Ancient Artifact Adventure...- RANCH SIM

Hey there, Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video where Dora goes on an Ancient Artifact Adventure in Ranch Sim? It's a hi...
Ancient Artifact Adventure...- RANCH SIM
Ancient Artifact Adventure...- RANCH SIM

Ancient Artifact Adventure...- RANCH SIM

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another exciting adventure with your favorite crew!

simon: Oh yeah, today we're diving into the world of ancient artifacts and ranching!

appsro: I can't wait to see Dora go on vacation and explore some crazy new lands.

neebs: And don't forget to grab your Doraleous YouTooz for some extra luck on this journey!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video where Dora goes on an Ancient Artifact Adventure in Ranch Sim? It's a hilarious episode that will have you laughing out loud.

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I guess you would be Juliet okay I mix7.74.479
those up all the time yeah me too10.54.08
because I'm gender equals sure there you12.1795.751
are sure guys yeah I need a vacation14.5815.65
I'm gonna do a little r r but I trust31.224.3
you guys with the ranch today and I've33.7193.901
set things into place I got another cow35.523.9
there's a rooster in there a couple more37.623.66
chickens I got some cheese going I want39.423.12
you guys to be in charge of the ranch41.284.02
while I do my little r r vacation gotcha42.543.96
Simon you're in charge of the ranch45.34.079
today how you feel uh I feel like I'm46.55.82
unprepared and don't expect for hardly49.3794.86
anything to get done and if things die52.325.399
it's on you one who you why because you54.2395.761
just you just sprung this on me you know57.7194.141
how to do this you're a [ __ ] Pro I've60.03.66
got like the feed and the water filled61.863.42
and everything like all of the food is63.663.42
filled up yeah and there's a bunch of65.283.72
spare food back there and everything can67.084.32
I have some of the spare food in case I69.05.4
get hungry no okay I'm gonna take the71.44.86
little card I'm so happy that you're74.44.92
going on vacation by yourself and this76.264.679
is the first I'm hearing about it great79.322.82
what are you gonna do now you're gonna80.9393.081
shoot me oh you see something82.146.119
oh oh wait for it yeah that's what I'm84.026.58
talking about oh I'll grab that on my88.2595.461
way out okay okay girl great and now he90.65.1
looks like this crazy thing again all93.724.33
over oh yeah Hallelujah95.76.239
pardon me yep you're doing great get101.9394.381
that gate behind me104.884.44
I believe in you yeah all right where's106.324.979
that butt Simon I'm gonna start sniffing109.324.38
yep you're still floating in that one111.2994.621
spot give it to me113.73.779
there's cheese a cooking whatever117.4795.881
Simon you're like a fairy princess right121.325.339
now really how so just all the animals123.364.679
are around you and they're attracted to126.6594.02
you oh wow that is kind of weird if128.0394.441
you're right by me you're gonna have to130.6792.881
do something different because you're132.483.0
still floating over there oh now you're133.565.58
floating over here next to me yeah no135.487.259
nope now the rifle's floating right over139.145.34
here like where I'm where I'm jumping142.7395.161
does the rifle move around nope what if144.486.479
I shot a chicken uh I I say no don't147.95.22
shoot a chicken one chicken nope put150.9595.161
your face right in front of my gun oh153.124.979
wait like Kill Me Maybe to reset me yeah156.123.66
pop your face right in front of me hold158.0993.36
on hold on I want the Barrel in my mouth159.783.66
yeah hold on let's do that ready all161.4593.601
right Barrels in my mouth ready to go163.443.24
okay wait there's a pig in front of me I165.066.8
just want to make sure and die oh166.685.18
oh that that felt so good173.766.839
all right hello sir listen I've had my186.086.159
eye on this for quite some time and I189.724.86
can't wait to do it all by myself little192.2394.321
piece of quiet you know what I mean uh194.583.06
did you know that the Warriors from196.562.64
distant Northern lands once traveled197.643.0
through our mountainous region if you199.22.759
can find these three hidden treasures200.643.239
from the ancient warriors I will reward201.9594.741
you generously you found your guy I'm203.8795.461
like a Indiana Jones of sorts dagger206.74.12
helmet and goblet on its way209.344.44
I was just about to ask him like wait219.3796.161
damn it are you still ghost yeah I222.844.44
really would like to talk to you all225.543.36
right hold on let's try this I'll get in227.284.08
the car I'll get out the car will you228.95.22
see me now yeah231.365.459
good so we need metal oh we got a new234.124.86
drop down to the hardware store and buy236.8195.221
what 150 metal yeah the Doris say how238.985.399
long he was going to be um you know on242.044.619
vacation yeah he didn't244.3793.92
oh damn it doing great yep I know248.2996.181
yeah hardware store Straight Ahead265.343.76
remember how to pull around back yeah267.4794.44
yes I do yes I do yes I do all right so269.15.039
brakes where are the brakes damn it271.9193.72
doing great274.1394.801
all right so metal plates it just said275.6395.641
metal do we need metal plates yeah we278.944.44
need metal plates for 10 metal plates281.284.919
it's a hundred bucks and for 50 it's 500283.385.46
bucks well we need 150 that was metal286.1995.101
plates yep I only have enough money to288.845.34
buy some metal like one third we'll do291.33.959
oh man oh this is a horrible time to be295.2595.341
doing this298.867.32
I know it's so close to dark oh God whoa300.66.98
what would Indy do307.585.76
I can't see your [ __ ] thing315.568.74
[ __ ] where would I put a goblet319.567.32
but I just found my way back home324.35.88
did that's no I didn't did I you did326.885.879
this is insane you did give me a second330.184.44
am I lost that feeling I'm already lost332.7593.301
again because I can't get on I just keep334.622.88
getting off the path I know because it's336.063.6
it's hard to drive I didn't tell you one337.55.34
damn way you said that it's dark out oh339.665.52
my gosh um this is never gonna happen342.844.699
who went to the hardware store and366.626.1
purchased metal and then didn't put it370.086.24
in the back of the truck oh oh that372.725.52
sucks and then he found his way home376.324.68
yeah that part I like but that metal is378.245.519
not going to disappear is it for Simon I381.06.919
hope not I hope not383.7594.16
oh yes okay390.06.3
um I need my hand yeah pick it up I got397.625.34
a helmet401.343.96
well the problem is I don't have my402.965.459
vehicle I don't know where I don't know405.36.739
where it is I lost it in the dark408.4193.62
oh good did you turn on the lights no I413.584.08
turned on my headlight oh good what how415.443.36
do you turn on the lights of the car417.662.94
yeah let's turn the damn headlights on418.85.239
okay oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]420.63.439
ill ill for the lights425.15.719
there you go427.466.82
yeah the metal metal430.8195.131
look at this434.284.859
oh oh there you are oh God yes439.7596.601
I'm like a mountain goat447.626.699
oh God451.45.699
oh boy454.3192.78
oh boy oh okay okay you see you see is457.9196.481
it whoop easy462.364.679
nice and easy464.45.46
yeah well easy467.0395.021
oh boy502.283.419
Don't Mind If I Do507.5397.761
uh the Goblet got the Goblet in the dark509.525.78
okay quick quick531.685.62
come on535.744.34
I know you're guarding the ancient537.36.78
yes sucker540.084.0
all right we're at uh seven and eight550.4595.021
percent on the new cheese all right and553.264.44
we got the other cheese we got like four555.485.34
four rolls or wheels back here wheels of557.75.34
cheese yeah man I love cheese I love to560.825.04
smear it on a woman smear it really yeah563.044.799
are you sure that cheese in the back is565.865.4
good it looks nasty it it does look567.8395.281
nasty doesn't it well let's go see what571.265.3
the General Store will take for it573.123.44
oh boy doing great577.043.84
I know peace the dagger of dookie okay586.747.5
Where'd I park591.425.28
how much you get for that cheese all594.245.219
right so I've got this cow cheese egg596.76.48
times two 140 and then I got Cow Cheese599.4597.38
egg Blue Mold those were 175. that's why603.185.52
that looked gross yeah those are606.8395.461
expensive 175 each oh so y'all need to608.75.46
be making all of that and the I'm612.34.44
getting 490 looks like household balance614.165.82
five 528 and now I can go get another 50616.745.52
just enjoying my vacation really yeah641.546.34
what you been doing your business none644.944.32
of my business647.884.92
all right so cart there you go check out649.266.24
thank you for your purchase oh hey now652.84.62
you in trouble though why because now655.54.44
your household balance is uh 28 you got657.424.14
to pay the bank in the morning in the659.944.74
morning yeah oh [ __ ] they expect 89 I661.567.339
expect 89 every day in my pocket664.684.219
oh someone else is eating into some673.885.639
oh see a deer I see a deer yeah let's682.14.41
get it685.386.48
come on come on out yeah yeah Ballad of695.7795.861
your master699.9595.641
come there he is there you go you should701.645.939
be dead one shot Charlie out I don't705.63.54
think you hit him hey I just saw the707.5794.101
blood yep709.142.54
you missed712.925.84
yeah there it is715.163.6
hello sir I did it I found the Hidden718.87.5
Treasures of the ancient warriors723.7795.431
oh yeah thank you726.36.069
bucks but wait a second it just what it747.745.56
says our household balance is 2698 bucks750.545.46
oh wait what it just went down it just753.34.5
went down a thousand dollars a thousand756.04.1
what you got it oh that looks like a765.985.34
nice John Deere768.422.9
I'm gonna get some metal while I'm here774.24.6
no you need like a trailer with a ramp776.943.3
on it well we're gonna have to drive it778.83.719
home then780.246.2
grab stroke yup drive it home782.5193.921
all right good time see you back home in786.724.919
a bit789.9594.701
have fun apps rope791.6393.021
oh yeah I like this I love a slow805.568.06
driving graph cutting machine808.984.64
you ready to do this Simon yeah go ahead815.165.28
you put in yours bam go ahead you put in817.743.8
heck yeah821.545.38
we're an official Ranch now yeah it's a824.2794.62
windmill yeah all right let's get826.925.0
everything else situated828.8993.021
all right the feeders were empty Simon840.544.62
come on yeah listen what the feeders you842.3395.161
they were fulled up this morning pulled845.164.619
up weren't they I don't know I was on847.54.32
vacay you filled them before you left849.7794.141
now you're back to work yeah I can't851.823.36
stop working really I was kind of853.922.94
working on my vacation anyway so yeah855.183.12
what were you working on we got a whole856.863.659
bunch of money I mean yeah 2500 bucks I858.34.88
found some ancient artifacts hey boys860.5195.341
there it is863.184.899
is it doing it yeah like you drove over865.864.26
to see this little oh my God was doing868.0794.921
it much no no it's not doing it much no870.124.8
it's not even doing it the flowers are873.03.42
disappearing after he goes over Flowers874.923.479
that's a it's telling me that just goes876.424.279
I'm running over damn flowers878.3994.44
this does not look like I'm cutting880.6994.661
great it does not look at all right I882.8394.081
don't think the blades are down but you885.364.44
can see the path no you can't I can I886.925.4
can't at all see these flowers these889.84.26
white flowers right here right he's got892.323.42
all the flowers he's gonna prove it all894.064.5
well the flowers go away because it's a895.746.0
lawnmower yeah but not the grass it's898.565.339
not a flower mower check your settings901.744.2
oh I'm gonna get it does it look like903.8994.201
it's cutting the grass on his angle yeah905.944.259
what you see is not what we see right908.16.32
check your settings look foliage on Epic910.1996.721
[ __ ] all right even though I can't914.425.13
see it I'm gonna try to draw ding dong916.9211.579

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