A Dangerous Gamble - Lethal Company

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you won't want to miss their latest video from the Lethal Company series. In this episo...
A Dangerous Gamble - Lethal Company
A Dangerous Gamble - Lethal Company

A Dangerous Gamble - Lethal Company

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Lethal Company where we take risks like it's nobody's business!

simon: Oh man, this is my favorite video! I mean, who doesn't love a dangerous gamble with lives on the line?

appsro: I know right, it's like a heart-pounding rollercoaster ride! I can't get enough of it!

neebs: And let's not forget the best part - we get to do all this while sitting comfortably in our chairs. Living on the edge, am I right?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you won't want to miss their latest video from the Lethal Company series. In this episode, the crew is taking some serious risks and gambling with their lives - you know it's going to be epic!

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all right we got to hit a profit quot of5.045.0
985 bucks today7.3196.32
boys and girl I I recognized the girl10.046.319
back there who almost screwed us last13.6395.081
episode yep that's right that's right16.3595.401
that's right well let's not forget let's18.725.0
not forget perfume g i reget perfume21.763.92
save the day that's right per save the23.723.6
day all right I've ordered some stuff25.685.08
let's do this27.323.44
all right so we got a bunch of37.84.079
flashlights coming uh38.965.439
yeah I did a scare of the planet is41.8794.441
about $1,000 worth of stuff out there44.3994.48
let's go find it oh my46.325.759
God on day one we could if we're that48.8796.16
good where's Tommy good that good I'm52.0796.0
here boy all right you're getting a55.0395.401
SP I'll stay this round58.0794.681
all right we're a team she's called60.446.96
sabita yes sabita oh look at these guys62.767.719
where is it where's the where's the67.43.079
funny recently a71.4395.961
while there it is I just want to grab a74.566.599
walkie should have there's your shovel77.46.64
oh wait someone grab that flashlight I81.1595.041
got the light grab a where's that walkie84.044.64
I need a walkie Dam it walk right here86.24.599
all right no I didn't want that88.683.719
flashlight all right drop the walkie90.7994.921
Simon all right good here oh thank you92.3997.04
Jack all right I'll be bitching the95.728.28
ship how do you drop something99.4394.561
Jee Boop106.045.759
Skippy I think we should go down the110.04.079
fire exit entrance cuz we can we can111.7996.401
split a bit can't we that works hey hey114.0796.96
be careful I saw a head crab come out of118.26.08
this vent and Walk This Way careful Dees121.0394.521
to your right down there looks like124.283.36
there is a creature creature this way125.565.16
Jack down thatway look at the ceil you127.646.28
see it gotcha yeah see it it is130.725.2
stationary though there's lots of133.924.88
Doritos Beyond it lot of Doritos Beyond135.923.51
it got138.82.36
you oh God it's on my141.165.56
head do you have a144.169.12
shovel I got I got must oh no oh146.729.599
God guys KES can you hear153.285.879
me okay you sound like you're 100 ft156.3195.92
away but you're right in front of159.1596.521
me oh162.2393.441
God oh God Simon come back come back no165.8797.881
no what he what he do what did he do he178.5194.881
just ran right at it I said it was right181.284.2
there I said it was right183.44.16
there I told neebs that there was a185.483.72
creature and he just walked right into187.564.399
it it looks like [ __ ] idiot IDI I189.25.36
brought back three items oh awesome head191.9594.321
him back out yeah watch out there's194.563.92
something in there it's still on his196.284.16
head it's still on his damn198.484.36
head is he200.445.359
dead of course he is someone grab his202.844.36
wall now who's that who just got the205.7993.201
damn thing what is that thing it's207.23.36
killing everybody209.04.56
that Simon's on Simon's head210.566.44
now look in here B in this room which213.567.0
one will it be which one will you choose217.05.4
there are as many as two fire exits in220.564.16
the fire exit222.44.68
World well what happens if you put the224.725.28
wrong one well you should find out go on227.085.2
have a crack see what happens hang on230.04.2
take my take my232.284.0
he Min m MO I wonder which door will236.288.599
kill me now242.0792.8
now oh252.7995.801
God it was totally worth it oh it's255.164.56
totally worth258.64.24
it oh probably going to259.725.56
die there you go Jack look at Jack look262.844.72
at all that stuff look at all that stuff265.284.759
he's got stuff all around him and he's267.564.079
all by himself oh wait where's he piling270.0394.44
this out is he near an271.6392.84
Tommy hello281.9196.881
hello what is that285.45.09
oh hello297.83.839
hello [ __ ] me man Jesus Christ okay I me302.166.8
I don't know if it's it doesn't feel307.44.56
safe in there he beit me good I am not308.965.799
going back in there yeah um I can hear I311.964.84
can hear Nate in314.7595.081
there Nate are you316.85.679
okay wait we the fire exit wait the fire319.844.84
exit is right next to him hang on let's322.4795.16
go this way we have we got324.685.56
anything I got two keys327.6394.641
you guys good330.244.28
hello where are you uh I'm just we're332.285.6
down below Oh I thought you died oh no334.525.6
we we heard we were we we were close to337.885.599
dying I think has had a little bit of a340.126.0
bitey yeah I'm a bit injured should we343.4793.961
even go back in here or what do you want346.124.04
to see what happened in347.442.72
here me me and Bong played a little351.3198.641
game oh god oh did gave it a shot I give355.167.759
him the 50/50 oh he what was that oh359.965.239
[ __ ] oh someone got the bulb someone got362.9193.881
bulb a366.84.0
Dora can you get to370.83.519
me hey no have you got it oh [ __ ] oh God374.529.44
that's there's thank you oh got it oh my379.3198.72
God nice that was amazing that was great383.966.679
that was a perfect time388.0394.0
let's get let's get out should we gra390.6394.321
this get out of yeah get that all right392.0395.321
I got it I got more items back394.964.799
here yeah more more can we get out over397.365.08
here yeah dust we can't get out there a399.7594.72
dust band a v type another402.444.479
flashlight I'll take the flashlight I'm404.4795.081
a bit worried there a flask in here oh I406.9194.761
can maybe hold the flask409.565.199
right uh should I just what should I411.686.44
keep okay the flashlights okay I think414.7596.28
I'm good maybe appr sh yeah hold on I418.126.16
can drop I can drop this grab this oh421.0395.28
wait I could have oh you got it you got424.283.16
it okay take it take it oh yeah I think426.3191.841
nice all right yeah let's get out of430.1993.68
here all right I'm full I'm full lead431.963.0
way if we get this back dude I'll Le the434.966.88
way I'll Le the way I'll Le the way438.3193.521
okay I got to thank you for saing me oh442.245.519
that was446.04.08
beautiful was ready447.7594.761
that was450.082.44
crazy think we went all the way this way452.726.199
nees and Simon died to that thing oh God455.126.4
I was terrified this way way man we are458.9195.4
stacked up no no no no no no461.525.799
wait here we go here we467.446.439
go right now there was a spider though470.965.16
yeah there sure was this looks473.8795.241
promising oh I hear here we go oh god oh476.127.919
hold up hold on right here hold on479.124.919
okay there we486.1593.241
go hello good job boys good job good489.6399.4
job excellent we got something yeah all494.565.84
right come on499.0394.88
Nora I'm so heavy500.45.639
yeah okay this isn't all the bodies503.9194.801
though is it oh yeah I couldn't extract506.0395.801
bongy where's that Tech you a bong was508.726.04
eaten by a door oh all right hey oh511.845.48
eaten by a door oh that'll do you mean514.764.759
okay played a fun game of I'm I was517.323.599
putting on a little bit TI over here so519.5194.08
I can value them hey this isn't this520.9195.48
isn't a bad hle all right no we we did523.5994.081
really good on that one yeah all right526.3994.241
let's get out of here yeah yeah getting527.685.8
out of here yes not bad that's how you530.646.24
start a dat533.483.4
what we what did we541.044.32
order do we order anything I order just542.86.32
I'm going buy I'm buying three shovels545.366.32
yeah they're on549.125.2
sale I think that's a good idea sale I551.683.599
love a554.323.639
sale I love see the jetpack is really555.2794.281
good on this though let's see we can557.9595.161
leave any on the ship I'll stay if you559.565.0
want look at that nice564.565.2
this actually going to work I might569.764.8
die oh no we good good a nice use of the571.764.88
ladder that is a solid use of the ladder574.564.44
right there oh boy the hell's going on576.644.6
here noral579.05.24
oh so try pick it up and drop it584.445.32
again oh there we go that's not high591.925.24
enough is it594.726.6
maybe help yeah kind of works yeah but597.166.359
now someone's asked it in my face so but601.324.8
but now the ladder's at the603.5197.401
bottom oh it's going to go in no no no606.127.68
[ __ ] just just walk around just get the610.926.8
damn no you stubborn613.87.08
mule bring the ladder walk around617.726.0
welcome home boys welcome620.8810.44
home welcome home yes yeah oh yeah623.727.6
M dead632.483.24
end dead end dead end640.246.039
right dead end to the right dead end643.566.079
nothing here nothing this way dead end I646.2794.24
thought you were going to be able to649.6393.281
shoot I'm going to go back I was going650.5193.521
carry sh this way's dead end yeah what654.047.68
low visibility I'm trying to find the659.725.72
valve I got one there you go oh I didn't661.727.08
realize that something you can do that's665.446.36
around oh that's that's a thing that's a681.445.8
thing you see it is uh yeah I don't know684.3995.24
it's a big head with like two arms can687.246.44
we hit him with a shovel oh689.6394.041
no hit it hit694.163.679
it hi701.165.0
AIA hi that was a lot of penic uh703.06.92
cookies oh cookies oh take those back to706.164.72
ship oh god oh it's a lot of death right710.886.959
no no no no no no just get out get out720.725.799
get out get out get out oh I can't go I723.726.04
can't move I can't move I can't726.5193.241
move there's so much stuff straight734.726.16
back there yeah there's stuff straight738.444.32
there's a lot of death and stuff on the740.883.56
floor straight back which way which way742.764.36
I'll make run of it straight all right744.445.759
I'll try I'll try to get something here747.125.399
you need750.1992.32
um I need another way766.326.04
out I can't go that way769.1996.921
again oh Jesus772.367.32
Christ wait I got did I get a walk key776.125.92
ah come779.682.36
in mother bird mother bird this is782.2796.68
little little be785.3997.24
be repeat mother bird do you read me uh788.9596.88
yeah hi this is zso what can I do for792.6395.481
you than God mother795.8394.961
bird um I this walk talking of a dead798.127.04
person now I'm lost is direct me Tom uh800.85.92
I have to get back to the ship to the805.163.0
direct you let me uh I'll headit that806.723.84
I just need the fire exit I need the810.563.2
exit I get the [ __ ] turret I need oh813.765.6
can we open bulkhead j6816.6396.241
please uh yeah let te you open819.366.88
j6 right that [ __ ] didn't go anywhere822.886.88
good uh I don't know it's or eight I826.246.64
don't know why I think it's eight hey829.765.759
guys hey ship where where is the ship832.884.84
right here no it's not here oh no it's835.5193.721
not I thought careful there's a there's837.725.44
a creature down here oh my839.246.92
[ __ ] keep it down s keep it down Sam847.443.8
keep it850.244.36
down okay I'm following you there's two851.246.68
of them I don't know where854.63.32
they oh oh oh I found a fire860.67.08
exit excellent excent oh [ __ ] there [ __ ]864.565.399
there's two867.683.68
no there's loads of loot in this room as871.364.039
well if I can choose the right one I'll873.683.56
be the hero if I choose the wrong one875.3994.841
it'll be [ __ ]877.243.0
awful yeah I don't know if there's a way881.564.12
for me to tell I think the one you're884.03.36
looking at right there I can see on the885.684.079
map it's blue like that might be the887.364.88
real one so if I'm facing the one I'm889.7594.561
facing now did you can't see892.245.08
anything no face the other894.325.92
one and this one look blue that that one897.324.519
a that was a brighter blue I think900.244.24
that's the real901.8392.641
one oh [ __ ] you were right yes yes watch905.85.959
out there's a thingy D I don't know909.483.919
where I am [ __ ] there's a [ __ ] dog911.7592.681
here all right I think we should close914.444.6
the door shh Simon those dogs are916.684.76
attracted to919.046.64
noise especially loud New Yorkers okay921.445.639
okay there's one right by the front of925.684.8
the ship I am you shush you shush your927.0796.281
mouth this doesn't look good for me I'm930.485.479
going to do like a933.362.599
slide have you got any advice on like937.04.88
falling no fall damage got a dog around943.684.8
us we're trying to be quiet and get in946.924.12
here if you948.482.56
can we think there's a dog at the front951.366.0
door Tommy there953.7593.601
is close the door close the door close957.923.919
oh oh God that was awful that was awful964.0797.961
they're leaving they got Dora oh God968.9594.201
we're leaving we're leaving we're972.043.279
leaving get out get out we're we're973.165.479
leaving we're leaving get out wa they975.3194.2
left they978.6395.68
left oh God oh God believe I got to have979.5199.32
to sit we're leaving is it launch984.3194.52
just L be up992.445.8
be who he got a996.124.159
body a998.246.24
mess oh my God so1000.2794.201
wow [ __ ] oh no um a big need a big a big1007.688.76
Skool here oh yeah we do this isn't1013.3195.721
looking good can anyone do any proper1016.446.399
mathematics to see what we have like 3201019.048.08
maybe you know what I don't trust your1022.8394.281
guessing all right I just did a scan of1030.763.799
the planet there's1032.883.76
$1,200 out there if we could find it we1034.5593.841
only need half of that we only need half1036.643.08
there we go we only need half of that1038.42.679
50% uh do we need any more okay we got1041.0794.801
I'm going to take a key with me we we1044.123.319
just get in there as quickly as possible1045.883.52
take this walk here let's go did that1047.4394.24
calculation it anybody need a flashlight1049.45.399
I got one U oh I got one but I does have1051.6794.841
a charge I got to charge1054.7994.161
it okay H you going to stay on the ship1056.523.96
oh you got a nice flashlight can I have1058.963.16
that one take take this one yeah here1060.483.84
go breaking right breaking right right1064.326.08
upstairs got a bolt1070.6793.88
flash AB1077.5595.961
a got in there already1080.845.839
fast hey1083.523.159
neebs uh look at me this door I'm1087.44.8
looking at is uh is there a blue line on1089.644.84
your uh1092.25.32
screen yeah it's kind of a bluish1094.485.8
Aqua gotcha so yeah there's a fake fire1097.524.279
exit here I came in through the fire1100.283.399
exit but I can't go far cuz I need a key1101.7995.481
to unlock a door oh there's an engine on1103.6796.321
the other side I'm going to go get okay1107.284.24
we're going to need a lot more than that1110.03.88
though yep didn't want to jump so I just1111.524.92
went all way1113.882.56
around way all right I need a I've got a1116.727.92
key in case need to unlocky anything I1121.245.28
it what are you doing back uh we don't1126.527.32
have any keys do we Keys uh probably1130.0397.201
yeah I don't see one damn it I mean look1133.845.88
out of all this mess not one key1137.246.799
I don't see it this it's under all this1139.727.4
[ __ ] key see1144.0395.241
bulbs cookie1147.123.88
uh-huh it's over here [ __ ] Bolt right1151.05.679
not one damn key not one damn key one1154.6794.201
key huh maybe one of the guys down there1156.6795.36
not H yeah I'll get back out there okay1158.888.96
yep ah great yeah charge your stuff1162.0395.801
no I hope spiders can't open1182.04.159
doors you think we're going to be able1186.444.56
to pull this off as te you yeah we are1188.244.84
but we should find some beehives that1191.04.4
help oh man I didn't see any I've been1193.083.479
walking around1195.44.48
outside ah all right I see you Dorito1196.5595.761
again are you back uh yeah they've left1199.884.6
some stuff by the front gate uh aia's1202.323.359
got it and she'll go ahead and bring it1204.482.6
back to the1205.6795.201
ship okay I got eyes on1207.083.8
oh behind1215.083.24
you [ __ ] hell man what got you I1218.766.6
don't know a crab crab guy it was the1222.9194.521
the thing that abducts1225.366.4
you okay God oh no1227.449.96
crap that's it ab's de isn't1231.765.64
he should have teleported him I should1237.486.0
have teleported him I'm not good at this1240.486.0
he's definitely dead1243.483.0
right buddy I should have1249.527.039
t oh you scared me again I'm sorry wait1253.0397.64
absar is dead yep I him know you just1256.5595.36
talked to him I1260.6795.081
know get back out there all1261.9196.361
right oh there's a snare flea there on1265.765.68
the on the ceiling look oh what oh those1268.285.44
[ __ ] yeah yeah yeah yeah uh and1271.444.0
there's a spider web here oh my God1273.726.72
there's a tire spider upstairs no oh God1275.4410.64
run what the hell s1280.445.64
woo [ __ ] am1297.23.359
I oh1305.68.36
no oh God what is that oh boy1307.6411.36
oh oh no ah1313.965.04
no oh no no no we can be friends we can1329.645.279
friends how about you [ __ ]1335.1596.041
yeah yeah they got Simon back1341.6794.88
on get a1349.885.84
life get a life1351.843.88
dude no there cornered something out1369.766.48
there hello [ __ ] something out there is1373.525.6
anyone alive1376.244.679
yeah come back carefully there's1379.123.84
something out there shut the1380.9195.081
door I think I can see the1382.965.719
care okay1388.6796.041
okay oh1391.523.2
no at1395.26.479
midnight go Super1398.123.559
Mario me1402.763.24
not what moment to do here1406.643.8
peeps I'm going to run for the ship then1415.325.959
we're going to take1418.5592.72
off get ready to take off1434.244.799
close Dam1445.43.24
it yeah I walked into the room and deep1453.845.24
like it's something behind you1456.9194.841
crack man this is it we oh there's no1461.767.24
way there's no way there's no way1465.3995.52
big trouble big trouble yeah I think1469.04.24
that's it big trouble and little shovel1470.9195.48
that's it oh wait that's it anybody got1473.244.52
anything of their1476.3995.201
pockets I'm sure hold on sell item I'm1477.766.279
hitting e doesn't want me to sell it1481.65.4
might be sell1484.0392.961
this oh boy watch oh back up Simon back1488.2794.321
Simon what else you1492.65.959
got I got that1495.0396.561
and I got that all right sell them both1498.5595.881
boom all right this is one there is all1501.65.36
now there's no way there's no way1504.445.08
there's no1506.962.56
way good try good try this is a good1510.66.079
effort the game the game oh wow you son1513.27.68
of a [ __ ] did you what did you1516.6794.201
do I don't want to be associated with1521.0393.721
you guys1523.124.96
anymore don't kills me come on kill me1524.765.56
come on1528.082.24
wait we forgot this this could be1533.03.24
everything oh1534.244.88
what oh oh that could be1536.245.799
it yeah yeah yeah that might cover the1539.126.24
uh as long as it's about $400 little1542.0394.88
over yeah that might cover that might1545.364.12
cover the $400 no bodies do we want to1546.9194.281
we want to kill somebody with a shovel1549.483.679
or all of us you can just jump off the1551.23.359
edge and I'll bring you you don't need1553.1592.921
it jump off the edge and I'll bring you1554.5594.281
back on the ship does that work1556.083.52
I don't1558.845.16
know now this thing's in the way1559.67.12
[ __ ] are you dead did he1564.05.2
die all right yep they jumped into the1566.724.04
water EST Tech you want to jump into the1569.25.0
water oh if he1570.763.44
landed this might not even work someone1575.7998.12
jum no no Simon who's who's for sure1579.0394.88
dead long jumps I think yeah jumps1584.64.84
jump this for1589.443.719
noow can't bring him back can't bring1593.1594.801
him back the game knows they on to try1595.65.4
it I had to1597.963.04
try all right so go to space go to space1601.5597.24
go to space suppose done this before1605.5595.0
that's it now I'm going to do this again1608.7994.48
yep get ejected oh wait I wonder if we1610.5595.801
could pile up all this let's blockade1613.2794.561
the door so we don't get sucked out in1616.362.6
oh yeah yeah put it back over there I1618.964.12
can't move it until we're back in space1621.64.799
I think wait okay here we go all right1623.084.56
guys we're going to blockade the door so1626.3993.16
we don't get sucked out in space yep1627.645.0
Jack how you do simple simple strategy I1629.5595.041
don't think we can do it oh yeah there1632.643.639
we go yeah block it up block it up1634.64.0
that's good we're safe put the T more1636.2795.801
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The Game

You definitely should get it out

Man, I've gotta say, watching the Neebs Gaming crew play Lethal Company is an absolute blast! The cinematic camera work makes you feel like you're right there in the action with the characters as they gamble with lives in pursuit of that big score.

The banter between the crew as they strategize and pull off daring heists really makes it feel like you're hanging with a group of fun-loving friends. And the way they seamlessly blend scripted storytelling with their trademark improvised humor keeps things fresh and unpredictable.

I'm constantly impressed by the top-notch production value across all of Neebs Gaming's content. The editing and sound design pull you into their zany world, and the original music adds so much atmosphere. It's obvious how much care and effort goes into crafting an engaging viewing experience.

While playing Lethal Company yourself would be a rush, watching the Neebs crew play it is the next best thing. Their cinematic approach makes the game come alive in a really immersive way. And they manage to find humor and create memorable moments even during intense action sequences.

Bottom line - if you're looking for some of the most entertaining and binge-worthy gaming content out there, you can't go wrong with Neebs Gaming.

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