Let's Hunt a BEAR - The Long Dark PERMADEATH

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video where Neebs goes Bear Hunting and Appsro ventures out into the wild? If n...
Let's Hunt a BEAR - The Long Dark PERMADEATH
Let's Hunt a BEAR - The Long Dark PERMADEATH

Let's Hunt a BEAR - The Long Dark PERMADEATH

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neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Have you seen our latest video, 'Let's Hunt a BEAR - The Long Dark PERMADEATH'? It's my favorite one yet!

appsro: Oh yeah, Neebs! That was a wild adventure! I mean, who doesn't love a good bear hunt in a survival game?

neebs: Exactly! And did you see how I bravely faced off against that bear? It was intense!

appsro: Oh please, Neebs. You were cowering behind a rock the whole time! But hey, at least you didn't get mauled, right?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video where Neebs goes Bear Hunting and Appsro ventures out into the wild? If not, you're definitely missing out on some epic adventures and hilarious moments. These guys never fail to entertain and keep us on the edge of our seats with their crazy antics.

I mean, who wouldn't want to see Neebs taking on bears or Appsro exploring the wilderness? It's like watching your favorite action movie but with a comedic twist. And let's not forget about the amazing support from their patrons and the awesome merch they have available. You can show off your love for Neebs Gaming in style!

And if you're wondering how they make all these epic videos possible, it's all thanks to Xidax PCs. These guys are truly powered by some top-notch technology. Make sure to subscribe to their channel and follow them on social media to stay updated on all the latest adventures. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on what Neebs Gaming has in store next. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show!

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what the hell what the hell0.968.18
oh whoa whoa whoa whoa4.944.2
bear meat14.8395.141
I mean bear me for breakfast yeah I got17.824.14
it stored out here it keeps okay still19.984.02
got that uh risk of intestinal parasites21.964.26
but if I ate that I got a piece of24.04.92
venison in my pocket and I still got26.224.979
this nasty ass airline food28.924.08
so I do have food on me but I think31.1994.921
before I leave I might take my uh my MRE33.05.219
uh the only guy that likes airline food36.124.56
yeah that I know I've had good stuff38.2194.561
good Steins yeah but I feel like that's40.684.32
rare it's like you're you're bunching42.783.84
that one good meal into and like that45.05.52
that's all airline food to your mind now46.626.24
birds birds are circling up there's a50.523.84
wolf here oh you know what yeah I'll52.863.839
just grab a quick piece of meat54.364.5
it's probably the one you shot yep I do56.6993.481
keep in mind when you got meat on you58.863.9
you uh you have a scent okay well maybe60.184.379
I'll come back for it then no it's meat62.763.719
yeah I'll stick to the mission64.5594.321
I need to take some water I'll put a big66.4793.601
bottle of water I'm going to take this68.882.7
MRE just in case because I'm going to70.084.38
get out and explore okay I'm gonna head71.584.859
off to Thompson's crossing my God I hope74.463.9
I got everything I'm always double76.4394.021
checking and thinking I got cans I78.363.42
should have cans80.463.36
yeah how many cans do I have I'm gonna81.783.54
I'll take one more can you never know83.822.58
when you might you might need a can85.322.28
never see what you did there and I87.64.23
appreciate it89.885.54
thank you95.426.42
I'm gonna check this car and I don't101.843.459
know if I've been doing this but I'm104.342.4
gonna start leaving the like trunk and105.2993.541
Hood up106.744.32
really I mean maybe so I'm at the market108.845.459
huh yeah maybe oh wait energy bar heck111.065.879
yeah there you go that's mine114.2995.041
I was so low on food116.9394.441
man I'm tempted to shoot this deer out119.344.44
here all right so long Farmhouse I'll be121.385.76
back to you hopefully soon head over to123.785.58
Thompson's Crossing127.145.48
if I have any bullets left129.366.12
yeah I'm gonna shoot unit you in the132.625.1
head man135.482.24
yeah so you know what I'm gonna mark it141.33.659
and then I'm gonna see143.045.4
when I come back if I come back144.9595.941
get that Hood's still up148.444.74
science I'm a man of science oh there150.94.02
okay there we go153.183.96
great it's good science154.923.6
thank you157.143.239
pushing forward158.523.24
all right I've made it out to the road160.3792.58
temperature is pretty good out here161.763.839
today I'm a happy boy162.9594.741
got food got water yeah I'm already at165.5993.78
the barn167.73.899
all right Which Way haven't I gone all169.3793.781
right [ __ ] going north because that's171.5993.601
just a big Rocky pile of mountains and a173.163.78
plane crash175.24.319
I don't think I've looked South a lot I176.944.439
went to that radio tower but I haven't179.5193.841
explored you know what while the181.3795.661
weather's good well it just started183.363.68
I might take a peek out here you never187.566.86
know you never know never can tell189.94.52
I've reached the bridge195.543.479
last time I was here the bear was197.44.28
blocking the bridge199.0192.661
ton of cars that's good because I'm204.844.38
hoping there's food in these cars all207.065.399
right any bears yes209.225.4
I do see the bear212.4593.481
okay I feel like I should get the bear214.623.66
over with so I can relax and enjoy the215.944.68
cars yeah because it's a bear218.284.26
oh crap wind just picked up on me220.623.899
temperatures going down all right my222.544.74
exploration ideal has been tossed out224.5194.201
the window I'm just running for Thompson227.284.319
crosses time I fight the bear good luck228.724.26
I'm just gonna232.983.6
can I hit him from this far away you234.9593.541
think man you got236.585.219
you got Six Bullets yeah I you need238.54.98
you need sure every shot counts you know241.7992.641
what I mean243.484.7
but I can't shoot him from too far away244.443.74
I'm going for it he heard me251.286.379
that's one oh boy254.043.619
let me fight back with a knife or264.384.319
come on268.6993.121
am I still playing279.963.08
I think he's buying it285.543.379
I can't believe I survived two bear291.93.359
my gun's on the ground295.2593.141
Thompson's Crossing I'm sure I didn't303.245.76
even get a second shot off306.244.2
like I thought I'd at least get two309.03.72
shots off okay hold on I gotta check my310.444.199
jeez yeah pat yourself up if you need to314.6394.28
rolling around the Wolves going around319.54.1
the wolves321.182.42
nope nope nope nope nope325.7594.081
what if I don't have a flare out330.845.96
flare out only if I need to all right333.4195.901
running running336.86.72
you got to catch me [ __ ]339.324.2
infection risk okay I need that stuff344.164.319
yeah you're gonna try to heal yourself346.383.96
and then go at the bear again I don't348.4793.901
think I can man yeah that's probably a350.344.44
dumb idea what's your health like I352.383.42
don't know I'm getting this infection354.783.6
risk taken care of355.84.679
blood okay358.384.74
looking better health is low super low360.4796.201
man yeah you don't need to go after this363.123.56
fight this bear the gun367.1393.141
the gun between his shot371.343.12
all right we searched this car maybe372.844.98
some food oh getting in car that's374.465.519
thieves what you can take a shot at the377.824.08
bear and hop in a car will that work379.9793.78
maybe but I mean I wouldn't recommend381.94.139
doing it now but if you try it again do383.7594.321
that okay made it to Thompson Crossing386.0393.841
and there is a wolf out there you're not388.084.26
getting me [ __ ] holy crap that bear is389.884.319
right there392.343.54
you're still around the bear he wasn't394.1994.681
this close a second ago395.885.34
and yeah look I know that I didn't know398.885.18
the bear was that close401.222.84
maybe hop on a car if a kid comes at you405.64.219
yep I see him he is like so close I'm411.4794.801
getting in this car oh damn it I did get414.244.32
that ammo oh crap all right well it's416.285.24
nice being back here anyway418.564.919
oh he walked right by he's right outside423.4794.811
the car oh my God426.03.66
oh my God I'm sleeping in the car429.663.0
my health is at like 10 and he's go hey432.665.22
if he keeps going that way I can435.94.32
continue on the way I want to go across437.884.439
the bridge yeah440.223.599
so he's heading back to when you came442.3193.66
this works out perfect445.9796.021
he wins I win everybody wins448.083.92
he better not turn back460.83.38
I'm starting to think maybe I should get464.582.64
out and go to the next car466.084.269
all right I think I'm gonna do it I'm470.44.62
gonna move to the next car472.9194.56
all right475.024.28
here goes477.4795.94
all right oh yeah oh yeah oh can't there479.35.2
we go483.4194.261
oh yeah he's not even looking back484.55.479
that's back the way you came yeah oh god496.1995.22
names all right good luck buddy should I498.963.72
just keep going501.4193.12
your decision uh let me see if there's a502.683.78
town over here how do I get my health up504.5394.56
should I drink that tea yeah you need to506.464.739
like just rest oh yeah I can't sleep in509.0995.06
the car again no511.1992.96
no it's crazy514.443.18
I kind of agree with that you should be515.823.54
able to absolutely sleep in the car kind517.622.82
of like I should have been able to sleep519.364.859
in that little uh thing I made right520.446.06
rifle cartridges I don't have a damn524.2194.62
I need revolver ammunition damn it528.8394.461
did I get turned around535.443.14
no way539.043.419
there's the car wait a minute yeah okay540.363.24
you're not on the side of the bridge you542.4592.401
thought you were you were that actually543.62.88
might be a blessing544.863.72
how's that a blessing that's a blessing546.483.18
because you don't know what's on the548.582.64
other side of that damn bridge probably549.662.58
probably a restaurant I don't know maybe552.246.36
that sucks though yeah I'm losing it555.926.88
[ __ ] all right you know what I can eat558.67.859
some wolf and drink my uh you need to562.85.84
get back566.4592.181
to put one bullet into this Bear right570.543.78
try again because I've shot a bear574.323.68
before and it576.066.02
maybe it'll die when I come back578.04.08
to him yeah584.13.299
that's right I'll get you a spotting I585.34.5
don't have enough food for a spa day try587.3994.641
to relax589.82.24
all right I have warmed up and I'm gonna596.35.08
try to get out I'm gonna follow that599.823.18
road I saw see if it takes me anywhere601.382.48
just kind of explore kind of to the603.865.58
south of Thompson's Crossing606.67.04
I haven't been up in these Hills609.444.2
I'm gonna go this way a little bit614.14.799
temperature's not bad out here yeah616.984.76
let's just explore618.8992.841
a little [ __ ] no come on man I just got624.385.44
I love you man come on I just got out629.824.4
game will never let me explore635.644.139
because there's rooms yeah all I want to637.53.6
do across the bridge and I can't639.7793.981
remember which way the bridge goes641.14.859
how many players have I got I'm tempted643.763.699
to just pop a flare and let them follow645.9592.82
I've never been out here and I just want648.7794.321
to see what's out here650.3395.541
just hang back653.12.78
no man I'm getting cold church is right656.14.64
you start freezing then it starts eating661.144.08
into your health yep health is low I662.73.78
gotta sleep665.224.46
come on baby here we go666.483.2
this Wolf's following me I'm gonna try670.262.28
boom if you have gut on you you can drop673.825.139
it as a decoy677.3394.68
nice yeah I just dropped some gut see678.9594.56
hopefully it'll stop that wolf he'll682.0194.581
stop and eat those intestines683.5193.081
I don't know never tried it on a bear691.144.8
okay this is that road I found693.424.26
all right this fire is not going to last695.943.959
long enough for this meat I need to find697.684.8
something can I burn this book can I699.8993.121
read this book702.481.859
uh Hey eventually a source of knowledge704.3394.74
for now something to burn let's burn it706.444.92
didn't know something still can't read a709.0794.26
book I know I am blown away by the fact711.363.96
that you haven't not found one book is713.3395.341
it the the level that I'm playing no no715.324.86
no because I've played on that level718.684.44
before and you can read okay720.186.86
it might just be the area you're in723.123.92
all right climb up here can I see727.143.6
oh man this looks like it's just gonna730.743.0
loop around let's do a little navigation732.04.22
up here733.742.48
okay yeah the road just keeps going737.3395.641
all right it's gonna Loop it wait so if741.04.74
it just loops around that's no good742.984.44
I don't want it to just loop around I745.744.2
wanted to go somewhere747.426.38
oh see some benches749.943.86
oh circling Birds753.9594.38
uh no probably not758.3396.601
it's probably a human corpse because I762.246.5
don't see yep that's a human corpse764.943.8
found a picnic spot on a revolver or769.2794.901
something oh I found some beef jerky772.862.82
beef jerk is good I'll do a little774.183.48
afternoon beef jerky snack775.686.719
hell yeah hell to the yeah777.666.419
hey what have you dropped anything good782.3993.781
well that's a nice piece of wood I'll784.0795.241
take your wood what you got on you pal786.185.52
nothing well789.325.44
thanks for the wood let's see I'm gonna791.76.5
mark this area picnic area794.763.44
Lawns here picnic spots here802.446.3
I'm Gonna Keep exploring up here and if806.165.22
it starts dipping and getting too cold I808.744.38
can run back to that barn or Thompson's811.384.74
Crossing staying there for the night813.124.92
do you have food on me I got water on me816.123.54
I'm getting a little sleepy though but I818.043.66
got my bed roll this time819.665.46
yeah learned that lesson Jesus and or821.75.28
pants and shoes I don't have either of825.124.14
those right now826.984.14
you don't have any pants829.264.139
I think so did the bear break your pants831.124.44
I was wearing pants before the bear oh833.3994.801
God so wow that's not good at all835.565.1
the ruin oh my God the bear [ __ ] [ __ ]838.25.54
let's ruined840.663.08
[ __ ] man wolf845.3394.381
why you gotta be this way why you gotta847.84.46
be like you do849.722.54
get down over here lose the wolf857.164.739
oh wait I see something what is that860.14.62
what is that cabin oh861.8995.421
what is this864.722.6
expensive pond869.884.94
found a pond871.922.9
is there gonna get in this building what877.263.86
is this878.882.24
yeah I think I found a little fishing888.0793.88
ET yeah there's a fishing hole here891.9594.161
oh I see I don't have anything to fish896.222.88
something here899.14.739
no oh my God901.686.839
what I found another revolver oh shut up903.8397.321
I got two revolvers and a bunch of rifle908.5193.901
uh yeah no that's how this game's912.425.659
treating me a little stove here915.35.839
and I just found a book I can read sorry918.0796.041
come on fishing line921.1396.341
ragged work gloves924.125.64
all right listen I'm gonna eat this uh927.485.46
wolf meat and I am going to take a nap I929.765.759
gotta heal up932.945.459
there we go all right let me look at my935.5196.06
crafting good night neebs938.3996.18
hook what do I need two scrap metal in a941.5795.521
workbench I got a workbench back oh944.5796.06
could I start surviving on fish947.15.4
fishing tackle950.6395.041
I need a line how do I make a line right952.55.76
here cured gut okay I got some cured gut955.684.5
back in the place holy crap I think I958.263.78
can make a hook in a line I can come960.185.099
back out here I can fish [ __ ] yes962.046.359
okay now I just gotta make it back home965.2794.221
Wolf's still out there968.39911.38
just leave me alone985.043.479
could kill this one Harvest its meat989.18.529
okay come on buddy come on buddy998.826.5
going where are you going oh Jesus oh1006.6996.521
god [ __ ]1009.923.3
that'll learn you okay1021.745.28
pretty dude you do anything uh nothing1024.5594.88
there's more circling birds look there's1031.223.06
a body up here1033.023.419
a wolf body oh he's gonna die later I'd1034.285.24
Lodge that bullet right in his damn head1036.4396.48
that's what we got here what we got here1039.526.34
yep another corpse there's that wolf1042.9194.321
it's like a dragon1047.242.9
in track1051.323.96
you die1053.125.1
he just went out here died I'm great1055.285.3
with that1058.222.36
blood tracks1063.385.76
that same one God damn it that's a1066.45.5
different one son of a [ __ ]1069.144.26
just keep inviting torture onto myself1071.93.48
don't I1073.43.42
all right all right all right let's see1075.383.539
let's search this corpse we got here1076.824.5
some rocks corpse corpse corpse where1078.9194.681
are you come here come here come here1081.324.5
hey look fresh meat right here buddy no1085.824.38
not fresh a little Frozen you can do it1088.13.54
can I fit a bed roll in this little1091.645.159
this little guy1094.284.44
and is it warm in here when I close the1096.7993.301
door these are the next two questions1098.724.16
I'm asking myself1100.12.78
oh boy oh boy is it warm in here yes it1105.267.08
is warming here boom now can I put down1107.96.48
oh yes1114.385.36
oh you going hungry tonight Mr Wolf1119.745.799
a little bit I can sleep out here no1123.7993.601
problem okay1125.5393.981
temperature is good going down in here1127.45.159
but I'm gonna find that fire with it1129.524.6
I'm gonna get a nice fire going and I'm1134.124.77
gonna rest for a little bit1136.2820.519
okay I am out and it's one of those uh1170.266.039
weird electric storms going on right1173.2994.861
there's a wolf in front of me glowing1176.2993.111
thank God I'm not too far from this1181.583.54
you glowing green1185.122.96
okay never never seen this before1189.027.58
okay back to my little Hut1196.64.74
oh finally daytime no daytime huh yeah1212.7997.181
so uh I have no food1217.464.68
I have got to get back to that wolf get1219.984.439
some food and get back here and cook1222.144.5
this stuff yeah that's probably a good1224.4193.901
idea all the wolves are glowing green1226.644.2
out here what the hell is going on1228.324.02
first time you've ever seen that huh1230.843.74
oh my God he's coming at me from far1236.485.78
away like I was even crouched oh man1238.164.1
you got a fire beside that wolf not yet1243.5594.62
you might want to consider a fire I want1245.964.52
to find some1248.1792.301
I want a closer look at this wolf I1253.642.88
don't want to waste any more bullets1255.443.38
okay going in oh God I just need to get1258.985.18
out of here1262.884.14
we can't temperature is going down I1264.164.899
can't sleep oh boy yeah I got to make a1267.024.44
move all right bedroll okay hopefully1269.0594.081
that scared off the wolves1271.464.079
bedroll's coming with me see if we can1273.143.72
make it to the barn because I think the1275.5394.331
Barn's just out and straight1276.865.16
he starts stalking me immediately all1282.023.48
right hop on a player did you carrying1283.583.3
me around1285.54.34
I do have a little bit on1286.882.96
a layer of team of the way there we go1290.0595.36
all right so fishing pond here1292.16.18
I'm going this way I think this way is1295.4195.221
the barn1298.282.36
oh there's a radio oh wow1302.485.16
the radio tower is actually on I see1305.93.84
it's lights oh yeah yeah1307.643.779
there's somebody's there uh no it's1309.743.78
probably this electrical storm oh gotcha1311.4193.781
oh my God I see a bear in the distance1313.525.12
the Bear's glowing green too1315.23.44
great nice try1319.883.08
okay all right see the bridge1324.443.56
that's the fridge1328.222.9
wait is this is this the river that goes1331.6595.5
by the house wait a minute I've been out1333.984.64
comes out here once my marker still over1338.625.799
here oh [ __ ] yeah that's a green glowing1341.123.98
oh you stay over there oh yeah no I1345.15.02
think I was absolutely out here1348.084.8
yeah so this this will take me home I1350.123.78
all right I'm going to starve to death1359.385.74
where did my energy bar go I don't know1362.784.2
have you gotten that wolf yet I just got1365.123.6
to him I'm gonna have enough time to get1366.983.36
like one thing of meat and go eat I1368.723.0
okay one thing of meat Harvest1371.724.319
I mean here's what happens though like1374.722.819
once your food meter gets all the way1376.0394.02
down and it turns red and then it starts1377.5394.081
nipping into your health pool but it's1380.0592.881
not gonna be immediate it's gonna be1381.623.419
slow so you do have a little bit of time1382.945.16
okay uh feathers there's a feathers1385.0394.38
laying around okay you're distracting1388.12.959
yourself with feathers1389.4194.021
that was a stick cause I need to make1391.0593.341
okay uh are you gonna build a fire1394.43.659
beside the wolf and cook it there can I1396.53.299
do that let's do that uh yeah did you1398.0593.6
you got enough stuff to do it I hope so1399.7996.36
let's see build a fire build fire looks1401.6597.371
like it let's get close to this wolf1406.1594.321
start fire here we go I mean if I can1410.484.439
just start cooking meat right here I'll1413.1794.021
eat this whole Wolf Man1414.9194.26
eat the whole woof1417.24.979
boil a bunch of snow get fat and happy I1419.1794.5
like it I like that1422.1793.36
deal I have made it back to the1423.6793.661
I'm glad you made it yeah me too1427.344.68
all right but I'm excited though because1430.283.3
now that I'm back here I can make some1432.023.72
fishing line I think I might try to go1433.584.579
fishing tomorrow1435.742.419
napes yeah oh my God that revolver I1445.465.579
found it had ammo in it1448.286.12
oh man sweet unloaded yes I got a little1451.0394.861
bit more1454.43.779
yes I have two revolvers but I'll take1455.93.36
the one that's in the worst condition1458.1793.721
and I'm gonna drop it1459.265.34
put this uh where should I put you know1461.94.44
what I'll put this in The Gun Room1464.63.36
that makes the most sense I love that1466.343.06
it's actually lit up in the house right1467.962.82
house right that's pretty good listen1469.43.96
man I just got a meat there we go and it1470.785.22
was like in a nick of time1473.365.22
my food was down1476.05.36
cook another one1478.582.78
right here by this wolf1482.02.9
oh you're hungry I get it all right I am1486.864.26
super tired so I'm not gonna be able to1489.6793.301
do anything but man I love it lit up in1491.124.86
here all right I am going to bed you get1492.984.559
you get full buddy1495.984.74
doing it I'm heating up I'm feeling up1497.5395.88
I'm drinking up1500.724.319
here we go1503.4192.941
ah perfect1505.0393.841
this is where I live forever now1506.364.799
I can just build a little yeah you're1508.884.14
not gonna last forever though1511.1593.361
there's more wood1513.025.1
maybe I can get some of this over here1514.525.46
Tim yep I'm just gonna1518.124.14
come on got the best that's 45 minutes1519.984.46
break that down no1522.265.76
oh the wind's picking up getting back by1524.445.8
the fire oh there's a stick thank1528.025.96
goodness and there's a stick okay1530.246.36
no sticks1533.985.62
oh boy yep get in here1536.64.559
oh boy1539.64.199
nope the fire's not doing it1541.1595.181
come on baby don't go out1543.7994.921
don't go out please1546.345.28
I need you1548.722.9
nine minutes 22 14. no1552.6797.321
why are you dying campfire1557.244.86
did it get too windy yes the wind might1560.04.02
knock out your fire okay I'm gonna need1562.15.1
to take this with me1564.024.68
I was gonna live here forever1568.74.68
hey I gotta go1571.0393.091
to London1573.382.82
oh boy come on baby you near shelter yes1587.989.22
I've got my stamina1593.96.899
okay I'm gonna make it still just keep1597.24.8
it together man1600.7995.041
you have uh you have a fire there no on1602.06.36
the inside it's on the outside okay uh1605.845.04
you can build a fireplace in a in a1608.363.84
place that will be blocked from the wind1610.883.36
oh yeah yeah1612.23.959
your best bet might be to go back to1614.243.12
your church right I know it's a little1616.1592.701
further away yeah it was just I mean I1617.362.4
I was losing Health oh you're okay1619.765.46
because you got so cold yeah gotcha1621.625.4
um so I mean you can't go outside and1625.223.12
factor in which way the wind's coming1627.024.44
from and use that to Shield the fire so1628.344.86
I could cook these outside theoretically1631.462.579
all right I have woken up and it sounds1634.0395.701
like ass outside so I'm in the basement1636.864.62
I'm gonna see if I can make a fishing1639.745.28
hook and a lime let's see Hello cute1641.485.699
little workbench let's see what kind of1645.025.899
work we can do oh yeah there's one hook1647.1793.74
boom I got a hook and then now I need a1654.24.68
line one cured gut I've been curing some1656.485.699
gut over here yes huh1658.886.14
one line1662.1792.841
what do I get if I break a cardboard box1665.0593.781
down I think you get Tinder plugs oh1667.14.199
let's do that yeah1668.844.699
I can take this hook in this line and I1674.55.62
can make a fishing tackle crafting it1677.1795.061
being fish before you know it man I1683.123.659
would love to be eating some fish before1685.343.06
I know it1686.7793.721
I guess I want to go back outside and1688.44.5
see if where the fire is because there's1690.53.96
like a little you know one of those fire1692.93.139
barrels right1694.466.02
can I start the fire right here1696.0394.441
see that okay that means you are1706.824.26
shielded from the wind there oh good so1708.864.08
you should be able to to make a fire1711.084.68
we'll try all right well I'm not getting1712.944.619
out today but that's okay I got food1715.763.299
water so I'm gonna break down these1717.5593.24
crates because I can use the reclaimed1719.0593.921
let's cook1723.54.58
I'm gonna cut two steaks on here1725.25.979
there we go two steaks can't cook three1728.087.74
can I nope all right two steaks cooking1731.1794.641
grab this cured gut I got reclaimed wood1736.225.699
now yes neebs yeah I'm making a rabbit1738.6794.081
oh really yeah there you go I know they1742.765.279
like to hang out uh by the barn in front1745.942.88
of the1748.0392.401
front of The Farmhouse I'm gonna go out1748.823.12
there and throw down a rabbit snare that1750.442.94
way if I go out exploring I can come1751.943.42
back I can always check my snare that's1753.383.74
perfect yeah1755.365.28
you're a good survivor man I I am blown1757.126.159
away we've made it this long this is uh1760.644.74
this is yeah I thought this was going to1763.2795.461
be a two episode series nope we're still1765.385.159
going people are going to start rooting1768.743.539
for us to die pretty soon1770.5394.341
okay now here we go uh two cooked meat1779.0811.699
there we go man my food was like empty1785.2995.48
eating that feels good doesn't it yeah1791.04.38
that's got us up to uh I don't know1793.344.92
about we call that 30 percent1795.385.1
can I cook another one yeah do you have1798.264.5
another one yep yeah oh yeah get your uh1800.484.16
get your food up1802.764.5
wind calmed down out here I'm gonna go1804.645.2
see if I can set this rabbit trap the1807.264.62
Wolves no wolves wolves leave me alone1809.842.939
I also need pants like is this my1812.7794.201
existence just sitting out here living1815.2994.321
in a trailer with no fancy yeah yeah I1816.983.66
guess so1819.622.82
yeah you do need pants I mean you could1820.644.34
always go back to the town right Milton1822.445.099
I've already picked that place clean man1824.984.24
you don't think there's one pair of1827.5393.36
pants one better bedroom you might have1829.223.68
check it out yep all right where do you1839.024.42
guys like to run1841.823.479
get out of here get out of here1843.444.14
where's those tracks all right so this1845.2994.681
is got some rabbit tracks here1847.585.88
and I think Hmm Yeah1849.986.87
snare if I put my snare right here1853.465.28
snare set set it right on a pair of1858.744.919
rabbit tracks so hopefully one of these1861.623.9
little bastards will walk through it1863.6594.321
and I can have some rabbit for uh for1865.523.96
Pfeiffer I don't think I've heard that1869.483.799
word before1870.9192.36
Hassan Piper like rabbit pepper never1873.865.1
heard that phrase1877.14.799
I mean clearly sounds like a German word1878.965.78
I'm gonna try to make it over to that uh1889.3994.921
fishing hole those temperatures good out1891.584.06
here I'm a little tired but I can put a1894.322.7
bed roll down I brought my bed roll1895.643.0
right oh my God I brought my bed roll1897.023.42
right and we talked about this all right1898.643.659
I got my bedroom1900.443.3
all right I can get down to the river1902.2992.88
I'll just follow the river like I did1903.744.319
last time no wolves no bears maybe1905.1794.561
they're maybe they're [ __ ] off today1908.0593.12
shouldn't Bears be hibernating in this1909.743.48
[ __ ] anyway this is hibernating weather1911.1793.841
Bears I know1913.224.26
listen here's what's gonna happen my1915.024.5
meat's gonna cook my water's gonna boil1917.483.54
I'm gonna eat that I'm gonna drink that1919.523.0
I have to take a nap and when I wake up1921.023.0
I'm gonna be starving1922.524.519
that's what's gonna happen1924.023.019
either hunting or1930.9192.281
dinner yeah1932.2992.521
dude it's probably easier1933.23.24
although if I had the energy to go back1934.825.52
to that that bridge I think I would try1936.446.599
shooting hopping in the car waiting and1940.344.559
shooting again yeah that's uh that seems1943.0393.841
like it could be a good strategy1944.8993.721
yeah I mean if you go get a bear that's1946.884.2
a ton of meat that's right um I'm gonna1948.623.98
eat this steak and take a nap because1951.084.24
I'm tired love it1952.64.179
all right let's try this fisherman here1956.7797.321
nope temperature's going up which is1961.486.1
nice nice fishing hole 100 Frozen1964.15.56
I can break it with a hatchet1967.585.099
going up that's good1972.6796.081
taking a little bit of time that's okay1974.846.36
boom all right I cleared the fishing1978.763.34
hours to fish one and I have the hook1982.15.48
start fishing1984.383.2
I got a fish1989.64.799
I got a fish holy moly I've never done1990.944.839
this in the game that's actually really1994.3993.421
and I'm taking that fish anymore okay so1997.827.739
now got me a fish let me start a fire2000.767.799
stuck here man in the same place between2009.944.56
this church2013.06.48
little work shed I gotta Break Free2014.57.559
plan well I got no plan man I'm not good2019.486.559
at this I can't believe I'm not dead yet2022.0593.98
I had I had a plan I had a plan the plan2026.264.98
is kill the Bear get across the bridge2029.144.139
so you're going back to the2031.243.299
weather I mean that's what I want to do2033.2793.361
but I keep running out of food and water2034.5396.781
and I get tired and I just can't do it2036.647.139
and I got no pants2041.324.62
it's a problem I wouldn't face a bear2043.7794.081
without pants okay so what are you doing2045.944.5
now I'm going back to the church2047.864.86
warm up for a minute and I guess go back2052.723.3
like you said to go to the city and2054.6393.78
maybe that's not a wolf is that a wolf2056.024.68
is that a wolf2058.4194.801
I think that's a wolf near the church it2060.73.78
might be good if I kill the wolf near2063.222.699
the church2064.483.48
and then I'll I can eat off of it yeah2065.9194.26
that's true you can just haul his uh all2067.966.08
his corpse into the church yeah2070.1793.861
well get that wolf meat hey2074.54.02
crap when you want them they don't look2078.523.18
at you2080.1393.96
man I'm cooking a fish2081.75.36
33 minutes2084.0992.961
yeah you can see though the white means2088.6594.141
it's in the chamber yeah2090.6396.841
hey what oh boy yep he sees me come back2092.86.66
to the church2097.484.8
come on back to the church baby2099.464.94
church is there2102.288.33
yeah okay oh boy don't blow this needs2104.47.5
even more broken clothes or remember2111.95.56
got it2115.483.84
come on2117.462.48
here we go2119.323.36
get it nice good job names right in2122.685.179
front of the church yeah2124.8393.02
yeah great oh should I okay I think I'm2128.0794.861
warm enough that I can uh yeah I can2131.024.44
Harvest a piece of meat real quick2132.945.76
here we go one of those Harvest2135.465.1
here we go maybe I can get my strength2138.72.879
up now2140.563.32
much as you can2141.5794.981
ooh neebs yeah2143.886.82
mmm fresh Lake Whitefish2146.565.88
a bit tasteless but better than nothing2150.76.54
ah 434 calories bam oh my God that's so2152.446.3
what's up like the Germans I was hoping2157.243.42
to get a little more than that2158.743.78
three man all right I'm gonna fish a2162.523.42
little more come on bit something big I2164.023.9
need a salmon I already got one of those2165.943.96
530 calories though that's not bad all2167.923.12
right more give me give me something2169.93.84
else give me something else damn2171.043.91
well better enough2173.743.24
you I'm just gonna survive on fish the2176.983.66
rest of my life2179.443.419
this is going great I'm gonna survive on2180.643.959
this wolf I'm gonna get my strength up2182.8594.74
and I'm coming for that bear2184.5994.441
good luck2189.0410.63

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