WHAT'S IN THE VAULT?! - Minecraft (#36)

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest Minecraft episode, "The Dire Straits"? Appsro, Anthony, and Neebs...
WHAT'S IN THE VAULT?! - Minecraft (#36)
WHAT'S IN THE VAULT?! - Minecraft (#36)

WHAT'S IN THE VAULT?! - Minecraft (#36)

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen this video 'WHAT'S IN THE VAULT?!'? It's absolutely hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one is a classic! I mean, who doesn't love watching us make a Nether highway from Pantsylvania?

neebs: And don't forget about the epic search for tridents! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

simon: I know, right? It's like a rollercoaster of emotions, especially when we encounter skeletons and start 'poopin' everywhere.

neebs: Ha! Yeah, that part cracked me up. And the ending with 'Hashtag Not All Car Salesmen'? Pure gold.

simon: Definitely. This video has everything - adventure, laughs, and even a bit of chaos. It's no wonder it's our favorite!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest Minecraft episode, "The Dire Straits"? Appsro, Anthony, and Neebs embark on a mission to create a Nether highway from Pantsylvania to their skeleton spawner, while Simon and Dora are on the hunt for tridents. The adventures and mishaps that unfold in this episode are just classic Neebs Gaming fun!

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The music featured in the episode sets the perfect tone for the epic journey our team embarks on. From Kevin MacLeod to Quincas Moreira, the soundtrack adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

So, grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for a wild ride with Neebs Gaming in Minecraft - The Dire Straits episode. Thanks for being a part of our gaming community and for watching Minecraft with us.

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laughter I've heard your entrance yeah5.725.29
like I hear it in here too oh my8.5192.941
hello welcome to the spawner I can tell11.465.22
it's a spawner just by the audio15.0893.661
yeah the zombies won't shut up it's not16.683.87
really good in that case but I've18.753.99
expanded this room a little bit and I'd20.553.989
have called you here for a reason what22.743.93
I've called you here for a reason okay24.5395.341
show me come up here how do I get up26.676.18
there okay I don't see it's down there29.884.89
it is geez up man talk about a Simon32.854.08
moment there you are hey all right34.773.93
after I need to show you something oh my36.933.99
goodness okay did you'd ignore the38.74.08
glowing red room for a second there's no40.923.54
way to ignore that look over here and42.784.56
ignore the glowing red room but but you44.465.91
see this in my hand it is a pickaxe yes47.346.39
but no ordinary pickaxe I was blessed50.375.939
with a silk touch pickaxe53.735.43
oh now okay the thing where you can pick56.3094.5
up the blocks without breaking her egg59.163.39
yeah like if you mind just a stone block60.8093.871
you get a stone block yeah or other62.554.41
things correct for example so you have64.684.95
your mat back pickaxe right do I have66.966.51
Mad Max hey there come on look look at69.635.52
this now what does Mad Max pick X out73.475.009
Mad Max pickaxe has efficiency 3 and75.155.7
fortune - now that's what I needed you78.4796.68
here for come with me hey what all this80.856.059
anthony's trash feed85.1593.041
there's nothing here needs don't worry86.9092.761
about it how could me about an app88.24.349
server well he has a cool pickaxe what89.675.339
are you guys okay I got I'm just great92.5494.261
to be around all right you can join us95.0093.991
but don't touch anything okay this is96.814.66
kind of the cool pickaxe Club yeah99.03.73
actually you know what no names you101.473.66
can't come cuz then you get out of here102.733.99
gonna pig X will come hang out with you105.131.92
yeah but it's not glory you know what he107.053.45
can come noobs promise me you don't want108.793.45
anything of what's behind that door no I110.52.88
don't want anything that's gonna see me112.242.76
on what's back there come with me you113.382.64
heard him right yep115.03.24
after first this chest right here please116.024.29
place all of your items in the chest all118.244.11
of them empty yourself all of them empty120.314.71
yourself I can't security has to be122.354.5
tight it sounds like hazel are you125.024.23
hazing right now I'm not hazing this is126.854.74
not a college even man max pickaxe no no129.253.9
Matt backs you need that okay so I do131.593.69
need that because we need a pure count133.153.93
but Liv Tyler and Bilbo Baggins are135.283.27
gonna be safe right yes they're gonna be137.083.42
safe right their needs you know what138.553.75
you're here do the honors open the door140.56.66
with the switch and welcome okay to the142.35.99
just just mate in a sweaty okay yep just148.296.49
one sleeve leaves you broken how did you153.012.4
even do that154.782.16
I don't you can you know push it hard155.414.98
after a look away I I saw it is I see I156.945.1
see through their leaves you somehow160.394.02
broke and ignore this block okay and162.044.86
look at what I've gathered weird Lord164.414.829
with Oh with your light touch you've166.96.87
managed to pick up you get a quarter of169.2396.391
everything in this room if you help me173.774.71
break it all oh because I have a fit yep175.635.55
yep that sounds like a good deal to me I178.483.87
need you get nothing because you made a181.183.66
promise you have a problem oh here hold182.355.43
on this area is so good for diamond184.844.38
mining we got to dig in let's start187.7811.04
digging okay 17 I'm getting more than189.2212.66
the corner though diamonds gold I mean198.824.68
we kind of made an agreement no I just201.882.79
started digging I didn't make the203.52.459
agreement I mean I could just lock the204.671.89
what do you add now Wow holy moly what206.564.92
just happened the doors shut you're not209.83.3
leaving until you make a deal I think I211.483.57
can get out of here you know what kind213.13.57
of pickaxe he is all right you're right215.052.939
don't break anything please and work216.673.77
hard on it217.9892.451
epps row this is just the beginning of236.034.45
the scene you haven't told me what to do238.24.32
this is where you explain it well hi240.484.26
okay so obviously our nether quarrels242.524.26
right here another if you were to go244.743.63
down that way you would get to another246.782.88
portal that will take you to apps for248.374.53
topia yes but I would like to dig far249.665.76
this way and try to make a portal that252.93.96
hopefully will come out in that desert255.423.09
near that a desert spawn while you're256.865.67
trying to teleport yes you know I know258.515.52
you talked about making like a minecart262.534.65
way out there underground subway right264.035.52
you know that's not a crime against God267.184.5
no and you didn't listen if you want to269.554.05
do that you can but listen I've dug an271.683.54
underground subway and guess what never273.63.66
use it it's never use it because you're275.223.54
a heathen and you use health portals277.263.15
where's this light coming from up here278.763.96
probably some clothes don't sit up there280.4110.89
a bit you there a ho to the room back282.7215.05
here oh hey look at this fancy291.38.619
I don't297.774.429
we've been back here before no I've299.9194.291
never been obviously this is the way we302.1995.071
need to go there's some quartz this lava304.215.9
all right watch yeah we keep going yeah307.276.57
so I'm gonna just have to like eyeball310.116.76
what I think or just take a guess is313.845.129
there math to it there is bath to it but316.873.329
you know what do you want to do you want318.9692.611
to go all the way out there and like get320.1992.701
the number then come back and get the321.583.209
number now to be played I kind of had322.93.81
the number actually someone told me but324.7893.78
I forgot it out okay well if you want to326.713.479
find the number go for it now let's just328.5693.421
pop out and see where we go the way I330.1896.03
did okay hey dahab where's that stupid331.995.429
movie up down here336.2193.6
I guess that see that that is a tease337.4194.951
for the next episode not even dealing339.8195.041
with this right now okay is she up to342.374.38
I can't leave her alone for a minute no344.863.899
Hale no he can't how does it not melt in346.754.529
the inlet hell no questions science this348.75910.62
is scientific Simon yes sir I Spy351.27910.771
something curious I spy with my little359.37910.771
eye red and swollen eyes it's a big red362.0511.459
woolen and I like it I like saying370.156.239
swollen swollen hey I'm gonna go check373.5094.201
this out real quick cuz you don't have a376.3894.08
stupid hat on right now I hear you check377.715.97
that out I was talking about one of my380.4696.241
tails I was talking about one of my toes383.688.759
is red and swollen what is this I even386.718.689
get this I'm gonna get it392.4392.96
yeah I know how my get this though who I396.398.8
get new recipes for something something403.275.58
oh I'm gonna siding it is kind of405.197.08
exciting one more time this place is mmm408.855.25
it's not what I want you know we wanted412.279.75
that drowned yeah I'm gonna jump while414.111.31
you're down there oh sorry man chest422.025.7
chest I've trying to jump but it's not425.414.62
allowing me to I'm not grabbing anything427.724.11
but the fishing rod in that chest430.033.78
there's one more thing I'm gonna get431.834.53
after this okay I could use I could use433.814.62
a fish brush I got you one okay436.364.83
you're handsome man on down go down438.4314.85
again go down on on me brother are you441.1915.24
yeah it's weird and shaky okay that's453.2810.11
what she said she was talking about my456.439.81
head because I was crying what463.395.46
my head was shaking it was weird and466.245.46
shaky because I was crying I got dark468.855.46
Simon I don't ok I'm sorry to hear that471.78.9
yeah sometimes I just one more chest go474.3112.54
okay but sometimes I cry oh how can I do480.68.59
that you can feel better about yourself486.854.68
because you're a great first oh well489.194.2
that's nice yeah491.534.94
I love being pitied493.393.08
it's some of my face looks like a497.084.33
mustache it's it my nose is like499.884.56
ticklish what is it I don't I don't know501.415.28
trying to tell you like you I can't see504.444.8
myself a mustache506.694.59
what kind of mustache handlebar mustache509.245.989
handlebar I don't have a mustache yeah511.287.68
afro look at my face yeah what's wrong515.2295.921
with it it's disgusting second opinion518.963.629
on this told you got a mustache521.154.14
why do I have a mustache all right is it522.5894.44
like that little helmet mod we have525.293.39
where you can't really see helmets take527.0293.361
your helmet off look at me take your528.684.44
helmet off now yep gone I just got a530.395.4
diamond helmet finally oh I see it in my533.129.81
menu there I am that's how people with535.799.39
mustaches sounded thing yeah very good542.937.08
now look at me I'm a mustache this is545.186.96
gonna lead out but there's only one way550.014.56
to find out in there oh yeah please552.145.16
please let him try it first what made554.575.13
you take a right and then do this well557.35.87
that uh that desert is from from our559.76.48
Pennsylvania okay you would go for two563.175.14
then take a right okay no this is just566.184.77
kind of a guess I would hit you but it568.313.84
would kiss every one of y'all all right570.953.48
here we go yep all right you split up572.154.71
we're doing one of us go doing what all574.434.26
three go at once that's dangerous you576.863.87
might I mean why don't you just go and578.693.72
see where you come out at all right Liv580.7310.95
Tyler don't let me down okay it's safe582.4111.9
I'm in a cave come on through all right591.684.13
we're coming594.315.02
oh hello Anthony hello this doesn't look595.815.469
much like a desert a day doesn't yeah599.333.78
we're gonna have to dig up to just kind601.2793.93
of see where we're at okay so and tell603.115.0
you what so it's very dark from that605.2096.111
let's let's go this way okay yeah make a608.115.52
makeshift stairwell we'll just dig up611.325.75
figure out where we're at613.633.44
Dora yep this is village what's hit me630.589.629
down here I have no idea I don't know635.274.939
and there's boats over here there's645.166.28
boats over here Oh God except just I'll648.029.33
get hit don't confuse I'm two and651.4417.97
protect myself was that the dolphin was657.3515.03
the dolphin hit me baby are you kidding669.418.21
me oh my god they are little dicks yeah672.387.89
I'm trying to block myself in this house677.624.96
but I can't place blocks for some reason680.274.59
uh-huh all right I'm doing laughs I'm in682.584.949
a house good I'm good hey buddy I'm in684.866.33
with some guy yeah I'm uh I'm in with no687.5296.211
one hey enjoy your time I'm just gonna I691.195.07
don't know take a load off I suppose can693.745.099
I should I kill this guy no I don't see696.263.51
why you do that698.8392.19
well that means just so I could have699.773.689
some privacy oh I see what you're saying701.0294.771
yeah like should I just take a shovel to703.4593.721
his head don't kill me about it705.82.909
just don't tell me about it do what you707.183.899
got to do for you you know all right I708.7093.811
don't let me anything to hear anything I711.0792.731
don't get it here we're gonna be here712.523.24
all night he's trying to hit him in the713.815.37
head I just hit him yep all right yes no715.765.67
need to give me those details yeah he's719.184.32
jumping up and down he's not happy721.435.04
I doubt he would be he's not okay he's723.58.839
sure he's okay okay Simon say hey yeah726.479.27
yeah didn't need that oh I'm sorry you732.3394.921
didn't want me to say anything did you735.745.52
so does it matter I didn't realize okay737.265.98
hey just relax a bit741.263.72
a lot of bad crap out there I'm taking743.246.089
my pants off now oh yeah yeah again the744.986.62
details and then uh yep now the shirt749.3294.821
mm-hmm oh that feels good751.65.27
okay yeah we need to go further we need758.116.75
to go a lot further yeah I'm going back761.294.86
down we're in the middle of the ocean764.864.41
ocean but at same time how pretty but I766.154.83
see yeah I see the desert yep I know769.273.0
exactly where we are770.983.51
I see the village way over there there's772.273.87
a village so we got it we got to go a774.493.18
little bit further in the loaded Wharf776.1411.04
to the right so like so like when when777.6711.64
it's like really wet and it's coming out787.184.95
like water like that's when I start to789.315.28
think that I need to change my diet like792.134.92
what Kylie's hoop so you are you having794.594.83
on a regular basis are they please they797.055.73
stop some something fluffy poops they're799.427.77
supposed to be fluffy like come out yeah802.788.4
almost like a little spongy see I just807.195.52
don't want to talk right I'm just trying811.183.33
to relax a little bit you know yeah no I812.714.83
know but a : health is important and you814.514.95
know hold and you got to pay attention817.545.13
to what your poop looks like okay well819.465.1
we're out on the ocean how long and you822.674.38
want to talk now because I know but824.566.09
there I ain't well I mean I'm sorry I827.056.77
what do you want to talk about830.653.17
anyone else come through careful843.064.34
shooting at me I'm looking for you with852.3514.26
the gas oh you bet okay leave watch out861.787.37
I mean it is more efficient than a train870.9843.14
I mean are you pooping now is that908.7798.221
what's happening no I already pooped but914.126.149
it was really really wet like it it's917.06.99
it's like almost like iced tea well920.2695.281
maybe you got a bunch of sea water up923.994.469
your anus I don't know I don't know that925.554.83
might have done it let's stop let's stop928.4593.421
that's fine what do you want to talk930.383.72
about Laos I'll see you in the morning I931.883.72
don't want to talk I know I know but I934.13.39
kind of I like to talk until I sleep935.68.179
like until I fall asleep you know937.498.62
can you at least hear me can you hear me946.115.0
you can hear me yeah give me a minute951.2618.13
here zombie I do hear a zombie doesn't966.364.56
mean there's a zombie anymore he's so969.393.06
far underground when we started970.923.63
above-ground no that's what I'm saying972.453.569
that's what I'm thinking about water974.552.88
theory starting here you might be976.0192.82
correct that makes a lot of sense977.433.87
but I am hearing zombies I don't know if978.8393.93
this is there's a cave nearest it's a981.33.12
sign of life either that or we get982.7694.201
closer to the top Oh yep I see dirt dirt984.426.63
dirt love it let's see if this is the986.979.809
top Oh No or maybe if we look behind us991.058.7
there water yeah Oh God zombies creepers996.7798.101
everywhere holy crap holy crap he999.756.779
brought his armies lots of creepers keep1004.885.13
moving oh boy oh he's getting close hey1006.5298.101
move it damn one blue behind you there1010.0116.77
we go this is way less desert II I don't1014.6313.86
know where we're we are I don't1026.784.71
recognize anything either huh oh wait1028.495.579
yeah look what you see it's the remains1031.496.51
of data that the tower pillager tower or1034.0696.211
whatever oh really so the base should be1038.03.5
like that direction1040.284.74
exactly ah poor Simon Simon was slain by1041.55.679
a spider what happened there I don't1045.023.24
know maybe we'll see it in the next1047.1794.701
scene I'm looking forward to the rewind1048.263.62
all right daylight cup Oh up there you1056.967.72
spiders yeah I'll take you I'll take you1064.687.11
oh yeah yeah I got you okay1067.448.43
Oh oh geez uh zombie okay well okay then1071.796.9
I was trying to be careful of the Oh No1075.8718.54
okay I got this I get it1078.6918.21
take it out where is it I think I might1094.413.66
have gotten it nice1096.93.15
oh wait I hear one though anyway yeah1098.074.29
keep it just keep it on me okay I think1100.054.32
I'm gonna try to build I should I go out1102.363.12
I'm gonna go out a little bit further1104.373.03
but I don't think we need to go too much1105.483.18
further you know what like right here1107.42.58
right here is where I'm doing it this is1108.663.03
my this is gonna be a platform this is1109.984.08
enough I know I I don't know I honestly1111.693.69
thought we'll find out1114.063.15
we'll find out that's the fun in this to1115.384.11
me this is directly this direction from1117.213.42
the thing I think we need to go back1119.493.24
that way a little bit but we'll see well1120.633.63
as long as we can just get to the desert1122.732.31
I'd be happy1124.262.94
has anyone else creeped out names do you1125.043.39
see like in the background it's kind of1127.22.79
like a cross I mean it's just a plus1128.435.01
symbol across yeah it's just like a plus1129.995.19
but if they added one on the bottom it1133.444.35
would look really hellish oh yeah or one1135.186.33
on the top Antichrist okay yeah that's1137.795.34
place it's not creeped out by two lines1141.513.99
putting together you should be okay oh1143.134.85
you should be1145.52.48
why why what is that what was that1151.288.12
really with Satan telling us to leave1156.4327.29
his domain quick okay over here1159.424.32
we're good holy crap that oh so much I1200.138.26
didn't know they could destroy the1206.985.55
nether rocks yeah okay light it up1208.3923.52
come on hold your breath oh there you1212.5320.16
are okay1231.912.67
what's up noobs Anthony stay behind the1232.694.8
build up lips you won't fall right climb1234.584.23
this hill okay1237.494.26
oh there's the thing yep exactly right1238.813.57
over there1241.754.11
all right up the hill up the hill and if1242.386.3
I'm not mistaken yep boom right off in1245.867.43
the distance there's our skeleton farm1248.684.61
top of the hill hey hey what's up yeah1255.125.5
top of the hill right over there1259.153.78
so I mean theoretically we get we could1260.623.63
even destroy it and try to get a little1262.932.88
closer but man I'm already happy with1264.253.66
this now we have a portal out to the1265.813.66
desert that's pretty cool we could build1267.913.36
a little train to it you know what1269.473.33
Anthony I'm gonna let you do that I want1271.273.6
to let you build a train that's that's a1272.83.69
desert station right over there1274.873.87
desert station that's all you baby all1276.495.82
right best of both worlds sweet we did1278.746.18
it sand comes easy now names1282.315.37
and experience and the chickens for free1284.925.64
but there's no chickens here it's mainly1287.684.98
skeletons and bones and for nothing and1290.564.23
the chickens for free oh oh you're1292.667.8
making a speech it's that song but Abel1294.798.34
you if you need me give me hope i that1300.465.87
guy from Toy Story yes1303.133.2
you got a friend in me no oh yeah yeah1307.125.21
yeah it was ready booing hissing man1310.245.73
look at me in the yo-yo days you eat you1312.338.56
do it you've got a friend in me that1315.977.89
ain't working that's the way you do it1320.896.0
Bernie for nothing in you chickens for1323.866.98
free when the road looks rough ahead1326.898.64
have you heard you get 3 dB Rachel miles1330.848.02
and miles from your nice warm bed you1335.535.82
build a mob spawner and get armor for1338.865.76
free we get to move1341.357.36
Waveland with it together and see it1344.628.59
through we get to Moody's VP Julie you1348.717.23
saying this for nothing in the tickets1353.213.61
for free1355.943.97
to do Randy nailed that song1370.357.77
Simon yep I some I don't like those1379.737.63
dolphins man I know we talked about it1385.7993.301
but I'm pretty sure that's what was1387.364.799
nipping my but I don't read sure ADA ADA1389.15.61
said that that they don't know that they1392.1594.77
don't hurt yet I look back and all I saw1394.714.589
was a dolphin well let me tell you they1396.9294.561
are squirrely to say the least they are1399.2994.411
like getting all over the place and I I1401.494.86
don't ya lost them no I don't either a1403.715.67
lot of them are car salesmen and you1406.357.47
know what kind of car salesmen get a bad1409.387.26
rep it's it's all the individual car1413.823.75
sure there's a lot of what do you mean1417.573.93
Carl there's a lot of great are you1419.2794.26
Sheila are you sure1421.54.799
I've met guys that were car salesmen and1423.5395.311
I liked them a lot but isn't their1426.2996.781
entire incentive to like go over no no1428.858.04
it's to sell you a car but not better1433.088.37
the more they go over no no no no no1436.896.269
they're just trying to hopefully just1441.453.69
sell you a car and then they get a1443.1594.351
commission come on they care about you1445.144.769
and your family your mother they care1447.514.74
about all that stuff they do I don't I1449.9093.9
don't think you're right about that I1452.256.39
get a a handmade birthday card from a1453.8097.951
guy that I bought a car from six years1458.646.0
ago no he had it I should we shared a1461.765.76
recipe together a baked ziti recipe and1464.646.149
and I tell you this guy I mean granted1467.526.21
he's a little bit weird but I get a card1470.7896.36
every year let me ask you a question and1473.736.36
be completely honest about this yeah did1477.1495.371
he give you one card before you actually1480.095.37
bought the vehicle and you just have had1482.528.84
that one card for six years you know me1485.465.9
absolutely looking good with that1492.952.109
hey thanks you know what since we're out1495.0594.891
here yeah I want to show you something1497.823.69
what what you guys our portal is over1499.954.14
there over there is where you know our1501.514.74
little skeleton farm is yep desert1504.094.04
spawner check this out1506.254.49
but these those little stick trees no no1508.134.35
it's been very few places in this game1510.744.53
where I see and I think I have to build1512.486.84
here whoa whoa no no it's it's eh over1515.275.67
here we're here but this whole area is1519.324.35
I've never seen it like what ours what1520.945.7
is this play play em play stuff yeah1523.675.61
this this view right here I I stood here1526.646.81
yes boom reminded me the first time I1529.286.54
ever laid eyes on the mountain of that I1533.454.74
built absolute opion yeah I get the same1535.824.77
gut feeling of like I have to transform1538.194.77
this this is a beautiful area oh yeah1540.595.04
with you but you mentioned a train and1542.964.5
you know I'm kind of a portal guy but1545.634.58
yeah I looked at this and I thought1547.465.94
western town there ain't enough room in1550.214.63
this town for the two of them there is1553.43.63
you're the Train guy ocala but I get a1554.842.94
hey there mayor muttering ah ah1557.784.59
you want to train to be going through1560.784.02
this town oh I sure do that bring lots1562.374.86
to my local economy oh really what I1564.84.2
think I can help I'll get the Chinese1567.238.01
working on it oh all right too far I was1569.07.77
joking you're you now though it's ask1575.243.18
too far okay well alright well that's1576.773.24
what they say in real life they built1578.425.01
the you build a train train guy anyway1580.015.31
train western town it's gonna happen1583.434.58

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