New Rust Players vs Tank (Wipe Day Finale) - RUST

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! The excitement is real because Wipe Day is right around the corner, and you know what that means ...
New Rust Players vs Tank (Wipe Day Finale) - RUST
New Rust Players vs Tank (Wipe Day Finale) - RUST

New Rust Players vs Tank (Wipe Day Finale) - RUST

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that epic video of New Rust Players vs Tank? It's our wipe day finale and it's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that video was a blast! I mean, who doesn't love watching newbies take on a tank in Rust?

appsro: I couldn't stop laughing when they tried to strategize against the tank. It was like watching a comedy show!

neebs: And the best part is, it's all on Survival Servers. You gotta check them out if you want your own Rust server!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! The excitement is real because Wipe Day is right around the corner, and you know what that means - it's time to gear up and get ready for the ultimate showdown!

If you're like me and can't get enough of the epic gameplay on Neebs Gaming, then you already know that they play on Survival Servers. And hey, if you want to join in on the action, you can even get your own Rust server from Survival Servers - how cool is that?

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all right neebs you ready uh we yeah0.647.04
this is a level two workbench okay okay4.3197.36
so now if i search grenade7.685.919
oh man i know how to make grenade gun11.6793.521
powder metal fragments we got a bunch13.5992.801
how many can i make15.23.12
oh whoa how many can i make right now oh16.43.92
man i can make 10 already holy [ __ ] okay18.323.6
we're making 10 grenades and check it20.323.36
out i got some sulfur cooking over here21.923.199
let me get a little bit of sulfur i23.682.56
gotta come over here to this mixing25.1193.041
station if i take this sulfur26.243.279
and i put it in there i'm gonna start28.162.959
mixing i'm mixing some more gum powder29.5192.72
and making grenades31.1193.521
mad scientist right here you're a mad32.2394.401
hey i think we should have like like 2036.643.759
each 20 30 each38.83.759
20 30 grenades each time yeah we can do40.3993.361
that i'm just gonna need to make a ton42.5592.241
of gunpowder so43.762.639
i need wood just to keep the furnace44.83.36
going yep uh sulfur46.3993.441
uh well actually hold on let me take the48.164.0
materials here yeah you know what um i49.843.359
think i'm good on52.163.44
sulfur yeah i'm good on sulfur okay all53.1994.241
right i'll check with thick55.63.759
thick couldn't make it but uh we should57.443.759
probably he'd want us to have uh his59.3592.321
yeah does he have any like scrap yep61.683.199
scratch oh beautiful63.843.04
water yeah maybe just a little oh yeah64.8793.201
just a little longer66.883.36
little tea bag while we're here little68.083.2
little tea bag of love70.243.199
i'm gonna go a little love it i love you71.283.199
thick all right73.4392.72
let's get to it all right you do it i'm74.4793.441
making grenades just a couple more76.15910.841
i'll be right there77.9221.12
you with me yeah a little bit behind but119.1193.28
i'm yeah okay121.042.8
this is uh right over here it's kind of122.3993.121
worth thinking i went is there123.843.36
is our bluebee factor up here i would125.523.12
imagine uh let's go here to the right a127.22.16
little bit128.642.88
uh there could be bluebees uh keep an129.364.16
eye out oh yeah i am131.524.32
okay oh yeah right here at the gate this133.524.079
so this will be our place oh right here135.843.92
okay cool i like it kind of using the137.5993.441
back wall of the gate139.765.52
okay can't place okay okay141.044.24
still can't place i'm walking away yep i145.843.52
hear you i hear you buddy147.923.28
yep do i not have a hammer i thought i149.364.0
had a hammer oh i have a hammer151.25.52
okay well we got a little uh up153.365.84
closest place is here i'm down the hill156.723.36
oh wow159.22.399
should i go for it yeah of course if we160.083.2
don't have another option that's uh161.5994.0
that's the base how far down the tony163.284.16
thing oh there's a bore165.5995.121
yep just go uh east okay i will167.446.24
coming in time hey i think i see a wolf170.724.64
and i've got these new high velocity173.682.4
yeah did i get him i don't know he ran176.085.92
i think i got him yeah i scared him off179.763.04
so this is our182.02.48
everybody wins this almost feels as182.83.439
close as our base but uh hey it is184.482.8
closer i get it186.2392.08
it's right there look at it all right187.284.72
you got a hammer uh yeah i do188.3193.681
all right man sulfur takes some time to194.3193.84
cook but now i got three furnaces196.564.959
rocking taking a nap dick you're good198.1596.72
miss you buddy we're here simon201.5194.961
i think he went to walk his dog that's204.8793.36
okay that's okay i'll just cook all the206.482.88
salt for myself208.2393.28
i'll do it all i'll build the furnaces209.363.36
cook the sulfur211.5193.28
build the crappy bench cook the gun212.724.0
powder make the grenades i'll just do it214.7992.561
doing great simon have fun walking your217.365.44
this top floor top floor oh yeah yeah236.8794.08
okay see that rocket uh-huh do i have a240.9593.761
no you see the rocket oh yeah uh244.724.239
no yeah i see that rocket there was the248.9593.2
one on the ground okay yeah yeah250.723.92
okay oh there's the tank oh there it is252.1593.28
does he see us254.641.92
i don't know but i'm gonna pull up my255.4393.841
binders okay he doesn't see us256.564.799
the other time i shot him with a bow and259.283.52
arrow so he's probably already hurt a261.3592.001
little bit262.82.16
okay we gotta do is finish him off with263.363.04
the uh you know the grenades264.963.84
oh wow i'm sure that boat did quite a266.43.6
bit neebs268.83.92
you hero man these binos are touchy huh270.03.12
there you are i know what you're doing273.123.2
okay wow274.45.2
what a job you've got that's your job276.325.36
actually i'd rather do that than be279.63.12
ground patrol281.682.64
and i see a bluebeam that he just drove282.724.08
by okay so it's following that route284.323.2
have you286.82.959
paid attention to its like route i think287.523.2
that's what we do now289.7593.041
yeah just uh kind of scope this out try290.723.52
to learn his patterns oh292.83.28
one of the bluebees just started running294.244.08
there's no way he saw us there's no way296.083.76
anyway so it went down the railroad298.322.96
track took a right that's what we know299.843.919
so far301.282.479
hey appsro yo what's up baby hey oh305.7596.081
you got uh what's with all the well i309.1994.481
guess you're doing a lot of cooking huh311.844.079
yeah no i got to make sulfur and uh yeah313.684.4
using one furnace to make sulfur it just315.9193.12
takes too long so318.083.36
i made a bunch ah well that's smart i319.0394.241
think that's smart and you're smart321.443.599
thank you you're welcome what's going on323.283.759
in your world uh nothing you know i'm325.0392.961
just filling in327.0393.121
thick's not here and you know it seems328.03.44
like i'm not really doing much of330.162.96
anything except for just enjoying the331.442.4
nice what do you think of this place i333.843.68
think this place is very nice i like how335.282.88
i like i like the outer i like your338.163.36
the way they work as simple as it is i341.523.28
really like this343.9194.241
this open concept the first two stories344.85.92
it's fantastic actually and then up here348.164.24
you got this roof what's with this350.724.24
is this looks like it's a remote torch352.44.239
yep that's a flamethrower okay but it354.962.4
doesn't work i356.6391.921
i didn't really hook it up it doesn't357.362.959
have any fuel in it i just i've had it358.563.84
in my pocket and i just put it up here360.3195.121
oh okay so yeah i was gonna say it has362.44.96
to shoot flames really far to be some365.443.759
sort of defense down there367.363.52
yeah maybe we'll uh we'll figure those369.1993.521
things out one day then figure out power370.883.439
got some solar panels up here372.723.36
hooked them to a battery and then hooked374.3193.041
it to a little light376.083.119
so uh you know now i can see in the dark377.363.839
a little bit it looks creepy though379.1994.161
yeah like like yeah wait wait till381.1994.161
nighttime it looks like an interrogation383.362.88
room you know what i mean because you385.362.8
got that single light right above386.243.76
oh you know what then are there chairs388.164.08
in here we can do an interrogation scene390.04.479
oh wait there's chairs out front yeah392.245.12
i'll grab one of them394.4792.881
see that doraleous yeah i mean i've been399.64.56
yeah what have you taken away from him402.44.239
well uh he passes by that checkpoint404.163.28
right there406.6392.481
all the time right right right right407.444.08
that seems like kind of the central area409.124.079
and then it does a little back and forth411.522.959
and left and right413.1993.84
yeah but that condition there's a four414.4793.921
and one bluebee417.0393.121
that checkpoint has a lot of like418.43.44
concrete walls around it which might420.163.68
offer us some protection if we're like421.843.84
running around and crouching and stuff423.843.28
and just kind of doing the little dosey425.681.84
uh-huh right back that's because then we427.525.76
have we have some people in there429.124.16
wow holy crap i'm so hurt434.846.199
yeah that was a big shell in my body437.524.959
it won't take him long to bring us down441.0393.041
we cannot get hit no442.4794.641
i mean no like two hits if one more444.085.2
yeah yeah we should at least make one of447.123.919
those wood chest armored things let's go449.282.319
do that451.0394.56
okay yeah yeah yeah451.5994.0
there he is uh what what's467.845.28
what's going on here tell me what i want470.8793.44
to know473.124.0
what do i uh what what exactly are you474.3193.761
looking to know477.122.4
what do you what do you want what's your478.083.28
favorite type of cheese479.524.72
no no no no what's your favorite type of481.364.559
cheese listen to me listen to me that's484.243.2
personal information485.9194.641
all right oh god oh wow that killed you487.443.759
wow man i am not a good interrogator oh491.1999.84
i i thought i i had a couple of whacks495.5995.44
i'll have to try that again sometime oh501.7595.461
yep there come the flies he's stinking504.6399.52
you got this now left left i believe514.1595.12
it's left click like hold up click517.364.08
boom and then toss or you could just519.2794.081
quick tap i think521.445.36
quick tip okay freaking all right yep523.365.28
oh there's a guy right there well we526.84.479
don't have time for this [ __ ]528.646.319
oh my god you son531.2793.68
i see him i'm not doing anything oh i538.083.84
just hit him i just hit him540.484.479
oh okay take my cover neebs i'm sorry541.924.479
that was your cover yeah that was my544.9594.161
card we're going546.3992.721
sorry i was going to run him over i550.164.16
didn't know he's going to peel oh jesus551.445.28
taking shots oh he just stopped moving554.324.32
he like got all relaxed556.726.08
i just hit him again oh okay easy easy558.646.48
oh i'm hiding behind a horse i'm a [ __ ]562.83.68
ruined grenade class565.123.04
i know but hey at least we figured out566.483.76
yeah you hold lip hold left click and568.162.4
lob it and then it has like i don't know570.563.04
like a three second countdown i need to572.03.12
see how far it goes we did pretty good573.62.96
yeah yeah yeah all right well let's drop575.123.52
one knee flop one576.565.36
doesn't go very far no all right how578.643.759
about this581.921.76
i'm going to throw it a little high or582.3993.12
go how's that583.684.24
a little better but not much oh yeah585.5193.841
just landed past587.924.0
i think anyway okay so that's about the589.364.0
distance right here from that target591.922.32
that you can throw593.362.96
high and get near it okay and this594.243.44
thing's going to be moving596.323.519
this is going to be uh interesting we'll597.683.599
tell you that we might want to go from a599.8394.161
rooftop or at least try that all right601.2793.761
well should we start making our way604.02.48
there absolutely605.043.2
you guys get the horses up get i'm in606.483.12
the car all right608.244.48
got everything yeah it's gonna be fun609.66.56
yeah all right lead the way now if i tap612.725.679
if i tap the right click button while616.164.239
i'm holding this grenade it'll drop in618.3992.641
the vehicle620.3992.56
and then blow up jesus christ yeah why621.043.039
don't you pull out a bow and arrow right622.9591.521
please simon are you sure yeah it'd be624.484.96
now i think that you guys maybe should648.244.159
have given me some more information but650.245.92
ah it's kind of hard okay so652.3995.921
um all right where am i going now neebs656.163.679
well i mean i guess you can drive in a658.322.959
little further we should be safe right659.8392.641
here through the gate yeah661.2792.56
we were at the top of this building662.482.479
right here to our right we weren't663.8392.081
really close enough664.9592.32
yeah right and you couldn't see the tank665.923.28
this should be fine right here and we667.2792.481
there's a pick to our left all right so669.764.24
we're gonna flip it from here yeah671.923.84
all right yeah sure how about okay how674.03.04
about a round this way because that was675.761.68
round to the right yeah okay all right677.443.76
and then we'll peek around the corner679.444.399
because it's just down the road to our681.23.04
here and then it does this whole kind of684.243.92
big rotation this figure eight kind of686.242.719
now this is a tank that we're gonna be688.9593.281
fighting on when i think of a tank690.83.52
it's the traditional tank isn't it the692.243.839
tank yeah can we lure it to this694.323.12
cylinder if we could work like if we696.0792.801
could bring the tank around the697.443.519
circle around that yeah there's that too698.883.84
that cylinders possibly good cover700.9593.921
we can get on top of that yeah we could702.723.679
hide behind this stuff like here i'd704.882.88
feel fine on top of that706.3994.401
use that upper lip to protect someone on707.764.319
top lure it in710.83.68
maybe hey can you look i mean yeah if712.0793.601
you lure it in is it going to come in714.482.32
because i mean that might be a good715.682.56
tactic because yeah if we're here716.82.88
this is a lot of cover that way we could718.243.2
run left we can run run right719.683.36
right can you reach stay away from the721.444.0
thing can you reach it723.048.799
what is it it's the tank725.446.399
is there a way to get up on top of the736.6393.121
cylinder straight ahead737.923.44
this is the left side of it simon that's739.763.199
where simon got shot741.363.12
oh god so he's going to shut the line742.9592.961
with this thing going up and down still744.482.0
tanks planted i don't see him i don't746.483.68
have eyes yeah i'd like to get eyes on748.482.56
this thing750.162.56
can you go try i don't see him near the751.043.2
ladder maybe moving a little closer uh752.722.64
our knees why don't you get on can you754.242.64
get on top of that building the eye in755.362.479
the sky where's that756.882.56
i'm going up a minute i'm going up the757.8393.041
face going up the face okay759.443.28
never mind never mind pull back door's760.883.12
going up the thing he's going to be our762.721.679
got it okay okay okay764.3997.601
where is he what do you see it's far768.884.079
it's back far772.03.12
uh right way far back right why don't772.9593.601
you give them wes why don't you give a775.122.159
like a776.563.36
260. 260. all right guys you hit him777.2794.321
with an arrow from there oh no no no no779.923.44
it's in that member needs when we saw it781.63.76
what go way back and to the right783.363.68
way back huh yeah we're standing there785.363.12
then it's gonna come back he's at the787.043.2
base of this ladder where i got up on788.482.24
you should we should get his grenades or790.722.96
something casey can't make it back okay792.03.6
i'll try my best yep i'm grabbing his793.683.36
grenades right now795.63.28
he needs to put on the clothes otherwise797.043.52
radiation is going to be an issue798.883.92
so that so he's the tank's way far away800.563.04
yeah but it's going to make its way back803.63.2
uh what if i try to make it to this805.22.56
guard shack806.83.76
okay all right i'm coming with you okay807.764.56
all right bri dora810.564.079
i am and it's coming back it's making812.324.079
its way back from the far right814.6393.681
so we could like hide in here maybe816.3993.281
we're we're pinned like rats here names818.321.92
i mean you remember what i said we820.243.36
probably shouldn't okay821.8393.281
let's let's just i'll be back here i'll823.62.88
let him go by then he'll come your way825.122.159
right okay yeah826.482.799
you know what maybe i'll get over this827.2794.081
looks like a fun place to get and i can829.2792.961
kind of hide831.362.88
it's coming back down the road to the832.244.159
center it's re-centering down that far834.242.88
oh boy generation i wasn't here neebs837.126.719
here at the guard shack839.2794.56
don't let it see you neebs hopefully844.482.88
they won't see me if i'm hiding right846.161.76
you guys see it at all oh nope neebs is847.924.56
on the other side of you it's north west850.324.48
oh boy oh god all right she's taking852.484.24
shots at me okay854.83.68
he's to the northwest god he's got a856.723.76
range holy [ __ ] that's a race i'll see858.483.2
him your night out860.484.159
perfect can i hit him i don't i don't861.684.56
know i can't see him it looks like he864.6392.081
oh he's taking shots at me judging me866.724.16
i don't think i'm in a good spot i don't875.2794.481
know if we're hurting him877.926.24
don't worry nobody sees me879.767.439
can you distract him oh god yeah884.165.28
it just gets it's like it knows i'm up887.1993.2
so it's focused on me yeah it's focused890.3993.68
on me too893.2793.92
this is [ __ ] is he coming in894.0796.32
i think so i mean yeah he is he he's897.1994.121
looking right at me900.3992.641
oh no now he's coming he's coming to me903.044.239
he's coming this way okay904.85.68
oh man as soon as i peek he hits yep907.2795.281
worse all right you're still up top of910.483.599
that uh cylinder right yeah and i'm912.563.2
afraid to914.07913.76
heal let's make it through a grenade915.7612.079
oh man i would love to get back to my937.043.76
body um all right well doraleous is938.8393.161
hopefully still on top of that cylinder940.82.64
if he has eyes on well that thing's on942.02.959
the other side of the compound we can943.443.36
run and get our [ __ ] and then pull back944.9593.12
all right sounds like a plan let's go946.83.92
catch up to dora okay so my radiation948.0794.0
poisoning i'm still950.723.76
i'm gonna die clothes on yeah yeah i got952.0793.361
on i'm gonna die i'm gonna die guys i'm955.443.44
what's your health radiation uh to five958.883.519
and i keep961.7592.961
four okay well let's try to get let's962.3993.521
try to get rid of your stuff maybe you964.722.64
can get your other clothes on965.924.88
two no it's not gonna happen967.365.599
all right oh did you have anything good970.83.599
yeah are these clothes supports attack972.9592.721
protect you because yeah i have my974.3992.88
radiation poisoning right now is at 20.975.682.719
i thought they did977.2792.48
yeah you need more though you need the978.3992.721
wooden armor and all the other stuff oh979.7592.241
god then yeah there's981.122.719
oh i just got to make a run for it then982.04.24
that's my only chance i'm at 21 health983.8393.041
oh [ __ ]986.244.48
run run i'm i'm running oh god986.887.12
oh tank hey dora yeah where's the tank990.725.359
man it was right by your stuff it looks994.03.199
like it might996.0793.841
be starting to move away oh please move997.1994.88
away i'm at ten i'm at eight999.925.279
seven oh boy oh god there's no way1002.0794.481
there's no way i'm getting to my [ __ ]1005.1995.041
yes no way oh god damn it well this was1006.565.279
fun we need to bring at least we try1010.243.92
time for the vehicle probably vehicle1011.8393.36
time huh1014.164.32
is he back um take back tank is uh far1015.1994.241
away now1018.483.68
way back off to the right mm-hmm they1019.443.6
moved to my stuff1022.162.0
you got to figure out how to get the1023.043.2
others back in here you're clear right1024.162.72
all right i'm going to grab my stuff1026.884.88
i'll be right back okay1028.163.6
oh it's pegging out where is it where is1032.7993.04
it it's1035.122.079
it's coming right to you it's coming1035.8393.441
right to you from the northwest1037.1995.12
so it's northwest yeah oh yeah oh it's1039.283.84
heading toward the oh1043.124.719
oh blooby's too1049.6794.161
sorry buddy you might die in this1064.7993.601
radiation 21.1066.644.32
it's just a it's a luck of the draw it's1068.43.84
luck of the draw1070.964.079
but if it's just don't be here if you've1072.244.799
got a big route just don't be here is1075.0393.201
that mine1077.0394.321
no that's not mine that's silent okay1078.246.72
go go go go go go 14 oh oh my god the1081.364.88
radiation blizzard1084.964.4
i'm [ __ ] i'm [ __ ] i'm [ __ ]1086.246.64
oh my god oh no oh1089.365.6
get it get it grab it grab it get it get1092.883.44
it grab it grab it1094.965.2
okay god this that1096.3213.52
that come on1100.169.68
all right last ditch effort you guys got1124.5593.441
grenades next chance we're taking1126.163.84
action points all right where's the tank1128.02.2
left i would suggest1131.447.119
where is it damn thing don't see it1136.643.12
anywhere keep driving1138.5594.48
oh boy oh no there it is straight ahead1139.764.88
past the truck it's right there straight1143.0398.801
ahead past the truck1144.647.2
did we do it yep nope let's just say we1155.364.08
hey we tried1159.446.4

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Man, I just can't get enough of watching the Neebs Gaming crew play Rust! Their hilarious antics and chaotic adventures in the harsh survival world of Rust make for such entertaining content. In their latest series, seeing them progress from humble naked beginnings to becoming an unstoppable clan dominating the server has been so much fun to watch.

The cinematic editing and storytelling Neebs Gaming brings to their Rust videos really enhances the experience too. With each episode, it feels like you're watching an action movie, not just another gameplay video. The way they set up storylines, interweave character arcs, and use clever camera angles & editing makes their Rust series feel so cinematic. It draws you into the brutal Rust world and connects you to the characters in a way few other gaming channels can.

Honestly, watching Neebs Gaming's Rust series is the next best thing to playing the game yourself! Their videos perfectly capture the tense survival gameplay, difficult challenges, and rewarding progression of Rust. And they manage to make it entertaining and binge-worthy at the same time! So if you're looking for a wildly fun way to experience Rust that will make you laugh your ass off, look no further than Neebs Gaming. Their Rust content stands out as some of the very best in gaming entertainment!

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