We Have SPIDER BALLS Now! - Conan Exiles

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2, you're in for a treat. ...
We Have SPIDER BALLS Now! - Conan Exiles
We Have SPIDER BALLS Now! - Conan Exiles

We Have SPIDER BALLS Now! - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen this video? We have SPIDER BALLS now in Conan Exiles! Can you believe it?

simon: Oh, I saw that one! The part where they try to seduce a woman on the beach had me cracking up. Classic Conan Exiles antics!

appsro: Haha, yeah, and don't forget about summoning those spiders. That's some next-level gameplay right there. Definitely my favorite video so far!

neebs: I know, right? Who knew spider balls could bring so much entertainment. We need to up our game in the next episode!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2, you're in for a treat. In this hilarious installment, the boys stumble upon a giant crocodile, attempt to woo a woman on the beach, and even delve into the dark arts of summoning spiders. It's all the wacky, unpredictable fun we've come to love from the gang.

And if you're itching to watch the action unfold, be sure to click on the link to the episode playlist in the description. Trust me, you won't want to miss a single moment of the shenanigans. Plus, if you're in need of a pick-me-up while watching, why not sip on some Neebs Gaming Coffee? It's the perfect companion for any gaming session.

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So grab your favorite snacks, settle in, and get ready to laugh your way through another epic episode of Conan Exiles with the Neebs Gaming crew. With their trademark humor and camaraderie, it's sure to be a wild ride from start to finish. Thanks for watching and don't forget to hit that subscribe button for more gaming goodness!

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ugh so I don't get it what are you0.844.979
worshiping me ah giant spider I'm not2.765.159
gonna lie I'm disgusted with my God yeah5.8194.261
yeah I mean what is that a pile of man7.9194.861
plus and eggs I don't know yeah it looks10.084.86
like a bunch of eggs yeah does it get12.784.259
bigger I it will when I upgrade the14.944.86
altar oh don't do that I'm going to okay17.0394.201
don't worry about it I gotta do my thing19.84.139
you're killing the property value down21.245.1
what you already killed it what do you23.9394.861
talk listen to me that this is gorgeous26.344.8
and this is good this is just gross28.84.919
looking yours is a waste of iron it is31.145.28
not a waste of iron those elevators are33.7194.441
a waste of iron they're a very small36.423.54
part of this yeah they are a waste of38.163.6
iron Simon wait where's Simon who's39.964.56
Simon is he over here yeah Simon there41.764.38
was a lot of iron when I left on our44.523.18
last adventure yeah and I also have46.143.48
three elevators I haven't used yet it's47.74.56
beautiful but I require more I know49.624.98
quick question before I go and uh and52.264.619
make some sacrifices for my disgusting54.65.099
God yeah who did this dude the Dora56.8794.441
signs I was going to ask are you having59.6993.301
trouble remembering where you live I61.323.18
didn't do it I didn't do it I didn't do63.03.72
it who did it oh who did who knows oh64.54.74
you know what you know it's Astros it's66.724.56
nice it's not I didn't know it yeah I69.243.48
didn't do it you see you seem like the71.282.94
only remember when we play Among Us you72.723.66
do this [ __ ] yeah yeah eject him out of74.223.3
the airlock I'm gonna go sacrifice76.382.7
people or like you know I'm gonna keep77.523.54
working on my place we're we're gonna go79.084.74
get some iron yes neebs where are you at81.064.98
I'm trying to make because my clothes83.823.96
don't go good with my skin color it's86.043.3
fine you'll just look at your face come87.784.58
on we need to go get stuff89.343.02
I love watching myself swim for some92.64.74
y'all see that down there all right big105.364.74
rock oh the uh the enemy the whatever107.524.919
that monster thing is oh then on the110.13.72
beach oh is that a big version of this112.4394.081
that's a giant one oh God yeah is that113.824.439
what we're doing here yeah go fight that116.523.0
real quick and then we'll go grab some118.2592.581
metal yeah I feel like that wasn't our119.523.059
mission our mission was metal120.844.98
you were told by someone by the gods122.5795.88
perhaps that F5 is a good mental Place125.824.639
yeah if you look at the map let's see128.4595.041
somewhere see five F somewhere in this130.4594.601
region here all right I'm trusting you133.53.3
Neves Simon you fight that big alligator135.063.3
we'll be back we'll meet you here let's136.83.299
get the alligator real quick okay listen138.364.2
I think I can just you're really doing140.0993.72
this aren't you yeah come on let's do it142.562.64
are you doing okay you gonna fight it143.8193.42
let's fight this alligator yeah I can do145.24.44
it listen I have a shield uh no I don't147.2393.72
have a shield I got a shield all right149.642.76
you do that I'm gonna just hit a lot of150.9593.061
fun action and then run get that play152.43.24
I'll hit him with the arrows oh God154.023.299
that's a three skull is that bad yeah155.645.3
it's real bad sure it is right157.3193.621
oh God I hit it and I didn't see the bar164.284.679
move you got this hold on oh my God I166.24.2
don't see the bar moving I've hit it168.9594.5
multiple times I've done it oh God Simon170.45.22
run okay we've made a horrible mistake173.4594.621
all right we got this needs you know175.624.22
better you've played this before178.085.84
I didn't think you guys are gonna do it179.844.08
what's up fam and again have you184.864.5
um sacrifice offering your soul and your189.366.599
hearts to the uh Spider got sad192.36.96
oh that's better [ __ ] how do I do that195.9596.241
again oh that's not that all right oops199.264.74
I don't want to do that [ __ ] okay hey202.23.959
guys I'll be back I messed up I messed204.04.86
up real big [ __ ] you guys are real good206.1594.44
just trying to use this little blade208.863.959
I'll be back give me time210.5994.201
leave me alone I'm just going around the212.8195.661
corner I gotta pee hey spider I214.83.68
just out oh good you guys are okay cool218.8196.5
oh wow223.224.659
why does it do that you have to do it225.3197.381
after yeah that's why all right227.8797.381
no no no no no no I gotta get away I232.76.7
gotta go Gotta Go then235.264.14
oh what monkey designed this system all241.086.18
right so bang I made a casting table oh243.785.099
that actually looks pretty cool but from247.263.66
the casting table this is where I gotta248.8794.741
make the damn things and I need glass250.925.279
mold and glass does it make the glass253.625.88
mold 15 metal I think wait I have metal256.1994.741
oh that's right you got to put the metal259.53.419
in there thank God I swirled enough260.944.56
metal away hit it from Simon all right262.9195.581
crafting a glass is it one glass mold to265.55.88
make one glass flask oh if it is I'm268.54.32
gonna be angry by God oh I can make271.383.9
coins I'm gonna make coins and then I272.823.9
can go into town I can go shopping275.285.28
that's actually exciting coin mold hmm276.726.78
do I need okay silver coin so yeah coin280.565.639
I'm gonna make a coin mold that's that'd283.55.22
be fun be excited to go shopping and286.1994.801
what do I need silver make my own coins288.725.1
forage my own currency [ __ ] I'm like the291.05.16
Conan version of Bitcoin look at that293.824.08
just make making [ __ ] on my own making296.166.479
[ __ ] up Conan coin dog coin dick coin297.96.239
they got a coin for everything now it's302.6394.441
ridiculous [ __ ] coin what they all are304.1395.161
you doing good over there Green Arrow307.083.119
you helping out a whole bunch310.1995.22
[ __ ]313.54.8
I like where Anthony's going oh straight315.4195.22
up it's still nerve-wracking you guys318.33.959
there's a place to rest up here I think320.6394.681
yeah I'm resting okay I think if we get322.2595.041
to the top of this we'll be able to rest325.323.78
yep you got a place right there to rest327.34.679
oh it's getting close though yep all329.15.28
right all right all right yeah Simon331.9794.201
give me your hand I'm close two as well334.385.36
come on you don't need my help come on336.187.32
rest up yeah we're good all right push339.745.5
forward I can see why people like this343.54.259
it's an adrenaline rush yeah and now on345.244.739
that stamina any moment you could fall347.7594.621
and perish it's tough there's like349.9794.821
there's ruins okay352.385.46
is that is that Metals I'm not looking354.84.36
at metal I'm looking at the ruins look357.843.0
at that oh ruins the ruins look tall359.163.84
it's awesome but we're also definitely360.843.72
here for metal oh there's one right in363.03.9
front of us metal this little one right364.564.38
yep these are metal oh okay yeah that's366.95.42
all metal over here too all right368.946.18
that's like a rock thing oh wait I think372.325.04
I remember that375.122.24
let's do it [ __ ] okay all right I379.15.379
haven't seen these before don't hit each382.3193.181
other all right yeah I think that's384.4792.821
gonna be the problem take turns all385.53.18
right I'm taking this attention you guys387.33.36
his butt Simon you're attacking I'm on388.684.38
him look at me look at me doggy oh all390.664.259
right back it off take it out yeah okay393.063.66
yep we're wearing him down he's after394.9193.961
you summon all right we're not we're not396.724.199
wearing them down that much okay all398.883.599
right I'm I'm gonna try the sword just400.9193.481
in case you're wrong okay yeah try it402.4793.78
that also did a lot of damage my sword404.44.68
yeah I do bleed damage let me let me do406.2594.081
a little something that look like409.082.58
something to blaze does it it might410.343.12
bleeding I mean blood coming out of it411.664.319
when we smack it yep I like it watch out413.465.1
let me do the business oh he's close415.9796.481
yeah yeah look at him go flying yeah oh418.566.24
yeah what do we get from oh yep I'm422.464.34
getting bleed damage yep a little bit424.84.38
that's because of me because you don't426.84.3
mess with me oh I got some irons some429.184.139
coals some Stone yeah 12 iron right from431.14.98
that guy not bad okay Yep this is the433.3195.581
motherland folks load up on that metal436.085.72
oh yeah438.92.9
okay luckily I was actually able to make443.165.58
exactly three glass because we had some445.625.579
Crystal so with the mold I swear if it448.744.859
breaks this mold okay good you only have451.1995.101
to make the mold once thank God and453.5996.121
we're gonna craft it give it to me to me456.35.88
all right bang we got a glass flat so459.724.379
I'll take that over here to the Dyer's462.184.739
bench let's see I know monkey boy wants464.0995.1
his green oh man there's several types466.9195.22
of green wait water filled glass flask469.1995.521
wait so oh wow only I had some water472.1394.62
around here let's see there's no there's474.724.379
no way I can just go to the glass flask476.7595.411
and like put it and then479.0994.801
am I thinking I actually did it yeah483.94.26
okay you can fill water and water oh man485.524.56
if this game didn't let me do that I was488.165.159
gonna I was gonna bust a nut all right490.085.82
so now I need just a little bit of fiber493.3194.82
that's easy to get where's my local495.93.799
yeah I got I got fiber okay so now with499.6996.581
water I'm gonna dump some Fiber in and I503.285.639
can dump the water filled glass flask506.285.999
and then now if I go to The Greenery508.9197.5
uh man do I do green or forest green512.2795.7
um forest green I feel like looks nice516.4193.901
or maybe I should make him decide that517.9794.021
or it can make him look like an idiot520.323.18
with straight up I'm gonna do that522.03.54
that's some like bright ass dye right523.54.22
and boom I guess when it gets back he527.9597.021
gets to put it on look like a gremlin530.74.28
okay after having died535.3395.56
several times538.686.24
um almost clear did I get your thank you540.8996.901
um I got like 10 essence or whatever the544.925.7
Venom whatever blood for Zach zap needs547.85.46
blood you know how this goes zap be550.623.899
needing blood I think you're our last553.263.78
one might as well take your blood zath554.5195.281
would love it oh oh [ __ ] I don't like557.044.5
that let me just get you get you out of559.83.8
the way come on come on561.546.6
now I will fight you close up close and563.65.859
get your blood where'd you go where'd568.142.42
you go569.4594.201
what a sneaky sneaks that was the570.565.44
weirdest thing oh and then what where573.666.42
are you from no no no no no no we're not576.05.88
going down like that580.085.24
I gotta really learn how to block581.883.44
okay damn it where's my shield I'm not585.424.859
good at this if you haven't noticed oh587.585.759
yeah oh yeah it's a shield yeah do one590.2796.601
more come on come on come on yeah I593.3395.341
needed that I needed that Victory let me596.884.2
get this I thank you zap thank you598.684.98
out a little [ __ ] they keep responding601.084.259
all right I'm out enough of you idiots603.664.5
thank you for your blood zap blood drive605.3395.901
happening again next week608.163.08
I got encumbered and I had all these616.13.76
rocks and they got attacked okay we'll618.363.479
dump them out and let's go okay rocks619.863.78
are going this is gonna be easy this guy621.8393.301
right here yeah I was just in comfort623.643.84
that was a problem yeah all right yeah625.145.22
all right come on I thought I would get627.484.32
a bunch of you know Harvest some stuff630.362.88
and try to level up631.83.78
this is a one skull oh that's yeah one633.244.32
skull's not good well it's better than635.584.14
three skull we tried to fight before637.564.5
that didn't work oh no get away from me639.724.92
that was me my bad God it was my swing642.065.16
he runs now I'm locked on a baby just644.645.3
kill the baby's name647.222.72
there we go halfway down653.8394.781
I think I like better not being locked656.824.139
on oh wait how do you lock on I don't658.624.32
know you don't yeah excuse me ask660.9595.94
Anthony yeah I usually don't lock on662.945.639
find it better not to with a bunch of666.8994.581
people oh guys668.5792.901
what are you doing why are you letting672.0794.921
yourself get down so low674.3395.761
yeah oh crap I'm going to bed for him677.06.16
either I'm running because oh boy yep680.16.2
that hurt sorry683.163.14
okay I'm ready for you to tack back in688.043.94
as soon as you're ready all right well I690.424.26
ran far and put a bandage on I'm coming691.984.62
back oh okay he's coming after you all694.684.68
right good hey pal how are you sir let's696.66.44
go put a jump to the right yeah699.363.68
let's do the one more right709.225.02
there oh yeah712.264.579
all right714.245.94
how's this feel it feels good baby716.8395.321
you're not the one that died this time720.184.32
that's right it's Anthony listen let's722.165.28
face it he was due to die yep he's a724.55.82
noob seriously all right so there was a727.444.86
person around here that's one skull yeah730.324.38
let's heal up then we'll go uh check her732.35.17
out yep yep734.74.4
oh death how very zap you are would you739.17.799
like some blood zaps743.5795.88
what are you doing just being being your746.8995.201
God you can't be my God I mean what's749.4594.38
your God sound like I don't know what752.14.82
does a big spider sound like753.8396.261
yeah yeah that's probably right756.926.12
do I put it in there yeah760.16.66
how do I do it again763.049.4
do I use it use me use the blood yes use766.768.74
the blood oh it did that globe of yazud772.446.06
huh polished ball black this is775.55.639
fascinating all right use another what's778.54.74
going on I forget how this works man I781.1394.861
Know It uh complicated sometimes I hate783.244.68
to make glass today oh it's like 10786.04.44
steps yeah that sounds about right787.924.8
should I keep using this Blood use it790.445.579
yes use it thank you for clarifying zath792.725.16
I don't know what the hell's going on796.0194.521
I did a lot of work for you what are you809.664.6
doing what it's what your spider said811.744.2
yeah baby yeah well I'm done talking814.263.66
about it yeah baby815.945.519
yeah that that's silly and he's got to817.924.68
sound silly if he's going to look like821.4593.661
that I mean Jesus yeah yeah zath is822.65.179
messy and stinky too825.126.0
and you know yeah I mean you're looking827.7795.321
to hook up with somebody right first of831.124.32
all oh yes you could use one you could833.14.979
use your line on her oh the hey you're835.444.8
the second best looking woman in the838.0794.32
room you're the second best looking lady840.244.44
on the beach yeah go tell her that okay842.3994.141
if it works yeah oh she's coming over844.684.56
yeah oh help all right oh she likes what846.545.18
she sees oh hello lady849.246.8
stand up and be851.724.32
hey I wanted to let you know you're like866.2795.221
the the second best looking lady on the869.2794.74
beach yep she likes it hey I'll see you871.55.04
later are you are you interested does874.0194.38
that sound good get in there get in876.544.02
there buddy I am I'm right here see if878.3994.021
she wants to dance hey would you like to880.564.74
uh dance to a little bit of uh Patsy882.425.779
Cline oh885.32.899
she's bigger than you man yes she is I888.684.18
like a big woman what's going on are we891.363.96
trying to seduce the Amazonian hey don't892.864.62
mess this up that's why I'm asking why895.324.8
she's dead already oh I think you did it897.484.62
did you bleed her to death look she's900.124.38
laying down she's ready I must have yeah902.15.28
it's crazy yeah oh look at that oh I've904.55.82
got some stuff from Luton from her check907.387.319
this out hold on a second here booyah910.328.78
look at those boots those are nice boots914.6994.401
up but no not a double jump yeah let's921.746.779
go home yeah925.53.019
not gonna lie that made you seem creepy929.8994.361
that whole exchange what telling her she932.223.84
was the second best yeah you flirted934.263.36
with her then you killed her yeah well936.064.26
well what he told me to try the line oh937.624.74
watch out oh my God run didn't tell you940.323.9
to kill her yeah well you should have942.363.419
known you're probably not gonna be my944.223.54
wing man from now on don't worry news I945.7795.481
got you good luck with him947.766.06
so I made this fluid press and I'm953.825.16
trying to solve this equation it just957.35.219
looks like fish plus thyme equals black958.987.26
semen yeah yeah you want to look at it962.5195.281
you see that you see that that math966.243.36
problem I would just go for like a967.83.479
normal smoothie or like you know just a969.64.44
juicer make some orange juice right but971.2794.92
it wants me to like fresh fish and make974.045.22
something fish I'm getting some time and976.1995.281
then it's gonna make fish oil probably979.264.68
okay you're probably making fish oil981.484.799
okay so I'll check back on that hey you983.943.72
don't know where to get crystals do you986.2792.821
because we need to make a lot more glass987.663.539
no I actually don't have a clue who's989.14.32
that who are you would you like to be991.1994.32
part of zap no actually I don't apps or993.423.599
I don't who are you talking to well995.5193.721
we've got straight back there oh this997.0193.781
person oh you know what this is perfect999.243.24
I can try something out I want to try1000.82.76
something out too I want to throw this1002.482.88
ball at them okay well you throw the1003.564.44
ball hold on let me where they at yeah1005.364.86
these see the okay you want can I throw1008.04.199
the ball for look at good God Wolverine1010.223.9
yeah that means Wolverine claws okay1012.1993.661
that's fun I'm gonna throw the ball1014.123.06
first though I don't know what this ball1015.863.539
does okay careful hold back it's just a1017.184.38
black ball sure you're just gonna throw1019.3995.781
it at this man yes okay1021.563.62
what whoop1028.643.319
wait go get him you can summon you can1032.624.839
summon spiders get them oh that's better1035.4194.081
than Wolverine claws yeah that is fun1037.4594.441
that's awesome yeah I didn't know what1039.55.339
you were doing it disgust me at the same1041.95.34
time yeah how many can you have can you1044.8393.901
have like 10 of those I'll have all the1047.243.559
and he's so cute1050.7995.021
what's his name I haven't I didn't know1053.084.06
I was gonna have one didn't think I had1055.824.979
to have a name oh oh my god oh did he1057.146.18
die well it was a pleasure sorry he1060.7995.901
didn't get to use your claws Jesus1063.326.479
that was nuts loved it I loved it too1066.75.62
make more make more of those balls yeah1069.7995.781
I'm gonna make some more balls1072.323.26

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