Simon Breaks His Mic - Valheim

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest Valheim video yet? Let me tell you, it was a wild ride from start to ...
Simon Breaks His Mic - Valheim
Simon Breaks His Mic - Valheim

Simon Breaks His Mic - Valheim

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Simon, remember that time you broke your mic in Valheim? Classic!

simon: Oh yeah, that was a disaster! I blame it on the camerawoman distracting me with her shenanigans.

neebs: Haha, and let's not forget about the embezzling money person causing chaos in the background. What a mess!

simon: Good times, good times. But hey, at least we got it all on video for everyone to enjoy!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest Valheim video yet? Let me tell you, it was a wild ride from start to finish. The team encountered some technical difficulties with broken microphones, had a camerawoman causing chaos, and even dealt with someone trying to embezzle money. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, but that's what we love about Neebs Gaming, right?

If you haven't already, make sure to catch up on the Valheim playlist on their YouTube channel. The adventures in that game are always entertaining and full of surprises. Plus, if you're a fan of Valheim, you'll definitely enjoy watching the Neebs Gaming crew tackle all the challenges the game throws their way.

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Don't forget to show your support by subscribing to their channel, joining their Patreon, and following them on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord. And if you want to rock some Neebs Gaming merch, they've got a ton of awesome shirts and other stuff available for purchase. Plus, they even have a Folding@Home team for those who want to contribute to a good cause while gaming. How cool is that?

So, grab your favorite snack, settle in, and get ready to laugh, cheer, and maybe even shed a tear (or two) while watching the latest Valheim video. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on all the shenanigans and excitement that Neebs Gaming has in store for us.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Valheim is a survival/crafting game that excels in providing an immersive Viking experience. Neebs Gaming's cinematic approach to their let's play series transports you right into the world. Their skits and roleplaying between episodes make it feel like you're part of their Viking clan.

The attention to detail in the world building is phenomenal. The environments are beautiful yet brutal, from frigid mountains to dark, misty swamps. The crafting and building systems are intuitive but provide enough depth to keep you engaged for hours. Every tree chopped, every stone mined, feels impactful.

Combat is challenging but fair. You quickly learn to avoid fights you can't win yet. Each new weapon and armor set earned feels like a real accomplishment. The boss battles are intense, often requiring multiple attempts and strategies to overcome.

While the world is dangerous, playing with friends makes it feel a little less daunting. Neebs and the gang's camaraderie gives the game heart. You find yourself rooting for them when a raid goes wrong or they're ambushed by a troll.

Neebs Gaming's edits are superb. They trim the grindy parts while highlighting the best moments. Their cinematics add a layer of immersion that makes you feel part of the adventure. It's the next best thing to playing Valheim yourself.

If you love survival games, Vikings, or just great let's play content, you need to check out Neebs Gaming's Valheim series. It captures the magic of this game perfectly. Their passion and humor reminds you games are meant to be fun. I can't recommend their channel highly enough.

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oh what's up neeps i want bronze armor4.483.12
man you might be in luck uh at least7.63.919
some of the copper and tin we've been9.5193.12
gathering i might be able to make some11.5192.801
for you okay oh yeah you know what hold12.6392.481
up hold up14.323.92
okay i've got 10 on me 10 what uh 1015.125.52
in the middle 10 10 yep okay is it raw18.243.28
tin or like20.643.84
it's uh it's it's flat flat what do you21.523.2
it's a sheet of flour smelt it or is it24.723.36
raw tin i would assume smelt it i doubt26.163.279
it comes that way naturally okay then28.082.48
yeah all right um29.4394.081
put it in the top top box what what's it30.564.56
feel like guys33.524.32
what does what feel like tan no the uh35.123.36
any any bronze anything like in your38.483.28
hands what's it feel like40.483.2
uh feels good for me i gotta i got a41.764.88
brown sword and it's like hold on43.685.199
that's awesome yeah i've never felt this46.643.2
stuff you know what i mean48.8792.32
i could yeah i could let you feel it49.843.28
yeah i know i know yeah51.1994.401
gotcha yeah i'm wearing like the bottom53.124.0
of someone's foot i think55.64.32
hey neebs yeah do you have any deer hide57.124.48
uh yeah give me all your deer hide59.924.48
all of it most of it i've got 23. give61.64.16
me seven give it to me you're getting64.42.32
[ __ ] bronze65.763.679
yeah no [ __ ] yeah i helped it's not like66.724.0
he's just giving me problems69.4394.321
i mean i left food in my house and guess70.724.16
what that's all gone73.763.12
you said we should because we were in a74.884.4
situation i didn't say all of it76.884.48
we had to survive boundaries okay i'll79.283.12
tell you what i'm gonna81.362.48
all this certainly okay whatever we82.43.44
contribute the money certainly cores83.843.76
i thought we were team you guys are85.844.0
weird yeah i just said all of it i want87.63.68
to keep a little weird89.843.12
okay all right all right here you go91.283.76
neebs yep uh92.965.6
huh uh-huh you're playing fetch95.046.96
yeah [ __ ] get it okay hold on98.567.599
this is a oh wait how do i do it102.06.079
just right click it oh yeah there you go106.1593.92
i put it on108.0793.921
no you just took the pants off you got110.0793.521
to right click on it it'll put it up112.02.64
there there you put them on113.64.24
now put the chess piece on yeah oh114.645.68
yeah do it you're looking nice and shiny117.843.12
oh yeah yeah that's right120.965.519
i would do a thumbs up but i forget how124.0793.841
all you have to put in the chat you have126.4791.76
enter and i think it's like slash cheer128.2396.401
yeah there you go wow celebration time131.284.8
nailed it all right simon what are you134.643.28
doing today finding pants i hope neebs136.082.879
give them your old pants137.924.08
okay there you go simon old pants138.9596.161
hey barely sweat in them i love it the142.04.0
day is145.123.759
done thank you i already got i've146.05.2
already done everything i need148.8794.881
yep pretty cool yeah oh yeah looking151.23.6
good simon153.764.4
you good all right i'll tell you what we154.84.96
still need more copper because yeah158.163.92
now guess what we're out of bronze yeah159.763.839
let's get copper so you162.084.4
me black forest with a wheelbarrow we're163.5993.601
getting stuff166.484.399
that's right yeah you guys go get stuff167.25.2
we will simon go check with doors see if170.8793.121
you guys have enough money go to the172.42.88
trader see what you can buy see if you174.02.0
can buy175.283.599
what are they um headlamps traders176.04.48
trader headlamps i'm going to try it178.8792.161
trader headlamps you got it looking good181.043.839
neebs this should be called183.5994.161
smell armpit184.8792.881
yeah it's nasty190.1599.681
so simon yeah mr bronze club213.045.199
uh i thought about buying myself216.643.2
something nice yeah218.2393.521
well are you gonna buy you you're gonna219.843.36
get the headlamps221.765.039
this is tough so we i've got 1258 gold223.25.44
right fishing bait don't want that226.7993.201
fishing rod i'm not going to get that228.642.4
even though230.04.239
nah i don't want that yamir flesh great231.045.279
there's this ring that gives the wearer234.2394.0
super human strength236.3194.801
but that's probably just carrying [ __ ]238.2394.08
what oh well i mean241.122.88
oh really nah it's pretty cool but242.3193.441
that's expandy okay and then244.04.159
we got this verger circlet which is the245.763.759
perpetual light source is that the248.1592.8
headlamp they were talking about249.5194.561
at one point i think so but i always say250.9594.0
that because i254.082.64
i just want to agree with you well254.9594.24
here's the here's the catch so those are256.724.4
620. we can get two of those right just259.1992.481
yeah but up top there's this yule hat261.684.16
it's a red cap264.323.52
in the style of house gnomes and that265.843.68
just sounds like a hoot267.843.76
it does but if there's no light on it it269.523.679
sounds like a dumb hat271.63.52
that's a good point damn it i'm so glad273.1993.28
you're my friend simon275.123.92
yeah well you know we're friends forever276.4793.28
i'm getting two of these verger circlets279.7593.121
yeah and282.083.119
uh um i'm gonna i'm looking forward to282.884.879
seeing you wearing one285.1994.481
is that uh how do i do that how do you287.7593.44
do oh there it is289.685.16
oh looky that looks pretty291.1995.221
all right normally i'd say let's put298.164.72
down beds but we got this banging armor300.563.68
on i made a little bit myself302.885.039
uh-huh i got this brand new bronze304.244.6
okay yeah check that thing out that308.844.04
does the same thing that the other311.7593.201
pickaxe does it does but uh just harvest312.882.8
more i think314.962.56
okay all right so do you want to grab315.683.76
the cart uh yep317.524.72
okay got it and then yeah we'll head319.443.36
the black forest you know what let's322.83.76
head up hill okay you got it oh look at324.164.4
all these strawberries326.563.6
oh now that we're in the black forest we328.562.96
need to keep it out for blueberries if330.162.64
you have a bunch of blueberries and a331.522.959
bunch of uh strawberries uh-huh you can332.83.6
make this stuff called queen's jam334.4795.361
please damn makes you uh more energetic336.44.72
yeah something like that it just gives339.843.84
you more uh just gives you more stuff341.125.6
oh man you know like stamina yeah like343.683.6
yeah okay and uh oh is this oh i got347.283.6
names right here349.64.319
is this copper this is a copper deposit350.885.36
it's our lucky damn day i thought we353.9193.921
were going to go down there after that356.242.16
other side357.841.6
i thought we were going to have to go358.43.519
all the way into the damn forest359.446.0
oh boy okay put this up361.9195.28
wait are you using the copper one copper365.443.039
one what pickaxe yeah367.1993.12
oh i thought only the deers would do368.4793.44
this the deer accident no370.3193.761
watch out behind you okay yep sucker371.9193.361
don't you see we're working374.083.92
got it okay you just you do that i'll do375.283.12
you need help yep i got it i got bronze378.44.0
armor cool381.1992.961
yep there's one down here yeah oh382.43.919
there's some copper there's some copper384.165.36
yeah you're safe keep working worker i386.3195.921
am up on the hill yeah i got them keep389.523.6
me covered392.243.28
you're doing great throwing rocks at us393.123.68
yeah oh [ __ ]395.524.64
wait what troll troll okay oh god oh god396.84.399
oh god oh god400.162.4
oh god we're fighting we're going yeah401.1993.28
we gotta fight him okay we're flipping402.562.32
boat what is he oh no he's hitting our404.883.12
damn cart407.1993.521
don't hit the [ __ ] oh god oh god oh god408.03.68
oh god410.722.879
i look i look away for like five seconds411.683.519
what the hell yep413.5993.681
this guy's fighting our cart quit415.1994.881
picking on the cart417.284.88
okay oh there we go all right i think420.083.92
the troll just took out a skeleton422.164.64
yep oh man i should have oh god oh god424.04.479
oh we don't need to make beds there's no426.83.36
reason to make fans428.4793.44
we got armor remember yeah we do got430.163.28
armor all right how many arrows do you431.9192.641
i got like 40. all right good because434.563.039
we're gonna need them436.4793.521
okay keep moving [ __ ] whoa oh the hell437.5993.201
just hit me440.03.44
right in front of you sorry oh he's440.83.04
there that's a bad move why would you do443.843.04
that right there why would you do that445.843.359
right there446.882.319
works okay i know it works great oh come449.285.6
on neve take him out452.725.199
he's so close one more problem one more454.884.8
yeah there you go all right come on457.9194.481
great there you go459.686.16
boom yeah462.43.44
troll farts oh look at all these coins469.0393.84
oh my god yeah471.443.439
coins the first coins i ever had oh472.8794.081
there's a trojan oh i got the trailhead474.8793.681
sweet let's get back to the cup is the476.963.919
card okay you know what last i saw it478.562.96
yeah i see the cart and it's looking481.523.28
good all right483.7593.041
you know what let me pop this bad boy484.83.28
right here486.83.44
and then i can repair the cart can't488.083.839
believe i just survived a hit from a490.242.32
i love it all right cart's fully492.563.359
let's get this copper yep you got it495.9194.081
g'day mates in this next scene simon's500.244.48
discord headset broke502.8793.521
his recording was fine but the504.723.44
conversation didn't make sense when506.43.199
edited together508.163.68
so instead ada had to stick a microphone509.5994.081
in a shoe and wave it around in front of511.843.679
her speakers to restore the original513.684.719
audio quality515.5197.121
all right simon unexplored territory we518.3995.44
are like522.643.759
lewis and clark right lewis and clark i523.8394.081
was going to say526.3994.641
all of the great exploring teams we527.923.599
don't know531.043.359
we don't know the fountain of youth531.5193.601
these blueberries i'll bet are the most535.123.12
deli oh537.63.04
what is that okay that was just a what538.243.84
i'm not scared you're scared540.643.84
um it was a deer that's all right the542.083.759
deer beers are nice544.484.4
getting late this is nice um it looks545.8394.961
like it's getting whittled down to where548.882.639
we can't go in there that's crazy down551.5194.0
in there yeah i don't want to go553.925.12
oh oh one one way one maybe a little555.5194.081
little guy little [ __ ] oh i see i see i559.63.76
him i took us and scared me you are so563.365.599
tough with that sword simon i can't get566.563.76
over it568.9593.281
sometimes you just gotta have to get570.323.36
over it at some point572.242.4
all right this looks like it's573.683.52
bottlenecking into where we'd have to be574.644.319
mountains or577.23.759
yeah i don't this can't be good this578.9593.761
can't be good for anyone all right week580.9594.481
um and yet we're doing it still yeah we582.723.36
are look at this down here is safe586.085.68
down here super safe if it wasn't you589.2794.881
i'd be wandering until my death anyway591.763.92
you you're not done this is we're way594.163.359
too far and it's gonna be like nighttime595.683.04
at some point597.5192.961
well i got the sword so i'm gonna try to598.723.04
do things600.483.28
it feels okay there's two guys see those601.764.24
guys hold up603.764.0
and another structure straight ahead606.04.48
those sons of [ __ ]607.764.72
oh my god they're the sonsiest of610.484.799
[ __ ] they are the suns612.484.88
look at that all right oh man i missed615.2793.761
[ __ ] oh here they come fight's on617.364.56
simon it's like it's like i know you've619.046.479
got you've got me covered to some degree621.926.8
because you're so good salmon625.5193.201
here we go here we go the teaming yeah629.65.04
damn it all right i'm gonna i'm gonna632.883.519
take this back out and i'm gonna go for634.642.4
he's down it doesn't look good637.044.239
come on [ __ ] oh sure641.367.039
i love when you've got that that makes646.643.52
me so happy me too648.3994.821
all right let's bring this and650.166.4
man you're good you're so good i'm656.564.8
hitting the left click with the sword659.2795.041
and i tell you it's doing wonders all661.363.28
this is the this is the mack daddy big664.643.12
big big666.84.479
money big money [ __ ] what667.767.04
[ __ ] they suck671.2797.281
they suck simon what a waste of time674.85.92
oh skeleton683.2795.841
oh god i wish i could understand you693.210.639
oh wow you really can't understand me696.247.599
get in there it was like 30 gold it was704.483.599
like nothing simon706.645.199
30 gold okay 30. it was like 30. there's708.0794.56
nothing here711.8392.721
hey is this the first one this is the712.6394.401
first one right that's the first one714.564.399
right there's something else around here717.043.68
this is really dangerous dude718.9594.88
i know well danger's my uh the name of720.724.4
my penis723.8393.521
i love how now you're all about it yeah725.124.56
um but that's okay i dig it i dig it as727.363.84
you should maybe729.684.959
maybe something oh [ __ ]731.26.8
no what what no oh734.6396.721
that looks like spider webs right738.04.88
is that webbing why would you even741.363.2
that's super webby i'll grab these742.882.32
oh good blueberries yeah let's adventure745.26.0
oh i got berries here too uh i just748.84.56
wanna i almost wanted to shoot a fire751.23.36
arrow in there753.364.08
do it of course you do yeah but i don't754.564.32
live your life live your life that's not757.442.72
that wasn't a fire arrow758.884.32
here we go come on baby shoot it up oh760.163.76
burn burn aren't you at all we should go763.924.0
home simon767.23.12
uh we'll need the guys for this don't i767.923.599
know but don't you just want to take a770.322.079
oh you really want to go in there don't772.3993.361
feel cool i don't care what you said but775.766.24
we're going779.62.4
okay the wastelands well we'll get the782.883.199
guys and784.6395.841
the missed lands the mistlands oh [ __ ]786.0794.401
ah you got any meat794.484.88
yeah you don't need meat no any damn797.763.759
meat okay uh what kind of meat you got i799.362.8
the pig meat oh okay cook it oh no i've802.163.679
already cooked805.361.84
oh you've already cooked it okay then805.8392.321
why the hell are we sitting here by the807.22.24
fire i thought you're gonna cook me808.163.2
do you want me do you need me no i have809.443.36
some meat i have meat too it's a meat811.362.8
and mushroom no i'm good i thought we812.82.32
were sitting by the fire so you could814.161.52
cook meat815.122.159
um i already cooked it oh yeah you815.683.04
already cooked to me no i'm just so we817.2792.401
don't need to sit at the fire cooked818.721.76
meat because you've already cooked the819.681.92
meat why are we sitting at the fire if820.482.24
we don't need cooked meat821.62.56
i'm just waiting our next order what are822.723.52
we doing oh i want my pickaxe bro824.163.84
so did mine okay so that we should826.243.2
probably head home yep828.03.68
to repair our pickaxes okay you know829.443.12
what we should do831.682.48
i don't know if we have enough materials832.563.04
we should build a portal834.164.32
out here and then we can just go back835.64.0
and forth i mean we can't carry the838.482.24
copper through the portal839.63.039
all right proposal are there any uh840.723.44
sterling cores at the house842.6394.481
there's four near my place four near844.164.16
your place i think we need847.123.839
five okay all right maybe dora has some848.324.319
sterling cores but we go back we get850.9593.44
enough sterling course to make a portal852.6393.2
and then we make a port of the house and854.3992.8
come back make a portal here855.8392.961
so we can go back and forth to fix our857.1993.361
pickaxes quicker if we need to that858.83.2
makes sense yeah yeah860.563.6
okay and then oh but should we leave the862.03.44
car i don't want to i mean look at the864.161.6
all we need is the copper all we need is865.764.0
the copper yes leave everything out868.0793.12
hopefully the cart should be safe869.763.439
yep right here right all right break871.1993.361
follow me yeah frank good873.1993.681
all righty hello880.3998.401
oh here we go all right okay what is up885.2796.961
another world with the forge yep888.86.64
we are here with you892.245.36
hi hey hey what's up oh there's that895.443.28
lamp look at you897.64.64
oh look at both oh yeah yeah yeah898.725.84
yeah i went shopping we went shopping oh902.243.52
man that looks great904.563.04
yeah i hope you stay pretty good it's905.763.68
it's pretty great you kind of take it907.64.239
for granted i'm sure like you you don't909.443.759
realize what it was like to not we911.8393.201
didn't go into a cave per se but the913.1992.64
night was perfect915.042.72
yeah okay hey tell you what dory is here915.8393.761
yeah you're gonna be the money guy i917.763.04
just gave you more money919.62.96
well i'll buy more of those as soon as i920.83.599
can right and you know you can sell like922.563.6
amber and rubies and all that [ __ ] i got924.3993.44
a chest up here with a bunch of926.164.56
yeah okay yeah and door look at this top927.8394.641
left chest because i'm pretty sure930.723.679
yeah i put some amber in here that amber932.483.599
you could sell yeah but i thought that934.3994.081
i just took gold no no you can sell it936.0794.88
there's a little button938.484.08
okay there's a little sell button if you940.9593.761
have rubies and pearls and amber you can942.563.68
sell them all kinds of [ __ ] dude i'll944.723.2
have more of these then in no time946.243.36
yeah more of those would be good also947.922.64
those belts i don't know if we can949.62.479
afford those belts those belts are950.563.279
sweet all right there's some more of952.0793.361
these over at that other uh crafting953.8393.36
thing but i was going to give you these955.444.399
yes and uh you probably need oh wait i957.1993.2
got some959.8393.281
certain cords you need more wood you960.3993.841
have any core wood963.123.04
by chance yeah let me just dump on my964.243.92
wood should i get the circling yeah966.164.96
get the sterling course okay certain968.163.599
it's cert971.123.44
certainly sterling are you certain about971.7593.281
sir certainly go ahead and you've got oh975.043.599
oh wow that was977.8392.721
that was an attempt at it okay right oh978.6393.601
i need fine wood actually then980.564.0
wait i don't have that but i'm gonna go982.244.64
sell some [ __ ] to that idiot984.564.399
put the wood and the thing with the coal986.883.04
come over here988.9593.041
put the coal in the thing smell the989.923.44
things back hey what's up992.04.56
i got this core sterling core yep993.363.76
all right fine wood any fine wood you997.123.68
find wood we'll find wood we'll find999.2792.401
wood all right because1000.82.159
because we got to make we got to have1001.683.279
some fine wood so we can make a portal1002.9594.0
to the black forest i don't have an ax1004.9596.88
for that that's a fine wood1006.9594.88
or whatever [ __ ] name name1022.9595.281
all right so okay so that's what they1026.43.039
were talking about1028.244.0
you can hit this we don't make it very1029.4394.24
obvious that this is like1032.244.799
fine print haldor you don't really make1033.6794.481
it stick out do you1037.0394.961
so sell what sell what whoa whoa whoa1038.166.08
what's he selling what am i doing what1042.03.439
did you buy1044.244.24
what is going on what did he just buy1045.4395.841
what you do haldor you son of a [ __ ]1048.484.64
it's not that hard to make things clear1051.285.759
what did i sell what did i sell1053.127.36
uh oh oh wait got more money than i had1057.0396.0
bought something i don't want to buy you1060.483.439
[ __ ]1063.0394.241
all right sell what am i selling1063.9196.481
not a yule hat sell what'd you buy1067.286.08
what did you oh ruby i see a oh god1070.44.639
that's sneaky but i didn't tell you what1073.362.64
i wanted to sell1075.0393.361
haldor you just buy automatically stuff1076.03.44
okay that's it1078.44.8
and we've got 301 man we're not quite1079.447.359
there but i could buy a yule hat1083.23.599
hmm i'll think on that haldor1087.24.88
make your [ __ ] more clear you're like1090.5594.321
one of those you know how this works1092.087.76
am i eyeing you i will call the bbb1094.887.28
[ __ ]1099.842.32
damn it names what's wrong man i need i1105.283.68
need two leather scraps1107.523.279
okay do you have any leather scraps yeah1108.963.599
i got a1110.7994.0
nope you told me to get rid of1112.5593.601
everything i know you got rid of the1114.7991.76
all right we need we didn't what is it i1116.5594.0
got some of the house i think okay1119.0393.121
please i just bring me two leather1120.5592.961
scraps wasn't there1122.164.32
wait this is oh deer hide yeah no not1123.523.84
deer hide yep1126.482.96
leather scratch all right don't move i1127.363.84
can't i can't move i'm too right back1129.442.16
yep i'm too full of [ __ ] okay yep i know1131.65.28
that i've heard you talk1134.844.6
just be a second okay come on get a beer1136.884.08
you want one uh yes1139.445.28
oh hey names hey heck what's he wearing1140.966.64
okay do you guys need leather scraps uh1144.723.44
i got some do you have them yeah i got1148.163.2
some leftover scraps1150.244.08
okay i need a system i don't have a1151.363.6
i don't have a system1154.963.36
ah there they are there you go1158.323.92
absolutely you did it1159.844.8
just walked right by me okay that's my1162.243.76
leather scraps aren't good enough1164.643.2
yep yep oh wait did you give me a1166.03.679
leather scrap store oh you just ran1167.842.48
right by me1169.6792.401
oh that's simon never mind [ __ ] no1170.323.52
that's me oh here we go1172.083.36
i told you this game had crap graphics1173.843.68
why do you have a damn santa hat on1175.444.88
what's that why do you have a santa hat1177.523.36
right right you don't need the scraps1180.884.4
anymore that was this question oh yeah1183.762.96
dora hooked me up with the scraps i1185.281.759
yes i can make what i need to make did1187.0394.64
you get the flashlight hats or no1189.6796.0
you just saw yep i got i got one1191.6797.36
okay yeah we got santa hats with our1195.6794.161
troll money1199.0392.081
did you you start wanting to get hats1199.843.04
yeah i noticed that too1201.124.64
okay all right okay where am i here all1202.883.36
neebs i've made a bronze axe dick had1206.243.919
our bronze axe uh-huh but you know he's1208.082.719
not here1210.1592.801
okay because like i got brain cancer my1210.7994.081
name's dick 44 you know how it is1212.964.32
just to get out of mine and copper the1214.883.679
things that you'll do1217.284.879
uh okay i am going to take this with me1218.5595.921
okay i think i got all the fine wood i1222.1594.561
need yep yep yep1224.485.28
gonna stick you right over here let's1226.723.839
yeah i think you'll look real good just1230.5593.041
bam there oh that's a portal huh okay1233.64.88
it's a portal and i'm gonna name it1236.485.439
just all lowercase woods1238.486.559
woods woods that is not memorable at all1241.9194.921
okay you want to name it something1245.0395.361
smelter forge pigeon forge1246.845.56
it's too long it's too wordy okay pigeon1250.44.399
smelter one one word one very memorable1252.44.24
don't pressure me why went woods it's1256.644.56
easy it takes like this portal is going1259.63.199
to take us over to the woods1261.22.8
it's just right over there where1262.7993.201
everything is wood yeah but i know which1264.03.12
woods this goes to1266.02.88
everywhere you look is woods and that's1267.123.2
your description of it1268.882.96
okay those woods we were near what was1270.323.359
near it troll woods bunch of trolls in1271.842.48
the woods1273.6792.321
this game is about trolls and woods give1274.323.12
me another descriptor then genius1276.04.08
uh across the water woods it's way too1277.443.2
okay way too damn water woods yeah all1280.643.039
water woods all one word lowercase we1283.6793.761
gotta remember that when we build the1286.1592.721
portal over there water woods1287.443.84
you ready to go uh yep ooh man we should1288.883.36
make a road1291.282.639
you want to make a road this is a road1292.243.28
well i mean like one across this road1293.9193.281
where the road stops ah1295.523.279
yeah sure you got it you got a little1297.23.2
road maker oh nope1298.7993.041
is that a hoe yeah it's just like a1300.43.84
little hoe you take it nope i got rid of1301.844.959
my hoe a long time ago1304.244.24
i got rid of mine recently i've been1306.7993.341
with her 16 years oh boy1308.484.4
hey simon simon yeah yeah where are you1312.885.12
dude where are you i'm i'm1316.483.679
close to you i think cause i'm looking1318.03.679
oh there you are there you are there you1320.1592.721
are come on come on come on come on come1321.6792.081
on come on come on1322.882.96
okay come into here come into here and1323.763.36
then just hit e1325.843.12
and don't move forward all right not1327.123.84
moving forward not moving forward okay1328.964.48
now now what let's let's take a little1330.963.12
hold on1333.442.4
hold on hold on snack break yeah yeah1334.084.0
yeah yeah yeah i need a mushroom what1335.844.64
yellow mushroom i'm gonna i'm up look at1338.084.4
this i'm gonna relax a little bit1340.485.04
let's see two me too look at that1342.484.72
i'll take a breather oh no don't worry1345.523.519
about it i see that ahead i see it i'm1347.23.28
not gonna come here they can't come here1349.0393.441
oh they can't good get it going fine1350.483.12
we're fine1352.483.76
go ahead suckers go ahead lick my1353.64.4
testies oh wait they're taking my health1356.242.08
they're taking my health down what's1358.323.2
taking me out are they shooting okay1359.65.439
all right summon let's do that1361.523.519
really quick are you1366.1596.0
oh that's ada oh simon where where what1369.24.64
what happened1372.1594.481
you didn't go in i'm so confused i did1373.844.0
okay man1376.644.88
what just happened1377.843.68
let's let's take a little hold on hold1392.244.16
on hold on snack break yeah yeah yeah1394.5593.36
yeah keep bringing i need a mushroom1396.43.36
what yellow mushroom i'm like1397.9193.681
i'm up look at this i'm gonna relax a1399.763.36
little bit listen1401.64.559
to me too look at that i'll take a1403.124.72
breather oh god don't worry about it i1406.1593.441
see that ahead i see it okay1407.843.12
come here they can't come here oh they1409.63.12
can't good get it going1410.964.64
we're fine go ahead suckers go ahead1412.723.28
my testies oh wait they're taking my1416.03.039
health down i'm gonna check out my1417.9193.201
health down what's taking you out there1419.0396.24
okay all right let's see i'm not1421.1210.72
not really1425.2796.561
you oh1443.363.969

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