Stuck in a Hole! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 17

Hey Neebs Gaming fans, today's video takes us back to the world of Darkness Falls with Simon and Thick as they embark on some trader mission...
Stuck in a Hole! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 17
Stuck in a Hole! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 17

Stuck in a Hole! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 17

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neebs: Hey Simon, remember when we got stuck in that hole in 7 Days to Die? That was hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, good times! I still can't believe we managed to survive that. And all for some trader missions!

appsro: You guys are nuts, but that's why I love this video. It's got all the chaos and laughs we need in a game like this!

neebs: Exactly, Appsro! Who knew getting stuck in a hole could be so entertaining? Definitely one of my favorite moments in our gameplay.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey Neebs Gaming fans, today's video takes us back to the world of Darkness Falls with Simon and Thick as they embark on some trader missions. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all the latest content from Neebs Gaming. And if you really love what they do, consider supporting them on Patreon or checking out their merch store for some awesome swag.

As the guys tackle trader missions in Darkness Falls, you can expect plenty of hilarious moments, epic fails, and maybe even some triumphs along the way. The dynamic duo always brings their A-game when it comes to survival games, and this video is no exception. Plus, the music in the background sets the perfect tone for their adventures.

I love how Neebs Gaming always includes a variety of music in their videos to enhance the overall experience. From Doctor True to Echinoderm Regeneration, each track adds something special to the gameplay. And let's not forget about the playlist suggestions at the end of the video - it's a great way to discover even more content from Neebs if you can't get enough of their hilarious antics. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest trader missions in Darkness Falls with Simon and Thick.

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yes sir today we're doing missions yeah10.347.18
we are team sick that's Simon and thick13.986.78
yep and we are not sick nope but we're17.525.16
Team sick because well actually yeah we20.763.06
don't want to do that what's the better22.684.14
name than team sick uh I don't know how23.825.279
about uh how about26.826.419
psychon cycle I'm using this big CK and29.0996.421
you are with instead of the M Signum33.2394.921
Simon it's like Mike Tyson is saying it35.524.74
I love it Simon that's it yep all right38.163.419
so you're gonna choose something in here40.263.479
for us to do together yeah so I'll41.5794.261
choose one for me first we'll go do it43.7393.781
and then we'll choose one for you so45.843.239
we're both getting you know it's equal47.523.359
opportunity all right and by the way49.0793.0
look at this I've got a freaking50.8793.901
crossbow that does a 200 damage if I52.0795.46
sneak nah oh we should be sneaky I want54.784.56
to be sneaky today all right let's see57.5394.741
let's see clear zombies fetch I I like59.345.94
clearing zombies so why don't we clear62.284.74
some zombies yeah I like clearing65.283.36
zombies too because you know we can67.023.9
always just run away and then take take68.644.68
it slow yeah so did you share that with70.925.4
me uh I'm yes I did okay and I'm73.325.22
supposed to know how to get that in here76.324.14
I think yep we'll just cut to somebody78.545.78
else while you do that that's right80.463.86
hey there welcome to neeb's Ranch we've85.284.72
been working hard on neeve's Ranch for88.383.3
months now and I'm gonna show you around90.03.6
you know kind of excited about this91.683.96
because yeah you know I I see you when I93.64.08
pass by just out there tilling okay95.644.26
that's my friend abstro we're gonna show97.685.1
you around I know let's go99.95.28
all right here's our yucca plants102.784.08
um look how many there are they're105.184.14
everywhere boom there could be more I106.863.96
just got four yoga that's actually109.323.78
awesome that's eight and okay and then110.823.659
oh and these things stay so they're113.13.659
still growing uh yeah still there okay114.4793.361
so they're just gonna replenish116.7592.591
themselves okay moving on117.843.48
potato plant potato plant oh a little121.324.92
baby potato plant hey officer check this124.323.719
out okay yeah what about the baby potato126.245.1
I take this fertilizer and cappell128.0394.741
to grow in I didn't know you could do131.343.539
fertilizer it's because I'm a earth132.784.92
wizard look at that look at that little134.8795.22
pile of fertilizer Thor's not over don't137.76.02
be a hater check out Nev's potato140.0996.601
what are these things neebs what are143.724.84
these things yeah look at them bee boxes146.75.1
look inside seriously yeah honey animal148.566.36
fat what oh god did I just nope I made a151.85.04
bag I don't know it's weird okay gotcha154.924.08
but okay I got honey I got animal fat so156.843.539
these these things just produce honey159.03.239
and animal fat yeah baby can I eat one160.3793.841
of these Honeys sure I'm doing it look162.2393.661
we got chicken pins I dropped it164.224.2
chickens wait are you the chickens in165.94.68
here there's eggs there's feathers what168.424.74
and look at this this is a snare trap170.585.4
okay that's all so wait if I if I look173.164.799
in there it's gonna be like meat meat175.983.6
whatever yeah a little rabbit meat177.9593.78
leather oh dude this was that supposed179.584.019
to do that yeah it's reset oh it's ready181.7394.321
to go oh it resets itself yep got an183.5994.261
apple orchard there we got corn growing186.064.2
we're we're good to go baby yeah this is187.863.9
great I'm taking more of this meat I190.262.52
don't know why because I'm just gonna191.762.28
take it down and put it into the thing192.784.02
hey we're moving by the way uh yep icons194.044.74
franchise this Farm anywhere all right196.83.54
yeah I need we need another neebs Ranch198.783.36
over there by the church all right but200.344.02
that's great man that's really awesome202.144.81
good stuff names thank you204.367.89
all right Simon what's your what's your215.585.159
favorite beer as a child uh uh Schlitz217.7395.161
mine was Bush like because I didn't know220.7394.441
any better really well though I actually222.94.38
when I was a child and by the way225.184.38
children you shouldn't be drinking but227.285.34
when I was when I was a younger lad I229.564.86
never liked I didn't like it I don't232.623.6
like the taste a beer I'd rather I'd234.425.099
rather drink not beer okay so yeah more236.225.219
of a liquor guy did we just oh did I239.5193.72
just pick this up yeah you did you241.4393.36
picked it up I picked it up you gotta be243.2394.14
sneaky all right sneaky you have a sneak244.7994.44
bonus yeah but I only have one of these247.3794.381
damn arrows I just realized you've got249.2395.58
one Arrow yes okay well use it wisely251.765.039
all right let's uh yeah let's go ahead254.8193.841
and go in through the side okay here256.7993.601
I'll follow your lead and I'll get you258.663.479
back because you're right I'm not in a260.43.96
rush today thick I wonder if I have any262.1394.321
uh arrows for it it doesn't matter it264.363.3
doesn't matter switch to a different266.462.58
weapon of course that's what I'm gonna267.663.42
do I've got weapons out the yin yang I269.044.14
wonder if that's a a racist thing to say271.084.86
yin yang I don't know you never know I'm273.184.739
so old I could be saying racist [ __ ] and275.943.21
I even know it it's true277.9191.741
all right all right I'm not gonna sneak280.2593.361
anymore I don't want to see like this282.124.56
place looks familiar oh [ __ ] whatever it283.626.06
was it was loud and I hate hold on I'm286.684.16
gonna do this289.684.76
one shot didn't even kill him all right290.846.88
here I'm gonna go electrocute him no do294.445.8
that oh you got a bag good man go get297.725.22
that bag yeah hey there's some scrap300.244.5
iron arrows in here yeah you can't use302.944.5
that way here okay let's uh continue on304.745.39
yes continuing on307.444.8
watch your back oh and we got a lady too312.245.04
okay I'm gonna I'm gonna go for the dude315.244.86
okay okay all right here there's a dude317.286.68
swing I will go for the business later320.17.159
nice and let me do this I love it323.967.72
yeah come on baby bag lady what'd I call327.2596.061
listen I love this election I love it I333.326.58
love the Slime oh she had 39 which yeah337.1996.621
whatever I can get a candy bar too339.96.92
okay come on baby343.828.5
yeah baby got that you you and let's do346.827.3
two here oh yeah baby okay we're354.128.22
Advanced on this horde night359.883.96
this is gonna be such a [ __ ] show but362.344.44
it's gonna be fun okay you guys let me363.843.66
let me hear you purr let me hear you367.53.139
purr real quick369.244.64
come on370.6393.241
yeah and then dick dick punch dick punch374.4195.881
dick punch377.7592.541
good times better save that fuel though381.684.56
run run for your life dude all right392.284.94
going to you go into me get in the car394.626.24
get in the car I have the car get in get397.227.319
in get in get in I'm right here go go go400.866.02
holy [ __ ]404.5396.88
holy [ __ ] man that Simon406.887.42
that's why you're here oh that's right411.4195.581
here Quest failed414.34.92
but you know what what417.05.699
hey you fail until you succeed yes you419.225.58
learn by failure that's right and we422.6994.261
didn't fail too hard there did we well424.84.32
we're still alive I know exactly okay426.963.72
I'm gonna heal up all right heal up and429.123.12
I'm gonna take a break yep I'm gonna430.684.03
change my pants yes432.244.579
oh that's bad okay crap I am not living436.8198.081
in that that is creepy looking after out441.5396.421
names I'm here all right come on uh come444.94.98
on in yeah get inside the wall in the447.964.44
back there's a way down okay you've been449.885.099
here yet uh this is creepy man it's it's452.44.62
creepy now trust me it's gonna be great454.9793.72
in the future I can't see how this457.024.019
wouldn't be creepy in the future oh it's458.6994.201
uh we'll give it a good paint job okay461.0394.261
that might help ah there he is hello462.94.5
yeah come out here check this out so465.33.66
yeah this is obviously the basement but467.43.84
this is the new crafting Center okay so468.964.139
yeah we got our main crafting thing I471.243.66
got vehicle crafting over here over here473.0993.241
is all the forges where we're making474.94.28
steel wow you built all these porches476.345.16
wow that's one of the new ones here yeah479.183.88
this thing killer it's making our Ford481.54.02
steel and then uh over here your boxes483.063.66
uh you got food and water in the middle485.523.72
and food ingredients right down below so486.724.319
yeah actually cook food and water up top489.243.54
all the ingredients you need in the491.0393.481
bottom and then the rest of it weapons492.784.199
right there ammo ammo ammo ammo right494.523.6
there there's not much in there now but496.9793.241
ammo when you need it ammo uh-huh is498.123.72
right there yeah there's probably none500.223.36
in there just like in the other box no I501.844.139
think there's some arrows okay I swear503.584.019
every one of you has like a thousand505.9793.421
bullets and the farmer gets nothing507.5993.78
that's fine I don't have a thousand what509.43.78
do you have you have a shotgun I did511.3794.08
just stumble across uh some nine513.184.56
millimeter okay so I switched to one of515.4594.981
these guys okay you got enough is that a517.744.739
nine mil is that a pistol it's a pike520.443.599
pistol a little pipe pistol gotcha all522.4792.941
right you know what because you've been524.0392.701
so good I'll give you a little bit of525.423.599
nine mil there you go hey all right I'll526.743.779
take it it's not a lot but better529.0193.301
nothing what's your food at my food's530.5193.541
pretty good right now uh you've been532.323.36
keep you've been doing good the uh the534.062.7
little meat stews you've been making535.683.0
okay I'll take one of those hey you know536.763.84
what you need to make though uh red tea538.684.26
red tea that red tea man that that540.63.9
actually helps our digestion The food542.943.899
doesn't go down as quick okay so yeah a544.54.26
little red tea little food that's546.8393.961
probably crysanthemum or something yeah548.763.54
I think it's chrysanthemum and water I550.83.0
think it's actually pretty easy okay red552.33.84
tea got it but uh I'm gonna keep working553.83.539
on this I'm actually working on556.142.639
something really cool to show you by the557.3393.301
end of the day okay well don't eat I558.7793.601
want you nice and hungry next time I see560.644.379
you okay fine I'm gonna to taste562.384.86
something sounded sexual okay doesn't565.0194.141
have to could just be like I want you to567.243.779
try something I cooked why not just say569.163.9
that I want you to taste something it's571.0194.82
a little bit wordy573.062.779
so we just tell him hey uh what there576.545.1
were no zombies there no why why579.8394.261
immediately do you want to lie we could581.644.86
just tell the truth yeah yeah but then584.13.96
he's gonna think that we're not586.53.72
qualified for like like tier two588.064.74
missions I love it when you smack those590.224.739
things yeah that was a tier two mission592.85.099
that was a tier one okay we're on tier594.9595.461
one I know well listen the screamer came597.8994.56
and made things worse didn't it I know600.425.82
but he's gonna be like hey no excuses do602.4595.701
me a favor come up with your best lie606.243.599
all right what's this what's the608.163.56
Trader's name again609.8394.921
hey Bob how you doing611.725.02
um the other mission that we just went614.765.16
to go do on we couldn't do because uh616.745.82
thick had massive diarrhea yeah and619.925.099
ended up [ __ ] himself so much that622.564.56
it looked like he was melting chocolate625.0194.981
out of his ankles I I painted the whole627.125.64
town Brown so he's just been fixed up630.05.76
because my grandmother fed him her632.763.98
titty milk titty milk yep yep so that's636.745.68
what fixed it up so we're here to do640.53.6
another mission just because that one642.423.96
got fouled up by his shitty pants yeah644.14.739
totally my shitty pants fault but we646.383.84
need another mission we got one more648.8393.481
Mission we're doing a do you want650.223.42
supplies or do you want clear zombies652.324.38
again let's do the uh supplies we'll653.644.68
probably get some zombies coming at us656.74.079
with the supplies all right fine we'll658.324.259
do that except660.7794.201
no matter and if I if I have to share it662.5794.621
I don't know how you will okay next664.986.32
we'll do that when yeah bye bye Bob667.24.1
all right so what we have here is a plan674.5796.961
this might be plan Delta you just kind678.68.1
of come on baby yep yep yep yep and I am681.547.32
gonna wrap it around that tree it will686.76.24
be a tree house plan Delta Escape Plan a688.866.719
simple hop from up here hope everyone's692.944.26
got decent enough parkour though it's695.5794.801
gonna be a scary leap that's fun and697.24.199
then I'm gonna make something around700.385.22
over there yeah oh yeah or you could go701.3997.141
up here and tough it out and beep too705.65.7
it's up to you live your life I like to708.545.88
provide options to my friends hmm711.34.82
feeling better by the minute714.424.34
all right thick listen huh because I'm718.765.319
not a big fan of like digging and trying722.2794.201
to get [ __ ] okay because I've not had a724.0793.661
good experience with any of these726.483.299
missions where it was like easy to find727.745.64
have you yeah okay so I'm gonna hit e to729.7797.201
do this okay this see I have a perk that733.385.639
narrows it down to like two meters wait736.986.06
so I see this perk yeah or or to me is739.0195.701
this what two meters is this looks like743.043.12
a lot more than two meters I don't know744.723.84
I'm not Canadian whatever it is speak746.164.979
meters approximately three feet you know748.565.24
that right really you didn't know that751.1394.761
no idea753.85.249
system of measuring [ __ ] which is which760.3395.921
is totally wrong right well it's not I763.444.5
mean it works but it doesn't work like766.263.78
with everyone else and it's convoluted767.944.38
the only people that do it yeah I know770.046.72
we're idiots in that respect 100 oh much772.328.88
oh God okay damn it776.767.44
damn it oh God oh God get in get in get786.9596.781
in get it I need to drink and I need to790.866.12
eat and I'm running I'm running but hey793.745.82
oh my God why is there so I'm gonna pick796.984.5
you up hold on this is how good I am799.564.98
look at everything [ __ ] get in where are801.486.299
you oh God no you're stuck I know you're804.545.7
running all right still running I'm807.7794.021
coming to get you there's a dog over810.243.42
there I'm picking you up please do811.84.8
please where'd you go I'm over here here813.666.0
pick me up oh I hit e instead but hold816.66.0
on I've jumped run run we'll go back819.664.979
we'll go back oh God there's a dog like822.65.22
right there could we there's a dog could824.6397.021
we run run away run them over no listen827.826.78
I'm almost dead if I die I saved you831.665.58
have hey do you have any meds no I don't834.65.039
think hold on just take some meds I837.244.8
don't think I have meds I'm trying to839.6394.5
think I have a bandage but that's not842.044.62
gonna help me hey get my back all right844.1394.741
I'm gonna to get you back you dick where846.664.619
did they [ __ ] come from I know that's848.884.88
the question and hell851.2795.881
yeah oh God here they're coming oh okay853.765.579
just how good we are we know when to run861.1996.041
know when to hold them you know what865.044.359
it's no wonderful it's late we got to go867.243.719
home where the hell we go we gotta go869.3994.321
yeah you have to go it is late we need a870.9595.221
watch yeah we do I don't even know where873.724.44
our house is we're really bad at876.185.42
missions yeah yeah we are878.163.44
oh my God is that a Wandering damn horde891.0795.921
good guys a lot of zombies and the894.424.919
Wall's not done yet okay just keep quiet897.04.8
tonight take it easy is it who's down in899.3394.44
the church apps row are you upstairs yes901.84.86
I'm upstairs I'm patrolling the wall how903.7794.261
do I get up on the wall you said that's906.662.82
where we're supposed to go oh yeah I908.043.06
don't I don't have ladders built yet909.483.539
don't make a lot of noise if you wanna911.13.479
if you want a nerd pull up here nerd913.0192.82
pull up here there's a ton of [ __ ]914.5794.021
zombies out there oh God damn it and I915.8394.86
dropped my boxes I don't have [ __ ] I918.63.72
don't have any materials on me okay920.6993.121
that's all right that's all right I'm922.323.06
just I'm gonna keep these zombies off of923.823.84
us sleep [ __ ] that's where I'm925.384.62
crouching shh I'm here catch your back927.664.38
oh God did I get rid of my ammo [ __ ]930.05.04
thick do you have an arrow one Arrow932.045.76
yeah I've got it I've got I've got like935.045.28
18 [ __ ] up here there you go what is it937.85.039
regular arrows oh God oh God come on did940.324.259
you get him not yet not yet not yet not942.8392.881
yet I gotta get back up on the wall944.5794.021
there's a son of a [ __ ] out here945.724.5
oh there's two of them yes I got the948.63.539
arrows okay good with the zombie all950.224.02
right so let's see I'll load these thank952.1393.721
you fake954.244.32
sit down come on [ __ ]955.863.899
just started building that there you go958.563.44
there you go sit down959.7596.26
all right you your stupid [ __ ]962.04.019
skill and archery is increased I'm966.8994.921
becoming a Robin Hood do me a favor go969.7794.321
on patrol go go on patrol yeah that you971.823.959
know get on the wall okay and stay974.14.2
crouched and uh make sure the no zombies975.7795.401
attack the wall apps row what need you978.35.58
to unjam the medical box all right I981.184.38
forgot to do that yep hey I've been busy983.884.62
I apologize yeah just please985.564.92
here we go comment down all right988.53.839
medical box medical box medical box990.484.08
should be right here it's unlocked992.3396.18
thanks oh I put ammo here there's where994.566.12
I put them I knew I had a pan full of998.5193.661
[ __ ] steel arrows that's what I'm1000.684.079
after yeah that's the good [ __ ] all1002.184.26
right going back up on patrol thank you1004.7595.301
approach you're welcome Simon I love you1006.443.62
no no all of you just1011.1399.401
no oh oops did you fall1015.7597.261
oh and I oops1020.545.039
you guys are so dumb but just stay over1023.025.74
there and be dumb please just stay over1025.5794.681
there please1028.766.199
it's all I need God you're [ __ ] dumb1030.267.079
guys there's a green hillbilly that's1034.9594.181
glowing yeah I think we could take it1037.3393.661
like let's all hit him at once yeah okay1039.145.819
yeah yeah all right aim three two one1041.08.48
fire oops nice I missed completely1044.9599.121
he did oh man and then uh he did oh and1049.487.18
the level up for me nice oh yeah oh did1054.086.32
you get a little shared experience yeah1056.663.74
eventually I think I'm gonna put spikes1060.944.239
around this place oh [ __ ] you know what1063.24.02
man I almost feel like I need to make1065.1793.721
the wall higher I don't think it's a bad1067.223.66
idea or um you know what I could have a1068.93.48
ramp going up that wraps around the1070.883.48
steeple yeah you know what a little ramp1072.383.9
right there boom goes around the steeple1074.363.42
so we can get from one end to the other1076.284.44
easy yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I got1077.784.2
a lot of work to do on this wall but1080.722.64
it's gonna be tits when it's when it's1081.984.16
done oh yeah1083.362.78
hey get out of that Garden stepping all1088.0394.02
over my1091.163.24
go watch this this is gonna be the1092.0594.021
greatest shot ever1094.44.92
oh is she turned crap yep get out of1096.086.05
those beehives1099.324.38
snake damage1103.74.5
she's a Healer though come on lady you1105.25.099
want it you started a war it's farmer1108.24.32
names oh she running1110.2994.081
she's run oh don't bring your friends1112.524.159
though just you1114.384.41
oh that was a miss1116.6793.221
all right come on1119.93.54
yep I'm gonna wear it down before she1121.344.28
even gets here oh1123.444.8
okay I'll meet you at the door1125.625.679
all right going down1128.248.819
where you at lady ma'am Miss who she is1131.2998.221
what are you doing baby1137.0593.841
hit her1139.525.94
right and there you go attaboy one more1140.98.279
time give it to her yep1145.466.3
that's it good Lord they gave her1149.1796.161
underwear yeah that's gross1151.767.65
no no it needs to be close to us so we1168.824.84
can run to the car well no no we're not1171.5594.021
good no listen no we're not running to1173.663.78
the car we're going to abstain stop the1175.583.66
car because I want to talk oh okay all1177.443.42
right because I'm not getting out of the1179.243.42
car I'm gonna watch your back these1180.863.0
things are just gonna just gonna same1182.663.44
thing again1183.862.24
you want to so I'm here to support you1186.384.08
from inside the [ __ ] cart ready to1188.243.78
drive off and save your ass when these1190.463.959
things come okay okay that's the1192.024.5
situation so actually you know what get1194.4194.201
out get out of the vehicle oh all right1196.523.96
okay I'm getting in all right I'm gonna1198.623.179
head over there head over there I'm1200.482.819
heading over right there with you when1201.7992.701
the [ __ ] hits the fan you're just gonna1203.2992.701
Jump Right In yeah you could have driven1204.53.36
me okay well then then get in and then1206.03.6
I'll bring you over no it's too late all1207.863.179
right that's fine but it's right here1209.63.18
because it's right here yeah right and1211.0393.961
I'm looking when there's trouble I'm on1212.785.279
it I I hope so hey whoever wrote buying1215.06.0
a bike where are you at where where look1218.0594.74
at the map and you'll see the Colors oh1221.05.34
oh yeah we're right here yeah yep yep1222.7994.981
here we go this is the third time we1226.343.719
tried this I'm doing a treasure map uh1227.784.62
uh right now as well you see oh good1230.0594.5
yeah well we almost got our asses handed1232.44.68
to us twice really why is that I don't1234.5594.321
know just things happen first time they1237.083.42
scared us we didn't even see him second1238.884.02
time you comfortable Simon no I'm I'm1240.54.38
not that's why I'm in the cart ready to1242.93.18
go should I don't know why you don't use1244.883.36
the C need actually you're standing in1246.085.9
leaning I don't understand that oh yeah1248.243.74
yeah I didn't expect that sorry I should1258.55.4
have warned you I'm a bad friend yeah1262.0395.421
yeah I was pretty shitty1263.93.56
you guys store watch out just run away1270.264.56
you guys got what you needed uh no no no1272.484.679
we didn't you1274.824.979
right okay get away from him all right1277.1595.221
I'm getting away running over them oh my1279.7996.661
God that was close this is ridiculous1282.386.06
if you just like1286.465.28
rolled right up on them like casually I1288.445.64
didn't realize how bad reverse was in1291.744.08
this thing here I'm taking them out a1294.083.0
little bit we're sitting in the herd1295.823.38
Easy right in front of doors shot Simon1300.825.339
that's true1305.0594.62
that's exactly what you do hey that's1306.1596.461
true also Drive in front of the show the1309.6796.0
way I just saved Dora thank you you're1312.624.5
still being chased all right well there1315.6793.781
was another guy Dora watch out is he1317.124.799
dead yeah all right another green guy1319.465.06
all right go back to the treasure yeah1321.9196.721
oh neebs and neebs hey buddy hey I'm1330.146.3
hungry oh yeah yeah you came to the1333.744.74
right guy how's this Farm going uh it's1336.444.38
coming along okay I don't know why they1338.484.62
don't plant sometimes but uh so you have1340.824.02
to put a barrel of water every what four1343.13.36
blocks something like that ah something1344.843.66
like that yeah God that looks stupid but1346.464.62
oh whatever all right so check this out1348.54.86
okay I know you're not a woman but I1351.084.02
want you to try this what is it okay1353.363.72
this pumpkin something is a pumpkin1355.13.78
bread okay so I'm gonna give you a1357.084.62
pumpkin bread and a tea That's a t-u-s1358.885.1
for Red Tea yes absolutely okay all1361.74.2
right what's your food at uh let's see1363.984.62
oh damn this gives you 60 food is that1365.96.659
crazy that's awesome pumpkin bread bam1368.67.199
and then now a little red tea oh yeah oh1372.5594.801
look at all these hold on I want to see1375.7992.941
what it actually does1377.364.02
to my character got good quality food1378.744.919
your health will regenerate while this1381.384.919
buff is active for 20 minutes an average1383.6594.26
quality drink your maximum health will1386.2993.12
slowly regenerate while this ball oh1387.9195.041
yeah that is some good food yeah baby oh1389.4194.981
yeah more of that we're gonna need it1392.963.78
mama needs on the scene grow some more1394.44.44
pumpkins get at it women were holding1396.744.12
out on a secret pumpkin food1398.843.719
all right I'm gonna talk to the trainer1402.5595.761
try to Bob hunting rifle Pocket Mod mmm1404.366.299
find the buried supplies locate1408.324.8
suppliers when I look up here it I never1410.6594.741
I never went down to get the supplies I1413.123.9
guess I thought I got them automatically1415.43.659
oh well like when you got them I thought1417.024.38
I got them okay no you I had to go do1419.0594.441
that you got to go back oh [ __ ] okay1421.44.68
well I'm just gonna get my stuff and run1423.54.2
yeah something tells me it's not worth1426.083.959
it going back might be yeah what'd you1427.74.979
get uh I think I'm gonna go with the1430.0394.62
hunting rifle yeah sounds like [ __ ]1432.6794.511
not going back okay1434.6598.841
thank you1443.516.159

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