A Messy Horde - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 38

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's video is an absolute treat as the crew takes on the 6th horde in Darkness Falls. I don't know ab...
A Messy Horde - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 38
A Messy Horde - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 38

A Messy Horde - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 38

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of A Messy Horde in 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls! Today, we're taking on the 6th horde and things are about to get messy!

simon: Oh yeah, this is my favorite video! I mean, who doesn't love watching us struggle to survive against hordes of zombies while cracking jokes and having a blast?

appsro: Ha, you guys are hilarious! I especially love the part where NEEBS accidentally blows up the base with a misplaced grenade. Classic NEEBS move!

neebs: Hey, it's all part of the fun! And let's not forget about that epic battle with the zombie bear. I thought we were done for, but we managed to come out on top!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's video is an absolute treat as the crew takes on the 6th horde in Darkness Falls. I don't know about you, but I always get so hyped up when they face off against those hordes - the action, the suspense, it's all so thrilling!

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oh come on all right I killed the13.883.64
screamer let's make sure there's not16.443.0
another screamer don't waste ammo door17.524.67
if you got a melee let's try19.445.879
no wow25.6195.521
oh look it's a party oh hey King where27.4395.701
are you guys at the church31.144.14
all right well I'm over here I'll just33.144.62
stay safe35.282.48
guy here holy crap wow oh no he's gonna48.86.239
blow he's gonna blow dammit52.7394.8
joke not sure they're jumping after you55.0395.741
you're jumping after you oh yep I see57.5395.581
you try to get his legs get his stupid60.784.26
little legs and get it don't I don't63.123.3
want to hit you need careful all right65.043.119
there we go oh he dropped a red bag66.423.84
anything good what's in that red bag68.1594.621
um hey some ammo we can use that yeah oh70.264.859
god let's get up here Dora how you doing72.784.62
I'm heading them from afar trying to get75.1194.5
him geez Louise you weren't kidding huh77.47.1
right off the bat wow there we go79.6194.881
can we do it I think so let's start we84.864.96
got them all nice hey Kane how you doing87.843.54
baby hello89.823.78
um all right listen Kane and I'm playing91.384.15
around we got a base to finish93.68.6
all right Kane are we ready for the102.744.239
blade trap test yeah let me just get104.884.08
these January Spanx on I have filled106.9793.241
them well half filled them up that108.963.0
should be more than enough of a night110.224.38
okay that's good and uh yeah I'm worried111.963.839
that some of these spikes are gonna114.62.82
block so I just want to make sure115.7994.381
they're all spinning right so first one117.427.14
who all right first one I could see yeah120.187.02
one two three four five six seven eight124.565.94
nine ten I believe okay and second127.24.64
second's not doing it interesting okay131.844.899
yeah all right because I pressed the136.7395.58
wrong switch that's why139.3796.841
there we go look at that wow hold on a142.3196.0
second let me get a let me get an A real146.224.739
good view of this and not fall into the148.3195.041
traps hopefully yeah I'm I'm stood above150.9594.621
them and all I can see is whirling death153.363.86
death yes yes155.584.98
I love it Kane this is looking wonderful157.225.739
I think my I think my spikes in between160.563.72
there that's not gonna be a problem162.9593.06
right I figure what the hell no I think164.283.179
they'll be fine yeah now I was thinking166.0193.121
about doubling up on some of them like167.4593.301
one on top of the other do you think it169.143.36
matters no I don't think that matter170.763.66
because the zombie will only take damage172.53.66
from the first one it lands on so the174.422.76
one underneath won't actually do176.164.5
anything oh good to know all right well177.185.04
listen pal so far you're getting two180.663.48
thumbs up for me well let's just hope it182.223.599
actually works so we don't die well yeah184.143.9
well that that we'll see but I mean it185.8195.28
looks in the looks Department you got a188.045.279
two thumbs up191.0993.961
hey guys yeah I have enough material to195.064.86
make a blank class paper now we're197.764.14
talking oh no I'm crafting it's gonna199.924.2
take a minute 30. all right one of us201.93.9
can have a completely different class204.123.539
what should we do you know we don't know205.83.48
that but what do we need so you're207.6594.5
you're the hunter right Dora damn Kane's209.284.379
a scientist and we're about to lose him212.1592.641
maybe one of us should go down the213.6592.341
scientist right I think you're probably214.82.64
right you know you're being able to make216.03.18
medical supplies and stuff do you want217.443.659
to do it I can certainly do it everyone219.184.02
knows I'm the scientist I do all the221.0993.601
signs do you want to be in charge of223.23.24
food and science because you can give224.72.819
you the class paper you can do the226.442.939
scientists I do science that's great227.5193.78
neebs that that's that's neebs all over229.3793.72
it all right neebs when this book's done231.2994.5
uh you pick it up oh God damn it why did233.0994.521
you hear me235.7994.041
it was science calm down239.847.209
all right that Sun's getting low neebs I250.73.94
know is there where is there buddy you253.3193.54
have on the roof okay okay254.644.62
yeah I'm right here if I can okay I'm256.8594.021
gonna close this in yeah close this in259.263.3
neebs all right starting here on260.883.599
everything uh maybe wait till we get up262.563.3
there's no traps back here are there264.4793.241
nope everything's in the Spikes all265.864.14
right rock and roll man I'm gonna have267.724.14
to get out oh wait so I'm gonna leave270.03.06
that little part right there open right271.862.94
so we can go to the old base well a273.063.419
little part right here see right here274.84.08
leave a little line from this these276.4794.201
steps to these letters278.883.78
um yeah the platform that you could jump280.683.54
from but yeah if you want to you could282.663.3
just jump like okay yeah then fill that284.223.06
in names because yeah just right here285.963.06
we'll leave it open yeah whatever you287.284.02
feel like okay sure sure but yeah I'm289.023.959
like I'm with Kane it doesn't take much291.33.48
to jump over there does it well I mean292.9793.72
you must have jump up you're done just294.783.78
don't mess the jump up hey I'd like to296.6994.921
say this Kane it's been a pleasure yep298.565.699
absolutely loaf being here I'm excited301.624.859
about this base so I gotta say the304.2594.701
bottom of this base it's pretty cheesy306.4796.841
it's really not trust me trust me I have308.966.7
used this and those pillars even like313.324.2
that have been taken down all right315.664.2
we'll see yeah I'm curious no matter317.523.6
what it's better than what I would have319.863.0
done it's true321.123.48
how's somebody supposed to throw a mouth322.863.24
out with all these spikes and away yeah324.63.42
worry about later it's my bad I'm326.13.48
putting the extra spikes up there I328.023.119
might have made it harder but what you329.582.76
actually would be wanting to do is331.1393.421
throwing the molotov down the um the332.343.18
corridor that they're gonna run down334.562.4
rather than into the Spikes all right335.523.239
down here yeah so as they run up they336.963.72
run into the fire man those molotovs are338.7593.601
just gonna hit These Bars aren't they no340.683.78
they're not okay if you want if you get342.364.14
worried put down a block like just a344.463.9
frame stand on it Crouch and throw346.53.479
through it that works way better okay348.363.0
well Hey listen you might need to show349.9793.06
us yeah I'm not gonna try that I want to351.363.36
see you do it I did bring some frames353.0395.22
excellent so if you do like that wait354.725.94
wait man where's that hold on we're not358.2594.44
watching I'm watching I'm not damn it360.664.379
sorry why not oh wow all right move362.6993.961
you're standing on this Crouch and throw365.0394.021
so just crouch on a frame yeah that's366.665.039
what I do okay hold on I can tell you369.064.44
right now I'm gonna take a multi to the371.6993.601
back of the head yeah you are hold on373.53.72
you see so you place that down you come375.36.239
over here Crouch and then boom and then377.226.479
boom I mean not a lot but if you want to381.5393.6
be that close I prefer to stand further383.6994.081
back oh my God yeah exactly what the385.1395.521
hell what I'm talking about man yep see387.786.38
now it's better to test it now390.663.5
now yeah neebs you're a doctor pull out394.82.88
a med kit and come over here and like396.33.3
right click on Simon you know I'm good397.684.47
I'm good damn it oh399.66.04
good luck everyone here we go it is408.2595.38
begun they're coming from the Northeast411.4194.741
working their way through the spikes413.6395.4
doing their best to make their way to us416.165.4
no one's on the steps yet huh not yet419.0395.041
yep I'm looking on the steps don't say421.565.16
anything come on steps oh wow they're424.084.38
going up the steps of the old base yeah426.723.419
that's what I was kind of thinking and428.463.179
then oh wow we got squid monsters430.1394.921
already ready squid come on we just got431.6395.041
here all right I'm throwing one of these435.065.4
crazy things what happened436.686.78
the city I'm in the middle of the450.5394.261
goddamn City because this is where I put452.166.24
my bedroom son of a [ __ ]454.85.64
oh God okay working in it it's working458.44.26
its way up what happens when these squid460.444.319
don't fall into the hole because they're462.664.5
so [ __ ] big I just realized that they464.7594.081
will they will all right I'm shooting467.164.5
them with arrows just because I can oh468.844.859
we got a couple dead up there I love471.665.0
Eddie man we got four Squid dead473.6996.241
yeah hey oh yeah there's the moon oh476.666.4
here come the zombies parkour here we go479.944.979
well that's a squid monster out in the483.063.84
middle of nowhere okay I just got to484.9194.081
make it back how far are we away 600486.97.139
meters 600 meters ah [ __ ] oh489.06.96
did he just hit a mine what the [ __ ] was494.0394.1
feel on screen500.222.659
that's going great yep these stairs are503.284.08
working beautifully Kane oh they're505.623.72
doing very well I'm very pleased I can't507.363.179
even see the elect like the electric509.342.999
lines are they down there the electric510.5393.24
lines are there are they're not electric512.3393.181
lines they're a barbed wire oh they're513.7794.26
all they're all good enough I think uh I515.524.259
think Dora's got a shock thing on his518.0393.781
weapon oh that's what's happening gotcha519.7793.541
oh yeah see the face and back boys523.327.38
there's my bag giveaway in all right I527.165.1
don't know if I do or not maybe if you530.73.6
jump on all right the old base Federal532.264.86
down uh yeah that okay jump on the old534.34.5
base jump over the spot oh yeah I'll try537.123.659
it okay oh God that's the new base538.83.84
where's the old base wait this is the540.7794.391
old base right okay542.644.139
you're fixing me okay oh God there's546.7796.961
spikes up here uh oh God ow oh no all548.646.84
right let me get through here get in553.746.2
there climb up can I okay okay555.487.979
hey oh no yeah these good matches chased559.948.38
my ass oh god oh okay563.4594.861
here we go here we go here we go I'm578.545.04
back I'm back I'm back581.226.179
got my [ __ ] baby there you go here we go583.584.96
thank you thank you thank you thank you587.3994.141
oh the big Corner in his face and some588.546.18
booger face look at faces here okay591.546.66
time for some sweet sweet revenge I'm594.725.94
gonna throw a pulse grenade be careful598.26.44
no I'm not gonna all right thank God600.663.98
all right I'm gonna try this though605.9596.981
okay it actually worked I'll be damned609.246.32
oh wow that's a big guy okay that's a615.566.88
new one well we shot last time oh but619.683.719
yeah that's the first time I've actually622.444.16
seen it yeah that's true that's true623.3997.261
oh [ __ ] wow wow hey yeah all right I626.65.98
think it's time to bust out some coil630.662.96
bro what'd you get through probably633.623.54
ripped this window635.644.52
should I try another pulse grenade Simon642.745.74
no not with me here I mean I'm backing645.184.68
away you want it you gotta learn how to648.483.06
use them you got to learn how to use649.864.979
them go for it all right why not651.546.78
so I pull the pin up pull it and it'll654.8396.421
fire it up yo wow you're in business now658.326.32
did that damage the base or no uh no no661.265.24
yeah nice okay here we go now he's going666.55.82
oh [ __ ] God damn it that hurt all right672.325.98
yeah I'm okay Jesus now [ __ ] those676.0194.041
a bit much680.063.24
I know I'm on fire because you idiots690.444.959
everyone's on fire yeah but that's not693.04.98
good I almost died from that who did it695.3994.521
you're fine short with a with a hip699.925.32
first aid kit I know everybody was The702.7795.24
Quiet One yeah705.242.779
only one dance so far is because713.223.239
somebody couldn't throw something huh715.23.68
came without you who's setting me on720.65.359
fire okay722.73.259
I'm coming upstairs you're too dangerous727.5796.161
Jesus Kane men have already gone through730.864.74
a couple oh my head just full of my face733.745.46
a head a head that's fun I think I might735.66.419
be out of [ __ ] ammo is there ammo in739.25.579
this thing out here down here oh boy I742.0195.041
didn't bring any yep I didn't think I744.7796.201
needed any I was very wrong747.063.92
oh that's a bomb guy there's a bomb guys755.064.839
are in play now that could [ __ ] things758.3393.661
up yep we gotta be careful not to hit759.8993.721
the button762.03.72
you little [ __ ] all right I got some763.624.56
arrows be very careful Kane don't765.724.2
[ __ ] kill me it's all right you're on768.183.12
full health and I've got healing you're769.924.02
fine all right what I might need help I771.34.02
got a little guy on me and I ran out of773.942.699
here about the right time here we go I775.322.759
don't want to shoot you like no yeah I776.6393.721
understand I understand thank you oh I778.0795.241
use another Med kit780.362.96
door what's your shotgun ammo situation785.64.78
empty here oh [ __ ] yeah you're here787.984.26
that's that's [ __ ] good stuff oh God790.383.54
please give me some too if you can spare792.243.779
it where are you at uh yeah Dora's got793.923.719
that auto show or the auto shoddy with796.0194.581
the electric thing on it797.6396.721
oh geez got a bad boy in here with us800.66.299
God man he was tough807.04.16
good job nice except for lighting811.164.84
everybody on fire a couple times yeah814.563.24
and my frame rate's actually holding up816.03.839
a little better this time I'm I think817.84.02
last time my frame rate was bad because819.8394.581
I'm the host right volatile's working821.827.259
come on baby that cop down wow824.426.94
very good oh [ __ ] big part of the floor829.0794.741
gone that is definitely not good holy831.364.08
crap it blew up one of the generators833.823.78
and yeah blew up in uh the case with all835.445.959
the stuff in it all the stuff in it837.63.799
hey morning oh wait is it morning what842.3997.801
yes holy moly yeah yeah well done yeah845.76.18
yeah all right we just got to do a850.22.96
little bit of cleanup851.884.44
all right yeah there goes that Titan oh853.167.359
wait he's almost down yo yo856.326.3
oh they finally took out a chunk of the860.5195.661
walkway right at the end862.623.56
there he is873.23.24
I'm gonna take that red bag holy moly882.625.68
hey guys I'm stuck out here it's a bad885.424.74
spot I fell down from right there well888.33.18
maybe it's a good spot just don't let890.162.479
you little [ __ ] who sees the scream oh892.6396.581
there she is she fell down she down895.446.899
oh my God I'm so sorry I I was I thought899.225.46
I was pulling up a different gun and I902.3393.981
pulled out a pulse grenade904.684.98
I know the worst you know you know what906.324.48
the worst909.663.479
don't count Simon's death on that one910.86.5
you put that towards me nope nope913.1394.161
sorry oh my God that was such a [ __ ] up919.566.12
all right these pulse grenades I am just923.04.48
taking out of my hot bar we're gonna925.683.959
throw those [ __ ] in the trash927.484.68
oh [ __ ] I see a screamer over here I929.6393.961
don't have anything she's just walking932.165.34
right over to apps Rose old base oh God933.66.359
at least it looks like a screamer937.53.899
came there ought to be a rule no939.9593.24
screamer after hortonite all right941.3993.24
actually completely agree with you but943.1993.901
uh it's a hell to patch out I already944.6396.081
tried damn it stop coming947.16.419
stop oh there's a demon in it yeah no950.724.239
that's the thing there's a damn screamer953.5193.06
out there somewhere we gotta get her ass954.9593.601
all right making my way over to my stuff956.5793.661
yeah I see you Simon hey how you doing958.563.839
again sorry hey all right so my stuff960.243.42
should be over there because I can't962.3992.641
make that jump I can make this jump963.664.44
watch out on the thing cool yeah damn it965.045.76
missed it [ __ ]968.15.58
oh my God the screamer screamed again oh970.85.399
my God okay where is she which direction973.685.099
not sure should we just uh book it for976.1994.561
the house grab the vehicles oh wait yeah978.7793.661
see uh yeah there is one screamer980.762.66
huh oh God and she just screamed again983.426.12
now there's more squid monsters986.043.5
there goes my frame rate okay I'm going989.7795.56
for a vehicle I've already got one oh992.944.44
there you go good job I'm going for995.3394.321
another one oh boy that was a dumb place997.384.56
to jump down I am not dying this word999.665.039
I'm not I really now hope you die I know1001.946.0
you do oh God oh my God that really1004.6995.541
[ __ ] hurt no don't you kill me1007.946.86
oh I watched him die yay me yay me1010.247.3
congratulations son I wished it and it1014.84.779
tourist out here oh man my damn gun's1026.6794.66
broke hold on I got some coins1029.2994.321
come on go down go down go down go down1031.3394.08
go to sleep go to sleep oh boy hey1033.623.179
there's some coil rounds in this red bag1035.4193.601
dude we're gonna need him all right I1036.7994.38
can help I gotta uh holy crap this guy's1039.024.319
so tough where you at and they're out in1041.1794.26
the front okay he's still getting up1043.3394.921
yeah okay there you go there we go oh1045.4394.98
man I missed the party okay oh my God1048.264.56
still got a couple things over there but1050.4194.921
yeah let's get bags and let's get out of1052.825.34
here loot up fellas Kane it's been a1055.344.92
it's been a pleasure having you man yeah1058.164.019
thank you I've enjoyed it this base uh1060.263.9
this base held up pretty damn well we're1062.1793.301
screwed on the next one this is a good1064.165.1
base great job yeah oh this is what it's1065.486.38
all about boys1069.262.6
thank you1095.083.06

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