So much death lurks in these hills...- RANCH SIM

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their YouTube channel? It's all about ranch life and the strug...
So much death lurks in these hills...- RANCH SIM
So much death lurks in these hills...- RANCH SIM

So much death lurks in these hills...- RANCH SIM

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Ranch Sim! So much death lurks in these hills... but hey, at least we're having fun, right?

simon: Yeah, Neebs, nothing like wrangling up some virtual livestock and dodging death left and right. It's a blast!

appsro: I don't know about you guys, but I live for the constant state of fear while trying to run a ranch. It's exhilarating!

neebs: Haha, Appsro, you crazy man. But seriously, this video is definitely one of my favorites. So much death, so much chaos, what more could we ask for?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their YouTube channel? It's all about ranch life and the struggles that come with living in a constant state of fear. The video, titled "RANCH SIM," dives deep into the challenges and dangers of ranching in the hills.

As a huge fan of Neebs Gaming, I always look forward to their new videos and this one did not disappoint. The team really immerses themselves in the game, bringing the struggles of ranch life to life in a hilarious and entertaining way. From dealing with death lurking around every corner to facing the harsh realities of the ranching world, this video is a rollercoaster of emotions.

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So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to experience ranch life like never before with Neebs Gaming. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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why don't you go ahead and do the honor2.8792.641
simon it's right in the back of the4.03.6
truck well whatever the hell that is5.524.64
okay pick that up7.63.76
eat it insert hey11.364.72
that looks nice i'm sleeping here13.923.76
tonight i'm sick of that tent i'm sick16.082.88
of the tent too all right where are we17.683.62
putting my place18.9616.32
hey let's go to hot dick rick make a35.284.24
little bit money yeah let's go see hot37.62.959
dick rick39.523.32
hey watch it with that40.5595.84
thing oh yeah simon yeah hop on out and42.845.719
check that little sign behind us there46.3995.041
oh this one right here dub wham's ranch48.5595.201
i like that i do too51.444.959
oh sir yep i've been thinking well53.765.119
curious i don't know what state we're in56.3994.8
but you'd think it'd be not legal to58.8794.48
have a husband and a wife oh it might61.1994.24
not be63.3593.521
god i wish i could take your gun from65.4392.401
no no no no no no no will you do me a67.845.52
favor oh [ __ ] what we have a whopping 2469.845.919
bucks oh where'd all your money go73.364.56
bullets are 40. well i bought the those75.7593.091
materials oh77.923.28
sorry guys let's not start this guy i81.24.16
needed to send a message we should83.364.16
probably conserve our ammo so we could85.363.759
kill some deer and make87.523.68
money should we leave them i mean no89.1194.32
pick me up i want to go i bet my wife or91.24.0
her husband's got jobs who can make some93.4394.64
easy money all right you're not going to95.25.599
shoot me anymore right yeah keep doing98.0794.161
okay stop it yeah102.243.36
you know my husband's place is back that106.0793.521
way yeah i know but the gas is up here i107.7593.761
was just looking at the tank109.64.4
three four oh man that's going quick i111.524.959
know what you say turn it off no we're114.04.56
using it all it's only 24 bucks you116.4794.881
broke yep118.562.8
oh [ __ ] damn you are squirrely121.845.88
oh hit the door125.048.929
yeah you did145.764.0
i'm a damn hunter all right we we have147.524.4
collectively two bullets left that's149.764.16
we got one bullet left did you just153.925.2
shoot him no neville put your gun up sir156.085.31
all right you son of a [ __ ]159.124.88
taking a shortcut164.02.879
you ever taken167.122.64
this one168.2394.241
it's oh wow169.765.68
oh there's the pack it is the golden pan172.484.17
cold man175.445.12
well i'd say something but you don't180.563.599
have to you're not gonna listen nah it's182.42.64
all right184.1592.72
oh joe bobby185.043.839
okay he just sits here every day huh186.8793.681
yeah he's paralyzed from the waist down188.8793.36
oh i'm so sorry to hear that what190.563.679
happened i don't remember did you do it192.2394.321
maybe under construction i've decided to194.2394.0
build a new barn could you bring me some196.564.08
planks please slanks198.2394.561
64 planks200.643.679
your boys better get to chopping because202.84.159
you sure ain't going to get into buying204.3194.881
why'd you do that simon uh last bullet206.9595.041
and he was an [ __ ] just feels good i209.24.16
get that212.03.12
yeah yeah at least you can give them a213.364.56
little taste i do like it yeah let's go215.125.36
to the general store and then head home217.924.319
rip the wood we need okay we'll go sell220.484.24
this meat222.2392.481
how you doing honey you know she's229.044.08
paralyzing the waist down she is too230.7995.921
yeah did you do this one maybe 120 there233.126.0
you go maybe buy some bullets yep i wish236.724.719
i didn't have to give them to you239.124.88
what are you doing241.4392.561
this is a mexican standoff it feels it244.645.44
there you go oh huh246.725.519
it's like a cowboy movie yeah you know250.083.76
like the one with the skinny guy and the252.2394.081
other skinny guy a little fat guy yeah253.844.079
except for in this movie no one's gonna256.324.509
make out with you257.91926.72
well out of gas284.6394.481
we ripped the last pieces there yeah286.724.16
that's using the old noodle you're damn289.124.56
right it is let's go to bed in our house290.884.56
oh and he's right here with me295.443.68
good night good night299.123.2
hey i'm out303.685.16
good morning yep come306.564.96
on oh hey simon308.844.68
yeah hi311.524.399
you won't come back to bed no thank you313.524.32
let's leave without him let's leave315.9194.401
without him317.842.48
the gas is so expensive though it's so320.84.32
expensive i believe our president did323.123.12
pull the damn lever326.243.6
pulled the lever and said i want gas to328.04.479
be more expensive what the hell ain't my329.843.39
all right334.882.64
i can't believe that damn thing reaches335.9193.12
that yeah every time it reaches that337.524.0
part on it339.0392.481
yeah yeah that that'll be just fine stop342.564.4
it stop okay344.84.48
i'm not going anywhere i'm just no [ __ ]346.965.36
it's very difficult for me to okay349.285.359
get out get out352.324.96
got out jesus354.6394.961
let's get the hell out of here360.883.759
oh [ __ ]364.6395.201
there we go i love how the woods stayed367.65.879
in the back it's great369.843.639
hey joe bobby382.884.8
is that all so that was 60 exactly you385.524.88
need four four here we go setting up387.684.75
shop right there hey baby390.410.429
250. all right that ain't bad405.844.4
you know what's a common way for people408.564.4
to be paralyzed dora what the gunshot to410.244.88
the spine where you insinuate i'm412.964.0
insinuating that you are shooting your415.124.0
friends put your gun up please all right416.965.84
we'll just stop instead you wait419.125.12
nimble rabbits and shooting predators or424.245.44
just hunt hmm rabbits we haven't hunted427.1995.12
right rabbits my rabbits are all over429.684.16
the place can you catch them and bring432.3193.041
them back to me we just got to catch433.842.639
them and bring them back we don't kill435.362.64
them catch them and bring them back436.4793.681
guess we just catch them all right so438.03.759
with rabbits are somewhere around here440.164.8
huh i mean i guess we don't kill them i441.7595.521
guess not kill them i haven't seen one444.963.679
rabbit yet447.283.68
they might be everywhere448.6394.161
oh there's a rabbit i just i was about450.963.519
to say i think i've seen a rabbit don't452.83.839
shoot it there it is catch it can you454.4794.56
catch it man he's so fast they're very456.6394.4
nimble chased by the top of the mountain459.0393.6
that's where it's going oh god there's a461.0393.811
wolf oh wait i do up there wolfie462.6395.12
it killed the wolf nice did you get the467.7594.0
rabbit bring him that meat i'm gonna it469.523.6
didn't let me grab it i might have to471.7593.44
shoot it oh there's the damn rabbit i've473.125.759
seen it i've seen it i see it and see475.1993.68
you son of a [ __ ]479.363.2
hold on482.82.399
oh man i shot him twice oh my god485.7594.481
i think we just have to catch him hold488.723.05
killed it yeah i don't think we're gonna494.164.4
kill it it's gonna roll for a while496.3195.28
look i want to see how long it'll roll498.568.16
roll rabbit roll roll rabbit roll501.5995.121
yeah we're gonna have to catch the520.7194.081
rabbit rabbit rabbit right here right522.324.959
here damn rabbit grab it grab it i'm524.84.56
gonna try i'm trying oh yeah there's527.2793.281
there's a prompt you gotta clean your529.362.88
damn it where are you there he is532.243.36
yeah what's up i'm right here come on535.64.16
click it yeah538.244.64
simon called his dad539.763.12
all right it's gonna be hot dick happy544.325.68
give it to him or put it on the thing548.083.28
maybe you can put it up i'll give it to550.02.64
him yeah give it to you because if you551.364.32
put it on the thing no signs552.644.639
of it555.683.279
yes i got one i dropped him i tried to557.2794.081
get that rabbit son why wouldn't i drop558.9594.801
it at his lap because it's alive it's i561.363.919
run i got it563.763.44
now go talk to the man565.2795.841
jesus i brought the rabbit sure567.25.28
oh whoa575.64.16
i was jumping in the back i see that wow577.2793.851
yeah holy cheese579.763.34
that was a that was a pretty good day586.9595.121
yeah i'd say very uh productive yeah a589.044.96
lot done one of our better days592.084.0
are you where you going to sleep596.084.64
i'm going in with you man you have your598.564.64
own house i know listen this was my600.724.72
house yours was the first one i went to603.24.72
the first one oh damn it oh i went to605.446.24
the wrong one hi simon607.923.76
hey simon yeah how are you doing616.3996.401
oh good okay619.2793.521
good morning624.3993.68
what you doing kind of building what i626.323.28
you know like a little sad little side628.0793.521
house you know what at this point i'm629.63.6
fine yeah i don't even i don't even give631.63.12
a [ __ ] yeah i don't want you sleeping in633.23.68
my bed just something simple you know634.724.08
that's fine now we're gonna go and pick636.883.36
out an animal yeah we'll see what we638.83.36
have the options for see you with that640.243.76
revolver there don't don't be thinking642.164.48
anything silly i was reloading i'm sure644.04.959
you were646.645.36
damn it why just why he pulled a gun at648.9594.721
me well because he knew you were gonna652.03.36
shoot him653.685.04
thank you dora revive me not him i think655.364.8
i'm gonna go get these animals come658.724.48
don't you dare i didn't do it revival he660.164.64
shot himself is that what you're saying663.24.8
no he shot no i didn't shoot him664.85.44
what happened i just pointed the gun668.03.92
at me i shot him shut up670.243.52
self-defense he was pointing it at me671.923.76
and i pointed it at him my gun was673.763.759
unarmed he's faking it oh that's675.684.48
[ __ ] thank you dora thank you don't677.5194.961
even let him in come on leave him be let680.165.119
him lay here let's do this on our own682.485.359
let's do this on our own let's get685.2795.12
around please take me thank you wake me687.8394.961
up hold on690.3994.56
thank you692.85.44
run over his [ __ ] body694.9593.281
we'll be right back hey yeah you're699.62.799
gonna need me701.2792.721
you can't do it without me we're gonna702.3993.68
buy animals without you thanks704.04.959
oh i've never felt closer to you706.0794.641
isn't it nice that he's not even oh this708.9594.801
is the best i can breathe710.727.08
thank you for shooting him too713.764.04
all right simon722.0794.481
now we've got 683723.66.799
a dairy cow is 650.726.567.12
we can get a male and a female pig oh730.3995.361
we should get a male and female pig yeah733.684.48
we're bringing two pigs back and we are735.764.96
completely broke right now yeah but738.165.6
we're used to that do they eat wheat740.725.119
i don't know i didn't think about the743.765.92
food oh look they're outside yeah yes745.8395.201
so we still got that water751.044.799
oh i'm managing the pig what does that753.684.64
mean you're tied to it yeah i hit e to755.8394.56
manage it and now i've got a rope around758.324.079
one of them's neck we might have to walk760.3993.68
them home really762.3994.081
okay well listen i'll walk them home can766.884.88
i welcome both home doubtful damn it we769.2795.441
could have really used him oh [ __ ] simon771.764.96
oh god774.724.16
oh yeah776.724.32
who leaves who at what ranch now i778.884.079
better hear some goddamn apologies781.044.72
happening sir can we stop this we got782.9596.081
pigs to tend to oh man pigs785.764.16
real quick though789.924.08
yep oh stick your tongue out791.364.88
no no stick your tongue out not gonna do794.03.92
it there we go796.244.08
all right enough of this oh797.924.159
[ __ ]800.324.16
son of a [ __ ] can you guys both walk802.0794.161
these pigs back you want me to walk the804.483.52
pig back with him we can't put him in806.244.0
the trailer i don't808.03.68
i don't know how you do it just says810.243.039
manage him and then you tie him up guys811.684.08
just let's go yeah let's go come on i'm813.2794.081
going to follow you dora why don't you815.763.199
go nice and slow he's gonna look at the817.363.039
map you don't i don't you don't need to818.9592.801
i'll just meet you back there820.3993.281
what do you have to do i'll see you back821.763.6
there all right i don't know where i'm823.684.32
going but okay follow him he's the mayor825.364.64
you dropped your piggy i didn't let go828.03.68
of them i don't think i think it's got830.03.68
to be slow going you know you can't run831.683.92
really yeah you know their little legs833.684.32
just can't keep up come on paddy you two835.65.4
what you gonna name yours simon uh deer843.764.48
deer no we have nowhere to carry the846.243.76
meat oh yeah yeah we don't want to do848.243.039
that right now unless you want to kill850.02.32
it and leave the meat in the road for851.2795.401
later oh damn my thing broke852.324.36
i kind of found if you crouch and walk861.2795.441
it's slow but it works yep i just walk863.65.84
and then stop walking then stop works866.724.88
pretty good so did you guys even try to869.444.56
walk these pigs up to the vehicle uh i871.64.479
don't know let's find out now that we're874.05.839
home all right guys hey876.0793.76
jesus christ882.883.84
it's crazy to me you can't pick this886.724.96
crazy oh no look right in the back of889.444.639
this what press e to transport animals891.685.279
son of a [ __ ]894.0792.88
walk the whole damn pig home press e to897.1996.08
transport animal well let's bring him in899.8397.921
you're looking to your new home oh903.2794.481
yep he's gonna need lots of grain look909.2794.0
at me hungry well where's the other one910.9593.761
why didn't you guys grab the other one i913.2794.0
didn't grab it i just watched you don't914.724.64
give us [ __ ] why we i just don't know917.2792.881
i don't know why you wouldn't have920.163.119
grabbed me well because can you open the921.126.24
gate for me just yep come on in man923.2795.92
you can't do anything can you well927.363.76
you're not doing anything okay oh yeah929.1994.801
the other pig out pig got out yeah yeah931.124.639
all right yay934.04.079
got water we got feed so how much the935.7595.44
hog costs you say one 300 300 for one938.0794.961
one the only reason why i said buy a941.1993.601
male and a female so we can mate them943.043.2
hey we're just starting on the ranch944.84.399
life simon okay hey good work female946.244.399
pigs can be purchased in the general949.1993.281
store and can be bred with the males950.6393.281
well there we go after a while the952.483.68
pregnant female pigs will give birth to953.923.919
the piglets that will depend on the956.164.16
mother for food whilst they grow we're957.8394.8
in the pig building that's right and i960.324.319
just saw one get bigger like literally962.6393.76
like right in front of you yeah like it964.6393.681
ate and it got bigger oh yeah we're966.3993.601
gonna need lots of grain to keep these968.325.319
little fatties fed970.03.639
good morning morning996.483.52
all right boys what do you think1005.63.52
i don't hate it it's not intrusive like1007.2793.841
the other idea you have yeah yeah that's1009.123.6
so good it's finished and i'm going to1011.123.6
put a little bit in here and decorate it1012.724.72
it'll look nice okay that'll work that's1014.725.28
fine look yeah just a little gift [ __ ]1017.444.0
listen as long as i don't have to sleep1020.03.36
with you i'm fine he's got a convenient1021.443.28
creeper window right here looking at1023.363.76
your room but whatever yes i do1024.725.199
so how about no more murder right1027.124.0
because it's funny1031.123.28
yeah it's a little funny1032.5594.321
get them up we got a big day ahead of us1034.45.12
yeah it's true1036.883.689
welcome back buddy1039.522.72
no no1042.244.079
oh let's save those bullets okay and1046.3194.221
and that's all [ __ ] for my ass rubbing1052.085.28
on your shoulder cause i didn't wipe me1054.5595.201
grow up you idiots1057.365.61

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The Game

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Neebs Gaming has done it again with their hilarious and cinematic playthrough of Ranch Simulator. This game looks like the perfect way to experience the challenging yet rewarding life of a rancher, all from the comfort of your home.

I love how Neebs and the crew roleplay different ranch hands, each with their own unique personalities and goals. Thick44 is the no-nonsense boss who tries to keep everyone in line, while Appsro and Dora are more carefree and just want to goof around with the animals. The banter between them as they struggle to build up the ranch is comedy gold.

The cinematic camera work also draws you into the world in a way you don't quite get from a normal gameplay video. When they film scenes of them riding their horses across the plains or moving the cattle to new pastures, I really feel transported there with them. The gameplay itself looks satisfying too - I love how you have to take care of every little detail, like feeding the animals, fixing fences, and keeping watch for predators.

Overall, Neebs Gaming's Ranch Simulator series is the next best thing to playing it yourself. Their entertaining roleplaying and excellent cinematography make mundane ranch tasks exciting. I always look forward to their latest misadventures on the ranch. Watching them has made me seriously consider getting the game just so I can live out my own rancher fantasies. For anyone looking for a good laugh while also getting a taste of ranch life, you can't go wrong with Neebs Gaming's playthrough.

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