A NEW HERO Enters the Fray - Conan Exiles

*Conan Exiles SEASON 2 - Episode 26* We finally have an expert, Appsro can fly, and a beloved pet dies. 🏝️ Resort Merch! 🏝️ https://neebs-gaming.my...
A NEW HERO Enters the Fray - Conan Exiles
A NEW HERO Enters the Fray - Conan Exiles

A NEW HERO Enters the Fray - Conan Exiles

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles on Neebs Gaming's YouTube channel? If not, you're in for a real treat! In this episode, things get pretty intense as we see a beloved pet meet its demise, but don't worry, there's also some exciting new developments to look forward to.

One of the highlights of the episode is when Appsro discovers he can fly - how cool is that? And let's not forget about the expert they bring in to help out. Plus, there's a mysterious ghost horse that makes an appearance, adding to the intrigue and excitement of the gameplay.

If you're a fan of the channel, you'll definitely want to check out the latest merch they have available. And don't forget to use the code NEEBS10 for a discount on some Neebs Gaming coffee - perfect for fueling those late-night gaming sessions.

Overall, this episode is full of action, humor, and heartbreak. With timestamps to help you navigate through the gameplay highlights, it's easy to jump right in and enjoy the adventure with the Neebs Gaming crew. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready for an epic journey through Conan Exiles.

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good morning nees good morning Simmon is3.044.68
it even morning I really don't even know5.7994.72
I have no idea I'm awake so probably not7.726.36
yeah got a new thr nice yeah oh man look10.5196.121
at the zers on that one hey watch your14.085.279
mouth so I I'm sorry I didn't know zuper16.645.44
sorry I don't want zers on YouTube what19.3595.121
can't say zers on YouTube I okay I22.083.8
apologize it's probably just24.484.48
inappropriate okay so yeah I thought25.884.96
we'd put this through all something more28.963.479
important than you know the ones over at30.844.6
Anthony's Place okay what do you got uh32.4395.321
consultant okay how does that work like35.444.36
this like what's it going to teach you37.764.479
everything how to uh get better other39.86.599
THS and uh how to play the game okay42.2395.96
yeah look at her she ready to go so what46.3993.761
do you think I think I think I think48.1994.2
that she's hot okay still you starting50.164.12
with zers and then going into hot like52.3993.48
well Ian I think that she's attractive54.283.439
what's wrong with I'm sorry what she's55.8794.601
right here I know she is yeah I'm right57.7196.361
here yeah see okay yeah60.487.52
hi hey wait a second now how's it going64.086.56
oh this is what see you tricked me Simon68.04.64
likes your zers how about the backside70.643.44
will you stop calling that we're going72.644.159
to be not monetized because we're it's74.084.92
it's nothing wrong with zers so wack76.7994.241
what do you think so far of uh friend79.04.079
Camp Resort is there anything is it like81.044.88
perfect text look perfect it's perfect I83.0795.04
love it maybe we'll add a pool someday85.924.04
that might be cool but otherwise I I88.1193.881
think it's amazing is this so this89.964.28
you're the expert that that I've heard92.05.64
about soal yeah okay so please yes teach94.246.12
us we need to progress fantastic let's97.645.52
get to it lead the100.3611.71
oh super super super melon fun B more120.4796.6
sorcery what more sorcery oh yeah a124.1595.001
whole lot more sorcery well good I just127.0794.321
replaced my Army that you decimated with129.165.359
your sorcery oh my my bad I still I feel131.45.76
very very very very very extremely bad134.5194.08
about that I don't believe that ABT and137.163.24
Castello will not have it this time I'll138.5993.841
tell you that much that's my the Rhinos140.44.04
I got name of the Rhinos yeah isn't one142.443.159
of them supposed to be fat and the other144.442.24
one's supposed to be Ste it doesn't145.5993.481
matter let's not focus on that okay I'm146.684.96
sorry you got rhinos that's awesome yeah149.085.0
I got a zombie what I got a zombie oh my151.644.04
God you have a zombie well I tell you154.084.239
what I got the my new uh head of155.687.44
security and being cute Ella Marie158.3198.521
a panther a yeah I got I got it I have163.127.8
what a call back I know I know a all166.846.08
right she's in charge of the Rhinos keep170.924.16
that damn zombie away dude I will I172.923.959
learned a new spell but I'm not exactly175.083.68
sure what it is let me dig in here a176.8793.601
little bit all right l you got to stay178.763.479
here I want to see the spell d real180.483.8
quick can I can I ask you something sure182.2393.761
I need you to come over here and uh look184.283.56
at what's going on kind of wanted to go186.03.48
see what his spell was well let's go187.843.24
let's go and I'll show you a new way we189.482.64
could get over there you know every time191.082.4
you want to go to ab's house you like192.123.52
jump in the water and swim yes really193.484.319
inconvenient so you can see I've been uh195.644.159
you know designing good girl I've been197.7996.16
design pay ATT a good girl Dora Dora199.7995.841
carry on uh there's a bridge over here I203.9593.081
was wondering if I could have permission205.643.76
to uh move some of this oh my God please207.044.559
move it I I went to ham with the I I209.44.24
went nuts with these I have permission211.5993.64
to Zone the bridge oh please it's a213.643.0
beautiful Bridge all right let's use it215.2392.64
we can get over to after all right I'll216.643.08
catch you in bit all I learned how to217.8795.041
make was a damn Elixir so turn around no219.725.4
it's a potion that allows followers to222.924.519
learn physical or mental skills without225.125.479
training okay I one of those oh those227.4395.601
followers I could be your never mind all230.5995.441
right Anthony carry on I was done okay I233.044.279
thought you'd have more of an opposition236.043.16
against me you know zoning your statue237.3193.361
of your God all right Fair now don't239.23.44
worry about it hey I'm heading to uh240.683.6
where neebs is apparently making a new242.643.08
resort because I might be able to get244.285.319
like a zath priest there what what zers245.727.76
later what all right this is249.5996.28
unbelievable what how is this happening253.483.879
what is this thing wh well you know255.8793.801
sorcery came to the exiled lands so we257.3595.241
had to have dead white horses right dead259.685.04
white horses yeah it's a white horse262.65.48
well you know like w g HT yeah no this264.726.96
looks like a metallic greenish blue and268.085.8
and Living Well it it looks like it's271.683.72
dead it's like a ghost horse I'd call it273.883.24
ghost horse yeah look at that no yeah275.43.68
ghost horse that's it's beautiful I love277.123.16
it all right does it do anything279.084.2
different than my horse it glows glows280.286.12
okay it's just it's just looks all not283.286.04
not jealous anymore yeah uh do do we see286.45.84
poops on our horses and if so are those289.325.52
poops different I mean it might glow if292.245.16
mine does so watch out for that uh294.844.04
that's something to look forward to you297.44.32
ever had a ghost poop Simon um a ghost298.886.28
poop yeah no that sounds like a fart301.724.919
maybe it is I don't know you never been305.163.24
on the toilet and you're like yep there306.6393.641
I just had a good movement and then you308.43.519
look and there's nothing310.284.8
there no that's never happened to you no311.9196.0
all right well sounds like good story315.087.119
yeah welcome welcome wack let's go up up317.9197.441
north and get a task master and that way322.1996.481
we can train all of the workers for the325.366.279
resorts FAS the task master master goes328.685.12
on the wheel yes and we get better THS331.6396.28
or faster THS faster THS faster THS I333.86.399
love it yep see thank goodness you're337.9193.801
here cuz if not we would have been340.1993.921
talking about uh ghost poops for another341.725.599
10 minutes ah crap Sandstorm I never344.125.359
made a mask oh damn I think I have a347.3194.44
mask on me hold on you probably have a349.4794.16
mask don't you whack I'll meet you back351.7595.321
here in like 10 minutes hold on and I am353.6396.0
wearing the mask great job s you The357.085.239
Mask I am the mask and I'm getting on359.6395.641
the horse and mask Master The Mask362.3195.28
master I like that and I get that365.284.56
tattooed on my my upper367.5995.241
peep TI Tipp Tipp tap tap those are my373.9198.12
exercises yeah was that like the whole380.363.08
routine and then it just kind of Loops382.0393.56
forever yeah that's it yeah it's pretty383.444.879
good yeah I like it Sandstorm over I385.5995.121
don't know go check it's over finally388.3194.561
whack you're not in anywhere near us390.723.8
yeah you're not the scene whack I almost392.885.28
died whack you're silly welcome to the394.525.959
show though yeah good good to have you398.164.0
anyways abser what are you doing today400.4793.881
uh dancing until the sand Storm's over402.163.64
and then uh oh I actually got something404.363.679
for you follow me okay is it over though405.83.799
yeah looks like sand Storm's moving on408.0394.041
out okay uh you have a zombie following409.5994.921
you oh yeah that's uh Romero hey okay412.085.32
Anthony look in here I'm going to uh get414.525.359
your services uh if you know what I mean417.44.359
ooh leather bindings they are leather419.8794.081
bindings and there's also a good trunch421.7594.84
in there just for you oo this made of423.965.639
steel very nice yeah do me a favor go426.5995.201
out smack a few people drag them back I429.5995.0
need blood and lots of blood so I should431.84.76
look for ones that are nice and plump oh434.5993.801
yeah the plumper the better plumper the436.563.759
better nice and juicy full of blood and438.44.56
meat man look at you you're like a crazy440.3195.401
Samurai trunin boy with a little bit of442.965.4
distinguished gentleman oh man all of it445.724.08
I like your character thank you I'm448.363.88
going to go murder people oh all right449.84.119
um now that the sun has come out and452.243.6
you're still gray I'm a little more453.9194.72
concerned no I'm fine all right not455.843.919
going to look into that let's go get458.6394.361
some blood come on bad459.7593.241
dad so there's a what over here there's463.45.04
a baby dragon over here and it it's uh465.9194.84
you get experience or something for for468.444.199
fighting it yeah you get experience470.7594.56
demon blood dragon bone dragon horns all472.6394.721
the good stuff okay well then yeah let's475.3194.481
go kill a baby all right what well let's477.365.2
not say it like that it's a baby dragon479.85.679
no mercy to Bab yeah no mercy to babies482.564.52
listen or if you're going to hang around485.4793.361
here listen that one of the last things487.084.119
we like is babies you're up to no good488.844.6
what you got against babies doesn't make491.1994.361
any sense listen babies are young and493.444.439
stupid yep you ever been on a plane oh495.564.24
God they're the worst on planes on497.8794.241
planes sure but we're not on a plane499.84.799
yeah okay well anyway we kill babies502.124.84
here get used to it on the planes well504.5994.521
not on the planes right well you mean506.964.76
like the planes like the open planes not509.124.52
like The Arrow planes let's go kill a511.724.52
baby dragon on the open planes all right513.644.879
well there's one just over here any516.244.159
particular plan of attack do they shoot518.5193.52
fire I don't know it's been a while520.3993.721
apparently since we fought a dragon well522.0394.281
the babies aren't are underdeveloped so524.124.44
they don't shoot fire so you just have526.323.72
to worry about them smacking you with528.563.44
their head okay that's fine avoid its530.044.32
head got it and biting and biting532.04.08
everyone loves to kill a defenseless534.363.68
baby somewhat well I don't know that i'536.084.56
call it defenseless well it's not you're538.045.76
right oh okay there it is huh oh that's540.645.24
the baby all right free H you stay put543.84.76
is he coming oh that's bad not545.885.28
yet okay regular swords and shields all548.564.519
right look how happy he is though to see551.164.72
us like he's so happy to see us um your553.0795.281
horse is fine there huh oh God yeah I555.883.959
don't know what it is about the dead558.364.0
horses but everything seems to like the559.8395.161
taste look at this this isn't even okay562.364.599
we we got this pretty easy oh yeah we'll565.03.56
take turns we don't want to stab each566.9593.641
other okay go ahead usually we stab each568.565.719
other yeah yeah I'd like to apologize570.66.16
now for killing you I really don't feel574.2794.401
like being stabbed right now so I know576.763.92
but it might happen and if it does578.684.159
realize it wasn't on purpose and then580.684.08
what Harvest this yeah of course ax or582.8394.281
pickaxe does it matter either one okay584.765.28
here we go oh leather exotic flesh587.126.24
uh-huh leather dragon bone look at this590.045.039
what's dragon bone good for well we can593.363.88
make some armor later with dragon bone595.0794.041
all right it's really good armor Okay so597.243.88
so listen would you would you help me599.124.32
make something for my I don't know my601.124.68
lower half today sure thank you I've603.444.2
been wearing new pants all day not one605.84.8
person has said one thing really nice607.645.56
pants thank you and realize I only said610.64.359
that cuz you asked for it that's how it613.23.84
felt yeah I mean nobody said anything614.9594.361
about my outfit either so we're kind of617.044.16
in the same boat you what that's true619.324.04
that your outfit did change and it's621.24.48
quite spectacular I really like the623.365.2
colors and again I feel like I feel like625.684.2
you're just saying that cuz we're628.563.519
fishing for compliments well that's true629.883.72
I will say this the first thing you're632.0792.841
awaring look like you stole it from a633.63.55
hotel well I stole it from your634.925.919
hotel hear a lot of do do abs I have a640.8395.921
fresh blood sack for you ooh what is643.765.199
this four yeah you've been doing great646.765.639
thank you is that enough no no I need a648.9595.281
lot of blood for what I know I just kind652.3993.361
of committed because I just like being654.244.92
useful but what are we doing well in one655.765.44
I need blood for my next uh sorcery659.164.04
thing but I have to make sorcery pages661.24.92
and in order to make sorcery pages I use663.24.96
the blood as in Anthony what what have666.124.959
you been helping abso get more evil i'668.165.359
just like to be useful D yeah unlike you671.0794.521
if someone gives me a task I I you know673.5194.201
I want to help AB I gave you stuff to675.64.12
get more evil earlier and I've learned677.725.08
my ways that was weeks ago okay give me679.725.04
a reason I shouldn't be helping ABS you682.85.4
ever seen the uh vampire uh what was the684.765.519
movie with Tom cruise and he had the you688.25.04
know what I mean like was it uh maybe uh690.2795.321
intervie maybe it was a interview with693.245.719
an Anthony Top Gun whatever guys go695.65.52
ahead and do your evil I was going to go698.9594.521
get a priest but I'm not he's a lot701.124.399
better at convincing you about Zan he is703.483.76
about not working with you so I'm going705.5193.56
to keep getting you blood sacks okay707.243.24
okay all right wait what are we doing709.0792.76
with it oh hey you know what tell me710.483.84
later I don't even care I got it I got711.8394.961
it don't don't you worry about it wo714.325.84
blood sax all right so what somebody's716.85.4
going to kill this Jaguar I I'll do it720.163.479
all right you ever fought a Jaguar722.23.6
before yeah why do you think it's723.6394.921
important to kill this Jaguar is it hard725.85.4
I don't know you know what damn it I you728.564.56
know what he's running all right come on731.23.48
where you going buddy see it's attacking733.123.32
my horse no it's attacking your734.684.839
attacking my horse get come on now don't736.445.32
you even come on please oh that was a739.5194.601
big deal no that that was actually quite741.764.36
easy you were scared I think so too I744.123.6
was a little bit cuz I don't I didn't746.123.92
remember the last time I F a Jaguar747.724.2
maybe never maybe never I was more750.043.76
scared for my baby how you doing baby751.923.44
all right how far away man because753.84.2
listen like I really don't like not755.364.039
knowing how long it's going to take758.02.68
before we're going to get where we're759.3993.68
going look we just had our PE break and760.684.48
you can't continue asking me are we763.0793.56
there yet it's going to be a little765.163.84
while he will he want to know how long766.6395.161
how many miles all of it I will do it I769.05.48
can do it I'm a grown man and you're not771.85.12
going to tell me what to do it's exactly774.486.2
4.2 km unless there's a headwind thank776.926.279
you is that so hard that that's a that's780.684.76
a good thing thank you very much and783.1994.601
when it when I ask you again and we're785.445.639
3.2 km that'll be good information to787.85.0
know I don't think we'll make it that791.0793.961
far before you ask me again I think we792.84.24
will how about that how about how about795.044.08
we do a little bet and we see if I'm797.044.039
over under we want to do that we want to799.124.0
play that game yeah all right fine yeah801.0793.841
what are we betting I got this new803.124.2
feline Pelt that I can put on the table804.925.279
okay yeah I'll bet you Snickers bar and807.325.4
a smack in the mouth all right good I810.1994.841
like it perfect I knew I knew you were812.724.44
one that wanted a little smack I could815.046.039
tell by looking at your cute little817.163.919
zumas I I swear I nothing I say will823.168.84
justify this nebs was right it was just828.725.4
a little little little Cliff I just832.04.32
wanted to get off the little watch watch834.124.719
see I went off the little cliff and then836.324.36
I just thought oh he'll he'll just slide838.8394.081
down and drop and then you know maybe840.683.48
he'll get hurt a little bit I know it842.926.12
happens but not not like this oh844.164.88
God I don't know what to do with this I850.163.76
I have to just sit with this for a852.64.799
minute I don't I'm so sorry I'm more sad853.925.359
for you trust me it's not just that857.3994.481
neebs will never shut up about this ever859.2794.761
not in not not just in this series but861.883.8
but literally864.045.79
forever I Loved You Bad Dad865.687.299
all right so we're almost there okay876.364.32
numbers looks like we just went through879.1993.481
a mouth and we just kind of went through880.683.88
that without talking about it okay so882.683.32
you're fine almost there's enough for884.564.519
you yep almost there I'm I'm guessing886.06.16
that means less than 3 minutes okay889.0794.44
absolutely are we going to need a jacket892.163.32
I didn't bring a jacket oh damn it hold893.5194.0
on sorry fell off the horse you didn't895.483.68
bring a jacket you I know you didn't897.5193.44
bring a jacket yeah no I didn't even899.163.2
know there were jackets in the game I900.9593.161
mean there's armor with better heat902.364.36
ratings right yeah well yeah all right I904.124.0
didn't know you called that a jacket906.722.72
well look what wax wearing I'm not guess908.123.32
I'm not worried no no I don't think we909.444.24
should be worried just yet okay man I911.444.639
just keep on running into tree stumps913.683.92
it's [ __ ]916.0794.68
ridiculous you back there yeah okay I'm917.65.4
back here just having a hard time I do920.7595.0
not enjoy riding these horses I923.04.44
appreciate them but they're a little925.7594.64
wonky for me and it's so easy like that927.445.68
like that really perfect example like if930.3996.081
you see my view I barely brushed against933.126.199
you and you loded off like how I am like936.484.839
I rammed into you good God you about939.3194.561
killed me perfect example they're941.3195.64
[ __ ] wonky oh they are are they I943.885.0
don't like them your own mouse and946.9595.24
keyboard it's even easier uh my point is948.885.639
I barely brushed against you and you952.1995.241
went flying like I ran into you and the954.5195.521
the proof is in the p ping the proof has957.444.56
never been in the pudding it is it has960.044.08
been in the pudding the pudding went bad962.04.759
name one time the proof's been in a964.125.0
pudding man I've had a lot of proof in966.7594.681
Pudding what is that whack hey guys969.124.279
what's that glowing thing over there hey971.444.079
so that glowy thing is the cousin of my973.3994.961
horse and my horse says it's real Angry975.5194.201
so we're going to have to deal with them978.362.88
on our way through so we're going to go979.723.88
fight that guy got to I'm going no other981.244.2
way we have to get in that Hut that's on983.63.44
the other side of them all right I don't985.443.519
even know I don't even know what you987.043.919
guys are looking at but I'm I'm here to988.9594.281
fight all right just follow us okay wait990.9594.081
there's more there's more of them yeah993.244.519
oh there so this blue it looks blue to995.044.88
me yeah that blue guy do regular weapons997.7594.2
hurt him you'd hope yeah it did don't999.924.479
let him hit you oh God okay I'm running1001.9594.24
okay I'll move in I'm already crippled1004.3994.12
you're on nope I'm on it oh backing away1006.1993.721
all right switching out yeah we need to1008.5193.8
tag him in the B oh there's two look1009.923.68
there's three looks like we got plenty1012.3192.921
of them now oh there there's a lot1013.63.88
there's one for each of us oh I can't I1015.244.399
can't uh I don't think I can do that is1017.484.039
there certain weapons better knives1019.6393.721
swords doesn't matter just anything that1021.5194.16
kills dead stuff okay Simon this is the1023.363.8
guy I was fighting just so you know I1025.6793.16
know and I just stabbed him four times1027.163.96
you're welcome and then I ran away okay1028.8395.521
all right so he's got two listen got two1031.125.6
he's so whack no but then I go behind1034.365.16
and then I hit him oh bunch of hits oh1036.725.8
my goodness oh run run run run I almost1039.525.039
killed just be careful cuz they they hit1042.523.72
hard I know I almost killed them though1044.5594.281
cuz I kick ass the biggest threat us is1046.246.319
ourselves first one down I you want give1048.846.719
already killed mine oh no oh wack dead1052.5595.201
oh God I'm kill I'm going to take I'm1055.5593.881
going to avenge you whack wack was our1057.763.32
guide I hope you put a bed down that1059.445.08
reminds me I need to put a bed1061.083.44
down wow that was a complete Miss I1066.45.36
always think you guys are closer than1069.9194.921
you really oh wow oh you hit hard not as1071.765.68
hard as I do though [ __ ] oh come here1074.844.52
come here man yeah that's what I want to1077.445.119
do game bam boom she's down all right I1079.366.52
just need one more blood sack where the1082.5595.881
world's Anthony we've gone quite a long1085.884.919
time makes me think Something's Happened1088.444.8
Romero did you kill that alligator1090.7994.081
you're a pretty badass zombie you know1093.243.679
what I need to take you out fighting I I1094.883.12
know I've been hanging around the house1096.9193.24
today doing a lot of blood stuff but you1098.03.6
you and me we're going to go out and1100.1593.121
we're going to have some fun Romero1101.63.28
we're going to kill some people it's1103.283.36
going to be great all right let me take1104.883.64
this [ __ ] back to the sacrificial thing1106.643.36
and get that done then come get go over1108.523.08
there and get that [ __ ] and then yeah1110.03.28
we'll have some fun stay right there1111.62.68
I'll be right1113.282.56
God oh God I can't believe this oh oh my1115.849.28
Anthony oh no oh God it's the worst ABS1130.26.68
us the worst it is the worst thieves1134.246.0
will never shut up with about this man1136.885.88
you are a horrible father I know and1140.244.64
he's going to say it just like that over1142.764.48
and over again I I don't want to hear it1144.883.64
I know you're never going to live this1147.244.0
down oh my God you know what I don't1148.525.96
even you know what you're right abro I1151.245.4
can't live this down so what what are1154.484.679
you going to do take all my clothes off1156.644.76
uhhuh go out into the desert go out in1159.1594.4
the desert and die as I deserve what1161.44.159
just hanging out in the desert yep man I1163.5594.48
need blood sacrifices I have to go what1165.5594.24
I need need blood sacrifices so what are1168.0393.241
you saying I have to find a quick way to1169.7993.76
repent yeah all right hey you ever1171.284.36
killed anybody like on a sacrificial1173.5594.36
altar all right this should1175.647.36
do I mean that'll do H let's see I mean1177.9196.401
I could use this horse meat for1183.03.96
something I'm sure oh that's a good1184.324.56
saddle take that saddle put that on1186.966.0
somebody oh now I'm encumbered with a1188.884.08
saddle now this isn't going to be any1193.324.96
easy walk in the park here gentlemen no1195.963.48
Simon's probably going to kill the thing1198.284.519
we came for listen yeah well why why why1199.444.88
I would just say put your weapons away I1202.7992.481
just feel like you're going to be the1204.323.32
one that kills them I uh you know what I1205.285.8
killed two of the bad guys from before1207.646.36
and whack ended up dying so you want me1211.084.88
to be out there I'm a threat I'm1214.04.2
hardcore bro I know you're a threat I1215.963.88
don't want you to kill the guy that we1218.24.2
came for listen we're just going to know1219.845.28
which the person is whack we can kill1222.44.68
this first guy right that's not it sense1225.124.4
yes correct kill that first guy so thank1227.084.16
you I only have one question for the1229.524.039
both of you what did you put down beds1231.245.36
no yeah I did close enough oh God you1233.5594.561
can kill that one suon don't kill each1236.63.36
other hold on that happens all right1238.123.439
I'll do it I mean you know I'm going to1239.963.48
try to always hit the back that's what1241.5593.6
you want to do hit the back the back1243.443.719
side is the best side hitting hitting1245.1595.361
the back side here perfect time to hit1247.1595.321
the back many times look at this1250.524.32
unbelievable business I just did and1252.484.84
then you're really good at that yes1254.845.64
thank you now easy Kill from you cuz I1257.325.8
took him down or or I'll finish you he's1260.485.28
not down yet done there you go I I don't1263.125.559
have the stamina for it so maybe later1265.764.96
listen you're you're you're amazing I'm1268.6794.161
sorry wack just joined This Server1270.726.72
recently wack I apologize my my snatch1272.846.199
what you what am I going to call it my1277.444.44
my my sass is fores okay okay well1279.0395.161
listen my concern about you killing the1281.884.24
thing we came for is real I'm not just1284.24.24
okay but I haven't I'm sorry I haven't1286.123.919
killed anything that you were going for1288.443.64
recently okay well don't kill anything1290.0394.601
hey guys yeah don't don't go in there1292.084.92
come up here first oh okay yeah let's1294.644.44
climb up here look there's these guys1297.03.96
don't know how to build okay so they1299.084.24
they just put a hole in the roof so that1300.964.68
we can look in what was that did you1303.324.44
just stab1305.646.68
me what are you doing I stabbed you this1307.766.72
is what I'm talking about how am I1312.324.32
supposed to know which oh he sees us you1314.484.72
never know listen you it upon yourself1316.645.44
whack what do we do do you see the the1319.26.079
mostly naked guy in there yeah no I do1322.085.76
that's the one we can't kill oh that's1325.2795.201
perfect mostly naked yeah the guy that's1327.845.439
freaking like the the white dude the big1330.484.799
white dude that's wearing like you know1333.2794.28
I just got a glimp smack me armor you1335.2793.921
know what I'm saying so what's a plan1337.5594.761
mhm yeah so we go in the front door we1339.24.959
take out everybody else we leave the1342.324.12
naked guy to get knocked out Simon you1344.1594.64
clear on that I am so clear you kill the1346.445.359
naked dude I swear don't kill the naked1348.7995.36
dude yep okay he also shouldn't be a1351.7995.0
onead kill so just say I'll just do a1354.1593.961
run through hey folks what's going on1356.7993.041
I'm nebes have you seen our Channel come1358.123.64
check it out the naked dude's coming1359.844.68
outside who's got a I don't look at me1361.765.12
I'm who it's comical did you say who's1364.524.92
got a trunin yeah I got a I'm the only1366.884.76
guy with a trunch uh well I don't have1369.444.359
one I just started on the server oh you1371.644.56
got this oh you got the guy outside I'm1373.7994.641
going to stab this straight after these1376.23.92
guys are tougher than I thought oh my1378.445.599
God I'm you stay in there nebs I thought1380.125.799
this was going to be easier hold on stay1384.0394.281
in there neees I'll be right back I got1385.9195.24
the Trung in and I'm going I'm really1388.324.92
hurt oh my God I'm going to have to1391.1594.241
bandage myself and I have an alarm going1393.243.919
off my phone that's not good did whack1395.45.08
die already did he I see a body oh [ __ ]1397.1595.4
oh wait there hey whack I'll be all1400.484.36
right good thing I put a bed roll down1402.5594.561
good all right I see our guy he's hurt1404.844.959
why is he hurt coming I didn't even come1407.125.159
close to the guy his own guys are1409.7995.081
probably [ __ ] him up with fire okay1412.2794.241
I'll take your word for that thank you1414.882.84
careful whack all right I'm going to1416.522.84
stare you you little [ __ ] you're1417.724.92
dead Okay our guys trying to hit me1419.366.64
I'm you go all right now you guys double1422.645.639
team him with your trunin and I'll try1426.04.039
to get this guy I got a bandage all1428.2793.681
right I'm oh he turned his back on me1430.0393.681
crap oh he wants to kill that guy we'll1431.966.04
just let him kill it perfect kill it guy1433.725.839
of a fighter he is he's going to be good1438.03.159
on our team here we go all right I'm1439.5593.321
going to hit him to with a1441.1594.52
Tron you got him yep hold on hit a1442.884.399
little bit there you go little smacka1445.6794.041
booty okay little poopy toy you doing1447.2794.76
good little snippy nippy hey hey Simon1449.724.52
try Target lock Target lock which one's1452.0394.561
that that trunch in right it is okay oh1454.244.24
he's running okay who's this guy on the1456.63.6
wolf Mas I'm hide behind this tree see1458.483.92
if that works that's that's1460.24.52
whack oh I'm getting them good come on1462.44.96
baby this rock is confusing them and I1464.725.959
keep on him come on man let me tell you1467.366.12
this guy is something like nobody's ever1470.6795.961
hit a guy or that's good Z man he's got1473.486.12
a skull man yeah you know the type right1476.647.44
I do I do they turned me on stubbornness1479.66.88
oh there we go oh he's down all right1484.085.079
you guys are awesome good job we got to1486.484.799
drag this guy how far how far back we1489.1593.921
got to go with this guy yeah we got to1491.2794.0
drag him back forever right off the bat1493.084.12
you're complaining we just let's1495.2794.361
celebrate now hit me how far we have to1497.24.719
drag this man it took you 3 seconds to1499.645.159
turn it into something shitty it just1501.9198.12
hit me I know that's my point1504.7998.561
God it's okay let's it's it's good times1510.0396.481
okay well done the moment wack thanks1513.365.319
wack I don't know how much help I really1516.524.519
was you you were this never would have1518.6794.081
happen without you we would have not1521.0393.601
known this guy existed no we would have1522.763.399
still been talking about the dumb thing1524.644.8
we started with ghost poops yeah1526.1596.481
that Abra what do you got give me one1529.445.04
second I don't want anybody following me1532.643.68
for this that1534.484.76
sounds Li I remember1536.325.839
that all right you ready no you haven't1539.246.4
told me what it is let's do it oh1542.1596.88
God the bang1545.645.44
after wait can I control this thing wait1556.325.12
you're just climbing yeah I thought you1559.522.879
were gone I thought you were just1561.443.359
leaving us forever oh wait can I go up1562.3993.841
and down oh God I1564.7993.721
dropped can I go up and down I don't1566.244.159
know come back over here do more magic1568.523.519
okay hold on give me a second I got to1570.3994.28
figure this thing1572.0392.64
out it comes in it comes in and picks1574.883.84
up yeah it's great right here fly with1578.724.959
it or go anywhere oh yeah I can go1581.9194.201
higher what how much higher I don't know1583.6794.841
I'm going to top of your Tower fly afro1586.124.559
goodbye forever I can1588.525.04
fly I'm a flying sorcerer1590.6794.48
[ __ ] this is great and so if I just let1595.1597.601
go here oh Bo yeah top of your Tower1599.126.919
Woo is this a diving board sure good1602.765.08
luck yeah I'm not going to dive off this1606.0393.801
you can make it I've done it trust me1607.843.6
off of oh yeah just run and jump right1609.843.76
into the water jump do the dive I'm1611.444.359
doing it I'm doing it man I got me a bat1613.65.0
puppy I'm so excited jump see jump and1615.7995.721
Yo oh yeah this is going to work out no1621.524.36
problem okay I am very happy about that1626.246.0
me too thanks for cheering me up abro1629.644.399
maybe I'm not such a bad dad after all1632.243.559
no you're a terrible father you jumped1634.0394.201
your child off of a1635.7995.261

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