GTA 5 Pacific Standard Heist for Idiots Setup 2

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their YouTube channel? It's Part 2 of the GTA 5 Pacific Standar...
GTA 5 Pacific Standard Heist for Idiots Setup 2
GTA 5 Pacific Standard Heist for Idiots Setup 2

GTA 5 Pacific Standard Heist for Idiots Setup 2

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Can we talk about how awesome that Pacific Standard Heist for Idiots Setup 2 video is? I mean, van swaps and convoy ambush? Pure genius!

simon: Oh, come on Neebs, you know that video is my absolute favorite! The way they bumble through the heist is just too hilarious. It's like watching a bunch of monkeys try to rob a bank!

neebs: Haha, I know right? And don't even get me started on the music choices. New Horizons, Kreuzberg Nights, Warrior Strife? It's like the perfect soundtrack for a heist gone wrong!

appsro: Guys, guys, calm down. We all know that video is a classic. But let's be real, the real star of the show is when they try to do the drag race in the middle of the heist. I mean, who does that? Only true idiots, that's who!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their YouTube channel? It's Part 2 of the GTA 5 Pacific Standard bank heist set up, and let me tell you, it's packed with action and excitement. In this episode, they tackle van swaps and a convoy ambush, making for a thrilling gaming experience that you won't want to miss.

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So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the latest GTA 5 video from Neebs Gaming. With a killer soundtrack and intense gameplay, it's guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Thanks for watching, and remember to show Neebs Gaming some love by liking, commenting, and sharing their content. Let's keep supporting this amazing channel!

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good be good just uh three more little2.127.559
tasks to perform we should be good to go6.486.029
first we're going to need some hacking9.6794.991
equipments kind that nobody makes and12.5093.87
the sets that are in existence are all14.674.65
traced so we need to rob it from someone16.3794.141
who won't pinch in that it's gone19.323.75
missing now they have a set up a20.524.89
warehouse behind Vinewood Boulevard and23.074.77
I recommend that you get the same van25.414.26
they have and switch out the equipment27.843.75
now that way when you make the run29.673.81
they'll go chasing after their own van31.593.719
and one of you can get away clean with33.484.29
the equipment alright we're here we're35.3093.541
here we're here we're at Vinewood37.772.969
boulevard we got to take out the rival38.853.66
high screw all right now hey listen no40.7393.48
explosives there's fans back there we're42.513.63
gonna need okay so we don't want to blow44.2194.351
those vans up also let's see is there46.144.2
way we can surround these guys when we48.574.05
split up into teams okay I'll head down50.343.93
this way who wants to go with Mike I'll52.622.22
go with you54.273.51
oh Jesus I mean you go with me all right54.844.8
don't attack until we get the kid until57.783.75
we give the cue hey pal can I use your59.643.93
car's cover what up so just just stay61.533.959
right there okay what if he moves don't63.572.82
worry about it65.4892.88
needs us haven't you in position not yet66.394.38
saman you want back I am on your back68.3695.04
baby listen I know this is awkward but I70.774.29
just got it I just got to go in here and73.4093.21
still a fan okay just let me go in there75.063.39
still a band then he can move apps row76.6193.511
say what I feel like these cars are78.454.29
gonna move they might get spooked but if80.134.11
they do that's okay we can push forward82.744.14
aim some yeah hold on a second Simon84.244.8
what I don't think you can shoot over my86.883.39
shoulder there like you should probably89.043.24
go to that you know over there so that90.273.9
way I take couple of thank you I could92.283.85
do that hold on94.175.14
boom there we go guys okay I think we're96.133.989
in position99.313.51
oh yeah our covers moving can we do this100.1196.841
okay I'm gonna take cover behind three102.826.35
two one let's do it we're all here we go106.9620.07
come on baby we doing I'm fine109.1720.14
killing people yeah I feel like we're127.033.78
doing great he's their guy behind that129.316.72
truck uh yeah I got him did you get him130.819.8
I got him got another one we can move in136.037.289
you ready for coming I don't think we140.614.18
could move forward there's still guys143.3193.0
over there I'm gonna try to push it a144.792.699
little bit more I'm gonna try to get146.3193.601
this come serve you shootin okay all147.4893.691
right I need a better line aside I'm149.922.97
gonna move up a little bit someone cover151.182.07
yeah you guys are really squeezing I153.253.75
feel like Nick and I are doing all the155.0997.51
work here all right Nick what do you157.06.45
guys shoot dick162.6093.181
we're squeezed and I don't think so it163.453.9
just says thick nine didn't say who165.795.37
scales it possible he'll be back there a167.3514.34
guy behind this box here all right yeah171.1611.94
but I don't see a van so I thought I181.692.639
think we're cool well if you're throwing183.13.18
grenades on throw grenades well just be184.3293.421
careful don't throw grenades near186.282.13
man's got it oh that's you okay see oh I188.415.58
see yeah I'll shoot up this is us gotcha191.474.11
good call all right there's one guy left193.995.43
where is he wearing oh shut get shot195.586.51
serpentine hold on yep oh boy199.425.43
oh there we go he's down one more way202.095.16
there's no upstairs we got him I need a204.854.29
snack I need a snack big time eat a207.253.66
snack eat a snack I can't when I'm209.143.96
crouching apparently we did it210.914.92
okay wait for the transporter to get in213.14.29
the white van what does that mean what215.833.24
white van all right okay I'm going back217.392.25
to the van219.073.12
all right wait for the transporter shake219.646.06
oh crap sick what you got a mask on yeah222.194.77
told me to put the mask on at the225.73.48
beginning of the thing really yeah I226.965.04
forgot that I bought a new hat oh and229.184.89
you got a new hat I'm gonna see guys232.04.53
we're oh there you are hold on I want to234.073.78
see this new hat neebs236.532.82
come on where's when your head where's237.853.09
the Hat not that one no you have so many239.354.35
hats I spin I got a lot of hats man you240.946.99
do where's my new hat oh wait it's under243.76.69
helmets here we go I got a bunch of247.935.43
helmets too yep not that one nope there250.397.71
we go there it is I got a park it beside253.367.89
the black van all right and boom mark258.14.89
the white van next to the black van now261.253.6
we gotta wait for the server equipment262.993.12
to do something I don't know I'm opening264.852.76
doors I don't know what I'm doing I have266.113.15
one climate in here watching you whoa267.613.72
look at me pushing buttons somebody hit269.264.02
this wire throw that wire out grab this271.335.839
take this thing out and over to this van273.287.83
put this in here for some reason okay277.1696.311
I felt like I did that with intent all281.115.09
right so what now283.482.72
all right so thick you need to hop in292.643.55
the white van and take that white van295.082.58
back to page okay296.193.15
I'm hopping in the black van leaves297.6619.41
Simon you guys hop in the back okay wait299.3420.21
a second317.072.48
all right you got cameras covering keep321.6423.05
going we got some in front catch you too324.9223.09
fast fast better344.693.32
Wow anymore hey how you doing a bit time348.3812.33
to race we're running some criminals358.864.98
dick how you doing guys almost there360.714.78
they're still on me but I think I'm363.846.83
gonna make it come on come on come on I365.499.21
made it yeah I'm already a page there's370.679.48
a big 44 yes I like it374.78.07
she probably never went home last night380.154.45
all right we gotta leave these guys go382.777.68
to Mike Wallace three okay oh no what I384.616.23
kind of wish we wards oh god no how'd390.4512.33
you get she'll let me cover you cuz you400.833.3
were covering him402.783.4
ah here we go here's our ally note we406.185.85
just got to bring it over to this little410.864.14
yellow dot cup BAM we got it412.036.45
beautiful yeah destroy the black man415.05.16
destroy the but okay I guess we got to418.483.33
do that all right you watch out Neves I420.1622.95
can yeah this I'm backing up I'm not421.8124.18
really a fan of the the bass yeah you443.113.39
like it445.993.03
no I'm not a fan of the bass the bit it446.54.17
don't not a fan of no yeah I'm sorry449.023.3
yeah I'm right there with you yeah but450.673.0
it's too loud you can't hear yourself452.323.0
right like I'm stuck man don't let the453.672.01
I know Dancing's fun but I almost feel455.684.2
like I mean yes I'm old I feel like I457.634.53
need to have earplugs in before I go459.884.29
into these places I don't mind the bass462.163.54
so much I just don't like waiting in464.172.28
yeah the line here is dumb hey that's466.454.41
right what can you maybe go up there468.74.23
play the Neves gaming card oh yeah uh470.863.3
yeah I'll try472.933.21
just let him maybe he watches our course474.163.54
oh yeah yeah yeah let me see let me see476.144.98
see if you watch this - Carm hey what's477.74.89
up man yeah yeah you know me and my481.122.76
buddies back there you know what part of482.593.0
the neebs gaming crew we do things like483.884.65
you know rob people shoot people smuggle485.595.01
cocaine maybe he knows battlefield488.533.54
friends hey do you know battlefield490.63.36
friends I told you ask about the car492.075.66
okay you don't go boy493.963.77
all right a toast toast to a van502.1696.97
stealing mission successful and to a506.54.889
successful heist yeah hopefully we can509.1394.501
rob this Bank yes is that more death511.3895.791
Simon yeah I'll try and cheers Cheers513.646.649
I don't have a drink guys517.183.109
you guys have a plan I think so542.0596.94
abso yeah we got a ambushed a convoy up545.1896.0
but a plan alright that's not a I know548.9994.56
it's gonna be a convoy yeah I don't know551.1894.5
just I think there's it's gonna be553.5593.69
guarded by some trucks we just got to555.6893.781
blow up the trucks steal the vehicle557.2494.2
okay I don't know I bought my - I'm559.474.309
see every time we Thank You Simon and we565.0113.41
don't even have a plan good throws on a572.14912.091
sleepover we knock it off we're almost578.427.56
there okay all right I think we can584.243.36
ambush these guys here at this bridge585.983.75
good choke point I like it yeah587.64.71
okay I'm gonna Park the moonbeam right589.734.919
over here thick you go to the other side592.313.63
of the bridge and get on that hill we594.6492.88
can hit these guys from the back okay595.943.48
Deeb's Simon uh-huh they're probably597.5293.42
gonna have chopper escorts599.424.05
I want you focused on that chopper okay600.9496.061
all right I'm gonna blow this dove the603.475.1
front part with c4 you wants to do607.013.93
chopper from here not from here but when608.574.74
they get closer right but where are we610.944.86
gonna be when we're doing this like am i613.314.29
standing up here with you yeah come up615.83.57
here with me all right everybody yeah617.63.239
maybe we'll get a good distance away619.375.1
okay you in position just about give me620.8395.041
a second624.473.6
besides the dynamite view let me take a625.885.88
look oh well I could see choppers on the628.075.94
map I see the chopper - yeah I'm ready631.764.53
for him Oh yep I see the convoy way up634.014.47
there it looks like one black vehicle in636.294.169
the front Harvard the tailored vehicle638.483.0
in the middle is what we got to steal640.4592.701
and there's two armored vehicles in the641.483.33
back we got to steal one of those too643.163.69
yeah we should be able to steal one cuz644.813.329
yeah having one of those would be super646.854.289
helpful on this thing okay648.1395.281
I'll try not to beep Simon what all651.1393.51
right you guys ready to lock onto the653.424.1
chocolate yeah they win I'm ready okay654.6495.601
my baby start like an op-ed in three two660.259.59
one fire666.553.29
all right okay Boyd take cover take678.194.33
how we looking we're there I'm gonna682.5210.08
snipe from back here but I'm gonna get a691.193.03
little bit closer I don't really have a692.66.96
good line of sight I got two tangos down694.227.56
maybe three three tangos raised beds699.563.0
gold baby701.783.9
I got I got a guy I got a guy cuatro702.568.37
tangos my boy he's not down snacks I'm705.687.89
not good at this good seven no I need to710.937.77
eat some snacks controller had a boy713.577.71
dick did you blow up there we go there718.74.65
we go there we go all right I got these721.285.4
guys leave I got the guy on the back all723.353.51
oh boy there's a bunch of them over726.862.97
there right there oh my got a good I've728.453.54
got a good position do ya729.836.49
Yeah right here summon it's a spot right731.994.75
Oh could I sure though there's one more736.745.93
left where who are you some soggy beach738.693.98
there we go all right Simon you you can743.879.16
watch a easy Simon you guys come down750.694.74
here and steal this truck we chemin Oh753.034.65
let's do this quick whoo rolling I'm755.434.83
taking this vehicle listen do I need to757.684.44
get on this thing or thick were you760.263.48
gonna get on the gun I'm getting on the762.124.08
gun Simon think you got it all right I'm763.743.09
getting in766.22.79
try for what which one I'm driving he's766.834.08
driving he's already going on God guys768.993.57
we got people coming in just [ __ ] do770.913.38
all right let's do this774.293.54
grunting all right on it which display786.2095.07
truck here who's driving one I'm driving788.0696.471
us you're in the past791.2793.261
there's nobody's we got a chopper all797.5197.091
right yep yep I see them put them you801.374.079
got it baby804.613.74
thank you I appreciate you let me know821.656.54
give me speed up slow down825.053.14
that's it jumper take a chopper down Tim829.156.95
I'm working on it too full832.363.74
turn one need to turn around851.653.68
all right trying I think I shoot them871.84.96
oh god I okay yeah876.766.3
sorry I was looking back a ward and seen881.513.49
that shepherd boy oh boy883.0611.93
I got a lot of heat on me boys let's896.473.3
just slow down baby898.725.0
yep I got ice on it all right punch it899.777.17
we got escaped these guys we're killing903.727.59
us oh [ __ ] I think we actually did it906.948.79
yes are they coming911.317.36
oh god no there's still some in front of915.735.06
follow me hey we got it all right take948.121.31
the truck to the drop-off beautiful967.642.76
no wait when the drop-off just behind us970.43.99
and Paige this place I don't know I'm972.054.14
following the yellow dot like I do in974.394.14
every video game okay I swear if it's976.194.02
Paige she's still wearing that lightning978.532.85
shirt why do you think the Lighting's980.2111.25
yours it was just oh you're saying981.3812.06
because it's sneaky because she's991.4612.36
staying okay there we go yeah you got um993.4413.62
hey Paige we got it here1003.825.55
looking good I'll ditch the truck you1007.064.17
hold on to those okay I'll hold on to1009.374.08
this daddy takes your lightning sure I1011.233.84
don't hate it you just wear it every day1013.455.72
at least wash it Paige1015.074.1

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Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest cinematic masterpiece - the Pacific Standard bank heist set up in GTA 5. I've been a huge fan of their GTA videos for years now, and they just keep getting better and better.

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I also love how they portray the personalities of each member of the crew. Dora is the level-headed leader, Thick is the loveable idiot, Appsro is paranoid and neurotic, and so on. It makes their interactions feel so authentic and hilarious.

Overall, Neebs Gaming is hands down the best way to experience GTA 5 short of playing it yourself. No other YouTube channel comes close to creating such cinematic masterpieces out of the game. Everything from the production to the writing to the acting is top notch. I really can't recommend their videos highly enough if you're a GTA fan. I'm always left eagerly anticipating their next heist after each upload!

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