The Ark Olympics! Stream date: 8-5-21

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you heard the exciting news? Our favorite gaming crew is now live on Twitch every Thursday at 8pm E...
The Ark Olympics! Stream date: 8-5-21
The Ark Olympics! Stream date: 8-5-21

The Ark Olympics! Stream date: 8-5-21

Neebs Magic Dumpster


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the Ark Olympics video? I mean, who knew dinosaurs could be such good athletes?

simon: Oh, hey everyone, Simon here! Yeah, that video was hilarious. I still can't believe Appsro managed to ride that T-Rex like a bull!

appsro: What's up, it's your boy, Appsro! That video was a blast to make. I think my favorite part was when Neebs tried to swim across the river and got eaten by a Megalodon!

neebs: Oh come on, Appsro! That was a total fluke. Besides, we all know the real highlight was when Simon accidentally tamed a pack of raptors instead of a parasaur.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Magic Dumpster YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you heard the exciting news? Our favorite gaming crew is now live on Twitch every Thursday at 8pm ET! That's right, you can catch all the action and hilarious moments from Neebs, Simon, Doraleous, Appsro, and Thick44 in real-time. It's like hanging out with your best friends while they play your favorite games.

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welcome to the world's greatest stream0.128.04
what's up what's up11.884.2
welcome we got something different13.884.3
tonight yeah and we don't even know what16.084.92
we have tonight we know what we have but18.185.22
whoa I have no idea what to expect you21.06.48
could Badger already gift and subs23.47.08
cribe what up pew pew okay27.485.759
so uh so yeah tonight the Olympics the30.484.02
Olympics are still going to real33.2393.301
Olympics right but we're going to be34.55.66
doing the arc Olympics yes36.545.94
excited everybody they're just as real40.164.84
to me are we allowing Anthony to make42.485.399
speak tonight yes always why at a45.05.399
minimum because you are you are just the47.8795.641
chattiest [ __ ] cash I know Kathy it's50.3995.581
big Ollie wolves I don't know nope we we53.524.679
have to have a word limit nope two55.983.66
thousand three thousand58.1993.84
three thousand words a minute59.646.0
um 200 and no thus or ants all right I62.0396.08
think that's as techie there65.645.64
uh that seems like Aztec yes okay I'm68.1194.601
gonna follow her we're gonna begin the71.286.78
Olympic ceremonies 2021 Arc Olympics all72.727.439
right torch out78.063.9
here we go80.1594.021
this is the Olympic music already lost81.964.979
yes this is the Epica Olympic music that84.184.32
they chose this yeah it looks like yeah86.9393.54
yep oh boy okay you're gonna kill that88.56.0
no not mule hey Turner radius mule hey90.4797.801
look there they are hey all right yeah94.57.14
look at this group all right we got game98.286.12
audio we got game audio baby we got game101.644.979
audio we got other audio we got our104.43.539
I'm seeing lots of levels all the levels107.9394.201
good good and just like the original110.5793.781
Olympics uh there's a lot of naked folks112.146.54
here as well there should be okay so114.365.88
we're doing it118.685.52
oh I guess right thanks yeah look at120.245.699
this if you haven't met as techie person124.24.02
don't give her fireworks look at the125.9393.481
leading leg yeah they're just making128.224.26
signs this way idiot yeah129.425.6
oh this is fun Olympic Stadium straight135.124.619
ahead is that Australia's castle kind of137.8793.781
that looks that looks great yeah you139.7393.421
guys have built this you did a great job141.663.36
oh man no I'm super excited to see all143.162.939
the stuff they've built look at that145.023.719
look at that it's nice those spirals146.0994.741
yeah that's great I would have never148.7394.86
thought to do that yeah oh nope I'm not150.845.52
that Ark smart yeah look at them all153.5996.5
running this is awesome156.363.739
I wish I wish I had known there had been160.644.0
more of an opening ceremony I would have163.23.0
prepped better music yeah you know164.643.06
something yeah we don't have anything166.23.84
hold on yeah look up there167.75.24
what's going on there170.042.9
you see what you can find you feel173.5194.921
honored let me see let me see what I can176.5193.901
do let me see what I can do Olympic178.442.939
yeah let's get banned from twitch181.3796.44
royalty free olympic music184.043.779
like from the first Olympics188.0993.42
there's some big streamer right now190.3193.601
getting sued yeah191.5194.321
there you go here we go Olympic sports193.924.62
music yeah this song this this is ought195.844.86
to do right let's see198.544.32
oh yeah oh yeah this is200.74.8
oh perfect yeah this is much more you go202.865.66
yeah we're not at a 50s diner yeah205.56.54
feels really epic I know yeah ladies and212.045.1
gentlemen if you're just tuning in we215.345.28
are here with the most talented Arc217.146.599
athletes around the globe welcome to220.628.42
neebs gaming in the 2021 Arc Olympics223.7395.301
this is epic230.765.1
this is the greatest thing we've done233.2997.271
today and we didn't do it yeah right235.867.82
ah look at me I'm opening the Olympics244.347.06
my mom would be so proud247.766.22
you made it251.43.96
should have gave my back story after253.983.479
doing the real Olympics255.364.86
my mom would be like you should play257.4595.541
Clash of Clans260.222.78
sometimes it rains at the Olympics it's269.04.979
okay it's okay271.1992.78
it's beautiful this is wonderful is it274.744.62
raining or is that Ash yeah these277.83.06
fireworks here279.363.12
my dog280.865.7
oh man this is a big old path they set287.185.739
you down I know wow290.14.74
we're gonna drag it out yeah no we292.9193.901
should no hey there we start losing294.845.1
races so we'll make this one at last oh296.824.56
yeah so we're gonna try to compete in299.942.819
these which sounds301.383.42
it's gonna go exactly like I think it's302.7593.781
gonna go that was the first event yep304.83.679
the river jump306.544.92
the creek jump they've had your horse308.4795.621
doing the river Joe uh he's so far311.465.6
leading he's the first one to go314.15.0
congratulations here we go I love it319.14.54
what's the sign to say321.863.42
but here quite here for stragglers ah325.287.3
all the stragglers okay330.124.85
so are the straggles here339.325.26
once here it's ducky you can speak to me342.663.479
by the way I'm listening to the Discord344.585.36
yeah not the stream oh wow look at this346.1395.951
this is great349.948.7
look at this thing wow that looks359.223.86
it does look good but if you want to363.084.98
keep your floors dry365.464.98
ladies make your way all the way up to368.064.18
the top and to the center of the color370.444.5
seat to the top in the center name come372.244.1
on horse374.943.479
should have left the horse at the door376.344.98
right maybe378.4192.901
maybe it's the first one we're setting381.865.04
the tradition wow384.844.32
look at this386.96.28
is fantastic you can Dismount here great389.167.879
build fantastic build393.183.859
all right that was perfect I feel like399.1394.0
if I get off the horse I don't look as401.884.02
cool so I'm gonna do the whole night on403.1393.9
the horse you're gonna have to now405.93.48
they're gonna kill the horse and uh have407.0395.16
a feast okay horse meat409.385.22
is delicious all right horse thanks for412.1994.261
the ride uh414.65.659
I'm lost now I don't know what to do416.465.94
everybody tell me where to go what would420.2595.56
thieves do next yeah422.44.859
there was nowhere oh everybody's getting427.2594.861
together I see yeah okay hey we made it429.783.72
what's up man thank you so am I432.122.699
lightning of torture what are we doing433.53.84
yes well it's kind of like a torch yes434.8195.28
oh yeah I believe it's up the stairs437.345.96
follow her440.0993.201
yes put all of her uh points into oh the443.7594.621
torch has been lit already oh this is446.585.059
the torch yeah yeah448.387.02
turn it off and turn it back on okay451.6396.4
usually fixes it yeah cool455.45.88
um can use spark powder and a fire458.0395.701
what what461.284.84
the games begin463.742.6
take your hats off I mean cheers467.94.44
follow them fantastic the game I'm most475.084.5
looking forward to is the gigafight477.95.28
gigafight is that a mode no oh I just479.585.16
want to see everybody versus a giga you483.182.639
could be uh spawn one right in the484.743.06
middle right now485.8194.801
okay I am ready for my event487.83.239
I'll just wait do we have a player one492.725.22
copy ad over there coffee look if you495.05.94
turn turn to your left kneebs left more497.945.879
now look right there that does look like500.945.039
playing with coffee yet sure hey check503.8194.371
it out this Olympics has got sponsors505.9794.28
all right so you listening to Discord no510.2595.381
we can't be it's in your ear then I have513.33.739
no idea oh515.643.72
I was like am I relaying stuff for no517.0394.12
reason this thing's just always in my519.363.599
ear I'm just used to it being they said521.1593.361
you said you guys could read some522.9592.82
comments they're just suiting up getting524.523.02
ready for the game all right525.7795.521
oh man first off our top donor oh no527.546.46
it's not our no no God but it was for a531.35.219
minute for a long time you guys are534.04.8
amazing yeah crazy Angie girl came in536.5193.781
with a hundred dollars says hey guys538.84.14
it's been a while just wanna send my540.35.159
love and support thick I'm glad you're542.944.079
doing better cheers guys I feel545.4593.781
fantastic yeah you look fantastic you547.0194.981
look good thank you you look better yeah549.246.06
well except for the scar yeah yeah it's552.06.06
going down it's going down yeah no yeah555.33.96
let me see it turn your head yeah yeah558.064.38
yeah that's that's not exactly that's559.264.62
not even that bad enough like a much of562.443.3
a bump all right yeah563.883.54
yeah all right565.743.719
shadowcloud gave us five bucks says hey567.423.84
hey guys it's been too long I had a lot569.4593.181
happen to me recently but one major571.264.259
thing is I'm officially a voice actor572.645.759
hey my voice said a virtual pinball575.5195.581
company called zakara pinball check it578.3994.62
out on Steam when you can all right581.13.12
neat they want to see the scar the584.224.799
camera oh yeah we got the camera come on587.3993.12
come over here and get my light yeah589.0192.88
come over here on this side dick yeah590.5194.5
right we can show off six nasty ass591.8995.88
all right boom there we go595.0194.621
oh yeah oh597.7794.5
yep so there it is that's how it's599.644.5
looking yeah602.2793.901
yeah it looks real it looks great for604.143.84
what it is yeah is that gonna606.183.96
is that gonna heal up like that's gonna607.984.32
look like a line yeah I mean or but is610.143.6
your hair gonna come back around there612.33.42
or is it always going to be I have613.744.5
shaved head so yeah well I know but my615.724.86
hair would cover it up if yeah if I grew618.245.06
it out yeah okay620.582.72
you should get really long hair I should623.585.46
get it yeah well like in the back I was626.14.98
told something something leaves to the629.043.479
I saw the teleporter look I think it's632.5193.601
it's down there on the on the floor636.124.98
where the horses yeah and uh638.15.64
oh right there left right yep where641.15.04
they're jumping ah follow the jumps go643.745.599
get him teleporter teleporter yeah646.145.28
teleporter you ever think of growing a649.3395.861
skillet nope why not I like I love my651.426.18
shaved head I love it it feels like a655.25.28
skull it nope I wouldn't I wouldn't like657.65.4
it imagine all that party in the back no660.484.08
yeah it's weird they always associate663.03.36
mullets with rednecks but if you have a664.563.779
mullet good chance your neck isn't red666.365.88
that's true yeah how ironic yeah makes668.3395.761
you think it does make you think about672.243.24
um life universe existence all of that675.485.419
what is it a teleporter678.484.979
what's it the first event oh look at680.8994.18
that look at that outfit I'm not sure it683.4593.181
is nice and good looking what the [ __ ]685.0795.301
is what does that happen686.643.74
I'm not 100 what I'm looking at there690.445.92
Beauty don't judge oh here we go I'm not693.544.859
judging I'm just asking I've never seen696.364.14
anybody with cute little Frozen698.3993.361
why are they all froze they're probably700.53.839
teleporting somewhere701.765.06
have you never teleported704.3395.701
did we go did we talk about Simon and706.824.66
Dora why they're not here oh no we710.043.419
didn't Dora's got family in town he only711.484.02
gets to see him like once a year so he's713.4593.961
hanging out with the whole family and715.54.519
there's like an event going on down in731.724.179
Carolina Beach he was like I'd like to734.13.96
thank my family to this event okay I'm735.8994.56
gonna [ __ ] off hey on slider what's738.065.36
later what's up buddy740.4594.801
roll around oh it's the roll Rat Race745.263.72
first what747.484.2
we got a roll Rat Race oh [ __ ] that748.984.56
sounds fun as techyo would you like to751.683.96
speak to the stream about the first753.544.34
I can pop her in and we wait yeah are we760.384.56
ready do we want her to yeah yeah tell763.0793.781
you what all right she's going in Taylor764.943.48
says Tech yeah what's what's going on766.863.74
uh you seem to be can you hear a stream774.424.14
all right first event is the roll Rat779.824.019
Race so basically what we're going to be782.3993.601
doing as per this lovely sign over783.8395.641
behind this roll rat's ass is to roll786.04.92
down this hill789.484.14
at the very bottom of the hill is a ramp790.924.859
when you hit the ramp you want to hit793.624.26
spacebar and launch yourself as far as795.7794.921
you can whoever gets it the furthest is797.884.139
the winner800.73.36
so people can just go at their Leisure802.0194.141
until everyone's done and we'll pick a804.063.24
winner and then we'll move on to the806.163.56
next thing807.32.42
all right okay that sounds awesome thank809.765.3
you aztecia812.2792.781
I ended up the front sorry it's like a816.485.18
cutting line kind of dead yeah yeah818.74.86
I was trying to do I didn't know how to821.663.04
do the roll I never drip one of these823.562.94
dripping does everybody go to the same824.74.02
time no it sounded like I asked you said826.54.079
one at a time time and whoever gets the828.724.2
farthest dies the winner tell you what830.5794.38
I'll back up let people go in front of832.923.719
me all right834.9594.281
all right836.6392.601
oh so there go a few there they go848.664.84
you can't really see the jump over here852.02.579
should I try to fly I would yeah yeah854.5793.901
I'll tell you what hop out fly let's856.922.76
take a peek858.483.9
there we go I want to see this ramp859.684.44
so you go all the way down the hill and862.384.68
you hit the ramp boom and then I uh as864.124.56
ducky I said if you hit space bar when867.063.42
you hit the ramp that should take a look868.685.339
no people want you launching870.486.78
any more coming no874.0194.44
no it's a bunch yeah yeah here comes877.264.439
some more take a look hey878.4595.101
they didn't jump off someone didn't jump881.6993.481
off that's supposed to jump off yeah883.563.839
you're supposed to she said yep he hits885.183.54
baseball right at the end apparently it887.3992.341
sends you going888.723.299
yeah space bar doesn't take you off the889.743.659
still on the mount no but it may give893.3994.8
you speed or air gives you a little a895.445.12
little boost898.1992.361
do we have their names off Bluetooth901.685.159
all right so I guess everybody wherever904.763.699
they land they got to stay oh that was a906.8394.74
good one yeah who's that we'll never908.4596.201
know great job911.5793.081
okay this did not do good915.1995.681
so once I hit this car I stopped moving917.8397.12
oh we got a pile up all right we're920.885.699
gonna be mine like yeah do it just like924.9595.06
a bike race not too long ago926.5793.44
did someone steal your roll rack my roll930.1395.82
rack Out steal it932.825.759
oh you can get another one where's the935.9594.18
Roll Red yeah there's one right there938.5795.161
okay here we go we're doing this folks940.1395.401
we're gonna win this943.744.98
um it better be green945.546.32
oh that's okay yeah it's fine948.725.16
level it up951.865.38
yeah put it all in the junk air953.885.899
that thing out961.13.7
yeah she said if he hits basically right963.05.04
at the ramp he'll go flying964.85.58
okay it's not shutting me on it it's968.043.96
because it's buried in the ground can970.383.959
you have it follow you and uh get it out972.04.639
of the ground974.3392.3
he's embarrassed little cry of sickness978.9594.161
we're doing it on foot yeah you have to983.126.1
uh you've got 260 seconds985.744.26
so what we gotta do we gotta wait for992.823.36
that roll rad to get to get good to get994.383.3
well again yeah they could just give me996.183.779
another one right oh no997.683.44
you got his face999.9594.081
our Olympic Medics have come in are you1001.125.94
sure you're ready to do this one1004.045.64
we just woke up here we go we're gonna1007.064.3
put it all on speed yeah that's a good1009.684.5
idea crank it on speed stamina1011.365.099
no there's probably much speed right all1014.185.36
of it speeds come on1016.4593.081
here we go all right neebs make us proud1019.825.28
let's line it up line it up space bar at1022.4594.801
the last minute what they're saying is1025.13.66
we're on the rap battle I'm gonna blow1027.263.96
this I've never driven one of these oh1028.763.36
they're fancy that's why you're1031.224.099
competing in the Olympics yeah1032.123.199
I guess all right here we go and can I1043.96.84
steer it when I go yeah yeah1047.1793.561
that doesn't seem fair is that gold1063.285.21
medal it's a victory right1066.026.92
word from the judges look uh hacks I had1072.944.66
a lot of points in Spain I don't know if1075.9194.64
everyone's got the points1077.66.319
we've just been doping yeah1080.5595.681
they're gonna make me play for the1083.9194.361
Olympic Committee next year yep we're1086.243.299
getting words from the judges you have1088.284.04
you have the gold neebs congratulations1089.5396.421
hey our first gold medal nice that was1092.325.02
well leave the Royal Rat to die and1097.345.219
follow them to the next teleporter all1100.883.799
hey you're the real Champion here real1105.524.36
rat yep1108.024.019
next teleporter huh here we go do it1109.885.34
baby do it all right Bubbles and Sass I1112.0395.64
was about to say Bubbles and ass bubbles1115.223.66
in the size there was five bucks and1117.6793.12
says uh Came Upon a candidate for Friday1118.883.659
night called spaghett1120.7994.74
I it also has a sequel called spaghet Al1122.5394.801
Dente it's a horror game in the style of1125.5393.421
Five Nights at Freddy's and it seems1127.343.66
like it's just made for Simon you can1128.963.66
find it on Steam I've played that game1131.04.62
you have to slap the spaghetti hope the1132.624.62
ghost doesn't catch you doing it the1135.623.96
spaghetti oh wow I don't know why1137.243.72
thank you1139.584.2
that's a good name spaghetti1140.965.16
Zula and a Truck snuck in here with a1143.784.259
hundred dollars thank you guys says1146.124.679
kisses hope you like the games well so1148.0395.52
far we love it yeah since we gotta go1150.7994.581
metal yeah1153.5593.781
thank you tell me it's time for the1155.383.52
second one if you want to hop in there1157.344.199
into the Discord okay okay I'll tell you1158.95.34
yeah hold on give me one second let me1161.5393.901
take down the music because we want to1164.243.5
make sure we can hear as techie as well1165.444.979
all right Aztec here hit us with the1167.745.2
rules all right second event which1170.4194.321
you're already kind of spying this is a1172.945.22
triathlon so you're gonna be grabbing a1174.745.58
canoe you can get into canoes with other1178.164.56
people you are then going to follow the1180.324.26
banners keeping the banners on your left1182.724.199
as far as the eye can see if the banners1184.584.8
they're going to pick up your your canoe1186.9194.321
and then you're going to do the next leg1189.384.02
as a run and again just follow the1191.245.4
banners another short canoe then you1193.45.22
have the option of getting to the1196.644.5
Obelisk however you see fit you can1198.624.799
either get one of the Shadow cats or you1201.145.34
can run one or you can use the canoe you1203.4195.521
can choose but the whole end game is to1206.485.28
get to the Obelisk and then you'll be1208.946.3
the winner okay okay canoe around canoe1211.766.36
Shadow Cat Obelisk all right thank you1215.245.04
why don't you get in the front of the1220.283.36
line get in the front I feel it okay I1221.2995.281
already cheated last time okay you gotta1223.644.38
get no you're gonna get in a canoe with1226.582.76
somebody this looks like a real race1228.023.96
though people are waiting to start yeah1229.344.68
get warmed up stretch out a little bit1231.983.9
uh-huh all right how do we know when to1234.023.84
um I don't know is there gonna be I mean1237.863.12
there's already fireworks they're gonna1239.363.96
be more fireworks yeah I feel like there1240.984.38
should be a gun or something yeah like a1243.323.239
big boom1245.363.6
zoo I can shoot a gun how do you know1246.5594.261
which canoe is yours the fireworks are1248.965.459
the go apparently everyone go go go go1250.826.0
no one's going but everyone go it should1254.4194.801
be there that one go oh1256.824.859
there it go let's go1259.224.4
look at these cheeses1263.623.72
oh boy all right she said yeah keep all1268.845.14
the banners and everything else on the1271.827.02
left okay stop look at you okay because1273.987.38
it's time for go what's going on1278.845.1
why would it be stopped you should stop1281.363.84
in the thing1283.944.68
it's go it's gonna listen to anyone but1285.24.52
go go1288.622.939
fix messages okay we should have uh like1291.5595.48
a what are you doing1294.9195.76
we should have a uh shotgun right or1297.0394.561
new races yeah yeah for the canoe race1301.66.959
not too good1308.5595.261
the next Banner keep the banners on the1311.485.36
left is what they said right1313.823.02
what's going on whoa whoa that was a1317.364.5
real one there yeah that was a real1320.04.26
the music might be a little less oh you1325.5394.421
know what you're right you're right I1328.943.06
want to pull that back I had it cranked1329.965.719
up some for his Tech yeah sorry guys1332.03.679
this is peaceful this is nice right down1340.344.98
the river1343.523.48
hey fish man gave us five bucks says Hey1345.323.18
guys happy Thursday hope you're doing1347.02.76
well just wanted to say keep up the1348.52.94
great work you guys doing and never ever1349.764.44
give up cheers thank cheers thank you1351.444.739
fish man1354.24.08
Dave you need a beer how you doing so1356.1793.421
good at the moment all right rock and1358.282.399
is huntslider here tonight he is1360.6794.201
did you see the letter to Hunts letter1363.323.42
sent us uh that was and I heard about it1364.884.62
it's the best letter we've ever gotten1366.745.1
it was great thank you honestly for that1369.54.62
wonderful one yeah looks like Ada hops1371.846.14
here in the chat hello Ada hello1374.123.86
it's as fast you can go on that canoe1381.023.96
I'm pushing forward I'm holding [ __ ] I1383.2994.221
don't know what to do1384.982.54
this is a mighty canoe ride isn't it it1388.784.36
is like1391.643.24
this could have been shorter a bit1393.143.0
you're on the inside corner though1394.882.22
you're doing good I'll tell you1396.143.539
triathlons aren't supposed to be short1397.14.079
um listen when I watch the Olympics1399.6793.961
let's say it's uh let's say it's a track1401.1795.401
and field if it's longer than 400 let me1403.644.56
know when they get down to the last one1406.584.2
right you know 400. you'll watch the1408.25.52
Highlight Reel later yeah swimming1410.784.98
anything over1413.725.819
two laps uh let me know I'm gonna get1415.765.34
down to the last two laps I wish they1419.5394.26
had belly flopping as a sport hey in the1421.13.84
Olympics they don't but have you seen1423.7993.841
Aussie Manza oh yeah crazy dive review I1424.944.979
have it oh it's pretty great people just1427.645.22
go off however however they land that's1429.9194.921
that's it that's it okay let's go crazy1432.863.12
in here1434.842.76
see that sounds like yeah I would watch1435.983.48
that over like real diving like it's1437.63.36
supposed to be as straight as you1439.463.06
possibly can be how many flips can you1440.963.719
do how small a splash can you create1442.524.68
like [ __ ] that do crazy [ __ ] I want to1444.6794.261
see you land on your ass and to the1447.24.38
untrained eye like to me I can't tell1448.944.26
you if you did three flips and a Twist1451.584.74
or if you did two in a Twist yeah1453.24.08
there's a difference it's something yeah1456.323.599
something you have to be first in1457.285.639
people are saying wow long race but this1463.283.54
is just the first part of it yes right1465.024.34
yeah right1466.822.54
um I don't want to knock her yeah the1470.123.24
designer here but you know Revenue1471.9194.38
remedy's a thing uh I remember I1473.364.26
remember zonkey1476.2993.421
give us fifty dollars hey guys can't1477.624.38
stay the whole stream but we'll catch1479.724.62
the rest this weekend have some beers on1482.04.38
me and of course1484.344.38
they're good beers good beers Cheers1486.384.4
Anthony picked up some good beers I did1490.785.98
well some Surf City Sunrise City beers1493.75.16
they're an IPA it's a little a little1496.763.659
bitter they taste bitter but if that's1498.863.059
what you like I like a sour bitter but1500.4193.301
yeah IPA glitter it started going down1501.9195.041
easier after oh I think I've seen yeah I1503.724.5
think I see the Obelisk you're going for1506.964.4
me oh yeah okay1508.223.14
if you got the urge to pee1517.4196.041
now speaking of good beer I think he1521.4194.62
tried that uh coffee flavored Pat's Blue1523.464.92
Ribbon yet I haven't1526.0394.981
I'm actually dry for six weeks that's1528.383.5
I'm on week one1531.885.919
as soon as you're uh drinking again1534.745.46
let me know how it is yeah will do we1537.7993.781
should try it on the stream like you1540.25.359
were saying yeah yeah six pack of pizza1541.587.02
I've tried a coffee flavored beer before1545.5595.561
in Germany we had a breakfast beer it1548.64.98
was fantastic a stout yeah coffee Stout1551.125.039
yeah yeah it was like an oatmeal coffee1553.584.8
Stout those are some they go down like1556.1594.561
milkshakes God yeah yeah they sit in1558.384.26
your stomach like yeah you said that and1560.725.04
I got full yeah it was weird it goes1562.645.539
yeah easy and they're like 12 usually1565.766.6
for breakfast yeah yeah but once could1568.1796.1
be one of those days1572.364.439
yes September 14th1574.2795.341
is when I go on a vendor that's what you1576.7993.781
do there that's when you can start1579.622.76
drinking again huh yeah all right that1580.583.0
week's dark episode is gonna be a little1582.382.6
weird yeah1583.583.959
now what's a stout1584.984.48
it's a dark beer it's a dark beer yeah1587.5393.721
and I there's probably some1589.464.74
characteristics to it that make it a1591.265.58
stout yeah I think thick dark beer yeah1594.23.66
it's like I don't know if there's like1596.844.5
malt creamy in it or what creamy Rich1597.866.799
thick stuff1601.346.199
oh [ __ ]1604.6596.781
wait is someone riding the1607.5393.901
circle's eating something nice trailer1611.6795.38
see now that would have been a fun canoe1615.23.479
ride it's like a canoe rides through the1617.0594.801
swamp circles something like that's1618.6795.341
about to happen it's still on them oh1621.864.88
God yeah Guinness is fantastic but yeah1624.025.519
it's heavy yeah I can't do it it's yeah1626.744.9
get it straight from1629.5394.921
like the source is actually not that1631.645.16
dark like a Guinness whale yeah1634.465.45
don't tell them about the source Nestle1648.2793.701
will be there in a minute no that stock1650.484.76
is going to follow them all the way1651.983.26
oh [ __ ] are we coming up on shore yeah1656.265.019
now you got to take your you have to1658.765.22
take your canoe so you gotta pick it up1661.2794.5
yeah that's right there's a there's1663.983.96
another Canoe Race remember as techie is1665.7794.201
informing me this is the dangerous part1667.944.14
now do I pick up a canoe is that for1669.984.319
real I think once you get to the end of1672.084.5
this first Canoe Race you have to pick1674.2995.641
up the canoe and then you have to run to1676.585.099
another Canoe Race I believe or are1679.943.119
there they said you can take your canoe1681.6793.541
with you okay I forgot the order because1683.0595.881
it was such a long canoe ride yes I1685.225.52
forgot everything1688.944.32
okay boom so yeah you hop out look at it1690.745.1
probably holy1693.265.58
here we go1702.43.24
I'm gaining on you1707.124.52
or I'm not maybe I'm not1709.224.62
staying in a problem you got this neeb's1711.643.76
I believe in you1713.844.1
use your friends as bait neebs1715.45.24
professional advice from us techies1717.947.56
link shot me1726.524.68
things have gone to hell1731.23.599
do you canoe there or no uh I don't know1735.025.779
no no no you follow the flag1737.97.22
is that Circa bigger than usual1740.7994.321
new play is gonna be obvious right I1752.844.14
would hope so but uh okay yeah just1754.584.68
follow the Torches1756.983.84
this looks like yeah maybe it'll be a1759.263.18
sign of like this is this is canoe oh1760.824.26
that's a snake that's a snake how do I1762.444.92
throw the canoe down um well looks like1765.083.54
they're already there I'm just grabbing1767.363.059
one yeah1768.623.179
and then she says keep the banners on1770.4194.021
the left still okay yep well you got to1771.7993.661
catch up you gotta catch up with that1774.443.32
you doing great names nice I wonder what1779.03.36
place we're in1780.984.02
not first hard to say hard to say you1782.365.84
can make up for it in the second half1785.03.2
Jersey Pirates donated fifty dollars hey1794.487.46
man thanks uh what is this1797.124.82
Eaves up here you have the choice of1802.244.6
Shadow cat or running okay1804.24.68
our shadow cats fast I think that would1806.845.64
be I think you got a snake behind us1808.886.659
hear anyone uh yeah I'll take one thank1812.484.26
so yeah Jersey Pirates is doing a1816.743.539
scavenger hunt1818.723.6
one of the items on the scavenger hunt1820.2794.561
is someone with more than 100K social1822.325.52
media follows out there uh washing your1824.846.839
uh or hand washing your socks that seems1827.845.819
like a tough that's a tall order for a1831.6794.98
scavenger hunt in there yeah yeah1833.6595.341
are we getting on a kitty1836.6594.74
well good luck1839.04.799
I don't really know anybody with are1841.3994.5
they gonna have sickness1843.7997.141
I hope not we'll see okay1845.8995.041
all right1852.024.44
oh look at this thing he's crazy okay1853.646.36
right interesting things from Avatar uh1856.466.959
yeah okay follow the arrows right knees1860.06.179
maybe the opposite way okay for the1863.4195.181
yeah boy1868.724.839
level up how much level do I have oh1870.984.86
yeah yeah all at speed all in speed all1873.5595.22
in speed put in water as well1875.844.559
oh really1878.7794.041
whoa what the hell was that get all the1883.04.48
buttons names maybe one1885.866.6
okay uh oh and like C and stuff1887.488.1
she says they're really great in water1892.465.699
oh oh that didn't help that's no that1895.583.839
slowed you down yeah yeah there you go1898.1593.541
pick up speeds pick up the speed1899.4194.201
draw the water needs let's see let's see1901.74.28
how it goes1903.622.36
God damn I forgot I can't keep track of1907.2794.861
where I'm going Obelisk oh Obelisk I1910.14.679
can't even see you all right yeah it's1912.145.1
oh it's flying this thing really swims1914.7794.741
doesn't it yeah it does good Lord what1917.244.319
are what are these from Mike are they1919.525.34
from Genesis 2. they're the jump1921.5597.321
oh no these things are sweet yeah1924.867.26
all right we got eyes on the obelisk1928.884.919
thank you1932.124.559
Chad says yes yes too nice okay yeah I1933.7995.76
know I want one of these hell yeah could1936.6794.761
you imagine if I went on foot1939.5595.541
yeah you wouldn't be there1941.443.66
come on man are you are you in first1945.9194.5
place now look at this oh man you're1947.483.96
getting get out of here yeah you're1950.4194.201
getting real close here yep yep1951.444.92
let's see I don't know get back in the1954.622.36
you're not doing anything there you go1956.984.9
oh yeah oh neebs there's Randy1959.124.14
apparently just to the right of the1961.883.6
Obelisk is the Finish Line just to the1963.263.36
right of the Obelisk I thought they said1965.482.699
that she said1966.623.48
oh there's someone there oh I think I1968.1793.0
see it1970.13.78
and that's it that's it that's it oh1971.1796.321
come on [ __ ] you Randy1973.883.62
there's like six seven people here1979.5393.221
who won who was the first1982.764.68
oh man1985.2795.961
uh what nuts Jacksonville1987.443.8
yeah that was fun though and thank you1993.24.14
Jersey Pirates1995.484.439
absolutely good luck with your scavenger1997.343.78
hunt I'm not going to be watching your1999.9193.6
socks now you want to watch the socks no2001.125.399
we can help I'm busy it looks scary it2003.5195.941
was 50 bones and says Saturday is black2006.5194.741
Jay's birthday please help me kick off2009.463.3
his birthday weekend with a birthday2011.263.779
song thank you guys for bringing us2012.764.2
together and keeping laughter in our2015.0395.101
lives put black Jay on the board all2016.965.939
right you guys Laura two three four2020.144.68
happy birthday happy birthday happy2022.8993.721
birthday to your face happy birthday2024.824.579
happy birthday happy birthday2026.625.1
an Argent gifting sucks thank you2029.3993.821
apparently we're moving on to the next2031.724.199
objective the next event and as techyo2033.223.959
would like to remind you that this event2035.9192.521
was brought to you by the zoom call2037.1794.561
tomorrow night okay so come on buddy2038.446.56
Friday night Zoom Carl2041.743.26
8 P.M East call2050.566.68
all right tell you what2053.83.44
how you doing over there neebs good just2058.4193.48
checking everybody out God yeah look at2060.465.12
everybody this is a crowd2061.8993.681
looks like Magneto2065.6795.901
it is a Magneto helmet2068.443.14
we're moving on to aztecia's favorite2073.6193.401
in one moment2077.026.079
please hold okay hold it2079.4198.161
holding we're holding2083.0997.201
get everyone there I know this crowd2095.24.5
turn off that uh turn off the HUD news2098.144.08
yeah yeah just seeing everybody's name2099.74.26
look at some of these faces is it a frog2102.227.04
that's a bulldog frog frog clown a [ __ ]2103.9610.28
it's a great crowd2109.264.98
Your Baby 44 gave us a hundred bucks2114.75.52
super generous and says loads of hugs2117.764.319
and kisses for each you guys because you2120.224.74
are loved and thicks and thick the scar2122.0796.661
is called A Warrior's Mark okay I'll I2124.965.94
hope yep I'm gonna tell people that2128.743.72
what is that it's a It's A Warrior's2130.92.64
it's a scar but yeah but no it's not a2133.544.4
this is the mark of a warrior yep2137.944.84
uh do what do you all want to do the2141.283.299
next event2142.785.28
thick jump in baby all right fix fix2144.5795.941
gonna be driving this one right and2148.064.32
abstro it's time to join the Discord and2150.524.92
introduce the next event God damn it all2152.385.34
right give me a second team needs gaming2155.444.44
switching runners2157.726.02
this round it's relay2159.883.86
oh is this it's the dodo event oh it is2164.986.9
what is it dodo football2169.95.4
dodo football I have seen this one2171.886.479
all right Azteca uh the chat should be2175.34.92
able to hear you tell us uh tell us what2178.3594.561
this uh Madness is and I think you guys2180.225.28
gotta dig it so this is going to be dodo2182.924.56
ball so you guys can watch the first2185.55.28
round so thick no no rush okay but2187.484.98
basically it's 6v62190.783.54
uh the two teams know who they are2192.463.18
they're gonna get in and get ready very2194.322.22
and basically it's just football except2196.545.52
with dodos with a Dodo so the two teams2199.1194.801
are going to line up and they're going2202.063.72
to fight for the ball and try and get2203.924.08
into the end zone with the ball they're2205.783.72
also going to be Medics because you guys2208.04.38
are going to have uh clubs so you're2209.55.94
able to knock each other out on in on if2212.384.56
you're on the field2215.443.96
uh so the Medics are actually going to2216.944.02
be part of the team and they are going2219.43.66
to be running onto the field raising2220.963.72
people so that they can stay part of the2223.063.72
action so there's actually a lot of back2224.683.899
and forth with this ground with this2226.783.839
game it's lots of fun2228.5793.901
let me know if you have questions all2230.6193.96
right sounds good as Tech yeah thank you2232.483.84
so much am I supposed am I supposed to2234.5795.581
put on one of these uh dino outfits2236.325.519
you can but you're watching the first2240.162.58
um okay I'm watching the person kind of2242.744.82
learn how it plays2244.722.84
smack the hell out oh who's that with a2250.545.88
turkey leg Yeah2253.03.42
you could fly if you want she says2256.5995.161
Galaxy 19. thank you so much a good way2258.285.839
to watch2261.762.359
put that turkey leg away yep2265.24.44
is that what that was a giant turkey leg2270.823.779
look like it2272.324.44
all right so I guess the we're gonna2274.5994.26
watch we're gonna watch A Match before2276.764.28
we play okay2278.8594.141
dodo's in the middle and I guess just uh2283.04.2
get the dodo and run it to your team's2285.163.36
goal right that's it and is the goal is2288.526.24
there like a pin that they stay in2292.723.66
I think it's just getting the dodo to2294.763.859
that end so yeah this is an end zone2296.384.8
looks like yeah that's one end zone and2298.6194.841
I'm guessing they're gonna keep score2301.184.02
I reckon I'm sure we have reps2305.26.36
Jeffrey's score try to get a bird's eye2308.224.6
all right uh green versus purple that's2312.824.44
how the teams work mm-hmm2315.283.72
that's probably a yeah needs versus2317.264.44
thick thing I see your face down there2319.05.22
my face at the other end all right I saw2321.74.62
my face in there too oh yeah yeah you're2324.223.78
I'm the river right here what team are2326.324.44
you gonna be on dick2328.03.619
no no perfect purple team the old perp2331.6197.421
all right so we're waiting uh2336.946.48
did she say 6v6 6v6 6v6 okay so are we2339.045.46
waiting for that amount of players to2343.423.48
get on the board is it 6v6 or is it2344.56.3
three is it 3v3 or 6v6 I heard 66. I2346.95.4
that's what I thought I heard no one's2350.83.18
telling me anything I hear nothing right2352.33.72
now okay so they're they're prepping2353.984.08
they're doing some stuff okay hey Fred2356.024.319
Thor gave us five bucks says uh uh no2358.064.62
Dora make sure you tell him he's pretty2360.3394.801
and I love him okay I love you guys day2362.683.919
44 you're awesome2365.144.74
kisses back thank you put the Torah it's2366.5995.321
6v6 hold your horses she says all right2369.884.02
all right all right horses officially2371.925.4
held Nay it's all good2373.95.179
Dark Star2377.324.74
1408 gave us 25 bones and says hey guys2379.0794.361
haven't been able to make the last2382.063.48
couple of week streams is there a2383.443.3
that I have to complete yes you must oh2386.747.08
yes uh you must sing wingy dang dang ten2390.045.34
and if you get one word wrong you must2395.383.68
start again2397.245.22
shouldn't take you too long nope2399.065.86
and spill the blood of a chicken2402.464.379
chickens have no soul they sure don't2406.8394.5
you ever had chickens2411.3395.461
no not live once yeah2414.044.5
your mom2416.85.16
my mom had pigs she had pigs yeah before2418.546.36
you present for me when she was growing2421.965.159
up yeah did she like befriend them and2424.94.14
then have to eat them later yep2427.1197.281
good times my mom too has no soul2429.045.36
I couldn't do it uh yeah that'd be weird2434.563.96
I mean I'm sure it happens but yeah we2436.8393.181
named him Paco2438.523.78
all right tomorrow we're gonna kill Paco2440.024.14
and eat them yep we're having Paco salad2442.36.62
I guess Taco Tuesday2444.164.76
yeah that must have been interesting2451.5993.781
it's like oh we grew up with this pig we2453.0993.961
loved him he's delicious that's why you2455.383.06
don't name him I've heard you you're not2457.063.42
supposed to get attached yeah the ones2458.443.78
you're gonna eat yeah2460.483.599
pretty sure my great grandmother she she2462.224.74
had a pet a chicken Bill I'm pretty sure2464.0794.561
when Grandpa hit him with the tractor2466.964.44
she ate him yeah yeah your grandma would2468.644.14
have done that oh yeah she absolutely2471.43.86
would have she was a Savage2472.785.46
can you do that every week yeah you get2475.265.26
used to it I was like oh2478.244.619
this is normal all right one two three2480.524.02
we got five on one okay it's five and2482.8593.421
five right now so all right we're almost2484.544.22
at six2486.282.48
five no that was 66. that's when we2489.645.04
heard six and six of them she makes up2492.943.6
stuff sometimes you're not wrong Robert2494.683.72
May gave us five bucks says love these2496.543.84
Community streams cheers guys yeah we2498.43.84
love them too I mean uh yeah the people2500.384.8
that uh the crew that did this so damn2502.244.56
yeah it's awesome apparently I have the2506.84.559
go-ahead uh whenever we're ready we can2508.8393.961
start this match2511.3593.48
all right so I guess we're calling it2512.84.02
should I get like 50 yard line uh yeah2516.825.46
maybe yeah when she hits the cannon the2519.526.2
match will start okay2522.283.44
there's silence across I see 5v6 oh2526.36.74
there we go there we go there we go2530.565.039
baby oh2533.046.66
purple team taking it to the house2535.5994.101
it's all right that's one purple how do2540.665.56
they reset do they reset are they yeah2543.75.7
somebody's got the put the the dodo back2546.224.68
to the center there2549.43.959
okay so dodo goes back in this and they2550.94.32
line back up oh yeah and I see the lines2553.3593.181
there that they have to stand behind2555.224.34
Okay yeah okay this is great2556.546.44
and go down2559.567.96
oh someone's knocked out I I think they2562.987.3
may have gone down2567.524.559
to kill it right now it's a basketball2570.285.1
high scoring game yep yep I feel like uh2572.0795.881
hmm Medics are on the field we have at2575.386.0
least two yeah maybe two nope look at2577.964.74
that all right what are we playing to do2581.384.5
we know five six2582.75.659
uh we have not we have not heard2585.885.1
that's the five apparently missed out of2588.3594.121
five here we go purple get it hey2590.984.16
there's a purple on the wrong side2592.485.099
okay that's cheating so you get in there2595.144.959
a little closer yep yeah tighter yeah2597.5794.02
follow the ax a little bit I think it's2600.0992.821
funny to watch them carry the little2601.5993.74
all right on green yeah Green's got the2609.5794.921
ball Green's got the ball Green's going2612.73.74
in for the touchdown2614.54.859
that's one point for neeb's Green Team2616.445.98
oh right we got two on purple one on2619.3595.401
green total one right now Medics are2622.424.439
resin uh members of the green team right2624.765.52
now and one purple as well yep those2626.8595.281
Medics do a good job they got lots of2630.283.42
stemberries in their pockets they can2632.143.06
get out there they can get them awake2633.73.24
they're doing great yeah we like2635.24.919
cosmetics and tons of cocaine this uh2636.944.74
this football game is brought to you by2640.1196.72
cocaine oh yeah just for the taste of it2641.687.74
smells great I rub it on my kids gums2646.8395.0
every morning2649.425.78
it's ready for the day yeah2651.8397.061
you kids want to go to school [ __ ] yeah2655.25.56
I like the little Medics they picked up2658.93.0
that one green one and then they ran2660.763.319
two to two right now wow did you think2670.0794.181
in the beginning that there would be a2673.03.599
comeback of this magnitude already so I2674.264.38
was gonna be shut down we're gonna shut2676.5993.72
it down in the beginning2678.643.78
Green's coming back hard two and two2680.3194.861
it's a God game pull down2682.424.5
Medics are working on the purple I'm2685.184.98
sure any time now he'll be back up2686.925.34
I hate Simon Simon would love this what2690.165.22
could you uh he would yeah someone's2692.264.92
missing this could do names I want to2695.384.08
see who who gets the touchdown ah yeah2697.184.58
who's up to our players today2699.464.619
switch it nope all right yeah we got a2701.763.88
purple guy out there he's a little sick2704.0793.061
that's okay we're feeding him stem2705.643.719
berries Medics are doing that job doing2707.144.56
real good it looks like it's gonna take2709.3596.321
two Medics to get what once he stands2711.73.98
that was Lady V okay here we go I'm2717.3595.081
Gonna Keep the names on so we can and2720.8194.02
there's the cannon and we're off oh2722.447.56
that's a big pile Oh green green yeah2724.8395.161
out of Bethune cookman very nice my mom2738.188.08
grew up in Bethune yeah yeah2742.5995.401
is that in Spain2746.265.359
I have no idea no2748.03.619
on Sir Hammer oh my God sir Hammer gave2754.064.62
us 101 dollars says love y'all look2755.8594.861
forward to every video we appreciate2758.683.899
that every single one sir Hammer thank2760.724.32
you so much thank you you're going on2762.5793.961
the doodle thanks for supporting our2765.043.74
two Doodles we owed you one2771.8197.861
let's go I can't wait suspense is2775.985.619
killing me right now oh what what just2779.683.78
happened Dino offsides offside dinos2781.5993.901
they're bummer from The Ref is it half2783.464.379
time what's happening2785.54.14
no no the the crew put up they're2787.8393.661
discussing their play right I think we2789.643.3
are doing the halftime show here they2791.52.88
are changing upside so you need to get2792.943.24
in the center and dance like a sexy boy2794.383.84
what I've been told all right2798.225.46
and uh2801.1195.081
see oh there you go baby dance halftime2803.685.639
show brought to you by cocaine2806.24.86
uh are there ways to dance I've seen2811.065.279
yeah I think people have uh things2814.3593.72
unlocked that we know in the dancing2816.3393.961
Department I saw somebody shaking their2818.0796.02
butt the other day oh yeah2820.33.799
and uh and how about a cheer for the2825.887.64
teams go teams is that evil again2829.547.16
medieval again2833.523.18
and this is better than Prince2837.3393.681
not much of a budget this year for the2843.544.66
halftime show right we're going oh2845.925.419
Corona's hit us all2848.23.139
that's a lazy fly who needs something2852.224.44
from the break room like if you'd like2854.25.54
to play now okay right now thank you2856.666.54
you said you're good I'm good okay so2859.745.079
we're getting in we're actually gonna do2863.24.159
the match2864.8195.821
which team takes home the gold2867.3597.74
big 44 suiting up right now yep2870.644.459
what's that nope he did it again you're2878.386.06
right die all these games I know we were2880.785.76
playing uh we were playing rusters today2884.444.139
so our brains think tab access is2886.545.4
inventory yeah I'm cute2888.5795.481
look at these dinosaurs2891.944.8
strong safety2894.066.039
out of Los Angeles for the LA oh I gotta2896.746.06
put my my club grab a club there you go2900.0995.041
all right take 44 is you have to prove2902.84.019
himself this season but this may be his2905.143.9
opportunity well am I gonna be able to2906.8193.361
um you know what can you grab it with2911.384.38
the club out does he grab her does he2913.425.88
Club God mistress torture God thank you2915.767.38
whoa good Lord thank you we will get to2919.37.7
your comments shortly thank you so much2923.143.86
I gotta watch for the yeah the cannon we2927.5794.081
can't hear the cannon so we got to be2930.43.3
watching don't watch it you guys let me2931.664.02
know oh boy it goes off2933.75.899
okay we're looking all right2935.683.919
and let's see I don't think it tilt up a2939.8395.381
bit there you go look at the proportions2943.065.34
on that one green dinosaur yeah what the2945.225.099
hell what the hell's happening over2948.44.38
there it's a skinny boy2950.3195.221
still waiting for that Cannon yeah2952.784.68
all right ready we're keeping an eye on2955.543.84
that Cannon if you go off at any minute2957.463.359
that's that's part of the strategy of2959.383.66
this game no one knows and we don't have2960.8194.681
the full team in there yet still waiting2963.044.68
for the team yep okay2965.54.859
let's see one two I see four four on2967.723.72
that side we're waiting for six2970.3593.96
beautiful sky tonight here at uh2971.445.52
Tech Stadium yeah uh there's on the2974.3195.3
field very nice2976.962.659
come on two three four five all right we2982.1194.021
need uh one more member on the other2984.942.879
team and we got all five on oh there we2986.143.479
go that's the cannon yeah it's going off2987.8193.961
the kid has gone off is it 5v5 I don't2989.6194.281
so try mid is dead tried mid is dead on2994.84.96
the field it's okay2997.5993.361
um where is it2999.763.54
where is the dodo I believe it's on the3000.963.72
other end you're the first person you3003.33.059
can't see [ __ ] in this mode oh we gotta3004.684.28
touch that road3006.3592.601
boy Randy is really pulling away to this3012.3595.941
team yeah no kidding good job Randy okay3014.765.22
can you do it with the club out do that3018.33.72
double double f3022.023.54
right yeah that's how you throw it down3023.644.74
uh yeah you throw it down baby he picked3025.564.5
it up double lift whatever you do don't3028.383.719
do it do the thing that I said yeah3030.064.5
don't prepare at all until this next3032.0993.301
no no need to know if you can pick it up3035.44.439
if you're a true professional neebs you3037.983.96
don't need to test I understand3039.8394.321
all right just keep on that Cannon just3041.945.06
let me know let me know3044.162.84
Dominic gave us five bucks I love you3047.283.24
guys keep up the great work thick glad3048.8393.0
to pushing through the tuber thing I had3050.523.36
a similar issue not that aggressive as a3051.8393.78
tumor but still I know how rough it can3053.883.179
be so congrats3055.6193.96
on a side note after thank you3057.0595.961
oh hey we're um3059.5793.441
is that touchdown Green3067.883.82
or did they pick it up I don't3070.3192.76
understand what just happened did we get3071.73.619
it I'm taking it3073.0795.24
did they score okay3075.3196.78
to the other side can3078.3193.78
I feel like I had it3083.544.36
like how the center panels are your3086.3394.26
colors we practice it yep cheers Dominic3087.96.0
glad that glad that you're doing well as3090.5994.321
yeah I think has been talking about his3094.923.659
chemo and stuff somebody forgot their3098.5794.98
didn't have that nausea medicine last3101.644.699
last Monday3103.5592.78
so yeah got your quote in for people oh3109.264.64
let's go no no no no no no no no no no3120.33.559
no no3122.0994.441
before the ball has been3123.8596.181
got some stimulant3126.543.5
there you go3130.24.98
all right so wait who scored what's the3132.3194.78
score right now oh we got it I think3135.183.899
apparently everyone is unconscious on3137.0994.321
the field everyone is unconscious up the3139.0794.321
entire team's down the entire team's3141.423.78
battle we're man we're getting back in3143.42.88
the game we're getting back in the game3145.23.659
all right rough take once you go3146.284.14
clubbing this time3148.8592.881
actually I'm going to get another club3151.744.619
there you go double-handed there you go3154.026.5
now yes now you're stinking3156.3594.161
it's not expired I'm I'm doing this I'm3162.244.98
playing defense there you go this is my3165.722.94
position anyway stay back apparently3167.224.08
this here is the tie breaker for the3168.664.5
whole match this is the tie breaker for3171.33.72
the whole match we are tied3173.164.98
yeah I dare them we're tied at what tied3175.026.86
in the middle of something okay3178.143.74
regardless winner of this3183.1194.621
winner of this one is the winner there3185.8197.26
went to Cannon oh its own man3187.745.339
why wasn't it working boom3196.385.78
all right green team is the winner I3202.164.6
believe congratulations neebs3204.724.74
sore loser it's like you would like to3206.764.62
know why you're booing these uh I like3209.463.72
to boothick from time to time oh okay3211.383.08
has one so yeah a sore loser spinny3214.466.04
all right sorry sorry I'm sorry3223.8595.96
all right uh dodo dodo football's been3231.35.9
my favorite so far oh yeah babes oh [ __ ]3233.76.899
I might have I might be particular to3237.25.919
the roll rat jump I I did like the roll3240.5995.46
wrap jump I like to roll red jumps that3243.1195.641
was fun to watch I can't deny head back3246.0593.901
to the transporter when you're ready3248.763.54
head back to the transporter when we are3249.964.8
conscious awake yep3252.34.22
automaton gave us 25 and says well hello3256.525.38
fellow sexy humans hello our little3259.83.48
family has been watching and following3261.93.719
you all for years now big love for thick3263.284.62
we're behind you man also could you wish3265.6195.341
my eldest who turned 11 today a happy3267.94.919
birthday thanks for the good times3270.965.7
what's the eldest name Angry Angry Angry3272.8196.361
all right angry automaton if you're3279.184.139
still in the chat do you have a name3280.84.799
for this dumb kid of yours named the3283.3194.321
man I should have got rid of the boat I3287.643.419
would have been faster I'd bowed my3289.54.94
inventory dumb idiot yep pretty stupid3291.0595.461
rookie move I don't know how you made it3294.444.679
to the Olympics3296.522.599
damn it uh Holly3299.3394.26
is the name3301.5593.841
all right3303.5994.141
there you go there we go so this is uh3305.45.4
this is for Holly you ready yep two3307.745.099
three four happy birthday happy birthday3310.84.14
happy birthday to your face happy3312.8393.861
birthday happy birthday happy birthday3314.945.84
Holly happy birthday3316.74.08
oh there we go angry it's all the time3321.33.6
gave it another five bucks hey guys3323.3393.121
forgot to mention my daughter's name is3324.92.9
thank you thank you 11. thank you angry3327.87.36
automaton happy birthday Holly3331.386.14
what's up3335.162.36
so there's another event after this one3337.643.28
there are there's several more yeah this3340.925.1
is great I I it's been fun seeing what3343.3194.441
they're putting together here Nasty Nate3346.026.12
what's up buddy oh nasty nature we got a3347.765.819
nasty name I thought he wasn't coming to3352.143.0
the stream tonight must what are you3353.5793.901
doing here uh Hey guys if any of y'all3355.143.719
are looking for something to do this3357.483.9
Saturday V bag will be taking part in3358.8596.48
her very first public Art Market oh all3361.385.82
right that's awesome feedback showing3365.3393.48
off some of her abstract paintings3367.25.04
downtown at the Bottega from 4 to 8 P.M3368.8196.361
okay okay absolutely I've seen some of3372.245.599
the bags everywhere she's good yeah yeah3375.186.6
that's a downtown Wilmington at Bottega3377.8395.681
sorry Spanish3381.786.319
downtown Wilmington botega four to eight3383.524.579
that's great oh okay3388.165.5
wave farts3390.725.399
asekia is making Lala noises and I was3393.665.04
not sure what that means3396.1195.841
crab what's up3398.73.26
oh man so now what's this game gonna be3402.185.399
look at this yeah we'll need is tickier3404.646.78
all right to explain all right so uh is3407.5795.461
she ready to explode she's ready for you3411.424.58
to hop in yeah copy that copy that3413.046.36
and poop hey it's taking it tell us uh3416.05.859
tell us what's going on he3419.46.6
said this is the joust so again3421.8595.881
um vehicle whoever's going to be playing3426.04.5
you can just watch the first round uh3427.745.16
but essentially it's jousting so the3430.54.02
mounts are hidden at the moment they3432.94.08
will be presented very shortly and3434.524.079
everyone's going to line up on the two3436.983.78
sides and have a joust3438.5993.421
um I don't know if we're doing best of3440.763.839
two of three but we'll see how it goes3442.023.839
but it's gonna be this is gonna be3444.5992.52
pretty lengthy this is a lot of people3445.8593.24
to get to get through and it's only one3447.1193.96
whose one is sorry3449.0993.661
um everyone's lighting up now you can3451.0793.841
watch uh otherwise yeah everyone3452.764.74
hopefully will get a chance to play but3454.924.26
we will show you the mounts and the3457.54.98
jousting equipment in a hot minute all3459.186.84
right thank you aztecia yes nibs she did3462.485.04
say that's the three no she didn't mean3466.022.88
that though she said best of three and3467.523.059
Then followed it up with this may take a3468.95.1
while uh I think you you fall down3470.5795.221
you're out yeah well jousting it kind of3474.03.599
does feel there's no there's no need for3475.84.2
a mess that's the one you're making it3477.5995.281
sound like uh you know she's ending the3480.04.559
stream in like five minutes no best of3482.884.08
one how many jails do you want to see3484.5594.381
because it's elimination I'm guessing3486.964.2
all right yeah right maybe not though3488.944.98
and says if you die you're out okay give3491.163.959
me the new one there we go there you go3493.923.36
let's do a 26 let's do a full Marathon3495.1194.141
yeah sure yeah3499.264.68
how long the marathons take3501.725.18
too long okay3503.942.96
have you all seen this uh deck of what3508.54.92
they call them decathons or whatever no3511.023.96
what's that what's a deck it's like3513.423.0
track and field I'm probably saying it3514.983.18
wrong but it's like when people do I3516.423.78
guess I don't know they do triple jump3518.165.82
long jump whole Vault shot put javelin3520.26.24
okay it's like an overall score hurdles3523.985.7
all right decathlon does everything five3526.445.7
things so wait hold on wait I might see3529.684.919
am I seeing this right or the uh or our3532.144.26
mounts monkeys3534.5993.24
um of course some of them what else what3536.42.459
else would you God is this monkey3537.8393.541
jesting so happy much better than the3538.8593.72
horse down yeah no I thought this was3541.382.76
gonna be horses I was like oh no this is3542.5795.581
monkey jousting man I'm in 100 I am in3544.145.64
baby there's a blue monkey in trouble3548.163.72
your speed with the scroll wheel3549.784.019
that's right yeah3551.883.9
oh wait no with this thing right oh wait3553.7993.5
do you have to be in spectator maybe3555.784.079
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah3557.2997.56
yeah yeah oh I just talking oh yeah3559.8595.0
oh oh3566.185.619
who's out who's out3569.484.68
EJ what is that3571.7996.181
ej2u EJ to you you did good you did good3574.166.639
it went through are you a man it appears3577.986.119
that you're about to put it what never3580.7995.601
mind I don't know Greg3584.0996.48
yeah oh the the monkey was named are you3586.47.659
a man yeah so Ortiz is up our T's will3590.5794.76
be going against3594.0594.74
what is this3595.3396.46
oh okay false start false start back it3606.5994.321
up restart3609.245.64
oh no no no oh whoa what a strategy3610.927.56
didn't see that coming slow jousting wow3614.886.18
tedious monkey jousting3623.044.559
God damn it okay no it's fine all right3625.54.799
who's up next yeah your camera Works3627.5994.74
making me sick hey look I can't control3630.2993.961
the speed yeah he just gets maybe get in3632.3394.5
the middle or something sure well the it3634.264.02
might not end yeah you got that bird3636.8393.901
Twitchy thing no it's it might not3638.284.799
because look it ended right here I know3640.744.8
just a few ships says maybe it moves3643.0796.801
slower old shift told shift3645.544.34
have control well I was about to say3650.2994.721
maybe try a controller or controller but3652.264.799
also control if the controller is hooked3655.023.66
up controller hooked up there3657.0598.04
oh yes oh no man's off ah hey damn it3658.687.919
maybe just get over there about a die3665.0993.421
any bug and hang out what in the stands3666.5994.081
why don't you do it3668.524.62
I want you to be a part of it and then3670.684.8
you're making everybody nauseous and3673.144.979
nobody else I've got the damn controller3675.483.839
now yeah you're the only one with the3678.1193.901
medicine he's right3679.3195.3
that's true3682.022.599
Anthony go pick up some drama minutes oh3686.644.82
God here we go3688.927.02
there we go fix on camera I got it now I3691.467.0
got controller there you go much better3695.945.82
it's like that's you shot against Zula3698.464.56
hey y'all let's give us 15 bucks says3703.023.299
Hey lad it's my 30th birthday this month3704.73.54
because again a birthday song also3706.3193.601
please do a live event in the UK you3708.244.319
guys are legends man y'alls that would3709.924.919
be a dream two three four happy birthday3712.5594.381
happy birthday happy birthday to your3714.8394.201
face happy birthday happy birthday happy3716.944.5
birthday y'alls3719.044.94
have a great birthday y'all3721.446.44
have one damn indeed3723.983.9
I'm sure I see you have this uh music3728.043.779
hold up here yeah I'm wondering why it's3729.783.539
not playing I think it'd be perfect here3731.8193.54
we go it was weird you say that I was3733.3193.901
about to hit play3735.3593.541
I was gonna wait until fix later but3737.224.139
yeah what is going on3738.95.84
okay Dash oh here we go3741.3593.381
is it hard to run across are people3750.543.66
getting stuck in the fans yeah I feel3752.463.0
like I need no idea what's happening3754.24.94
sethia says they're very hard to control3755.463.68
maybe monkeys aren't as good as we3759.483.599
thought hey Kate hash took off quite a3760.923.899
photo she did3763.0794.141
here's that down there what's happening3764.8194.381
is that your medieval boy you should see3769.25.22
they haven't invented I caught the Black3772.143.62
it was just been horrendous you still3775.765.28
came to the event3778.745.339
I'll be fine what about everyone else3781.045.38
perhaps the government can't tell me to3784.0794.641
wear a mask3786.426.659
oh here it goes here goes3788.726.579
Yep they're squirrely can we do that3793.0794.461
I enjoy playing with the rats yes3807.8595.801
should I should I get on one now is that3811.5594.861
lives matter oh you just sit there and3813.665.88
look pretty black nightlife I'm supposed3816.425.04
to uh I'm supposed to be a part of this3819.543.86
though right3821.465.04
I wouldn't want to social commentary3823.45.8
show where yeah it's just all from a3826.55.66
medieval perspective3829.22.96
black night lives matter3833.0593.841
uh executive says get in there3837.55.859
all right I think is up baby getting in3840.55.14
there baby3843.3596.121
oh go3845.643.84
I need okay the monkeys take it other3850.985.46
side like he's taken oh apparently3854.283.42
there's a line so just get behind3856.443.899
whoever's about to go3857.74.32
just wait over here I think yeah there3860.3393.24
you go I don't wanna I don't want to3862.023.42
freak yeah it's thick but sitting in the3863.5794.701
stands right now we have 1 700 people3865.445.52
watching you make a damn fool out of3868.283.519
no pressure no no pressure no pressure3871.7993.721
no no pressure I need uh whatever you do3873.724.339
keep running around like a like a pigeon3875.526.059
I've got to find a goddamn uh thing3878.0595.881
wonder where he got the tumor yep3887.244.619
give me a lance3895.8197.141
someone deliver Lance3899.2995.991
he's done a lot of meds folks3902.964.42
oh boy Lance Armstrong let's do this3907.387.919
all right hold hold tight hold tight3912.2995.04
all right which side am I on am I3915.2993.06
supposed to be I think I'm supposed to3917.3393.661
leave what the hell was that don't worry3918.3595.581
about it okay fine medieval Medieval3921.04.44
Times not a Sci-Fi all right you know3923.943.119
how to use that thing thick3925.443.48
nope hold it down and like what oh3927.0593.361
you're not even looking straight is that3928.923.419
look I'm trying I know I get it I'm sure3930.423.96
this is this is I can't even go into3932.3394.561
like oh here we go3934.384.86
wait are we supposed to be going3936.95.28
nobody misses tell us as techie like but3939.244.44
we're supposed to go to type go in the3942.184.439
chat or just tell them to go y'all go3943.686.619
yep type go in the chat3946.6193.68
go go dude oh there it is go see it I3950.646.06
don't know what the hell the view is3954.245.099
fantastic slow and steady3956.76.599
low and steady yes did we win no no it's3959.3396.361
a Miss turn around turn around oh God3963.2994.981
turn around so slow oh there it is okay3965.75.28
there we go oh okay whatever you just3968.284.319
did do that see we needed a little3970.985.54
practice okay turn around3972.5993.921
it's a rock3981.56.4
[ __ ] [ __ ] oh my God3983.468.52
are you yeah here we go now you got it3987.97.8
there's no one to joust against but3991.987.559
Azteca is nourished on your anger thick3995.75.48
feed her3999.5393.421
it was4001.184.48
over there here we go4002.965.96
the crowd is confused4005.663.26
oh we gotta start back from okay4011.8595.141
show up and4014.683.939
it reminds me that Going the Distance4017.03.0
boom he's going the distance he's going4020.05.7
for speed he's all alone with a bag of4022.884.26
that's not the lyrics it's something4027.143.6
like that4028.646.199
here we go here we go oh that's it oh4030.746.78
thick I think he might have got him did4034.8395.28
you poke him4037.522.599
what's up we didn't spring me a beer4042.3394.141
how's that4044.784.7
what's that I'll go get a beer4046.485.76
would any of you winches like beers4049.485.8
thank you all right is it somebody4052.247.839
else's turn now uh yes I would say so4055.288.12
that's how Sports work4060.0793.321
okay make sure you give the lens back4064.886.36
okay oh [ __ ]4067.75.339
I'm gonna put it in the monkey he's4071.243.119
going to put it in the moment okay he4073.0393.181
said I'm too he always forgets to give4074.3594.141
his lands back quite4076.225.0
oh Lance is in the pepper monkey4078.54.98
all right now I'm back on the controller4081.223.399
I've got a little4083.483.42
it's a little whoa whoa whoa whoa he4084.6193.96
always forgets to put his lamps in the4086.94.28
purple monkey4088.5792.601
but he's still a fan favorite here4091.45.7
all right4095.1994.12
next up4097.16.239
uh Liam smelt and felther Liam smelten4099.3196.841
filter gave six bucks is uh I gotta try4103.3394.741
for the lotto I've gotten covered for4106.164.199
the third time and I have the freaking4108.085.34
moderna vaccine since June4110.3595.82
that's crazy yeah go gamble yeah4113.424.399
damn third time it's nuts4117.8194.621
were you saying we are done with this4125.6795.62
event what did I win I yep I won you're4127.6993.961
Dixie it is time to return to the portal4136.7795.02
in fact think you may want to play this4141.7994.141
event because the next one is a battle4143.8395.541
royale oh4145.943.44
the reality says4150.165.86
okay good job good job I like that Top4153.984.56
Hat hello gentlemen look at his top hat4156.025.1
hey thick do me a favor hit Escape4158.545.9
go to deactivate Gamepad oh my goodness4161.125.159
right there right there there you go4164.442.98
there you go yeah when you use the4166.2793.54
controller it does a thing makes yo with4167.424.62
the chat going way to go where did the4169.8193.86
chat go I don't know4172.043.779
but now4173.6794.361
you closed it it's on it's on a Google4175.8193.841
Chrome I think it's on the Chrome4178.044.279
there we go what does that sign say4188.664.26
make sure you have a parachute somebody4191.123.66
just took all the parachutes there's4192.924.56
more there's more look at it after we4194.784.98
need like top in you she is ready to4197.484.92
explain the next event all right here we4199.764.38
here from Aztec yes techie what you4204.145.46
gotta say hi friends hello so this event4206.425.7
obviously is especially for thick this4209.64.32
is the Battle Royale4212.124.44
so all of the contestants are going to4213.924.319
be getting a couple of parachutes and4216.562.82
then getting onto the back of the4218.2392.281
and just like in a battle royale the4220.525.639
quetzal will fly over the area that is4222.6796.0
going to be used for the game and you4226.1594.441
just need to drop in4228.6795.281
and loot the chest find yourself stuff4230.65.16
and then kill each other until one4233.964.14
person remains okay the Victor shall be4235.764.32
the Victor and we shall always are we4238.14.079
being dropped on to an island is there4240.084.44
an area that we can't move from oh4242.1795.581
you'll see it okay it is just around the4244.525.46
corner from where we are so you'll see4247.766.8
it all right thank you so much yes4249.984.58
okay all right you're not you're you're4254.6594.741
the Battle Royale expert amongst us yeah4257.35.58
you got to do good be our expert be our4259.45.7
expert uh origin 32 gave us five bucks4262.883.72
has already tweeted y'all earlier with4265.12.7
this but what are your thoughts on the4266.63.96
new screamer for the uh Alpha 20 uh4267.85.28
seven days looks great looks yeah you4270.564.5
guys haven't seen it it's on Twitter uh4273.085.22
Alpha 20 Seven Days to Die the new4275.065.58
screamer design gnarly I'm just gonna4278.34.56
keep updating that game forever and it's4280.643.539
gonna look great I'm fine with it like4282.863.18
from where it started to now already4284.1793.901
like some of the new zombie zombies look4286.043.72
for what that game is I that's I think4289.764.7
it's my favorite zombie game I really do4292.284.8
it's a Minecraft but with zombies and it4294.465.02
works well yeah it's uh I mean the4297.084.74
graphics aren't great uh they don't need4299.484.08
to be you get the job it's good4301.823.24
about to get that [ __ ] out of4303.563.06
the chat4305.064.58
that's not good4306.623.02
yeah okay4310.644.14
you can do it right yeah don't even call4313.43.12
attention to it gets a [ __ ]4314.783.72
being Pricks chirping noodle gave us4316.524.02
five bucks says you sound great thick4318.54.62
remember laughter is the best medicine I4320.545.159
left it all or I left at you all's4323.125.76
videos and I know it's helping me4325.6996.54
hey staying positive yeah so all you can4328.886.9
do brother yeah no and I feel great4332.2396.561
big you look good4335.783.02
oh actually worked out today did you oh4339.865.94
yeah can't tell yeah yeah no because uh4342.447.17
I'm kidding yeah you look great babe4345.86.66
what'd you do4352.465.58
um a lot of legs Double Dutch rope you4354.385.04
get the heavy ropes and you just shake4358.044.08
them nope a lot of legs I like the4359.426.259
scrubs a lot of squats squids yeah4362.127.02
where did you exercise uh I go to a gym4365.6796.761
called f45 yeah what is that [ __ ]4369.145.599
yeah it's this place you go4372.444.92
and uh yeah it's like it's a bit of a4374.7396.041
circuit huh okay yeah all right me and4377.365.46
uh my my daughter work out there my4380.785.459
oldest yep yeah not right she's quite4382.825.82
the athlete you guys need to make some4386.2394.201
sort of noise when you are ready to go4388.644.26
should be called at 44. okay I'm ready4390.446.299
to go so ready4392.93.839
I've been watching some Olympics nobody4397.064.24
here seems to care about the Olympics4399.82.82
but me4401.32.7
um no I've been watching I just don't4402.623.059
have cable really all right I'm not4404.02.76
gonna go out of my way to watch that4405.6793.861
[ __ ] here we go here we go the internet4406.765.7
on the internet okay listen to this Epic4409.544.659
Battle Royale music actually I watched4412.463.36
it on YouTube live this is the chili4414.1992.821
this is the chill part of the Battle4415.824.32
Royale Royale yeah so the Olympics this4417.027.62
year no no fans like normal no so like4420.146.72
no members of the audience uh jump off4424.644.44
the side thick apparently I mean there's4426.864.02
like there's some people out there but4429.086.38
the most like competitors and officials4430.887.02
so it's a lot quieter4435.464.36
it's a lot quieter okay you don't have4437.93.9
like oh4439.823.54
did you find out am I supposed to jump4441.84.859
now uh is that she has not said4443.364.74
um I mean that looks like a bunch of4446.6593.901
stuff down there and stuff yeah4448.13.96
is there anybody else whenever you're4450.564.88
ready now look behind you4452.063.38
and wait you're waiting night yeah4458.04.04
but you waited till like4464.986.239
oh no no4467.863.359
how do you think parachutes work in real4492.922.759
is this real life memes or are you4495.6794.441
insane you want to pull like 2 000 feet4498.024.02
or something you have the brain of a4500.124.079
[ __ ] monkey have you ever skydived4502.046.9
before no no I haven't well I have so it4504.1996.421
makes sense to me4508.943.54
this techia is wheezing4512.486.06
so what do we do now uh she's bringing4518.544.5
you in all right yeah does everybody go4521.124.16
back to the quetzal or how does this4523.045.48
oh [ __ ] here we go4525.285.379
get your stuff4528.524.179
oh is this a wait are you in the Battle4530.6593.141
this is the area oh and everything4533.84.48
everything's loading in you've got no4535.6994.921
armor I don't we gotta pick that up you4538.284.8
can pick it up yeah yeah4540.625.039
oh this looks like4543.084.52
is that a bird you can pick up oh man4545.6593.841
all the good stuff's picked through4547.64.0
already what's happening to you oh yeah4549.54.08
gassed somebody threw a gas grenade at4551.63.42
you get ready to respond I can tell4555.024.639
anything in the fridge4556.762.899
stuck in this room4560.34.68
yeah I don't know if that's a lot but4562.844.06
I'm fine but this game has destruction4564.983.3
what's going on what would you mess with4566.92.88
this [ __ ] for hey why not you can4568.283.379
recruit them get them to follow you yeah4569.784.86
you see the barn leaves that's a barn oh4571.6595.52
yeah I like barns4574.644.68
what is this4577.1793.761
I think that why wouldn't you go back to4579.322.94
your body and put your armor on I'm4580.942.94
going to you4582.263.78
my God there's some armor right here I4583.883.299
don't think what I'm saying is too crazy4586.043.659
right now memes I'm trying to focus you4587.1794.681
ran right by your body to go play with4589.6993.661
the Sheep you need to get gas in there4591.863.359
what'd you just put on your torso I4593.363.839
don't know right there4595.2193.841
yeah transfer all4597.1993.721
bam all right now you're backing out I4599.063.78
gotta I gotta find a hole to get into4600.925.66
844 Logan hey that's a good look at it4602.846.12
you might win just you just stay away4606.583.639
from the fight4608.963.48
hey mistress uh torturous by the way4610.2195.881
gave us 500 Chase and Satan says uh love4612.444.98
you guys so much thank you for never4616.13.139
failing to make me laugh stay awesome4617.425.22
also ask for you to be as kisses thank4619.2395.201
you thank you it is true I am the best4622.644.44
yeah but I don't I don't think I don't I4624.444.44
try not to rub it in these guys faces oh4627.083.72
we know we all know4628.885.66
whoa oh you've been trapped back up4630.86.0
God what's happening what are your faces4634.545.5
in the squat no this is not going well4636.85.399
who balance this game wait I don't know4640.044.46
what you think4642.1992.301
he's sure he's shorty he has an4644.65.48
advantage exactly again4646.947.58
you can't can't with your hand in a4654.524.6
cookie jar yeah go to the gulag yeah I4656.963.96
gotta I was trapped all right maybe4659.124.38
maybe spectate hmm fly around you4660.925.16
spectate yeah4663.54.92
done with your knees I'm done with you4666.084.22
back seat driver4668.423.9
the buildings are cool though there's a4670.34.0
lot of them from Warzone yeah yeah4672.325.72
there's yeah that's fine copied a bunch4674.33.74
this is the thing it's like4683.985.739
okay yeah Savannah got revenge how do4686.96.0
you know who wins I guess it's just a4689.7196.921
gentleman's it's an honor System okay4692.96.18
like the good old days of gaming with4696.643.94
the green light yeah4699.084.28
I don't know probably got deleted4700.585.34
uh pink Skittles I have not been given4703.364.06
for my prescription that'd be good4707.426.36
actually my my dad who had um he had4710.366.839
prostate or is it prostate cancer he'd4713.786.18
have estrogen because testosterone was4717.1997.02
like fueling his cancer oh wow Jesus so4719.966.42
if they if they prescribed me he would4724.2193.96
and he was like he didn't want to do it4726.385.24
he's like I don't want to get tits4728.1795.881
he's like no sir that's not how it works4731.624.079
you'll be fine it's just little hormones4735.6995.381
it's gonna help it's gonna help4738.326.419
Predator gave us five dollars is uh uh4741.085.46
didn't forget you neeves I think you're4744.7393.781
warm and comforting you make me feel at4746.546.42
ease I love you abstro uh you guys think4748.526.6
I have it bad for door you should see4752.964.5
some of the fans you have quite the4755.124.7
following love you4757.465.699
they follow you around oh boy look what4759.825.56
I'm doing over here I'm gonna wiggle my4763.1596.201
butt down thank you Mrs tortures4765.383.98
of that on my iPad at that video it was4769.944.86
sick so what's going on with the Sheep4773.542.76
over there like4774.83.5
look at that4778.484.86
did someone get a4781.44.64
something in a cryopod4783.345.94
that's great4786.043.24
it's a fun like yeah this could be a fun4791.33.66
concept for Battle Royale it's like a4793.284.14
like a little city but with dinosaurs4794.966.06
and [ __ ] in it for sure I like it a lot4797.428.04
Dino Royale make it sell it4801.027.4
give me ten percent4805.462.96
Harv's Corner gave us 50 bucks this is4808.584.2
five minutes here and it's already way4811.2193.5
more entertaining than the actual4812.785.419
love you guys4814.7193.48
leveling up I guess4818.783.12
look at that dancing Mega Theory4821.93.62
I don't know it's it's4826.346.56
gonna imagine the beat ah there we go4829.043.86
all right so how do we tell who wins4833.93.48
oh there oh there's a bear love you bud4839.1995.921
there's a bear this is just like how4842.93.9
Warzone ends up being a couple people in4845.123.24
vehicles and everyone else hiding in4846.83.56
see I guess the the downside with this4850.364.66
is there's no Circle closing in there's4853.14.38
no way to force people yeah to like all4855.024.74
right get out get towards the center4857.486.96
look at that angle oh it's cool4859.766.6
is there a battle going in here make it4864.443.36
oh is there a battle upstairs oh boy4867.85.96
trying to get in there4870.263.5
look out on the roof4876.382.96
oh oh he's back the show only oh wow4880.2194.861
okay they are trying to push everyone4883.764.439
towards the statue to wrap this up as a4885.085.24
circle closing in all right there you go4888.1996.181
smoke flamethrower wow somebody has a4890.327.0
flamethrower we know it's on fire4894.386.12
is that where that Smoke's coming from4897.326.26
that was a whip4900.53.08
well it's not the worst no I'm enjoying4905.7395.681
this there's a there's a wolf on fire4908.784.32
Boomerang is getting thrown4911.423.779
flamethrowers gas this is a wonderful4913.13.72
Battle Royale that's a video game yeah4915.1993.361
yeah look at that Smitty's still alive4916.825.18
that's who killed that's who killed me4918.563.44
it seems too sweaty for me guys oh4927.44.98
boy's down spinning man spinning it's4932.924.239
brutal in me4935.63.48
Kilimanjaro thank you4939.083.38
all right Wolf's down4942.823.899
killed by blazing quivering4946.884.16
it's ridiculous Sledge monkey gave us4953.985.14
five bucks 55 cents first of all the4957.084.56
Olympics are amazing uh second I'm happy4959.124.619
you're doing well thick third happy4961.644.74
birth month neebs thank you and lastly I4963.7394.261
thought I'd let you guys know my4966.383.359
apartment hunt came to an end today4968.04.38
sweet so happy nice North Carolina4969.7396.361
resident congrats welcome yeah we were4972.385.76
talking about you today at uh at supper4976.13.84
that's right we were like oh we found4978.143.059
that apartment I hope he's doing all4979.943.9
right yeah so I love it yeah three4981.1994.02
people left what's in hard to find an4983.843.78
apartment lately4985.2195.46
oh look at all this madness4987.625.24
damn someone throw a sheep at somebody4990.6795.04
what kind of Spears that guy's got oh4992.864.12
look I got a carrot on the end of that4995.7192.341
yeah maybe4998.065.42
it does I don't know5000.2193.261
Robert May gave us five bucks this5005.444.38
techie yeah rock star huge shout out to5007.364.08
you and everyone else who made these5009.824.02
wonderful Olympics possible cheers and5011.444.56
thank you oh this is awesome as Tokyo5013.844.379
did a fan no it's like everybody who was5016.04.199
involved in this did a fantastic job she5018.2193.621
says woo5020.1994.561
killed by svenes Finney is still in the5021.844.6
game spinning my all right I'm rooting5024.763.3
for spinia we never stood a chance did5026.444.2
we spending hacking5028.064.02
he might be hacking this is based off5030.646.019
Warzone Yes sounds a hackers5032.084.579
oh man memories killed by ej2u5041.1997.98
there's just animals in there now yeah5046.93.839
Otter's running around I think I just5049.1793.961
saw a Gallimimus run by5050.7396.44
this is fun yeah5053.144.039
oh bear trap bear trap oh got him5058.785.52
didn't get anybody yet oh once you're in5062.143.36
the bear trap just beat him to death5064.32.22
imagine they're gonna avoid that aren't5066.522.58
the bear trap are beating him to death5069.14.04
because they need to beat him to death5070.425.52
it's kind of the you know5073.144.42
you know what that's kind of the name of5075.943.0
the game real quick I'm seeing something5077.563.72
in the chat Amanda Potter says my5078.943.84
birthday is Tuesday you guys are my5081.283.959
number one YouTubers been watching the5082.785.28
Ford doralis and Associates Amanda5085.2394.98
Potter two three four happy birthday5088.064.139
happy birthday happy birthday to your5090.2193.541
place happy birthday happy birthday5092.1995.661
happy birthday Amanda partner5093.764.1
yeah that's when we were in black and5099.2394.0
white I know5101.7393.841
before three that's why we all work for5103.2395.221
the studio yeah5105.584.92
well they ripped us off out of the5108.463.3
uh it's very still up is there is there5111.768.3
no one left did spinny win any wind5114.2195.841
that might be it it's been getting that5120.943.9
getting that spare trap oh man no one5122.563.2
up there that's diesel with what I'm5134.765.88
going guys5139.2393.48
why don't you guys have this stuff in5140.643.82
the show I was about to say when the5142.7195.421
hell did a minigun into this game5144.463.68
all right that was fun so wait so is5149.7394.141
fitty the winner of that I think so I5151.843.42
mean it seemed like it seemed like he5153.882.7
should be the winner5155.263.18
then he killed thick and that's nice5156.584.02
probably the biggest challenge so yeah I5158.445.46
call him the winner good job spinny I5160.65.48
85. it was 50 bucks finally got a night5168.7194.601
off to check out the stream again love5171.43.779
and miss y'all cheers everyone in thick5173.324.08
keep kicking a I can't stop5175.1795.52
thank you stray okay strict nine okay5177.44.86
there you go5180.6995.361
yeah that's a jumble of words5182.263.8
strict knives sorry5187.385.44
yeah strict nine5190.1995.141
congratulations spinning sorry strict5192.823.6
nine this should probably be a space5195.344.14
there though right here you know I I can5196.425.819
see yep yep yeah cause you try to string5199.485.04
all that together well strict nine thank5202.2394.44
you thank you all right you are going on5204.525.46
the board for the doodle and uh5206.6796.841
also mistress torturous5209.985.1
we're going to put you on as a producer5213.523.06
yup names you gotta head to the5215.082.94
teleporter if you don't know where to go5216.584.32
follow the Nev's logos the needs that's5218.025.699
what I was told good luck where are the5220.95.0
names logos5223.7195.301
bless you5225.95.799
oh man that's snuck up on me I'm sorry I5229.024.96
apologize for my behavior I love the5231.6994.261
neeb's logo is pretty big yep I haven't5233.984.98
seen one yet I'm looking everywhere all5235.965.64
right apparently it's very large5238.964.38
give him a chance look hey we're gonna5241.63.42
check out some Doodles this one uh is5243.344.5
Mayor Dora needs to this doodle oh wow5245.024.74
thank you very good is this mayor door5247.843.24
is he going through a mouth hunting5249.763.959
portal I love the reflection in the5251.085.159
sword yeah that's fun thank you they5253.7194.621
said oh I mean as thank you said oh [ __ ]5256.2394.321
I mean thick I've been drinking I think5258.344.28
I meant to think logo5260.565.4
oh that was the other one and then yeah5262.624.9
this is another just dumb one here you5265.964.32
go hey look at you guys I like that5267.524.88
style looks like a Pixar movie5270.283.959
yeah I want to do something different5272.44.239
something wasn't a Blobby fat guy it's5274.2393.42
like something you would have seen in5276.6394.261
like uh Seoul or something yeah should5277.6595.341
be the intro to like a makeup tutorial5280.94.86
video or something like that welcome to5283.04.5
spiritual health and girls I see a green5285.764.32
light here5287.54.679
but she's gonna summon you she's tired5290.085.159
of you're not I don't see my stuff5292.1795.281
she says in the building she'll summon5295.2394.381
you neebs I don't care about that I5297.463.3
won't I'm just gonna summon you while5299.621.98
you're trying to get your things you5300.762.82
better hurry just take all take off5301.65.579
there you go summon snake something I'm5303.587.92
ready to be summon him sevens me5307.1797.701
I am ready for my massage5311.53.38
I'm ready for my massage Mr Weinstein5315.468.42
okay oh sorry Mr Cosby5318.6595.221
apparently it's a Ubisoft too oh my God5332.446.5
we already did this where did that5335.023.92
all right so what's next uh let me let5340.063.96
me know what Aztec he wants to tell us5342.343.54
what they got left behind neebs for some5344.025.4
reason she said Left Behind don't click5345.885.279
something witty gave us 10 bucks says5349.425.1
could help myself GoldenEye 2011 and5351.1594.58
one two one five one six one Nine's5355.7395.561
birthday or tomorrow and have been5359.443.54
trying to get a happy b day from you5361.34.379
guys go nine gains gold nine gains all5362.983.96
right can we go for the numbers two5365.6793.301
three four happy birthday happy birthday5366.943.96
happy birthday to your face happy5368.984.46
birthday happy birthday happy birthday5370.96.36
games one two one five six one nine5373.446.82
you got it two zero one one5377.264.68
it's a big old string of numbers there5380.266.62
at the end of it it's a code that's code5381.944.94
really good yeah he looks sad yeah just5387.046.659
like I'm it's like he's just sleepy it's5391.1796.141
Toby arm what's his name from uh5393.6995.761
OverWatch if I don't win these Olympic5397.325.08
Games they'll destroy my home at all5399.464.4
all right where are we at now oh my God5405.785.379
absolutely it's time to join the Discord5411.1594.801
once more and hear from okay okay tell5413.023.9
you what5415.963.239
let me hit a button here let me do this5416.923.84
no blade I didn't wear the Duck shirt5419.1994.261
bam all right Azteca Jones what the hell5420.764.68
is going on here time for the the5423.464.02
winners ceremony which is just going to5425.444.259
involve you standing on the podium but5427.485.64
first of all Let me give a really big5429.6995.581
thank you to5433.126.0
brick rabbit Funk ninja Zula atrox Kung5435.287.02
Fu kiddo Tater Diesel and all of the5439.124.98
people who are involved in the testing5442.33.899
over the last couple of months and the5444.13.059
because they have done an amazing job as5447.1598.661
you can see all of this by the community5450.15.72
rule I'm gonna pause for an Applause5456.2395.46
place will be EJ5471.07.92
congratulations EJ hey5474.544.38
in second place will be svenny for the5480.046.78
Battle Royale yeah that's all you had to5483.825.64
do to get second place huh and in number5486.825.64
one place it is no surprise to anyone5489.466.48
would be needs of needs gaming and if5492.464.88
everyone could stand up5495.945.1
yeah yeah they got the legitimate roll5497.346.339
rat jump very Square might have got the5501.044.8
row rat jumper what else we're spinning5503.6796.5
where you at that was standing5505.844.339
all right this looks fixed yeah5512.326.24
I think it's uh I think these Olympics5516.465.36
are rigged you know what I mean5518.563.26
what are the 2021 rigged Olympics5522.044.46
I was gonna win from the start5526.7395.621
that was awesome thank you guys so much5532.366.779
it was beautiful no guns on the Winner's5536.285.459
Podium please5539.1392.6
I love all the buildings yeah this was5563.285.98
fun beautiful nice thank you guys so5566.53.96
shout out to anybody who was involved in5570.463.6
even putting this together look at that5572.83.3
yeah look at this whole crowd everybody5574.064.679
there they are I love you guys that's5576.15.059
oh for the horse now now spawn the giga5581.1997.221
yeah oh no put the jacket on the arena5584.566.3
spam the giga5588.424.9
that should be the end of every uh5590.863.779
argument apparently there's an after5593.324.859
party she said okay yeah5594.6396.421
we're out the door I gotta say this uh5598.1794.621
use of those little whatever those are5601.064.8
spiral staircases no this the Olympic5602.86.24
rings oh that one very very nice yeah5605.865.58
the staircase as well they're cool too I5609.043.3
never thought of that go through that5611.443.299
Tech Door Tech door through the tech5612.344.5
door after the tech door is that a tech5614.7393.9
door that is but I think everybody went5616.843.42
through the other one behind you yes as5618.6393.121
techyo said you're moving on to the5620.263.419
after party this one if you'd like to5621.763.54
then if you'd like to do any of the5623.6794.5
events again we can5625.35.48
says it seem like am I the right place5628.1795.46
I saw people go through a tech door okay5630.785.32
I mean this is not the party they're5633.6393.721
just gonna summon you they've given up5636.12.52
hope this is the part of the Olympics5637.363.48
they don't show you okay am I in the5638.625.72
right place hello hello5640.846.299
I'm looking for the after party yeah I5644.344.42
won the gold medal you might know me I'm5647.1393.781
neebs yep yeah hello you know the guy5648.765.419
that rigged the thing yeah hello5650.923.259
teleporter Maybe yeah5657.967.779
party back here yes that is where you5661.7395.201
want to go names actually yes the5665.7392.281
okay maybe without the horse I have the5668.023.44
horse anymore5670.363.72
do you like having a horse no worse I5671.465.98
know but yeah you're yeah right well5674.086.36
you're not funny oh yeah you've been5677.445.46
there we go okay okay5682.94.02
what's what's going on oh is this uh is5689.566.96
this dodo basketball basketball hey5691.844.68
is there a hoop there that was a5705.544.78
three-pointer no no there's not no5707.6794.5
you're right yeah once you got it in you5710.324.68
are not getting your ball back nope5712.1794.621
all right here we go it starves up there5715.06.239
no you can't uh5716.86.18
nope FF5721.2394.98
oh yeah I told you yeah I would get too5722.985.46
far to throw a Dodo slammed up here we5726.2193.661
got to get a good amount of speed before5729.883.96
you throw a dildo5731.923.96
thank you5733.846.859
Bam off the rim nothing but Ram5735.884.819
s Nate Fair gave us 50 bucks says Hey5745.1793.96
guys been a few weeks watching with the5747.13.9
love of my life loving the stream thanks5749.1393.961
for all the laughs pulling for you thick5751.04.8
thank you thanks Steve saying5753.15.52
there's a bar to need we want a drink a5755.84.98
bar oh here we are the Salty The Salty5758.625.84
rabbit the Celtic rabbit it's a cool bar5760.786.72
yeah go get you go get you some meat go5764.465.14
talk to that naked lady over there hey5767.55.88
you look easy yeah5769.66.18
I don't even have to do the pants5773.385.12
class what class5778.64.98
here we go there's a beer5781.124.079
should have let the bartender serve you5783.583.18
you just went back there and did your5785.1993.721
thing that's rude isn't it yeah hey5786.765.7
Jesus Christ yeah5788.923.54
two people oh my God pants off neebs5797.624.4
I think you've had a little too much5802.624.3
sauce here you go yeah there you go5804.464.199
looking good looking good get out of5806.923.96
here partying with a Dodo sorry what was5808.6594.641
the first part5810.882.42
oh there is special food and drink5819.045.46
that's been made oh around somewhere we5821.265.459
just had a beer but where yeah5824.54.739
oh in the fridge look in fridge there's5826.7194.881
a fridge5829.2392.361
we got we got drinks you got purple Solo5837.965.62
cups I'm gonna get all this [ __ ] what5841.125.64
the hell potatoes look at those names5843.585.0
look at those names5846.765.16
fancy soup oh my gosh okay what's in5848.586.42
purple drinks5851.923.08
I can't eat it eat all 20 of them really5857.15.68
quickly what's in the5860.7395.041
what's in that one mellow yellow oh yeah5866.387.38
that's just honey giant bee sweet I'm5871.484.92
guessing the sandwiches Simon something5873.764.7
it's fantastic one two three four this5885.6396.421
is doors right yes okay we got that are5888.764.439
you gonna have you're gonna have one of5892.063.72
each huh we're doing a little taste test5893.1995.101
make a little cocktail we're still5895.785.04
buzzed here you know these bubbles are5898.35.54
your drunk effect I think so5900.826.3
oh what's that out there a barge5903.846.1
I don't know oh it's the fireworks oh5907.126.66
yeah a little fireworks part that's5909.945.04
I just want to go I want to see it in5914.983.48
the hot bar5917.1993.0
um let's see5918.463.54
of course we're gonna try some number5920.1996.241
six some uh thick stuff okay thanks for5922.06.84
your ale well that severed me up didn't5926.445.52
it yeah well no it looks like it made5928.846.26
you puke for 50 seconds5931.963.14
that's appropriate for how this I5936.2193.861
started off5938.325.66
let's try the needs uh whatever it is5940.086.46
veggie soup5943.984.9
all right delicious and that did5946.544.8
something that didn't do anything uh5948.884.08
maybe maybe give you a boost you have to5951.343.24
look at your steaks is this uh no that's5952.963.779
uh that happened when you drink thick5954.587.2
stuff yeah yeah okay try us but wait5956.7397.801
until that wears off and then try Simon5961.784.98
or uh abstra's sweet meat yeah eat my5964.544.26
sweet meat after you're done being dick5966.764.02
sick okay5968.85.24
thick sick yeah5970.783.26
there you go all right after a sweet5975.584.28
meat do it5978.283.6
I think it just gave you a bunch of food5979.864.0
you're welcome okay you're welcome you5981.883.839
got a full belly [ __ ] try a5983.864.819
salmon sandwich yeah5985.7192.96
nothing yep and now doors empty carbs uh5988.866.76
number nine Dora's yellow mellow Mellow5993.283.959
so mine was the only thing that uh did5998.324.74
anything huh you just couldn't handle it6000.844.02
made you think so6003.063.72
I've been told that this server is going6004.864.2
to be open for an extra week from this6006.784.859
point nice anybody shaking that ass yeah6009.064.139
if anybody wants to come on and check6011.6392.941
out the server they can get information6013.1993.781
in the neaves gaming Discord all right6014.584.099
let's either come in and hang out6016.985.04
experience the Olympic that is fantastic6018.6796.04
anybody else here uh a violent vomiter6022.025.82
like it's very loud and very have a very6024.7195.721
graceful vomiter yeah6027.846.26
I'm loud yeah6030.447.299
yeah my younger daughter was home yeah6034.15.579
and I'm just like6037.7394.94
that's true yeah it's like yeah Danny6043.6993.821
are you okay6046.624.019
it's like I'm dead lifting6047.527.8
so uh what now uh well as gifting more6050.6397.201
subs thank you oh thank you that's a6055.324.919
great shot that's awesome I love it flip6057.844.92
this Oh what now6060.2394.801
um well let's see we got GTA we got muck6062.764.14
maybe so much you want to do a round of6065.044.58
muck man I wouldn't turn around6066.95.04
also as Tucky said if you want to do any6069.624.18
more of the events or go back we totally6071.943.199
the one I really enjoyed was the uh dodo6075.1395.381
Football go to football absolutely but I6078.1794.321
don't know maybe yeah what does the chat6080.523.0
and Mark yeah6083.523.86
oh yeah Giga fight we didn't respond in6090.2393.061
the gig I spawn the gig at the bar go6091.863.72
spawn the Giga right there at the bar I6093.37.08
want to see a giga pop up right now [ __ ]6095.584.8
impulse gave us 15 bucks says wouldn't6106.524.0
the Olympics be more interested in every6108.7193.781
everyone competing was just randomly6110.525.76
chosen or on drugs yeah hallucinogenics6112.56.659
no or and if there were like mines6116.285.76
yes yeah yeah like on the track I think6119.1595.161
that's called Gypsy bingo6122.044.32
I'd watch the [ __ ] out of gypsy Bingo6124.324.14
and mine's in it man6126.363.66
that's what the Olympics needs is like6128.462.88
yeah we were talking about that at lunch6130.022.639
they need to go back to the old days it6131.343.54
needs real violence yeah yes I want to6132.6594.08
see people get ripped apart yeah this6134.883.54
whole thing is like oh shake hands6136.7393.42
friendly competition boring not against6138.423.779
their will go in there sign up somebody6140.1595.401
will do it exactly yeah like if you had6142.1995.281
the chance it's just even the you know6145.563.54
there was a slight possibility of seeing6147.483.719
someone die I would watch the Olympics6149.14.019
that's why people watch Nascar that's6151.1993.54
great yeah6153.1193.241
the only thing I think you might see6154.7392.701
someone have a heart attack you might6156.362.4
see a nice well I guess that's Winter6157.444.32
Olympics a good bobsled wreck yeah yeah6158.764.62
that would probably kill a few people or6161.764.379
wardrobe enough that'd be fun either way6163.384.62
I don't see a giga yet6166.1393.02
yeah yeah6168.04.32
I've not seen one giga is that what you6169.1594.841
decided on yeah good fight well they6172.323.24
were gonna spawn a gig right here in the6174.02.36
easy it does seem like most the chat6176.365.92
wants muck uh we can do some Muk I gotta6179.765.34
use this one real quick okay oh yeah I'm6182.286.54
sorry stand by for muck6185.15.34
but also stand by for Giga they're6188.822.819
working on it6190.443.299
oh okay yeah6191.6394.861
just type in spawn Giga level 300. oh6193.7396.141
there he is he's in the water6196.53.38
four giga6200.6596.601
team him watch out rabbit6203.523.74
oh boy6207.484.98
oh he's on ground he wants a drink hey6209.1596.621
can I come in here get a drink6212.463.32
all right well yeah that gig is Never6220.1993.96
Gonna figure out how to climb up there6222.485.699
no I was gonna say you could tame him6224.1596.361
and take him over just start chomping at6228.1795.04
everybody and kill everybody yeah6230.524.38
I just kind of want to float up here and6233.2193.9
watch yeah the Carnage yeah I'm gonna6234.94.62
say oh there we go oh my God we got6237.1193.721
another one he's at the bar he's gonna6239.525.54
fall oh no gig is allowed in this bar6240.844.22
two in the drink oh they fight each6245.2393.88
other one in the stink oh my God they're6247.385.819
falling it's raining gigas6249.1197.321
it's a giga feeding Pond ladies and6253.1994.161
25 cents you get a handful of pellets6257.365.14
and feed the gigas I was thinking more6259.984.98
like an armful of uh meat maybe a few6262.55.28
Pigs full of people yeah oh there's6264.964.92
another one6267.783.959
oh that one's up top that one looks6269.885.279
poised to do some damage yeah nope I6271.7395.281
think we've crashed the server did we6275.1593.241
did we crash it with a giggas with four6277.024.619
gigas we have crashed the stuff yes and6278.46.36
that's how you end the 2021 Arc Olympics6281.6394.321
same yes6284.764.68
making this possible6289.444.44
it's like it says thank you guys that6292.564.86
was so much fun together6293.883.54
that were good stuff how good was that6299.046.24
man we're the best so good and I can't6302.6993.96
believe we won6305.283.859
yeah one yeah what are the chances6306.6595.161
exactly that we would win on our stream6309.1396.04
yeah at least one game we won yeah and6311.826.799
you and it was you it was me you yeah6315.1796.241
what's your strategy I know you just put6318.6195.62
everything into speed okay and then uh6321.424.5
be the host of the Stream6324.2395.101
and cheese6329.342.66
what's up baby6332.34.54
my favorite Olympic event popularity6334.924.14
contest oh6336.844.02
craving fear all right ladies and6339.063.059
gentlemen look at me I am going to6340.862.759
change the color because I'm a streamer6342.1194.5
did you also change the game memes um6343.6196.801
I thought you were a streamer did I6346.6193.801
buttons here all right I'm gonna stick6351.544.5
it on easy this one so we can see how6353.2195.821
long we can lay it what that's blue I6356.044.56
think I mean it's like a teal blue it's6359.042.88
a little bit off it's not quite his6360.62.94
outfit though whatever compared to this6361.923.18
that's fine yeah6363.544.56
gets the job done all right guys we're6365.15.46
gonna play some mug uh I am going to6368.14.86
click this right here to reveal the6370.563.9
lobby ID6372.964.92
if you guys want to hop in and play Boom6374.466.0
hop in and play wow that's a that's it's6377.884.56
a meaty number yeah they don't they6380.464.38
don't [ __ ] around6382.444.259
I haven't watched the full video yet6384.843.6
with a guy that made this he was like a6386.6993.96
YouTuber yeah yeah and I started6388.443.96
watching the video on how I put this6390.6593.241
thing together it was wonderful6392.43.6
it's a great idea to just make your own6393.93.48
game and then just promote it in your6396.02.58
community hey you guys want to go play6397.383.239
this there you go yeah check this out6398.584.76
maybe I'll make a game6400.6196.0
you wouldn't you wouldn't include us huh6403.344.779
um no if you make a game here to call me6406.6194.02
I want in on that yeah yeah I thought we6408.1194.801
were neeb's gaming uh like the team I'll6410.6394.801
make it with Adobe game maker6412.924.98
is that a thing no no6415.443.6
not yet6417.93.9
you're getting Unity chickens with us6419.044.26
yeah chicken was here last time chickens6421.83.6
are good is it easy to make a game if6423.34.2
you follow a tutorial not a multiplayer6425.43.779
game but you could learn some Basics so6427.54.44
you've made a game I've made boxes slide6429.1794.381
around on a floor and like hit things6431.943.36
yeah that sounds fun doesn't it guys6433.565.52
yeah hey physics nope that sounds like6435.35.58
[ __ ]6439.085.88
Fox fully over box sliders6440.887.02
check in neeb's boxes there you go make6444.965.159
that Bobby collie what's up hey this6447.94.02
Central Crew uh did you read this6450.1195.821
comment I did not okay Central Crew says6451.926.54
wanted to say on last week's stream you6455.945.94
mentioned Missouri and Branson First you6458.466.36
said Missouri wrong LOL second no one6461.885.94
from Missouri goes to Branson just6464.825.28
imagine a Cracker Barrel theme park and6467.825.16
you have Branson sounds good I like it6470.16.9
anyways chicken and cheers I like them6472.986.06
for breakfast well that's kind of what6477.03.96
they're known for yeah yeah I went there6479.043.24
once and got some chicken it was just6480.962.82
like the most blandest thing I've had6482.283.54
but I get it it's you know get the6483.784.08
pancakes next time I like their biscuits6485.823.24
so I think that's why I like their6487.862.94
breakfast because you can get like some6489.063.659
sausage and eggs and then like cut them6490.83.3
out and take those biscuits that they6492.7192.94
give you and make little sliders yeah6494.14.019
breakfast delicious I think I'm just6495.6594.02
bitter from that one bad meal you're6498.1193.661
ready yeah we've eaten there before give6499.6793.421
them a second chance now do you all6501.783.12
remember when we went to yeah real quick6503.12.94
I don't know what's happening here6504.92.88
chicken's like not loading in chicken6506.043.24
come on chicken nibs are you about to6507.783.78
bring up when we drove like in the car6509.283.959
for like 10 hours and then you were like6511.563.3
let's go eat at a Cracker Barrel we're6513.2393.361
on vacation yeah real quick just give me6514.863.06
give me something else I'm gonna I'm6516.62.84
gonna get out of this6517.926.0
gentlemen stand by while we funkily fix6519.445.5
for you for the stream tonight yes I'm6524.944.92
talking about the time we drove to uh6527.15.579
Comic-Con New York oh never mind I6529.864.859
wasn't there you weren't nope this was6532.6794.5
Boston PAX East I'm thinking of it no6534.7194.561
wait did we drive there yes we did yeah6537.1793.721
Boston we went to a Cracker Barrel we6539.282.879
did maybe that's what I'm thinking about6540.92.819
we had all these options all these6542.1592.821
things that aren't around us where we6543.7192.701
normally live when we're on vacation and6544.983.56
you're like let's go to Cracker Barrel6546.425.88
it was a composer Alex there no so that6548.545.38
that no yeah that was New York is what6552.32.7
you're thinking you guys go to Cracker6553.923.12
Barrel every time you go up north yeah6555.05.1
why it's the best Northern food Cracker6557.044.8
did I do this right no you click on OBS6561.844.379
all right we're restarting for whatever6564.7193.541
reason chicken was not doing good I'm6566.2194.02
revealing this thingy yeah I feel like6568.263.24
it was New York because I feel like I6570.2393.121
feel like Alex was there6571.53.84
I went to a cracker Cracker Barrel there6573.363.54
we go remember we had to like I think we6575.343.24
had to cross the street to get there man6576.93.839
yeah Alex is not a good runner we6578.583.659
shouldn't be running you have a much6580.7393.96
better memory than I do we did eat at6582.2394.621
some sort of like Sizzler looking thing6584.6993.601
they had like three restaurants in one6586.863.839
remember that it was night time6588.36.18
these different stations nope okay I6590.6995.821
remember one town we stopped Dad we were6594.483.6
like we're gonna oh let's let's go to6596.522.82
this place we went in and it was very6598.082.94
remember that not surprising because6601.024.08
we're fine we're yeah we're fun but we6602.6993.54
uh we went into this restaurant it was6605.12.579
like a hole in the wall right it's off6606.2393.061
the side of the highway yeah and we're6607.6793.241
like all right let's see here we went in6609.33.18
and like it seemed like the wait staff6610.924.259
was very upset that we came in was it a6612.486.239
party it should have been yeah it was6615.1794.741
I forgot the name of the place because6618.7193.0
it was a random just oh look at this6619.922.94
place it might have been barbecue or6621.7193.241
something let's try it you know a local6622.864.319
place yeah oh yeah yeah yeah I think I6624.962.94
well I had lunch at a Zaxby's today and6627.95.219
the girl at the counter had an eye6631.324.52
contact problem6633.1192.721
like I feel like if you're a cashier you6635.883.54
should probably look at the people6637.53.96
they're doing the order yeah so I'm like6639.423.299
because I don't even know if she's6641.462.88
talking to me I'm kind of like she's6642.7193.48
like okay she's saying a number and I'm6644.343.42
like wait is that my number and then6646.1992.94
when she like handed my stuff she like6647.764.08
look behind her with him like6649.1394.441
like this what a fan do something like6651.843.96
this [ __ ]6653.583.9
you're just too busy to deal with thick6655.83.48
huh yeah no you just does that feel6657.483.42
weird it doesn't feel weird are you6659.284.02
better than him yeah it's kind of weird6660.93.96
you remember that time I told you I was6663.33.18
at I was at a Steak and Shake in Myrtle6664.863.96
Beach and the waitress was taking our6666.483.78
order but6668.824.44
but her tooth fell out on the table6670.264.859
right in your sweet tea just in her6673.263.66
mouth it fell out and she's like oh my6675.1194.02
God like a real tooth6676.923.779
my tooth fell out it might have been6679.1393.48
like a cap or something no I asked her I6680.6994.321
was like is that oh that's so bad is6682.6194.861
that uh is that like a fake tooth she6685.024.86
says no she said I'll be right back oh6687.485.94
that's okay don't come back that is so6689.885.58
bad no just just take care of you did6693.424.98
she come back uh yeah and what'd she say6695.465.94
no she came back and just I mean6704.6395.421
took our order6707.522.54
Ed that I guess I didn't want to say6710.2194.141
anything you know man I got so many6712.324.08
questions right now yeah no I don't does6714.364.2
this happen often I'm curious why did6716.43.54
your tooth fall out did you know this6718.564.44
was gonna happen yeah yeah look man I6719.944.38
didn't want to say anything my kids were6723.05.28
there uh and that makes me feel sick I6724.325.879
don't want to make anybody feel6728.284.2
uncomfortable yeah I think if one of my6730.1994.381
teeth fell out I'd probably say I need6732.484.56
someone to cover my table Yeah because I6734.584.32
need to go to a dentist you'd say all6737.043.48
that oh God help me I need to go to the6738.93.54
hospital I think I think because she6740.524.199
worked at a steak and shake that a6742.444.38
dentist was probably not6744.7196.48
in her uh I guess Future No price range6746.826.78
yeah that's true getting a tooth put6751.1994.44
back in like listen I've avoided the6753.63.72
doctor most of my life because of the6755.6394.261
prices yeah do you think you put it on6757.326.5
ice or just put it in a shake surprise6759.93.92
that's the thing though you lose a tooth6768.2393.0
you put it in milk from what I've seen6769.864.279
yeah yeah yeah6771.2392.9
some good [ __ ] found some good stuff now6776.282.76
listen the other day we played this we6777.782.879
weren't doing the black chest those are6779.043.36
collect all their things get the powers6782.44.5
that's what I've learned yeah6784.1394.441
get the powers you don't have one power6786.93.48
right now I'm sure man I know I'm trying6788.583.42
to collect just the basics all right I'm6790.383.359
gonna go uh I'm gonna go scouting that's6792.04.139
the map look at us all you know I'm6793.7393.601
gonna go down south I'm gonna go see6796.1393.0
what powers it down I'm heading to the6797.344.399
fridge who needs I can survive night6799.1396.06
I'm not worried about it thank you what6801.7395.681
do you want after what Lisa I'm not good6805.1993.96
right now baby thank you memes will you6807.425.34
talk to my mom she keeps texting me yeah6809.1595.941
go outside and call her Jake teller's6812.764.439
Thursday say hey in Spanish she's6815.14.76
driving me nuts6817.1992.661
I may not get it it's Mom her baby boy's6821.044.619
sick she wants to make sure her baby6824.283.899
boys I get it6825.6595.58
I'm not gonna knock your mama and second6828.1794.621
I don't want to tell her you said hi6831.2394.681
because then she'll get all started okay6832.87.399
when's she coming is she staying with me6835.924.279
and then she might even call did you6840.363.359
think your mom would let us take you6842.522.82
stay with her yeah she already offered6843.7193.42
well there there you go it's all your6845.344.02
stuff when she coming is she staying6847.1394.141
with me yeah she at least has to stay6849.365.339
one night all the basic questions we6851.284.74
tell stories about thick when he was6854.6992.601
let me address Bobby collie6857.37.24
for a not t object6860.347.68
am I reading that a naughty obviously6864.545.579
is that am I read this right6868.024.58
okay hey guys been a fan for oh that's a6873.1396.161
person a naughty object hey guys been a6877.084.68
fan for over 10 years and finally got my6879.34.68
wife on the wagon last year and I6881.764.5
promised her I'd get her a birthday6883.985.639
shout out from you guys on birthdays6886.266.0
our birthdays are this month so can we6889.6195.761
get a shout out to Mr and Miss naughty6892.267.979
Mr Mrs Mr and Mrs naughty two three four6895.386.779
happy birthday happy birthday happy6900.2393.781
birthday to your face happy birthday6902.1595.48
happy birthday happy birthday6904.023.619
cheers guys cheers6908.6995.52
oh you got some OJ yeah man that helps6910.945.38
my attack speed that's real good6914.2195.701
I'll take that you got stamina thank you6916.326.02
so much oh yeah I need to eat6919.925.1
I can get him6922.344.0
oh that doesn't that's right that's6925.023.56
all right the chat's already gonna have6929.425.62
a field day with that what it's like a6932.584.2
thing it's like an anime girl thing like6935.043.44
they're supposed to go6936.784.919
oh God no don't give them more don't6938.486.12
give them more no6941.6992.901
it's already losing it6955.444.98
you like tentacles with tentacles6960.428.84
all the hentai folks are here kiddo says6965.287.52
all right all right6969.263.54
that's the Japanese like sexy like Aura6973.49.76
that's what uh that's what the big head6983.6595.641
did she really say that no oh okay but6992.04.239
she did beat the [ __ ] out of my friend6994.864.92
Jason hell yeah with a stick it's like a6996.2395.641
he didn't break into her house no it was6999.784.439
uh no it was the it was Shanghai hell7001.885.12
spot in Elyria Ohio7004.2197.4
Shanghai hell Spa Health style all right7007.07.119
and that's that's where the you said7011.6194.241
Hill spots7014.1194.681
no that's for a lot of bad things went7015.865.48
on but like well naughty things went on7018.85.54
you're welcome everybody use these sound7027.524.02
clips for whatever7030.023.84
ringtones whatever yeah put them out7031.544.599
there my daughter's been really into uh7033.866.799
anime oh yeah the the younger one7036.1398.6
oh I mean oh really7040.6594.08
yeah she's I I tried to watch she was7045.86.299
like oh this is I don't even know the7049.6394.201
[ __ ] show but I was about probably7052.0994.56
tell you I don't know I don't know spiky7053.845.64
hair they're probably charging up yeah7056.6594.861
shooting at each other sure sure yeah7059.485.159
big bangs and lots of glitter yep pretty7061.527.76
much I think it's pronounced gritter7064.6394.641
sorry all right good time7069.44.38
oh oh hello mister oh hello there is7077.387.18
that a ghoul that is a ghoul get to get7081.324.56
the money did you get the money I got7084.563.539
the money yusha X says had lots of fun7085.884.62
tonight in the arc Olympics huge props7088.0994.441
to the build team and as techie for7090.54.26
putting it all together hoping do7092.544.26
something like this again7094.763.959
hope we did two years yeah no that was7096.84.319
fun I enjoyed every I'm gonna I'm gonna7098.7194.621
find out what anime she watches yeah7101.1195.281
everybody wants to know7103.345.339
are you gonna watch it again no are you7106.44.38
gonna watch that what if that Marvel7108.6794.681
what if animated I'll probably check it7110.784.2
out I'm gonna check one out I'm gonna7113.363.839
check one out too my first thought was7114.984.679
meh and I was like wow7117.1994.02
and then your second thought was a7119.6593.06
woo-woo no my second thought was7121.2195.541
probably not then I'm like wow7122.7194.041
I don't know about this what if stuff it7129.7394.081
feels like it doesn't mean anything it7132.1394.261
doesn't yeah yeah yeah it's just uh side7133.825.1
content like what if this happened I7136.44.5
guess it'd be cool but who gives a [ __ ]7138.924.08
really I like things that mean something7140.95.46
yeah my hero Academia is what she7143.04.38
oh and the promise7147.383.56
and Attack on Titans okay I've seen7151.1195.801
Attack on Titans or I tried to watch the7154.6993.96
first season there's a lot of crying in7156.923.96
that show I couldn't do it yeah okay so7158.6595.161
you yousha says uh my hero Academia is7160.885.1
great I couldn't get into it maybe it's7163.823.779
just me being7165.984.139
older now yeah I do like macadamia7167.5995.161
cookies macadamia cookies are great my7170.1195.401
hero and my hero my hero Macadamia my7172.764.56
hero Academia let's look at a good7175.523.06
enough show7177.323.72
generic anime get out of your weave it's7178.583.96
people fighting they punch each other7181.043.119
now Attack on Titan that's the thing7182.543.599
that we saw on digital Corridor yeah7184.1594.921
yeah that I love the idea of that world7186.1394.98
because it's like weird giant naked7189.083.96
dudes running around eating people yep7191.1194.441
it's a really cool world a great concept7193.045.159
for okay I'm in I'm hoping this yeah um7195.564.86
and the animation's good7198.1994.5
I had a hard time getting into it I need7200.423.84
to give it another chance7202.6993.661
just go just go in expecting a lot of7204.264.26
characters to just stop the action and7206.364.859
stop the narrative and just like three7208.524.26
minutes of standing on a character's7211.2193.48
face while they go why didn't my mom die7212.786.62
oh hold on crying like Jesus Christ7214.6997.201
I mean that's the save on the budget if7219.44.36
they all stand around and barely move7221.93.54
you know big action scenes coming up in7223.766.06
the next half right God I hope so7225.447.38
the crying dies back after a while says7229.825.16
ashwalla okay good well yeah you would7232.823.24
hope these characters would eventually7234.983.42
just grow a spine it's a cool world I've7236.063.659
never watched the world love the world7238.42.94
the revelations that happen in later7239.7194.681
Seasons you're like whoa okay okay the7241.344.819
best anime I think I've seen in the past7244.45.219
five years has been uh one punch man oh7246.1595.44
yeah yeah you guys get a chance watch7249.6194.141
one punch your favorite season one don't7251.5994.08
go to season two okay just season one7253.763.959
about over Rick and Morty you know7255.6793.121
you're saying that's two different7257.7193.541
categories yeah I think I think I would7258.84.26
watch Rick and Morty over one punch man7261.263.899
but I still really enjoyed one punch man7263.064.92
one punch man over uh what's the other7265.1594.741
one you just watched7267.983.6
the superhero guy7269.94.98
oh Invincible Invincible oh7271.585.7
um I don't know I did like Invincible7274.883.66
they're two different things one punch7277.285.459
is more comedy Invincible is more drama7278.546.599
I guess all right so starting to feel7282.7394.081
like when Napster says something doesn't7285.1392.641
mean much because he doesn't really7286.822.66
thought it through7287.784.919
I mean I'm I'm kind of focused mine is7289.485.739
good though it's a little focused right7292.6994.5
now I can go into detail later I could7295.2193.48
name four titles and he'll like them7297.1992.581
better than7298.6992.641
one punch man well you know the idea of7299.784.2
one punch man right I mean title he wins7301.344.14
right yeah and that's every fight so7303.984.44
it's a play on it's a play on all these7305.484.619
tropes of anime like oh I'm gonna fight7308.423.179
you in these Grand epic speeches and7310.0993.481
then just bang I like the concept I7311.5994.261
think I'll give it a try yeah7313.584.8
still on the fence about what if7315.864.259
there's a lot of movies coming out I7318.385.1
want to see very nice oh7320.1195.701
what's it called yesterday yeah you keep7323.483.96
bringing up green night I don't really7325.823.54
know I don't really know I just know I7327.443.6
like the actor but it seems like it7329.364.14
picks good movies and the trailer looked7331.045.46
interesting uh Top Gun Free guy um free7333.55.82
guy top gun's a good anime yep my7336.54.139
what else Tom Chan yeah oh yeah uh7340.6395.121
Marvel Xing7348.883.42
yeah wanna watch Doom Dude Looks Like a7356.54.84
really good movie they just keep7359.842.58
delaying it because they know it's gonna7361.342.94
be good and it finally comes out yep7362.423.54
there's a new Bond movie coming out at7364.284.56
some point yeah Gold Bond they shot that7365.966.08
like five years ago7368.843.2
bun I love it7373.6995.641
uh the Zaxby's I go to there's a bond7376.6394.98
villain I think that runs that place7379.343.98
it's in the corner7381.6193.781
he just sits in the corner with his7383.323.64
laptop I'm pretty sure he's the owner7385.44.199
his laptop and his cat yep and I bet7386.964.08
that's his daughter that doesn't look at7389.5994.5
you he probably like made her out of7391.047.079
robot parts and Cyborg bits7394.0996.54
that makes sense that tracks yeah yeah a7398.1196.5
lot like the black widow story all right7400.6393.98
spoilers okay7405.586.659
she's a robot so I'm here spoilers7407.784.459
chicken is that way7413.864.54
um anybody in the chassis tenant I tried7416.1793.661
to watch it I actually got through it7418.44.1
but took me a while7419.842.66
what it meant I really like Christmas7425.1995.02
you got a chicken leg out of a little7427.827.62
cow Joe loves it he loves it it was meh7430.2196.781
great movie7435.444.259
I would like to watch it only because I7437.04.44
like uh Christopher Nolan's a competent7439.6993.96
director like even even if the movies7441.444.44
fall flat uh narratively at least7443.6594.261
they're you know they're done well he's7445.883.42
got like a he's a more like Mark7447.923.239
Scorsese in that category I feel like7449.35.1
yeah no damn good director uh sometimes7451.1595.701
movies are just kind of like like fizzle7454.44.739
out yeah that was like Dunkirk it looks7456.865.779
pretty sure does nothing happens7459.1393.5
all right A lot of people like it what7462.7394.5
Dunkirk hey look at this out tenant oh7464.964.02
tenant you see the house uh the Crooked7467.2394.741
one yeah that's mystery Hill that's in7468.985.239
way to go build off of this house man I7474.2194.96
don't know it's like some Evil Dead [ __ ]7477.384.799
all right hey hey hey hey that's your7479.1794.5
hand I need more coal7482.1793.901
it's Corey Corey's in the house now they7483.6794.141
have a house like this folks if you7486.084.019
don't know uh in North Carolina called7487.824.5
mystery Hill it's up near Boone in the7490.0994.5
mountains and they built it like this I7492.324.2
think just for fun you go inside and it7494.5994.08
really throws your brain off I've seen7496.524.139
videos I think of people in that house7498.6793.841
yeah or something very similar to it7500.6594.5
yeah it's pretty cool7502.524.079
um because your brain thinks things are7505.1592.701
straight that aren't7506.5993.301
yeah and when you shoot the video if7507.863.839
you've turned your camera to the side so7509.93.299
it's all straight yeah then it looks7511.6993.0
really weird I was gonna say like Tom7513.1994.641
Cruise yep just like7514.6996.181
just like old Tom brain thinks he's7517.845.379
straight but he's not if you turn the7520.884.4
camera the right way7523.2194.38
matter of fact if you look at Tom from a7525.286.12
certain angle you can clearly see7527.5993.801
yeah what's with the dead body buried7534.763.82
what are you talking about the very7538.583.48
first image was a dead body buried in7540.084.019
the in the ground okay I'm just curious7542.064.98
they can't see that I know they're going7544.0995.52
to steal Foods hey thank you those are7547.044.139
nice boots7549.6193.12
that'll help me see that's a cool idea7551.1793.301
we need to show them these amazing7552.7394.261
things this is Mystery Hill this is in7554.484.619
um is this the Crooked room7559.0993.741
it's so weird wow that is immediately7562.846.42
throws you off7566.6592.601
I want to go to this place7570.0996.64
and hang out yeah it's pretty awesome7572.96.299
I mean I haven't been in a long time I7576.7395.0
need to get back7579.1992.54
that's really good this is so good yeah7587.085.519
oh wow it's a strong man yeah so they7592.5995.261
put the camera straight here that looks7595.6994.341
really throws you off doesn't it yeah at7609.84.919
least show that lady7613.0995.181
yeah see the lady coming7614.7196.361
here Mom that's pretty crazy isn't it7618.285.459
yeah and that's how they did like7624.1993.54
Inception yeah like that then build a7625.6994.141
big rotating room7627.7394.321
this is Redneck and stuff that's awesome7629.845.22
I'll show you I bet you ten dollars7644.027.06
it's a fortune God babe7647.6595.641
uh Zula and a Truck says hope you guys7651.084.74
enjoyed tonight we had a lot of fun yes7653.35.22
we're playing it with you guys kisses7655.824.74
you guys did a fabulous job that place7658.523.48
looked amazing7660.564.139
cheers zulane trucks thank you so much7662.06.06
dork chop Ash love you guys thanks for7664.6995.281
all the laughs would love to see you all7668.065.88
play purple party one stream it would be7669.986.48
a bloody fun time7673.944.259
from a party you know what did you guys7676.463.32
do a video on that I don't think we did7678.1993.361
we've looked at it though because it's7679.784.12
one of those games it's come up yeah7681.564.38
it's come up I think that could be a7683.94.799
good time like a Gang Beast or a7685.945.46
what's that other one oh what what is7688.6995.721
that thing it's a puppy7691.43.02
in our house there was a game with heads7695.843.899
like you could wear these weird heads7697.884.859
right was that Bumble party or7699.7395.48
let me look at that real quick7702.7395.581
oh what in the world7705.2195.201
somebody got like electric power already7708.326.299
wow wow nice that's cool7710.428.06
oh boy yep that's big guy7714.6193.861
all right I'm just gonna pull up uh7721.0993.901
people play in this their name is7723.083.0
is that uh just somebody I just pulled7726.084.86
them up randomly yeah pentagram or is7728.33.54
that what it's called is that a7730.944.699
pentagram witchcraft yep7731.843.799
yo witchgram eh look at that fun with7735.83.48
and like7739.282.899
yeah the graphics are pretty good aren't7742.583.119
yeah that looks all right doesn't it7745.6994.4
I need a pentagram in my house7752.1795.221
I feel like that's what it's been7754.5994.301
just right now next to like the live7758.95.16
laugh love yeah or for the now you know7760.766.12
what the gather sign in the kitchen yep7764.065.76
gather gather and then the pentagram7766.885.04
right yeah bring in some negative energy7769.825.52
yeah balance it all out7771.925.759
balance Dome is a happy home maybe a rug7775.345.0
maybe a doormat front door mat7777.6795.641
yeah that too oh yeah you keep the7780.345.14
Jehovah's off your porch how's bear7783.323.54
Bear's doing great yeah yeah okay I have7786.866.72
another dog too Indy Indy she's doing7790.284.62
good seems like Bear's your favorite7793.585.46
yeah is his Berry favorite oh yeah okay7794.97.199
but I love Indy too yeah but the bear7799.046.36
has a I have a special connection with7802.0994.441
I think my dog hurt his legs a while7806.546.059
back and I'm just like well my dog's7810.026.659
what 11 12. he's old and uh but he looks7812.5996.961
good and then um so we went ahead and7816.6795.04
said you know what he's too old to jump7819.565.22
in the in the car anymore up in the back7821.7195.041
would you get a ramp we built a ramp you7824.784.68
built a ramp yeah nice and nice like we7826.764.08
would have him like go in through the7829.463.259
back hatch and walk through the front7830.844.44
and then over like a period of a month7832.7194.781
or two he's just like he's just jumping7835.283.379
in the car again7837.53.179
he's like I think he just pulled7838.6593.641
something for a while okay we're like7840.6793.781
you're old use a ramp and he's like nah7842.33.98
I just need a minute7844.464.8
baby I got this yeah I want yeah I want7846.285.26
him to live a long time yeah like7849.265.12
another 40 years yeah7851.547.26
hopefully one can hope man my neighbor7854.386.88
um has a dog named foxy and she's a7858.84.08
little chocolate lab7861.264.56
and uh she looks like a zombie dog like7862.885.279
she's got like and she's four like no7865.826.54
she's see she's 16. and she's like got7868.1596.721
hair missing all this stuff blind is a7872.365.46
bat and uh yeah she is she's still going7874.885.04
yeah I mean [ __ ] yeah she's still7877.824.2
walking good for it but she she looks7879.925.52
like a zombie dog and I feel bad listen7882.026.659
my mom she she is a we're both animal7885.444.679
lovers but she takes it to the next7888.6792.821
level because she'll she'll just take it7890.1193.06
home she'll see something on the road7891.54.08
I'm like oh man that's so sad she'll7893.1795.341
take it home and then uh like recently7895.585.039
she's like look at my Facebook page7898.524.5
we're I'm watching this dog I found it I7900.6194.5
don't know who its owner is and this dog7903.023.42
was like what you're talking about yeah7905.1193.841
patches of hair sticking out cataracts7906.444.38
over the eyes tongues hanging out and7908.964.56
dried out and I'm like oh man I hope she7910.824.2
finds the owner I hope mom doesn't get7913.523.119
stuck with that dog7915.023.78
and she has it a couple weeks I'm like7916.6395.761
ah I'm stuck with this ugly dog yeah and7918.85.339
then she calls me she's like I found the7922.44.259
owner and I'm like oh great she's like7924.1396.5
man I I wanted to keep it7926.6597.44
she fell in love with it your mom's a7930.6395.08
sweetheart yeah she is such a big part7934.0993.721
of your spirit there7935.7194.44
she's still got her squirrel though7937.825.279
squirrel yeah really yeah she saved a7940.1594.741
squirrel in it she had it for a few7943.0992.941
months and now it lives in her tree7944.92.4
isn't it7946.045.24
it uses her for nuts but yeah7947.33.98
oh freyham's here hello what's up baby7954.7397.321
listen skid God man I gotta get her down7959.544.619
I haven't seen her in probably two and a7962.064.02
half three years I haven't seen her7964.1593.601
since she was on the stream I think oh7966.084.68
because yeah why didn't you just go no7967.764.379
I'm supposed to visit her later this7970.762.18
because I was supposed to see her7972.945.32
um at like7977.063.96
Christmas or something no didn't we have7978.264.68
dinner with her like when she was when7981.024.079
she was here yeah yeah so then covert7982.943.239
here and I didn't want to see her7985.0993.06
because I didn't want to7986.1795.281
infect my mom that's understandable and7988.1595.101
then but now things have been fine and7991.463.659
she's been busy and I've been busy she7993.264.379
she cleans uh cabins for a living so7995.1194.98
it's got like to be her busy season7997.6393.841
it's been way too long we talk every8000.0993.06
week we'll be with her she's resorted to8001.483.54
squirrels but yeah I'd like to get her8003.1593.361
back down here skip God and get her on8005.023.78
the stream yeah another mommy stream8006.525.3
that needs to see her8008.83.02
we should do an all-mom stream as many8012.6395.221
moms even get get all of our moms that'd8014.84.5
be really weird that would be super8017.863.54
I feel like after well I don't know8021.44.02
I think's mom would definitely be the8024.1592.221
I don't know my mom might be able to to8026.384.819
join your mom's energy8028.2392.96
I don't want that at all I'm not sure8032.6394.661
what abstra's Mom would do8035.023.9
oh with enough wine should be fine8037.33.06
because your mom's really social yeah we8038.923.42
gotta get them super social but reserved8040.363.779
what's that look at that thing as well8042.343.839
oh yeah do you have any powers frog8044.1396.06
monster have a pickaxe yeah yeah nice8046.1797.101
nice oh another one8050.1993.081
we should make it a special on the8058.443.82
channel like Mom's gaming Mother's Day8060.464.38
it would be fun8064.845.839
oh this is a boss8067.543.139
got a good team going on here8074.883.94
everybody's helping each other out we're8077.0794.321
kicking ass is that a steel sword it is8078.825.22
you know grade that8081.45.819
I do now what's after Steel8084.045.94
Obama I think it's mithril but I could8087.2194.02
be wrong it's either mithril or8089.982.759
I can't believe they put that in the8092.7393.241
game it's so stupid8094.2393.96
that's not a real medal right Obama8095.983.96
night that's not a real thing I've never8098.1995.181
heard of it oh yeah it is8099.943.44
all right8107.6196.321
so mithril and we all decided mithril8109.364.58
thank you8114.843.18
but I've made a chest here with food in8120.485.32
it so people need food that's where you8122.6795.101
go to get the food it's teamwork right8125.84.379
there man get your fiber man oh man oh8127.783.24
what are we doing here man you cooking8131.024.8
soup in the cook cook damn soup in the8133.35.54
wait that wasn't cauldron God damn it8135.824.799
through yeah look they're already8138.843.759
cooking me through there you go I'm8140.6192.881
yeah you know what what day is it it's8143.54.679
four four how do you get the good8145.784.14
weapons do you have to challenge you8148.1793.301
have to go to the statues and challenge8149.923.56
a boss8151.484.38
I'm not sure probably get something good8153.484.239
out of that because there's weapons that8155.864.08
we haven't got to like a shadow sword or8157.7193.0
Cronk hammer or something Cronk Hammer8160.7195.701
maybe you ever had a crunk Hammer no who8163.7195.161
hasn't had a Cronkite8166.425.06
so weird8168.882.6
those those names might not be right the8171.525.159
hammer that grunk uses that's what8174.883.42
you're saying growth already sounds8176.6794.741
better than what I said yeah uh bolts8178.35.52
have you guys tried no man's sky or Star8181.423.6
uh I've tried both yeah recently I've8185.025.04
tried Star Citizen or I mean no man's8187.965.58
sky and just uh yeah I don't think that8190.064.86
would work out for us8193.543.66
and uh same with star citizens still8194.924.679
pretty empty8197.24.8
one day it'll be done I like the idea of8199.5997.321
it but what's up JJ he wasn't overrated8202.07.859
crop Forge it's not done yet basically I8206.923.96
feel like that's a game that's gonna8209.8593.181
take off in a few years8210.883.839
bless you8213.044.559
thank you Fishman 27 hey guys here is a8214.7194.26
horror game I found on YouTube wonder if8217.5993.721
you guys might look into it I don't know8218.9794.561
much about it but here's a trailer of it8221.326.98
okay let me click on this for bars8223.544.76
I had to see I'm thinking little girl8228.75.899
nosebleed games hey little girl8232.264.24
horrifying little girl named Benson8234.5995.561
there's a spooky bedroom Maybe that's a8236.57.019
bed with no mattress oh he looks like a8240.167.819
shitty house Bobby Kelly uh marriage8243.5194.46
the same picture the same little girl8248.8594.561
who's gonna haunt us who would do that8251.5594.261
that's weird and scary what's in the box8253.425.4
you don't see a lot of objects in this8262.783.0
game I don't see any gameplay a lot of8264.284.199
objects just in rooms okay8265.784.14
that's the name of the game actually oh8268.4793.0
there we go objects and rooms okay8269.923.66
there's all the oh yeah that looks8271.4793.24
pretty cool8273.583.779
let's just say amnesia I like the8274.7195.64
animation it's very Wiggly yeah it's8277.3597.681
typical immersive medicine medicine8280.3597.58
Square Garden8285.042.899
Madison in the trash bags8288.2195.0
calling it now8290.322.899
see her looks cool okay oh you're8297.125.439
wondering if it has like a8300.73.18
something at the end of it after credit8302.5594.101
Stinger Maybe8303.882.78
let's see8307.1794.401
oh my God what8308.323.26
um yeah I have to know more about that8313.4793.42
say yeah8315.2194.441
oh oh oh there might be something it8316.8993.78
might be8319.663.3
just so impatient okay like a little8320.6794.141
squirrel I really look I'm not a big8322.964.439
heart Tom likes squirrels oh it reminds8324.823.25
me of my boy8327.3994.74
you're running a kitchen just looking at8332.1394.26
that oh where's Madison where is she she8333.6396.08
shake the nut can I come running8336.3993.32
oh oh that was Madison8343.5994.981
um okay8345.886.719
big sand now there is an evil 8 it's8348.586.2
man I used to like horror movies when I8357.665.279
was younger yeah which one did you like8359.9796.12
Nightmare on Elm Street that old series8362.9396.821
Friday the 13th Halloween Classics yeah8366.0996.0
I never liked any of them the closest8369.763.719
thing to a horror movie I liked was8372.0994.8
Sixth Sense okay8373.4795.341
and that wasn't very horror movie-ish8376.8993.96
not really it had horror elements but8378.825.1
yeah yeah it's not like a slasher film I8380.8596.12
like a creepy movie but not just that8383.925.04
slasher it looks psychological at this8386.9794.021
point like it has to get to a deeper8388.964.439
Point like the babadook you ever see8391.05.34
that no no that was more about like this8393.3995.58
mom dealing as a single mother with her8396.344.98
son and it was like is there a crazy8398.9794.38
demon haunting her or is it her mental8401.323.539
state breaking down and she deals with8403.3593.12
her son it sounds like a movie I would8404.8592.761
not want to sit there it's one of the8406.4792.401
not just Jason's gonna stab you8408.885.34
I did watch I was telling y'all earlier8412.543.54
about the uh was it behind the movies8414.224.679
the movies that what was it oh yeah the8416.084.62
movies that made us movies that made us8418.8993.061
it's all the Back to the Future one8420.73.9
where they said Eric Stoltz was uh8421.964.8
Marty McFly Marty McFly for the first8424.64.44
five weeks of shooting yeah yeah that8426.763.599
footage is weird when you see it too8429.043.96
weird yeah8430.3594.981
then they had to bring in Michael J Fox8433.05.18
like in evenings or at night yeah8435.345.099
he would sleep in a van on the way to8438.184.42
the foot to just have enough energy to8440.4395.101
do it yeah I'm sure that was cocaine8442.64.92
involved that'll help here you go8445.544.56
Michael your doctor prescribes you a8447.524.68
little bit of cocaine in the contract8450.14.92
rub this behind your ears yeah put it in8452.24.58
your belly button8455.025.28
if we are waiting tape it up cocaine8456.786.82
yeah it's the cocaine patch okay we8460.36.059
gotta go back to the future doc8463.64.58
yeah Christopher Lloyd8466.3594.821
you're gonna see some serious [ __ ] oh8473.283.699
God we're gonna get the [ __ ] up to 888475.423.059
miles get out of Jesus Christ it's gonna8476.9793.241
be awesome he definitely had cocaine in8478.4794.401
his belly button8480.222.66
you do it Christopher I believe in you8484.064.759
he still does8486.162.659
I want you to get a better sword okay8491.3194.201
and I would love a better sword right8493.3595.161
now there we go there we go I'm fully8495.525.04
armored at least with steel armor nice8498.523.78
that's not bad all right I need to go8500.563.9
out and find some mythical Jay you're8502.34.86
crazy back to the futurism perfect film8504.465.28
he says I hate those movies hate him to8507.164.199
death you cannot like those movies but8509.745.04
hate hey it's just Jewel Wood it's a8511.3595.221
strong word and I remember when I saw8514.784.14
that movie or with the second one the8516.584.44
second one had the hoverboard yeah oh8518.924.2
yeah man I thought man if we could just8521.024.32
get the hoverboard that's all I would do8523.124.319
I would just hover around everywhere8525.344.68
yeah my life would be complete and 20158527.4394.581
came and went8530.025.7
and now public mirrors I feel I feel8532.025.74
like there's certain things that we8535.725.58
should have like a hoverboard seems like8537.765.639
one of those things I've seen them made8541.33.96
but you got to have like a giant magnet8543.3994.561
floor yeah and it's hard to have that8545.265.099
everywhere did Lexus do that or like one8547.964.08
of the car companies built it well if8550.3593.0
you had like a park8552.043.18
that's what they did they're in the park8553.3593.781
they built a little magnet Park in them8555.225.24
made it work a little bit8557.143.32
Marty McKay nicer8560.584.98
since Dora's not here you're stepping in8565.626.279
yeah door would appreciate that yep do8568.3597.141
what I miss him JJ tube says here for my8571.8995.341
weekly dose of attention from you guys8575.54.5
feel like that I should charge instead8577.246.119
but here's my version of oh boy here we8580.08.24
go there's a link also yada yada8583.3594.881
good girl good good grief oh good grief8588.35.04
good girl good great oh wow look at the8593.346.46
look at the thing we got here you got a8597.73.84
button where's the villagers did someone8599.84.08
kill all the villagers they oh man they8601.545.04
sell me arrows did somebody's kill all8603.885.36
the villages I can't buy arrows8606.586.48
oh David I gotta make those buttons8609.246.159
that's a good butt8613.064.16
so that means good girl I guess no that8617.226.759
is JJ that's JJ yeah it was good grief8620.684.5
and that's this isn't the right one8623.9794.021
that's not good grief it's the other one8625.186.74
yeah you're a good anime girl oh my oh8628.010.02
my oh my God what's his name yeah Asian8631.927.96
Star Trek guy yeah8638.022.81
here's the other one all right guys out8649.745.699
saying that8667.54.38
would be good8669.342.54
man I want to find mithril but it's8684.74.199
nowhere there's nowhere to be found8687.3993.721
someone's gotta have it right you would8688.8995.101
think but that's somebody ain't me yes8691.125.819
did you try Walmart no yet I'm gonna try8694.05.16
over here on the um8696.9394.561
west side of the island smoking but I8699.163.9
gotta make it back before nightfall and8701.54.439
God damn it it's already 2200. oh geez8703.066.32
JJ thanks for sharing8705.9393.441
Bobby collie gave us five dollars says8709.566.04
from Tranquility Sunshine would love it8712.664.02
if you guys8715.62.94
would be able to sing Happy Birthday at8716.686.24
turn 31 today and I really8718.548.399
did need the laughs from you guys and8722.926.14
the community today thank you so much8726.9394.741
Tranquility Sunshine two three four8729.064.66
happy birthday happy birthday happy8731.683.9
birthday to your face happy birthday8733.726.24
happy birthday happy birthday sunshine8735.584.38
have a great birthday Bobby collie enjoy8740.625.48
thank you so much as well8743.22.9
dub that over an anime8748.423.32
happy happy8762.547.18
to you happy8764.525.2
ULU Mr President oh God stop8770.687.759
watch out8778.4393.181
oh wait yeah this guy died oh I got him8781.784.68
I got him I got him can only revive8785.22.6
during the day8786.464.5
[ __ ] Okay that's a gun that's8787.84.599
okay we're gonna bring him back there8790.962.519
the day8792.3993.181
what was that meat Stewie drop that's it8793.4793.541
that's my biggest too that's gonna be8795.583.859
your dinner8797.024.14
3 28 a.m just wanted to say8801.167.44
big love big love to you too turtle8804.886.38
Senor tortillas8808.65.04
I'm liking these Buffs you got going8811.266.66
there yeah I got a little Buffalo8813.644.28
electric dog8822.8993.481
oh boy that's good8826.426.059
she has lit up8829.8995.46
yeah thank God [ __ ] nope ow this8832.4796.801
rocks are hard to dodge yeah they are8835.3593.921
okay you do it can we do it did we do it8839.684.219
if you had a dash in this game you could8845.082.76
most of it pretty easy yeah add a dash8847.845.16
yeah dash of salt it's got double jump8850.35.099
got double jump It's Double Dash Double8853.04.14
Mrs Dash8857.145.64
Mr Dash that's a seasoning isn't it yeah8858.886.72
you use it nope what's your favorite8862.786.78
seasoning oh Frank's RedHawks yeah where8865.65.82
do I start I would I would have to say8869.564.32
cayenne pepper cayenne pepper I love8871.424.439
Cayenne really yeah what do you put it8873.884.38
on I put it on my8875.8594.521
put it on my dick spicy thick uh yeah uh8880.85.679
no I put it on8884.9794.5
my eggs I put it in my guacamole really8886.4795.821
yeah wow yeah make spicy guacamole8889.4794.5
interesting like I should have known8892.34.2
this about you before right yeah talking8893.9793.661
to my friend8896.53.479
I did too8897.643.98
apparently not do you have a favorite8899.9795.42
spice I like salt8901.627.68
I like missionary8905.3993.901
I own an Android phone no listen8909.4796.761
whenever like it's kind of one of those8913.3594.5
things I want to do I want to learn to8916.242.4
yeah I don't cook very well8918.644.679
I made scrambled eggs the other day8920.9796.541
I put salt on it and pepper yeah but I8923.3195.881
could have done Cayenne huh could have8927.525.28
oh you know what you can do you know I'm8929.26.619
gonna get this for you it's called tahin8932.86.9
it's a Mexican spice it's very citrusy a8935.8196.761
little bit spicy and you can put it on8939.74.38
so many different things is that kind of8942.583.359
like a plastic bottle yeah and a little8944.084.2
green Cafe pop oh it's a white cat white8945.9394.081
cat yeah I think we use that all the8948.282.42
so good yeah it's very citrusy yeah yeah8950.77.6
you would like it yeah8953.884.42
and you can put it even on fruit someone8958.785.28
said a mango or you can put it on grapes8960.8195.401
I don't know about Grace but uh8964.065.339
watermelon or an orange but I I put it8966.226.78
on eggs before or Mexican street corn oh8969.3995.821
yeah okay yeah all right let me get you8973.04.58
some tahini yeah and an iPhone yeah8975.225.34
whenever people put some tahin on your8977.585.98
iPhone yeah I've already got that on8980.566.06
there the team yeah yeah on my iPhone8983.565.1
that you don't know yeah right8988.664.38
let's all get iPhones come on let's do8991.244.44
it we should let's just upgrade I have8993.044.38
one I've thought about it their cameras8995.683.84
are really good8997.424.939
for one reason8999.522.839
we're gonna start fighting the chat9002.883.0
Android fight but when people get sick9005.886.059
of us and don't watch us anymore I'm9009.04.56
gonna learn to cook9011.9393.841
okay dude names it's not that hard I've9013.563.54
been cooking a little bit so yeah I9015.783.48
would like to do a uh9017.14.64
like um a food truck9019.266.84
and just like be good at one thing but9021.745.98
never tell people9026.13.66
where I'm gonna be when I'm gonna be9027.723.54
there just show up and that way it's9029.763.9
like oh [ __ ] guess who's9031.265.4
he's down there fix down there yeah and9033.665.64
his truck selling uh taking shrimp9036.665.22
shrimp tacos with tahini the shrimp9039.34.74
tacos who's that guy in the cul-de-sac I9041.885.16
don't know call the sheriff9044.045.58
now and then the sheriff gets a taco and9047.044.68
he's like this man's fine you're the new9049.623.84
mayor what is this you're like it's9051.723.84
tahin yeah he's like what's that man9053.464.14
there's nothing wrong yeah in fact give9055.565.66
him in there arrest me for drugs9057.63.62
tacos cooking boxes get like hellofresh9063.744.84
oh yeah then you can follow the9067.083.3
instructions and it kind of teaches you9068.583.359
a little bit9070.383.84
and learn the basics Lilian what's up9071.9394.201
no I mean I can I9076.144.5
cook like but if I go somewhere if I'm9078.03.96
around people that can't cook like9080.643.0
listen I was doing this camping trip9081.963.78
once where everybody was like 14 to 219083.644.02
and they were from France and I thought9085.743.239
people from France could cook always9087.663.239
yeah but apparently they can't when9088.9795.88
they're that age all right and uh they9090.8995.46
cooked a few meals9094.8593.721
and I'm like hey I gotta go gas up the9096.3594.561
truck and I would go eat9098.584.34
and then come back9100.924.38
it's not real because these people were9102.924.899
making like crazy Chef Boyardee ravioli9105.35.28
with a shot of hash like hash uh what do9107.8195.241
you call that comes in a can the hash9110.584.98
[ __ ] the meat the meat the hash meat9113.065.74
like that that's gross no no oh no no no9115.565.22
no no fry it up and do something special9118.84.44
with it yeah so is that the chief that9120.784.079
is the chief all right you can dodge9123.243.84
your stuff pretty easy okay if you if9124.8595.181
you if you go left and right9127.082.96
I really like it sometimes God9131.726.28
anyway that in front of these people I9135.244.68
felt like Guy Fieri like I was just like9138.04.8
step aside children mayor of flavor town9139.925.76
let me show you let nibs cook I'll make9142.85.82
you some spaghetti for and I know how to9145.683.679
but if I go to Thick's house tonight you9149.3594.901
should probably cook yeah well we're9151.8594.861
gonna have a uh a cookout soon xidax9154.265.34
gave us hey uh a bunch of stuff from9156.726.36
Omaha Steaks so you have to cook it on9159.65.16
their graphics cards9163.084.319
yeah we should that would be a fun thing9164.765.599
to do like play a game9167.3996.061
can we cook meat on a graphics yeah see9170.3594.901
now that's a video that's a YouTube It's9173.464.2
a YouTube video like yeah that's so dumb9175.265.46
I want to see steak on a 30 90. right9177.664.86
like we've been running crisis for 489182.525.1
hours 48 hours straight we got this9185.8193.721
[ __ ] heated up nice check out this9187.624.46
4K casserole how do you like your steak9192.664.22
I like it 4K9194.887.16
come on [ __ ] off in HDR please9196.885.16
take care once9202.145.04
wants us to wait for the cook9204.35.88
wait for her okay Cook Out sure we can9207.185.34
have another cookout yeah let's have two9210.184.38
yeah we can have many could have one a9212.523.6
month we could have two a month we'll do9214.565.6
shrimp on this Barbie just imposters9216.124.04
yeah oh my God we got all we all have to9221.243.94
go to Outback when she gets we'll take9223.683.719
her out there yeah we're gonna didn't we9225.185.6
go there with Gordo we did9227.3993.381
yeah because I mean he was he was kind9233.164.14
of a flabbergasted at what aborigine9235.3193.141
yeah apparently Adam originally is not9238.466.46
practically saying the uh no no I think9241.148.04
it was just was it still hey above yeah9244.926.42
like still it's like oh my God they have9249.184.2
a sauce at Outback from the town as9251.345.04
techies from apparently yep tumble one9253.385.9
boat or something okay number one yeah9256.386.059
I'll get knocked down but don't get up9259.285.98
but then okay it's Tech here yeah no9262.4395.101
they're not above okay okay we're not9265.264.559
saying it it's on the menu and we're in9267.545.16
America it's okay yeah9269.8194.681
yeah no one cares here really we don't9272.73.3
know any better we don't know if we9274.53.66
don't know the meaning so we got to fix9276.04.68
the ship it'll hold it before it's fine9278.165.04
I'll face the [ __ ] there we go fix that9280.684.98
oh there's a hole there we should also9283.24.98
see if she's seen Crocodile Dundee9285.664.86
we'll show her a knife yeah she thinks9288.183.719
she's seen a knife that's not a knife9290.523.36
it's not a knife9291.8993.601
is it's a spoon this is a spoon she's9295.55.98
she says she's wheezing9299.287.56
hey Chef how you doing baby when I lived9307.14.719
in Australia9309.8993.781
um I think I found a western sizzler9311.8195.341
yeah on the Gold Coast and I could not9313.685.759
be happier yeah I had it was the only9317.164.02
place in Australia that I saw that had9319.4394.141
ranch dressing it's like American food9321.183.9
that was their thing I mean back when I9323.583.48
was there maybe they have it now but9325.085.52
yeah I was like thank God yeah I can9327.066.379
survive here now9330.62.839
in other countries like in Japan KFC is9335.3995.221
considered like American food they have9338.3994.281
KFC and uh9340.626.62
Australia which also got me through9342.684.56
but french fries as a side9347.764.44
whatever is called just food here is9350.283.96
called American food yep I haven't been9352.23.54
to KFC in a while they seem like they go9354.243.54
off the deep end they're just they're9355.744.92
using chicken for buns now and yeah that9357.784.5
was like 10 years ago neebs I know9360.663.36
they've revolutionized since well that's9362.284.02
the thing like how how crazy have they9364.023.66
gotten now if that was 10 years ago9366.33.179
should we pull up their menu we can9367.683.48
let's do it let's see what but we'll9369.4793.84
probably still have that bowl and I used9371.165.58
to get that ball probably once a year9373.3196.0
when I was like really hungry with like9376.744.86
cheese with cheese and corn and mashed9379.3195.16
potatoes it was good yeah9381.64.98
that's like a popcorn chicken that's the9384.4793.121
only thing I've ever got in there it's9386.583.12
like popcorn chicken was in the bowl oh9387.64.7
there you go yeah9389.72.6
I think they got the double down that's9392.522.879
what you're talking about I think they9394.142.94
got rid of that9395.3993.241
I mean the Fried Chicken's always been9397.084.14
good yeah quite honestly as soon as you9398.645.16
come to their to KFC's website they give9401.224.86
you a warning right away attention9403.84.32
Deuter Nationwide industry supply chain9406.083.72
just some products may be temporarily9408.124.44
unavailable for online ordering but it9409.84.559
may still be available in your local KFC9412.563.419
restaurant that's like when you show up9414.3593.301
to KFC and they go sorry but we're out9415.9793.781
of chicken today yeah yeah9417.666.06
ain't no Fried Chicken here just clothes9419.766.179
somewhere else chicken boy that looks9423.723.96
delicious doesn't it right there just9425.9394.321
all that yeah the family yeah it looks9427.684.799
delicious that's the classic I will9430.263.84
always think of that with my mom just9432.4794.38
like coming home from a late night late9434.16.48
day now where's the weird stuff oh box9436.8597.101
boxes tenders look delicious9440.585.46
sandwiches here we go I don't really9443.963.88
need to mess with the bones I think they9446.043.359
have yeah the chicken sandwich combo to9447.843.66
compete with the Bojangles it's pretty9449.3994.801
pretty though doesn't it oh big time it9451.54.14
looks a little bit more chickeny than9454.22.94
Brady you don't think that's a lot of9455.644.56
bread oh that's yeah gotcha it's a9457.144.32
crunchy but if there's I thought you9460.22.58
were talking about the bun not the bun9461.462.88
the chicken if there's white meat in9462.784.199
there though yeah your buns popcorn9464.346.12
chicken hey oh yeah there's that bowl oh9466.9795.941
that's it it's called famous now famous9470.464.859
bowl corn potatoes yeah it's just that's9472.925.6
branding man this is all pretty team9475.3195.641
yeah whoa I want that pot pie that9478.523.76
sounds that was kind of good I was9480.963.12
expecting some weird stuff on here this9482.284.079
is hey do they have that stuff you were9484.083.3
talking about9486.3592.481
what's up9487.385.28
well tahin's a spice you know it's not a9488.845.82
sauce they can't make it into a sauce9492.664.68
I could probably make some9494.665.26
sour cream tahin9497.344.5
what would you dip in it9499.924.68
anything Mexican oh boy here we go oh9501.844.68
yeah no we're murdered chicken fingers9504.65.78
get in the house chicken fries9506.523.86
those are pretty good at Taco Bell9511.384.7
chicken fries yes9512.763.32
what what's that last thing9517.3194.561
yeah a half gallon beverage it's a9519.3595.401
gallon yeah it's a bag9521.884.5
with an image that looks like a bottle9524.763.48
sticking out of it it's a knife it's9526.384.68
something you hook an IV to it right9528.244.739
into you I didn't see anything weird in9531.064.98
there no nothing weird not even the back9532.9795.88
they didn't even do the chicken as bread9536.044.98
sandwich they've got the Nashville Hot9538.8594.08
Chicken now too that which I've not9541.023.12
tried but9542.9392.401
you know9544.143.06
still I think I'm going to KFC tomorrow9545.344.139
to get a pot pie did I sell you yeah9547.25.22
yeah it's probably gonna be bad but get9549.4795.34
your commission neebs yeah there we go9552.423.8
we should have been sponsored tonight9554.8194.441
stream is sponsored by KFC9556.225.8
they just don't know it yet we send them9559.265.16
a bill ten thousand dollars invoice9562.025.64
money please I feel like uh9564.426.78
with my wife we kind of have this uh9567.667.319
what what were the the clans in uh Romeo9571.25.42
and Juliet oh9574.9795.041
tutors and not the tutors the capulets9576.627.38
or capillaries Montague9580.023.98
Montague yeah I am a Montague and you9586.16.879
are a something yeah so uh like because9589.685.4
she's from New Orleans she can't she9592.9794.981
can't legally eat at Bojangles9595.084.8
um she's got to go to Popeyes but we9597.964.439
don't have Popeyes here okay so like9599.884.38
usually we eat together a lot because9602.3993.781
we're married yeah that happens9604.264.5
sometimes so it's like hey9606.185.52
we could go to Bojangles Bojangles is9608.764.559
delicious it's got the spice I don't9611.73.18
like Bojangles yeah9613.3192.941
yeah it's got to do this I like the9614.883.3
spice under everything whatever they put9616.263.54
on there9618.184.2
and that but we do agree on a lot of9619.84.74
things so that's good yeah like9622.387.7
communism yeah not that great but I did9624.545.54
yeah we want the government to do9631.3194.561
everything just do it all9633.125.76
even work for us9635.886.66
even vote for you yeah you are voting9638.886.0
everything all of it9642.545.1
pick what we ate for dinner9644.886.62
you have to eat Bojangles rise up9647.643.86
man man creams I used to love those9652.564.86
Supremes and those biscuits9655.564.02
the spicy like Eagle Emperor breakfast9657.424.38
sandwich is really good I forget what it9659.583.359
was what it is9661.83.86
as techie wants to go to Bojangles deal9662.9395.341
uh no thanks we're gonna keep you we're9665.664.18
gonna give you an Australian welcoming9668.283.0
tumblewomber sauce we're gonna get you9671.283.78
some Vegemite9673.144.32
and some tim tams we've been saving the9675.064.62
fridge for about a year kangaroo9677.465.3
flavored tim tams some kangaroo jerky9679.685.78
look at this I just made gronk's sword9682.765.8
how did you make that I found a hilt and9685.465.019
a blade look how big it is and I9688.564.759
combined them in in an anvil that's9690.4796.181
obviously Cloud all right uh yes no it9693.3194.841
has 100 all right I want to take this9696.663.0
mithril sword I'm gonna put it in9698.163.9
actually not the food chest everybody's9699.664.08
in every chest I want to get in get the9702.063.419
[ __ ] out of the truck I'm trying to do a9703.743.78
stream here now can you click on the9705.4794.38
sword the grunk sword and tell its9707.524.64
it's like9712.52.72
once you get unseen too it doesn't tell9715.55.04
you what oh my God is that what it looks9718.623.3
like though yeah that's how big it is in9720.544.56
reality it's huge it's sticking out9721.924.26
blah all right I'm looking forward to9726.184.08
fighting enemies tonight we gotta tear9728.3994.261
some stuff up now okay9730.264.099
what do we need guys what do we need9732.663.84
it's techy you won't hate all of our9734.3594.12
food it's all covered in Sugar it's fine9736.55.22
preservatives yeah bread doesn't mold9738.4794.981
anymore we're not going to take your9741.724.74
Sawmill I'm sure yeah oh yeah9743.465.3
have their soup whatever it is9746.465.28
yeah your soup what really what was that9748.764.42
chicken pastry soup no just chicken9751.743.119
noodle just chicken noodle oh man it9753.183.12
looks so good it was chicken and pastry9754.8593.061
it wouldn't have any broth9756.35.46
to be a pile of pastry pastry pie9757.926.0
and get you some Hush Puppies yeah and9763.926.36
Cornbread Shelly donegals so we've been9767.047.46
going to uh Sawmill pretty much9770.284.22
Anthony over here was uh this came up on9776.3596.401
the stream weeks ago yeah so9780.3594.861
was it you wanted biscuits every time we9782.763.66
sit there they're like you want9785.223.0
cornbread biscuit or uh Hush Puppies9786.423.24
everyone says Hush Puppies I just went9788.222.88
with it well we knew what the best thing9789.663.06
was yeah well I never knew I want to9791.13.42
taste them but I'm always going you9792.723.599
wanted cornbread just just the other two9794.523.48
things just to see yeah rolls and9796.3193.241
Cornbread I mean you know what a roll is9798.04.14
yeah it's just a roll it's basic but it9799.563.72
can be good with some butter the9802.143.299
cornbread's a little dry it is I wasn't9803.284.079
impressed and not as flavorful it wasn't9805.4393.841
tonight I was like no just just hush9807.3593.481
puppies please hush puppies on a good9809.283.659
night man oh boy yeah they're the best I9810.844.74
know why and they're hot and soft when9812.9395.481
they're soft and nutty9815.582.84
[ __ ] yeah just a couple to get you9819.183.42
if there's mac and cheese I'm happy as9822.63.6
techyo will be easy to please9824.284.4
we should take her to Casey's yeah9826.26.199
Cactus and dirt9828.686.219
don't worry you'll be remarkably safe9832.3994.781
here there's no giant spiders9834.8993.601
or like9837.183.42
kangaroos to punch you it's gonna rain9838.54.319
and rednecks are basically Australians9840.64.32
so you'll fit right in yeah all right so9842.8193.361
I thought we're about to test this sword9844.923.479
out yeah9846.185.28
well not against that guy get this guy9848.3997.261
um oh nice9851.466.54
oh all right I'm on the dragons the9855.663.36
dragons are gonna need well actually9858.02.64
this how'd you get the myth like how9859.024.56
what got to that stage uh somebody else9860.646.32
must have found it [ __ ] God damn it9863.586.3
hurt me oh boy9866.964.6
I have no clue something nailed me9869.883.78
though hope you get that sword back we9871.564.86
went from so confident oh yeah no stand9873.664.92
down that's it9876.423.8
suing nothingness9880.224.0
okay says uh y'all you guys also need to9884.464.62
get Aztec it's a barbecue who goes to NC9886.684.139
and doesn't get barbecue that's what9889.082.76
we're talking about9890.8193.061
me personally we live in Eastern9891.843.08
and we have Eastern barbecue I'm a9894.925.38
western barbecue fan what's Eastern9898.383.42
which one maybe serves more vinegar9900.34.2
vinegar based okay yeah Western is the9901.84.86
sweet sauce9904.55.28
I like both I like both equally I think9906.667.64
I'll eat both she says tailgate please9909.784.52
we go to Carolina barbecue or would we9914.664.9
go to like smithfields we're not going9917.644.56
to Carolina Barbecue no well the only9919.564.08
one they have is I'll buy like I know9922.23.779
about you9923.643.96
there's Casey's no they're not good9925.9794.021
they're just like cheap okay go to9927.63.839
cookout we'll go to cookout at like 29930.03.72
A.M one day in stocky it'll be good9931.4395.061
I don't really have a balsamo has good9933.726.719
oh [ __ ] good barbecue9936.55.08
like if we're going to the mountains9940.4393.361
we'd go to creakers9941.583.779
and that's Western Market are they still9943.84.74
open I hope so you hope so did we go9945.3594.681
there on the second9948.543.779
camping trip I don't remember it's been9950.044.2
a while you guys just talk about how9952.3194.08
good it was creakers yeah creakers is9954.243.92
all for me9956.3995.641
cookout is only drunk food yes cookout's9958.165.199
great I go to cookout every Thursday9962.043.6
night which is tonight9963.3594.561
yeah you're going tonight probably I say9965.643.96
I won't and then I drive past it and9967.923.059
then the thing is you have to turn9969.62.759
around to the light to get to it and I'm9970.9793.301
like no no no and then I get in the turn9972.3594.62
find yourself a tractor beaming yeah God9974.283.78
damn it9976.9793.181
what do you get9978.063.9
trying to be better just like a couple9980.163.44
of chicken wraps9981.963.68
from their Health Menu9983.64.18
but man I used to get like the chicken9985.645.82
or I'm sorry the cheese bites9987.783.68
but don't eat them don't do that9995.424.96
and then you get Cajun chicken9999.242.4
sandwiches that's probably the best10000.383.3
thing they have all right cajun chicken10001.644.86
sandwich pretty good is it grilled10003.684.62
or it is grilled yeah it actually it is10006.54.38
so it's not too bad it's not that bad10008.34.44
all right Dan it's more college kids10010.883.3
what's the cheese curd says let's take10012.743.54
it I'm wearing my sword what's a cheese10014.184.62
curd it's just I don't know what is a10016.284.26
cheese curd it's like a little fried10018.83.66
ball of cheese yeah I guess that's what10020.544.319
you would call it10022.465.46
yeah cheese curds are great fried cheese10024.8596.061
curds that is we'll get some10027.924.8
did you get your sword back10030.924.559
I did not somebody probably picked it up10032.725.4
that's okay all right all right I10035.4796.121
oh I got a bone and a bit whoa okay oh10038.126.359
hey I do I did get my sword back okay10041.67.08
I also got like another animated sword10044.4796.661
oh God did you just throw it in the10048.685.46
ground yeah no this has gotten so damn10051.144.799
complicated I don't even know what's10054.144.759
happening beer10055.9392.96
um I'm okay right now actually thank you10059.543.8
oh boy10063.4392.841
dying in this game is the worst what is10067.043.3
chunky chunky more looks like your mom10070.343.66
isn't that what you make the chunky uh10072.24.14
hammer with maybe or can you make armor10074.04.68
chunk the armor chunky and Boots chunk10076.345.22
him helmet okay did you grab a piece uh10078.684.5
I did just to see what it looked like10081.563.54
did you unlock new uh oh look you can10083.184.7
make armored stuff10085.12.78
chunk him so yeah go ahead and steal10088.345.46
mithril Adamantite and then chunky him10090.745.64
is that stronger than the Adamantite and10093.84.82
does it not tell you when you hover over10100.184.36
it it doesn't seem to apparently a lot10102.4394.201
of that's new too they did it in an10104.544.38
update did they have Villages when you10106.643.839
first played it10108.924.34
what do you what is this10110.4794.861
guy's playing it quick I love it but I10113.263.82
mean before like the first video yeah I10115.342.88
don't remember we didn't get that far10117.082.58
okay because they updated it I think10118.223.78
adding to the Villages so which armor is10119.665.4
better folks is it chunky them Captain10122.04.979
Zach Sparrow thank you for10125.064.919
gifting those subs and for being a great10126.9796.121
pirate Caesar B says it is stronger I10129.9795.46
you mean chunky them10133.13.6
it's got to be better than the base10135.4393.561
on obtainium10140.32.96
that's great answers you uh read Colonel10152.845.519
rain there uh Colonel Ray what's up10156.53.78
buddy neebs10158.3594.021
to what you had said earlier find the10160.283.6
strings that you eat dinner with your10162.385.519
wife you are defiantly a trendsetter10163.886.54
keep it up buddy truly an inspiration to10167.8993.801
loved a lot of you keep it golden how do10171.75.8
you do it neebs man I don't know I guess10175.14.14
I like talking to her and also like10177.55.1
eating so yeah it makes it easier that's10179.245.76
really the uh the qualifying that's all10182.64.62
you need isn't it yep it's like I like10185.04.26
talking to her I like eating and you10187.224.44
need food to live so it's also necessary10189.265.719
yeah yep10191.663.319
yeah but you know what she's not a a10197.026.4
Avid Sawmill goer and we went last week10199.845.139
because we got one on our end of town10203.424.26
and she got the old10204.9795.34
chicken and shrimp and rice dish oh10207.684.56
that's what I got you got that tonight10210.3194.201
yeah it's great yeah did she like it she10212.245.159
did like it oh good oh [ __ ] oh god oh10214.526.379
[ __ ] oh geez10217.3993.5
all right I got a bunch of armor on I10226.3993.241
feel like I'm just getting destroyed10228.383.54
that soup ramen noodle happy birthday10229.645.64
buddy from the noodles they're delicious10231.925.28
yeah I've eaten a lot around the noodles10235.284.199
udon's better though oh [ __ ] oh my God10237.25.34
big chunk he's almost dead he's done no10239.4796.241
he's so nice what the hell just happened10242.546.899
who did that I don't know10245.725.82
is he dead no10249.4394.321
yeah Who the hell's he done so quick10251.543.84
we're hitting him with somebody melted10253.762.34
yeah you taking those things down quick10256.13.42
now absolutely unlock the water ball10257.965.66
water arrow water ball10259.524.1
yeah that sword's way better man10264.3195.221
udon is Roman's thick sister10266.664.38
oh man for something I just thought10269.543.18
about that Korean place we went to in10271.044.279
Boston oh yeah10272.725.82
yeah we couldn't read anything it was10275.3195.62
great that was perfect that was good10278.545.16
work yummy you know that's where I first10280.9394.741
tried what was that soup that door is10283.75.159
really into [ __ ] [ __ ] yeah yep that one10285.686.86
had the cow lining of the stomach in it10288.8593.681
the best pho place we went to was in10293.084.12
Austin Texas10295.582.94
The Phoenician oh yeah10298.524.82
that was great Dora was like I feel this10304.724.179
really good looking fur place what a10307.3993.301
funny name whoa is that another big10308.8993.181
chunk what's happening what a great10310.74.079
funny name Phoenician Phoenician10312.085.239
couldn't possibly be admitted terrain10314.7795.04
that was so good your lessons were10317.3195.381
learned it could only be a pun10319.8194.561
that's all he thinks that's how he sees10322.73.239
the world God you guys are working so10324.382.76
much faster than me I have no clue10325.9392.761
what's happening10327.143.36
uh come on all right corporate Creator10328.74.1
you're coming back baby10330.56.92
how lucky you gotta live again10332.84.62
wait all right10340.465.64
sorry still somebody's chest piece10342.765.679
what is it sorry they don't need it10346.14.98
uh I had a man type you gotta make some10348.4394.861
of that Gronk stuff 18 plus Armor All10351.084.8
Right Crump is it10353.34.559
crunk stuff yeah somebody else is making10355.883.78
it I can't steal their [ __ ] all right I10357.8593.181
mean I would10359.663.84
they'd probably like Peter have it oh10361.044.5
man I got like 300 gold10363.53.96
damn all right hold up I'm about to make10365.543.42
some I'm about to make a telegram bars10367.463.18
and go shopping10368.964.5
um gold coins10370.644.799
can you make gold coins I'm sorry sorry10373.463.54
guys I'm just I'm just getting rid of10375.4393.801
[ __ ]10377.02.24
can you make gold coins yes10379.2794.981
you can steal the gold they still gold10381.8594.381
no see look get the gold out of here10384.265.82
then come over to the Anvil yeah making10386.247.079
me some gold 483 gold let's go shopping10390.085.94
we're going shopping10393.3194.441
what you gonna buy I don't know a good10396.023.48
chest felt like a good10397.764.26
really good like gold chest 200 how many10399.55.04
how many 400 I mean yeah I can afford a10402.023.959
bunch find the biggest one yeah they're10404.543.12
already they're all open it's got to be10405.9794.681
one You Gotta Eat get his dream10407.664.68
you know10410.665.699
what you say kiddo hey kiddo get those10412.347.28
greens and I don't know10416.3593.261
oh I think I see a good one out there10420.225.86
oh yeah that's a good goal let's get it10423.384.62
right in the middle of that River oh10426.082.88
it's a rock that's what you were talking10428.964.5
about oh sorry I thought we were good I10431.663.9
know what I'm going for okay okay10433.464.26
oh is he guiding you the one he's like10435.565.24
oh yeah this one this one oh how much10437.726.36
375 yeah better be great Wings what do10440.84.84
Wings do real boneless damage while10444.083.48
falling oh there you go I am yeah you10445.643.66
had that last time I did I did I didn't10447.563.18
feel like I didn't pay that much for it10449.33.54
I feel like I got ripped off do you have10450.744.52
a double jump10452.842.42
how much you got 108 left10456.885.8
all right any more gold10462.684.44
all the chests have been looted10465.14.179
oh wait is that one up there no that10469.2793.241
one's been looted they've all been10471.52.22
these people they're animals sorry we10475.764.019
gotta we gotta work on fixing the ship10478.3993.121
now right this one you're really gonna10479.7793.921
do yeah but that's gonna be expensive10481.524.74
too much I want those blue ones10483.75.64
expensive those green ones10486.263.08
Wilson what's up [ __ ] Mr Wilson10491.125.659
all right I gotta work I gotta get back10496.9394.5
to my gotta get back to my crew10498.924.38
hey chicken man [ __ ] look at chicken10501.4393.84
he's looking good oh [ __ ] I'm sorry I10503.34.7
picked that up here10505.2792.721
oh I got some other stuff here you want10508.043.54
some dark oak you want this you want10510.143.179
this this is stuff I just give that man10511.583.72
some pocket I got a mythical sword I got10513.3193.301
two mythical swords those guys don't10515.33.059
want you to jump I want your paint I got10516.623.359
a shitty wheel oh that's good they smell10518.3593.361
there you go there you go enjoy enjoy10521.724.62
they don't want it look at them10524.244.739
the pros10526.344.979
we need to work out a man I know where10528.9793.541
we're at we need to move towards the10531.3192.46
we can fix the boat and get the hell out10533.7793.54
of here10536.182.7
you think that where will you that's10537.3193.12
I mean this is a pretty good team we're10540.4394.201
on day 10. okay going into night 10.10542.244.079
everyone's full health ready to go this10544.643.36
might be the end of us but uh I'm gonna10546.3193.301
head back to our house where everybody's10548.03.54
been Gathering all right two sons what's10549.623.84
happening oh one big song one big sun10551.544.02
shining through Patrice multiple trees10553.467.019
yes uh [ __ ] okay if it could be better10555.567.799
to make more food for everybody10560.4795.0
you see any uh black chest laying around10563.3594.741
no I ran around and picked up as many10565.4794.901
black chests as I could okay pretty10568.13.9
early oh they are free according to10570.386.54
Howden oh I knew it oh my God junk let's10572.06.54
run away until someone more powerful10576.923.899
destroys them I want to see whoever10578.544.38
who killed him the first time because it10580.8193.841
was like does your sword do much damage10582.924.62
to chump oh God we got a big chunk and10584.665.22
the other guy someone's flying in right10587.544.08
now like a superhero give him a whack10589.883.12
now give him a whack real quick big10591.622.819
chunk yeah10593.03.359
see if you're doing damage I'll give10594.4393.84
this guy whack10596.3594.62
oh yeah that's right oh God now I'm out10598.2796.061
Jesus Christ never mind run away10600.9796.3
eat your soup I did pick up a really10604.345.7
good boost like will my health is low10607.2795.821
yeah I know I can run faster like10610.046.06
everything I get sped up thanks you need10613.14.32
to kill some stuff you know what I'm10616.13.56
I don't have a pickaxe I can't fight10621.3194.441
that guy wrong V Gronk10623.423.72
um I'm coming over oh wait are they all10625.763.599
dead Chef's dead oh God no no no no no10627.144.02
it's coming grunk oh watch out for the10629.3593.661
cat okay I'm running I'm running look my10631.163.9
Health's low so I can go faster oh I10633.024.98
guess not what is that I don't know ball10635.064.919
ball lightning ball10638.04.439
okay it really is both oh God I'm gonna10639.9794.681
die this is it10642.4393.721
um maybe you should fight what's behind10644.664.279
you zigzag10646.162.779
oh you got these yeah you got that bam10648.9794.621
bam take that Dawn10651.84.139
and now it's a new beautiful day10653.66.14
all right where is everybody 11.10655.9393.801
the 11th10660.262.78
yeah I don't know if I've made it to day10664.9394.081
11 before10666.624.68
you're really cool good job this is10669.025.16
really good not me team I'm with10671.35.82
true memes you got somebody to rage well10674.184.5
yeah I wanna we're gonna finish this10677.123.6
match though oh okay you never know if10678.683.48
people are going to stop streaming by10680.722.759
the time10682.163.18
but I've got I've got some stuff pulled10683.4792.761
he's got a plan yeah10686.246.72
terrain cheers buddy10689.7797.461
someone's [ __ ] just split everywhere10692.964.28
I feel like you need better armor you10700.3993.801
some Gronk pants10704.65.24
what's your plan don't have one10711.564.16
that's a good plan just hanging on10716.066.12
live that is planned what that lightning10719.04.38
stuff does10722.183.36
157 coins [ __ ] y'all know we've got to10725.546.54
lighten this stuff in here10729.385.72
good night Casey Jones10732.083.02
yeah I'm just gonna give these guys10740.182.639
stuff and hope they know what to do with10741.53.72
it and that's my plan right now you're10742.8194.441
an enabler good night Jake here there's10745.225.66
an ancient bone do something with it10747.263.62
uh let's see so anyways so needs we're10758.3194.601
we're gonna just wait until we need more10762.924.38
abstra dies hey you don't worry about a10765.025.1
thick you sit tight you look sleepy I'm10767.34.38
very sleepy you got up early I'm sure10770.123.96
yeah I gotta get up you can go yeah no10771.685.4
yeah yeah no bounce out if you don't we10774.084.5
want to finish this match it's every10777.083.18
morning I know you had to get up and do10778.583.84
your do your therapy and stuff yeah yeah10780.264.32
I'm gonna put I have this lightning ball10782.424.5
and water ball in here I don't know what10784.585.88
they do yeah you can't leave so you guys10786.924.8
you guys do something with it look I'm10790.463.0
gonna make everybody some soup yeah10791.723.36
Chad's telling you to go and get all10793.464.439
right guys go home you go get some sleep10795.084.739
all right we'll see you guys later thank10797.8994.161
okay he probably got like five or six oh10805.044.92
yeah yeah he got up early he tired he10808.043.439
still gets up at that hour10809.963.96
what time do you get up now10811.4795.081
10 10. you really yeah you were 10 for a10813.923.96
long time you're pretty consistent there10816.562.64
go to bed at like three yeah really yeah10819.25.579
I went to bed like four last night yeah10822.564.919
woke up at like 12 15. okay yeah you10824.7793.901
like it a bit early10827.4792.761
I've been doing better been getting up a10828.684.2
little earlier yeah it's nice because10830.243.72
then you feel like you don't waste the10832.883.24
whole day10833.963.72
what are we talking about anyway early10837.685.48
birds you and I yeah super early10839.243.92
three sorry Anthony what10845.727.679
do ingots look like RuneScape ingots10848.4397.901
I love your Twitch and how long have you10853.3995.161
been doing this10856.344.74
doing what this who are you talking to10858.564.919
uh someone in the chat me or you dog10861.084.44
game says love your love you're on10863.4793.481
Twitch how long have you been doing this10865.522.94
okay how long have you been on Twitch10866.963.96
God it's been like what us it's been10868.464.019
like six years now at least I've been10870.923.059
doing this a minute yeah longer than we10872.4793.141
should have do you remember10873.9794.021
our first stream was on like my old10875.624.359
dinky laptop where we just turned it on10878.03.66
it's like is anyone here yeah we had we10879.9793.061
had like an ethernet cord running into10881.663.06
this room it was like on the floor yeah10883.042.76
we had it on the floor and we were10884.722.82
sitting in front of it hello is anyone10885.83.3
here can y'all hear us yeah they're like10887.543.66
hey we hear you oh yeah hi hey what10889.13.839
y'all doing here yeah just seeing how10891.24.14
this works is it working can you hear us10892.9395.88
yeah see ya all right thanks bye maybe10895.344.92
we'll try this again it was our first10898.8193.841
stream that's pretty much what we still10900.264.74
do yeah pretty much yeah it's not far we10902.663.9
haven't progressed very far we're about10905.04.68
to with some upgrades yeah so ooh we're10906.565.04
so pretty great yeah can y'all hear us10909.684.4
right now though10911.62.48
thank you guys I'm stealing whatever10917.145.259
[ __ ] I can so Anthony can you hear us10919.2795.341
talk can you beat Sam Simon in a10922.3996.201
sandwich cook-off no no no no10924.623.98
he's a New Yorker I mean all he does is10928.76.239
just buy junk food and put it on a in an10931.465.399
oven and that's experimentation though10934.9393.481
yeah like that is what works in here10936.8594.681
he'll get like some snackums and throw10938.425.1
it in a two slices of bread and add10941.543.899
butter and heat it up yeah and I'm like10943.525.22
hey yes my sandwich today yeah I got a10945.4395.221
dragon snack and then some bread and10948.743.239
some butter but he's got like 20 years10950.662.58
on me so you do that every day10951.9792.34
eventually you're gonna find something10953.243.119
good okay you know10954.3194.08
he tries everything Doritos in a10956.3594.08
sandwich maybe you just get a can of10958.3994.38
Progresso clam chowder add some kiwis10960.4394.081
you cut them up you put them in put them10962.7793.54
on some two slices of bread add some10964.523.839
butter maybe three maybe one slice of10966.3195.221
bread yeah one slice sandwich oh boy do10968.3595.96
that this don't look good10971.546.48
this don't look good Italians are magic10974.3196.341
like that you got this see yeah I got10978.024.02
this oh you don't have that guy though10980.664.08
no no no no no no people are making Andy10982.044.8
biscuits references in the chat10984.743.9
bring back Andy biscuits yep that's what10988.644.04
everybody everybody10990.925.04
nope this is the night we all die10992.684.719
this is it you gotta get there and just10995.963.12
chop him just chop him like crazy man10997.3994.141
does that sword hurt that guy I don't10999.083.359
I don't have a pickaxe yeah that's what11002.4393.42
that's why I want to know if the sword11004.545.18
does it I mean it does a little bit11005.8593.861
yeah I should have ran [ __ ]11012.544.98
they'll bring you back thinking chicken11018.165.46
they're gonna bring you back oh look11022.242.579
chicken chicken knows what he's doing11023.623.44
yeah chicken's got the the big sword11024.8195.401
he's coming to revive yet a minute11027.065.2
so you've lost you've got three11030.223.96
teammates up11032.264.08
four teammates down three teammates up11034.184.08
still a chance man three teammates that11036.344.2
are up at full health11038.264.559
that's right11040.544.62
and I bet they got the Gronk armor if11042.8194.141
I'm saying that right11045.162.94
yeah because they're wearing gronkonite11048.13.9
yep Skittles what's up says what was11049.63.839
Simon up too11052.03.66
salmon and duralis both have family in11053.4393.301
town and they were going to watch11055.662.88
fireworks I think in Carolina Beach11056.743.72
tonight they were cute arguing on the11058.544.439
phone they were they were like only one11060.464.14
of us could go to the fireworks we can't11062.9793.481
all miss the stream I can't miss it's11064.63.66
like my family's in Dallas my family's11066.463.62
rarely in town11068.264.26
I got a family too okay guys just11070.084.18
[ __ ] kick off it's okay yeah we don't11072.523.839
even want you here it's okay yeah11074.265.059
oh thank you chicken11076.3592.96
yeah oh boy oh God11079.7795.221
let's see Lady Lady pick a gaming says11088.35.04
neebs if I pay you 400 will you come to11091.124.319
my wedding and sell my in-laws the11093.344.26
Wonder broom11095.4394.321
oh man that is tempting11097.63.9
is there gonna be a party will there be11099.763.54
alcohol there11101.54.64
will there be dinner11103.32.84
do they even like Wonder brooms11106.3595.341
yeah it sounds like a very awkward11109.843.66
oh hey look hey that's chunky and stuff11113.55.06
go pick it up yeah11124.084.66
yeah see what do I not have shoes any11126.74.02
good shoes in here all right yeah no11128.743.6
that's all right huh do you guys know11130.724.139
there's cupcakes in the fridge uh I did11132.344.92
Sledge brought some cupcakes is that11134.8594.741
sledges still they are yeah okay so11137.264.139
that's monkey that's monkey brought us11139.63.719
cupcakes for his birthday that's right11141.3993.781
they're Sledge every time after it says11143.3194.141
chicken I think of the horse chicken and11145.185.42
cow joke video willy willy Sledge11147.466.899
thank you for the cupcakes and yes thank11150.64.839
you they're delicious and they're11154.3592.881
keeping me going congrats on your11155.4393.601
apartment I've been worried about you11157.244.739
all week oh yeah no it's great dude11159.045.58
um hit us up again we'll we'll do dinner11161.9794.441
I'm sure you're looking at my cupcake uh11164.623.6
I see yeah this thing I want to try a11166.423.479
cupcake you want me to get you a cupcake11168.224.139
now I'll get you a cupcake no uh I want11169.8993.721
to eat a cupcake in one night where I11172.3593.721
could split it with somebody eat it11173.625.88
we can split a cupcake right now no11176.086.779
that's right what a friend that's right11179.54.979
we're gonna split that one are you gonna11182.8593.42
eat that one then split one I only bit11184.4793.181
this side natural is not really that11186.2792.881
picky when it comes to sharing things so11187.662.819
yeah I was probably gonna split this one11189.163.119
yeah he at least step off the floor I've11190.4793.781
seen it he will yep I don't know if I'll11192.2794.2
go there but I'll let him sip my uh beer11194.263.78
if he needs to depends on the floor you11196.4793.3
don't need stuff up this floor no but11198.043.899
when we get new stuff and it falls on11199.7793.241
the floor we're about to get new carpet11201.9392.821
I'll eat off that we should have a meal11203.023.9
off of the carpet before we ruin it in11204.764.2
the first week maybe yeah it's full of11206.925.58
fibers yeah yep good idea make some11208.965.399
cereal in there some rice krispies all11212.53.6
right everybody we moved some milk on it11214.3594.701
let's move to the boat11216.12.96
I'm getting anything I'm moving to the11219.724.0
to cook uh yes camera of Anthony feeding11223.724.92
abstra cupcakes yeah I'll do it I could11226.183.48
hook the arms like they're doing11228.643.54
weddings yeah yeah I want to feed your11229.664.319
cupcakes honestly I I kind of said that11232.183.9
ever since I first met you11233.9794.621
I want to feed this man but yeah it11236.084.38
seems unprofessional he's my boss just11238.63.9
do it and just get it over with and feed11240.464.16
them cupcakes11242.55.46
neeb's left and apps row is uh playing11244.625.319
wildly distracted yes this is wildly11247.964.319
distracted so it's my job I'm distracted11249.9393.481
at the same time it's like I'm11252.2793.12
overwhelmed right now because I'm a few11253.424.58
beers deep and these guys11255.3994.741
that's my favorite intro you ever did11258.04.0
I'm six beers deep but I'm going to tell11260.144.86
you a bunch of a [ __ ] I don't give yes11262.04.7
it's so good11265.04.62
water ball oh that's what you need okay11266.74.96
lightly narrow water arrow at least it's11269.623.48
not expecting a BJ you don't know if11271.662.94
he's expecting it or not but he's not11273.13.98
getting it11274.62.48
are we moving to the boat I'll buy you11277.54.24
lunch he's actually buying me lunch next11280.03.42
week so I might end up blowing him11281.743.9
anyways um Cheeto says Anthony are you11283.423.84
playing split game tomorrow nobody's11285.643.179
playing split gig no one can connect to11287.263.0
split gate11288.8193.12
I made a whole video about that go check11290.265.099
it out YouTube slash oh11291.9396.781
Johnny F go apps oh god oh thank God11295.3594.801
Neves is coming back neighbors entertain11298.724.259
these people oh [ __ ] is it all you could11300.164.26
think to talk about while I was gone is11302.9792.821
that I'm gone11304.423.0
well we've talked about that for a11305.83.36
second then we talked about maybe me11307.423.3
blowing apps row but that got a little11309.163.48
weird okay you all even talking about11310.723.66
well I was talking about that but you11312.642.759
know there's a lot of people in the chat11314.383.24
so we11315.3993.96
um don't include me on that what do you11317.623.96
talk about in your stream11319.3594.62
uh oh God there's demons coming at me oh11321.584.14
God oh God oh [ __ ] I don't want to die11323.9794.38
oh [ __ ] I died I'm mad I'm gonna try11325.724.38
again oh wait would you stream you talk11328.3593.181
about the game you're playing sometimes11330.12.759
well it depends like like when I'm11331.542.88
playing doomed turtles not much else I11332.8594.141
can talk about come on [ __ ] I11334.424.68
feel like we rarely do that yeah come on11337.04.62
otherwise yeah I'm focused 100 in game11339.14.44
and then I take breaks and I'm like11341.623.54
what's going on Chad now you were eating11343.542.76
some uh11345.164.86
some like ghost pepper chips oh yeah you11346.34.979
we've heard you've heard of the one chip11350.023.24
challenge you know right the like ghost11351.2794.441
pepper from hot Queen whatever that11353.264.679
brand is nope they sell normal chips now11355.723.9
at grocery stores but they're still11357.9393.781
really hot okay but they're not like as11359.625.34
bad as the the one chip oh but yeah I've11361.725.4
been eating chips to punish myself for11364.963.54
turning the difficulty down in video11367.124.26
games you know it's a good I haven't had11368.54.439
to eat my chips I've been trying my11371.383.84
hardest right not you know it's a good11372.9393.96
incentive I don't want to I know the11375.222.46
it hurts you can take a laxative every11377.685.7
time you have to11380.924.14
yeah I could11383.383.54
I could also fake it I mean they don't11385.063.78
know you can just be in a regular cool11386.923.96
ranch right but I won't do that to them11388.844.08
well I don't know if it's easy to fake11390.884.5
the the snot and tears11392.925.04
the original one oh man there's clips of11395.384.68
that it is it is legit there is a tear11397.963.38
that goes11400.063.66
right down my eye check it out they've11401.344.84
been fixing this boat wow how close are11403.724.38
you I don't know11406.184.32
you need a sail it looks like it's doing11408.14.08
sales there11410.53.899
no there's the outline for the sale oh11412.184.08
is that what's up oh you're right you11414.3995.221
gotta add the parts to it what's it say11416.265.219
where do you see it you aim at the mass11419.624.56
oh say oh there we go flax fibers and11421.4793.721
and sticky it might get it out of my11425.23.48
system faster I don't know11426.74.079
so if y'all had some Flex okay what's11428.685.099
that name base so buy me M10 oh there's11430.7794.2
all the gems you got to get all those11433.7792.881
gems and put them in there you guys11434.9793.181
can't say obamian with that kind of11436.663.9
casualness without laughing we just did11438.164.739
thanks obamium11440.565.58
it's too stupid it's almost as bad as11442.8995.101
unobtaining them do what dumb stuff we11446.145.12
say on a day-to-day basis11448.05.7
we need to put the stuff we need in here11451.263.82
I don't know how to be normal anymore11453.73.06
blacks and rope all right I'm gonna go11455.084.199
see if I can find flax I go outside and11456.764.5
I'm like hey can you subscribe someone11459.2795.481
revived Corporal Critter out there11461.265.4
how's that cup okay look at you you out11466.664.44
of your [ __ ] mind did I spill some11469.663.0
here's your chance you got cupcake on11471.13.78
the floor did I [ __ ] I mean just two11472.664.68
little oh okay11474.885.88
I'm not gonna eat it okay cool because11477.345.58
well it might be a funny bit I'm not an11480.763.9
animal you don't need the fiber or a11482.925.1
monster hilarious five second rule Aztec11484.664.619
you said you're good11488.022.94
it might have been a little over he's11489.2794.2
pretty slow pretty slow sloth11490.964.14
actually I'm a duck I got a new shirt11495.14.62
names yeah let's get out the better to11497.3193.421
talk about I'll tell you about my shirt11499.722.9
do you have it here11500.745.4
I've been wearing no wine on my stream11502.625.02
we've been doing Hawaiian shirts I had a11506.142.82
few from a cruise I went on a couple11507.642.7
years ago so I was like I [ __ ] I'm11508.962.939
wearing these all right but then we11510.344.559
ordered one that was straight up just11511.8995.04
Ducks it's just blue and there's little11514.8994.321
rubber duckies it's not here is it no11516.9393.661
you can pull it up on Twitch if you want11519.224.02
to show people yeah go to my Anthony CSN11520.64.74
twitch Channel subscribe follow standby11523.243.72
this doesn't count as a crawl I didn't11525.343.96
plan this okay not selling out here11526.963.5
it's a little selling out but that's all11530.463.34
right a little bit follow me Monday11532.63.66
Wednesday Friday 8 o'clock Eastern11533.84.38
Standard anyways11536.263.98
I'm going to your channel it's a good11540.245.52
shirt though I look pretty good11542.8592.901
pull up the last stream and like right11546.164.38
at the beginning11548.3194.261
I had the sunglasses and everything it's11550.544.46
pretty good11552.582.42
where do I go videos no one going for11555.043.54
corporate printers actually I think it's11556.842.88
the second one because I think our11558.584.88
stream shut down at some point yeah11559.723.74
you get towards the end oh you know what11564.2794.881
this is actually no go back one sorry11566.4396.54
I'll go back like one page third video11569.166.4
this one yep I'm gonna be in the opening11572.9794.38
scroll in I was wearing this same shirt11577.3594.521
I'm wearing today and then11579.346.139
at some point it went away there I am11581.886.599
we already did it on stream we hopped in11594.05.2
on we ordered it on Amazon and then yeah11596.924.38
it's got a good fight yeah it was pretty11599.23.42
it was pretty nice I think that's my new11601.33.12
shirt I might wear it to neaves gaming11602.623.659
live yeah that's a good shirt with maybe11604.424.519
a tie yeah yeah11606.2795.401
very nice thank you go open chess with11608.9394.121
that one oh yeah I've been leaving it11611.682.88
open I think it's good for the twitch11613.063.54
algorithm all the ladies really like the11614.565.219
little tough to hair true yeah they have11616.67.1
hot tubs I have11619.7793.921
yeah anyways when the going gets toughed11626.54.1
it's the only way to compete oh yeah11630.7794.741
hello rocket thank you thank you11635.83.9
everybody I was supposed to wear it11637.7792.821
somebody last night said on stream you11640.63.48
better wear that to the neeb stream11642.643.42
tomorrow that's a pretty good shirt it's11644.083.359
a pretty it's pretty nice right yeah11646.063.18
what is that I like that shirt it's11647.4393.241
pretty good it was like 50 bucks it's11649.243.18
really expensive Hawaiian shirt right11650.684.98
off the internet yeah what but I went11652.426.42
for it and it turned out okay11655.665.1
oh yeah I think it was a good decision11658.844.559
thank you oh boy I'm out11660.764.98
I remember when they rated Anthony like11663.3995.281
six years ago and you do that dance and11665.745.22
I dance I don't dance anymore I've given11668.683.48
that up11670.964.14
on the stream on stream I dance you11672.164.739
dance for fun every once in a while yeah11675.13.42
there you go never quit Dancing guys11676.8994.021
never dance Dick Van Dyke as long as you11678.526.06
can know oh no you good no don't worry11680.925.88
about it I'm good Anthony just wear it11684.584.14
to the zoom call tomorrow that's fair I11686.83.479
will wear it to the zoom call to my11688.723.42
buddy think alone11690.2794.981
you got that wolf11692.145.759
and Gronk is going down looks like you11695.265.54
know Guardian11697.8992.901
yeah probably don't know where the11701.145.16
guardian's at I'm fighting bosses11704.144.62
you found out on only fans Anthony CSN11706.35.04
slash only oh God11708.765.04
quick your health was pretty good like11711.344.439
two seconds ago11713.84.86
man day 13. this game really is pretty11715.7796.181
slow who who is doing that doing what do11718.664.44
you see how the boss just went11721.964.26
immediately down like look who was doing11723.15.28
that about damn it smashing him with the11726.224.02
wow Odin's Hammer what are they doing11728.383.599
that we're not I don't know that's what11730.242.76
we need to find out because they didn't11731.9792.761
have Hammer is that just you need to11733.03.3
watch where's chicken yeah chicken's a11734.745.34
guy doing it look at chicken yeah and11736.34.86
not his shirt purple11741.164.92
rain what's up buddy what you got to say11743.624.8
needs my friend if you want some cooking11746.085.16
lessons hit me up buddy besides that11748.424.559
still can't wait for the neebs11751.243.78
remastered Command and Conquer Edition11752.9794.441
by the way it feels right that Anthony11755.024.08
is becoming more involved with you guys11757.423.6
on the regular11759.14.14
you know I think it's yeah11761.023.78
it's just our schedule lately it's11763.243.619
probably yeah11764.84.08
freed up yeah a little bit because11766.8593.821
usually on Thursday nights I would be11768.883.78
rushing because Friday is my long night11770.684.139
to finish Arc usually so it was like11772.664.44
Thursday hey guys what's up gotta get11774.8194.801
back to editing yep and now you do rust11777.16.299
on Mondays yep so now Saturday Sunday11779.626.12
are kind of like my bigger days where I11783.3994.561
like really sit down and focus yeah I11785.743.78
like it too and plus you know with11787.963.359
covert you went around I wasn't around11789.523.36
with that and I've kind of been making a11791.3193.54
just a declaration of myself like at 1011792.884.32
o'clock even if I'm working yep stop11794.8594.141
working relax for a little bit you need11797.24.44
that time to just breathe relax chill11799.04.02
for a minute we've gone out to eat a11801.643.24
little bit we uh we went to see black11803.024.5
widow together yeah getting out doing11804.884.26
stuff again in life we're getting our11807.525.28
life back oh covered world I see a good11809.144.94
Green night maybe hopefully green eyes11814.086.04
and she hoping Ghostbusters is good uh11816.886.24
yeah we gotta go see Suicide Squad yep11820.125.58
definitely yeah that looks okay11823.124.739
my problem with Suicide Squad is I'm not11825.73.96
invested in that DC Universe I'm not11827.8594.141
either at all I can't give a [ __ ] about11829.663.96
that DC Universe I'm going in about the11832.02.96
same way I went in the Black Widow yeah11833.623.72
the trailer shows almost nothing which11834.964.899
I'm appreciative of the trailer is just11837.343.84
like here's a bunch of weirdos doing11839.8593.841
[ __ ] I'm like okay cool I don't but it's11841.184.799
James Gunn he did Guardians one and two11843.75.279
and those they hit he is a very very11845.9795.401
talented director yes yes you should11848.9793.84
thank you11851.383.599
Colonel ring cheers hey look that'd be11852.8193.66
great we need to do a cooking thing11854.9793.0
that'd be awesome thank you Colonel11856.4792.701
maybe we could do that right our next11857.9793.661
live show we'll do like a on stage live11859.184.679
cooking everyone can eat don't they have11861.644.139
classes we could all do a knees gaming11863.8594.261
cooking class everybody gets all their11865.7794.5
ingredients and we all cook together we11868.124.319
taste each other's food sure11870.2793.721
and then at the after party we could11872.4393.361
have like little snack cups there you go11874.04.08
we could run the food trucks for like an11875.85.28
hour okay yes whatever we make you have11878.084.38
to eat11881.084.68
yusha X says happy month of birth neebs11882.465.04
when's your birthday names exactly my11885.764.2
birthday is August but but but like11887.54.62
that's it no happy birthday Mom yeah11889.963.72
proud of you but what is the exact date11892.123.18
I'll let you celebrate my birthday for11893.683.48
one day no no look it's celebrated11895.35.28
celebrate and it was yesterday was it11897.165.22
really yesterday it was yesterday I'm11900.583.66
sorry neeves happy birthday man I don't11902.384.62
care man whatever I got still got like11904.245.159
20 some days of birthday hell yeah let's11907.04.08
party let's do it11909.3993.361
we go see green night I'm buying that11911.083.72
ticket all right done what's green night11912.763.9
about is that he doesn't know don't ask11914.84.019
him he doesn't know I did he doesn't11916.663.36
know but he keeps saying it's the best11918.8193.12
book it's got the guy from Lion in it11920.026.06
he's pretty awesome and then uh he's a11921.9395.521
and he's green he's like a tree person11927.464.319
and he's like I'm gonna challenge you11929.54.26
who's gonna challenge me like I'll do it11931.7793.901
they're selling this one I'll go see11933.763.719
that just to support something different11935.684.02
there you go why not11937.4794.021
there it is folks hey thanks for the11939.73.42
birthday wishes like I was in hereditary11941.53.42
too and he was good in that11943.124.279
I think11944.922.479
okay I'm just gonna11948.464.62
oh just before eight Flags to fix11950.624.02
August 30.11954.643.66
all right I'm just gonna throw these in11956.165.02
are you guys gonna see Venom two man I'm11958.36.0
not interested no I mean I would if it's11961.184.5
one of those movies hey our friends are11964.33.179
going I'll go see it yeah yeah whatever11965.684.44
I never need to see the same thing11967.4794.741
versus the same thing I know they have11970.123.42
these certain things that they do in11972.223.42
superhero movies like all right you got11973.544.22
superhero beginning I like those11975.645.28
superhero loses Powers never enjoy that11977.766.94
uh superhero fight fights himself not a11980.926.24
fan of that no is that what this one is11984.74.98
to you yeah okay it kind of is it's like11987.166.36
Venom versus symbiote yeah Carnage yeah11989.687.139
mixed with Woody Harrelson yeah11993.524.82
there's a weird detail in that movie11996.8195.16
that Eddie Brock and Venom are separate11998.346.519
entities we're Carnage and Woody12001.9794.741
Harrelson are one entity because he's12004.8595.881
crazy he accepts him there you go as one12006.726.059
thing lay it out for him guys we're12010.743.84
[ __ ] chicken oh yeah I still don't12012.7793.421
care chicken was already in the hole if12014.583.359
you don't bring chicken back oh my God12016.23.9
chicken's dead wrong holy [ __ ] get to12017.9393.781
the boat I'm gonna run and push the boat12020.13.0
out I don't care if it floats halfway12021.723.599
nope the boat is not oh wait somebody12023.13.96
did somebody bring back chicken oh thank12025.3192.781
she still got a chance yeah [ __ ] we need12028.15.56
you all right I have two pieces of armor12030.664.44
and a bow with no arrows whatever you12033.662.699
need chicken this is gonna be one of12035.12.46
those nights go follow Chicken on12036.3592.641
YouTube whatever you need I'm just gonna12037.563.12
stay back I'm gonna I'm gonna stay back12039.03.859
I love it we don't have anybody here12043.883.58
that's ready to go like we're gonna12046.025.22
finish this match yeah I know where to12047.465.46
go where am I going home okay whatever12051.244.199
we sit thick the bed12052.924.5
um cookout's open until four so I'm in12055.4393.861
no rush yeah12057.423.96
should probably be like all right I12059.34.84
gotta go all right oh yeah no yeah door12061.385.58
around like when 11 o'clock's coming12064.146.12
Dora is like hey yeah we're picking oh12066.965.12
[ __ ] oh and I'm done12070.263.54
we're picking somebody for the stream12072.083.64
right yeah yeah I gotta go and then12073.83.599
Simon depends on if he's been drinking12075.724.5
or not yeah Simon depends on his mood if12077.3995.341
he's still conscious yeah12080.225.219
you put him to sleep okay hey birthday12082.744.26
wishes are still coming thank you so12085.4393.42
much how did I get brought back so quick12087.03.12
what just happened12088.8593.12
man you got professionals you're playing12090.124.319
yeah clearly because I have no clue what12091.9794.5
I'm doing oh yeah that's that's just12094.4394.521
yeah run whoa12096.4795.761
yeah all right you turn left oh God yep12098.965.2
I stopped to avoid we'll be back in two12102.245.28
seconds three two one back that's how I12104.165.279
oh you know back I bet it I bet someone12107.523.9
did the Statue Maybe12109.4394.5
maybe I think there's chicken going12111.424.62
going for it12113.9394.141
fully dressed there's a guardian out12116.043.0
day 15. oh man 15. chicken has been12119.044.739
speed running this game12122.343.96
for years and it came out six months she12123.7794.741
can just what the hell yeah he just12126.33.96
smacks them he just spawned a bunch of12128.523.24
dudes and now he's just eating them up12130.263.599
he's he's earning points to bring you12131.764.2
back super quick like12133.8593.841
yeah he's doing this he's doing it for12135.964.019
fun that's what he's doing he's getting12137.75.119
money in and stuff12139.9792.84
don't worry about bringing me back we're12143.123.279
just gonna watch you finish the game12145.143.36
really yeah honestly I'm like we12146.3993.601
appreciate you like you begin to bring12148.53.72
me back I'm gonna be useless damn it God12150.04.34
damn it12152.225.719
hey you hey what are you doing oh [ __ ]12154.346.04
hey chicken we need to be brought back12157.9393.661
real quick12160.384.74
chicken win this game win the game some12161.65.5
done this is your stream now he's really12165.123.72
done honestly bring back someone else I12167.13.42
can tell he's leaning back in the chair12168.843.62
he's over it12170.524.32
I'm done I'm done I'm done he's not even12172.463.819
gonna turn the camera he's just gonna12174.843.9
stare at you mm-hmm12176.2794.261
we're gonna look at you unless something12178.743.659
interesting is happening let's see your12180.544.98
best uh thick camera work oh pick on12182.3994.88
hold on guys hold up12187.2797.12
hold up what oh my God oh my God12190.3195.821
that's thick okay thick I need to edit12194.3995.361
this and you're making me sick come on12196.143.62
it comes from twitch Shooters it does12201.123.659
it's from like Wars oh yeah no he plays12202.7393.841
Warzone all the time so he has that oh12204.7795.0
it's like that's super sippy12206.585.58
hey gooey Armstrong thank you much just12209.7794.66
have birthday names uh my birthday is12212.165.22
the same as uh as his pops that's12214.4396.3
awesome hey cheers gooey nice but I12217.385.04
don't mind Twitchy gameplay um because12220.7393.901
like Jack Frags videos like he he has12222.425.1
he's kind of Twitchy but he has a very12224.645.16
very wide field of view yes and so12227.524.56
skilled yeah I think's just looking12229.86.36
around at monkeys you're not wrong no12232.086.0
but yeah yeah it kind of stops takes his12236.163.36
time thinks about what's gonna happen12238.082.699
he'll be able to follow that action I12239.523.66
think just blink like just guns blazing12240.7795.101
just going in fairy keeps you alive in12243.184.259
those games though you look around left12245.883.599
right left right left no yeah you're not12247.4394.261
wrong yeah12249.4793.901
I probably do the same when I'm not12251.73.779
recording a video12253.385.88
oh if that fast melon head let's give us12255.4795.221
five dollars thank you so much been a12259.263.179
long time since I've been to you guys12260.73.84
stream but I heard what was going on and12262.4394.021
I want to let you guys know that thick12264.543.72
is in my thoughts and I hope that12266.464.08
everyone is doing well World Peace12268.264.62
well thank you so much and he would say12270.544.199
thank you yes he's doing well today yeah12272.883.899
I'm sure you I think you were here12274.7394.821
earlier I think just left but uh yeah12276.7795.101
dick's been doing really great yeah12279.565.4
three minutes and12281.885.399
he's really kept a great attitude12284.964.5
towards it yeah I gotta commend him12287.2797.941
strong guy strong dude yep he's got that12289.465.76
come on chicken anyway12296.2793.261
check in never seen the boat fixed12299.8195.901
I'd like to see how what happens12302.885.76
I guess they're looking for oh they're12305.725.139
back we're bringing everyone's back she12308.644.08
can brought everybody back oh wow wait12310.8593.721
no did somebody leave I don't know why12312.723.54
I'm going to be worthless it looks like12314.583.6
less people doesn't it it's already 210012316.263.9
nights coming anything in this chest all12318.184.02
right I'm hiding on the boat well you12320.163.48
better pick some stuff up well chicken's12322.23.18
looking for abomam12323.644.2
uh but it doesn't look like there's any12325.384.62
left on the map is none of your armor12327.843.96
over there no my armor got destroyed or12330.04.38
like lost on one of my earlier deaths so12331.84.38
this was one of my second deaths yeah so12334.383.42
yeah I was like I'm done I can't yeah12336.182.639
is nothing I'll be able to fire the12338.8193.66
scenery isn't this okay no it's a cool12340.8593.54
game yeah wow look at this look at the12342.4794.5
particles I like it thanks Alex Carrie12344.3995.221
Predator says I knew your birthday was12346.9794.38
in August but not the day happy birthday12349.623.239
names you're awesome and we love you12351.3594.141
kisses thank you so much the same12352.8594.981
except the kisses okay kisses from you12355.53.84
huh I'll give you a pat on the back all12357.843.0
right maybe a hug all right I think I'll12359.343.0
live if I just I'm gonna hang out on the12360.843.54
so yeah we went camping like years ago12364.383.599
on your birthday so we're walking12366.722.099
through the woods and you're like12367.9792.34
today's my birthday and I went oh God12368.8194.021
why don't I know that12370.3194.021
um I used to12372.844.26
travel every year on my birthday whether12374.344.74
it was a camping trip or whatever and12377.14.32
what happened then we started this12379.083.779
gaming channel12381.422.88
I think we need to get your priorities12382.8593.901
back in straight back in line we started12384.33.84
traveling a lot because I always12386.763.36
traveled because12388.144.02
I just wanted to go somewhere usually it12390.123.119
was camping because that was the12392.163.659
cheapest and then like we were flying to12393.2395.16
like San Francisco wherever and I was12395.8194.08
like okay well I've been traveling I12398.3993.301
don't feel like I need to travel now12399.8993.901
that's cool that's true but now you12401.73.48
haven't been we haven't traveled much12403.82.76
lately we need to make that camping12405.183.599
thing happen yes we do so12406.563.96
stop the mountains we can make videos12408.7793.841
there well that's not good let's get a12410.523.419
laptop if you go in there will you be12412.624.08
safe that's where I was hiding just stay12413.9396.0
in there yeah all right great strength12416.75.4
oh God no it's about all like oh Jesus12419.9393.721
Christ that's about all I can do tonight12422.12.7
you're doing great out there bananas12424.86.179
okay okay oh God yep that's it did that12427.584.659
damage the boat12430.9793.42
I don't know12432.2395.101
can we get a laptop put it on a stump in12434.3994.681
the middle of the woods and record a12437.343.36
single video12439.083.899
out there that's like stick fight or12440.74.44
whatever sure we could uh just have a12442.9793.901
travel documentary yeah12445.143.54
we'll tell it we'll have matches of12446.883.12
stick fight while we talk about what12448.683.42
happened that day right oh yeah we12450.03.479
picked up some random guy on the side of12452.13.679
the road12453.4792.3
I was in the back of the truck because I12457.8194.181
gave him my seat because he was a frail12460.023.839
old man oh yeah no Delbert he's been to12462.03.12
jail he's never been to prison never12463.8593.0
been to prison I don't want Dilbert just12465.122.88
have to sit in the back of the truck12466.8593.481
he's holding limping so I was in the12468.05.1
back and then I came back in you guys12470.345.28
are like that guy was a character let me12473.14.1
tell you12475.624.199
you guys never been to prison he's like12477.24.539
I gotta go to go to town and pick up12479.8195.881
some chicks what view your your last12481.7396.841
surviving hope12485.75.9
this guy was like 70 something12488.584.92
we didn't really know the story when we12491.63.879
picked him up we just knew this guy's12493.53.66
hitchhiking I guess we'll pick him up12495.4793.481
that was his house he was just sitting12497.163.659
outside his house yeah there was an12498.963.24
angry looking woman on the porch12500.8193.841
probably his wife I'm gonna go into12502.25.88
Elizabethtown get some cooter12504.665.04
yeah we passed the prison right and he's12508.083.12
like my son's in there or something12509.74.68
didn't he he said no I mean yeah my the12511.24.86
line I just remember is like yeah he was12514.383.54
asking us you guys never been to jail or12516.063.66
I'm like no he's like yeah I've been to12517.923.18
jail I've been to prison though I've12519.723.179
been to prison though he was proud of12521.13.839
that it's a big difference ah in that12522.8993.361
town that that that's the difference12524.9394.021
between a criminal and mayor it ain't12526.264.8
like I've been to prison what are you12528.963.74
chicken and blue either this guy's12532.74.06
cheating or he's putting up a fight but12535.262.76
you gotta put the right armor on no12536.764.019
kidding the armor is very important yeah12538.025.4
he used all of our got damaged you got12540.7794.801
damaged yeah we needed that Obama to fix12543.425.479
the fix the boat yeah12545.583.319
he knows all the moves there he does12549.85.16
look at him12552.4792.481
good God12556.384.5
yeah he tears him up look at that health12558.962.819
he's got an Obama sword12561.7795.16
take a little hit there piggy bank12564.625.26
that's a ton that's like a dagger12566.9396.901
yeah yeah thank you x x the lops12569.887.019
Jack's doing a pretty good job too12573.844.62
saying Anthony you're the goat of12576.8993.601
editing and Ada hop is pretty great too12578.464.5
yep he's like yeah no no we all do12580.53.96
pretty good stuff oh y'all look great12582.963.84
yeah hey if you work here you gotta be12584.463.96
great they gotta be good or we ain't12586.83.12
gonna keep you oh thank God he didn't12588.422.7
bring you back for more than like six12589.923.84
months or sevens so please don't bring12591.125.04
it back to life okay I have nothing to12593.764.74
offer you here12596.164.56
Andy biscuits I like the Transformers12598.54.8
one I think that was my favorite yep the12600.726.2
Transformers don't make any sense12603.33.62
and he's like hold on a minute12607.525.379
hang on a second see this is what I want12610.8193.941
to do I want to watch this guy maybe12612.8993.84
learn some tips no the penguin one12614.763.479
actually I'm sorry I forgot the penguin12616.7393.54
one that was pretty it's just so stupid12618.2396.421
bamboo versus bamboo versus Penguins I12620.2797.801
would take all the bamboo and kill all12624.664.86
the Penguins12628.083.72
yeah look I wanted to animate something12629.524.32
and I had to record something12631.84.22
had to practice my animation hell yeah12633.845.28
bamboo oh my god look oh my God and12636.024.06
guess what they're gonna die in three12639.122.06
three Chiefs12641.183.42
so he's doing this to harvest what money12644.9396.481
materials man we suck at this time oh12648.55.7
yeah of course we do12651.422.78
that's like all all these games you know12655.52.939
any time a game like this comes out it's12657.122.58
one of those things like some people12658.4393.3
have enough time to play it oh yeah12659.73.72
where they can just get really good at12661.7392.881
it and figure out the little details12663.422.88
yeah potato salad12664.625.76
yummy yummy potato salad [ __ ] yummy12666.35.639
oh man he's picking up 10 wraps left and12671.9394.021
he's hacking I bet no he's not as grumpy12675.966.479
he's not acting he's really good12679.085.22
I mean if you get the right armor you12682.4394.141
can withstand a lot of damage clearly12684.33.599
and then you get the right weapon you12686.583.359
could chop them down now if you focus it12687.8994.08
seems like if you focus your12689.9394.021
first few days I'm just boosting your12691.9795.101
armor you'll be all right that's it12693.965.22
it's like you get the uh you know work12697.084.26
as hard as you can to pick up a uh what12699.183.86
a steel pickaxe12701.345.58
yes Jen I was singing The Wiggles12703.045.739
That's The Wiggles you said potato salad12706.923.96
or something and it their song is fruit12708.7793.481
yummy yummy12712.263.559
fruit salad12714.183.84
yummy yummy so yeah he killed those guys12715.8193.761
just to have cats because he just went12718.023.32
he just ran he just ran around and12721.343.88
picked up a ton more are they12723.544.14
Australians The Wiggles as techies as12725.225.9
Wiggles are Australian yeah they are12727.683.44
entertaining kids for Generations good12731.73.539
night yusha yeah we're going late12733.85.04
tonight yeah we really are yeah I I feel12735.2395.821
like I'll play a game of uh muck that'll12738.844.139
last about yeah that'll be 30 minutes12741.064.44
nope yeah for us it is12742.9794.26
yeah so I didn't realize we'd have12745.53.779
Professionals in here we know it's late12747.2393.781
pretty most of you if you gotta go do12749.2792.821
what you got to do we're gonna see this12751.023.06
through yeah no I wanna see where this12752.14.32
goes oh damn12754.084.14
yeah sorry I'm not playing anymore but I12756.423.479
got nothing to offer this team these12758.223.84
these guys are out of my league I am12759.8994.021
happy to just watch them kick ass you12762.064.86
got no armor yeah if I spawn back in12763.925.28
that's the thing I'm just gonna be12766.925.34
yeah worthless orange juice12769.25.579
OJ yeah but even these guys are screwed12772.264.26
because there's no more about they can't12774.7793.421
fix the boat there's no more abominium12776.524.32
but how is that possible uh because some12778.25.76
[ __ ] used it all to make their armor12780.845.04
what how is that how would they just I12783.963.24
mean I know the game is a slap together12785.883.899
game but how would they make the game12787.24.8
that broken12789.7793.901
are you sure there's no more Obama12792.03.3
that's what they're saying it's Gotta12793.683.96
make more if it can't end12795.34.62
then we just got to wait for them to die12797.644.32
that's not a good ending is it it's not12799.923.6
I mean it's a pretty epic ending it's12801.963.54
they sacrifice but they could be I mean12803.523.18
that could be part of the challenge of12805.52.939
like hey whatever you know random gen12806.73.96
map you spawn of there's only a limited12808.4394.321
amount of this resource yeah but you12810.665.04
have to be very careful with it yeah12812.765.04
and or else we'll see what day they get12815.74.079
uh Brian's about us says are we going to12819.7794.681
see any more Channel episodes of this12822.7793.481
game apologies if it's already been12824.464.74
asked we were the one we just recorded12826.265.219
already come out no no yeah so there is12829.24.079
going to be one more for sure yeah okay12831.4793.361
I think there's two more who knows and12833.2792.941
you guys are itching to like play again12834.842.88
yeah I like this game I want to get12837.723.719
better at it yeah so but yeah it's12839.3993.84
brutal at least one like this is yeah12841.4394.681
even uneasy it's uh it's brutal if the12843.2394.74
second one does well there will be more12846.124.56
so share and like And subscribe and12847.9794.38
click the Bell got it12850.684.74
put it on Tech talk no God damn it12852.3595.88
congratulations you're alive oh wait12855.424.2
just stand there for two seconds three12858.2393.781
hit me two one what's out here Dead all12859.623.68
I'll be right back all right we'll just12863.35.8
watched uh we'll look at Bane's crotch12866.3995.46
there you go that's pretty good looks12869.14.74
pretty uh polygonal12871.8594.38
polygonian yeah you see the amount of12873.845.28
polygons there yeah Skye what's up buddy12876.2395.281
thank you so much12879.124.56
good job Anthony thank you12881.524.379
yeah this is great oh my God Caesar12883.684.08
seizures whoa12885.8994.38
uh Caesar Caesars12887.764.32
she's your she's your Caesar salad I'm12890.2793.561
trying to get y'all a good angle12892.084.859
all right there we go good job Anthony12893.844.54
why is everyone saying great what did I12896.9392.401
I didn't do anything how do I switch to12899.343.84
chicken hold on uh arrows I'm just12900.965.939
guessing nope the spacebar click click12903.186.48
there we go chicken he's hanging out12906.8995.401
with the cows we're on you chicken uh12909.664.98
Colonel races was that Treasure Island12912.35.04
Beach yesterday what a blast my fam had12914.645.7
although we uh the waves were huge the12917.344.62
surf is so strong the kids weren't12920.344.32
allowed to swim but they got blasted12921.966.24
this vid uh shows the waves okay what is12924.665.42
Treasure Island do you know12928.24.5
I feel like I've heard of it it's like a12930.085.199
is it is it a Disney place I don't know12932.74.44
I feel like it's a resort12935.2794.261
is it thanks for the Treasure Island in12937.146.32
San Francisco but I doubt that's it12939.543.92
all right how's chicken doing Laguna12945.03.66
Beach doing great oh it's Laguna Beach12946.9794.021
just south of uh L.A12948.664.68
big waves look at that wave yeah there's12951.04.979
a big wave oh yeah12953.344.74
oh they're close to the shop oh yeah12955.9793.181
there you go that's that's a good12958.083.359
perspective oh big wave for size yep12959.163.659
that'll knock you around oh and look12961.4393.561
that way if that's big what is this guy12962.8194.201
you're a chicken he's like practically12965.03.279
oh and look at that wave that's a big12968.2792.781
that one same wave a little bigger did12971.065.32
you see this Wave Wait the next one I12974.223.84
bet you it's gonna be a big win that's12976.384.32
the same wave come on now with a bird12978.063.919
nice waves that's pretty big waves um I12981.9795.26
went to Laguna Beach once and chicken12985.563.299
where's that chicken just shed all of12987.2393.901
his armor it's just south of L.A I think12988.8593.301
it's South12991.145.28
um I got beat up out there that buys oh12992.166.779
by the waves okay yeah by some people no12996.424.88
the waves will knock you around12998.9394.92
big time they give it a shot once13001.34.36
because I'm here the boys are all really13003.8595.101
small whatever13005.663.3
and the water's cold for me in LA or13009.386.359
here L.A Pacific Ocean what is the13012.84.32
normal temperature I don't know those13015.7393.421
were like 50 or 60. yeah that's too cold13017.124.14
yeah that's cold I mean you'll get used13019.165.04
to it but it's not like fun13021.265.639
that's where uh where a wetsuit whether13024.26.3
I need some uh 70 plus 70 degree plus13026.8995.04
yeah it needs to be like a bathtub13030.53.359
that's right13031.9394.441
I like going up to like where Astros13033.8595.641
folks live and uh find a Cove where the13036.386.359
water's like 85 degrees Yeah13039.57.1
smoking on the beach when I was a kid13042.7393.861
this uh this person this person has it13048.3995.321
looked like at least quadruple jump at13051.923.18
this point13053.723.78
go follow Bula and Chicken on whatever13055.14.98
social media they need because thank you13057.55.54
thank you for carrying us13060.082.96
so he's picked up a thousand beans and13066.2794.96
jet packs and Robin Hood hats is that13069.024.56
his stuff in the top right no that's13071.2396.921
yours look like yeah13073.584.58
the thing is they can't fix the boat13091.3595.46
there's no more so what do we do well13093.386.18
day 2813096.8196.341
hey no they're on day two uh 17 but I13099.565.16
don't think they can fix the boat so now13103.163.18
it's just a game of how long can they13104.724.559
survive yeah and with how many Powers he13106.345.519
has the answer is probably forever13109.2794.921
so names you got somebody to raid now13111.8594.08
it's probably the time to do it this13114.24.14
game might not be the most balanced well13115.9393.84
give me a minute13118.343.36
so no yeah take your time take your time13119.7794.981
No One's Gonna rush you yeah Oola the13121.76.539
biggest boss oh [ __ ] oh yeah wait13124.766.059
who's giving up on life13128.2394.16
Bull's giving up13130.8195.181
no live sacrifice13132.3998.34
oh man thinks the only one left alive13136.04.739
I don't think things gonna drag it out13158.086.94
drag it out oh thank you no think how13161.426.54
could you let us down like this13165.026.24
uh you know what good job yeah all of13167.965.16
you everybody that was in our team13171.264.5
except for me you guys are amazing13173.124.619
I got a lot to learn on this game yeah13175.763.96
lots to learn13177.7395.221
but yeah it was fun but you found neebs13179.724.679
nothing not you're supposed you're13182.962.58
supposed to stall them and now you're13184.3992.821
talking about what I'm doing that's what13185.543.359
I didn't want well we can talk about it13187.223.599
in more detail you are looking at a13188.8994.441
screen again take your time there's a13190.8195.12
lot of people tinkering with toys13193.345.639
they're repairing laptops doing arts and13195.9396.061
crafts projects13198.9795.821
I'll play something until you're ready13202.06.58
all right I'm gonna play13204.86.439
just die already it takes two13213.164.619
nothing to play anime hentai oh wait I13218.2393.54
know what I'm gonna play I'm gonna play13220.764.019
kitten Cannon yeah there you go13221.7795.941
Line Rider some crazy [ __ ] it's from13224.7794.741
like a million years ago13227.722.66
does it even work anymore13232.65.56
yeah I guess so but how13235.425.819
flash went away13238.163.079
yeah yeah flashes start boom it's kitten13242.26.9
Cannon baby13246.562.54
oh my god oh wow this is like a sped up13249.924.92
version yeah it runs way too fast13252.923.69
that way13259.344.559
I can't control the thing but all right13261.524.48
what if you what if you maximize it it13263.8993.901
doesn't maximize it here we go there we13266.04.62
go you can't change the angle13267.86.24
ah damn it only 466 feet what about that13270.625.699
maximize button on the bottom right the13274.044.92
maximize button on the bottom right bam13276.3194.561
now Are You full screen now can you13278.965.7
control it no it doesn't seem to be uh13280.888.099
can I drag it spacebar shoots but13284.666.42
can't find the button that up and down13288.9794.641
all right here we go13295.123.48
it was designed for Pentium one13300.9394.021
computers in13303.55.819
1998. oh God damn it 83 feet gone modern13304.966.06
and fast super fast oh God damn it okay13311.026.219
here we go this one's gonna be a good13315.025.7
one yeah come on hey hit that bomb raid13317.2396.061
Shrek extra large son of a [ __ ] I gotta13320.725.42
do better than 533 feet13323.34.58
come on you [ __ ]13327.886.34
here we go this is the one13331.225.58
which God damn it what's your highest13334.225.34
533 yes it was like the first one I did13336.85.46
go up one tab no no no this is the one13339.564.14
yeah here we go13342.263.74
yeah come on come on13343.75.46
yeah it's 6 21 [ __ ] I'm telling13346.04.6
you ready watch this watch this up two13349.165.819
nope nope down three Taps now hit it13350.65.82
watch this13354.9794.34
up a little right13366.385.3
come on lady13371.8593.42
you know what I think I enjoyed this13377.24.18
fast version of this game it's out of13379.522.82
the way yeah it's just like all right13381.382.099
it's done here you go this is what you13382.343.18
got it's the time to waste13383.4794.76
come on13385.522.719
God damn it13388.7796.04
Anthony what do you want up all the way13391.765.719
hit it13394.8192.66
oh [ __ ] oh damn man oh [ __ ] Anthony oh13399.25.539
hey I want the jackpot13406.524.08
where's that13408.683.86
nice isn't it13412.547.18
what can I say I need to call it how are13416.25.02
you so skilled man I really just wanted13419.722.639
to find something comes from the early13421.223.719
90s or I mean late 90s early 2000s13422.3596.601
internet skills yeah yeah check this out13424.9395.96
all the way down13428.965.12
hit it13430.8993.181
Tim you're a kitten hey oh you're close13437.087.72
though it's practically the same13441.387.62
here all right here we go my turn13444.86.179
going not all the way up not all the way13449.04.14
down like right there right there this13450.9793.861
is the one13453.144.38
yeah come on hit the bottom oh God damn13454.847.5
it it's all right you'll get it one day13457.524.82
oh listen I I don't know I don't know13464.965.16
how it's gonna go but we could try this13468.383.78
one person all right I like where you're13470.123.18
going with it13472.164.26
um this was the one I was thinking looks13473.35.82
like a good guy um okay I'm in13476.424.74
I like his environment this could either13479.124.44
be really good or horrible so13481.165.279
just oh boy let's just go with it I13483.564.74
guess yeah all right hold up let me get13486.4393.721
this high scoring [ __ ] never mind all13488.33.66
right I'll go have fun this is one of my13490.164.079
favorite games real quick one more one13491.965.22
more one point God [ __ ] oh come on after13494.2394.681
you gotta go all the way to the top and13497.183.24
hit the button watch13498.924.319
they say continue go all the way to the13500.425.04
top and hit the button13503.2394.62
watch this13505.465.42
all right [ __ ] you13507.8593.021
you gotta go in if it works it works13510.9396.701
confidence maybe if it works you look13515.25.94
cool if not everyone who cares13517.643.5
this is such a dumb thing I love it13522.7394.681
names I like your choice I think it's13524.8595.38
gonna work this could be weird13527.424.26
um I hope it's weird it doesn't look13530.2392.7
good it looks weird but in a good way13531.683.059
I'm gonna warn you now it could be weird13532.9393.361
look he's got plenty of room on his13534.7393.12
couch for you guys to all sit it's gonna13536.34.5
be fun all right shall I uh shall I do13537.8595.101
this oh man yeah right after I get this13540.84.139
high score okay so you're not gonna get13542.963.18
the high score unless you put the cannon13544.9392.581
all the way at the bottom remember all13546.143.599
the way at the bottom oh see that's not13547.524.2
gonna go long oh you hit a bone yeah but13549.7394.861
it's gonna stop right like here you have13551.724.44
to go all the way down and hit the13554.63.799
where is this great advice13562.666.54
all right good night everybody13566.684.96
ladies and gentlemen uh I'm just gonna13569.23.64
give you a quick warning of what you're13571.644.98
getting into in case you're afraid13572.845.28
um we're gonna rate this guy who's13576.624.619
playing Beat saber yeah I'll send you13578.125.52
there give me one second he's killing it13581.2395.401
all right let's see I do this that keeps13583.644.799
got done you know working at the Ad13586.643.0
thank you13589.643.48
I love it there we go all right when hit13590.424.019
start raid13593.123.3
there should be a countdown13594.4394.441
yep yep yep is it working there we go13596.425.0
thank you so much13606.15.419
big rain let's go you guys like KDA13628.127.14
what's operators thank you so much13631.463.8
on another Apollo thank you so much13635.924.26
go deep inside your breath put your13642.686.24
hands up poor followers off you guys are13645.924.859
the best thank you so much Welcome to My13648.923.899
Little slice of the internet I do K-pop13650.7795.761
24 7.0013652.8193.721
thank you thank you so much thank you13668.3194.281
for the follows13671.2394.52
thank you so much everybody uh gracias13679.429.93
good tiger13691.7793.361
thank you so much13697.643.02
what's up thank you so much for the13706.2394.721
following you guys really like KDA thank13708.684.58
you so much13710.962.3
I can get them I trust me thank you so13728.24.56
this this graphic you're covering over13739.2394.781
here is uh we are having a tournament to13741.684.679
determine thank you so much for the13744.024.7
karaoke Mike that's me nice to meet you13749.04.399
um we are trying to figure out my13761.4793.141
favorite uh13762.85.599
K-pop person and the vote is between13764.627.239
twice chewy I know that's not doesn't13768.3996.101
and IU up there I'm gonna throw the13771.8594.141
votes you guys right now because let's13774.53.899
vote while we got a thousand people here13776.05.16
this is the most democracy that's ever13778.3994.141
been experienced let me hurry up and set13781.162.88
up this vote13782.544.68
new poll put your hands up and get your13784.045.46
drinks up okay it's between IU who's13787.224.019
going on to the fourth round and who is13789.53.18
being left that's the Mike Jam emote13791.2392.641
right there you guys guys got better13792.683.92
Twitch TV13793.882.72
all right is the poll up I gotta vote I13798.084.38
get to vote too I get to vote too I'm13800.2393.301
gonna vote13802.464.64
twice chewy versus IU13803.547.1
everybody at 29 let's submit the score13807.17.86
I'm trying to put my hands up guys13810.644.32
okay it's time for a K-pop party I just13821.264.719
put in the scores13824.33.979
I'm putting my hands up13837.563.2

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