Does He See Us?! - Ark Fjördur

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you've got to check out their latest video on Ark: Survival Evolved. It's seriously epic ...
Does He See Us?! - Ark Fjördur
Does He See Us?! - Ark Fjördur

Does He See Us?! - Ark Fjördur

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another thrilling episode of Ark: Survival Evolved! Today, we're exploring the beautiful Fjördur map, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride!

simon: Oh man, I love this video! The moment when that T-Rex comes charging at us and we're all panicking, classic Neebs Gaming chaos!

appsro: Haha, yeah, and don't forget the part where we accidentally aggroed that pack of Allosaurus! I swear, we never learn, but it makes for some hilarious content!

neebs: Absolutely, guys! It's moments like those that make this video my favorite. Plus, the sheer terror in our voices when we realize the T-Rex is actually coming for us is priceless!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you've got to check out their latest video on Ark: Survival Evolved. It's seriously epic and full of hilarious moments that only the Neebs crew can deliver. These guys never fail to entertain!

In this video, they dive deep into the world of Ark: Survival Evolved and take on all kinds of challenges and adventures. From taming dinosaurs to building epic bases, Neebs, Doraleous, Simon, Appsro, and Thick are always up to something crazy. And let's not forget about their signature humor and banter that keeps us all laughing throughout the video.

If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button and join the Neebs Gaming family. Their content is always top-notch and you won't want to miss out on any of their gaming adventures. Plus, they even have their own coffee now - how cool is that?

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all right simon you know what i realized1.284.64
we're not even i'm over here what did3.764.4
you realize i realized that almost every5.924.4
time i i do a scene with you i started8.163.84
by going simon10.322.88
or simon12.03.599
i say your name yep and i think i often13.24.56
just say what's up15.5993.921
simon hey17.763.2
simon simon yep okay simon all right20.966.96
simon yeah you ready seven yeah24.48.4
how old hat are we okay very bam oh yeah27.927.12
we got our first little babies we can do32.84.32
uh maybe three at a time that'd be35.045.08
all right stop it simon that's how i'm44.164.48
going to close scenes now nice hey46.325.64
what's up48.643.32
neebs absorb yes have something for us67.687.439
whatever it is it looks heavy yes sir72.565.04
hold on please75.1194.721
holy [ __ ]77.63.26
come on baby79.843.599
use my legs nice dick there we go yeah83.4397.04
okay we need a storage box on that yeah86.965.44
bring the sail down maybe there it is90.4793.201
here we go there we go which way are we92.43.679
going oh we're going now huh93.684.32
yeah yeah okay so we got that you didn't96.0793.201
answer anything i said which should be98.03.68
going no now yeah i just heard which way99.283.92
we going he didn't think we were going101.684.16
yeah i propose we go we've been down103.24.32
there towards the waterfall i propose we105.843.279
keep heading up the coast that way yeah107.523.04
we're gonna live in that volcano uh109.1192.96
we're gonna get our asses eaten there110.563.44
yeah yeah that seems like a dumb idea112.0793.601
neebs all right we'll just go that way114.03.68
then yeah okay we're gonna drive neebs115.685.2
here we go and something a little rusty117.684.719
i'm gonna crouch so no one can see me120.882.96
here we go perfect122.3993.76
look how well hidden we are we're off123.843.68
i wonder what's on that little island126.1593.361
over there to the right yeah the one to127.523.519
the right it's a smaller island what if129.523.52
it's peaceful or not let's go find out131.0393.84
well knowing this game it's definitely133.043.36
not i don't even know why i asked i134.8792.72
don't even know why i asked that's such136.42.64
a dumb question137.5992.321
i'm right out front man it's one of141.23.759
these like things that could sniff out142.724.4
enemies right out front oh you wanna144.9594.961
tame that yeah cause i'm at a uh147.124.72
four minute mark i'm gonna stay here i149.924.56
bet you can do it i should be able to i151.845.28
i'm hoping i could bowl it and then154.485.6
shoot it okay a few times we'll see157.124.72
you want to know what's funny what go160.083.76
ahead and do that but in here aydah made161.844.32
this nice cage for tames that already163.844.8
had like fires and stuff and the drum166.164.56
kit remember that yeah that was made for168.644.239
tames but uh i ignored that and made170.724.879
this other little area for tames oh okay172.8795.921
well i just tried to bowl this thing no175.5995.041
bowler and it didn't work but it didn't178.84.079
react so let's see if i just did it180.644.4
wrong and then let go182.8794.72
there we go all right three a good bowl185.044.64
of him yeah all right drink that187.5994.481
yeah baby189.684.96
shaking your ass that's our new shirt192.087.4
tranq that ass crank that ass194.644.84
did you get them down sweet all right199.5994.72
and hopefully it takes meat in the butt202.2393.761
too you know what i'm saying ah yeah i204.3193.441
don't know if those are meat eaters oh206.05.68
[ __ ] they might need some berries [ __ ]207.766.96
[ __ ] i'll get some berries embarrass211.683.919
i drank that ass barris215.5994.521
what are we doing218.723.76
right now not much yeah i'm just222.483.92
watching eggs except for triggering that224.43.52
oh i got one227.922.879
all right i'll just accept it and pick231.125.119
it up and drop it in our place232.7993.44
first thing we got to do is build a bed236.8794.08
for this boat yep boat bed yeah we get238.564.319
we die on this island we can't get to240.9594.0
the boat and should we build a little242.8794.241
outpost out here too yeah that'd be cool244.9594.241
maybe i don't know this i i it seems247.123.679
like a really easy place to find like249.23.2
you know if you're flying around like if250.7993.121
i'm them and i'm flying around on a252.43.119
dragon like ooh let's check out that253.922.96
island i don't know it seems obvious but255.5194.0
then we don't live here it's like ah256.884.479
there's a decoy yeah you know what i259.5193.521
like that idea i'm gonna put up a sign261.3593.12
and a torch and the sign's just gonna263.043.12
say uh go [ __ ] yourself we don't live264.4793.121
here i'm gonna wait here in case y'all266.162.88
died that way i can bring the boat back267.62.96
to where y'all spawn all right i'm gonna269.043.439
take i'm gonna take a look around all270.563.84
right get some high thick we got to make272.4794.16
a bed for this thing oh [ __ ] dillo's274.45.04
dilophosaurus yep okay i'm gonna bring276.6394.721
them to you all right i'm right behind279.443.28
you we'll get these dilophosaurus281.363.36
together you're nothing i'll just give282.724.08
him one get him stabbed284.723.44
there you go come on286.83.44
down he goes nice288.164.24
out of an island huh uh yeah a decent290.244.0
place to come get some hide peaceful292.44.64
island hyde island looks like after has294.245.76
already named this island297.042.96
oh [ __ ] oh damn it oh oh no306.6397.041
what just happened311.0393.761
i know what313.682.0
what is315.683.28
what am i doing what's going on here i316.965.44
don't know [ __ ] but this is hysterical318.965.6
it's sad but it's a steroid this is the322.44.0
most pathetic thing why'd we set those324.563.52
all to attacks i don't know but i'm326.42.96
gonna say328.082.35
[ __ ]329.364.96
it sucks334.324.24
[ __ ] yeah335.846.24
almost set everything to attack in here338.566.88
hey listen no342.083.36
oh hey neebs what about an outpost in346.163.92
between all those waterfalls over there348.4793.681
turn that way yeah looks like a coors350.084.959
can i like it okay for the rockies of352.165.2
course coors light like a beer can yeah355.0394.641
how does that look there's no waterfalls357.363.76
it's just yeah how does that look like a359.683.68
beer can to you i see a circle mountains361.124.079
a sarco oh wait what the hell is that363.363.279
you don't want to go here do you oh that365.1992.681
is a366.6394.0
sarcophagus involved i definitely don't367.885.64
want to go here not yet hey what's this370.6395.201
what's what straight ahead is it a tree373.525.84
no is that a ship a broad like a broken375.845.52
thing in the water okay this might be379.364.16
something something to kill us no that's381.363.839
definitely a ship arc is really good383.523.84
about making like cool looking points of385.1994.0
interest but no yeah there's nothing387.363.52
there's gonna be no treasure yep yeah389.1993.201
hey look at this cool pool of interest390.883.68
there's nothing here let's jump in yeah392.43.359
let's check let's see all right be394.564.24
careful thick nope we see any treasure395.7593.921
i don't even know why we're asking398.82.8
there's gonna be no treasure399.683.359
no treasure here hey don't lose hope401.63.28
there might be some good okay yeah we'll403.0395.041
see why these boxes up here huh those404.885.28
boxes yep408.084.8
oh man i got a crossbow what in a pike410.165.039
are you serious yeah what what look at412.885.439
that i got three of them what yeah three415.1994.161
look at this418.3193.501
right here there we go yeah419.364.959
raptor coming oh hey you're right oh424.3193.6
that's not a wrap that's not the loppa426.43.199
oh sorry that's what i meant man he's on427.9193.68
our team huh shut up get him with that429.5994.401
pike lead oh boy he's spitting oh he got431.5995.281
me looking at434.02.88
there we go there we go456.83.04
hey listen that time i deserved it but458.3193.361
the first time i want him looking at him459.845.72
oh maybe hit me in the back461.683.88
all right simon465.844.16
yes sir we started to did it again yeah467.1994.801
what's up well we got the two babies we470.02.96
good good one what's up oh yeah the two472.966.239
babies start oh with me475.5995.201
you can rename them i did the whole like479.1992.801
tap the keyboard thing i'm going to480.83.119
bring out two more sentries and put them482.03.919
in the last two spots i was thinking483.9194.241
okay so i'm still amazed that these two485.9194.0
survived the match yeah they i put them488.165.2
down later so489.9196.0
from within their shell their egg they493.364.88
got to uh you know hear their siblings495.9194.481
get murdered they were meant to be498.244.56
so so you're going to get them mating oh500.43.919
no you're you're placing them gotcha502.83.119
listen two more centuries we can mate504.3193.121
the rest and uh and then we should go505.9193.601
out for a scout nice jump guys yeah507.444.319
definitely for a scout you know i saw a509.524.879
cave nearby okay yeah we need to just511.7594.16
start narrowing down because you know514.3993.351
they've made a place yeah515.9193.521
hey guys i think i saw something over519.444.159
here here i could be wrong like a t-rex520.9594.721
past okay oh no that's definitely523.5993.201
something i see what you're talking525.683.12
about the purple yeah526.83.2
we get crystals or something huh530.03.279
crystals would be sweet i wonder if it's531.5194.241
a cave hold on free hide oh cool buddy533.2795.201
free hide i know i feel bad for him535.764.4
i'll catch up in a second yep we'll let538.483.2
you know if there's t-rex is over here540.162.4
good oh there's like a cave through542.563.52
there that's what i'm saying that's a544.3993.921
mountain that might be a real cave huh i546.084.4
think it's just sort of a kind of an548.324.0
opening here there's a lake under there550.484.24
see is that a lake looking at a lake552.324.88
there's like in the cave yeah that's a554.724.48
real cave oh it's not a lake there's a557.24.48
real cave oh no559.23.92
hey man we are pretty damn good at561.683.76
fighting caves aren't we yeah we found a563.124.24
whole nother cave wait but is this real565.443.04
great way to get around oh man oh this568.486.24
is today's roll rats yeah we can we do a571.445.519
little i mean maybe not here but maybe574.724.48
on the outside of this cave we put in a576.9594.641
little uh you know outpost it's a good579.23.92
spot if nothing in this cave at the581.63.12
front is aggressive yeah that other cave583.123.12
had centipedes right at the front let's584.723.36
peek in do you remember i don't think586.243.279
roll rats were aggressive unless you588.083.92
went out you take their gems589.5194.401
right right get [ __ ] up592.03.279
oh look593.922.08
at that595.2793.12
little lambs yeah hey let's do this596.04.48
let's set an outpost here okay hold on i598.3993.281
just want to peek in a little bit more i600.482.4
don't want to set up an outpost and then601.682.88
you know get surprised by something that602.883.199
was a roll rat604.563.76
oh god nope nope nope nope back up back606.0795.841
up ravagers ravagers ravagers ravagers608.325.84
oh god i hope not i don't think they are611.924.24
okay good all right let's make it use614.164.239
those before we die okay yeah right at616.164.48
the maybe the mouth of the cave yeah all618.3995.281
right cool spot though620.643.04
lead the way all right let me look up my623.763.04
okay i hate that it's getting dark it is628.483.599
getting dark but you know what in the630.3995.041
cave it's like lit up oh cool so we'll632.0794.161
somewhere looking across the way look636.243.68
how pretty that is you know what my638.0794.241
screen looks like [ __ ] okay yeah mine's639.924.24
kind of true all right so right over642.324.48
here okay oh644.165.679
right close by a nice purple shiny646.85.68
rocker yes we can fit in here i mean i649.8395.601
don't know maybe we can i was gonna stop652.484.799
all right then we'll but we can just655.444.0
walk through yeah wait is this not even657.2795.201
a cave probably not but it's not like i659.444.72
mean i would love to live here662.484.08
oh interesting very664.164.16
interesting i wish you'd keep moving all666.564.16
right i am sorry as my map was up668.325.519
unnecessarily this is nice and purpley670.724.48
you would think thick would love it you673.8392.881
know you can like sprint a little bit675.22.72
you don't have to be so dramatically676.724.32
slow okay sorry sprinting uh well i'm677.925.28
thinking i can be going up more there's681.044.16
a little mole guy let's go up going up683.25.6
okay uh-huh nice clear okay685.25.12
oh is that an artifact that's an688.82.88
artifact but we don't care because we're690.324.079
so lp right but we could use it as uh do691.684.08
we already have them is that i think694.3993.041
we've got like everything did you lose695.763.6
your oh [ __ ] what happened how did i do697.444.56
that i don't know what's going on here699.365.68
[ __ ] i need my hood on all the time yeah702.05.12
all right so where where did you can i705.044.0
ride it you can't ride them why can't i707.124.399
ride you what the [ __ ] is going on here709.045.44
you can't ride that's weird okay what711.5195.76
the hell so i should be able to ride714.485.52
them right so maybe it's maybe i'm gonna717.2794.24
get attacked720.03.279
because i stole stuff oh is something721.5192.961
chaseable why wouldn't you be able to723.2793.36
get on your damn i don't know there's a724.484.159
goat by the way owner of those goats are726.6395.121
good for us goats little magic goat oh728.6395.041
[ __ ] oh he'd just fly away or did you731.764.24
fly away on him i told him to follow me733.684.64
uh okay i'm heading back out see if i736.04.0
can figure this out these goats are738.324.079
adorable they are that's why we should740.04.72
probably get one shine horns okay i kind742.3994.88
of remember those because oh [ __ ] what i744.724.72
[ __ ] fell off my i have no idea why i747.2794.8
fell off my freaking dino now my dinos749.444.88
or my dragon is just freaking we'll call752.0794.641
it to you it's a cursed cave simon damn754.325.44
it cursing time to go i'm really hurt756.725.2
like really hurt i think what's going on759.763.84
i got hurt a lot too761.925.28
the [ __ ] oh i'm almost dead like i froze763.65.919
i froze the [ __ ] up all right buddy we767.25.04
need to get the [ __ ] out of here dude769.5194.161
you're stuck in that what is going on772.244.88
with this dumb ass cake all right uh and773.686.0
there you go come on please777.124.56
i'm gonna die779.684.32
come on this was the worst idea to come781.684.159
to this cave and it was my idea i'm on784.03.68
my okay i'm on i'll see you back at the785.8393.921
uh oh don't leave me well what can i do787.684.159
for you i don't know just do me a favor789.764.4
don't leave me alone here run out of the791.8395.521
cave simon that's when i got on794.164.64
well i don't think they're in that cave797.364.44
yeah i think i got the house built okay808.483.359
you need more oh you just threw your810.3993.761
torch down i know i throw everything811.8394.081
we used to stop yeah we really we really815.923.68
got to be careful about like torches at817.763.519
night it's like a dead giveaway isn't it819.64.4
we have one opening here for two one oh821.2794.721
what's going on with the roof um oh this824.03.44
one this one placed in the corner what826.02.8
the hell happened it didn't place in the827.443.12
center hold on let me pick it up oop828.84.159
okay yep and then830.564.88
right there in the middle yep come on oh832.9595.12
right oh arc there you go nope835.444.48
yep other corner what happened it's a838.0794.241
container it's got839.924.479
here let me sky your way all right go842.324.8
for it there you go844.3994.8
hey in the morning let's build a forge847.124.159
and a smithy okay849.1993.521
glad we're not gonna freeze the death851.2793.621
oh man863.5193.521
three you little suckers i know i have a865.63.28
gig i just don't want to deal with you867.044.32
um probably not up there simon you868.884.319
already checked out that castle now kind871.364.159
of sorta um right now i'm taming another873.1995.841
pair sir oh great the the opposite cx no875.5195.601
it wasn't but i figured why not i was879.044.32
here so i'm knocking them out all right881.123.76
i'm just gonna i'm gonna run by these883.363.039
little [ __ ] everywhere they are they884.882.959
travel in threes886.3993.44
all right i'm hoping i could just pick887.8394.081
this guy up with the dragon no problem889.8395.281
and bring him back home to his male891.926.08
friend you sit still i'm gonna try to895.126.159
pick you up baby boo do it boo-boos kind898.05.04
of close by the house this would be like901.2793.68
a pretty pretty nice little victory903.043.28
right here just being able to pick up904.9592.56
this guy i don't even know what button906.324.59
to click i like when you get victories907.5196.461
all right i'm gonna have to look it up i922.564.719
think was it c oh i'll hit c924.165.119
dude i don't know927.2794.0
i don't know c929.2795.041
oh it is c hell yeah931.2796.0
you are my partner934.324.8
you understand we're partners i know937.2794.0
what the [ __ ] we are and this is one of939.124.0
the reasons why i love you as a941.2793.841
partnership yeah i love it love it love943.124.399
it see dropping that [ __ ] yay you're945.125.92
home sweet welcome947.5193.521
all right boat should be fine there952.883.92
let's see what this island has to offer954.723.919
looking for hyde right oh yeah we need956.83.92
it uh dodos wish we could find something958.6394.0
big you know a trail though here you960.723.84
know yeah could lead to something good962.6393.2
maybe yeah we'll stay on the path964.564.079
there's a birthday dodo and non-birthday965.8394.721
toto kill the non-birthday dodo we'll968.6393.12
kill both970.562.32
the other one's going to be stored for971.7592.0
yeah this path just looks like it kind973.7593.841
of ends there's a turtle up here all975.8393.44
right so another peaceful island i'm977.64.64
gonna get naco berries yeah979.2794.48
yeah damn there's not much here is there982.243.519
oh wait there's a house what yep what a983.7594.241
house over here and a turtle and a985.7594.08
dilophosaurus the lifestore that's right988.03.44
house huh989.8394.481
oh that was about a drop on that one oh991.445.44
here he is get him get his aims yep nope994.324.319
i'm circling yeah didn't give me that996.884.48
time there you go998.6392.721
look at this place1001.442.88
yeah there we go uh he came he saw he1005.044.239
died tragically oh there's some barrels1007.5194.481
here can we chop these up and get stuff1009.2793.92
cooked meat1013.1992.481
metal okay1014.243.839
man we got already got our outpost here1015.683.839
we didn't even have to build it no1018.0793.2
kidding it's got a little glory hole at1019.5193.601
the side oh [ __ ] i love it1021.2794.16
neebs yeah here i'll give you uh here1023.125.28
you go metal pickaxe oh really yeah nice1025.4396.161
uh drop that and then a metal x okay1028.45.279
wait wow you got a bunch of them huh1031.64.079
well i got two we could put a door on1033.6793.601
this could we wouldn't that be something1035.6792.801
that would be something should we try to1037.282.32
build a door1038.483.359
yeah go for it did y'all see this hole1039.63.28
in here1041.8392.641
yeah the gloriol1042.886.12
two of them wow so lucky1044.484.52
sad news can't build a door frame okay1059.447.0
at least we got the hole1062.723.72

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