Beer Base Horde Night! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 72

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Today's episode of Darkness Falls is an absolute must-watch as the gang gears up to face the 11t...
Beer Base Horde Night! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 72
Beer Base Horde Night! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 72

Beer Base Horde Night! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 72

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome to another episode of 7 Days to Die in Darkness Falls! Today we're taking on the 11th horde, and you know what that means - chaos and mayhem!

simon: Oh man, I love horde nights! It's like a party with zombies trying to crash it. And this one is extra special because it's our Beer Base Horde Night!

appsro: Beer Base Horde Night, huh? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. But hey, as long as we have fun and survive, that's all that matters, right?

neebs: Exactly! And with our trusty beer bases to fuel us, we'll take on any horde that comes our way. So grab a drink, sit back, and let's see if we can make it through this madness in one piece!

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Today's episode of Darkness Falls is an absolute must-watch as the gang gears up to face the 11th horde. It's going to be an intense showdown, and I can't wait to see how they handle the challenge.

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I can't wait to see how the gang handles the 11th horde in Darkness Falls - it's going to be one epic battle. So grab your snacks, get comfy, and let's dive into another thrilling episode with Neebs and the crew!

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I'm so sorry for these spikes down9.745.68
neighbors it's okay I can reach yeah12.244.44
um listen I gotta run back to the base15.423.42
real quick uh-huh I feel pretty good16.685.82
yeah yeah okay I just wanted to share18.845.34
that but uh hey have fun with your22.53.72
painting I give you [ __ ] if I didn't24.184.8
feel so good but have fun you feel good26.225.219
huh yep okay28.984.56
you feel good no31.4394.64
uh Dora uh-huh I don't know how you are43.74.48
an ammo I'm throwing a little bit in the46.683.3
ammo box that I'm making we got a little48.184.26
bit of high powered 762 throwing that in49.984.98
here oh so uh yeah take what you can but52.444.139
we don't have much you're feeling good54.964.32
yeah feel great yeah you think this this56.5794.14
place is gonna work59.283.48
okay I hope it works man I really do60.7194.8
because we are yeah our guns are not62.764.74
that good anymore yeah I know we are65.5193.841
very low on ammo and supplies oh it's67.53.54
gonna be fun yeah no I mean I'm looking69.362.88
forward to it I mean I've kind of71.043.0
already resigned myself to die at least72.243.419
three or four times nope nope not gonna74.044.56
happen no really no okay we're not gonna75.6594.981
die at all all right all right listen I78.64.199
like your confidence yeah you think that80.645.78
bass is gonna like hold up that well oh82.7993.621
all right yeah looking forward to it me89.12.15
oh no oh no Dora apps are we gonna run102.725.399
oh the vehicle's already dead oh my god105.4794.68
oh crap all right I'm right behind you108.1194.32
I'm right behind you oh my that's the110.1595.78
worst it does suck yeah112.4396.54
vote for Kane I don't think so not after115.9393.981
that event118.97910.581
thank you129.563.0
hey hello yeah we couldn't take the134.125.14
vehicles they already sputtered out oh137.344.68
no yeah now vehicles are done this place139.264.8
looks pretty cool it's not bad142.026.56
turn on all the stuff man it's like a 8144.064.52
Dora yeah I am gonna be laying some bars159.848.1
here so that we can like not fall as164.0995.521
easily see what I'm doing I might want167.943.42
to throw molotovs down there how about169.624.259
just right here like like we're so your171.364.08
walkway's a little thicker about that173.8793.121
but then leave some gaps to throw175.443.36
volatiles through at the very least177.04.62
we'll do that and then and then do you178.84.92
want to have the one extra or no uh I181.623.54
might hit it and kill myself so yeah183.723.299
leave that open yeah I'll leave it open185.163.9
all right187.0194.08
it is dumb you can't drop a Molotov189.065.16
through this yeah like come on now how191.0995.521
many multives you got neebs huh like 18194.224.439
I don't have much of anything I brought196.624.259
these crazy grenades oh boy are they198.6593.961
gonna destroy our traps down there no200.8794.5
these do not do as much damage to202.624.68
structures oh they do a ton of damage to205.3793.541
Organics there you go at least that's207.33.92
what the description says208.924.14
huh you don't even wearing a shirt211.223.099
you're not wearing well you got pants213.062.88
now but no I didn't I couldn't find a214.3193.301
good shirt I am wearing my pants right215.943.659
yeah you got your pants on okay I'm217.623.72
sorry we're organic so be very careful219.5993.601
uh yeah well if I throw them I'll throw221.343.119
them out there I'm gonna go ahead and do223.23.119
a test over here like it's just a pop224.4595.521
and uh boom toss226.3195.7
yeah very nice I can do that I can do229.984.46
that okay232.0192.421
good luck everybody236.585.159
all right it's on yeah oh yeah we're239.044.38
supposed to all be together aren't we uh241.7393.06
yeah I'm kind of towards this back end243.423.66
here let's see are they coming from the244.7995.401
East yeah coming from the East oh that's247.087.32
a lot of glowy demons yeah yeah all250.27.099
right here we go254.42.899
all right bird I see her come on bird261.85.44
coming in yeah Bird's dead you're264.64.5
walking door oh I'll see a big chunk of267.244.32
them right there yeah how do you like269.16.24
being on fire oh yeah like this up and271.566.74
straight down there275.342.96
I see you let's see should I try one of278.6394.681
these crazy grenades if you'd like281.586.74
please all right and um yep I'm on fire283.325.0
oh no did you really this was supposed290.524.98
to be flawless294.06.259
you're our biggest threat damn it295.54.759
I'm back great yeah I hate these300.4795.16
grenades yeah don't use them they're the303.063.54
crop I'm back too damn I hope my stuff306.65.64
is up here it should be yes I see bags308.944.74
all right good good sorry about that312.243.899
Simon yeah it happens you313.684.519
need my thing to be Flawless that's what316.1394.681
oh God was that the grenade yeah that318.1994.481
was me yeah next time anything's being320.824.08
thrown I am just going to be making sure322.684.92
I'm very far away please warn us jeez324.94.5
you even did a practice327.63.12
all right there's a bunch of them down329.43.66
there I'm gonna try it again oh my God330.725.23
what do you do no it just hurt me here333.064.46
just stop it no okay fine yeah337.527.66
you've got to give people warning I did341.785.38
he did he's still [ __ ] almost killed345.183.299
me I'm dropping him I'm dropping I'm not347.163.479
gonna [ __ ] use them they're sabotage348.4794.201
this whole [ __ ] you should throw them350.6394.021
away from us and down there and do352.683.54
something otherwise I was aiming down354.663.74
it didn't work oh [ __ ] some just went up366.2594.72
straight up369.662.38
come out370.9796.55
what was that he's dead and I don't know378.4195.641
how was that a grenade too you didn't381.34.5
throw that grenade did you no hell no I384.065.0
didn't throw that grenade all right385.86.739
I don't know389.063.479
ah [ __ ] what happened Dora I blew up392.666.22
myself oh boy holding Dynamite too long395.6395.821
oh well that'll do it every time398.886.42
oh is my bag down there oh no no no no401.468.28
down there it fell down [ __ ]405.38.04
oh god oh oh you're gonna go for it well409.746.239
I can't help if I don't413.345.299
I'm on fire again419.245.38
I don't even think I can kill any with422.4793.94
these weak weapons no yeah yeah we're424.624.519
we're screwed426.4192.72
all right442.6993.06
I'm on fire again into the blades452.5994.561
there's a way up everyone457.743.179
um I'm looking for it on the North side459.4195.18
okay I found the ladder nice460.9193.68
oh yeah they're really tearing into beer469.683.959
can one over there fine we got seven471.4794.081
guys damn473.6394.081
the water475.563.66
I don't think there's a game mechanic477.723.18
I've hated more than this this damn479.223.12
Fireballs that you can't see coming480.94.98
right yeah those are rough where they482.345.639
clumped up at Southwest Corner in the485.883.48
southwest beer can all right let me487.9793.481
squeeze in between you here I'm looking489.365.239
East and I got some491.463.139
son of a [ __ ]497.5393.481
all right come on where are you shooting501.93.739
yeah I thought it was clearing it but it506.345.84
didn't God509.42.78
or with the demons you never can't tell512.524.1
yeah it does it does maybe just wait518.3394.5
yeah I mean that's my strategy now is520.9193.24
just try to survive the night by522.8392.641
standing on top of one of these things524.1593.481
and as they crumble jump from one to the525.482.87
other right527.642.04
let's kill something together I mean I529.683.9
was shooting a big mama down there the532.084.92
big mama yep she's behind something now533.585.699
oh there they come you guys don't throw537.04.279
yeah [ __ ] okay yep love this fire yeah541.2797.901
the fire it's not fun is it nope546.544.979
let's pull back more549.183.779
I've got a good shot from a good551.5192.641
all right following doors advice from a565.084.199
distance to oh boy now they're running567.8992.821
over here now they're running on this569.2792.641
side because they know we're here yeah570.722.58
we don't want to take down that side do571.923.3
we nope no that's why we'll run back573.35.18
we'll have them go back and forth575.226.179
there we go bring them down baby578.485.32
nope I'm on fire if you're gonna throw581.3993.901
them on top could you say guys I'm gonna583.83.24
throw one instead of saying Molotov out585.33.78
I was nowhere near you okay587.044.2
you're saying will you near anybody nope589.085.4
just me I was actually pretty lonely591.245.099
well side door I'm impressed by how the594.483.6
base is holding up it's uh it's at least596.3394.101
doing that yeah598.084.68
how am I on fire here in this little600.444.12
office room man I don't know that's what602.763.48
I'm saying oh I've said that a thousand604.563.3
times these Fireballs don't make any606.243.12
[ __ ] sense actually there's a great607.865.36
below me I see how okay609.366.479
man I'm doing damage with these coil613.226.1
rounds get him Simon mm-hmm one zombie615.8395.94
at a time have you killed one yet I have619.324.74
oh you killed one at least I mean well I621.7794.321
mean the regular zombies maybe I haven't624.063.719
I thought it did they keep on falling626.12.96
hey I got caught on fire for a minute629.065.459
can't believe it631.383.139
there we go that's a fire at least we're635.064.959
using water better than we've ever done638.5193.121
before yeah that's true we we finally640.0194.101
learned that641.642.48
yeah suckers644.8393.721
you're not worried about that taking657.0795.021
down the beer cans uh these aren't these659.2794.321
are the not the ones that do the damage662.14.56
to that oh gotcha663.64.859
holy crap I think I'm actually killing666.663.299
one or two668.4595.12
nope a season bags there is some deaths669.9595.521
down there673.5794.121
feral janitor man yeah just regenerates675.485.4
as fast as I can knock him down677.77.22
oh and then he runs away chicken [ __ ]680.884.04
yeah there you go yeah685.743.86
Western squid oh [ __ ] yeah691.15.52
squid are they dead this is not moving696.626.76
he's dead oh all right699.665.16
damn it oh Birds oh yes that is a demon704.825.28
bird holy [ __ ] I killed it I think well708.184.74
it disappeared okay I'm gonna go buy my710.15.1
turret in case birds come have all of712.924.32
these uh robotic turrets been on the715.23.78
whole time yes717.243.539
that's uh they were shooting a lot718.983.06
further down on the ground than I720.7792.341
thought they would I thought they'd be722.043.9
stuck to birds they still got ammo this723.124.0
one's got a little bit in it725.944.29
all right735.362.719
where that Behemoth go he's right there738.264.0
can you see inside they've done a tone740.5194.281
inside there742.262.54
I see a whole bunch of them in there can748.4594.361
you throw another one in there uh I got750.663.6
all right it's my last one I'll give it752.824.699
a shot get it in there man come on754.266.9
yeah nothing but net and I'm out I bet757.5196.461
they're just dying all like yeah burning761.165.7
just to regenerate their health love it763.984.38
all right guys step back I'm throwing a766.863.479
piece of dynamite okay step back step768.365.099
back step back step back yeah baby oh it770.3395.821
bounced off an idiot well the Dynamite's773.4594.201
really gonna tear the structure I know776.162.479
but it777.663.32
kind of just wanted to see that you know778.6394.781
I feel like I'm very close to running780.985.14
out of ammo I had about 800 rounds783.425.0
unfortunately yeah it goes quick yeah786.126.3
what nine millimeter no of uh of the788.428.08
coil round a coil round 45s oh for us792.426.18
that's not bad796.55.04
I'm doing down my last dynomite798.64.52
knew it801.545.7
get em yeah oh yeah nice oh that's803.126.04
pretty good I'm flying yeah but then807.245.159
they just get up that's the problem what809.165.94
you shooting at Simon uh just a gaggle812.3995.94
of a bunch of green glowy things oh and815.15.7
then I'm on fire I like that word it's a818.3393.421
good word820.83.719
Gaggle isn't it crazy how geese and821.765.699
Ducks hang out together yeah is it crazy824.5195.221
I mean they're they're alike aren't they827.4594.141
very much so yeah but I mean well I829.744.2
don't like seagulls and geese hang out I831.63.78
don't know but sometimes whenever I see833.943.0
like cats and pigs I'm like what the835.384.74
hell's going on there yeah you know836.945.639
but like birds and birds makes you smile840.124.2
though doesn't it it is nice you don't842.5793.781
say Blue Jays and geese hanging out or844.324.019
any other bird really just Ducks I846.364.52
didn't know that848.3392.541
all right I'm gonna repair this for you857.3394.081
Simon don't repair anything for me I'm859.1394.38
not standing on any of that crap I861.425.159
repaired it coming up the ladder where863.5194.741
we got this guy coming up the ladder866.5793.421
right here oh yeah they're piling on top868.264.379
of each other oh yeah there's that870.06.56
lemon yeah shoot him we can't have that872.6396.541
I just knocked them down baby with the876.563.88
suck it880.445.1
oh I'm starting to see a little uh Pink883.224.479
in the sky okay damn this thing's885.544.739
awesome dude structurally holy [ __ ] yeah887.6996.241
not one win down no hell no it was kind890.2795.161
of our fault we were our worst enemies893.943.6
oh we really were yeah yeah our biggest895.444.86
enemy was ourselves none of us died from897.548.239
a zombie did we no not yet stops talking900.35.479
get up I'm getting up and then I'm916.445.28
jumping to the next one [ __ ]918.726.359
oh my god there you are you're still on921.725.46
fire oh I just got it drink the water925.0793.0
nice recovery damn928.0796.09
okay now what ah they're still down940.0796.181
there aren't you yes I might try to run943.864.2
to my gyrocopter and get out of here oh946.265.22
I like that idea neebs anybody else no948.066.899
no yeah probably safer here all right951.487.34
and I'm gonna go for it954.9593.861
oh you're down962.824.4
okay something here come to here964.1397.401
okay I want to run good luck guys967.226.52
I'm just running I'm running back home971.544.12
to hell with that okay I'm running my973.743.659
entire copter yeah take it with you man975.663.539
come on thank you977.3993.38
oh God yeah they're still shooting979.1993.781
morons all right yeah I just started I'm980.7793.521
getting the hell out of here come on982.983.299
gyrocopter left984.37.5
left how is it not lifting yet yeah986.2795.521
me Good Luck995.224.16
that face looks amazing999.385.519
yeah come pick us up in the chopper okay1004.8995.44
I gotta run back to it I'll try my best1008.125.06
you guys just hold on1010.3392.841
scream or Simon's wait do you see it no1013.7595.52
I just heard her okay uh looking I'm1016.6394.44
looking I'm looking yeah and I've got1019.2795.341
I've got arrows oh you [ __ ] and 45s1021.0796.421
oh my God it's really just a waste like1024.624.74
if I just shoot down I know I feel like1027.53.48
I need to save it in case somebody's1029.364.219
like right I know1030.986.06
I need yeah we're gonna chop a rescue I1033.5794.681
love it okay1037.043.36
you're flying yeah1038.265.02
flying yep I'm in let's get him oh sorry1040.45.519
I jumped out yep and we're all worst1043.284.5
enemy all right this is gonna be a quick1045.9194.621
rescue because uh these uh damn demons1047.784.86
can't hit the chopper that's right1050.544.94
gotcha okay1052.642.84
let's go let's go let's go oh we went to1070.486.54
this roof1074.2992.721
coming to you okay how the hell you see1082.824.16
how big this thing is1085.0395.401
oh my God would you knocked me over1086.985.68
you're real [ __ ] oh [ __ ] what the [ __ ]1090.444.08
I'm on fire1092.666.48
you little [ __ ] this is the worst you1094.527.99
are the worst ever what yeah1099.144.7
man you know what uh just a bird enough1103.844.02
for you1106.585.52
no I'm running for my life I'm on the1107.866.819
I'm on top of the uh This Barn next to1112.13.54
flat yep nope yep1115.643.68
yeah your parkour can do that like yeah1125.383.96
come on down come on down1127.74.38
and boom get to me come on baby come on1129.344.92
okay good what's up man where you at1134.987.24
I'm safe oh kinda shouldn't have said1138.624.919
no I want to pick up1143.5393.441
go get your arrow this way you're about1147.9194.081
100 meters out yeah and I'm just gonna1149.94.38
crouching do you see okay yeah I see I1152.04.38
see I see you all right all right let's1154.284.019
actually get the chopper this time oh1156.385.419
stop it don't push us off1158.2993.5
if you saw what we saw you'd know zip1164.145.68
your lip swing by the base on the way1167.664.8
home swing by what play the The Horde1169.824.68
base oh yeah it's right here this is1172.463.959
Success yeah that thing actually held up1174.54.919
pretty damn well it did yeah1176.4197.441
the eight pack beer base wonderful1179.4194.441
all right1207.866.1
thank you1215.23.0

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