No Mercy to Babies!!! - Grounded

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? They stumbled upon a Barbie car in this tiny Barbie world and the reactions are ...
No Mercy to Babies!!! - Grounded
No Mercy to Babies!!! - Grounded

No Mercy to Babies!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


simon: Hey NEEBS, have you seen that No Mercy to Babies video? It's my favorite!

neebs: Oh yeah, that one is hilarious! Those baby spiders never stood a chance!

simon: I know, right? And when they found that Barbie car in the tiny Barbie world, I lost it!

neebs: I couldn't stop laughing when they were trying to finish off those babies. Classic!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? They stumbled upon a Barbie car in this tiny Barbie world and the reactions are priceless! Seriously, who knew Barbie had a world of her own complete with little cars? It's hilarious watching the gang explore this miniature world and try to figure out what to do with the Barbie car.

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you know that their videos are always a good time. From their crazy adventures in games like 7 Days to Die and Scrap Mechanic, to their hilarious antics in Minecraft and GTA V, Neebs and the crew always bring the laughs. And this video is no different - watching them navigate through this Barbie world is pure entertainment.

I love how the Neebs crew always manages to find the most random things in games and turn them into epic adventures. And this Barbie car discovery is no exception. From searching for the pink car to facing off against baby spiders and tiger mosquitos, the gang encounters all sorts of obstacles in this video. But they never fail to make it entertaining with their witty banter and funny reactions.

So if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming, be sure to check out this video and see what kind of shenanigans they get into in this Barbie world. And don't forget to hit that subscribe button and check out their merch - they always have cool stuff available. Can't wait to see what other crazy adventures Neebs and the crew get into next!

Neebs Gaming
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can we get in here oh it's locked hey0.3594.741
what a surprise yeah of course it's3.05.299
locked oh my God5.13.199
hey nibs yeah come up to the roof26.38.08
okay very top yeah very very top oh30.386.64
there he is all right check this out34.384.999
check this out37.025.52
this zip line connects our uh the base39.3795.081
here all the way through the new base42.545.699
sweet and uh if I'm not mistaken I think44.467.919
if I pick these up uh-huh I can48.2397.14
gonna send them down the zipline Jeep oh52.3795.761
you dropped one they only go one way55.3795.401
look check that out see it's attached oh58.145.7
no oh I was hoping we could send it no60.785.159
oh okay I'm disappointed that's the way63.844.2
we don't want it no yeah we want it65.9394.981
that way crap68.045.46
it's lazy a aphids man they can't run70.924.92
those over I guess not oh you know what73.53.659
I am curious about something though hold75.843.24
on let me see if I can cheat what if I77.1594.921
hit F to relocate and then as I'm79.086.24
relocating can I ride the zip line no82.086.3
damn it um man you're a loophole guy85.324.68
aren't you oh yeah I was really looking88.383.599
for one and you can't uh zipline while90.04.619
carrying these things right uh no yeah91.9794.201
you can send things down like if I were94.6193.661
to go back to base I could send stuff96.184.079
down here to you but yeah we really98.283.78
wanted it to go up to the base man now100.2593.601
I'm disappointed okay you want to go102.063.599
higher man we do have a lot of resources103.862.82
and we need to really move stuff over ah106.683.78
forget about it we'll just build new109.023.3
stuff over there okay110.463.24
yeah this is still pretty cool though112.322.61
we're going to town aren't you Sam hey118.526.58
boys hey hi this freaking ladybug man121.4396.481
with the crazy lady Birds lady birds get125.15.4
it right okay why they're cold it is127.924.14
dumb yeah it's a ladybug but they call130.53.36
them a lady bird yeah so I'm not gonna132.063.3
do that we're not we're not going to133.863.599
continue this stupidity yeah I want to135.363.42
meet the guy that said we're going to137.4593.36
classify these as ladybirds I want to138.783.959
slap them they must really exist right I140.8193.42
mean they must but who looked at that142.7393.14
and said we'll call that a lady bird144.2393.961
it's the negative image of a ladybug145.8795.321
okay also hey can we uh I don't want to148.24.38
say but like you know the aphids that151.22.46
are doing all this work especially the152.582.82
ones for these like the pulleys and153.664.5
coming up the ropes they're slapins yes155.45.58
they are all right I like that too yeah158.164.439
and you know what I don't mind that I160.984.02
would buy a t-shirt to save the slaves162.5994.86
no no yeah we're the worst we're we're165.04.68
utilizing I'm talking about a real167.4594.021
t-shirt I'm talking about we should save169.684.38
them yeah hey uh I think I'm gonna I'm171.483.839
gonna work on the bass a little bit174.062.759
today maybe establishing a zipline175.3193.661
Network do you guys want to like go176.8193.541
explore the upper yard because there's a178.983.78
lot of stuff here that that I know we180.364.08
haven't seen what I was going to say to182.765.82
you and that's one to grow on okay that184.447.26
too I was gonna Crouch that sounds good188.584.86
yeah so you guys can find new bugs new191.73.119
resources you know all that good stuff193.443.42
all right we're gonna go exploring194.8195.64
salmon we'll kill something new or we196.865.4
should we shouldn't just go and kill we200.4593.42
only kill if we have we'll play it by202.264.759
ear that's right203.8793.14
thank you210.23.66
okay what oh213.94.68
see the bones down there so there's a216.544.199
roly-poly have you guys killed a218.585.04
roly-poly uh we haven't killed one no220.7395.28
they fight back do they roll into a ball223.624.679
and fight back you know me I'm sorry I226.0193.841
don't remember I do remember seeing one228.2994.02
I think we might have pissed them off229.864.98
should we go as far as we can down like232.3194.681
just kind of peeking over and see if234.844.56
there's something that interests us yeah237.04.019
that we haven't seen I know we've seen239.44.08
the roly-poly saw some movement over241.0194.981
there that's a nice little uh Pond even243.485.16
though that might just be a footprint I246.05.7
might I might have even jumped on top of248.644.739
the roly-poly I think it was quite251.74.14
passive oh yeah yeah they you would253.3793.961
imagine they're another lady bird what255.843.899
is this little twister okay is this blue257.344.799
was this blue thing is that something259.7395.641
plastic it's plasticky is that a disc I262.1396.901
don't know it looks like a oh yeah some265.386.66
sort of a well I'm underneath it now so269.045.7
yeah it's like a lid of something like a272.045.34
yeah like a could be a medicine bottle274.745.6
oh I see something of Interest Diamond277.387.099
all right it is looks like a Barbie car280.347.24
oh the hell just happened here hey did284.4795.381
you use I saw you say well you saw the287.583.72
movie I did289.865.22
I enjoyed it I did too anyway Barbie car291.38.58
oh man and there's a tooth yeah except I295.086.559
don't know if I've got what it takes299.885.539
away I do you do yeah and it's a go-to301.6397.901
oh yeah yeah look it's a sour Wormhole I305.4197.361
could bust it whoa that makes me happy309.546.06
get those Sons of Guns I'll get this312.785.22
stuff so far great Explorer and Simon315.65.099
yeah uh I need a higher tool and I so318.05.4
there's a wormhole sour stuff yeah320.6994.44
that's for you does it need three or two323.44.56
it looks like it's three I don't have325.1395.041
that I've just got a two okay327.966.239
me too I don't okay yeah because I just330.185.64
have a two as well right right both of334.1993.0
probably could have kept that to337.1993.601
yourself and keep yourself to yourself338.465.36
how about that340.83.02
neebs yeah let's see I'm back we need345.85.739
materials all over at the other house349.54.139
like we need to build a workbench like351.5394.021
all the great stuff we got in here yeah353.6394.741
we need over there okay and also spider355.565.18
silk right because I had a crazy idea358.385.58
like what if we could build a zip line360.748.44
from our base up top why sorry why I363.967.32
didn't mean to do that you were saying369.184.32
what if we could build a zip line from371.283.78
our base up top all the way to the373.53.36
picnic table I love it because we got375.063.3
the there's also that zip one that's376.863.059
already at the picnic table it takes us378.364.02
to the sandbox right yeah are you379.9193.84
kidding me I thought it was a different382.383.78
button you're missing me now you're383.7594.5
messing with me now right I really was386.164.08
trying to just see you better and you're388.2594.44
doing what okay let me try hold on let390.244.22
me look away right392.6994.981
you were saying oops I'm sorry I'm sorry394.465.5
I didn't mean to I know you see how bad397.684.38
you feel that's how bad I felt a minute399.965.28
ago right the two damn Spears thrown at402.065.34
me today okay um so I guess what should405.245.459
we prioritize I was thinking spider if407.45.519
we need spider silk we might add to the410.6994.5
hedges okay yeah because the hedges got412.9194.021
a lot of little creepy crawlies crawling415.1993.661
around there you're right yeah so uh416.943.24
yeah we're armored up you want to do418.862.279
that with me420.183.18
um yeah to the hedges yeah to the hedges421.1393.721
let me get a few healing wraps and stuff423.362.58
like that and then we will424.863.72
that's right yeah we need them now425.945.3
because of me428.585.239
all right431.245.739
uh yeah I mean I could see the way out433.8195.801
hold on this is sturdy quartzite and I'm436.9794.381
just gonna I have to grab it I have to439.624.019
now that I have something fun to grab it441.365.179
and then you follow me443.6392.9
I see what looks to be rotten449.35.08
blueberries in front of me or something451.9194.801
else wait I thought this was now oh454.385.4
there is now okay so this might be the456.726.86
same supreme Supreme marble Supreme459.786.479
I don't have the what it takes for that463.585.26
oh because it's a three isn't it yeah466.2594.521
wait so now we're on the other side of468.845.34
that wooden kind of thing over here okay470.786.4
to get my bearings you see yeah I'm good474.186.78
oh bad bad spider a bad bad spider the477.186.78
infected sort okay I just wanted to480.965.16
check I saw a purple thing up here it's483.964.799
a tape it's a cassette tape yes486.127.019
cassettes do your thing it says pour488.75910.5
some poison on me oh Glam mix493.1397.691
the sugar what's what song is that503.227.8
awesome sugar on me I know all right hey506.248.72
let's keep going down this way yeah511.027.069
place is creepy at night memes very518.34.539
creepy but uh if I remember correctly520.9194.741
yeah the Hedge lab is directly above us522.8394.68
okay and that place was loaded with525.663.9
spiders so if we just go up there we527.5193.481
should be able to harvest all kinds of529.563.959
damn spiders yeah okay well I mean let's531.05.16
let's do it yeah let's do533.5195.221
oh like I see yeah look there's one536.164.38
right in front of us he's sleeping I538.743.24
feel bad about knocking him in the head540.543.299
but also I don't feel bad about knocking541.983.12
him in the head they didn't give us any543.8394.201
Mercy before exactly no mercy wake up545.15.54
you idiot yeah548.046.359
oh baby you ain't got a chance oh God550.645.319
what's happening another little baby one554.3993.301
oh yeah the baby hey they give a spider555.9595.031
silk too yep okay no mercy to babies557.77.699
oh yeah565.3994.241
I guess that could be misconstrued no567.33.84
yeah no I don't think that's a good569.643.3
t-shirt okay yeah little ones give me571.143.199
that stupid [ __ ]572.943.46
no mercy the baby574.33911.121
what is that586.924.74
um oh yeah it looks like uh Frankenstein588.9595.461
face have we not seen that ah we saw a591.665.28
different toy version of that well this594.424.8
looks like it's it's hard to see through596.946.06
it is maybe in the morning and hmm599.225.46
come around this away604.687.26
hmm curious yeah that looks like a I606.747.48
don't like just a okay the the top of a611.944.98
lamp right yeah yeah yeah all falling614.224.14
over I don't know what would do that616.923.599
right and it looks like it's made of618.365.34
concrete as well we're gonna go down see620.5195.76
that light that door down there623.74.259
um we might not be able to get in there626.2794.62
but you see it I do I do right there627.9595.161
yeah but we should explore the base of630.8993.961
this we should set up okay oh look at633.123.12
this it looks like it's at some point634.863.78
it's a donut yeah it's a donut are you a636.243.9
Sprinkle person a lot of people are very638.642.819
passionate about sprinkles or no640.143.42
sprinkles I think sprinkles are [ __ ] see641.4593.901
these sprinkles right here the waxy ones643.564.5
that are multicolored oh hey almost got645.366.06
me a tiger mosquito Simon oh that's648.065.339
tough dude I don't like that but we're651.423.78
gonna get it we're doing this we're653.3994.021
teaming up you know what I gotta be a655.24.259
better all right we got this we do I got657.423.78
it because I listen I've recently killed659.4593.721
three three of the regular ones on my661.23.92
own I'm like663.184.44
the arrows are [ __ ] I love it all665.124.6
right and I'll be all this okay667.623.839
we're gonna research it we're doing our669.724.859
part today here we are come on stab me a671.4594.741
little [ __ ] you keep them all distracted674.5793.601
a little [ __ ] and tiger mosquitoes are676.25.579
the worst and stabbing I swear to God678.185.46
the mosquitoes up in Minnesota land of681.7795.341
the lakes are all mutants yeah that683.645.819
sounds like a nightmare it's it's not687.124.8
good oh689.4595.101
look at me did you shoot me I might have691.926.0
okay uh most importantly got him go get694.565.76
the stuff yeah good job Simon tiger697.924.32
mosquito beak that's a different kind of700.323.6
mosquito that's gonna make a good sword702.245.039
you'd imagine it better you'd hope all703.924.8
right let's stay safe707.2794.641
we can snuggle708.723.2
oh yeah no mercy the babies I love it717.8394.801
that's right we'll get the web oh yeah720.065.04
there you go and I think uh these yeah722.644.62
look see over here neebs I think babies725.14.799
might pop out of this yeah but yeah that727.265.28
we can get worse than this okay there we729.8994.141
go no emergency debate no mercy the732.543.68
yeah we're gonna get plenty of web fiber756.624.0
here we'll be able to make silk all damn759.04.5
day all right let's find a way up you760.625.659
got it follow me763.52.779
[ __ ] you have [ __ ] oh it sucks attacking768.8393.601
coming aren't they yep772.443.38
what I mean where are you I'm in the776.8995.261
water okay all right what about you in779.4595.281
the water uh there's something coming at782.165.52
me yep likely oh man I hate good known784.746.96
leaves okay oh it's locked hey what a787.687.08
surprise yeah of course it's locked and791.75.4
there's no way to get back up oh my God794.764.56
what are you oh it's all spiny water797.14.64
all right if I just Crouch here all804.0795.921
right I'm crouching I'm crouching like a807.9594.981
little [ __ ] too oh hey we'll figure it810.04.2
I don't I don't think we're gonna814.23.56
so neat yeah you think now I'm gonna try819.064.32
it I'm gonna step out here I'm gonna try821.75.579
it and it works here it goes perfect823.387.199
follow me we're doing it I love it we're827.2796.24
Defying Gravity thanks little buddy yeah830.5794.921
that is cool we're still looking for833.5194.021
webs and stuff right uh we are man I835.54.639
need your light okay stand back837.545.4
yeah that's awesome it's all right no840.1394.841
it's all good dude it's all good brother842.944.459
from here let me see down here I thought849.9595.221
we were just killing spiders and stuff853.83.539
or you can also get spider like web855.184.98
webbing like this yeah857.3394.62
yeah but I remember seeing some spider860.165.28
stuff back this way okay yeah I love861.9595.221
that we could just retrace our steps now865.445.54
with this damn zipline thing oh yeah867.187.04
there we go870.983.24
oh here he is I need a shield hey875.544.72
there's one of those things down there879.063.12
one of those things is that one of those880.263.54
things we beat it one of the eight882.183.779
things we gotta beat oh yeah that's the883.83.599
one Simon accidentally turned on one885.9594.141
time oh yeah yeah and we don't have to887.3994.44
beat them I think it's just an option to890.13.84
beat him I don't mind beating them I891.8393.781
mean we can do it I like setting goals893.945.959
okay we're gonna be here why not kick895.624.279
here we go and baby all right you look900.665.16
good names you look damn good oh thanks904.263.42
check out my legs what about them I got905.823.99
a little barely legs907.683.599
it's a classic911.2792.901
if we're a band you beat my hype man918.64.08
yeah get it get it get it I got a little920.045.479
dirty legs922.682.839
me and you936.0193.241
all right Simon we gotta get out of here942.723.54
yeah I'm following you man I know okay944.13.479
so I'm thinking there's got to be a way946.263.36
out I haven't seen one yet but let's947.5794.801
just swim and we can stay underwater for949.623.92
a while right952.383.72
oh yes because screw those things unless953.543.7
there's something more dangerous under956.13.12
here of course yeah which you know what957.244.44
generally water is pretty safe959.226.0
yeah not two shabs yeah961.685.88
okay just screw those little tight like965.223.72
we just can't deal with any more of967.562.459
those we need to bring these back968.943.36
research yeah yeah and and hopefully970.0194.38
make a little poker that's a lot972.34.62
stronger and I love my poker oh oh wow974.3994.74
here's a rock all right I feel like I976.924.62
gotta go up and yeah okay let's maybe979.1396.241
it's safe right back behind this rock oh981.547.26
what's away I mean it's a way every ways985.385.399
away this way I think I dealt with this988.84.56
earlier and couldn't open it of course990.7794.86
all right so I'm down below so are you993.364.14
stopping at this thing let me look back995.6394.681
this way where where are you at the the997.54.98
thing I lost you are you at the door1000.323.9
coming back I'm coming back okay well I1002.483.06
just didn't know if you were there I'm1004.223.479
just peeking around trying to find a1005.545.28
little pixie Boosie oh what is that oh1007.6994.38
yeah oh it's one of these tiger things1010.823.98
oh man get underwater again okay1012.0795.581
it might just be a regular I don't know1014.85.039
oh perfect names up here what's perfect1020.7796.9
everywhere yeah oh this does look very1024.9195.16
Webby yeah yeah I mean webs everywhere1027.6794.861
here yeah1030.0794.021
this is like a funnel1032.543.84
funnel wear something no this is cool1034.15.4
and also creepy yep have you been here1036.385.52
before heck no1039.55.939
oh what is that that yeah these look1041.96.299
like ants oh they're ants that's not1045.4393.721
going to attack us that's something1048.1993.781
that's dead no yeah okay1049.166.0
Harvest them nope don't seem like it I1051.985.66
mean my God1055.166.66
what do you think about these neebs well1057.645.98
I think I should be able to harvest1061.824.08
these walls for web stuff yeah no1063.623.84
kidding oh it's kind of bright in here1065.93.3
though so that's cool wait is that a1067.463.66
stink bug up above us1069.22.9
there's a stink bug up there this place1072.14.84
is gnarly those roaches no those are1074.4196.061
stink bugs yeah okay everything is back1076.945.76
here you know something not Goods back1080.484.76
here I mean gotta be1082.74.74
we Harvest this stuff what is this1085.245.76
brewed mother BLT1087.445.7
brewed mother's never been a good thing1091.03.94
in a game before how do we make a brew1093.144.68
oh we can we can summon a boss with this1094.945.34
leaves uh-huh we should go make a brood1097.824.14
mother BLT shouldn't we get better1100.283.42
weapons first and some of the brood we1101.962.94
got pretty we got pretty damn good1103.74.38
weapons man what what is that a spell1104.95.159
you're gonna cast a spell okay I like1108.084.02
hit a ninja a ninja button well you1110.0594.62
didn't disappear this time ready look at1112.16.3
me yep I'm looking and1114.6793.721
you never see me1119.126.48
I I saw you though you see [ __ ] okay1121.825.82
where'd he go1125.64.459
here I am oh my goodness1127.644.919
it out of here again yep I want better1130.0594.181
weapons though okay we can get better1132.5593.421
weapons but we should come fight a giant1134.244.02
spider all right let's go get the top of1135.984.319
the door for that yeah1138.265.06
we'll do it in a month1140.2993.021
okay hey there's a leaf here that looks1144.864.04
like it's got potential1147.084.26
okay so they are attacking you from1148.93.7
oh you're getting attacked from1152.64.42
underwater I don't what leaf1153.984.64
okay man I just you're up there huh yeah1158.626.7
okay I can get to you which is the right1162.323.92
that goes back on the pad I don't really1166.244.48
want to do that [ __ ] here's coming wait1168.53.31
it's coming1170.721.51
oh do it now you're over there yep you1174.45.5
got to get on that uh the branch and and1177.7996.12
do branchy jumps I do [ __ ] you got this1179.95.399
I'm distract I think it's the only one1183.9193.721
who saw it so all right oh that was a1185.2994.38
fancy attack wasn't it I gotta get on1187.644.56
the branch from the lead1189.6796.901
yes okay that's what okay yeah you kind1192.26.42
of said that before but not really well1196.583.06
I don't know what your other options1198.623.48
would have been no I mean I I I listen1199.644.26
what if we did we just start doing this1202.13.78
snarky I'm fighting a skeeter they make1203.94.92
me snarky oh [ __ ] yeah did you fall up1205.884.5
yeah but it's okay take your time1208.823.239
because there's no Skeeters coming at1210.385.1
you right no I'm fine I will take my1212.0596.061
times you shoot your sweets I see you in1215.485.059
the background of this sweet fight yeah1218.126.48
all right so which one do I do I take1220.5398.161
yes this one and this one1224.68.28
it is but1228.74.18
surely this gets out surely1265.248.679
aha that was a good jump it was nice1269.2996.141
me too1273.9194.921
good job buddy YouTube Paolo we learned1275.444.18
a lot1278.844.079
we are so smarter1279.626.059
tougher and hornier1282.9194.591
thank you1305.5392.661

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You definitely should check it out

Wow, I just watched the latest Neebs Gaming video where they explore the tiny Barbie world in Grounded, and it looks like an absolute blast! The attention to detail in bringing a miniature Barbie environment to life in the backyard is incredible.

When they first discovered the pink Barbie car, I cracked up - it was perfectly scaled down yet instantly recognizable. And the way they were able to drive it around and explore was so immersive. Every new nook and cranny they uncovered had me on the edge of my seat wondering what they'd find next.

The survival and base-building elements also seem super engaging. Having to fend off spiders and other insects while scavenging for resources really fits the shrunken-down premise. And being able to customize their own little hideouts with crafting is such a cool idea.

Overall, this is one of the most creative and well-executed concepts I've seen in a survival game lately. Neebs Gaming's cinematic approach to capturing their adventures makes it feel like you're right there with them, living out this wild fantasy. It's the next best thing to playing it yourself!

Their dynamic as a group shines through too - the jokes and reactions feel so natural. I always have a blast watching their videos, but seeing them bring this tiny world to life was something really special. Whether you're a fan of survival games, imaginative settings, or just plain hilarious gameplay commentary, Neebs Gaming's latest Grounded series is an absolute must-watch!

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