Cruel Science - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 74

Hey guys, I just found the latest video from Neebs Gaming and I am so excited to share it with you all! In this episode of Darkness Falls, K...
Cruel Science - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 74
Cruel Science - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 74

Cruel Science - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 74

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Cruel Science in 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod! And today, we've got Khaine helping us prepare for the bunker. It's gonna be epic!

simon: Oh man, I love this video! Khaine is like the bunker master, guiding us through the darkness with his wisdom and skills. We couldn't survive without him!

appsro: Yeah, Khaine is definitely the MVP of this episode. I mean, who else could help us navigate through the zombie-infested darkness like a pro? He's a true hero!

neebs: Absolutely, Khaine is the real MVP here. Without his guidance, we'd be lost in the darkness, fumbling around like a bunch of noobs. Thanks, Khaine, you're the best!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, I just found the latest video from Neebs Gaming and I am so excited to share it with you all! In this episode of Darkness Falls, Khaine is helping the crew get ready for the bunker - how cool is that? I can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans they get up to this time.

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all right you have to tell us how to do30.6795.861
what we want to do we want to do the34.0794.741
bunker and we keep dying doing the36.544.32
bunker what's the secret yeah we just38.824.44
had a Flawless horde night but we can't40.864.859
do the bunker I guess good right the43.264.08
secret is don't die45.7194.561
all right you need to be a can you be a47.344.02
better teacher are you going to be a50.282.22
good teacher are you going to be one of51.362.879
the ones that I just want to do you need52.53.96
to be taught to be a teacher yes I mean54.2394.261
this is the way I do it and then there's56.463.66
the way you guys do it the way I do it58.53.059
in there with a shotgun to murder60.123.84
everything so that's what you're saying61.5594.441
that that's all of your advice pretty63.963.72
much I mean what we what we're going to66.04.799
want to do is I'm gonna moment I've got67.685.1
one of those and I need to check70.7994.441
something else what have we got over72.783.42
why is that stone in the medical box hey76.24.739
it's none of your business right we need78.64.74
more meds we need more drugs we need80.9394.441
recog thought bites there is some83.343.36
thought bites in there there's loads of85.383.059
painkillers that's good all right so86.74.32
drugging it up is a big part of it and88.4395.161
also uh drinking91.024.26
so that we're because we're gonna be on93.63.659
fire from those damn things spitting we95.283.96
need to make sure everybody has water97.2593.961
purify mods and take a stack of murky99.243.96
water we need generic schematics then101.224.68
yes we do and I put some in a box over103.24.02
there I think I put it in the book box105.93.06
so we're gonna have to go and find more107.223.359
there you go and listen you're going to108.963.479
be working today Kane so get get ready110.5793.781
to work all right this is you don't get112.4393.481
a free ride buddy yeah that's right114.364.2
buddy you work yeah no more vacation for115.924.58
you none of that get off your lazy ass118.564.32
I'm starting a list over here so if120.54.18
there's more things let me know more122.884.86
drugs water purifier Etc thanks neebs124.686.139
thank you you're welcome127.743.079
let's see copy this rotation132.87.06
yeah so I'm thinking hopefully they're137.184.0
going to be going through the Mini Mart139.863.18
of murder and we'll be able to shoot141.183.779
down at them the entire time through143.043.779
these bars of course they're going to be144.9593.241
shooting Fireballs at us probably146.8193.361
through walls and other types of148.23.899
[ __ ] and I'll just start complaining150.183.779
because that's the biggest bunch of152.0994.401
[ __ ] did I ever mention that153.9595.221
Fireballs through the wall it's complete156.55.16
[ __ ] because I don't know if I did159.185.22
but my God161.666.54
taking the wind out of my sails164.43.8
uh hello hello hello hello hello Joel171.28.8
hey guys did we make a shopping list I177.2394.201
don't really know what we need yeah I180.02.7
just needed one thing the generic181.443.18
schematics that's a thing but we need a182.73.66
thousand things yeah we do we do need a184.623.66
lot listen what do you guys think of uh186.364.799
like Caden's strategy so far I mean so188.284.44
far it's like get a bunch of meds which191.1593.841
I like I like that's not it he said like192.724.379
100 things so many things I can't even195.03.9
remember oh here oh wow I'm gonna buy197.0995.101
yeah I'll take how many oh I didn't yeah198.96.839
I forgot the money I forgot the money202.27.399
here I got money do you205.7393.86
didn't have much money at all what you213.063.72
just threw me like you threw me a215.0993.601
quarter yeah kid go buy yourself216.784.019
something tokens I never have money218.73.52
Hey fat boy come and visit uh my murder225.727.14
Mansion the Mini Mart have murdered all228.9595.64
right I want to see what path you take I232.864.459
got all the doors open so come get to me234.5995.881
you're getting stuck on the car237.3195.2
the car go around the car240.484.979
yep come this way how you gonna get to242.5194.021
how are you gonna get to me up here246.545.279
oh yeah that's right yeah take your248.765.1
little fat ass inside251.8195.16
where are you gonna go now oh I left253.864.379
that open you should have gone that way256.9793.6
oh how you gonna get to me258.2395.301
how in the world are you gonna get to me260.5795.701
hey okay I guess that makes sense263.545.32
because uh yeah those are weak266.285.58
pay at the least resistance all right oh268.864.92
oh I didn't have that covered well fell271.863.3
right through that I need to cover that273.783.96
okay this this was kind of a bust of a275.163.539
all right but when you when you hit278.6993.241
these stairs what are you gonna do oh280.564.079
I'm up here come get me you gonna jump281.944.8
I'd be surprised if you're fair oh yeah284.6395.28
look someone's been doing squats286.746.72
came out jump tubs boom it is funny289.9194.461
watching you jump293.463.06
I've had enough of it so297.784.5
there you go300.783.6
good uh good effort though all right302.283.84
need to fill in some more spots and try304.382.21
that again306.1212.32
whoa whoa whoa where was that sorry I318.445.56
was doing some experimenting I have322.1994.621
these like I guess these bombs what are324.04.259
you blowing up over there you know I'm326.822.819
just getting rid of some stuff that I328.2592.821
wouldn't normally use I'll throw another329.6392.641
one down331.085.1
so oh I just right click not to left332.286.96
click all right and then boom yeah those336.184.56
things are great for breaching doors339.244.38
really yeah go try it on the door okay340.745.04
popping pills343.624.32
so let's get it that door's unlocked so345.784.02
yeah we need pills anyway oh yeah they347.944.259
the bomb woke up uh the whole popping349.86.48
pills team though oh it did oh geez my352.1995.401
stick one on uh that guy's back357.64.02
I don't know if I'll be able to these362.223.79
guys are running364.52.699
I didn't hold367.1995.461
up did I yeah oh geez there's some bad369.4195.641
stuff going on out here you guys all372.666.3
right not really oh geez oh this is375.065.1
actually working out this might be a378.963.179
perfect test for me come over here380.163.979
sure boy384.1394.721
I'm making I'm wasting a lot of ammo on386.45.1
these little shits for no reason388.864.92
where's was this little spitter come on391.54.58
Kappa come on copper393.784.56
Geez Louise396.086.22
please oh I'm up here how are you gonna398.346.0
get to me oh yeah you're gonna have to402.35.64
go in that way huh oh what now404.345.699
uh-huh uh-huh yeah that might be the407.944.8
best way to get to me your friends410.0393.66
okay it's getting it's getting to be a413.6993.201
lot of yeah but all right three's enough415.444.62
oh okay yeah you guys going that way oh416.95.079
God I didn't filled that in yet all420.064.62
right test is it's it's too early it's421.9795.72
it's too damn early424.683.019
and what what are you doing over there428.0394.261
that's not the easiest way to get to me429.725.22
see what they're what they're doing is432.34.619
making some damn sense434.944.92
all right here we go let's see maybe pop436.9195.701
one arrow and one more Robin Hood to439.863.72
oh you guys just keep coming huh443.586.54
there you go and that was a miss this is445.86.6
looking pretty outside uh yeah it's450.123.96
coming along got a lot to do though452.46.26
whole bunch to do I'm sure you do454.084.58
um do you have a weapon that that makes462.4794.741
like fire uh yeah my bad oh you're bad464.164.92
okay yeah but hey just before you just467.223.12
take these so I get it out of the way469.083.6
okay there's that that just and I'm470.343.96
gonna I'm gonna hit that way wow you472.683.6
already made some water purifier mod and474.33.959
the plate mod great I'm gonna hit476.283.419
everyone go ahead what you got so we478.2594.5
want to see if we catch on fire so I479.6995.94
guess hit me with the fire and let's see482.7594.321
if I catch on fire485.6395.4
yeah am I on fire not to me listen this487.085.459
is probably in poor taste I did that491.0392.94
joke again where I get you to hit me492.5395.28
yeah are you hurt oh man it seems493.9797.021
funnier in my head yep497.8196.021
I'm on fire501.02.84
I kind of appreciate that but [ __ ] that510.56.399
was good you waited like you waited like514.265.219
20 episodes for that joke that's so long516.8994.801
okay that's the best pranks is when you519.4794.98
wait so long my dad used to used to wait521.75.16
a year a year between pranks I know524.4594.621
that's the best ones are you okay though526.867.159
no no I'm dying you'll be fine529.084.939
here all right I'm here to assist you my539.765.759
friend okay so this should be nice and542.5194.561
easy and the only reason I'm thinking of545.5193.421
doing it is we can go in there get crap547.083.24
we don't need to sell it and buy what we548.943.06
do need okay and that's fine but listen550.323.42
I'll tell you this I'm sorry but I don't552.04.38
have anything melee that's worth the553.745.159
damn so I'm going loud okay that's fine556.384.26
I'm just saving ammo there you go558.8993.301
otherwise I'd probably be going loud too560.643.42
so we're just gonna be nice and easy562.23.84
just running here kill everything get564.063.54
the end Loot and if we want any books566.044.02
we'll get some books hello okay yep I'm567.64.76
jumping behind here oh hello hello570.066.38
listen behind the counter572.364.08
we know you're here580.5195.26
there they come583.084.16
there you go585.7795.461
there we go very nice yes587.247.779
hello Mr cop sorry no spinning in the591.246.42
book area thank you595.0195.041
that's just rude don't be spicy yeah597.664.08
it's disgusting you know I'll tell you600.062.82
one thing right now it's probably going601.742.64
to be looked at like because I'm a602.884.079
spitter you know but I also realize it's604.384.2
gross it's probably gonna be illegal in606.9594.56
like 10 years like you can't spit yeah608.585.4
because it is it is really gross keep611.5195.581
the saliva in your mouth if you can you613.984.74
know especially when you hock a loogie617.16.12
right absolutely yeah but I like to Haka618.726.84
loogie I will confess never got the623.225.4
appeal myself yeah well feels good625.565.219
anything in the fridge oop got some red628.624.74
tea in the fridge lucky day is it time630.7794.921
to get books yet or what yeah if you633.364.32
want to get books feel free I'm grabbing635.73.78
the end loot at the top and apparently637.684.8
launching a vulture all right sounds639.484.5
like fun642.485.039
hello who's up here hello643.986.84
there we go sir you just piss off there647.5195.281
you go you're having too much fun650.824.38
without me ah yeah I've just cleared out652.85.52
the roof I think I've got them all655.27.34
and there's usually a dog in here658.324.22
I don't know why I'm using an ax not665.365.68
very efficient and there's this is the668.047.02
stuff this is the stuff yeah baby671.046.78
oh treasure map that will be handy an675.065.7
empty can how wonderful that's less677.825.42
thank you683.3995.341
you're up throw oh hello hello hey685.0796.601
what's going on uh working on the midi688.744.38
morning murder what's going on with you691.684.44
I'm just tailgating well you need a693.125.339
cooler I know can't tailgate without a696.124.56
cooler it's true Hey listen how's it698.4594.261
going for uh what's up names hello hi700.684.98
I'm tailgating I was just uh checking702.724.859
this out have you heard this whole cane705.663.72
uh water Theory thing is that what707.5793.121
neighbors doing right now is that why709.383.0
there's a puddle of water in front of710.74.02
the dam yeah I just threw some water712.384.5
down right hold on I'm gonna take this714.724.92
mod off so you can hit me absolutely do716.884.5
this science I just want to watch it no719.645.52
all right okay mods off I promise hit me721.386.54
with the fire all right one second man I725.164.94
wish I still had my flame thrower727.924.74
that was short-lived wasn't it it's in730.13.82
the back at the bottom of the bunker732.665.34
Nevada bunker uh yes up I'm not fired733.928.099
yet hit him again uh okay there we go738.06.12
oh it went right out there we go is it742.0193.721
out that's the answer hi screen I don't744.122.58
know if it's actually okay you're out745.744.02
that's the answer okay good got him746.74.56
Maddie do you want to do that in The749.762.759
Horde base I think we should do it down751.264.079
in the bunker too like Kane said okay so752.5194.56
just like pockets of water here in The755.3394.381
Horde man yep yes I do want to do it757.0795.281
yeah I gotta structure this now in a way759.724.44
that it can be done it should be worth762.364.32
it yeah unless you get a grenade in your764.164.919
hand it could be really really good oh766.683.659
I'm not touching grenades anymore I've769.0793.781
sworn off grenades good until maybe horn770.3395.041
night I might use one again but just out772.864.26
here like the front yeah right right775.383.78
I'll make a sign yeah I won't be777.124.68
anywhere near your ass no grenades so I779.164.02
guess this puddle of water just exists781.83.779
out here now yeah okay783.184.74
fine with that787.922.78
what's here Kane basically every POI has790.924.859
something called end loot which is all794.2793.481
the good [ __ ] is I know exactly where it795.7793.481
is in here it'll be a nice easy Smash797.764.44
and grab okay so it's a quickie Ticky oh799.265.519
yeah okay so I'll just be running kill802.24.34
zombies loot leave804.7795.701
all righty in the corner right there and806.546.94
we got this little one right behind you810.486.44
sorry I'm loud that's fine813.485.33
are you dead no816.923.3
okay and then there's usually a couple820.224.679
behind here all right822.486.08
boom boom there you go824.8996.701
hey King you know you could just you can828.566.459
let me do something all right okay uh is831.65.179
this no it's not unlocked835.0194.201
go on then off you go have fun thank you836.7795.281
all right hello839.222.84
sit here and watch thank you843.064.44
all right845.825.4
now you can come in okay and this right847.55.22
here is what we want is it locked yes of851.222.88
course it is852.723.72
won't be in a minute though854.14.02
well we got a couple coming from the856.443.48
back but you take your time858.122.54
you're fine859.922.28
oh gold yes I love this since I'm here862.26.3
oh good and hey you know what I'll help866.225.46
I'll even do this look at that I'm I'm868.56.66
working Roger proud excellent women871.684.74
might as well have the boxes and [ __ ]875.163.66
while we're here yeah why not but most876.424.38
importantly we've got [ __ ] I can sell so878.824.86
I can take that to the trader and uh get880.84.08
some more money and get some more of883.683.12
those notes we need and that's why884.884.259
you're here Kane we're using you for886.84.26
your knowledge you should have picked889.1394.081
someone better I'm an idiot891.064.279
thank you893.222.119
names yeah ever been in the creamery896.044.08
I've never been this Creamery I kind of898.444.44
want to see the creamer man just like I900.124.019
know we've got work to do but just like902.883.84
a quick this is you know what what this904.1394.021
would be a good place for Simon to own906.723.84
huh if we made this Simon's Creamery why908.164.619
I know he likes owning a small business910.565.579
does he though think so yeah okay he's a912.7794.68
new person since I gave him that coffee916.1395.521
shop he's really yeah ah okay I guess I917.4595.94
didn't I didn't notice what did you come921.664.02
in here for I just wanted to see the923.3994.5
creamery what the hell oh yeah you can't925.685.339
even go up do you like acai balls what's927.8995.041
that have to do with anything Creamery931.0194.861
oh a cream okay yeah um they're fine932.945.639
yeah sure they're fine yeah I don't know935.886.3
fine they're delicious yeah okay yeah we938.5794.981
got some stuff in here942.184.86
yep you got it I don't know943.565.76
yep oh that sword's pretty good huh yeah947.043.659
I just wanted to try this sword a little949.323.0
bit they're pretty badass there's no950.6993.601
pants in that bag is there no pants952.324.56
there's probably pants at the come on we954.34.86
got pants neebs why are there no pants956.884.38
in this world there are pants everywhere959.163.32
in this world961.263.42
I went through all of our pants we got962.484.9
nothing but Gothic pants and armor we964.684.74
can't go up more oh here we go Neighbors967.383.899
come on okay yep all right969.423.479
let's see what's up on the top of a971.2793.36
Creamery what what happens at the top of972.8993.601
a creamer it stays at the top of the974.6393.541
creamery that's where the magic is976.54.079
so far pretty lame pretty lame got some982.1395.341
instruction guys over here oh boy hey984.664.979
good job yep oh there's a bunch of them987.484.02
okay awesome have fun with that I'm at989.6393.901
the I'm getting to the top going to the991.54.56
top huh well I'm like up in the break993.545.4
room I guess okay I got one down and996.066.24
then the second one yep hey just come on998.944.86
oh good thing I didn't need that right1002.33.12
and oh boy they're down okay that's cool1005.427.14
I'm checking the bags yeah check them1009.864.26
come on big money get bigger name and1012.563.48
get some pants1014.125.04
nope light bulbs why can't I take the1016.044.919
pants off these construction workers and1019.164.44
wear them I don't know why can't you1020.9596.0
that wasn't a real question okay1023.66.06
I'm coming oh [ __ ]1026.9595.6
I found a bag my ass and pants1029.665.22
nope no pants1032.5595.681
I'm at the top bring it I'm bringing it1034.885.579
all of you1038.244.76
that was easy with the top two1044.96.8
good stuff1051.73.18
up here idiots hey guys come to the Mini1059.5394.081
Mart of murder1062.4193.62
I'll come stab some stuff1063.624.919
uh why are you attacking that oh is that1066.0395.14
a weak point those are weak huh oh that1068.5394.681
ain't good that ain't good all right all1071.1794.561
right now I need no yeah okay gotta fix1073.224.5
that they're already through oh they're1075.743.179
deer already1077.723.839
oh that's oh this okay God I hate this1078.9194.821
oh it's a bomb guy too oh yeah no it's1084.16.34
not good up here yeah all right uh I can1087.145.76
I'll help right yeah this big guy needs1090.445.06
to come on1092.92.6
I forget like these big guys they can1096.343.76
get dropped with regular bullets right1098.783.96
big guys yeah uh yeah should be able to1100.18.24
okay I got the drop unless y'all need me1102.749.299
all right I'll be back1108.346.52
yeah this guy's I think he's on my butt1112.0394.921
in me oh no he's gone he's stuck on the1114.865.24
roof all right good1116.963.14
morning to you know drop1122.487.46
there we go get him came yes nice1125.144.8
oh you got the drop down there anything1130.08.88
good it's uh nope nope not really1132.6796.201
there we go there we go there we go ah1138.9194.62
man I wish I had that sword back oh1141.743.72
there you go she's down now you're1143.5394.941
making me miss smile is that a screamer1145.465.7
I think the guns are what's calling in1148.484.12
the screamer though yeah I'm sure oh1151.162.34
oh yeah all right well then I'll I'll uh1153.54.559
I won't stop shooting I'm not gonna lie1155.964.32
while you're here and Kane I'll give you1158.0595.161
your uh mods for the the stuff oh and1160.285.82
you needed one of those presents that1163.224.26
sword I used to have a sword like that1166.14.26
okay you know what I know you miss it1167.485.16
you really loved it I did I might give1170.364.02
you this one not if we're going to the1172.644.32
bunker you're not1174.384.38
oh we're gonna need it at the bunker1176.963.54
that's true yeah if you're going to the1178.763.96
bunker I'm still on the fence Kane that1180.54.08
bunker is crazy it was built by a crazy1182.723.54
man and you're that crazy man why are1184.584.32
you crazy I do that on my own all the1186.265.039
time you're insane you just need bigger1188.94.5
balls ah man my balls are pretty big but1191.2993.961
that's because of a condition I got I1193.44.68
thought you had unusually tiny okay yeah1195.264.56
but I got that condition they're bigger1198.083.78
now oh good yeah it's kind of like the1199.823.9
Orbeez thing they were like really tiny1201.863.24
and then they soaked them in water and1203.723.3
they yep I got water bottles yeah you1205.13.48
know that's how like uh some people it's1207.023.42
a contraceptive dude boil your balls in1208.584.2
water kills the semen boil them yeah1210.444.02
they got a little this little thing you1212.783.06
can make like before you have sex you1214.463.48
dip your balls in them boiling it's1215.844.02
boiling water well it's hot well the1217.943.78
idea is you raise the temperature of1219.863.98
your nuts to kill all the semen in there1221.724.62
I think I'd rather rub my balls on a1223.844.18
cheese grates than do that yeah no it1226.343.42
doesn't sound fun y'all shouldn't say1228.023.24
that stuff out loud because there's dumb1229.766.74
people that'll do it just oh God come on1231.265.24
it's like a gyro like that1236.983.96
I guess I'm the only idiot today yeah1252.584.78
all right I'm gonna keep adding concrete1255.323.66
to this base because God it got in so1257.364.74
quick damn things man you hate this game1258.984.6
man I hate this game1262.15.699

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The way they introduce each character and give them unique personalities and backstories draws you right into the zombie apocalypse with them. You can't help but root for the crew as they fortify their base against horde night after horde night. The banter between them all is hilarious - Dora and Thick in particular play off each other so well.

Watching Neebs and the gang scavenge through abandoned buildings, craft weapons and take on zombies never gets old. The editing is top notch, with dramatic camera angles during action sequences. It really heightens the tension and makes you feel like you're right there battling alongside them.

While actually playing 7 Days to Die would be a blast, getting to experience it through Neebs Gaming is the next best thing. Their cinematic approach gives you all the excitement and fun without the frustration of being killed by zombies yourself!

I could go on and on about how much I love their 7 Days series. The bottom line is Neebs Gaming is the absolute best way to enjoy this game aside from playing it yourself. Their commentary and editing transform 7 Days to Die into an engrossing cinematic adventure!

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