Hey there, fellow Neebs fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest video on Lethal Company, you're in for a treat. In this episode,...


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neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that latest video from Lethal Company? 'IT'S COMING TOWARDS US'? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one where they teach me how to be on the ship? Classic! I was a natural, obviously.

appsro: Of course you were, Simon. You were like a fish in water, except on a ship. It was a sight to behold.

neebs: I couldn't stop laughing when that thing started coming towards us. The panic in Simon's eyes was priceless!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest video on Lethal Company, you're in for a treat. In this episode, the crew takes on the task of teaching Simon how to navigate the ship. It's always entertaining to see Simon try his hand at new challenges, and this one promises to be no exception.

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wo we got to make $525 today okay now4.8395.441
we're now we're getting into the big8.844.04
leagues now aren't y'all glad we saved10.285.32
this stuff right here very glad great12.885.12
listen I honestly I'm the one that first15.64.36
suggested it and everyone said no why18.03.76
would we do that then you suggested19.964.04
people say I'm with you it's all right21.764.0
we're all at a good place in the same24.03.56
place actually no I love it we're a bank25.764.679
that's perfect um so let's see I guess27.565.24
we're going to go to Val abandoned yeah30.4393.721
we're going to go to the Val here we go32.82.33
let's do34.169.84
it just a walking in a flashlight for me44.05.84
please and and I I'll be good all right46.764.479
got a walk49.844.64
key let's use that horn this time yep51.2396.201
thank you uh thank you ABS yep I'm on54.484.919
you all right absor do you want to train57.444.24
me here here or no should I just always59.3993.48
be out and61.683.32
about uh sure I'll give you some62.8794.761
training all right all right Dora watch65.04.36
out for the rocket you have a flashlight67.643.72
and a walkie-talkie on the way yeah69.363.48
there it is I see the71.363.56
rocket all right Simon do you still have72.843.8
walkie-talkie uh I oh wait a second is76.645.32
this metal I got to get rid of this what80.1193.201
were you doing with81.965.28
that uh it's left over for the last time83.326.839
I guess oh wow I guess we save more and87.244.199
I are staying on the ship I'm going to90.1593.761
give him a lesson give me the ladder91.4394.32
yeah that's on the top shelf you can93.924.0
barely even see that it's there move95.7596.281
that yeah okay well all right good good97.927.0
luck you something cool good to102.044.56
go all104.924.96
right oh wow oh wow there we go yeah106.65.4
let's look at that already used it109.884.33
already used and cool let's112.03.68
go got115.685.84
it on your six all right so Simon do you117.3995.281
have a121.524.919
walkie-talkie all right hold on yes yes122.685.919
all right let's make sure we charge126.4396.201
it good call charge this one oh did I128.5996.081
turn it on does it come charged yeah132.643.44
yeah yeah yeah will it's brand new is it134.683.48
yeah okay yeah it's brand new oh this is136.084.76
a huge Cliff face no okay so we got to138.165.4
go around the cliff are you going back140.845.36
down huh that's back the ship is we143.563.8
should probably go to the right or to146.21.92
left okay I mean was doing that just a148.125.6
different way okay yeah there you go150.9595.321
Simon that's it yeah see that's me153.725.72
that's us baby all right and so right156.285.36
now looks like dor and neebs are159.444.48
crossing a bridge oh but there's a161.644.519
that's a Dorito so let's turn on the163.925.88
walkie and I'll say hey Dora um or neees166.1595.72
there is a Dorito in the middle of the169.84.439
bridge right it's171.8794.961
bees what do we do with bees174.2397.761
again a avoid bees tell them on a bridge176.847.24
copy there's another bridge over here oh182.03.159
perfect hey hey185.1595.64
Dora hey188.445.12
Simon this is the first time I'm using190.7994.8
this and I like it's pretty193.564.039
cool I think you're doing great you195.5994.28
delicious well thank you going199.8797.841
in we're204.5195.761
inside oh207.726.4
large axle already oh uh you can't use a210.287.8
walkie can you uh yeah so if you guys214.126.08
after you enter turn right and go all218.084.56
the way down that hallway I got to bring220.24.119
this back just put it outside the door222.645.44
one there are couple of Doritos you said224.3195.64
straight down the hallway let's go to228.083.84
neebs okay yeah straight down the229.9594.12
hallway and into yeah take your right231.924.879
and go into that room yeah there's lots234.0793.681
Dorito okay we got eyes on on237.766.559
it chemical job right here and uh240.925.72
bottles yep oh I got to do the bottles244.3193.84
I'll bring those outside okay I got the246.642.599
beater let me tell you I I I admire this249.2397.96
work that you're doing I do not envy it253.566.199
all right well do you want to take over257.1994.201
no well no you know how to swi all right259.7593.041
so but now you know what Doritos look261.43.079
like so when we say Doritos that's what262.84.24
they're picking up that's Treasures you264.4796.041
know scrap now I I have to hold Q I got267.045.719
to leave one thing okay I can just tap270.525.2
it and I leave it on got it so my radio272.7595.28
is always on yeah idea I mean if it runs275.723.84
out of battery you got a [ __ ] charger278.0393.321
right here here I should always have my279.566.32
radio on yeah okay is this room281.364.52
clean uh that287.363.679
room I don't see any threats stes do you292.85.76
hear me yeah do you see any uh green295.565.4
Doritos you see forward yeah different302.45.359
exit we could come in that way if we306.0393.0
to so I want to see it so turn around go309.0396.6
back the other way oh yeah yeah turn311.846.84
around B is goofing off with the fire315.6396.56
exit okay all right yeah yeah go uh go318.686.959
straight past the keep going straight322.1995.12
that is a dead end325.6394.161
turnaround there's a door right here327.3193.961
yeah but there's nothing in that room I329.83.88
see no green331.284.8
Doritos got you333.684.92
okay he NES all right I thought you went336.085.239
that other way okay okay we got a door338.66.159
in front of us right here open that b341.3195.72
let me look let me344.7595.28
look open no threats347.0395.6
okay I'm peeking350.0394.761
up is going up there's another door in352.6395.84
front of me and there's a I found a Long354.87.959
Hall which looks clear oh it breaks358.4797.401
into you're look clear who's oh dor362.7594.84
you're looking clear around you I'm not365.885.759
seeing any threats see any367.5994.04
triangles yeah no threats and also no373.445.72
Doritos that's what everybody oh I found376.684.16
a key something green coming up in front379.164.56
of you Dora yeah yeah that's a door380.844.799
Simon that's door383.723.879
K9 oh385.6394.4
[ __ ] that that yeah387.5996.44
yeah I don't see the K the N it's it's390.0397.041
hard to tell it's hard to394.0393.041
tell oh am I seeing something over there397.287.24
what thought I saw something on those401.526.28
stairs so feel free to move quickly that404.525.6
that looks dangerous NS you know that's407.85.239
that's dangerous you know410.122.919
it yeah you414.966.88
d and I'm not seeing any Doritos or any418.46.4
threats there yeah door is okay I want421.844.44
to I want to switch back to neees what's424.85.64
he doing good he's going far426.284.16
away okay I'm not seeing much430.6396.601
else I got that key we've got stuff434.525.56
outside don't we 80 Doritos we've got a437.245.0
bunch of stuff outside place sucks we440.083.64
got to bring a we got to bring that all442.243.2
outside neebs I don't want to lose you443.723.879
here all right let's go back downstairs445.443.28
there is a door at the bottom of the447.5993.72
steps yeah448.722.599
yeah how about give me a favor go back452.1993.921
in there how about this door right454.3193.761
here well that's the door you came out456.124.199
of right I've not been through this door458.084.239
yet all right go through it there's no460.3194.041
threats ahead so go for462.3195.56
it guys may I464.366.04
interject yeah what you got we've got467.8794.361
several trips and it's kind of a long470.44.479
trip of stuff outside this door it's 709472.245.48
we should get this back all right Simon474.8795.0
and I are on the way we'll help you477.727.08
[ __ ] okay um so good yeah it is four479.8797.121
trips cuz there's three of these that484.83.079
like individual full yeah but they're487.8794.521
coming they're coming to us so we can490.9193.4
all do it together yeah it's true hey492.44.12
and we'll be I'll be the horn soon as494.3193.641
they get close they'll hear496.525.04
us yeah well how do you how do you do497.965.04
horn h oh so yep y yep do you does your503.07.28
flashlight work508.1592.961
yeah what is that511.125.919
big oh what is that sound oh look at513.685.719
that you see the shadow oh my God we got517.0393.92
to go inside something huge coming let's519.3994.88
go inside oh my God go520.9593.32
inside some giant tree monster was just525.445.64
coming towards us we went back528.885.44
inside it's by the main531.085.879
entrance hold on can you scan the tree534.324.16
monster I might be able to tell you536.9593.241
information about538.486.44
oh my God he's a nut I don't know are540.24.72
you just went545.367.36
outside lost visual on tree monster548.044.68
oh all right grab what you can and start552.884.72
scanned I just scanned it all right copy563.365.56
that I'm going to uh look into the besti566.5194.081
are and see if I can find any568.923.2
information on570.64.4
it deeps what are you doing I guess I'm572.126.32
running back across the575.03.44
bridge I got eyes on the578.723.88
monster nees you're on a583.25.79
durito I'm trying to avoid the585.924.96
monster beses can you hear me oh God the590.885.48
fell uh-oh I can't get get to my walking596.9595.401
cuz I'm carrying bottles can I climb599.685.64
this okay so these uh these tree602.365.039
creatures are like big605.324.24
children they can see across long607.3994.081
distances so staying low and making use609.564.12
of cover as a must they cannot enter611.483.68
small spaces so613.684.64
they're the yeah hit the horn hit the615.166.04
horn hit the horn you're clear good call618.324.759
good call you're clear too at least I'm621.22.83
not seeing any623.0793.32
threats threat to your right threat to626.3994.961
your right oh my God yep you're moving629.2793.161
up uh slight little threat to your left632.446.519
all right navigating well I think here636.365.4
somebody else is out there yep you see638.9594.601
us okay I just got to get641.764.44
on sweet come on come on N There's643.565.079
Monsters Everywhere I hear you646.24.04
everywhere no it looks like you're clear648.6394.521
I'm looking at you B anything I forgot650.244.56
which way to go to get we have more653.163.56
stuff out there don't we oh it's I know654.84.839
I was we can't go it's it's a Auto leave656.725.6
in 12 minutes all right that's all we659.6394.481
got oh yeah no hop on now it's almost662.324.04
midnight get in the ship get in the ship664.125.839
I'm trying I'm here I'm here I'm here oh666.368.08
good job buddy yeah yeah yeah very nice669.9598.081
all right [ __ ] damn that thing broke the674.444.959
bridge I was678.044.12
on oh [ __ ] broke the679.3997.641
bridge yeah that's nuts that's682.164.88
all right we're going down to Assurance692.83.88
here we695.04.68
okay all right I think I can do a scan701.167.2
too all right so I did a scan There are705.126.0
16 objects out there value uh with a708.365.36
total value of711.126.2
$1,144 oh my God yeah you did a scan713.725.88
how' you do that uh I type in scan in717.324.56
the Dos thing oh why have we not done719.64.919
that uh because we're idiots that's true721.885.44
all right Simon your guy on ship I'm guy724.5195.961
on [ __ ] I'll just be basically I'm I727.325.0
wasn't planning on using the computer730.483.76
try with there some [ __ ] right away732.323.84
right away there a Mantic734.245.159
coil it's running by yeah right by huh736.165.0
uh they seem okay they're not messing739.3995.161
with me just let me go this way huh uh741.165.16
yeah follow744.563.8
me I think we've been here before this746.326.199
is hit the no threats around at least uh748.366.719
abro you guys already disappeared why752.5194.921
aren't you guys both with abro get on755.0795.2
him get closer there you757.447.16
go he's going to be the worst guy on760.2794.321
ship not seeing anything around you765.044.52
guys this door all right all here split769.884.92
up or stay773.6393.801
together hold on let's listen the S774.86.039
Savage sa Doritos777.443.399
um but it looks like you're going to784.765.72
have to navigate who who are you787.165.72
following uh you guys are on top of one790.485.28
another but792.882.88
abso okay all right so I'm all right I'm795.885.199
going to walk straight you need Doritos799.165.08
yes right yeah you right there stop801.0794.32
there's a804.243.839
Dorito I think uh I think now someone805.3995.081
else is on it808.0795.081
got metal all right oh wait this is a810.484.359
hands full thing guys I'm will set this813.164.76
out front Okay door got it814.8396.0
right yeah door door picked up picked up817.926.76
something and I have found a uh I got a820.8398.201
screw uh let me get on you all right824.686.079
hold on turn829.044.919
around Simon's scaring830.7598.241
me Simon come in can you read us yeah833.9596.88
I'm having a hard time talking and839.03.92
realizing I have to click the840.8396.12
button so anyway I'm not I'm not it's842.925.96
going to take me a while to get better846.9594.281
at this check this out abst you think we848.883.8
could use this letter can I do it right851.244.08
here or should I jump down right here852.684.68
and maybe I don't see anything for you855.326.439
guys to pick up at the moment nope well857.366.44
that's disappointing that didn't work861.7593.681
hold on no that didn't work at all son863.83.88
of a b maybe865.445.24
hey that's all right that's all right872.045.2
right there or at least no874.565.88
Doritos no Doritos877.246.959
huh key we got a we got a880.448.28
key hey Simon I had to bring this884.1994.521
back okay anything else this way889.1998.041
Simon uh [ __ ]892.568.04
this PR hold897.245.92
Simon hold900.65.479
on I'm not seeing anything around you no903.164.32
Doritos no906.0793.661
threats no Doritos no907.485.48
threats should we should we go back913.08.44
abro is abro still alive I can't hear916.9597.921
yeah abro is alive he's walking with a921.446.839
Dorito yeah I am uh I'm I guess we got924.886.199
separate where are you at nebs I'm still928.2795.24
over here by the uh I hear you I'm right931.0795.041
right behind you933.5195.8
yeah what is that I found a car I found936.125.959
a car horn bad news is the ladder939.3195.921
collapsed oh damn it I'll jump for942.0795.521
it okay do you want to jump or you want945.244.039
me to do the ladder again uh do the947.65.239
ladder again why risk it you have oh949.2797.36
sorry good I thought I Doro oh there is952.8397.641
a yeah that's the way to do right956.6398.12
yeah grab that ladder ladder oh man I960.485.599
jump oh don't knock don't knock me966.0795.041
off get971.125.399
okay can't jump this oh I got to back up973.8394.321
I'll back up so you can976.5194.041
run okay there we978.165.4
sweet abro uh you're looking983.6396.12
copy of that we were just uh scrubing989.7595.0
around like a couple of monkeys we are992.0793.68
back did we go all right uh door's back995.7596.961
oh I see other1000.884.319
Doritos what was that NS did you hear1002.725.559
like squishy noise I heard footsteps or1005.1995.721
something all right Simon I'm going to1008.2795.281
head downstairs here just to1010.925.919
peek okay I do see a Dorito but I'm not1013.565.16
sure how you'd get there or on what what1016.8394.601
level it is in relation to oh there's1018.724.88
another Dorito and a threat there's a1021.444.8
threat in that room with the Dorito in1023.64.959
that room [ __ ] my battery just went out1026.243.92
neebs do you got to have a you have a1028.5596.041
flashlight yep what was it I'll talk oh1030.167.399
yep right in that room he's right there1034.65.439
he's looking but he's not attacking he's1037.5593.961
got a rip his Cube or1040.0395.04
something oh it's a hoarding bug can we1041.525.48
okay yeah he's not going to be able to1045.0794.441
look up information on1047.04.96
yep we're looking at this thing he is uh1049.523.8
hoing bug1051.964.2
he it's a hoarding bug and he has a1053.324.359
Rubik's Cube something tells me if we1056.164.92
try to take it he will murder1057.6796.12
us it's not it's not worth it if you1061.085.599
guys already got stuff we're looking1063.7994.921
pretty good doors already been back1066.6795.24
twice is this light keeping him at Bay I1068.725.199
can't tell if it's a light there's a1071.9194.601
threat behind you run run run run run1073.9193.921
run run run there's two of them all1076.523.88
right yeah it was one of those one of1077.846.199
those little things must have came at1080.43.639
you good you made it yeah that scared1084.126.32
the [ __ ] out of me man yep I guess we go1087.0395.241
back we're going home I guess those guys1090.443.4
didn't really seem like a threat though1092.282.96
I bet but if we I bet if we tried to1093.842.92
take that Rubik's Cube they would kill1095.244.96
us I wonder if the light get late guys1096.766.0
you guys should really be coming back1100.24.56
you ready you just want to run you want1102.763.68
to run in and try to grab this Rubik's1104.764.76
Cube and then run out we try yeah go for1106.445.84
it you got well you got inv you got the1109.524.56
inventory space you said you only had1112.283.44
one Let's Do It Let's Do It Go with me1114.085.24
we're going to try to grab a a Rubik's1115.723.6
Cube which way was it it1119.365.36
was you got a threat coming at you right1122.128.16
there oh yeah he just no1124.729.52
Dees he bit me he bit1130.283.96
me oh God NES run all right damn it run1134.7997.521
on did he grab it did you grab it no did1138.367.12
he have it no okay it started attacking1142.324.56
us I think because it's just okay it's1145.483.559
8:00 they're getting yany let's get out1146.884.679
of here let's get out of here let's get1149.0395.76
okay we follow the pipe right you're1151.5595.36
looking clear I'm not seeing any threats1154.7995.281
guys you can hear me uh we hear you loud1156.9195.12
and clear we're following the pipe and1160.084.839
then hanging a1162.0392.88
right I don't know where we hanging got1167.246.28
horn coming at you just for fun ah dude1169.845.04
that Horn's the best thing we ever1173.523.48
bought I love that horn so much I love1174.884.6
that horn look we can just climb up here1177.04.559
yeah there it is there's ship all clear1179.485.16
yep see the ship we are on our1181.55913.081
h fck oh yeah oh yeah1196.967.4
yeah what's up1202.05.919
boys hey man we it would be nice if we1204.366.52
had a bigger ship I know what was that1207.9196.0
oh God shut the door what was that shut1210.885.48
it get off this planet get off the1213.9195.281
planet all right let's go Bes let's go1216.363.76
all right we're doing it we hit the1219.22.16
lever hit the lever hold the ship yeah1220.125.28
start the ship Bo there you1221.364.04
oh yeah all right what's the name of1234.285.56
this planet Arch Arch Arch I think this1235.766.799
is the one yeah you go straight ahead1239.844.52
yeah the facility Straight Ahead across1242.5593.921
the bridge I see the lights okay clean1244.364.76
this place up smth we buy anything a big1246.483.76
that's a big drop we need to buy1249.124.16
anything yeah um what let's all go in1250.246.08
there I'll I'll grab and I'll grab what1253.285.92
I can oh that's water that's water Dora1256.325.96
what are you doing oh no oh no oh no I'm1259.26.12
sliding I'm sliding can you jump jump1262.287.44
I'm sliding oh no I'm sliding oh1265.324.4
no is this quick1270.086.44
sand is that quick sand jump Naes jump1272.2797.081
Naes no1276.525.84
no can I1285.1596.601
swim I thought it was a flat close oh no1287.0397.361
you died too oh [ __ ] all three of us it1291.765.12
sucked Us in it's like a black U what do1294.45.44
you call it Simon's got to got to take1296.887.399
it he's got to know to take it away take1299.847.199
what away it away we lose1304.2795.681
got doesn't he can turn in all the stuff1307.0394.361
no it's not enough sitting on the ship1309.964.8
it's not enough I I know he should risk1311.45.8
it hit the wrong damn button he should1314.764.08
risk it and try to go out there and at1317.23.56
least get one he's got to get a bunch of1318.844.04
things oh boy he's got to figure that1320.763.88
out then I wonder what's happen listen1322.884.84
that SL that slope is crazy I know that1324.645.24
sl's nuts it sucks you in can you hear1327.726.76
me doesn't seem to be moving right dur1329.888.52
Al is not moving that's1334.488.0
me J get in there and get Stu yeah quit1338.47.08
realize it realize it realize okay I'm1342.485.04
all alone put it there and try to get1345.483.319
he's going to end up in the same col1348.7994.561
like that they were dead he falls in1351.25.88
there too that' be very obvious okay1353.366.439
so don't you don't you dare switch that1357.084.32
lever go out there and try to get1359.7994.801
anything no wait is this the last day1361.45.279
yes I'm not going to do [ __ ] we have all1364.66.679
this stuff no no just oh no come on get1366.6796.201
out there look at that get out there1371.2794.041
yeah get up there we just landed no I1372.883.919
can't do anything yes you can start the1375.324.76
ship yes you can you can anything no no1376.7996.24
damn it see is that the dumb thing to do1380.085.32
yes oh sorry guys if I wasn't supposed1385.45.399
to leave1388.26.839
but I think I think you're all1390.7994.24
y damn it there's no way there's no way1404.245.64
we got enough stuff no we're1407.247.919
[ __ ] oh yeah that was you were dead1409.886.919
right what was I supposed to try to get1415.1594.841
stuff yes by yourself yeah that's what1416.7995.441
we wanted you to do you've done it1420.04.0
before let's go to the store I mean1422.244.08
we'll get1424.02.32
lucky I'm going sell the sticky note I1431.884.88
mean we got to sell everything we got to1434.24.32
sell everything1436.764.2
yeah we got to hit 525 bucks they're1438.524.159
going to be so1440.965.319
mad H all right if we don't have enough1442.6796.441
stuff Simon it's so your1446.2797.601
fault yeah sorry Hey listen man right I1449.127.48
got two1453.884.64
items I don't know if there's anything1456.64.76
left but I got two1458.522.84
things I'm scanning the ship I don't see1461.7995.641
anything there's there's something I put1465.1594.601
it there on the top shelf and now it1467.446.44
doesn't allow you pick it up I don't see1469.766.44
I don't see it might be a glitch I don't1473.883.399
I don't1476.23.24
either someone might have grabbed it1477.2794.28
someone might have picked it up uh1479.444.479
anything else we can sell nothing huh1481.5595.041
might trouble this is it1483.9196.12
huh oh [ __ ]1486.67.4
oh 500 bucks just no way thought we had1490.0398.721
more no way I thought we had more too1494.06.159
maybe we'll get lucky we've got lucky in1498.764.32
the past yeah maybe it's a bonus day1500.1596.841
three bonus come on all right1503.083.92
boom come on what's payday come on1507.0395.76
what's payday come on1509.7993.0
now uhoh yeah man oopsy doops well you1513.887.6
know I to stay here I Never Would Have1522.365.48
Made It Anyway you guys go ahead okay1525.724.6
okay Simon you on all1527.844.48
right what1530.326.239
byis yeah see you door yep okay well1532.327.8
before we die I'm going to dress up as a1536.5593.561
minion it's great what is there oh1541.0396.561
skeleton I'm going to SP I'm I'm I'm1545.0394.841
doing hey think1547.66.959
44 hey I'm a skeleton hey you're nobody1549.886.12
that's right1554.5594.921
woo time you really screwed up there1556.05.399
that's what dick would be saying there1559.485.439
you goofed up yeah this is your fault s1561.3996.961
that's it it's my fault I mean it's your1564.9196.961
fault yeah hey1568.363.52
D that1572.0393.281
St oh wait can we all be minions when we1576.05.2
get blasted out the space everyone be a1578.845.48
minion oh [ __ ] Aion I want to be a1581.25.959
minion when I I'm a minion it doesn't1584.325.28
let me1587.1592.441

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