His Plan is FLAWLESS! - Ark Fjordur

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe? It's an intense one, let me tell you. The...
His Plan is FLAWLESS! - Ark Fjordur
His Plan is FLAWLESS! - Ark Fjordur

His Plan is FLAWLESS! - Ark Fjordur

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Ark Fjordur! Today, we're gonna talk about why this video is our favorite. And let me tell you, it's flawless!

simon: Oh yeah, flawless like a diamond in the rough! This video has everything - drama, action, and of course, our epic fails against the Alpha tribe.

appsro: Haha, you guys are too much! But seriously, this video is a rollercoaster of emotions. I mean, who knew watching us struggle against the Alpha tribe could be so entertaining?

neebs: Exactly! It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion, but with dinosaurs and a lot more screaming. What's not to love?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe? It's an intense one, let me tell you. The beta tribe is in disarray and the Alpha tribe is gaining strength. It's a real nail-biter to see how our underdog heroes will manage to hold on against the odds!

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If you're a fan of Ark: Survival Evolved like me, you'll love diving into the playlist of Neebs Gaming's adventures in the game. It's always a wild ride with this crew, and I can't get enough of their hilarious antics and epic battles.

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Thanks for tuning in to Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe - it's been a blast watching with you all! Can't wait to see what happens next in the world of Ark: Survival Evolved.

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hey guys are you looking for more sex0.03.28
appeal well hey check this out it's a1.4393.92
doraleous youtubes figure why don't you3.284.16
go buy it it's available now link in the5.3593.921
description box7.444.72
simon come in simon hey bubba boo i'm9.284.0
building a12.164.24
cage oh fantastic i just came across an13.284.64
interesting structure it looks like a16.44.08
dam but it's not a dam it's like uh i17.924.24
just want to peek in and then we will20.483.6
continue with what we were talking about22.164.0
okay well how interesting is it though24.085.519
like on a scale from one to ten one to26.166.0
ten interesting i will give it a seven29.5994.881
but really yeah32.164.239
well i wish i was there i wish you were34.484.399
too buddy i'm uh peeking in right now36.3995.041
uh-huh it is38.8793.961
entirely oh no it's not entirely empty i42.844.52
was misled45.844.239
how's your day going uh it's going okay47.365.12
just uh getting ready to trap one of50.0795.041
these uh kangaroos with you my friend oh52.486.399
yeah you are procoptidon55.123.759
oh [ __ ] where am i now i don't know okay66.08.56
oh scorpio interesting place and like70.845.72
all the bad things okay interest we'll74.563.76
check this out someday all right it's76.563.04
pretty neat i don't know what it'll be78.323.52
there probably a uh don't know where to79.63.839
go though81.843.52
yeah there is somewhere to explore well83.4394.561
damn oh [ __ ] i forgot i had transient85.364.399
i'm gonna stick with it we'll come back88.03.6
here now i know where this is okay is89.7594.161
that coming back at me come on91.64.32
i'll see you shortly all right see you93.923.6
soon sweetie95.924.43
are you a man97.5221.609
yep there we go okay it's looking good132.8795.281
hey terence we're doing great buddy136.164.88
right here repair that that's going hey138.165.04
and keep those coming hold on i need141.044.4
that come here i know this is weird got143.23.44
it thank you145.442.48
yeah let me know if you see something146.644.4
broke we gotta fix it147.923.12
all right uh154.3194.0
look at this place158.3194.64
a home away from home maybe have we been160.07.76
here is this place safe fat thing162.9594.801
good answer167.924.399
man i could you know what i've got some169.125.36
eggs and i can172.3194.321
yeah i can hatch them right here it's174.484.88
not too not too cold and there's a oh176.644.72
wow there's a little179.365.84
sacrificial circle right here nice all181.366.08
right so oh there's there's like little185.23.679
okay tubby me and you're gonna hold it188.8793.841
down right here we're gonna lay some190.9594.56
eggs because we stole some borrowed192.725.84
taken from the mothers of195.5196.08
said egg yeah anyways so we're gonna198.566.72
make a little home here and uh hatch201.5997.601
jeffries if you know what i mean205.283.92
okay we got one of these made they're210.04.319
too close to the wall sometimes the212.8793.601
dinosaurs can bite [ __ ] through the wall214.3193.601
so let's put it somewhere where it's a216.483.6
little bit more protected and uh oh god217.923.15
i don't have much metal220.083.519
black i need more wood too all right i'm223.5993.761
gonna peek out i got this little uh225.443.84
section here to give myself a little227.364.239
buffer and i don't like this place229.284.08
though because i've seen mean alligators231.5993.441
oh yeah that's a raptor hanging out in233.364.72
the water i'd love to get him oh i love235.045.279
a little raptor buddy what else is out238.084.719
here put some spikes around oh what are240.3194.48
you dilophosaur242.7993.921
hanging out there looking at the spikes244.7994.481
god you're stupid holy moly you're dumb246.724.879
okay well249.285.28
i need to hide so blop come on come over251.5996.64
here plop nope nothing okay you could be254.566.0
a gimme huh hey i'll take a gimme okay258.2393.761
leave me alone real quick let me get260.563.199
this hide chop chop chip jump jump jump262.03.44
jump jump jump jump high get the hide263.7594.241
get the hide here we go oh265.444.56
okay oh what what268.03.199
get the house get the house get the270.03.04
house oh god271.1994.161
come on hold up hold up273.043.76
why won't the thing do the thing when i275.362.96
asked you to do the thing stop it stop276.83.44
why am i stuck inside the goddamn raptor280.246.08
oh [ __ ] this game with a goddamn fork283.526.0
oh boy can't move286.323.2
in [ __ ] this game mode already291.444.28
oh [ __ ] [ __ ] me299.044.08
there's a t-rex over here301.124.799
oh those are no those are t-rexes we got303.123.519
tummy tummy you know what just get away306.6396.961
just get away oh this is gonna suck i310.084.399
all right simon yes sir i got visual318.324.0
beautiful yeah there's some trees in the320.6394.321
way let's see if i can come on baby all322.325.36
right now what i have i know is too324.965.28
uh tall but i made it for other things327.684.32
we might want to tame too oh [ __ ]330.243.519
trees okay all right so it shouldn't332.04.08
shouldn't be any you know any harm333.7593.28
are you kind of close well um that's a337.0394.481
good question340.322.879
let me get a better approach on this uh341.523.679
not too far not too far you already got343.1994.081
so you already got it nope no you didn't345.1995.521
oh i'm about to get it come on baby347.283.44
i missed you oh boy351.523.679
uh i'm pretty sure you can grab these353.523.679
they seem like a size that you could um355.1993.681
you would think no problem i missed357.1993.121
there that was a bad that was on me that358.883.36
one was on me i'm thinking360.324.48
that you'll know because if anything362.244.239
it'll pick it up and drop it if you364.84.399
nailed it and it's too big366.4795.041
did it just do that but it's not too big369.1994.081
i think we know it's not too big no it371.525.119
isn't but if it is actually too big for373.284.72
[ __ ] is it picking it up and dropping it378.04.319
i don't know man380.4794.081
oh dude you know we're gonna have to382.3193.841
pick up something entertainment and drop384.563.6
it in this thing yep you're right and if386.165.759
we can't be a kangaroo or a prakakkada388.165.36
a cricketer391.9192.801
i'm not even close393.525.45
i was gonna google it there's a lot of400.244.48
can you pick up a crocodile kadakkadon405.687.6
an ark with a wyvern409.124.16
i gotta relax okay i gotta rest that414.6394.801
that went with can you pick up a prick a416.966.16
dock a daca dock a dock419.443.68
surprise oh hey buddy it's me oh you433.5994.401
okay you found you found one of the beds436.44.16
cool from the dead yeah this place is438.04.96
rough yeah big time this place is even440.564.0
well i found this house i guess the nice442.962.799
thing about this house it is444.562.639
indestructible the bad thing is the445.7593.041
raptors can bite you through the walls447.1994.0
so there is that oh [ __ ] yeah be careful448.83.36
out there though because there are451.1992.72
alligators i think i've seen a sarco up452.163.68
there i saw one of those those jumping453.9194.161
ones that'll just grab you and run yeah455.844.24
i'm gonna make a feeble attempt to go458.083.28
get my stuff460.083.44
and if all else fails i will just come461.364.239
back and rebuild all right where's your463.524.0
stuff with you well i died it's465.5993.921
something it's up on a mountain all467.523.28
right why don't we have a fly up on a469.523.119
mount okay god i don't have a flyer so470.83.6
good luck yeah i'm a bit of a mountain472.6393.761
man i will i will see you later there474.44.0
was a raptor out here yeah there476.43.519
absolutely is i see it over there all478.43.359
right cool cool cool cool479.9193.441
all right yeah i'm gonna go this way all481.7593.521
right good luck thank you hope you483.364.399
didn't get me485.282.479
you ready buddy488.082.239
yeah i've got a little overshoot yeah i490.3195.521
might miss i might miss yeah here we go493.0395.44
but also i might not miss495.845.359
oh you missed big time [ __ ] oh [ __ ] and498.4794.801
he's on me i don't even have my weapon501.1994.161
oh wow you should have been like at503.284.88
least yep thinking it was impossible505.365.44
oh boy i got him you got him good good508.164.799
good good yeah so i didn't realize how510.84.08
bad you were going to be too all right512.9592.88
hold on hold on i didn't know i didn't515.8395.68
realize i had to thread the needle you518.84.799
did and i i thought i made this pretty521.5194.481
big did you try it nope that was in the523.5995.201
all right so it kind of trapped it hold526.05.279
on i'm gonna shoot i got one tranq in528.84.64
her okay just and she's kind of just531.2794.721
chewing on the oh good on the foundation533.445.76
yeah so you could hit a couple yep i'm536.05.839
three for three oh nice okay come on i'm539.24.72
kind of taking it huh yeah there we go541.8394.241
likes to chew on that wood and i'll get543.923.52
another one these these would be nice to546.083.36
have up here i don't hate that at all no547.443.839
i think they're they're great549.443.36
look at look at us551.2792.401
see if you can get a mail so he can553.684.96
insert his penile555.447.24
he doesn't even see me558.644.04
i think what are you doing567.683.52
i don't know why your presence worries572.484.799
me so much but it does well i just died574.084.879
but hey uh-huh577.2794.56
yeah i just saw a bed out578.9595.361
like way out here so i was like hey that581.8394.881
looks like a good place to spawn so i'm584.324.16
freezing though okay586.724.0
you can stand by the fire i can make you588.483.359
are you going to stay how long are you590.723.52
staying oh wait can you591.8394.321
i wonder if you can kind of take me to594.243.52
uh area maybe596.162.799
you know what i don't want to bother you597.762.639
i don't know just come here i can just598.9593.201
you know do the beds right you hold e on600.3993.681
the bed you know what let me just hang602.164.08
out with you maybe i can help you604.084.96
are you not doing anything fun uh no606.245.2
yeah i'm pretty much waiting for compost609.046.4
to ripen okay so well so just scram611.446.32
maybe i mean you might have more action615.443.92
somewhere else i know you're a warrior617.763.6
and all so hey619.364.4
it's good seeing you you too thanks for621.366.8
dropping in you be safe i will i'll try623.766.8
oh what he what did he steal628.163.679
what is this630.562.56
hey thick hey i just saw neems oh good637.2794.321
how's he doing he's just waiting on640.04.72
compost is what he said oh yeah okay641.64.72
he's back out at the boat trying to get644.723.359
it up and running yeah that actually646.323.12
yeah god if he could get that thing up648.0793.041
and running if that man if they find649.443.12
neebs i think that's i honestly think651.122.719
that's our best hope right now you know652.563.839
what i'm saying that boat okay so yeah653.8394.56
oh man you you want to just like spawn656.3993.601
near that base with a torch and run658.3993.041
around and [ __ ] with them i could do660.04.079
that yeah go distract them you your job661.445.2
is to keep them off of neebs all right664.0793.841
so we could just if we could just keep666.642.8
them off of neebs for a little bit then667.923.359
you're good so yeah spawn close and yeah669.443.36
just go screw with them what do you671.2794.161
leave me anything good hmm672.84.88
poglin mask i'll take that oh a little675.443.2
name it turd boom now i got a little678.645.28
thing named turd a little mask here oh681.24.16
i've got my hat hidden right now but683.925.64
what if i poop oh685.364.2
it didn't go with the greatest we got696.883.92
one though yeah munchkin we should what698.324.959
do we what do we name you you're a700.85.36
decent 139 that's pretty good yeah703.2795.521
that's not bad at all let's see i will706.164.32
name you708.83.84
male that's a female so710.485.2
hmm it's a first little kitty what's712.645.12
that what's that uh the horror movie715.684.08
chick she's probably dead now you know717.763.84
what i'm talking about no yeah she was719.764.0
voluptuous she would introduce all the721.64.0
vampira no723.762.639
vampyra who the [ __ ] is726.3994.601
yes the only isn't that vampira no735.765.519
but something like that didn't it739.124.08
well you don't even know so maybe i'm741.2794.161
not that far off maybe maybe i'm not743.24.319
that far off then you're not far off but745.444.399
you threw that out very confident i said747.5196.481
vampira you know what she is what what749.8397.721
her name's vampira754.03.56
oh look at a vampire right now no758.84.4
because no it's not the right761.044.64
oh vampire is a name well yeah because763.24.319
of something all right well this is765.686.32
vampira what the hell is her name767.5195.711
to meet you vampira772.06.01
oh boy uh you know it's too dark to do778.485.52
[ __ ] now we'll have an equally781.2794.8
accomplished day tomorrow i'm sure uh784.02.88
yes oh i laid down a little bit786.886.079
i'm right behind you789.763.199
really elvira that's it elvira vampyra794.486.799
damn close798.9595.361
damn close801.2795.121
right sure804.325.359
all right dora yes818.245.12
all right so i'm checking roses ai820.164.479
target mode players only okay i did824.6394.88
detect i just detected a player let me827.25.199
uh let me blow this up when you put this829.5194.801
um i found some more douche clutter it832.3994.721
was like a uh a base up there or like a834.325.12
they were taming [ __ ] here okay like837.124.88
flyers so you're up the coast yeah oh839.444.72
i'm way up the coast i'm liking the842.04.079
[ __ ] up here all right we'll see if844.163.44
you see any beds because those are fun846.0794.161
to break yeah should i just like should847.64.479
i wait for you or should i try to find850.243.599
these guys and just definitely try to852.0793.76
find them okay yeah i'll make my way to853.8393.521
you i just want to check one more little855.8394.321
area over here all right okay857.364.8
i'm gonna go check and see860.164.239
what i can see do it check and see what862.165.359
you can see okay parasite detected enemy864.3994.0
the same spot i was before you know what868.3994.641
people oh the boat's right below me oh870.724.64
it's the one that we like trying to [ __ ]873.044.08
with no it's a different boat with875.364.64
spikes or so they got spiky boats yeah877.125.2
so listen now that i got the boat880.04.639
okay so what i'll do is this882.324.24
do you have anything to blow it up uh no884.6394.161
but what i do have is flame to kill this886.563.36
come on889.922.32
there's a bird up890.884.0
kill them come on892.244.399
yeah baby894.884.0
oh is it terence now that it has a name906.166.28
i really want to kill him yeah908.324.12
you shouldn't have trusted neves oh913.684.959
you're dead terrence915.443.199
yeah i wish there was a way for me to920.884.16
know how to destroy your boat but i922.84.8
don't know how right good you don't need925.044.799
to know how okay good but i'm just gonna927.63.919
follow you anyway once you come land on929.8393.921
these spikes real quick i'd rather not931.5194.241
that'll end up hurting my bird oh wait a933.764.96
second speaking of my bird i gotta land935.766.72
uh just about to run out of stamina938.725.2
here listen i'll give you a head start942.483.28
you go do you okay943.926.719
okay okay i do me you do you all right945.764.879
oh that's their giga952.9593.44
i wonder956.3994.641
i wonder if the plants will hit now957.7594.08
there were some griffins over there if i961.8395.521
could lead that giga into some griffins963.924.479
i mean967.363.599
i i don't have [ __ ] and maybe968.3995.68
their plants will start to hit970.9594.161
i'm 6 44.975.123.76
what are you doing979.2793.68
well look clan start to like hit this980.6393.2
are their defenses off984.884.16
hello oh my god i'm just right989.924.56
oh god there we go there we go994.484.479
okay okay996.84.56
oh let's see998.9594.481
hide behind this wall1001.363.52
what is this1003.444.759
oh [ __ ]1004.883.319
all right let me go ahead1010.3993.601
just sacrifice myself for maybe right1014.04.88
here oh god1016.564.8
here we go1018.882.48
all right come on1021.923.64
i just punched you1028.244.719
you guys are on passive1030.484.0
i will be right back1034.4825.11

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