Charlie The Sausage Ball...- RANCH SIM

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you met Charlie the sausage ball yet? If not, you're in for a treat because he's the star of the l...
Charlie The Sausage Ball...- RANCH SIM
Charlie The Sausage Ball...- RANCH SIM

Charlie The Sausage Ball...- RANCH SIM

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen the latest video with Charlie the sausage ball in RANCH SIM? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is pure gold! I mean, who knew a sausage ball could be so entertaining?

appsro: I know, right? Charlie is the real star of the show. Forget the humans, let's just watch him roll around in the ranch all day!

neebs: I can't get enough of Charlie's antics. He's a true legend in the making. Move over, Hollywood, here comes the sausage ball!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you met Charlie the sausage ball yet? If not, you're in for a treat because he's the star of the latest video on the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel. In this episode, Charlie takes on the wild and wacky world of Ranch Sim, and let me tell you, it's a hilarious adventure from start to finish.

From the moment Charlie rolls onto the screen, you know you're in for a good time. His quirky personality and lovable charm make him a fan favorite, and watching him navigate the challenges of Ranch Sim is pure entertainment. Whether he's wrangling cattle or trying his hand at farming, Charlie's antics will have you laughing out loud.

And the best part? You can subscribe to the Neebs Gaming channel to make sure you never miss a moment of Charlie's adventures. Plus, if you want to show your support, you can become a Patreon member and get access to exclusive content and behind-the-scenes peeks at what goes on behind the scenes.

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well I must be on my way I wish you the0.2995.641
finest of evenings but before you leave3.245.399
doctor would you like to see our kids5.946.239
to have three of them cakes you truly8.6397.321
make cakes yes we do doctor bacon12.1796.421
actually has a lot in common with shoe15.966.12
repair let me see these cakes here's the18.66.66
first one doctor it's got a marble of22.086.24
sorts looks like there's cinnamon in25.264.74
there it's not28.324.62
cinnamon in there at all doctor here's30.05.28
the second one it's sort of like a pound32.945.22
cake though a bit lighter mayhaps very35.285.82
much lighter and the third do you fancy38.165.399
the third the third that's not even a41.15.52
cake a very perceptive doctor for it's43.5595.461
I'd like you to deliver to the mayor49.025.219
this evening the mayor I'm not sure I'll51.185.399
be seeing the mayor this evening oh I'm54.2393.66
I had a feeling you'd be going to his57.8995.221
Gala a Gala full of the notable60.664.859
characters in this sad little town63.125.52
including doctors or those who falsely65.5196.061
claim to be put it in a bag along with68.645.159
the cinnamon cake71.584.71
good morning hey what's going on guys so90.56.4
many things you haven't noticed anything95.13.12
um I noticed the vehicles are gone well98.225.34
they're in the garage as intended so101.15.64
noticing things how about the maybe the103.565.94
grass is completely cut ah it doesn't106.744.8
look Cut to me so it looks I don't know109.55.399
my end really yeah ah that is straight111.546.6
[ __ ] it is come look at my screen114.8997.881
okay all right get up let's go over here118.144.64
some [ __ ] anyway moving on if y'all125.1196.34
follow me right over we're gonna make a128.8195.461
Greenery and what this does is it allows131.4595.221
us to come up and and just hold down e134.285.039
here and it fills all the local troughs136.684.919
oh isn't that neat and we don't have to139.3194.261
go to any of the stores to buy feed141.5993.661
either we can just replenish it right143.583.72
here question when do we kill a hog for145.263.479
meat let's make sure we pick the right147.33.54
one have you noticed all the piglets oh148.7394.921
yeah see we got tons of hogs yeah end it150.845.28
Simon be true right in the eye153.665.9
oh oh sorry everyone oh boy156.126.06
you know what next time we take it away159.564.84
from them yeah no no I like this I want162.183.9
I want the little ones to see what164.43.54
happens all right hey let me grab166.085.1
go ahead and cut it up oh that's awful167.944.68
that was pretty bad we really should171.184.62
have thought that through yeah I didn't172.625.22
all right guys let me grab uh there's a175.86.12
lot I know man that was fatty Sammy do177.845.88
me a favor yeah grab the cool out of181.923.48
this one and grab the rest of that meat183.723.659
if you can you got it you can grab my185.43.839
meat Simon I know you'd love that187.3793.961
wouldn't you boy oh boy I would you189.2395.121
talking about your dick yeah191.343.02
you see this you smell your wife come on194.545.8
okay I'm coming197.44.619
all right what am I doing with this meat200.344.679
put it in this grinder okay we making202.0197.021
small seeds sausages wow now use it okay205.0195.881
I'm gonna use it go for it all right209.044.339
kind of like the well I suppose okay210.95.699
oh that's not going in there is it [ __ ]213.3796.041
is it not no so what do you got to do I216.5994.081
mean I like what you had before that219.423.959
should have [ __ ] worked yeah220.686.54
is it going in uh no the bucket is 0.0223.3796.36
do I need a special [ __ ] bucket oh227.224.32
yeah this will work oh the cheese pot229.7394.401
will work for the meat231.546.96
oh yeah yeah yeah and now do I put in234.146.519
it's underneath the table oh a little240.6594.5
sausage ball yeah243.064.44
and then it drops that huh [ __ ] I'm245.1594.8
missing one piece aren't I probably do I247.54.019
have to stuff this and I missed249.9593.0
something well we're gonna go to the251.5194.14
store I'll put this right there I like252.9594.62
it it looks like a little snowman yeah255.6593.901
little meat man that's pretty cute I'm257.5794.551
gonna name him Charlie okay259.566.82
all right yeah I'm fine287.247.66
go ahead I mean look at it God what a291.325.379
dumb creature that's all right not294.93.48
talking about the deer why are you not296.6994.141
using the hunting rifle I forgot you're298.383.66
shooting at a different deer oh yeah300.844.2
that one God what a dumb creature302.044.74
yeah you better make that money I think305.046.62
you still owe me like over a grand ah306.784.88
hey Steve314.963.36
what are we missing with the sausage why319.1994.22
am I using that wrong321.365.339
I'm gonna tickle your nose with it we323.4195.881
don't see any case326.6992.601
yup what are you doing329.665.7
[ __ ] wish you deed332.163.2
jump in the fields yo oh damn that would335.825.58
have been badass you know I was thinking339.4193.661
about these trees are horrible too yeah341.44.68
they are we could rectify that343.085.32
what is uh 125 minus 67. uh 67 uh 30. I353.41910.961
think it's like 73. it's either 73 or 67361.2594.981
I think I'm gonna need an actual answer364.383.599
I already forgot the two numbers you366.245.1
told me to do so you're the math guy 127367.9798.341
minus 67. okay 67. 125 minus 67. I can't371.346.6
do math now Under Pressure it's it's376.324.439
silly do it now 67 that's what it is377.945.039
that's my guess is that right it's 67380.7596.021
right is it is it is it is it right382.9798.16
load mine too yeah God the answer is 58.386.786.52
damn fool your damn fool all right this391.1394.981
is gonna cost a lot of money393.35.16
if it was so easy you should have396.124.56
[ __ ] done the myth yourself I you I398.464.019
asked you to do one [ __ ] you I couldn't400.683.48
do it under crush on it you could have402.4793.801
done it [ __ ] you dude404.164.979
oh I asked you to do one thing the math406.284.72
well yeah you think I'm gonna shut up409.1393.721
about this I'm not do you shut up about411.05.78
anything [ __ ] you412.863.92
oh by the way see how many I had to buy418.865.1
still oh gotcha oh [ __ ] oh you just420.844.919
caught on to this did you423.966.019
did that affect your math Simon425.7594.22
got oh my432.9793.481
oh my [ __ ] revive this [ __ ]438.5395.341
where am I going I'm not doing this all440.845.68
right well what's happening good it's443.886.9
[ __ ] Karma man it's Grandma do I jump446.526.54
oh there we go all right don't [ __ ]450.786.199
shoot son of a [ __ ]453.063.919
you guys back uh yeah I'm back I want to469.85.16
clarify something here okay yesterday472.84.619
yeah you know you you must have thought474.964.2
I did something wrong to shoot me right477.4193.481
I was just tired of both of your479.163.9
childish Antics right and then after he480.93.6
thought something was wrong with me like483.062.88
to shoot me and you thought that was484.53.78
okay and what did I do wrong what I did485.945.099
wrong was I got a math problem wrong and488.285.52
you gave me [ __ ] and then he shot me and491.0394.741
somehow I'm the dick you're both the493.84.679
dicks no I'm not the I'm not actually I495.783.9
think I think I might need a little498.4793.72
break I really I think I might because499.685.12
you know what I I don't need that [ __ ]502.1995.22
comprende I don't need to be [ __ ] on you504.84.72
don't you go ahead go ahead go ahead oh507.4196.98
no go ahead my friend apps or don't509.524.879
it's a twist515.4193.42
all right I hope we've all learned a520.564.82
lesson here we haven't522.33.08
all right baby525.546.6
yeah nice that's it look at that Phil528.66.06
feeder with food 200 bucks that's gonna532.144.5
we didn't need to buy that other fee I534.663.06
feel like I would have put that in the536.643.06
bag you know what I mean what I feel537.723.059
like I would have put that in the bag539.72.52
like you know you're driving up to the540.7792.761
ranch for the first time you know542.223.54
companies coming first damn thing they543.543.84
see is a big old hunk of metal which545.763.54
yeah I act like [ __ ] in a few years to547.383.0
be honest that's all right maybe549.33.18
something okay this isn't your Ranch so550.383.48
don't worry about it right look at this552.484.2
filling all troughs right there bam553.864.68
Simon you want to take a little breather556.684.38
yeah but my breather involved like me558.544.5
leaving yeah but remember when I left it561.064.14
was still beneficial to all of us yeah I563.044.32
do I'm going to bed all right you565.24.62
figured this out yet no567.364.46
might be time for me to watch a video569.825.43
gotcha I'll be right back571.826.1
hmm yeah580.623.899
or what we got up here585.186.0
who's a little sweeping boy588.185.37
he's so cute when you're sweeping591.1815.659
oh I think I might have figured it out606.8394.321
hey you got you think you figured out613.824.78
what he was at the sausage yeah616.983.539
dominated to watch a video I'm Gonna618.63.419
Leave This here as a surprise for him620.5193.241
when he comes back don't tell him okay622.0194.021
all right I won't say anything way to go623.765.72
way to go I want to watch him do it626.043.44
oh well well whoops what have I got in629.547.479
my hand what have I got I mean you guys634.085.819
are made some sausage we sure did what'd637.0194.021
you have to do straight from the pot639.8992.461
into this thing yep straight from the641.043.06
pot that's the step so this is just a642.364.08
waste of even sell this no that's644.14.56
Charlie can I keep him you can't you646.443.36
want me to put them in your place yeah648.662.7
put Charlie in my place I'll put Charlie649.83.36
in your place good job do you guys know651.364.08
where to hang the sausages no no hang653.164.2
them right here oh wait I can hang these655.445.42
I just hung that one no Charlie657.363.5
oh boy Charlie I barely knew him661.3396.94
we got a dead pig we have a dead one695.487.12
yeah that big boy yummy how I don't know698.3396.841
I thought everything was full it was702.65.76
full that's unfortunate it really is705.186.779
okay bam oh that's adorable put a little708.365.46
side in my living room what does it say711.9594.401
Ranch family713.826.72
we really are a family aren't we boom oh716.366.159
what you doing over there abstra making720.545.94
a sign Big Daddy abstros bust a nut in722.5196.481
the butt hot really726.484.039
you just gotta put it out there huh yep730.5195.191
who wants to come in I'm all right733.386.009
all right thank you Sam let's go to bed740.5795.001
good morning all right we're sausage757.323.9
salesman and I'll see you tonight759.7793.861
oh man I'm excited look at all that763.984.34
do you think Charlie is a beef meatball771.35.58
no oh but it's not beef that's the773.75.04
problem yeah no exactly he's pork776.884.68
meatball all right pork sausage salami778.745.46
those are salamis oh no781.565.219
um six of them got us 540 bucks they're784.25.1
90 a piece damn it's not bad you still786.7795.821
owe me a grand oh [ __ ] and Bam you guys789.35.279
actually might pull this [ __ ] off792.63.39
get on the roof oh damn it one day one807.8394.921
day I want to jump from the car to the811.0793.301
roof yeah we gotta buy the fastest car812.763.48
at some point and just hit that like a814.384.56
champ yeah take out a real big loan that816.243.74
sounds fun818.944.1
I can't sell that feed [ __ ]819.9815.45
the trail is like flipped upside down849.684.48
and moving did you take Charlie no852.124.2
where's Charlie it's Charlie gone854.164.94
Charlie's gone856.322.78

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The Game

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Man, have you seen the latest Ranch Sim video by Neebs Gaming? It's hilarious! I just love their cinematic approach to experiencing games - it makes me feel like I'm right there with them on their crazy adventures.

In this Ranch Sim video, we meet Charlie, the adorable sausage-shaped dog. Neebs and the crew adopt him as a puppy and he quickly becomes part of the family. The antics Charlie gets up to on the ranch are pure comedy gold. Like that time he chased the chickens and got stuck under the fence! Or when he tried to herd the cows and they just mooed in confusion. Charlie's silly personality shines through and he's such an endearing character.

Watching Neebs, Appsro, Thick, Doraleous and Simon build up their ranch from scratch has been really fun too. They started out with just a little shack and now have a full-blown farmstead going, complete with fields, livestock and their own wacky country lifestyle. The banter between the crew as they go about their daily chores is hilarious - it really feels like you're hanging out with a bunch of goofy friends.

Overall, Ranch Sim has been a total delight to watch play out cinematically on the Neebs Gaming channel. Getting invested in the lives of these virtual ranchers and their sausage dog thanks to the immersive storytelling style of Neebs & co has been such a joy. I'd take this over actually playing Ranch Sim any day - though nothing beats a Neebs adventure! Their videos are the next best thing to being part of the gang yourself.

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