Starting From Scratch - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 71

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Today's episode of Darkness Falls is a real nail-biter as Simon, Appsro, and Neebs regroup and strategize their...
Starting From Scratch - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 71
Starting From Scratch - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 71

Starting From Scratch - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 71

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen our latest video, 'Starting From Scratch - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 71'? It's my new favorite!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was a blast! I love how we regroup and think about what to do next. Classic Neebs Gaming humor!

appsro: Definitely a top pick for me too. And don't even get me started on that Neebs Magic Dumpster channel, pure gold!

neebs: Haha, thanks guys! But seriously, I can't get enough of our merch and those Xidax PCs powering our gaming adventures.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Today's episode of Darkness Falls is a real nail-biter as Simon, Appsro, and Neebs regroup and strategize their next move. It's always intense when these guys come together to figure out their next steps in the game.

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pills yep okay three of them three of13.5196.941
them so Simon wait oh my God babes what17.344.8
I still have the white the white River20.463.899
supplies oh you do I still have the22.144.26
supplies I can talk to the trader I24.3593.301
don't know if that means we get the26.43.539
workbench that'd be amazing neebs you27.663.42
have a hard on for getting your stuff29.9393.601
back don't you I do yeah well you gonna31.084.38
try that because I'm not yeah it looks33.543.9
like your clothes are on my angle okay35.464.56
well sorry I don't have anything so it's37.444.68
a glitch all right so I'm gonna take my40.024.559
rad pills and uh Run for the chopper42.124.14
yeah but you're gonna try to get your44.5792.881
stuff so you're no good for the you're46.262.88
gonna die I'll bring the chopper back47.463.36
and then I'll see if I can get my stuff49.143.239
later so how do we want to do this do50.824.14
all three of us want to run to increase52.3793.961
our chances of at least getting to the54.963.0
Trapper and get it back I mean why would56.342.879
that increase the chances there's three57.963.119
of us I mean three of us what three is59.2193.84
nine three of us running yeah but rather61.0793.361
than one of us like fish like a school63.0593.361
of fish some yeah yeah to take the brunt64.443.42
of demons or whatever else is that we66.423.48
got under the Wasteland I'm not going to67.864.5
sacrifice myself so one of you gets to69.94.5
the chopper what do you have to lose a72.363.96
life but man if I die again though will74.43.719
I lose this stuff you return the stuff76.323.54
we'll go get the chopper yeah78.1193.0
look at the chopper you return the stuff79.862.22
all right neighbors you're gonna get the81.1192.82
chopper take these rad pills back okay82.083.6
do it I'll stay here and give you83.9394.621
support I'll be like yay neebs yay Biebs85.686.18
go that needs good88.565.34
we'll do everything Simon yeah oh yeah91.864.02
you'll do everything you died first93.95.46
[ __ ] I was kicking butt buddy he was he95.884.8
was you didn't even bring medical99.363.24
supplies I had to give you some mine you100.684.619
gave you gave me one first aid kit I had102.65.28
a dozen I just used them up you could be105.2994.381
out here helping me right now and you107.885.96
could just keep on making excuses you109.684.16
pretty soon113.883.12
all right and you115.143.439
you king of pie117.04.38
Simon yeah it's been so long I've uh I118.5794.241
forgot which traitor I took this Mission121.383.8
you'll figure it out I'll figure it out125.364.539
I'll figure it out yeah just remember a127.923.48
little bit yeah129.8994.141
go Neves go131.47.1
he's on his way I hope he dies134.044.46
oh I see the tents oh I see the chopper147.626.94
thank God my stamina as good as it is I151.924.08
have my bags there on the ground I want154.562.94
to go get it so bad156.03.54
I'm not gonna though159.543.779
because the team would be mad161.345.399
now can I fly this thing163.3195.841
that should be enough for me too172.54.8
there we go I should be able to get out174.9594.801
of here before the uh red pills wear off177.34.68
all right179.764.26
the chopper I'm a hero181.988.88
Simon I think he did it yes yeah he's190.865.159
coming this way he's a hero I really193.3794.621
hoped he would die though yeah no that196.0193.541
would have been nice and fun yeah but198.02.7
I'm glad he didn't because yeah that199.562.399
Chopper that Chopper is worth something200.73.0
no no that's good I mean the Choppers201.9593.661
you know easy to get back I should have203.73.66
ran with him because I was like oh do I205.622.82
have to get back to the trailer but I207.362.28
don't want to risk these Trader supplies208.443.0
yeah I also just don't want to run back209.643.959
anywhere naked oh okay yeah you want to211.444.439
ride back naked yeah not run back naked213.5995.261
no I'll do anything naked really okay215.87912.44
I wonder how those guys are doing228.3195.801
I haven't heard from him in a bit and231.424.8
I'm a little concerned that we've used234.124.619
all our ammo doing I I don't know236.224.099
or or238.7394.681
it's all the good things all the good240.3195.381
things came from their travels243.424.02
you think of all the bad things though245.73.24
when you're alone247.443.6
like was it bad did they have a bad time248.945.82
I hope not well in this together251.047.02
I'll just fill this particular beer can254.764.979
up and I'm almost done with this man258.063.66
this is the best base ever I've uh you259.7395.041
heard it here I say it to myself and you261.725.4
guys over and over264.785.72
hope they come back soon though267.123.38
filling up the thing271.463.78
it's This Old House huh it is the smoke280.586.22
coming out of it yeah this is the trader284.045.04
it is this is like a mom and pop thing286.85.16
huh no this is like some uh creepy289.084.64
scientists that live in the basement oh291.964.56
you've seen them before yeah but just it293.724.419
doesn't like a business you know no no296.523.48
from the outside it's a very298.1394.261
inconspicuous when I was a kid my mom300.04.08
went to This Old House and the dude just302.43.299
smoked like crazy and he was her304.083.42
accountant and people would just show up305.6994.261
on his driveway and just walk inside and307.54.02
that's how it was done when I was a kid309.963.179
I had an old house next to me that was311.523.119
abandoned we used to go inside of it313.1394.981
it's cool oh wow you know my dentist his314.6395.641
office was attached to a small house and318.123.72
I always found that to be really weird320.283.72
yeah Simon one of our stories didn't321.843.72
seem relevant to what we're talking324.05.639
about mine no Maps Rose about old houses325.565.52
there was no business this was about329.6393.62
it was an old house okay it was yeah333.785.52
well this is uh what's her face hey336.324.96
let's see all right I'm turning it in339.34.38
yep we get rewards let's see341.286.78
do we want 25 generic schematics 52 762343.688.1
coil rounds we want a laser table uh348.065.1
well I don't think we can get a laser351.783.78
table so in other words we're not353.163.84
getting any of the good stuff that we355.565.34
thought we'd get no no we are screwed357.05.58
we only went there for a laser table360.93.239
reckon I'll take this ammo because we're362.583.48
desperate for it how about you teach me364.1393.9
to make a damn laser God I need to talk366.065.24
to Kane about Mission structure and uh368.0395.94
what's with the lady in the corner she's371.35.14
freaky don't talk to her why don't talk373.9793.841
to her she's crazy this lady's freaky376.443.3
too she doesn't have any damn eyes377.825.4
yep sweetie you okay what happens if I379.745.16
punch her okay I just gave her a little383.223.539
punch you're gonna have okay384.94.079
everything's gonna be just fine all386.7593.481
right I don't know if we're done with388.9793.421
her yeah I don't know what to do I'm390.244.799
defeated yeah you should be I am as well392.44.859
I guess we pull out our clubs and we do395.0395.6
hoarding that tomorrow yeah397.2593.38
okay I feel like that's I don't like404.6993.78
this yeah I mean I'm not a fan either I406.683.6
felt bad that I punched her on which is408.4795.421
still in the corner yeah410.283.62
teach me how to make a goddamn laser416.584.86
work [ __ ] man she's a tough [ __ ]418.564.139
though you're lucky she didn't fight421.443.84
back she's Invincible yeah she's422.6995.461
actually just humoring you she probably425.286.3
gets this a lot all right okay428.166.78
sorry he had to just yeah he'd just go431.585.04
easy now all right you guys ready to get434.945.42
out of here yep let's do it436.623.74
oh man just just thought of something443.946.42
like normally I could give two shits447.4795.401
about the aesthetic and the neeb's job450.365.7
painting but they're not back yet a day452.886.719
from horde night day one beer can456.066.24
painted on it's an eight pack459.5995.88
one painted not even complete I don't462.35.7
think that might be an issue that that465.4794.861
bothers me I'm not gonna paint it I'm468.05.099
not the idiot that does that but I wish470.345.4
the idiot that does was back well I got473.0994.801
two more cans to fill with475.744.56
sweet concrete beer477.96.239
and on to the next thing [ __ ] one beer480.36.959
can huh a one pack ah484.1396.141
come on guys487.2593.021
you guys found enough stuff uh I found501.36.06
stuff enough stuff no not not enough504.05.22
stuff I mean hell I don't even have a507.363.839
good pair of pants yeah those do look509.223.66
those look silly there's a lot of golf511.1993.421
pants and they're ugly well they're not512.883.48
they're not these are pads these are514.623.419
actually good padding good protection I516.363.179
need the pants to go under them that's518.0392.821
what I'm saying right here in pants they519.5392.821
got like goth pants they look dumb520.863.179
though oh522.364.26
I found some stuff I got uh I got this524.0395.401
little pistol I got this AK-47 we had526.625.219
laying around right and I've got uh529.443.959
let's see I get I mean I guess I could531.8393.481
use this coil shotgun yeah I got this533.3994.021
coil car beam and I did you know I535.324.5
bought the ammo for it so my reward for537.424.919
losing everything okay how does this539.826.06
look I got this helmet these boots these542.3396.661
gloves this shirt jacket545.885.88
uh do I have pants hmm did I not get549.04.92
pants you look great does that look good551.763.66
I think yeah I think that looks great as553.923.479
is don't put pants on wait I got goggles555.424.32
perfect perfect that's perfect okay oh557.3994.681
gloves yep there we go oh yeah there you559.743.779
go that's yeah no now oh yeah now you're562.082.879
geared up don't don't change your thing563.5193.301
and I found another one of these batons564.9594.32
so uh oh that's good God I'm hungry566.824.019
um and thirsty okay I gotta go to the569.2793.361
kitchen all right should I focus on just570.8393.961
ammo production for the next day I can572.644.44
do that too yeah okay we need nitrate574.83.659
powder so I'm gonna go out on the577.083.18
gyrococtors and get some nitrate powder578.4593.721
okay and I'll start building medicine580.265.66
and uh ammo gotcha damn it it's nice582.186.18
I'll stay here and pretend like I'm585.924.78
working yeah man imagine if you588.364.14
contributed want me to help you I will590.74.199
yes go get nitrate powder okay let me592.54.44
just get some tools and pickaxe actually594.8994.411
lead we need lead go find the lead vein596.946.03
oh my God it's horde night day the606.985.2
morning of horde night day and I'm out610.54.14
I'm doing a treasure isn't that crazy612.186.0
where are those guys got [ __ ] to do okay614.645.699
how quick can I do it I know I know618.184.26
boring I get it620.3395.161
come on Circle do that circle thing make622.445.7
it quick yeah come on in come on in625.53.779
come on in circle straight down okay I629.2793.68
see you631.984.859
oh hey that's easy peas632.9597.301
open up [ __ ] oh man this should be all636.8394.861
right though I gotta go get some more640.263.06
forged Steel641.74.86
uh top off those cans643.324.86
I might be fighting this horde night by646.565.519
myself I don't know we'll see648.187.58
come on baby come on baby come on baby652.0799.121
oh you son of a [ __ ] come on655.767.06
I don't want to break into you I just661.23.92
don't wanna662.822.3
yeah I need you to you know screw off Mr679.925.7
B I gotta watch this a wolf biting us up682.56.24
anyone they come to me all right and685.624.62
I'll waste my ammo there are a lot of688.743.96
wolves out here hey buddy I wish I had690.244.86
my scope still don't need it though I'm692.74.079
a crack shot look at that695.14.38
oh what did you drop over here anything696.7794.881
worth a [ __ ]699.484.4
map and crap701.666.46
okay well we need a ton of nitrate703.886.959
powder so guess what Dad has gotta do708.126.12
Daddy's gotta get the nitrate powder710.8394.901
I thought I had dug this place before714.243.599
because I had it marked on the map I715.743.779
wonder if it just refilled is that717.8394.381
something that seven days Maps do either719.5194.921
that or cane filled this up just to722.224.64
troll me724.442.42
oh that's a demon or something it's729.623.88
oh no come on733.53.32
[ __ ] Kane oh no where's that oh boy738.866.36
almost winning it742.322.9
I'm gonna run over every one of these746.823.48
guys why not what have I got to lose748.623.839
today except for the car yeah I don't750.33.92
want to lose this car752.4594.261
screw it all right got a little bit of754.224.96
nitrate powder I guess I'll head back756.726.679
home watch out Megan759.184.219
hey what are you doing man we've had a774.926.039
bad we've had a bad couple days why do778.744.5
you have no pants on I lost my pants780.9594.44
that happens to me all the time well783.245.279
okay but we have a horde night tonight785.3995.521
yeah man my stuff is way out there all788.5194.38
my good stuff's way out there [ __ ] so oh790.924.44
there's some nope who is that what hello792.8996.18
hey do you have pants uh yeah I found795.367.38
pants okay good damn that sucks oh yeah799.0795.76
no we got no ammo we've lost all our802.744.08
weapons this is gonna be the worst tour804.8393.601
deck we've ever had I don't I don't806.823.18
think so I think we're gonna be fine I808.443.42
think the base is gonna be fine I mean810.03.18
we do have some weapons they're just not811.862.52
as good as the ones that we did have813.183.48
what we have some weapons but they're814.383.48
not as good as the one we have I see816.662.22
what you're saying I got this little817.864.62
pistol with no mods okay uh-huh oh yeah818.885.519
I got that going forward make them run822.483.84
yep all of our laser weapons are gone824.3994.321
[ __ ]826.325.639
make some forged Steel I guess828.725.1
all right yeah make some hey make some831.9593.481
more of those Scopes I missed the Scopes833.824.199
like the little holographic Scopes or835.443.6
whatever I think we need more generic838.0192.461
schematics to make those we're running839.043.66
lows on those too maybe let me know I840.484.979
gotta top off this base and it's not842.74.439
don't worry about the painting names845.4592.641
that's what I was gonna make next yeah848.14.62
should probably make I don't know850.864.68
something in relation to ammo yeah I'm852.725.34
doing that but also you don't you don't855.544.62
paint until everything's fortified got a858.064.32
45 in paint hey the front cans are860.164.32
fortified are they okay if they're862.384.38
fortified yeah painted doing is a long I864.484.56
mean it's horn day okay so pain is next866.764.74
that's the next big thing all right get869.044.799
to it you get to it yeah I'm getting to871.55.339
it I got some Gunpowder to make873.8395.001
thank you876.8394.401
man look at this this is really looking881.246.52
good let me tell you abster did a great885.9594.201
job on the ceiling I'm a big fan of a887.766.06
dark drop ceiling who wants White Tiles890.166.119
it's just gonna show off the dirt come893.824.079
on hey did you plant those trees outside896.2794.081
they're blocking your sign man hey wait897.8994.38
what what trees there's two like giant900.363.96
pine trees I mean this should be a palm902.2795.581
or something right uh from that street904.325.04
they can't see any of this but no no907.863.3
that's fine and I need the wood anyway I909.364.56
just took off abstra's creative signage911.164.14
on there he wanted it to be a chicken913.924.14
place okay gotcha well listen915.35.159
um I gotta find pants before The Horde918.065.339
and also ammo and I got a paint still920.4594.62
gotta paint the base yeah listen you're923.3994.321
in bad shape yeah yeah and you should925.0794.38
not be worried about painting and you927.723.419
know that really I mean you should you929.4593.481
were very concerned about Ammo aren't931.1394.081
you um both but you realize you're932.944.62
painting a coffee shop yeah well no I935.223.6
didn't I didn't paint any of it I'm937.563.66
doing repairs structural repairs very938.824.68
important okay but I feel like we're941.223.9
doing the same thing you and I I kind of943.54.26
I'm making ammo uh yeah you might be945.127.159
right about that have a nice day you too947.764.519
okay I got 40 more of these suckers955.85.58
good spot959.6393.901
and tell you what thank goodness we have961.383.3
orange trees963.544.5
but in all fairness it it does look good964.685.04
all right but whatever968.044.46
um 39 just load in969.728.22
oh get up get up here get it there all972.57.959
right in front of all these977.943.839
it's gonna980.4594.261
it's gonna be fine none of us have [ __ ]981.7795.481
for ammo984.722.54
it's gonna be great987.7794.86
let's see uh neebs yeah some of your992.6395.401
bullet case scenes are done you're still996.33.18
bullet casings I'm throwing them into998.043.719
ammo production okay I've made a good999.485.52
chunk of uh what is this uh high power1001.7595.7
762 but man we don't have enough I got a1005.05.94
bunch too and man you got jeans yeah1007.4596.24
yeah I got jeans look at this look at1010.943.959
this mess right here so you just don't1013.6993.541
have pants well I mean when we get go to1014.8994.321
the trailer and buy some pants these1017.244.56
look ridiculous right I mean yeah yeah1019.224.559
they don't look good1021.84.68
these don't look good either I mean no1023.7794.321
yeah those are the same as those goth1026.483.9
pants Trader sells pants I mean it's got1028.14.56
two right I mean I don't have to but I1030.383.72
would imagine if you were in the need of1032.663.779
pants okay Trader ought to do it maybe1034.14.38
I'll go by there do we really have time1036.4393.721
to worry about your pants well if you1038.483.0
don't feel good you don't perform well1040.162.639
you know you don't look good you don't1041.482.939
you don't do good all right sure go get1042.7993.961
pants then okay or screw it anyway yep1044.4194.02
I'll be right back1046.762.9
has it always been this close I never go1056.265.2
Joel how's it going buddy so listen do1062.725.76
you have any pants because you see what1066.084.02
I'm wearing right1068.483.84
um clothes1070.15.459
oh that's all armor I have armor1072.326.599
I need like a pair of jeans or something1075.5597.561
God you don't do you no pants huh all1078.9195.76
right well I'm here I'm gonna sell stuff1083.124.74
maybe I can buy some uh ammo what do you1084.6796.24
have for ammo is that under the knife1087.865.819
so you got regular 762 we're kind of1090.9195.101
needing good stuff you know I know Simon1093.6794.081
wanted shotguns but is he really going1096.023.06
to be close quarters enough to shoot1097.764.2
something with a shotgun God you know1099.084.92
what I'm just gonna get that 762 I1101.964.5
reckon well you got nine of them1104.04.5
you have nine1106.464.98
okay I'll take them1108.55.76
I guess I'll get those shotgun shells1111.444.02
get some pants though right blood1115.464.079
stranger yep thank you just get pants1117.25.42
people need pants1119.5393.081
all right I'm getting this got some1125.0596.061
Waters uh Simon yeah how much lead you1128.965.599
manage to score today uh uh hold on1131.126.059
uh [ __ ] I was just moving stuff around1134.5598.321
so I'm oh I got 209 for you and I and uh1137.1797.201
I hope that I hope that works I think1142.882.76
you were probably hoping that I had1144.383.24
nothing uh no I was hoping that you had1145.644.919
more than 209 I've been working hard and1147.624.74
doing other things so but yeah I've been1150.5594.081
specifically working for you okay good1152.364.08
good good good you got LED you1154.643.48
contributed good good good okay good1156.444.8
good good good good good good good okay1158.123.9

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