He's Poisonous! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 40

Today in Darkness Falls, Simon, Neebs, and Appsro try to recover from last episode. ► SUBSCRIBE ------- http://bit.ly/1NOKqlU ►SUPPORT us on PATRE...
He's Poisonous! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 40
He's Poisonous! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 40

He's Poisonous! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 40

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Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me, you're always excited to see what Simon, Neebs, and Appsro are up to in their latest episode of Darkness Falls. In this episode, they're trying to recover from whatever happened in the last one - and we all know that means chaos and hilarity are sure to ensue!

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So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready to laugh along with Simon, Neebs, and Appsro as they navigate the challenges of Darkness Falls. It's sure to be a wild ride that you won't want to miss!

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guys spawn on bed in three two one go8.766.299
boom okay any more zombies I hope not12.364.86
I'm not seeing anything yeah there's15.0595.101
some out there where's oh look at this17.225.719
mess did they chew down this thing is20.165.699
almost gone oh wow they destroyed the22.9395.021
well yeah oh God we're gonna freeze to25.8593.66
death out here are they are they still27.963.6
down there yeah I see some down there oh29.5194.2
crap damn it oh yeah the ladder's gone31.564.38
oh this stuff oh man this sucks so bad33.7194.261
stand by this fire oh and now they're35.943.42
gonna kill us man now that one's running37.984.5
hop in the car I'm on the car oh God39.364.56
we're gonna freeze the death let's see42.483.0
how they had the car's the only thing we43.924.02
have to find them in it I think so yeah45.483.84
part of me's thinking maybe I should47.942.52
just go down there and see if I can get49.323.0
my stuff and jump back up right or at50.464.079
least just go down and come up yeah try52.324.28
it out Simon all right so good54.5396.241
okay wrong jumpy let's get up here56.66.22
all right so60.785.4
there is definite bad things oh but I do62.825.159
have to see some stuff whose stuff is66.184.02
this I might have just grabbed my stuff67.9794.5
did I just grab my stuff my stuff's hey70.23.9
check the bag and make get your stuff72.4794.5
well I thought you had I don't uh I just74.15.339
grabbed stuff so hold on worst case you76.9794.021
just messed up either get your stuff oh79.4393.421
God is that a that's a screamer needs81.03.78
[ __ ] I'm running we gotta lure her away82.864.439
I'll just go away over here if I grab84.784.199
somebody else's stuff don't get somebody87.2993.421
else stuck get your stuff I already88.9794.261
grabbed somebody else's stuff can you90.724.62
get back out there's a screamer down93.243.839
here oh God the screamer down there all95.343.72
right I'm gonna try to get my stuff get97.0793.72
your stuff hold on let me I'm gonna try99.063.3
to kill the screamer I think I just100.7993.841
killed the screamer okay102.365.1
hold on watch out watch out one just104.644.92
went down behind you okay I think that's107.464.68
my stuff he fell down okay I'm back in109.563.66
teams all right now you go down and at114.725.039
least get Simon's stuff ah crap oh yeah116.345.22
watch out the screamer right here you119.7593.54
got him [ __ ] I don't have a gun so you121.563.36
gotta have to kill her123.2994.74
brother over she did [ __ ] yeah die you124.925.52
stupid [ __ ] okay look I got all your128.0394.56
stuff you got all my you have all my130.443.96
stuff yeah I got your stuff let's go132.5994.321
quit wasting all my bullets yeah no we134.44.44
need to abandon this this [ __ ] right now136.925.16
we could do this and there's a bear so138.845.7
all right uh let's get out of here let's142.084.379
get back to the forest region we can we144.543.48
can figure out stuff later you guys good146.4593.121
with that yeah yeah all right let's go148.024.5
let's go okay yeah [ __ ] this place we'll149.584.92
come back though152.523.67
everybody got your stuff situated uh for163.75.259
the most part I'm good all right good167.0994.441
well that was a nightmare yeah I'm gonna168.9594.56
go back home oh you want to go back I171.544.14
saw a cool point of Interest not too far173.5193.061
from here I don't want to go back175.683.12
empty-handed I mean yeah you can do that176.584.2
I mean I I don't my health is not good178.84.5
and I have nothing to real it's like 101180.784.86
I don't feel good with 101 okay if it183.33.6
makes you comfortable to go back you go185.644.14
back I'm going back you go back okay you186.95.46
can fly at night uh I hope so I mean189.784.379
should be okay right yeah it should be192.364.2
I'm just gonna fly to Dora all right194.1594.141
good luck thanks196.563.78
all right names you want to head over to198.33.54
this point of Interest now or uh wait200.344.02
till morning uh kind of feeling like201.844.619
let's just do it all right yeah I like204.364.019
that I like that attitude take the Doom206.4592.821
um yeah it's close enough as long as you209.283.42
can bring me back to uh my gyrocopter211.0195.0
over there sure why not212.73.319
[ __ ] oh God oh my goodness gracious I222.687.36
can't believe I just jumped off the228.544.619
freaking Chopper oh my God I can't230.044.64
believe I'm not dead233.1594.921
ah I might have spoke too soon holy234.685.94
Jesus I was considering doing a stunt238.084.739
and I hit the wrong button I was240.623.699
actually gonna try to fly underneath242.8194.801
this thing no no no no no damn it damn244.3195.881
you that whole hell just get home247.624.92
already please250.25.52
please go home okay252.544.979
back in the air255.723.12
where are you at my pink baby I'm coming258.843.93
to you261.664.25
so this is your fall back huh yeah I266.064.12
always need to fall back because I don't268.9793.241
do good you know yeah no listen if I270.184.079
were you I'd make a fallback okay you272.223.66
ready to go in yeah absolutely I mean274.2592.641
look at this place this is like a drug275.882.759
dealer's house neebs276.93.78
um I mean some people you have houses278.6394.081
like this that are honest people yeah280.683.6
you don't know that I mean look at look282.723.479
at this now this guy's a criminal okay I284.283.479
mean come on look at this place you know286.1992.701
you don't you don't build a place like287.7593.121
this being an honest businessman maybe288.92.88
got to be a criminal look at this place291.782.699
like the guy that invented chicken293.043.3
piccata probably had a house like this294.4793.361
yeah and probably had to kill a bunch of296.344.32
people to get the recipe uh I doubt that297.844.44
maybe just put some ingredients together300.663.42
I had some Capers and was like oh man302.285.52
he's gonna make what was that uh-oh are304.085.399
there mines oh God are there mines which307.84.26
is walking in [ __ ] okay keep an eye on309.4795.041
the ground yeah told you this guy was a312.064.26
crazy ass drug dealer yep now I believe314.524.04
oh that place is nice this place real318.565.38
nice this is you know what that was a322.024.2
lot to clean oh hell yeah no if you live323.943.72
in a place like this let's face it you326.224.46
can afford a maid if you live in a place327.665.46
they're coming see them yep yep yep yep330.684.299
all right where are they going flanking333.124.88
looks like they're going to you334.9793.021
that's right baby uh we should probably338.4797.06
let's let's go this way oh yes a nice341.246.22
dining room look at that chandelier I345.5393.66
don't know man oh and hey it's morning347.464.92
perfect well I hear stuff right here oh349.1995.401
her mouth is man here napkin look at352.384.68
your face there you go it's gonna burn354.64.5
to death in the closet nope she's357.063.9
getting back up yep no no she wants more359.13.84
okay oh nope nope now she's crawling360.966.239
yeah wow oh she got me oh nothing okay362.947.14
oh no this is a demon needs oh really oh367.1998.06
boy yeah she's tough okay that was bad370.085.179
I got the helicopter stuck378.2594.38
very nice382.862.54
stuck you can pick these things up386.585.28
easily right uh sure but the other guys388.2595.88
are good the other guys yeah I mean I391.864.8
died and after got me killed I'm pretty394.1395.761
sure I see your bare butt yeah I just396.664.56
wanted to go home and they wanted to be399.93.239
stupid and I and I almost thought I fell401.223.36
off this thing so I just want to be safe403.1395.06
today okay yeah yeah404.586.42
I'm gonna band the job no come in come408.1994.0
and help me at the base I'll see you in411.03.78
a bit okay well I'll do that chop up412.1995.72
that bear see it okay414.783.139
138 tokens oh you didn't give those to436.945.44
me you might have Let's see we got a440.283.6
couple of mad neighbors over there to442.384.14
the east yeah yeah look at them peeking443.885.539
in jealous446.522.899
there you go one watch out behind you449.6394.62
babes hey okay I was watching to the451.84.98
east ma'am454.2595.16
uh oh whoa all the way down this is a456.784.859
demon neebs okay guys thanks for a tough459.4193.481
business woman you see how she's like461.6393.9
glowing like like she's got like black462.94.199
smoke coming out little particles coming465.5393.961
out right so this this is a good example467.0993.72
of one that you would see out in the469.52.699
wild and go oh this one's gonna be470.8193.361
tougher than the than the usual so now472.1993.141
with your474.183.239
machete yeah you can take her down475.343.699
pretty quick quick I don't know about477.4194.261
that I mean I'm good with a machete my479.0394.88
oh boy yeah484.885.14
so that was pretty quick you took her487.584.6
down pretty quick yeah I need one of490.024.38
those well I think there's just one this492.184.38
is Jason's machete yeah okay but there494.44.68
should be two because this thing looks496.564.979
cool but doesn't kill anything what is499.084.86
that it's a coil sniper rifle oh doesn't501.5394.38
kill anything not the other day when I503.943.78
was in that ground shooting that demon505.9193.78
construction worker hmm damn maybe we507.723.18
need to we need to do some more509.6993.84
experimenting on that yep let's see510.94.74
anything in this little oh it's a gym513.5395.101
you lucky bastard I love this515.644.68
why do you need two treadmills though oh518.643.66
I guess you know two people yeah yeah520.323.599
that makes sense hey honey let's go into522.33.72
our gym and run sometimes you just work523.9194.441
in with somebody though hey can I work526.023.84
in with you and you get behind them and528.363.539
you run what the [ __ ] you all about you529.863.539
ever gone to a gym two people on one531.8993.481
treadmill and you work in that's a thing533.3994.44
can I work in with you someone's on a535.383.84
bench press they're gonna work in with537.8393.241
you and they go yeah well that bench539.223.0
press makes sense it's like because then541.083.66
you got a spotter right no you both lay542.223.84
on the bench and you help each other man544.742.58
you talking stupid you don't know546.063.38
Towers we're gonna start in with a whole555.483.72
bunch of just crap that messes them up557.5192.82
but they're going to be like you know559.23.36
we'll be up in like uh like stripper560.3394.62
cages kind of okay and then we can all562.565.04
have a system that we can fall back into564.9594.801
the position we were for your guys's567.65.28
Edition ah so we start out on these four569.765.759
Towers uh-huh and then um and I'm gonna572.884.019
make them a lot safer a little bit575.5193.601
higher and then yeah it'll bring us back576.8994.5
around the outside of this so this all579.124.62
can be on again and then we'll drop in581.3994.741
kind of toward the top where we started583.744.56
last time so basically we're using586.144.98
Kane's thing is I don't know if you've588.34.86
noticed that we've been building on to591.124.74
previous oh yeah no no like this will be593.164.98
the fourth addition to this well good595.865.34
I'm glad I just you know well now here's598.144.86
the next question what what are you601.24.68
helping with you okay well check it out603.04.38
give me give me a simple task and I'll605.883.06
grab some materials607.384.32
um whatever you see like watch your step608.945.16
here see like right you remember when611.74.68
Kane was doing this weird these floating614.14.32
things yeah I noticed there's like a616.384.98
couple that don't have them anymore see618.425.039
that see how this goes around like a621.364.08
square yeah and this one's broken right623.4596.181
yeah so those replaced would be [ __ ]625.447.32
great okay well okay those were placed629.645.34
I'll see if I can figure that out that632.763.42
seems like a weird thing is that634.984.38
concrete yeah it's broken so I don't636.185.64
know concrete shapes yeah we'll we'll uh639.364.8
let's go make concrete okay641.825.1
[ __ ] I wish it never happened Simon just644.164.08
make concrete for me I'll do everything646.925.24
else I like it648.243.92
was that you sliding oh yeah do it to656.245.26
the best of my ability yep you're great659.2794.021
man I would move into this place just661.54.26
for this pool and a water slide now the663.34.8
pool is fantastic where's the payoff in665.764.019
this place I mean it's got to be668.14.08
somewhere right down here probably let's669.7794.5
see what's down here this is open672.184.38
there's a bag did you kill a zombie down674.2793.721
here I don't recall killing a zombie676.562.88
down here okay hey that's a decent pump678.03.12
shotgun we'll take that somebody might679.443.899
want that in the future oh God yeah I681.124.02
love this place where do they keep the683.3394.321
good stuff man oh right behind me there685.145.759
we go yep I think so boy come on go down687.667.02
oh holy crap I was down to 60 60 man690.8996.421
what are you doing 61 Health uh yeah I694.683.73
wasn't doing good697.322.459
I found the wine cellar right there lady699.7796.361
two of them yep I'm just over here my702.545.82
lucky day I got them see the door over706.145.16
here in eebs there we go oh my god oh708.365.159
how long damn it what's behind there711.34.14
something good um I don't know what's713.5193.361
stronger that is the bars or the wall715.444.98
beside it let's see while beside it yeah716.886.54
let's uh I think we can tag team this uh720.424.32
yeah okay where are you gonna stand723.422.46
right there we're gonna stand right here724.742.64
I'm gonna stand right here oh yeah he's725.883.18
moving quick now oh yeah no we can get727.384.5
around this look at this oh as long as729.064.8
no one hold on yeah why is my health731.884.26
going down your health I'm at 19 are you733.863.719
bleeding you need a bandage what's going736.143.18
on I don't know take advantage do737.5793.181
something I'm just stand there yeah what739.323.48
did you eat something I don't think so740.764.139
infected I got food and water I'm not742.83.3
infected I don't know what the hell's744.8992.581
going on with me they're still going746.13.359
down I'm just wet it's the only thing747.483.359
wrong with me was I'm wet you can't be749.4593.601
wet man I must have uh maybe I got hit750.8393.541
by one of those hookers and it gave me753.062.82
some sort of debuff yeah [ __ ] I'm at754.383.6
like 35 Health that's my last bandage755.884.139
right here swimming that pool probably757.984.44
hasn't been treated that's true it could760.0193.661
have been the pool it really could have762.423.659
been the pool it's weird though super763.684.26
weird I don't like that at all well you766.0794.38
dry off and I'll handle this don't I'm767.944.32
sorry I I thought I would take a swing770.4594.741
from over here man I don't know how in772.264.139
the hell I'm hitting you I'm already775.23.9
hurt you do it hold up my house going776.3995.341
down again 23. what the [ __ ] happened779.14.859
Twitty babes what's happening you better781.743.599
start eating and stuff I don't know783.9593.661
what's happening to me okay um I'm at785.3394.62
eight percent I'm at four percent no787.624.94
eight seconds789.9592.601
what what792.985.189
stuff I do I'm still confused hey I'm803.2797.921
curious punch me punch you yeah807.06.72
are you getting hurt no I don't I'll811.25.52
wait yeah ah wait what's going on you813.724.919
hit me twice a minute ago remember yeah816.724.02
and oh you're still getting hurt yeah818.6394.861
I'm at 196. you better take something I820.744.44
have nothing823.54.32
um here's some aloe try that oh yeah I825.184.74
can get you a band Cream aloe cream827.824.079
ain't gonna do [ __ ] can I just use this829.923.96
um here here's some bandage okay yeah831.8994.921
bandage I'm at 78 okay bandage might833.884.5
work holy crap836.823.42
that's really going down fast like yeah838.383.72
it is where's the bandage did you okay840.243.659
you've got one bandage here you better842.13.72
take it quick843.8993.841
what the hell leaves845.824.56
okay so what I think is going on is847.745.52
where's my stuff I clipped a mod a mod850.385.88
ahmad's doing this to me I think so well853.265.04
how do I stop it quit hitting me I did856.263.54
quit hitting you I haven't hit you since858.33.36
yeah but you did you hit me I hit you859.84.08
twice because you asked me to well that861.664.02
was for science I could have swore I had863.883.66
a mod on something where like if you hit865.684.92
me it hurts you oh my God I'm at 25 but867.546.419
I think it stopped armor spikes I got a870.64.859
door in your chest piece with spikes873.9592.88
that will cause bleeding damage anything875.4594.161
that harms you876.8392.781
ah don't hit me don't do it it won't end880.165.86
well yeah884.18.12
oh this is [ __ ] I'm going down again892.225.44
because I shot you I shouldn't go895.383.74
that was uncalled for899.123.959
okay buddy hey I got two of these forges908.044.38
I'm thinking about putting one there I910.53.42
know it might seem weird but I'm trying912.424.32
to keep it all here okay and then what913.925.039
do you think one there yeah sure I'm not916.743.959
looking but yeah that seems brilliant918.9593.661
I'll make it cement for you right now my920.6993.421
friend well I love that no thank you922.623.779
thank you my friend I noticed when I got924.125.88
back here um it was a big Dead bear in926.3995.821
front of the door yeah it's it's still930.04.079
there yeah it was still there yeah yeah932.223.96
I mean you saw the bear before right934.0794.32
yeah but remember it was like just go936.183.659
ahead and slice it oh you told me to938.3994.921
chop it up yeah yeah you did and I was I939.8396.0
yeah when I heard you say it I said is943.324.319
he really just want me to do that what945.8393.481
are you talking to me is that what he947.6392.88
really wants949.324.199
a minute I take it I take it you do okay950.5194.981
I'll go chat to Bear up for you I'm953.5193.601
heading back over to the base I'll I'll955.53.959
get it okay if it's still if it's still957.124.68
there yeah well I'm doing cement you're959.4596.481
a champion I am champion of one man I'm961.85.36
I just left967.166.399
son of a big titty [ __ ]974.5796.301
all right got all my stuff back okay you977.2794.981
knock out the damn thing I'm not going980.884.079
anywhere near yourself I I feel982.264.68
uncomfortable with you back there are984.9593.661
you kidding me I feel uncomfortable with986.943.18
you in front of me I thought I'm gonna988.623.06
accidentally touch you and then I'm just990.124.44
gonna keep dying good good I like when991.684.2
people feel that way I want you to take994.564.04
that mod off no God I need it995.885.34
let's see yep oh boy that's a big guy1001.225.88
yep I'm gonna stay out of your way okay1004.6394.221
oh you did great okay got him you really1008.865.979
brought your egg yeah hey as a scientist1012.923.659
can you make any bandages right now I'm1014.8395.221
working on it I'm crafting aloe and1016.5798.281
boom oh boy I was in my menus oh yeah1020.066.8
yeah you don't want to hit me sir1024.866.18
okay you got him yeah wow 75. holy crap1026.866.219
we should go home no we're almost near1031.043.48
the treasure you look but you do that1033.0792.701
I'm looking I'm looking at band Jamaican1034.523.24
okay you make you make bandages uh I'll1035.783.12
keep you covered I'll keep you covered1037.764.38
okay oh God big what the [ __ ] big mama1038.95.279
and a biker oh they're coming through1042.145.179
the damn thing we gotta get out of here1044.1796.181
yeah I'm trying to remember1047.3193.901
yep upstairs upstairs no I went outside1051.224.9
I'm going into the pool oh cool you went1054.085.12
upstairs I went the wrong way1056.123.08
how about the fallback thing that I made1063.164.48
oh God can I jump this wall come on1065.845.48
parkour come on parkour yes1067.643.68
wow man I am uh oh wow yeah that must1071.94.74
have been a screamer I see you over1075.382.4
there you just jumped the wall by the1076.643.06
pool I tried oh I'm over here oh they're1077.784.2
following me they're following me1079.76.42
ah crap Northwest yep oh man they're1081.987.8
running after me I see a demon oh no1086.125.22
how's my stamina I don't know how to get1089.783.24
out there okay go go left yeah you see1091.344.62
me jumping yeah jump up on that uh the1093.024.98
the dog dog house and then jump up here1095.964.62
okay there you go out of here okay1098.04.559
where's my fallback okay your fall back1100.583.54
I go around the building go around the1102.5594.201
building right behind you man I wish my1104.124.32
bandages were ready man I tell you what1106.763.18
yeah we're not equipped we just need to1108.443.18
go the hell home oh there's a bear about1109.946.38
the car a bear yep zombie bear probably1111.624.7
going loud huh yeah we just need to get1116.723.3
in the car and get the hell out of here1118.943.84
we can do this later okay well what I1120.025.48
was thinking come1122.782.72
you drive1127.2995.361
uh Dora yeah dude I got pretty big1137.5396.0
concerns just from this part you see1140.485.1
like this part right here yeah where1143.5394.02
like I'm picturing these gigantic1145.584.56
octopus type things being right here and1147.5594.201
then they could just like this is up1150.143.0
high but it doesn't matter because they1151.764.02
they could just be right here yeah yeah1153.144.68
yeah I'm gonna feel it yeah you know1155.783.84
like like I know it's gonna be filled up1157.822.82
and stuff but aren't we still giving1159.623.36
them like a a big ramp that's just gonna1160.644.34
make it easy for them to just go1162.985.04
I mean I'm covering that all up I know1164.985.38
it's gonna be a bird cage oh I know but1168.023.84
right next to it like you wouldn't want1170.363.12
to have like a whole bunch of [ __ ] right1171.864.14
next to your bird cage you know all1173.484.5
right well I mean okay there's gonna be1176.03.539
a ton of spikes around here and1177.983.18
everything like it's just to slow them1179.5395.101
down for the first I don't know third of1181.168.12
the quarter of the evening hey boys1184.644.64
man this thing looks pretty rad from the1189.74.5
okay okay don't touch neebs he's1199.525.58
poisonous don't touch him don't touch1203.0594.98
him or do give him give him a nice smack1205.14.92
on the butt next time you see him no1208.0393.781
thank you contradictory to what you just1210.023.42
told me isn't it right give him a nice1211.825.82
little pad okay okay hey what's up so do1213.446.78
you have to hit us or by accident don't1217.644.08
do it man don't mess around do you have1220.223.42
to hit us by accident is that it no just1221.723.959
give me a smack with that hammer no all1223.644.5
right hit him Simon you [ __ ] oh yeah go1225.6794.5
ahead Dora like you didn't hear what the1228.144.56
hell happened exactly touching [ __ ] yep1230.1795.161
no I'm good thank you come on touch him1232.74.52
give him that little pitch nobody wants1237.223.819
to touch me1239.94.139
yeah okay the first time you heard that1241.0395.821
no Story of My Life welcome back though1244.0394.951
thank you1246.8611.449

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