Two idiots say f--k this ranch...- RANCH SIM (finale)

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, have you caught the latest video from our favorite duo, Neebs and Simon? If not, you're in for a tr...
Two idiots say f--k this ranch...- RANCH SIM (finale)
Two idiots say f--k this ranch...- RANCH SIM (finale)

Two idiots say f--k this ranch...- RANCH SIM (finale)

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neebs: Hey Simon, remember that time we said 'f--k this ranch' in Ranch Sim? Good times, good times.

simon: Oh yeah, that was the best finale ever! Who knew ranching could be so dramatic?

neebs: I mean, who needs ranching when you can just say 'f--k this ranch' and be done with it, am I right?

simon: Haha, exactly! Ranching ain't easy, but saying 'f--k this ranch' sure is!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, have you caught the latest video from our favorite duo, Neebs and Simon? If not, you're in for a treat because they just dropped the finale of their Ranch Sim series and it's an absolute rollercoaster of emotions.

In this episode titled "The horrifying end of a ridiculous era", our two favorite idiots finally say goodbye to their ranch in the most epic and hilarious way possible. Trust me, you don't want to miss this one! From crazy shenanigans to unexpected twists, this episode is definitely a must-watch for all Neebs Gaming enthusiasts.

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Simon what do you do what that was2.524.739
Grandpa you think that was Grandpa he's5.14.079
dead you know I know of course I know7.2594.021
he's dead which the club don't kick you9.1793.54
but I mean don't you believe in ghosts11.283.54
what's all that sexy Whispering going on12.7193.361
over there14.823.26
y'all getting sexy16.0814.219
I just think he was worn it we're in32.164.14
trouble like he wants to save us yeah33.784.74
like that's weird but yeah I'm assuming36.34.74
it's from this psychopath Oh you mean38.524.859
abstra of course apps or who else would41.045.4
we be in trouble for like come on in43.3796.84
hello cute little ranch boys46.445.459
we gotta do this somewhere else you know50.2193.36
they had piggy pigs y'all seen the ranch51.8994.761
boys we gotta get them out53.5793.081
hey good morning abstro oh hey there you58.866.36
is hey how are ya look at Romeo and61.86.06
Juliet up there yeah why would we both65.224.32
be up here if it was Romeo and Juliet67.864.2
because Romeo climbed up the balcony69.544.38
well let's face it we were just trying72.065.04
to uh fool with you but um listen we got73.926.839
a message that you got a package right77.16.059
your wife your wife said you got a big80.7593.141
but but literally though like at actual85.886.279
pack yeah I do came in from uh Amazon or88.55.7
something it's leaking apparently oh92.1593.481
yeah yeah you should get it so I need to94.23.18
go see Bobby Joe yeah go get your95.643.299
package damn it can I steal one of your97.383.3
vehicles you can take the truck we got98.9394.741
horses now the truck all right100.684.619
see you a little later we're just going103.683.36
to hang around here and do ranchy things105.2994.261
sounds good all right I do like I do got107.044.82
that big package though109.565.099
I go I go down to the bridge and then I111.864.84
take a piss off the bridge and I go whoa114.6595.64
that water's cold it's funny my dick's116.76.36
big yeah that's a dumb old joke yeah120.2994.741
let's go somewhere safer I can't find us123.063.9
Hong Kong big dick coming through126.965.659
yeah this is how big dong drives you138.5994.521
like that141.5995.181
yeah you do143.123.66
oh Bobby Joe151.645.7
I'm here to get that package154.023.32
what's that there's no package they lied162.485.46
to me so listen we've got to do165.9593.661
something about this what are we167.943.48
supposed to do oh grandpa was dropped a169.623.06
clue do you remember what he said on the171.423.539
radio I I don't remember you know that172.684.98
something about from whence thine wheels174.9594.381
weight I'm guessing that's either177.664.26
vehicles or cheese wheels like one of179.344.259
the two yeah but what are we supposed to181.923.899
do it with that information I don't know183.5994.14
I'm just going by what grandpa said yeah185.8194.801
but I mean if this guy's so bad yeah187.7395.22
shouldn't we just I don't know kill him190.623.96
well but then he just comes back I don't192.9593.36
know what to do about this I don't know194.583.0
sucks oh my God197.587.5
Simon hey boys it's time to go I noticed201.56.22
you lying to me just leave us alone man205.084.739
yeah just leave us alone it's okay well207.724.019
we'll talk to you later oh we ain't209.8194.5
leaving this alone where'd y'all go oh211.7396.981
hey oh [ __ ] Simon what's up buddy214.3197.381
get away from me this horse is so sad218.725.2
they're the worst horses yeah y'all221.73.84
think it's cute line to me about that223.923.679
we were just playing a friendly prank227.5994.301
that's all oh yeah it didn't seem real230.1593.961
friendly stop it231.95.36
hello please oh234.125.699
that was close we should have got better237.264.96
horses Simon yeah that's what I said239.8195.301
well I'm getting a running start242.225.04
no no245.125.22
no get on the way247.263.08
oh I forgot I could fart on the horse251.646.779
and look at myself damn it254.048.82
come on Dora we got this I know I'm good258.4197.56
come on baby beautiful pathetic yeah262.865.96
watch out265.9792.841
oh that's water oh no oh perfect Simon270.366.42
what he's in the river oh nice back to274.53.54
the ranch we gotta figure out these276.783.62
so from Winston Wheels wait is it cheese292.587.899
wheels let's look inside here look up296.466.54
this is where the cheese wheels nothing300.4794.381
nothing let's check yours let's check303.05.34
yours all right how's it going304.865.16
of course it's gonna oh wait wait I want308.343.66
to go to his place310.025.52
see anything up there oh geez looking up312.05.46
in the Cheese room I don't see anything315.543.719
in here so does he mean like Wheels like317.463.48
like vehicle should we look in the let's319.2594.261
check out the garage right oh yeah320.945.94
wheels wheels wheels and then look up oh323.525.58
man look at pig [ __ ] in here up here326.884.319
there is [ __ ] in here who's [ __ ] in329.16.18
the garage upstairs look up right sure331.1997.261
all right so look up up look down where335.286.24
the grain is found that's that's a clue338.465.34
well we got a Greenery we have a great341.524.38
order by the troughs or the grain over343.84.86
there The Silo thing isn't that a yeah345.94.799
yeah we'll check that yeah all right348.664.56
okay why why didn't you just like say350.6994.201
what to do why is he playing this game353.223.479
are you telling me that our dead354.94.26
grandfather came in here and put up356.6996.241
physical signs I didn't put up the signs359.165.3
look damn it364.464.6
Down By The Grace got something we got367.1395.881
something okay look behind the cow who369.067.079
watch cookies now what Grandpa never373.026.119
talked like this no and I I don't376.1395.161
understand also the simple clue well379.1393.9
cook where do we cook we cook in the381.32.58
remember the little cow figurine on the383.882.819
no you don't386.6996.361
follow me oh we both have one yeah no388.946.22
you look at the Deets man are you not393.064.32
remember okay well I never looked at it395.164.44
really like to actually look at397.384.439
something like there's a cow look at399.64.219
this cow yeah401.8195.521
okay behind Okay so we're here behind403.8197.66
behind it would be anything in yours407.347.68
no tell me because it makes me think411.4796.06
physical oh what what if it's behind the415.024.799
the house like yeah that's what I was417.5393.72
thinking oh you were why didn't you say419.8193.121
that because I said you checked over421.2594.321
there there we go and here it is look422.946.84
right from where the evil plight looked425.586.3
right from where the evil plight the429.784.38
only evil here is abstract I know so431.884.92
look right where the evil plight he'd434.164.2
light from you know what the hell plight436.84.86
is isn't that like plan planning look438.365.64
right from the plan from where the from441.665.939
where the from where it looked right oh444.04.979
who's this447.5993.6
that's right of his house yeah yeah what451.1994.861
come here there's like there's signs454.1393.661
over here there's signs on the other456.064.46
side of his fence okay okay I'm trying457.86.959
man we should have more fences I'm just460.525.739
saying you make you make a really good464.7594.38
point [ __ ] what now I'm just not jumping466.2594.44
those things you don't have to you don't469.1393.9
have to Tommy's not good here we go all470.6995.161
right okay hold on here all right go to473.0396.301
the soil where the fire was stricken475.867.559
fall to a knee give you a chicken do you479.346.0
remember that like burnt spot that we483.4193.12
just say yes yes yeah I'm thinking it's486.5397.38
there do you yeah well damn let's go I490.026.06
know exactly where it is grab a chicken493.9195.161
uh take a knee itself okay516.567.19
um oh all right well all right520.388.909
what's up Grandpa he looks weird533.17.44
guys listen to me I love you very much I535.5197.241
used to throw things at you because I'm540.546.06
batshit crazy but I still love you I542.766.66
don't know how long I have so let me546.65.82
make this quick a man who has been549.426.66
lurking around like a parasite is an552.427.56
evil evil man man who came to this town556.087.14
only with the intentions of being a559.987.58
sadistic leader destroying friendships563.228.22
relationships paralyzing the town folk567.566.94
from the waist down and cutting off571.446.54
their tongues to ensure silence taking574.56.42
advantage of and controlling everyone577.986.299
and everything in this County including580.927.68
animals as I'm sure you know right he's584.2797.201
a liar a demon who will stop at nothing588.66.179
to get his way and stop everyone who591.486.66
does which is why he had no problem594.7796.06
burning me to a Christmas right here598.146.42
where I stand what I confronted him I600.8397.081
did everything I could to warn you once604.566.48
you came trying endlessly to rip through607.926.539
the walls of this miserably dark and611.047.739
lonely afterlife he bound to me I even614.4596.601
had to try to possess him one time or618.7794.68
two and lead him off a cliff or621.065.279
something but he was far too strong and623.4595.461
simply got in and out of the vehicle to626.3395.641
break any class I can Master it would628.925.46
kill me a second time I guess you know631.984.919
because I'm dead you know to see you634.385.639
both suffer from the same fate I mean636.8995.701
it's obvious terrible ranchers like640.0194.921
terrible like the worst possible642.66.0
ranchers alive in every away and and I644.946.3
don't mean babies and rabbits and648.65.46
anything that could you know not start a651.245.46
ranch it's you guys and then everything654.065.64
else anyway I used to be the mayor of656.76.12
this town he hated that I had a Gala659.76.18
once and he had my best friend James to662.825.459
leave a package of his own feces inside665.886.12
not James and species his anyways James668.2796.721
died from a poisoned cinnamon cake the672.06.12
next day I told James you're allergic to675.07.26
cinnamon and Cake idiot678.124.14
oh [ __ ] well well easy oh look who it is682.627.219
oh [ __ ]692.766.0
oh are we dragging me to hell oh this is695.185.86
like the 1990 movie Ghost with Patrick698.764.319
Swayze of God I love Patrick playing701.044.28
is that too much whoa707.364.539
okay that's crazy time to get the [ __ ]712.226.22
out of here yeah great seeing Grandpa716.223.66
though yeah718.443.74
I think all those animals are gonna die726.984.599
oh they're yeah they're as good as Dad729.424.26
yeah and what do you want to do how731.5794.26
about we sell t-shirts like a ranch Sim733.685.399
shirt oh that's perfect yeah yeah it's a735.8394.351
great way to make money739.0794.52
and we'll offer like specials on it no744.485.96
we won't no we won't747.03.44

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