Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest video from Lethal Company yet? It's a real rollercoaster of emot...


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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Lethal Company! Today we're dancing with the devil, but don't worry, we've got some killer moves to outwit him.

simon: Oh yeah, this is definitely my favorite video. I mean, who doesn't love a little sacrifice for the greater good, am I right?

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up. Sacrifices, devils, and killer dance moves, what more could you ask for in a YouTube video?

neebs: Exactly! And don't forget to subscribe, support us on Patreon, and check out our merch. We're powered by Xidax PCs and fueled by coffee, so join the fun!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest video from Lethal Company yet? It's a real rollercoaster of emotions, let me tell you. Sacrifices are made for the greater good, and you won't want to miss a second of the action.

If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button and show your support for the Neebs crew on Patreon. They work so hard to bring us amazing content, and it's always great to give back if you can. Plus, have you seen their new channel, Neebs Magic Dumpster? It's a whole new world of entertainment waiting for you to explore.

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all right we got to make4.647.36
$482 right we're going to6.7595.241
easy didn't you just order18.3595.92
stuff maybe21.65.839
did what' you order Jack two walkies and24.2795.281
a bunch of flashlights oh easy look at27.4393.08
that man29.563.4
flashlight you're such a nasty [ __ ] I30.5193.441
love you32.963.64
jack a flashlight [ __ ] that's right33.965.279
that's right shake36.62.639
it I don't even know if this is the41.524.879
right way to oh43.442.959
God Anthony you got a49.363.64
radio wish he did I could tell him about53.124.439
that red dot in front of55.2396.681
him no Radio Anthony here he goes y he57.5596.761
sees it what is61.925.199
it it's running from him64.325.56
okay oh look we got some [ __ ] look at67.1194.601
this look at this69.885.239
Simon yeah like it makes me want a a71.724.399
cushion you want to do it who's this hey76.1197.601
it's me oh hey buddy all right there was80.366.759
two things I'll come back okay oh yeah83.725.28
so wait so wait so when I cross this87.1193.68
bridge I just kind of like hook over to89.04.2
the right yeah kind of back to the right90.7994.801
a little bit straight As yeah probably93.24.44
straight probably straight yeah more95.65.199
straight yeah go97.643.159
hello hey oh [ __ ] Jesus103.7197.68
Christ I've been alone for so long hello107.7595.521
there's a there's a monster oh [ __ ] me111.3994.521
[ __ ] [ __ ] there it113.282.64
is so this bridge collapses right117.0394.4
I don't120.563.599
know I mean one time one time when they121.4393.801
were playing they said the bridge124.1592.761
collaps and like look look at this125.243.079
bridge when I run on it yeah but why are126.923.959
you trying to make does it collapse the128.3194.241
more you run on it might be a weight I130.8793.041
don't know it might be a weight thing I132.562.759
don't I don't feel like you should keep133.923.319
it why do you want it to collapse oh you137.2396.201
wanted well I'm only 5 lbs right now140.564.56
like I'm nothing I see I can jump all143.444.28
over this thing I'm tiny you are tiny so145.125.28
if we were both jumping on it147.725.08
oh yeah let's both get out here we150.44.479
should see what happens I'll be on the152.83.519
edge here I'll be on the oh I almost154.8794.161
fell off on my own don't do that I156.3195.521
didn't want to I'm go that all159.045.32
right like it's shaking it's shaking161.847.16
real good C it's shaking oh man oh164.369.76
God y that's it that's it was169.05.12
it all right okay oh oh hey look up here174.2397.521
over there we saved live178.8792.881
today I'm trying I oh hello wait194.687.639
hey well where's where's out where's out202.3197.881
Anthony oh208.2395.64
[ __ ] there's something very close inside210.26.399
all right I'm checking it213.8795.28
out oh wow it's really216.5995.72
dark I see it I see something what is it219.1596.44
down the hallway it's the uh oh yeah saw222.3195.961
Sherry hey oh it's a229.768.0
blob ooze I've got Anthony uh I've got232.928.519
stuff hello can anyone hear237.767.28
me not one person with the241.4397.201
radio hey it's245.046.279
me oh I got to do that hey mes can you248.644.519
hear me oh my God finally somebody with251.3194.04
a radio what's253.1594.881
up yep I just realized I had to left255.3594.641
click in order to talk to you you're the258.044.36
only person with the260.04.96
radio Hey listen do me a favor tell me262.43.64
how to get264.963.64
back is that the way where you guys are266.044.2
yes uh yeah you got to you got to jump268.64.12
over the BL need to leave all right all270.243.88
right let's get out oh God there's a272.722.72
little oh it's one of these guys just274.123.48
want to steal some [ __ ] oh oh God just275.445.08
wants to steal [ __ ] get away come with277.65.56
in the woods H280.525.16
hey it's the little thief he's a little283.164.759
thief he's cool but he's a285.685.959
thief just get away from287.9193.72
him come this293.1993.361
come on out guys okay there we go let me301.4794.521
out okay you want to turn a little bit303.83.36
more to your306.05.0
left and go straight there you go you're307.165.16
going in the right direction maybe a311.04.08
little bit to your left keep on that way312.325.159
unless something's dangerous thank315.084.44
goodness so wait a second looking good317.4793.961
buddy I think I might how much further319.523.88
it is maybe a little to your right now321.444.759
hey who somebody in front of you yep hey323.45.2
y you got friend hey buddy wonder if we326.1993.921
can put this whoopy cushion down328.64.52
anywhere and you can like step on it330.124.48
does it say anything at the top right333.124.48
like to set it let's see uh drop whoopy334.66.039
cushion just G like you just drop it337.64.92
yeah maybe that's340.6396.0
it the only way is towards the342.527.679
goo you want to just leave yeah I'm not346.6395.12
seeing anything else and that seems350.1995.041
dangerous with the goo plus the bug yeah351.7594.641
yep let's get out of here while the355.243.079
good yeah358.3195.281
yeah right yeah the one person that had360.086.2
a radio had it363.62.68
off I needed that radio too I never366.525.48
would have found my way back that worked369.964.239
Yello hey here we go here we go hey I I374.1998.56
get him there you go hey hey welcome377.569.68
back yeah I found one of these very nice382.7597.801
what is that is that the387.246.44
oh yeah that's it what's that sound I'm390.566.73
hearing oh the whoop that's393.686.079
it yeah I feel like simple things it is399.7596.601
we need like five of these in here right402.967.28
oh yeah the more the merrier really406.363.88
oh I feel like the best spot is over413.845.799
here like right in front of the uh like416.844.52
the computer yeah put them in front of419.6393.96
the computer yeah perfect yeah and one421.364.92
by the exit maybe one by the computer423.5994.681
one by the426.285.479
exit I don't care how low on quota we428.285.72
are we're not selling the whoopy431.7594.16
cushions yeah we need to keep those434.03.759
they're great they're great they really435.9193.601
add to the whole situation for morale437.7594.601
it's for morale it is for morale so Ren439.525.48
Don and Titan are all free442.366.44
huh what I don't see money beside it am445.08.639
I looking here you take a look tell me448.84.839
really I'm not saying I'm going to be458.964.519
good at this but I've done it once so461.165.68
let's go yeah teleport me you know how463.4797.321
uh teleport you yeah I would go to uh oh466.846.16
I thought you was already on you uh boom470.85.56
boom and473.03.36
then got it got it there you go all476.7598.16
right not [ __ ] but yeah yeah oh you know480.7596.28
what uh you guys do you I'm going to484.9195.24
take a leak I'll be back in a487.0395.12
minute all right well you're going to490.1593.841
talk to us right yeah but just let me492.1594.281
let me piss so just give me like one494.05.72
minute I promise I'll talk to you yall496.446.4
ready yeah yeah let's do it yeah499.726.8
yeah all right let's see what we see do502.845.12
I'm going right you go right we'll go506.524.2
left going left507.964.4
I just go where I feel it you know what510.724.92
I mean I feel it I like out keep track512.364.64
where oh well this was a bad feeling517.07.08
mhm nothing nothing hey guys he hey I525.2798.281
think this hey this was a bust oh I530.047.68
found some box okay hello hello getu out533.566.48
of here still looking537.726.4
hey guys bottles oh nice has anyone been540.048.6
oh yeah [ __ ] me yeah the544.129.04
left left is a did she fall what548.646.8
happened did you hear yeah look at her553.164.96
down there she555.447.24
did y famous last words abro I am back558.127.04
abro how are you I'm doing good I think562.683.88
door is heading back to the ship you'll565.165.239
be able to talk to him real soon566.567.16
Roger that bucko all right I'm in the570.3996.041
facility which way should I go573.726.96
Simon I don't see uh the576.449.16
Doritos at all all right I'm going to580.687.279
explore hey AB you want to see something585.64.359
yeah there's a te here just right down589.9597.601
there what's going on in here hey we all593.9596.88
cool in here uh yeah yeah it's been597.565.04
pretty chilling here so far cool I saw600.8394.321
that piece outside all602.65.479
right un untap territory down this605.167.88
hallway I have no idea these doors608.0797.841
you oh yeah Simon Says Toritos are in613.047.2
here perfect oh here's the the the615.927.28
cor okay yeah we got a power core right620.246.68
here this will be the last thing we623.27.0
yank you hear that noise how to get in626.925.08
there cuz I don't understand how this630.24.759
map Works Anthony how do I get out of632.08.12
here oh you go uh that way this way634.9597.721
footsteps footsteps DS I know there a640.124.32
tiny oh God it's a642.684.52
spider SP where's the644.446.6
exit that way keep going I don't know647.26.199
in uh-oh that's not a good sound not a653.6396.841
good sound oh [ __ ]656.685.12
no ah exit perfect okay I've got673.325.48
something worth money I'm676.5195.481
leaving what678.83.2
the grab it it grabb it running grab it687.5195.231
and running grab it and690.488.52
running I hope I didn't screw anybody oh700.724.76
my God I was surrounded by703.728.44
monsters you see me uh hold on uh yes I705.4810.24
do all right um is is anybody else still712.166.479
in the facility is anyone else in the715.724.96
Jack um alive yeah it looks like one720.686.399
person is it looks like one person724.65.6
is Anthony okay I'm heading back y727.0795.88
Anthony's in there all right hey I got730.25.24
something worth732.9595.081
money which fire exit is it I don't know735.443.88
the way738.044.599
out how do I know what the difference739.325.879
is you just got to there's something742.6393.841
in something's coming hello746.486.12
com oh the decision has been made for me752.63.88
decision has been made for me go for the755.122.24
one oh my God it was757.364.2
real good I'm761.8396.201
good yeah get ready to teleport if he764.766.079
gets wait is he768.045.159
outside looks like he is it looks like770.8396.321
he's outside maybe we can meet him773.1996.721
Anthony be good777.166.96
okay monster monster uh yeah those guys779.927.64
they're not yeah those guys are784.123.44
threat I think he went into the790.5197.481
lake you fool all right who's getting794.65.72
the hive all right we'll get it798.04.76
together tell you what I got nothing on800.325.48
me I will run away from the hive you802.766.079
guys grab it okay all right here we go805.85.039
get on me get on me yep that's right808.8394.521
that's right it's me come on come on now810.8395.56
grab the hive grab the hive it it all813.365.36
right oo I might get out of this too816.3994.041
they're on818.724.919
me oh820.446.68
God all right hold on I mean come823.6395.921
oning pull the trigger pull the trigger827.123.88
get out of829.563.959
yeah we have theive yeah we833.5197.481
do did he die from bees yeah it looks837.5194.951
like it yeah he841.05.0
did I'll do ship I like doing849.248.32
ship yeah it's kind of nice guy on ship852.86.36
all right I think we got to come right857.563.92
up here yeah climb right up through and859.164.479
there's the main entrance right there861.484.52
look at this we're pros at this game now863.6394.481
we know what we're doing did they go866.04.68
this way868.122.56
uh I don't know I don't know which way870.7594.481
they went yeah think it'd be up this way872.724.96
right seeing all this875.245.56
[ __ ] I don't know if anyone else is hey877.685.0
guys we got stuff let's go keep going880.84.68
come on let's jeez man guys are [ __ ]882.684.839
Pros I love it I remember taking a885.483.64
slightly different way I do remember it887.5195.201
now right here so we got to889.128.959
follow okay [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] no no I'm892.728.28
telling on matter if we want to see898.0798.0
anything on the map any Doritos we both901.08.12
hold on a second I'm trying to get build906.0794.68
that's the way just go yeah I'm going909.122.36
way I'm taking it yeah take it why not911.485.359
whatever just [ __ ]915.165.08
it I'll be back to the computer one sec916.8396.721
oh boy oh someone grabbed that920.246.32
[ __ ] damn it927.63.88
man camping how the hell did he like we932.7596.76
haven't even seen him do this935.923.599
successfully oh941.126.48
[ __ ] oh God that was a thing fair943.166.88
enough something big and scary and awful947.65.719
something very large MH I'm going back950.046.12
in all right me953.3196.841
too where is it where is it close956.165.72
to the right says to the right can we960.165.2
close this door that's okay what is this961.886.04
this is hey buddy so it's like all965.364.56
radiated in there now come967.924.56
back uh no it's just dark you have a969.924.32
flashlight you're good okay a big scary972.483.56
monster just inside oh just a scary974.243.64
monster a big monster okay yeah just a976.044.239
scary monster I anything to smack this977.884.56
monster with I guess not Anthony word980.2794.8
Anthony yeah did we used to have shovels982.446.24
but the hell Happ we lost our way it's985.0796.88
quiet quiet quiet988.683.279
[ __ ] oh boy it's right992.443.8
thereby is it sound it must be996.6397.361
sound right sound1000.8398.281
sh did it hear the door it h the1004.05.12
door did it get Anthony I think1010.0795.12
so oh man it's [ __ ] good1015.8396.201
is Anthony dead probably maybe I'm going1019.246.28
to go in and see nebes is Anthony1022.046.72
Dead one1025.523.24
second around corner right here we go1028.8395.161
this way we go this1031.282.72
way holy [ __ ] yeah I duked it I juked it1034.166.159
I I went into the room with the core1038.9594.72
went out of D I'm fine all right okay is1040.3196.161
it still in there like yeah should we go1043.6793.961
back in there and try and get stuff it's1046.482.48
only 131047.643.32
yeah there's only 130 I'll see you guys1048.964.719
I think we're good I think we can go in1050.964.52
no yeah we we can go in what about the1053.6795.681
fire exit it is it'll be a different1055.483.88
end man I'm still a lot of will you shut1061.285.04
up should1064.23.96
be hey1066.324.8
guys be quiet1068.165.92
right yeah can this thing open a1071.125.32
door yeah it1074.087.32
can oh there's close that door and a spr1076.447.719
what okay it can open a door it can open1081.45.639
a door it can open1084.1597.361
doors right nebes it can open1087.0394.481
doors open spring head spring head is it1092.0396.161
spring head is that what it was spring1096.762.68
head and there's another one of those1098.23.2
monsters there's two of them there two1099.443.84
of them and a spring he just went back1101.45.759
in we're not going to see him1103.283.879
hey what the [ __ ] are you doing in here1112.5596.011
huh you got a1116.363.88
problem come1120.247.0
on 7 come on1122.364.88
[ __ ] oh1127.9193.481
God God oh my God oh my God [ __ ] you1131.6796.24
Simon I'm sorry I doubted you listen to1135.5595.48
me I'm so sorry listen to me I'm dancing1137.9198.0
with the devil baby dancing with the1141.0394.88
farts there are dogs outside yeah1148.725.24
there's a bunch of dogs out there no1151.9193.321
they're the bad ones they the bad ones1153.963.52
the bad1155.242.24
ones oh no what how is he in1158.6794.921
all right what do we got what do we got1202.1594.201
here I'm going to close off [ __ ] why are1203.525.399
we doing this why is this the decision1206.363.84
we've made things are just running1208.9194.921
around it's fun closing that door hey1210.26.16
got to close this1213.846.959
door Bo what is this thing can I scan it1216.365.96
there's two of them there's two of them1220.7993.401
and a spring head you want to go see1222.327.92
it uh maybe maybe not Here Comes it no1224.28.599
stairs all1230.247.2
right oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ]1232.7994.641
no oh no what's going on1241.647.64
here oh no oh1244.967.839
no there's so much more drama happening1249.286.12
than I thought1252.7995.481
it's it's really something it's like it1255.47.48
would be an amazing real too oh my god1258.288.279
there there's two of1262.886.2
them Jack's out1266.5597.041
here he whistling trying to what's Jack1269.087.88
doing he's trying to lure them away I1273.64.439
got to be honest the fact that the1276.962.599
others aren't responding makes me think1278.0393.0
I should get to the ship so we don't1279.5593.961
lose everything we1281.0395.64
have yes get to the1283.526.24
ship going to go God speed I'm sorry I'm1286.6795.12
sorry I amever doubted you this is the1289.763.96
craziest [ __ ] I love1291.7994.161
it look at Jack Jack's out here1293.725.92
whistling trying to get it to come to1295.966.0
him he's like1299.646.6
CPS oh my god dude this is1301.966.719
great oh Jack knows how to do with these1306.246.319
[ __ ] look at him he's missling he is1308.6796.761
he's a pro [ __ ]1312.5595.0
Whisperer it sounds so cool with that1315.443.61
oh God he's right there he's just1323.244.919
hanging out by the door you dirty son of1324.964.64
a [ __ ] oh1328.1595.041
God no just1329.63.6
hide start the ship oh no n just1340.69.36
Dead start the ship oh1344.845.12
okay yeah yeah you the oh God yeah I was1358.6797.921
I was trying to get them1364.65.76
away oh my1366.63.76
God that [ __ ] was amazing it was amazing1375.766.6
I'm crying right1379.42.96
now who left1382.484.48
me we1384.966.12
had oh God so close1386.968.12
we the dog1391.086.599
yeah there were two dogs in the ship1395.084.56
Christ I was trying I was trying to1397.6793.841
bring him away yeah Jack you're a damn1399.645.919
hero good God whistling get the [ __ ] out1401.528.36
of here that was great1405.5594.321
so we think we hit $482 let's see I1412.846.4
think we might have we hopefully1415.526.32
um if so this is definitely the furthest1419.244.2
we've ever gotten in this1421.844.4
game this is awesome I was really scared1423.444.8
when you no one responded did you hear1426.243.36
the radio you just couldn't answer I1428.243.84
turned it off I didn't want to be heard1429.64.6
oh I I went outside Simon was begging me1432.084.0
to come back in and like just distract1434.23.04
the monster and I was like No one's1436.084.32
responding yeah I have to live no I I1437.244.96
turned it off I didn't want the dogs to1440.43.96
meit absolutely amazing I got a whoopy1446.25.64
cushion 0 we're not selling the whoopy1449.244.08
cushion I hate to do it well we got to1451.844.079
do it yeah we got to do1453.325.8
it Stu on the ground1455.9196.841
here oh come on what what's the number1459.127.4
we need oh it's like 400 and something1462.766.88
yeah oh we1466.525.399
I'm keeping the we're keeping the whoopy1469.646.44
cushion we're keeping the damn whoopy1471.9194.161

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