553.945.58
others herbal herbal hey I guess I do oh1556.2796.681
wait nope put this out first1559.523.44
go to bed1563.5392.721
okay weather is kind of cold should I1566.95.399
drink my coffee1569.963.78
I wonder if I should drink my coffee1572.2993.901
maybe that'll keep me warm a bit longer1573.744.559
or I could stop in here warm up for a1576.23.719
let's do that let's run inside oh that's1579.9193.961
a wolf1582.083.9
there's a wolf1583.885.0
Circle this way1585.982.9
get in the house warm up see if there's1589.2793.061
any food in there I can grab and I'll1591.022.15
head south1592.342.939
hopefully he won't smell me I won't have1595.2792.921
any meat on me this time1596.968.699
all right any food in here1605.6593.681
gun of uh sharpened my knives my Hatchet1611.07.44
I'm all healed up1615.7994.681
uh yeah I may as well Loop this little1618.443.3
cabin I'm in1620.483.0
found a pair of driving gloves driving1621.744.2
gloves yep that ain't bad they're in my1623.485.04
own house your old house my farmhouse1625.945.58
just had a cup of coffee1632.6594.081
I see some deer1634.74.62
I could shoot the deer but I really need1636.745.16
to find another place you know yeah oh1639.324.859
what is this peanut butter man am I1641.93.72
having peanut butter for bread oh God1644.1794.74
damn it one percent ruined peanut butter1645.625.76
that is the biggest kick in the1648.9193.661
breakfast dig1651.385.779
I might try to get my first rabbit do it1652.584.579
oh wow1657.764.779
yeah bounced off the ground and got it1659.845.339
oh nope he's running now1662.5395.76
oh he was stunned stunned him1665.1794.801
I should have moved in quicker I've1668.2993.801
okay so I try again1673.73.74
I'm probably getting distracted on the1678.264.88
the prize here1679.943.2
moving in okay grab it I got it oh sorry1685.345.52
Look Away folks1689.1793.961
it had to be done but now remember1694.943.32
you're gonna have a stink about you oh1698.63.3
that's right1700.463.48
that's right but you can also use that1701.93.899
rabbit as a decoy so if wolves are1703.944.14
coming at you drop that little [ __ ]1705.7994.201
you hit space1708.084.32
yeah like I think there there should be1710.04.74
an icon there for like drop your decoy1712.44.74
drop your decoy man I got turned around1714.744.86
with that rabbit crap1717.143.18
the farm this way hey dear yep there's1720.324.8
the farm never mind you're good I got1723.144.399
I'm pretty almost fast as the deer is1727.824.099
the other one1732.744.26
nothing here but toilet water oh yeah1734.95.279
yeah all right I'm leaving this house1737.06.72
let's see anyhow God Wolfy's still out1740.1797.021
here oh man visibility's gone to [ __ ] I1743.724.92
don't want to get out in this I can't1747.22.64
get out in this I don't know where the1748.643.0
hell I am oh wait1749.844.56
here's something looks like a climbing1751.644.019
it goes down absura1755.6595.4
okay this is new for me1761.0595.281
so I'm looking out1763.66.66
heavy got a lot of stuff on me1766.343.92
nothing out here1771.55.6
nothing but death1773.723.38
it's just there's nothing for me down1778.5394.921
like maybe a cave at the bottom or1784.883.62
might be where I climb down to die1790.2794.26
are you gonna try to climb down I mean1792.6793.301
what else would I do I don't know what1794.5393.781
you stamina is it good uh where's1795.984.74
stamina what's your eyeball well no I'm1798.324.68
just keeping keep in mind once you start1800.723.66
climbing down you're gonna have a1803.02.82
stamina meter that'll tell you how long1804.383.6
you can last eyeballs halfway also1805.824.02
choose your eyeball so yeah you can do1807.983.36
it but you just gotta you know also1809.842.88
gotta keep in mind1811.344.199
want to climb back up so do you are you1812.724.98
prepared enough to go down there you see1815.5394.26
my options right there's bear there's1817.74.62
Frozen all right go for it man nothing I1819.7993.6
mean there's nothing I don't know what1822.323.5
to do1823.3992.421
here we go1831.983.059
two encumbered1833.485.12
it's heavy yep1835.0393.561
so here there charcoal Let's uh survey1846.26.079
the area1849.982.299
yeah I was hoping there'd be a Walmart1852.864.58
over here1854.8992.541
[ __ ]1857.6598.601
oh God oh God oh God [ __ ]1860.53910.02
wolf attack immediately son of a [ __ ]1866.266.46
there's a wolf over here between where I1870.5594.581
need to go1872.722.42
[ __ ] oh God damn it yeah I think I made1876.984.74
it to the cabin1880.344.559
[ __ ] this is one of them days1881.726.9
it killed the other deer that was racing1884.8995.221
chewing on it I kind of want to go that1888.622.64
way I should probably go around him1890.122.64
I'm gonna go around I gotta keep on1892.763.299
bullets man1894.53.12
yeah if you only got three1896.0594.821
three I got three1897.623.26
all right you goddamn animals1903.9195.221
I might have to take care of a couple1906.5594.881
oh no that sucks all right gotta get in1924.944.66
oh that really hurt1927.6794.141
son of a [ __ ] that really hurt all1929.63.66
right bandage1931.825.579
one loss [ __ ] [ __ ] all right yeah I1933.266.06
think I could I'll be okay let's see1937.3994.38
yeah here we go1950.6794.72
oh wait I probably yeah come on break1953.0594.821
these down1955.3992.481
here I wouldn't go that way there's a1957.9193.901
wolf I mean okay just don't don't turn1959.64.459
they didn't listen I know they don't1966.865.1
well maybe actually turned back might be1969.623.24
all right1971.962.52
I'm bleeding all over the place with1972.863.539
this one God look at all this pain I'm1974.485.0
in damn it1976.3993.081
that treatment did not do anything1979.643.06
what's the point of a painkiller if you1981.023.659
can't use it on the pain I take it back1982.75.04
get you back let's see brain risk I can1984.6795.521
use a bandage all right pain I took the1987.744.5
damn painkillers1990.24.26
treat it or let it heal Jorge you know1992.243.96
what it's it's just pain I'm just gonna1994.463.3
have to deal with it1996.23.599
causing blurred vision or discomfort1997.763.899
okay I can deal with blurred vision and1999.7995.461
discomfort sprain risk use a bandage2001.6595.461
I'm gonna take all these torches off the2005.264.919
floor and I'm going to use them as fuel2007.126.179
for my fire is that a good idea I don't2010.1794.62
know how long those will burn but you2013.2993.24
can try I can break them down though huh2014.7993.36
I think you can bring them down and get2016.5393.48
a stick all right if I can start this2018.1594.441
fire I'm gonna cook rabbit I'm gonna2020.0195.16
cook deer2022.65.64
I'm gonna get full sounds good man and2025.1794.5
then I don't know where I'm gonna go I2028.242.939
guess I'm gonna have to sleep until the2029.6793.301
Wolves [ __ ] off2031.1793.6
some milk2032.984.02
I guess I'm gonna hobble my dumb ass2034.7794.681
upstairs and go to bed I hope the Wolves2037.04.799
aren't out tonight they will be2039.465.42
good night God damn it good night2041.79922.181

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