The Unusual Suspects - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 73

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! I am so excited to tell you about the latest video on the channel. In this episode, Appsro is diving int...
The Unusual Suspects - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 73
The Unusual Suspects - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 73

The Unusual Suspects - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 73

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neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen the latest episode of The Unusual Suspects in 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod? It's absolutely hilarious!

appsro: Oh yeah, that one where I start working on the new horde base? Classic Appsro moves right there!

neebs: I couldn't stop laughing at your building skills, Appsro. It's like watching a master craftsman at work... or not!

appsro: Haha, very funny, Neebs. But let's be real, that episode is my favorite because I get to show off my mad zombie-fighting skills!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! I am so excited to tell you about the latest video on the channel. In this episode, Appsro is diving into building a new horde base in Darkness Falls. I can't wait to see what he comes up with and how he strategizes to defend against the hordes of zombies that are sure to come his way.

If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all the latest Neebs Gaming content. And if you want to show some extra support, check out their Patreon page for some awesome perks. Plus, they have a new channel called Neebs Magic Dumpster that you definitely don't want to miss out on.

I love how Neebs Gaming always keeps things interesting with their gameplay and commentary. It's like hanging out with friends while watching them play some of the coolest games out there. And don't even get me started on their merch - I definitely need to get my hands on some of those awesome designs.

So grab your favorite snack, get cozy, and let's dive into the latest episode of Darkness Falls with Appsro. I'm sure it's going to be epic! And make sure to follow Neebs Gaming on all their social media channels to stay connected with the community. I can't wait to see what other adventures they have in store for us.

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nees you in here I'm in here come with10.844.64
me come with me I'm making some grain13.6794.881
alol just real quick real quick okay uh15.484.52
what we got your grain alcoholic can18.563.959
wait come here can't wait if next time20.04.439
we're fighting a hoorde and then got no22.5193.08
this won't take won't take long I24.4393.6
promise I promise hop in the car okay25.5995.041
and boom locked28.0396.641
locked this damn thing and boom there we30.645.88
go you want me to guess where we're34.683.68
going uh yeah guess where we're going36.523.559
give me a hand38.366.64
M it's a Mart a Mart yeah it's a Mart40.0798.12
okay uh we're going right here well45.05.96
that's aing pole ah Mini Mart of murder48.1997.721
Mini Mart of murder is this your doing50.966.239
yes this is going to be our next hord55.924.04
base oh gotcha love it I'm going to tell57.1994.32
take this entire Mini Mart I'm going to59.962.96
redo the inside I'm going to make it61.5194.0
full of traps and we can spend the whole62.925.08
time dumping water on ourselves dumping65.5194.761
water I can't wait I love dumping water68.04.08
on myself okay you're going to create a70.283.36
path for zombies though not just what72.083.399
we've been doing right yeah well I73.643.76
always try to create a path okay you75.4792.921
know I'm not going to do something77.43.079
boring like you know just put it at the78.44.12
top of a building okay but they have to80.4793.6
have a clear path to get to us for the82.524.04
traps to work yeah no [ __ ] okay do you84.0794.161
want to do this the skyscraper wasn't86.563.12
that I'm just saying I'm not sure you88.244.0
understand do this hey if you understand89.683.719
fine I just feel like you don't92.242.8
understand I do understand dip [ __ ] now93.3993.601
move on do you think the tower base was95.044.359
a path hell yeah nope they can still go97.04.079
through the walls no exactly they claw99.3992.921
the path through the walls but they're101.0793.68
not going to do it this time okay I mean102.323.439
they might whatever they're just going104.7592.081
to hit us with Fireballs through the105.7592.921
[ __ ] walls anyway look I know my106.845.4
voice is raised but I love what you're108.683.56
doing ah beer base you were a gem114.527.519
some people going to hate on it122.0393.641
particularly in our team I I would123.924.24
imagine but um as far as I'm concern125.686.32
second Flawless base that I've had yeah128.166.64
Bor boring shoot whatever if you agree132.05.04
go ahead and write Flawless in the134.84.96
comments oh this is adorable you still137.046.0
going it's139.763.28
adorable okay we need to replenish stuff143.085.439
I'm going to go do one I'm going to go146.685.12
see the trader after after one treasure148.5195.961
map thank you beer base you you were a151.85.079
blessing in the time in a time of need154.485.56
nobody appreciate that but you were and156.8795.401
you look delicious and160.045.4
refreshing just like you were in the162.286.679
beginning Flawless165.443.519
comments oh God176.645.4
screamer oh chees cream that ain't good178.766.399
oh she dropped a blue bag and I got crap182.045.96
um oh boy yep here they come oh185.1596.0
boy I love it I love188.06.64
it can I get on top of this bus station191.1595.681
that's what I'm doing194.645.679
here come and get me idiots what do we196.845.92
got a demon spider any you guys spit200.3195.361
Fireballs like [ __ ] you okay over202.765.36
there I mean I can use some help if you205.684.52
got nothing else going on yep hold on208.124.679
coming I got 42 coil round is that going210.24.92
to do it uh it's better than no coil212.7994.841
round which is what I'm carrying right215.126.0
now there we go is this it right here217.646.56
yeah it's not too bad it's manageable oh221.125.44
these guys there demon right there take224.25.759
this demon now oh God see him on my butt226.565.879
demon uh yeah hold on I'm I'm pouring229.9595.2
water on my myself which is so fun oh232.4399.241
too big oh crap okay yep we oning235.1596.521
keep popping him I'm popping241.726.92
her bring it back this way okay I'm244.925.959
trying to knock him that oh got him okay248.644.72
nice got him with the Whopper the250.8795.041
Whopper yep man I cannot find a decent253.365.92
pair of pants to wear they keep looking255.924.92
I'm not wearing those goth pants they259.283.0
make my legs look skinny I don't like260.843.48
the goth pants either oh boy I fell and262.284.6
nope I go all right you got two three264.324.56
more left I think there's two under me266.883.879
they really want but they can't get me268.883.64
all right you got this uh nurse big270.7593.201
nurse and there's also one of those272.523.8
invisible guys yep I see him even though273.964.44
he's invisible where'd he go yep there276.322.57
he is278.42.6
okay there we go check out this orange281.07.84
bag red bag well oh that's a AK 47 and284.167.479
armor Shredder ammo verus protection of288.845.68
armor by 10% what's that where oh291.6395.681
there's he is behind you oh nice he hey294.527.04
that's a home run baby297.324.24
oh yeah so getting three treasure maps a302.288.52
drop there some ammo that's a good start307.325.96
thank you so much bring that back310.84.16
they'll be super happy and might as well313.285.199
it's been a real pleasure might as well314.965.48
do a gerb it's been a while since I did318.4795.361
a gerb tier four320.447.479
gerbs yeah I can do some gerb um and323.846.639
clears are always fun327.9194.4
screw the fetch part let's see which one330.4793.56
am I332.3195.561
feeling 344 that seems good 44 is a good334.0396.72
number can you do me a favor yeah I can337.884.96
do you a favor well I'm going to swing340.7594.16
by the base on the way and drop off some342.844.52
Amos and I will do this for you sir344.9193.611
thank you347.366.92
Joel okay boom boom boom bam yeah clean354.289.56
this floor out make it look nice oh God360.3195.081
this is going to take a lot of work you363.843.079
know what I'm thinking though I'm365.42.96
looking at the roof I'm thinking the366.9194.4
roof could be all damn bars that we368.365.679
could just shoot down into these guys371.3195.401
yeah do something on the front but I got374.0394.921
to figure out a path like neeb said the376.724.64
word path like the zombie path they378.965.2
always path what the hell's a path the381.365.08
path they take that's what I figured you384.163.599
never know what the path they take what386.443.599
was wrong with my base hell used my base387.7594.0
talking about a390.0395.481
path path right to his391.7593.761
ass all right Police Department this398.5995.281
should be a good time a lot of fat cops401.366.679
bunch of fat hey hey hey hey we're here403.886.439
to we're here to do stuff with you right408.0393.841
you going to share the the thing with us410.3194.0
oh sure hey there's some ammo in the the411.885.28
thing and let me share the mission um I414.3194.521
I dropped some off at the base on the417.163.719
way here too I'm driving okay yeah you418.843.68
don't have to drive it to get the ammo420.8794.04
understood all right moving in moving in426.525.48
all right you take point we're on your429.446.319
six G you're breaching that room yes432.05.919
okay oh you got him oh it's the hey we435.7594.0
should get a picture here guys oh yeah437.9194.361
yeah yeah okay I'll be number two how439.7594.16
about number two uh I I'm going to be442.284.72
number three I'll be I'll be four now443.9194.96
everyone turn to your right turn to the447.05.44
right uh y right and to the left and to448.8795.72
the left okay all right all right452.444.199
straight ahead Straight Ahead all right454.5993.121
now I'm going to step forward and I'm456.6392.641
going to say I'm going to say something457.724.52
that the P person said like um hey give459.285.359
me a purse you dumb [ __ ] how do you462.244.72
know so much about this okay now I'm464.6395.12
going to say it yeah give me your purse466.964.16
you dumb469.7593.72
[ __ ] I mean look at me you know I471.125.28
didn't do it everybody loves me right473.4795.12
that's not how it works that's that's it476.43.56
always let's go clear this479.968.28
place that was great good role play482.8795.361
yeah oh we got a we got a demon behind488.84.799
the here I'm going to try and sneak and491.684.76
get the demon sh okay493.5995.0
okay how could you tell the demon just496.444.28
cuz it's black black smoke the black498.5993.801
isn't it's not the black I thought it500.723.4
was the black smoke that's what he just502.43.84
told me before it wasn't the black Oh I504.123.799
thought abso said it was the black smoke506.243.72
I know he said not the black507.9195.521
there you go is he down yeah right on oh509.965.12
so this is where they have court yeah513.443.399
this is Court we could do another role515.085.68
play here yeah okay hold on order order516.8394.921
in the520.762.639
order I don't know where to go from okay523.3994.241
I'm on I'm on witness here and needes525.763.32
you're the lawyer you want to ask some527.643.52
questions to question the witness needes529.086.199
uh yeah uh what is your name sir uh531.167.239
Simon Belmont and where were you at the535.2794.68
time of the murder538.3994.721
I was uh at the time of exactly there I539.9594.681
was right there when I did it at the543.124.8
murder yeah are you saying you did it oh544.647.28
no no well um you just said you did it547.927.68
uh I was in Florida and where was the551.927.44
murder Florida it it was in555.66.479
Florida all right arrest my case your559.364.4
honor damn562.0794.561
it I should have should have my lawyer I563.764.6
don't even have a lawyer my lawyer isn't566.643.48
even president that's your Dam this is568.363.52
not good all right moving on this is570.123.37
ah you got any pants a pair of blue576.166.359
jeans or some overalls something579.2798.961
classy let's check it out um no pants582.5199.44
crap behind you behind you oh my gosh588.245.839
what is happening in that room this591.9595.201
looks bad what I see is bad watch out594.0795.721
I'm going upstairs oh God597.166.4
oo I found you some pants oh my God holy599.85.88
[ __ ] get out here we got to I want to603.565.92
leave we got okay got to run got to run605.686.36
oh boy there's a there's a [ __ ] squid609.484.799
here okay this ising crazy this is crazy614.324.68
all right I'm going to die where did you617.686.32
guys go I'm hiding I'm dead I am dead619.06.399
this is624.04.64
insane this is insane what is that what625.3995.201
is that what what are you doing here oh628.646.04
my God no no I got630.64.08
to oh God why am I even bothering to637.87.159
heal myself right now [ __ ] man I don't641.6395.681
even oh I know how to get out you got a644.9595.601
way out s uh I can go upstairs at least647.324.28
no is there any other651.65.4
healing oh God I saw you die oh there he654.0795.88
goes Simon I'm so sorry657.04.839
I'm oh you're still doing it why are you659.9594.68
just still doing it good Lord what a way661.8395.24
to go wonder if I just sit here if don't664.6395.121
know I'm up here I'm just going to wait667.0793.191
out let's677.045.599
see what is in this floating safe I679.126.08
wonder come on be something good682.6394.76
floating safe should always have 330685.24.92
bucks that's ah I was hoping that would687.3994.24
have something more interesting in it690.124.2
but once I got this floating safe out of691.6396.88
here then the floor will be completely694.328.16
clean awesome H that's a lot of death698.5196.12
going up in the top left corner of my702.486.159
screen hope they're having a good704.6394.0
day NS yeah I am back okay I want my709.810.68
stuff the zombies are still in here716.87.2
here hey hey guys um I'm I'm about half720.485.799
a block away and yeah it looks horrible724.04.519
this is a tier four yeah it's a tier726.2794.401
four yeah I'm not I will not be doing728.5195.12
any more tier fours there's a bunch of730.684.599
them down there still there's a bunch733.6393.64
everywhere my best bet is maybe to try735.2794.92
to go out through the roof yeah but as737.2795.24
soon as they see me they're going to740.1995.601
come after me yeah well I know what my742.5194.641
day is going to entail just getting my745.83.44
crap back yeah me too oh they're747.164.52
shooting at me yep backing749.246.159
away oh hey Simon hey if I wasn't an751.685.959
idiot like I should have gotten out of755.3994.0
there I just forgot that I had to go up757.6393.64
and I was running around in circles hey759.3994.0
you know what I think my best weapon is761.2794.201
this pickaxe what your paint brush what763.3994.281
about your Paton no I mean for getting765.487.039
away oh I see demons outside too God up767.687.8
demon bear good Lord everywhere I look772.5195.801
is not good oh boy jeez I'm going to775.485.95
keep looking for another way out778.326.239
okay all right let's see do I leave man786.8394.761
kind of want to leave some790.044.08
windows which should be the way they get791.65.239
in all right we're going to be on top794.124.2
but I guess there's got to be a path to796.8392.761
us which makes sense there's always a798.322.24
path to799.64.039
us um H but I need to build a ramp800.566.16
somewhere you know what let me get rid803.6393.961
this oh I wonder if I build like a807.64.599
little ramp like right here if they'll809.886.04
slowly work their way towards this ramp812.1994.601
I don't815.924.2
know let's see816.87.24
yepop boop boop okay so they come in and820.126.2
then maybe I'll have them go this way824.043.479
and then they'll have to turn and go826.323.16
that way and then there'll be traps and827.5192.88
all this other stuff and then they'll829.482.279
have to turn and go this way and then830.3993.44
they get to the ramp so the ramp's in831.7593.44
the middle so I guess I got to make a833.8393.841
way to get to the ramp from the back and835.1994.841
then just underneath that is a maze a837.685.24
maze of death destruction and blade840.045.56
traps and electric traps and dart traps842.925.68
and fun hell yeah if you think this base845.65.88
is going to be fun you put fun in the848.64.52
damn comments and if you think Dora's851.484.479
base was boring you put boring put that853.125.13
[ __ ] in the comments talk about it855.9595.481
baby just going to jump up here jump up862.366.919
here okay all right I'm on a roof okay865.2796.0
oh you're in good shape then what are we869.2793.8
doing are we leaving I don't want to I871.2794.601
get my stuff oh you well you go in there873.0794.921
and kill everything and then uh that I875.883.16
didn't say I was going to kill878.03.0
everything wait all right who's on the879.043.88
roof is that you still on the roof881.04.88
that's me now okay so you made it up uh882.924.68
you got balls I don't want to go up885.885.519
there stuff yeah oh could I get this I887.65.679
could maybe have a weapon if I got the891.3993.0
stuff in893.2794.401
here I'm getting the the894.3995.88
stuffff oh God scream is right behind me897.685.12
[ __ ] she and she's screaming oh boy yeah900.2794.68
you're not going to want that nope I'm902.84.839
running I don't even care oh God running904.9595.68
into this guy I do not want to die again907.6394.88
this is the weirdest Mission well it's910.6394.161
not a mission anymore but nope it's not912.5194.281
now it's just a bunch of914.84.92
failures Odis hi you were you punch in919.725.28
that box yeah I wanted to get whatever's923.2794.041
in the shotgun Messiah crate almost done925.04.279
I got an no get the other one927.326.6
huh oh it's just ammo929.2794.641
yeah o weapons bag now we're talking I934.566.24
found an auto shotgun in there and I938.1994.681
think that's great H how you doing on940.84.719
that almost through it just uh another942.887.959
20% maybe here we go and almost there945.5198.601
and we got it yeah anything good in950.8397.12
there um yeah there some books and some954.126.0
ammo yep yep yep yep yep can we break957.9593.521
this one open real quick real quick and960.122.199
then I'm going to go down and get my961.482.599
stuff you got it the shotgun one962.3193.52
hopefully for some more shotgun ammo964.0794.44
there's that and watch your face there's965.8397.601
that oh jump turn oh jeez oh my god oh968.5197.081
oh God later I'll try to knock him out973.444.36
of the building or I'll leave the975.65.28
building and come back in a second okay977.85.519
you out I'm980.884.48
out oh983.3194.2
on okay985.365.159
don't fail me990.5193.12
stamina ah991.7596.681
crap just die would you get off my993.6399.801
roof okay are these guys going um yep998.448.399
there we go oh he missed an arm there we1003.446.519
go that was a hole in one baby well not1006.8397.24
one but it was a hole got to get my1009.9597.601
stuff knock it off nice that was fun to1014.0797.481
see yep oh that was that's1017.567.6
great get off of1021.563.6
here all right a little bit of a1028.125.959
redesign here I'm wondering and I I'm1030.725.359
going to look in the comments for uh1034.0794.48
suggestions about uh how to do this1036.0796.24
proper but I'm thinking they come in and1038.5596.28
uh they'll have to go this way and then1042.3195.201
they'll have to turn this way and then1044.8394.321
they'll come here cuz that's the only1047.523.0
way to get up to the roof which is where1049.163.08
we're going to be and then they're going1050.524.48
to have to jump up these things and then1052.245.64
boom they're on the roof and then we1055.04.84
have like another little roof base like1057.883.64
over here in case they get up here which1059.844.48
they probably will but yeah God that1061.524.92
does leave some unutilized space down1064.324.12
here though how could I utilize this1066.444.28
space could I do two hallways but then1068.444.04
are they just going to chew through the1070.724.76
Dallas where are you I don't know how to1080.9194.561
explain it but I'm like close to the top1082.7995.24
inside you're inside close to the top1085.484.92
okay oh boy I'm looking for you there1088.0396.081
are so many so many zombies any luck1090.46.519
getting your stuff well I just punched1094.125.48
and unlock this door I want to just go1096.9193.721
through the1099.63.88
door try to get to you hold up uh-huh if1100.644.0
I can get to you I can get the door open1103.483.079
for you well I got the door open I just1104.645.0
said that oh you did yeah got1106.5595.441
you man I assume you're this way1109.643.919
somewhere remember where you were1112.03.4
hitting the guys off when you were1113.5593.12
banging them off and I was like hey1115.42.519
that's really neat to watch are you on1116.6793.641
the roof yeah I said one tier down from1117.9194.88
the roof which isn't the roof right it's1120.327.04
inside yes you're inside yes okay well I1122.7996.641
keep walking towards your you're above1127.365.319
me aren't you we just yeah roof okay I'm1129.445.56
going to the you said one tier down from1132.6794.0
the roof you know that sounds crazy1135.03.919
right it's either roof or one te down1136.6794.24
from the roof all right I'm going to go1138.9196.521
in I'm I'm coming up the roof uh okay no1140.9196.961
I don't see you I'm on the roof yeah but1145.445.04
I'm one tier down from the roof I don't1147.885.32
know what that means one level down from1150.484.36
the roof that means you're not on the1153.24.839
roof anymore okay yeah I'm one down from1154.846.839
it yep hold on I'm still looking I can't1158.0396.441
find you anywhere man I'm really trying1161.6795.641
I just want to get my stuff I'm going in1164.487.0
go in oh is that a is she uh did you1167.326.239
hear that I heard the booms they're1171.484.12
going to come to me are you in here oh1173.5593.161
my God they're going to trying to come1175.64.28
to you okay I'm in like a brick attic1176.724.839
which sounds like one tier down from a1179.885.6
roof that's I think oh what did that you1181.5595.561
didn't do that did you no oh there you1185.483.36
are you're in the stairs yeah well now I1187.124.52
am yeah okay stairwell would help so1188.845.0
your goal is just to get your stuff back1191.644.88
yes it's not going down at all oh man1193.845.28
he's is he zombie I don't see any1196.524.72
particles he is a zombie we know that oh1199.125.16
my God he's a oh God that's never good1201.245.84
well I'm on fire where is he oh he fell1204.285.519
I think he fell good yeah I don't have a1207.086.16
water or nothing okay Alice this is bad1209.7995.961
for you man I know oh we're just going1213.244.52
through here1215.765.919
huh I see my stuff I see it oh yeah I1217.767.68
see it I'm getting it okay here you1221.6795.48
go I'm1225.445.4
out yep you good W oh they wanted you1227.1595.361
they wanted you bad okay I'm out too1230.844.079
I'll meet you1232.522.399
outside that is a success well it's not1235.086.16
it's far from but congratulations thank1238.06.36
you so1241.243.12

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Man, have you been watching Neebs Gaming's Darkness Falls series? It's so awesome! Appsro and the crew have really outdone themselves with this latest 7 Days to Die playthrough.

The custom Darkness Falls mod they're using adds so much to the vanilla 7D2D experience. The new quests and expanded progression system make the game feel fresh, even for longtime players. And the amped up zombie hordes during blood moon nights look insane! I don't know how the guys survive some of those attacks on their bases.

But as intense as the action gets, my favorite part of Neebs Gaming's series is their trademark humor and camaraderie. The banter between Appsro, Simon, Thick, Doraleous and the rest of the gang is comedy gold. You can tell these guys have been friends for years with the way they play off each other. And they aren't afraid to laugh at themselves when things go hilariously wrong, which happens a lot in this unforgiving survival game.

Neebs Gaming's cinematic editing style really enhances the Darkness Falls series too. The way they splice together gameplay footage, custom dialog and scripted narrative storytelling sucks you into the post-apocalyptic world. It feels like you're watching a TV show, getting to know the characters and experiencing the highs and lows of their struggle to survive.

Overall, I think this Darkness Falls playthrough is some of Neebs best work yet. Their love of 7D2D really shines through. And their mix of intense action, outrageous humor and immersive storytelling makes this the absolute best way to experience Darkness Falls short of playing it yourself. I'd highly recommend all Neebs fans and survival game lovers check out the series for a good time!

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