What’s Hidden Inside the Storage Chest??? - Grounded

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you ever wondered what secrets are hidden inside that mysterious storage chest? Well, wonder no mo...
What’s Hidden Inside the Storage Chest??? - Grounded
What’s Hidden Inside the Storage Chest??? - Grounded

What’s Hidden Inside the Storage Chest??? - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another exciting episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we are diving into the mystery of what's hidden inside the storage chest!

simon: Oh boy, I can't wait to see what treasures or surprises await us in there! Maybe it's filled with gold, or maybe just a bunch of old socks.

appsro: Knowing our luck, it's probably just a bunch of empty boxes and dust bunnies. But hey, that's the fun of it, right?

neebs: Exactly! The thrill of the unknown is what keeps us coming back for more. So buckle up, folks, because we're about to uncover the secrets of the storage chest!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you ever wondered what secrets are hidden inside that mysterious storage chest? Well, wonder no more because Neebs and the gang are here to uncover all the mysteries for us in their latest video. If you're not already subscribed to their channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button to stay up to date on all their hilarious adventures.

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is he inside the science he looks like0.883.959
he's inside going in oh let's let's sck2.8794.601
him yeah that'd be let's sck him yep get4.8397.561
it hold on out he got out he got out oh7.484.92
no we see I tell you what this is23.845.359
probably not going to be too fun I um27.084.279
saw some like uzy Smokey stuff coming29.1994.161
through the top of this box see that31.3594.321
that sounds fun to me I love uzy Smokey33.365.28
stuff do you especially the uzi bits oh35.684.92
perfect but on the on the on the even38.644.439
side sence all right I think I know how43.525.8
we get into this thing nees okay how's47.164.44
that um I think there's a hole cuz I49.324.879
remember that like uh that cut scene we51.65.799
saw I thought they flew up top oh door's54.1995.16
thing door doing the thing again they57.3993.32
really broke that that thing didn't it's59.3593.52
so loud it's it's really loud there was60.7194.48
a hole down in the at the base follow me62.8795.201
the bottom okay oh man I hate it how65.1994.92
they break it it used to work sound like68.084.039
sounds like TV static and like P the70.1193.481
it's not just the sound it's that no one72.1193.721
sees each other doing it it's horrible73.63.92
you like you're running in air see I see75.843.639
you doing it well you guys aren't doing77.526.44
it for me hor oh god oh no come on you79.4796.64
should know this by now this a bad idea83.963.88
you no no no oh get in with your arrow87.846.84
Dora all right90.928.0
mhm there it is suck it get my arrow94.687.32
heck yeah don't waste these things okay98.923.99
all right follow me102.02.52
boys all right abro said I need to keep104.527.68
on baking all right so here W is take108.328.88
all all right hit that craft okay so I112.27.519
just got to do I can I just continue117.25.76
yeah yeah okay this is what I could do119.7194.641
so I am122.963.799
contributing to the defense of that124.364.16
thing that he's building that's what I'm126.7596.761
doing today nice safe boring but that's128.527.24
fine boring is133.524.6
underrated I prefer to be135.766.44
bored sometimes not all the time so138.126.479
bricks all right let's uh let's go into146.763.9
hole this looks nice and dark but I got153.06.8
a ever torch did it say wasp hole or156.3196.681
hornet nest oh maybe I don't know the159.85.4
other are these Hornets or wasp I don't163.05.92
know oh that you little come on dude165.25.52
really this168.924.959
is oh great I wasted my now your friends170.725.0
in whatever what's going on back there173.8793.161
him and his friend are fighting ant a175.725.439
thing an ant followed us in okay177.046.8
so we're like that was his friend again181.1594.521
so this is like inside of a storage box183.844.8
or something uh yeah this is absolutely185.684.44
inside of a storage box and I guess188.643.04
there's a bunch of wasp in here what is190.125.0
this a quarter it's a quarter oh yeah oh191.686.559
money oh yeah this is definitely wasp195.126.399
stuff wasp paper what's our goal in here198.2395.08
do you know um oh we were after the201.5193.841
burgle chip oh burgle chip yeah if we203.3194.64
look on the map there is one last burgle205.365.799
chip in here okay that my go anyway what207.9596.681
looking good so far um I do see some gum211.1596.8
I grab the gum yeah you may as well okay214.646.64
yeah oh yeah ABC gum yeah so Dr Tully217.9595.801
this is your storage bin got anything to221.285.56
say about this doesn't sound it Yep this223.764.24
keyboard got it I haven't heard ABC gum228.06.599
since [ __ ] elementary school right231.7996.561
what's ABC go already been chewed oh I234.5996.28
haven't heard that ever yeah I learned238.364.879
something today yeah you did kid stuff240.8794.0
you know yeah hey I saw something243.2394.56
walking uh beyond that screw ahead oh244.8795.0
okay man do we need any rust uh I247.7994.36
actually got like almost 50 rust earlier249.8796.0
today yester can't make arrows with rust252.1595.721
tetanus arrows that'd be awesome oh tet255.8794.64
I don't I don't know insects get tetanus257.884.36
can't Hur to have more that's a human260.5193.281
thing all right so there's a b oh right262.244.16
up to the right you see them off to the263.85.04
right up top there's wasps oh yeah yeah266.44.4
wasp what are they weak against I268.844.6
haven't Peak these guys yet uh they're270.84.56
resistant to everything chopping273.444.36
stabbing slashing explosives and spicy275.365.88
weakness oh they hate salty stuff okay277.86.56
oh guess what I got salty stuff I got a281.246.239
salty toenail ax or sword yeah you do284.364.92
yeah what's287.4794.361
that behind the glass I don't know all289.283.639
right there's only one way you can go291.843.72
let's yeah travel this way yeah it's292.9194.72
like a it's like a haunted house a295.563.0
I don't think I ever really looked at301.685.28
the house over there it's like I like304.1995.961
the color scheme but I don't understand306.965.56
the fake shutters I mean can we at least310.164.68
make them big enough so that they're312.524.08
pretending like they're functional I314.844.4
mean if if they were real and we all316.64.4
know that they're fake if they were real319.243.16
then they're just going to like fold321.05.36
over and cover half of one window what322.46.639
the hell good is that going to do I mean326.364.92
come on functional shutters people or329.0394.561
fake it the right331.284.28
jeez but you know it's a pretty day I335.566.359
didn't even notice that we're by a city339.724.12
over there those are some that's some341.9194.481
some tall brick buildings be curious to343.846.04
go over there and see what that's all346.48.16
about H I like349.884.68
it should we check these quarters uh355.84.959
yeah I wish I knew what we were doing359.03.479
here is it cuz I didn't we're after a360.7593.601
burgle chip Jesus Christ I told you362.4793.801
already oh did you yeah what do we do it364.363.0
here we're after burgle chip you're366.282.28
going to ask me again in [ __ ] five367.364.32
minutes I don't know maybe we are after368.567.079
a burgle chip okay is that's our goal371.685.48
right I play the first time you I don't375.6393.881
know together guys sorry about that377.165.599
sorry watch your backs uh so if I were a379.525.64
burgle chip where would I be hiding uh382.7594.201
maybe up there towards the WASP yeah385.163.479
let's get a let's get a bird's eye view386.963.72
okay all right you're going to fight388.6393.801
these things hell yeah bring it on I got390.684.76
a damn salty toenail sword okay [ __ ] can392.445.36
we lure these in one at a time be nice395.444.199
wouldn't it yeah D you think you could397.84.0
uh pound one with your arrow yeah399.6395.12
sometimes they uh will you know oh watch401.86.519
out AB don't move all right coming404.7595.481
coming oh yeah no that's just one408.3195.041
perfect there we go okay oh you all410.246.799
right yep okay oh he does not like my413.365.8
salty toenail sword go get him go get417.0393.961
him buddy where's your buddy he's not in419.164.719
here Hey where's your pal where's my421.06.36
come on come down here oh got one yeah423.8795.201
sweet grab that stuff oh yeah that's427.365.559
good stuff nice worked out great oh all429.085.28
right want to lure another one they seem432.9193.12
to be really in love with the side of434.363.839
that box I would love436.0394.921
to ha that's a drone so it's going to438.1995.0
regen okay we got to we got to hit him440.965.359
hard and fast Nice Shot dummy where'd he443.1995.12
go he's right above your door oh that446.3194.16
makes sense448.3194.921
there we go come on come at me oh yeah450.4794.041
woo come at453.245.639
me come at me come on I'll we wear him454.529.32
down oh yeah no nope no knock it off458.8797.201
don't be cheating only way you're going463.844.28
to win is it a cheat466.084.839
cheat now does he regen the Buddies like468.124.96
like his his friends I think probably I470.9195.201
don't know okay cuz yeah we got to keep473.084.64
an eye on that all right now we can get476.124.12
up here safely yeah a joystick it's477.724.919
joystick this way huh watch the G oh482.8795.561
there a tooth down there oh we have to485.1995.081
run all way around though huh the oh488.443.039
it's easy though it's easy here I'm490.284.08
getting it okay we'll look491.4795.481
ahead I love that noise I hate it oh494.366.519
yeah you do and then um what's up here496.967.76
is it just science go ahead get that500.8796.481
science science and a milk Muller man504.726.4
that was like a two oh hey guys what507.365.88
just wanted to say something real quick511.125.159
say it say it as loud as you513.243.039
can you know boring is tiring sometimes520.887.8
you know so you just it's nice to524.66.96
relax just you know chilling chilling in528.683.96
bubbles even though I know it's pretty532.644.759
pretty gross in here you know that they535.363.96
say that the hot tubs are just breeding537.3994.241
in Fest for horrible539.325.12
germs I could see that being an541.646.52
issue oh goodness is ABS where used this544.447.92
thing see that's something to worry548.164.2
about you know I can't I can't stop552.764.639
thinking about it I'm going to have to555.164.84
going have to get out557.3996.161
yeah no more of560.03.56
that oh all right hey made a bridge so565.565.16
we got more things fight yeah okay hold568.483.799
on hold on I'm going to take this out570.723.96
real quick are we going to fight him572.2794.321
where oh it doesn't do it try to draw574.683.44
them back down to where D is yeah I was576.62.72
about to say why don't we try to draw578.123.279
these two uh back to where door is that579.324.079
makes the most sense is that what I581.3993.761
think I see what do you see that's a583.3994.241
science center up here oh heck yeah I585.165.6
found a shield solidifier my my shield587.645.36
is solidified already okay what does590.763.44
that mean I'm yeah I don't know what593.03.519
that means but I'm jealous of that yeah594.24.319
okay all right Dora you want to come up596.5194.081
here and Pelt one one of these wasp will598.5194.721
uh yeah our Arena will be down there by600.65.16
that um I guess honeycomb okay over603.244.4
where dris is right yeah where he was I605.762.84
he what are you doing man huh we're608.64.44
we're fighting over there where you were611.563.88
here I know here I go okay let's do613.046.44
it wor about me okay let's do615.448.68
it okay come on bring It Baby come on619.487.84
who's he going for me ow got a couple624.127.959
stabs in God this looks so creepy yep oh627.326.6
we wearing him down yeah we632.0795.681
are boom sword what633.927.96
a suck up I need to heal oh yeah there's637.765.72
that Science Center oh looks like we got641.884.639
one more wasp near the science center643.485.359
all right so we got spawn point now646.5194.601
ready ready ready well once he let me648.8393.68
get a better angle here where you want651.123.36
to fight uh may as well I mean right652.5193.681
here it's right here in the middle yeah654.484.159
okay is he inside the science he looks656.24.28
like he inside going in oh let's let's658.6394.2
stick him yeah that'd be F yeah yeah660.485.68
yeah assult sword [ __ ] yep get it on662.8396.961
out he got out oh no that was crazy he's666.167.359
smart bring it oh knees from the back669.86.159
the lighting in here is so cool he's on673.5195.56
me oh God what was that you ask me that675.9595.801
every time oh it's you're Dam what was679.0794.401
that NES don't get mad at me about the681.763.48
burger chip I always forget you have683.483.159
that thing in I always forget we're685.243.44
going looking for a burger chip okay all686.6393.64
right all688.683.12
sucker all right what are we up to695.247.32
perfect timing take all do a little bit697.928.08
of cookie Wookie and then he said to put702.567.719
these in here what do we got so far boom706.09.24
boom boom all right I'm making the magic710.2798.201
happen this is good I just need to715.246.32
continue you I wonder yeah you see I718.484.96
wonder what he's going to think is721.563.279
productive I think I've already done723.443.88
enough for the whole day honestly I mean724.8396.841
come on this you know727.327.8
right what we got well it looks like an731.686.48
entrance to a wasp nest or a hornet's735.126.92
nest I smell a boss oh yeah it's got738.166.919
that Vibe doesn't it mhm um all right742.044.56
I'm going to go first ready I'm Healed745.0793.241
up you're healed up uh ooh that's746.63.96
actually a good car nees there are748.324.68
drones involved with this boss I hate it750.564.399
already yeah how come Simon always753.03.88
misses out on the boss fights he's got754.9593.361
other things to do well yeah he's756.884.28
cooking bricks for me758.322.84
so here is coming NOP sneak attack761.85.76
y oh boy science science768.689.159
science oh boy okay what do you see in773.3998.201
there I don't see anything honeycomb777.8395.401
I'll bet this is where that Smoky stuff781.64.88
was coming from I saw up top right783.245.599
yeah oh boy wait I wonder if this works786.483.68
like the other boss fights is there788.8392.881
something we got to make like we got to790.165.64
make a BLT for it oh no come on well791.725.119
yeah I'm just think yeah it just795.82.399
occurred to me that's probably what it796.8393.56
wants us to do okay oh do you see798.1994.241
something uh there's a dead person here800.3994.361
oh I'm going to rumage through his802.446.0
corpse uh oh Recon Journal Health okay804.765.28
there's some stuff hey door do me a808.443.399
favor uh-huh I'm going to drop some810.044.76
stuff uh pick it up for me okay and then811.8395.36
oh this is the spot you got to make a814.85.96
BBQ medley BBQ all like barbecue huh817.1996.32
uh-huh that's it let's see I got an orc820.765.6
receiver Recon Journal health and safety823.5197.721
officer um words memo wasp queen826.368.12
research oh I bet this is the recipe831.245.36
verdict new recipe for wasp queen l oh834.485.2
yeah we got a wasp queen lure now okay836.65.0
okay and then what is it a health and839.685.719
safety badge B ooh this steals life from841.66.679
wasp that's that sounds great845.3995.481
yeah okay so what do we what do we need848.2796.081
to make BBQ medley BBQ medley let me uh850.885.28
let me look at our crafting stuff see if854.365.2
I can find it uh-huh man I know here in856.165.039
Eastern Carolina it's all about vinegar859.563.92
barbecue and I like that but there is no861.1995.08
Western barbecue here there I mean not863.485.08
really yeah I like sweet barbecue is866.2794.68
good too I like a blend okay we can't868.564.88
have this rivalry where it's like no870.9594.921
Western barbecue it's crazy right both873.444.6
have the benefits oh hey guys good news875.883.56
what we'll probably be able to make this878.045.479
one o we need three sour lumps um one879.447.079
tiger mosquito beak three mosquito blood883.5195.641
sex and one Beast singer easy we got886.5194.12
that yeah we'll have to go back home889.163.28
which is good we can drag Simon into890.6394.601
this yeah we should all right so sweet892.444.12
now we know how to get in here and where895.244.279
to go I bet if we beat this this wasp896.564.24
queen or whatever we're going to get a899.5195.0
Bole chip ooh oh that's the burgle chip900.86.2
what Bole we have to fight that for it904.5194.161
it'd be my guess cuz I we didn't find it907.04.079
in here anywhere so something tells me908.684.76
this uh this was Queen probably ate it911.0794.241
and we looked everywhere right I mean we913.444.24
didn't really look everywhere but kind915.324.92
of almost maybe that's what it is I917.685.159
could devour a billy hwk we know you920.245.36
could devour a billy hog shut the [ __ ]922.8394.761
Let's uh let's check back here all961.568.24
righty T you taking a nap wake up Tully965.6396.56
Tully yeah maybe maybe you'll leave us969.83.68
alone for a972.1993.56
while huh yeah I don't think we can get973.484.279
this webbing web is not really webbing975.7594.401
is it yeah no it isn't okay you can't go977.7596.56
that way oh God speaking a webbing oh980.167.159
what do we have here hold on let me peep984.3196.161
that is a black widow y it is apparently987.3194.88
there we can get sour stuff I don't990.483.56
think any of us have any sour stuff let992.1996.0
let me check let me just check oh and994.046.08
she's guarding a tooth I don't know if998.1993.961
we want to actually fight this thing but1000.123.399
you and I could go in there and distract1002.163.44
it and Dora you get the tooth okay oh1003.5194.961
hold on let me put on my fast shoes I1005.64.96
kind of wanted to fight it but I mean we1008.483.799
can if you want to but that that's going1010.563.399
to be a tough fight we haven't fought a1012.2793.68
Black Widow in a long time have we all1013.9593.401
right we're going in this plan and1015.9593.8
what's the plan distract I'm getting the1017.363.959
tooth and if there's nothing else in1019.7593.08
there we just leave does a distract mean1021.3193.6
fight it yeah we'll fight it if we feel1022.8394.2
like we can take it let's take it and1024.9193.64
tell me how you're feeling I'll get the1027.0392.76
but yeah Dora your first mission is1028.5592.601
tooth and then after tooth youin the1029.7992.88
fight yep yeah you're right you guys1031.163.639
start though let's uh all right N Ready1032.6796.28
yep and let's do it let's do it baby yes1034.7996.4
come on spider look at us o what's up1038.9595.041
big black mama don't worry about that1041.1996.681
too oh poke butt Pok butt po butt po but1044.07.48
I got I got her too too holy moly she is1047.886.32
vicious got the too yep I got her that's1051.485.439
all that's in here that's all oh God oh1054.26.28
God oh my God on me she is insane I'm1056.9196.88
blocking I'm insane yep I know what that1060.486.76
was oh oh yep got stuck okay oh that's1063.7996.201
babies more babies feel Mercy to babies1067.245.04
am I stuck I think I'm stuck at a thing1070.05.679
okay I can move oh more wires okay uh1072.285.519
are we running or fighting let's fight1075.6793.521
okay I'm going to p pull back switch out1077.7993.36
with somebody all right pull back I got1079.26.16
you okay yeah look at me I got me [ __ ]1081.1597.041
oh come on look at me look at me leave1085.365.559
my friends alone there we go I'm going1088.24.12
kill the baby first I'll be there in a1090.9193.481
okay baby down I'll take you all day you1094.46.08
dumb [ __ ] I bet you will uhuh uhuh I'm1097.444.32
coming one second just healing up a1100.483.16
little bit all right I'm on the pooper I1101.764.279
think I'm doing okay poop duty oh yeah1103.645.08
my stamina's bad though okay okay okay1106.0395.481
she so [ __ ] be she's got me in a1108.725.0
corner oh yeah there we go it's about1111.525.6
time oh yeah less than half less than1113.726.28
half it's good stuff it's good stuff get1117.125.72
in there that's right B get in1120.05.36
there oh1122.845.959
yeah not our first rodeo man no it1125.366.96
is y oh boy that's a lot more babies oh1128.7995.601
god oh yeah there's a lot of1132.325.76
babies death to them right yeah no mercy1134.44.759
[ __ ] yep webs okay she's almost down oh1140.446.719
yeah she's almost down y keep1145.0396.361
chewing yeah okay uh1147.15910.321
I yeah baby down come on get yeah come1151.49.04
on sucker just in1157.487.6
time fantastic what a wait Dr T get out1160.446.16
of the damn web oh God there's still a1165.085.16
baby have mercy1166.63.64
you had that coming baby all right Dr T1171.124.96
you need some help let me uh I sure1174.125.039
we're like a belly hog I could devour a1176.086.56
belly hog right about1179.1598.68

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