IT'S FOLLOWING US - Lethal Company

Hey guys, if you're a huge fan of the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel like I am, you won't want to miss their latest video on Lethal Company. T...
IT'S FOLLOWING US - Lethal Company
IT'S FOLLOWING US - Lethal Company

IT'S FOLLOWING US - Lethal Company

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that latest video on Lethal Company? It's following us!

simon: Oh yeah, that one where we stumble upon new threats? That's my favorite video, it really keeps me on the edge of my seat.

appsro: I love how we always manage to get ourselves into these crazy situations. It's like we're magnets for trouble!

neebs: Haha, that's true! But hey, at least we make it entertaining for our viewers, right?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, if you're a huge fan of the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel like I am, you won't want to miss their latest video on Lethal Company. Today, the crew encounters some new threats that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. It's always exciting to see what challenges they face and how they overcome them with their unique blend of humor and teamwork.

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all right man and woman uh this is our4.726.24
we're we're on a roll right now we got9.444.0
tons of money we're going to a new moon10.965.28
I think it's called Ren is that right13.445.28
yeah yeah y all right jack you want to16.244.879
set of course or AB go for it I'm doing18.724.96
oo it cost money to go there it cost31.6796.441
$550 oh we've earned it we've earned it35.683.92
we've earned it that's only half our38.124.2
money exactly we still have $69 to play39.64.76
with then what are we going to get what42.324.68
are we going to buy got something can we44.364.16
get the boom box finally Jack what are47.02.879
we getting what does it what does that48.524.28
do it's a what do you think a boom box49.8794.601
does yeah but what does it do for about52.84.759
to make money yeah I got it do for us54.485.16
well see when I do this and there's no57.5593.0
weird no Anthony no no you see this nope60.5596.521
what the hell65.844.08
torter that's a better invest you can67.084.84
type in somebody's name at the terminal69.924.72
and they'll be teleported back oh oh my71.924.08
oh there you go yeah that's great great76.09.36
B Jack oh man this place God this place80.368.439
this can get confusing follow me oh [ __ ]85.366.399
got follow the lights88.7996.36
be in the ship okay charge your stuff91.7596.481
charge your stuff it's loud too I stuff95.1595.881
was charged uh yeah I got a full charge98.246.0
on my walkie I'm good oh God right101.045.16
behind me I can barely see you yeah is104.243.68
Jack still in front of us he said follow106.24.279
me I think he is door our way up there107.925.0
just stick to this rope don't let go of110.4794.881
the Rope112.926.0
hey oh yeah we're right right hey hey115.365.119
okay so who's120.4796.64
back uh yeah nebes is on the ship okay123.0398.441
yeah all right come on let's do127.1197.4
it oh wow oh131.486.32
boy yeah this is this is going to be134.5196.321
twisted it's going to be twisted yeah137.85.159
this is W man this is like a mansion or140.844.16
something I played Resident Evil did you142.9594.881
play Resident Evil uh I did I just saw145.05.04
something run seeing Doritos near yall147.845.479
y'all see it who just ran what was that150.044.88
where I'm going what direction did153.3194.361
someone go in154.922.76
here oh hey give me a direction uh which158.87.64
spin around oh it's just Jack oh my God163.365.12
you [ __ ]166.444.48
idiot man just click on me and all right168.484.36
I'm going right Doritos to my right170.923.399
you're all clumped together y all look172.842.28
dots all right I'm separating let's go175.123.64
nees I wish you were here this is proper181.084.84
creepy this is like a182.843.08
library it's quite F I hate to you're186.1594.281
that all right no Doritos here any190.446.6
Doritos on your map don't see anything194.045.559
around you I might look the197.045.24
other this wall here hey hey what's199.5993.681
on yeah there's something really close203.283.239
to you I don't if you can get like right205.3192.92
in front of you almost there might be a206.5193.681
wall in front of you though you're right208.2395.2
on top of it oh I I got it it's a phone210.25.72
yeah there you213.4395.88
go okay oh got a215.926.12
painting is that a big item looks like219.3195.241
it yeah I'm going to head back inside in222.043.68
a second do you know how to use this224.564.72
teleporter just in case uh just hit e oh225.725.84
wait whoever you're looking at on the229.285.679
screen they will be teleported back oh231.565.879
okay perfect I can do that yeah all234.9594.0
right yep I'm going head back you're237.4393.481
doing great238.9596.081
you too thanks all right oh hey guys240.925.399
we've kind of searched this side what245.047.64
the [ __ ] oh oh oh oh oh no no no come246.3199.88
over here the door come here I should252.687.079
teleport dolphin back that'd be256.1993.56
funny Let's Do It um lift the glass260.325.56
and hey what's up just wanted to try it266.727.479
out were you lonely yeah you're right270.4795.28
you do that then you hit the274.1994.121
button yeah go get him275.7596.361
tiger the it's the mask is is bad what278.326.439
are you do like they're leaving who is282.124.799
that I don't know oh God oh God leave284.7595.0
leave oh no286.9195.12
no I'm out I'm out oh no it's like a289.7594.961
zombie oh there's two of them [ __ ] there292.0394.761
there's two of them now it ate D and now294.724.039
there's two of them [ __ ] I'll weit need296.83.959
oh no all right all right so the stuff298.7594.401
that was there let's bring the stuff300.7594.481
back to the ship no all right I mean303.163.72
yeah we might be might want to cut our305.243.64
losses now what the weather's getting306.883.96
horrible oh God oh God oh God it's308.884.44
following us go go310.845.76
[ __ ] it's following us oh313.325.48
no the roope find the roope find the316.65.319
roope god what was that just follow the318.84.88
roope just follow the Rope follow the321.9195.56
roope yes needes teleporters needes T323.686.68
yeah don't yeah we'll lose our [ __ ]327.4796.28
all right nees we coming back we had a330.366.88
situation okay come on masks neees masks333.7594.921
oh my God Jack337.244.16
Jack don't go in there's mask people338.685.079
they're following us yeah oh wait yeah341.44.76
turn around Jack run is that oh that's a343.7596.601
mask Anthony no oh no Anthony oh God did346.168.2
it get him [ __ ] oh [ __ ] he's coming up350.367.04
he's he's here like close this damn door354.365.52
door close the door close the door357.45.12
where's Jack is Jack in Jack he's gone359.886.24
Jack's gone is it can I teleport him362.526.16
wait what are you teleporting Jack I sa366.124.88
it sa368.684.88
nice well done it was373.564.0
amazing um I I think I'm someone's381.44.359
flashlight and it's probably probably383.5993.681
mine okay all right yeah everybody385.7593.481
charge your [ __ ] I was in that room you387.284.12
y want me to stay here or go in this392.243.959
time I don't care yeah you go in you393.83.76
haven't seen this place yet go check it396.1994.4
out it's pretty crazy I can be on the uh397.564.8
you want me to be on ship that probably400.5993.6
better huh you can be ship o I'm a402.363.679
little scared but404.1995.321
whatever all right door is right here406.0396.041
here we go all409.525.64
right all right oh wow it's a lot less412.085.76
books in this place oh there a present415.164.84
right there you see on the floor got it417.843.52
don't open420.02.919
Anthony what Anthony422.9198.441
what oh my God it quack thr down three427.845.799
Doritos in your position I431.364.399
see you guys go I'm just going to keep433.6394.721
doing this for a435.7592.601
while nees I don't know if you hear me438.686.76
but yeah there is one two um your left440.726.039
or no to your right the way you were445.442.92
looking to your right yeah it's like on446.7592.88
the other side of that wall but like448.364.0
another four feet up to your kind of449.6394.641
left forward yeah like you're facing it452.362.64
now okay I don't know if there's any way455.05.039
to get to it but it's right there kind458.283.88
of you see I only see half of it460.0395.0
really wonder if we can get to it oh462.165.039
yeah here's a door looks like it's been465.0393.641
open I don't know if one of the other467.1995.72
crew went in here oh yeah here we go468.688.6
through here yes this has got to be472.9194.361
it oh yeah look a478.3193.801
painting that oh484.3195.0
Nutcracker what inside486.48.799
inside hey my hands are full hey neees489.3198.88
M yeah there's a phone right here grab495.1996.28
it okay I'll grab it they seem Panic not498.1996.44
cracker a what Nutcracker all right how501.4795.081
do we deal with that looking like a lot504.6393.601
guys I know it has a shotgun and you can508.245.56
take the shotgun bring that [ __ ] back511.523.399
where is this513.85.799
Nutcracker we got nothing fight fight514.9194.68
with yeah load up the ship it's only520.5993.721
like two or three you can do one more522.684.159
run if you want after trust this to you524.325.76
get the duck back okay going for that526.8395.68
shotgun Hey listen I'll run stuff let me530.083.879
just run stuff cuz I'm not doing532.5194.361
anything else here salmon okay take533.9595.921
this someone should bring that [ __ ] back536.885.92
yeah bring it back I'll take a hand back539.885.76
mhm okay we're bringing a run back all542.85.56
right you want this what I got with you545.644.84
yeah whatever there's also some items548.365.08
outside I dropped take those all right550.485.599
jack you ready yep do one of us has to553.444.88
grab the shotgun from this556.0794.76
thing grab a558.325.519
shotgun oh my God560.8396.761
here over here try to surround563.8397.281
it to our left567.63.52
on me oh I see it I see it yep there it575.244.64
is oh [ __ ] oh no583.5195.801
Anthony oh that's it it's right there I589.565.959
think it Anthony Anthony anth oh no no592.07.44
no no no no no no wait grab out of again595.5196.681
right yeah I tried it599.445.839
I oh my602.25.48
God oh605.2795.721
God God is607.683.32
that oh he's dead look at this little612.926.28
robot um all right as Tech is coming on616.26.6
the ship hello hi have you seen this619.26.4
robot hey shut the door shut the door I622.84.64
don't want to hear that [ __ ] oh is that625.63.52
the robot that's doing that oh that's627.443.92
scared the [ __ ] out of me never mind629.124.92
sorry yeah no that robot's spun all631.367.0
right Anthony is dead um we're not nees634.047.52
is dead yeah there's a bad thing and638.366.279
abser is dead we should probably641.566.56
goes I think we got I think it's and644.6395.521
where's yeah good question I'll tell you648.125.719
in a second yeah they all doph dolphin's650.167.88
Dad they all got Boozled these653.8397.201
well we got one day left I think we're663.565.68
doing pretty good so far yeah very very665.765.04
good bad are we going to go the same669.243.839
place or something different do we if we670.84.36
can it says it's stormy is that a bad673.0793.921
thing it sounds bad horrible yeah675.163.16
horrible horrible light I think677.05.04
lightning yeah I oh oh lightning678.325.72
lightning sounds fun as long as it's not682.043.919
foggy no no no it's not no no no684.043.4
Lightning's going to be Simon said it's685.9593.921
fun let's do it let's go back to Ren687.444.519
let's go back to Ren one more time what689.884.32
we can do with a storm it's a storm so691.9593.841
we can't have anything in our hand or we694.25.079
get shot by lightning probably uh maybe695.85.599
not metal maybe hey who's staying on the699.2795.921
ship I I did my duty uh I will be on the701.3996.12
ship and yeah what where did my705.25.879
walkie-talkie go oh wait I di did707.5197.0
I do you want he go AB yeah drop yeah711.0796.88
drop me a walkie there you go more714.5195.401
probably should but oh God yeah watch719.924.12
out for light a lightning strike that722.243.68
was a lightning strike just say I'll go724.043.16
in I don't have anything we know the725.925.12
lightning is going to happen way hey727.26.4
guys hey we're going in there they are731.046.2
all right ready let's do733.63.64
okay I hear music739.565.079
already that's from the store right the741.924.32
drop sh yeah act must have bought744.6394.801
something huh no we here here why would746.246.039
we hear it here there's no way I need a749.444.8
buddy following you752.2794.161
Simon could be a trick you're following754.245.48
me I don't have a light so okay me756.445.92
neither just scanning759.724.799
everything Doritos Straight Ahead in762.365.12
that room you're looking at764.5192.961
neebs no other769.8394.8
Doritos around772.06.44
you right wide R is already covered here774.6395.161
we go778.443.92
oh fancy lamp779.86.2
Okay right fancy lamp and there's a a782.367.36
thingy a robot up up there too oh got it786.05.68
let's get these oh boy I don't know what789.724.679
the [ __ ] that was I guess that's it uh791.686.2
who all has walkies out794.3993.481
there I guess nobody I'm out here800.884.639
talking to myself hanging out in the803.0794.681
storm jerking805.5195.12
off oh God hey What's happen we had uh807.764.56
we just brought stuff up front there's a810.6393.841
lamp that surely is going to electrocute812.324.16
somebody Te You Did you ever a think814.484.039
that Giggles like a child yeah that was816.485.359
a robot oh God it was horrifying no we818.5195.361
were all horrified yeah we thought you821.8394.881
were dead823.882.84
no he Jack the shadow you want to bring827.325.16
that outside wait I just saw some what830.724.2
is that from oh coffee832.485.12
mug nice oh wait where is it it's834.925.94
downstairs I don't don't see it it's837.64.64
invisible perfume bottle anybody the842.245.959
[ __ ] it says copy mug but I can't get it845.365.0
okay great all right I guess they're848.1994.08
just finding it they don't need850.364.36
me they don't need me they don't need me852.2793.8
I don't know why I'm I don't even know854.723.28
why I'm the guy on the856.0795.601
ship no threats Doritos everywhere858.06.199
that's good861.682.519
money you know what I'm just going to864.884.6
take [ __ ] back oh God put that down put866.688.159
that down put it oh God wait oh869.485.359
God if they jeck Jeff they exploded who875.486.279
nebes and Simon both picked up things880.0792.88
outside they were like oh look at the881.7594.32
robot and then they exploded oh my God882.9595.521
here uh you want to take some stuff back886.0795.281
me and you Anthony well what do we what888.484.479
can we hold that won't electrocute us891.363.24
immediately we're just going to have to892.9594.361
drop it when it starts sparking when it894.64.56
starts sparking all right yep just897.322.959
listen for the sound when you go out899.163.84
here you're going to see the900.2792.721
blood watch out get away get away get903.325.28
away oh oh laora come come downstairs905.2795.56
yep coming down yeah yeah they they've908.64.159
taken off so did you hear what to do910.8395.44
about the lightning no so if you if you912.7595.921
see it start to spark drop it other it's916.2793.521
going to you're going to get struck okay918.684.839
so that's going to be the lamp hey919.87.8
guys if things start to shot like923.5197.0
the [ __ ] out of930.5193.76
here probably worth more cuz934.2794.521
perfect grab you maybe I don't know put944.884.72
you right there947.7594.561
boom Oh I wonder if they could all see949.64.359
that a I wonder what you left behind953.9596.641
buddy oh956.83.8
whoa hey Anthony can you just get sapped962.249.079
Anthony oh you did I mean oh [ __ ] oh966.7599.0
Anthony the hell killing everybody is it971.3199.44
uh-oh the [ __ ] is that the [ __ ] is975.7595.0
that [ __ ] is985.564.959
Andro get in here get in here is that a995.365.08
lamp you brought a lamp back what is998.7593.241
that out1000.444.839
there it it hears our1002.05.92
that's Tech you need to get1030.366.24
back needed so bad should we tell1033.725.8
autopilot to leave1036.62.92
early come1040.163.12
on I'm coming I'm nearly1044.645.76
oh God the dogs were right1056.243.48
there you did so good until right down1064.088.32
please oh my1068.7993.601
God I know that was1074.9195.201
you can see it on afro's1080.126.16
face like godamn it that's1082.727.439
wonderful love it love1086.283.879
it I had a strategy you doing1090.725.52
great that's the funniest [ __ ] that1096.846.16
angle is the best thing I've ever seen1099.9195.601
you look back he just double take that1103.04.32
[ __ ]1105.524.8
oh you better go oh my god oh wow he I1112.245.04
didn't realize he was getting what a1115.23.44
angle [ __ ] you1118.643.64
monster [ __ ] that was so1122.527.48
perfect man look at all these bodies I1126.66.0
got it's1130.05.6
oh that was oh we got to see what oh my1136.766.0
wow you did great oh chef's kiss on that1145.887.48
holy [ __ ] you did great I thought I did1149.126.4
got so far1153.364.52
oh looking back and I saw the monster1155.525.279
just ripping Jack1157.882.919
you were doing great the1169.846.6
hero I was I was rooting for you so so1172.845.52
hard all right do we think I thought it1176.443.8
was just the item you you were holding1178.364.84
so I dropped it and then oh all right1180.244.919
yeah hopefully we have1183.24.32
$349 we doing1185.1595.561
everything what we everything oh yeah do1187.525.92
it all do it all1190.725.56
yeah save a little bit for the next one1193.445.52
uh maybe maybe not1196.284.04
we got to make sure we1198.965.92
hit hit that quot might be it yeah1200.328.2
it damn that's going to be close we1204.886.2
enough according to that we got enough1208.524.48
oh wait don't sell the duck s the duck1211.084.44
sell the duck we're not selling the duck1213.05.08
sell the duck Simon put the duck Simon1215.525.2
put shut the door Simon there you go1218.085.599
good job Simon Simon come here not put1220.726.439
the stuck up there no don't ring this1223.6797.681
Bell what1227.1594.201
what that was1231.726.56
amazing yes you still have a1233.644.64
chance it won't1242.0394.161
sell how1244.485.4
much it won't sell I'm hitting e and it1246.27.8
won't sell the item good you son of a1249.884.12
[ __ ] forget the duck forget the duck1254.245.679
godam damn it well then I'll forget1257.7995.841
Simon we're leaving him out there bye1259.9197.76
[ __ ] guys I need to we got to get I need1263.646.2
to get on this ship thank you oh bye1267.6796.801
Simon by it's not our1269.844.64
fault I'll teleport1275.443.96
you what was that1281.6797.48
about me abro I mean I'm sorry Anthony I1284.07.52
just dropped the duck did that the1289.1596.4
duck's gone we got overtime bonus what1291.527.759
we did there we do we're1295.5593.72

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