Taking Out the ALPHA TRIBE'S GIGA... SOLO!!! - Ark Fjordur

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe? If not, you're in for a treat bec...
Taking Out the ALPHA TRIBE'S GIGA... SOLO!!! - Ark Fjordur
Taking Out the ALPHA TRIBE'S GIGA... SOLO!!! - Ark Fjordur

Taking Out the ALPHA TRIBE'S GIGA... SOLO!!! - Ark Fjordur

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that video where we took out the ALPHA TRIBE'S GIGA solo? It's my favorite!

simon: Oh yeah, that was epic! I mean, who doesn't love a good old Christmas showdown with the Alpha Tribe?

neebs: Exactly! And did you see how we handled that GIGA like pros? It was all skill and no luck, right?

simon: Of course, it was all skill! We're the ultimate noobs taking on the big dogs. It's what we do best!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe? If not, you're in for a treat because it's a Christmas special! That's right, the Neebs crew is celebrating the holidays in style with some festive fun in the world of Ark: Survival Evolved.

In this episode, the gang takes on the Alpha Tribe in a holiday-themed showdown. You can expect plenty of laughs, epic battles, and maybe even a surprise visit from Santa Claus himself. Plus, there are some Christmas goodies available on their Spreadshop, so you can get into the holiday spirit along with your favorite YouTubers.

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So, grab your favorite holiday treat, settle in, and get ready to watch the Neebs crew take on the Alpha Tribe in this special Christmas episode. And don't forget to like, subscribe, and hit that bell notification so you never miss a new video from Neebs Gaming.

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you want me yeah Anthony are you1.023.54
carrying a little goat yeah I don't have3.03.12
the stuff to tame it so I figured I4.563.12
would just take it and trap it somewhere6.123.3
until I do you gonna get that goat7.683.36
killed I'm gonna take this goat all the9.423.9
way home somehow well we're coming into11.043.599
danger right now and you got to go at13.324.459
your feet that's fine the goat is cute14.6395.461
I mean it is a cute goat I'm looking at17.7794.121
him right now he's adorable he's20.14.019
adorable I'm seeing danger you gotta go21.94.44
God there's three rabbits bro he's here24.1193.721
you guys are doing fine without me he26.343.779
got this oh you want that Loop drop27.844.2
there neebs yeah man you know nothing's30.1193.6
in that but some shoes you know that's a32.043.359
good one look at it look at this look at33.7193.061
this look at this I'm helping out look35.3993.901
oh come and get me oh yeah yeah come and36.783.9
get me watch out those things jump oh39.32.939
they do a little bit you just gonna lure40.683.02
it yep come on42.2393.84
I don't know is it I think we might be43.74.66
clear if someone had thinks they can46.0794.201
safely get to the stuff go for it you're48.364.379
the one getting to the stuff nibs you50.284.02
were the stuff person can you keep an52.7393.0
eye on me no because I don't want to54.33.599
bring stuff back to you one close after55.7394.261
but I'm gonna get it if you get it then57.8994.081
I'll go for the stuff Anthony oh but60.03.18
that one no there's two of them there's61.982.999
two of them coming at me I know there's63.183.24
all kinds of stuff but I told you to64.9792.64
work can you picked them up and kill66.423.78
them yeah start biting oh yeah all right67.6194.141
fine we'll just do it that way we'll do70.26.14
it live [ __ ] it we'll do it live71.764.58
what's up87.722.899
time in the Moon103.227.72
okay Simon I'm ready you're ready okay111.2994.86
so you're on I bet you can't find me114.04.14
you're on loosey-goosey I bet you I can116.1594.981
I bet not because of this fancy locator118.146.18
node that I got oh technology oh I see121.146.659
the general direction that you went oh124.324.859
you got to give me a little hit so127.7995.901
you're inside or outside outside uh129.1797.081
well that could be fun it could be133.74.66
because listen this is the plan all136.264.199
right A little birdie told me that it138.364.32
would be fun like if we run across one140.4593.841
of their animals somewhere I can put one142.684.5
of these nodes on them and then and I144.34.38
don't think that they should find it147.183.18
they probably won't see it and then148.682.94
every once in a while we could just150.363.36
click on the locator and it'll tell us151.624.619
where loosey-goosey is or their guy next153.723.96
time keep it down a little bit when156.2392.881
you're sharing a plan like that we know157.684.08
they're in the other room oh well damn159.124.38
there's a towel underneath the door161.763.24
hopefully I don't hear it I don't know163.53.12
all right well then what else are we165.03.18
gonna we're gonna go and are we gonna166.623.18
build a house I wanted to I wanted to168.183.12
build a vacation home maybe out on one169.83.0
of those islands I think that's a good171.32.55
all right Anthony yes you have squirty176.2395.321
in the cryopod right correct yes he is179.5194.261
in my possession do not lose squirty um181.563.6
so if you guys want to head back to base183.782.58
I'm just going to try to do a little185.163.48
reconnaissance I'm gonna try to not do186.363.84
anything stupid because this is like188.643.179
this bat's crazy it's like a level of190.23.899
230 bat yellow Batman I don't want to191.8194.14
lose yellow Batman why don't you lose it194.0993.961
either yeah I like yellow Batman so he's195.9594.081
yellow I'll be careful but I just want198.064.02
to peek around see if I can see them see200.043.419
if I can see what they're doing and then202.083.12
I'll meet you guys back at base later203.4593.541
all right strategize come up with a plan205.24.319
got it man can you follow me following207.04.26
we're gonna swing wide keep it safe209.5194.14
maybe if you guys see or uh shitty and211.264.559
pick it up yeah polymer got it kind of213.6596.021
heavy but sure all right good luck215.8193.861
if you see me221.72.72
what do you think Simon I really like224.5195.881
the location of that me too is it uh226.866.239
pretty easy to uh navigate up to uh I'm230.45.82
gonna I'm gonna put stairs well I was233.0994.5
gonna do that it was gonna do stairs236.224.56
yeah yeah man okay yeah I like it okay I237.5995.401
mean uh it's a beautiful island it is240.786.42
I'm not the best builder oh wait but you243.05.879
claim to be the best builder I never247.23.84
never did yeah not in this game last248.8793.901
episode you were like man you know who's251.045.52
the best builder me Simon hey you know252.786.359
[ __ ] useless piece of [ __ ] it's made256.566.24
no that's what you said hogwash pooey oh259.1396.84
wow double hogwash double hogwash poo262.84.56
what do you do265.9794.381
somebody hath been busy is that a272.185.86
griffin you sons of [ __ ] you got a275.345.52
griffin Gotta Love Griffins yeah I see278.044.86
you got your Giga still I wonder if280.864.2
they're Giga you know what time to be282.95.579
dumb let's see can I run your Giga off a285.064.22
oh yeah oh yeah oh God they're all289.284.68
coming for me aren't they292.025.04
let's go back are you gonna come uh-huh293.967.32
uh-huh pterodonts and the gig297.064.22
get down here now304.224.96
oh that was worth it just to do that306.53.4
just to run their gig off309.93.739
don't know what was going on below me314.242.8
tear Downs are still chasing me or what318.4192.641
oh they're gonna lose all of them320.14.4
they're gonna be so damn confused321.063.44
and hey guess what their Giga isn't by325.283.82
their base anymore327.664.8
that's real annoying isn't it Phyllis329.16.18
I'm evil oh my God can I get you into332.465.16
the ocean I wonder if there's any hungry335.284.5
sharks that would love to eat a good337.625.04
today I learned my lesson though gigas339.784.8
do not like it in the butt I can't wait342.663.96
for them to get the message Giga was344.584.339
killed by a shark346.625.4
are you a hungry whale Gekko do you want348.9194.801
a bad man352.025.66
you hungry for a little bit353.723.96
look at those Hungry Sharks oh they just365.185.799
hungry for cake applied you can't368.944.759
control help me forget370.9792.72
and now I just watch the Guardians373.886.58
are gonna help oh377.5394.961
there it went380.466.679
where's the howl they didn't notice382.54.639
you did a beautiful job I I love this415.584.6
simple setup yeah I didn't want it to418.53.12
like stick out like a sore thumb and420.183.42
well I mean it certainly does stick out421.624.139
yeah it does but it could stick out more423.64.14
like a sore thumb more yeah like what's425.7593.961
what's that all about like sticking out427.745.28
like a sore thumb interesting facts good429.726.12
damn question and and a good topic for433.024.92
our talks up here it could because I435.844.919
mean if you've got the sore thumb it437.944.86
sticks out sticks out so so in other440.7593.181
words what they're saying is you know442.83.179
when you hurt yourself like whenever I443.944.259
have hit my thumb with a hammer back in445.9794.981
the day which it's happened yeah you do448.1995.94
tend to realize every time you hit it450.964.98
then thereafter because you go what the454.1394.261
[ __ ] why do I keep on hitting this drum455.944.74
I never you mean after like while I feel458.45.78
hurting yes sorry everybody460.683.5
look at this shut up I think I might467.844.96
have to steal a kitty cat while they're471.063.66
right but we're not trying to like [ __ ]474.723.72
with them and477.182.579
I'm kind of trying to [ __ ] with them478.443.42
they're nestled in the bosom but not479.7593.78
like the bosom you'd think they're481.864.739
underneath the boob like a sore like a483.5396.301
thumb okay I don't know486.5996.021
is that you over there every hour hey497.284.08
there you are oh yes I was spinning out499.3193.921
how are you I'll meet you in the service501.365.82
surface surface world yeah hello yeah503.244.959
let's go to the uh let's go to the507.182.82
island huh okay where near the drop I'll508.1993.0
follow you follow you all right near the510.02.94
drop we can grab that yeah all right511.1993.241
babes we're on a mission right yes512.943.959
that's right we need to build an army at514.444.74
some point we will storm the base so516.8993.781
it's good to have some things prepared519.183.06
to do so yep so we're gonna try to grab520.683.599
something I got a ghillie suit and we're522.243.78
doing it all right what's it called uh524.2794.081
ghillie suit perfect526.025.389
two of our Raptors what yeah you just538.3995.321
killed two of our Raptors the Griffin541.684.64
did I didn't Oh I thought you said sorry543.724.92
all right well then where are you are546.325.519
you on your way around get one548.643.199
obvious oh and it's dead yeah oh well554.885.22
you killed it I didn't know I thought it558.244.14
was still around I just said I killed it560.15.16
I am very distracted and not hearing all562.384.019
the words that are coming out of your565.263.06
[ __ ] mouth because of your meatloaf566.3994.5
chewing yeah so which ones died I don't568.324.92
know I did not look Captain feely shut570.8995.221
up can't feel you level 195 dead wasn't573.244.56
that the leader that was the one that576.124.86
spawned all of them wasn't it [ __ ] Club577.83.94
is dead580.987.979
I'm so awkward588.9594.041
well it happens it does that's the597.87.5
dumbest [ __ ] yep601.983.32
let's see what's in Papa's inventory I607.586.96
got 14 steaks from Papa great610.563.98
didn't have what it took apparently wow615.624.719
really you're going there didn't have618.363.659
what it took about freaking it was a620.3395.161
level 25. was it a level 20 okay well622.0195.041
yeah maybe Captain Philly should have625.53.839
thrown some [ __ ] bigger balls imagine627.063.48
how thick would have responded to that629.3394.68
about 25 [ __ ] that right uh we we move630.546.78
on and grow stronger sure that's what634.0194.981
we're gonna do yep that's where we are637.323.78
that's what we are hey we're gonna have639.04.92
some invasions from time to time yep641.14.62
we've been lucky actually so far you're643.924.28
damn right645.722.48
names names you see it this might not654.443.88
come across in the episode but look at656.942.579
it we've been looking for this forever658.322.88
yeah oh my god659.5193.301
um is that another one in front of it661.23.42
yes there's two Honeys okay listen662.824.199
they're gonna they're gonna run why as664.624.14
soon as you grab that you'll see why hit667.0193.901
to harvest it says no no you should go668.763.96
grab with your hands right uh maybe it's670.923.539
a tool I thought it was hand tool to672.723.179
harvest I've got it you're getting it674.4594.081
giant bee honey they're gonna attack you675.8994.081
what is are they not attacking you678.543.239
nothing there's nothing around really679.983.02
no this is lovely and it smells nice all683.04.36
right get as much as you can then all685.742.96
right perfect687.364.82
more more yes bees688.76.34
no Bees there's no Bees man that's crazy692.185.279
this is awesome all right load up baby695.045.039
you think a hundred's enough yeah B697.4594.541
honey we got plenty man let's do it all700.0794.141
right I had a boy Anthony thank you good702.06.74
eyeballs yeah finally let's hit it704.224.52
Simon yes sir have you seen hot pink hot709.047.84
pink no I haven't hot pink uh713.3995.701
which one is that that was the the hot716.883.62
uh was it like a panther nope nope nope720.56.64
I only see the little two I just fed725.044.979
them like yesterday here727.144.98
hot bangs weren't a little tooth's730.0194.921
parents dude all right is there a way do732.125.459
you see they're alive yeah and I didn't734.944.5
look uh well I was looking briefly but737.5794.38
oh I'm getting shot Simon oh are you739.443.959
something's messing with me I wonder741.9593.841
what well let me bring them back to743.3994.921
where uh their world gets messed up what745.85.599
is going on man oh are they both on us748.326.3
how are they not getting shot what is up751.3995.021
with this how is that even working okay754.624.2
oh oh my dragon's up in the air too756.425.4
right now I know so these guys are758.825.639
attacking you uh-huh and I'm going to761.825.699
attack Derm as you should yeah like set764.4595.041
to attack us so they're close by they767.5194.741
must be oh boy those little [ __ ] okay769.54.44
now what a couple of bars is running772.263.54
after them oh they broke no they didn't773.943.12
they just tried to break through that775.84.2
wall a couple of uh a couple of um of777.065.1
our guys are chasing after you yeah I780.04.019
know all right I was hoping they'd get782.165.52
uh my stamina's about to go wait no they784.0195.341
stopped they pulled off they pulled off787.683.54
oh so you're not on your dragon anymore789.364.62
where are you I am of course okay so791.224.859
then I think I just saw oh my my dragon793.984.02
landed something threw me off they're796.0793.841
set to attack so these guys are close798.03.899
bro why don't you grab a pair of oh799.923.659
because the Paris was by the vacation801.8994.74
home that's the only one we had okay and803.5794.2
that would have been good to have here806.6394.38
boy these guys are really really Wiley807.7796.36
I'm looking for you I lost you but I'm811.0195.101
hanging by the base I'm sure you can814.1394.44
handle yeah I can all right I'll stick816.124.38
around here in case something funny your818.5795.401
[ __ ] tear it down was killed by820.56.06
we have your [ __ ] pterodon you killed823.984.859
we did have a Pteranodon826.564.94
killed it828.8392.661
oh yeah maybe I killed it yeah yeah I834.723.84
killed myself with my waiver yeah you're836.944.26
right yeah oh there you go I see you all838.564.92
right so you're going after I was just841.25.22
getting this sucker that has a try to843.485.039
help you get it wait are you sure that's846.424.44
not our guy following us oh are we848.5194.021
killing people yeah that might be the850.864.68
thing [ __ ] yeah that one just go ahead852.544.859
and lure it that's you're right yeah so855.543.46
you've been killing our friends857.3995.661
maybe yeah why did you get him to follow863.064.959
you all right all right yeah you do that865.685.459
geez Louise I needed more sleep yeah you868.0194.981
got more sleep than me pal you don't871.1394.44
know that no I don't you stayed up all873.05.54
night didn't you no875.5792.961
no all right yellow Batman see this is880.684.86
what you and I are gonna do okay We882.665.039
Gather resources like obsidian and we885.546.239
stick it in the Box yeah there we go oh887.6995.76
and hey you know that a sabertooth we891.7795.281
killed we got his saddle893.4596.661
so yeah by day you and I are resource897.066.3
gatherers by night we torture Simon and900.125.779
get some more material906.242.779
all right we're clear I think the area910.0793.481
is clear all right I want this one right912.063.779
here brown brown piggy boy yeah so913.564.98
listen why don't we uh tell you what I'm915.8394.201
gonna sit down over here yep and I'm918.544.26
gonna set this guy to uh I guess passive920.046.239
all right Behavior passive and then I922.84.8
may need you to get him to follow you if926.2792.881
he gets in trouble okay all right all927.63.479
right we'll do can I stay with him yeah929.164.26
I may need an extraction though so okay931.0794.26
if I get in real bad danger I need to933.423.779
pick me up copy that you yell you called935.3394.44
okay here we go I think you just hit the937.1994.26
number and it goes flying out all right939.7794.5
he's getting away come on baby we'll get941.4595.761
him neebs go get him right I can barely944.2794.381
see you you blend into that grass947.223.359
perfectly there he is all right hope he948.663.84
turns my way sneak up on that butt butt950.5794.2
piggy booty if you need to have my my952.54.079
bat follow you you know you can cover954.7795.041
over here okay time to go man stay out956.5795.541
of trouble okay959.825.459
there he is okay so I'm gonna throw oh I962.125.74
threw that here we go I'm on him you're965.2794.581
on him okay967.865.0
no rock is safe in your path be ready994.045.38
for pickup if I need it okay if he [ __ ]996.7795.161
me I might be in trouble kick me good999.424.68
okay can you get me you're pretty far1001.946.68
you want to pick up pick me up okay okay1004.14.52
all right I think he's done let me let1012.3394.92
me move back in all right1014.422.839
that was a good extraction Anthony thank1017.35.039
you sir and boom Oh I went behind me oh1019.045.039
he's interested though he's he's on it1022.3394.86
he's eating it here we go1024.0795.84
here we go1027.1992.72
you got arrows1034.1793.721
I don't know is that a donkey noodle1039.028.539
exactly donkey doodle Rasta come on baby1041.745.819
was popular in the arcades for a while1052.365.22
yeah we got it1055.0595.141
yay okay1057.584.36
now we're talking1060.24.74
look at this guy you sir man or the1061.945.16
first part of an army we are building to1064.945.46
rise against those we opposed that was1067.14.86
great thank you you really round up the1070.43.24
troops there buddy1071.963.48
we have troops1073.644.399
we do now1075.442.599
what you think buddy I think that I'm1078.54.4
ready for a break yeah1080.666.3
we both are just out of it today but I1082.96.7
See Your Dragon but I don't see you oh1086.964.62
so yeah I hopped off the dragon I was I1089.64.38
was hanging on cash money okay cash1091.584.26
money's almost a level 200 so birthday1093.984.319
party coming up oh that'll be fun oh1095.846.12
great yeah yeah but if any day was a day1098.2996.301
for them to take advantage of us it was1101.964.62
today it was the day we were under1104.63.9
attack it's gonna make me happy to kill1106.585.7
this thing yeah are you mad so are we1108.56.78
yeah you know what I think we got back1112.285.34
at least half of our our [ __ ] all right1115.284.74
well you know what one for them and and1117.623.84
you said hey we shouldn't be doing1120.023.0
anything to them because you know and1121.463.18
this this probably made them feel good1123.023.899
about themselves right yeah so that's1124.644.08
good that's a really good way to look at1126.9193.781
it Simon yeah so we did something nice1128.723.72
for them we let them kind of do this1130.73.96
yeah and they killed some of our stuff1132.444.2
and that's fine and and sooner or later1134.663.78
we'll we're gonna we're gonna make them1136.644.38
pay oh for sure and uh and it's gonna be1138.444.08
worse for them and then we'll feel bad1141.023.84
again and it'll be a cycle yeah it seems1142.524.68
like it is right yeah I hope so a cycle1144.864.74
of life and as the World Turns that's1147.24.44
right soap opera1149.63.9
um yeah this is the soap opera with1151.643.3
bye what I just said bye to who you1155.785.1
because you left me1159.264.22

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