HUGE ICE PALACE... with a Dark Secret. - Minecraft

Minecraft - An ominous spire has appeared in Pantsylvania. Where does it lead? The boys will find out! Our Folding@Home team: https://stats.foldingat...
HUGE ICE PALACE... with a Dark Secret. - Minecraft
HUGE ICE PALACE... with a Dark Secret. - Minecraft

HUGE ICE PALACE... with a Dark Secret. - Minecraft

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Minecraft enthusiasts! Have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's all about an ominous spire that has mysteriously appeared in Pantsylvania. I don't know about you, but I'm already hooked and eager to find out where this spooky structure leads the boys on their adventure.

And hey, have you checked out their Folding@Home team? They're doing some awesome work, so be sure to show them some support. Plus, their new shirt design is pretty rad - I might just have to snag one for myself!

If you're like me and want to copy their mod setup, they've got a video tutorial to help you out. And don't forget to subscribe to Neebs Gaming for more epic Minecraft content. They're powered by Xidax PCs, so you know the quality is top-notch.

Oh, and have you joined their Discord server yet? It's a great way to connect with other fans and stay updated on all things Neebs Gaming. And let's not forget about their Neebs Gaming Coffee - the perfect fuel for those late-night gaming sessions.

As a die-hard fan, I always look forward to their Minecraft playlists. The music they use in their videos is always on point and sets the perfect tone for the adventures that unfold. And speaking of music, they always credit the artists they feature, which I really appreciate.

From exploring icy landscapes to facing off against wretched demons, this video has it all. The boys encounter all sorts of challenges and surprises along the way, making for an action-packed and entertaining experience. So, if you're a fan of Minecraft, RTX, or just love a good cinematic adventure, this video is a must-watch. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Thanks for tuning in to Neebs Gaming's Minecraft escapades - I can't wait to see what they have in store next! 🚀

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can I send stuff through this without0.864.72
going through never tried it good3.34.26
there's throwing stuff down is it going5.584.41
through by its Dale no is it so much a7.564.56
feet on the other side right thanks oh I9.993.569
know I can go through there but I think12.123.179
since Bruce well there's nothing on this13.5594.021
side of the portal like in the nether oh15.2995.461
wait disappear wait throw a thing yeah17.584.619
it goes through but then it disappears20.763.24
oh yeah hold on let's go through see if22.1993.9
it's there yeah oh you stay there after24.011.219
all get a sword you have to be able is26.09911.341
or not live Tyler I would never throw35.2194.02
dip Tyler through a portal all right37.443.45
well throw more stuff all right39.2393.961
girlfriend yeah it coming40.894.739
I think it's bread but it's purple what43.24.769
oh okay we need to keep working on this45.6295.91
distribution method we could deliver47.96914.881
bread to everyone in any household not51.53913.77
taking that off seems like it works yeah62.856.36
cool we can teleport or bread through65.3096.541
hell nice yep I don't know why you're so69.214.47
I don't think breads very nutritious so71.854.65
you know me alive dozen weeks now and73.684.71
I'm gonna keep you alive but you're both76.54.049
like when I ain't very nutritious red it78.394.32
just takes like like I have to eat one80.5493.0
every five minutes82.712.51
nobody fills up my ham what is that83.5495.131
that's what the blue tower is it a85.225.469
waterfall that's gotta be something88.685.07
doraleous did someone do that it looks90.6894.47
like a big pile of stuff it looks93.753.66
exactly like something Simon would do95.1595.281
hey I don't know and I didn't build it106.1896.04
Wow it's some kind of icy winter109.775.19
wonderland this is below none of you112.2294.261
don't look like it's so cold114.963.449
no but really this justice just showed116.494.29
up yeah it would appear yeah just showed118.4094.111
up out of nowhere okay so that looks120.783.33
like Frosty the Snowman took a giant122.525.15
dump right in the middle of Pennsylvania124.113.56
today Allie's want to go in first of149.333.48
course I do look like that you look like151.163.24
the eager is to Bieber with that helmet152.813.66
Oh is there a door or an IND what do you154.44.86
have well I mean door going in very cold156.473.87
it's very cold159.269.39
yeah I'll go is it okay I don't want to160.349.54
I don't want wait168.653.75
well oh hey I'm going down I'm going169.883.93
back here that sounded like a death172.43.15
scream oh boy all right I'm gonna I'm173.815.31
good I'm gonna follow him this is a very175.555.22
slow descent I don't know why you were179.122.31
oh because look Simon I thought it was181.436.27
falling fast good luck it's nothing down182.996.75
here yeah just come on down boys alright187.75.55
this is very alien guys very alien189.745.52
there's a bird here look at the way an193.253.6
alien bird that's what you were195.263.06
screaming about think yeah I think it196.853.45
was scared of the birds slowpoke stunt198.322.82
okay alright a door keep pushing I adore201.148.67
alright ready open it oh boy okay we got205.318.37
this looks puzzly up or down I got it209.815.76
not bad I'm down we're still pretty213.684.23
close to the surface so yeah sure we215.575.0
came from up217.912.66
you got drowning what is alright yeah231.1816.959
doraleous no and now the new [ __ ] will244.6597.681
take up half your head can't wear that248.1396.841
helmet on that screen I can't no yes I252.343.06
looks like we've got a cold front coming255.42.97
in from the West and making its way down256.935.609
over the southeast you can do anything258.376.419
look it I'm in Costa Rica I found a262.5395.431
labor oh wait this is this a camera on264.7899.211
air what if you just hit them like crazy267.977.289
which what you're good at go yeah I274.02.61
don't think it does anything I think275.2597.201
it's a cosmetic okay cuz doors doors the276.618.19
doors disable ray-tracing before entry282.463.75
what sounds like that sounds like work284.86.27
No so I'm gonna go in anyway oh you286.216.389
don't wanna that's Brighton they're not291.075.099
to pinch me this water how do you say292.5997.861
that Oh drink vada with your mouth whoa296.1696.81
it's rock bottom whoo the floor is nice300.465.73
and comfy it's blue oh man this is nice302.9795.071
hmm feel like I've been here before306.1911.009
though underground is office Oh [ __ ] on308.0513.109
the floor oh man a big best dog over317.1996.301
here - that's a done there's also a CPG321.1594.771
know the size of this brick oven over323.52.88
that's a brick there you big brick often326.385.759
that's a brick of the baby you can make328.5995.88
some pizza I know in a pizza we're332.1394.27
coming Pete Rick pizza334.4793.94
yeah kind of prick there's a smile in336.4095.36
here I'm where was the salon this like a338.4195.82
terrarium Oh neat341.7694.841
like on display here we go this is the344.2394.68
way to then true give it a good trigger346.614.169
might have 11 out okay everybody this348.9194.29
icy Wonderland y'all ready all right350.7796.66
leave do the honors I'm going and still353.2097.26
more ice I don't know why it's gotta be357.4395.73
ice Wow yep yep yep360.4694.111
oh wow this is slippery and that363.1698.28
pre-slap race that's what I can't get in364.5811.97
yes you can all right towards the light371.44912.48
Simon took a lot believes there we go376.558.789
there's a train383.9294.29
what oh look there's train cars and you385.3398.19
know yeah I'm like it oh my goodness388.2197.5
this is angular and pointy I feel393.5293.84
uncomfortable man I'm gonna throw up on395.7194.4
this ride look at that oh yes a button397.3694.41
obey buttons400.1193.52
all right go need I think I needs all401.7792.88
right you have to push yourself forward403.6392.55
now like to make this first rail yeah404.6594.92
yeah yeah maybe activated oh is it406.1897.91
yeah it is oh there you go409.5794.52
it's nice actually432.037.14
I'm coming forward kiss me can you kiss445.6224.04
me remember this fast at all boom460.4812.12
Shakalaka ah welcome to the tribe to me469.667.55
rapture now the portal we got a chicken472.69.12
one chicken come on buddy anybody take477.216.7
there's a portal yeah that chickens481.7216.68
gonna do oh man this seems like a kind483.9117.25
of a no-brainer choice here ice Raceway498.46.72
or snow village Oh Raceway right oh yeah501.169.44
race ya that's Raceway Raceway ooh ooh505.1211.07
holy moly oh yes votes yes bobsled boats510.69.01
oh my god we do this what is this I516.195.94
don't know I think it's it's some sort519.614.38
of race do you want me to hit the lever522.135.81
can you reach it I think523.993.95
oh wait am i off my boat I'm still okay531.7933.66
yeah how in the world do you control560.597.53
this thing I'm going backwards I just565.455.52
gotta do this it's tough it's not kind568.125.19
of gonna slide it's like it's like Tokyo570.975.15
Drift Simon573.312.81
I feel like we should wait for everybody579.277.85
well minecraft children look cool on587.833.46
these side X computers589.9594.261
all right all right I'm trying to drive598.244.329
this damn thing601.3994.98
come on baby you could do it oh yeah602.5696.27
okay I think I got something here606.3795.76
okay okay maybe yep yep yep get the hang608.8394.201
of it guys612.1395.25
oh boy geez Louise man this is a crazy613.047.56
design for driving let me tell ya617.3897.2
ooh hello noobs hello620.66.33
I I could see somebody but you're not in624.5893.0
a boat626.933.57
things are very weird on my end nope I'm627.5895.37
not a boat okay okay turn around turn630.52.97
you saw my pony on the boat you see me633.473.03
my bow on the right635.423.359
yeah - thank you this thing's crazy636.54.8
where do I got on the wrong way I don't638.7794.771
I don't know I guess we live here now oh641.36.149
I thought I was going hmm where are the643.554.889
other guys we'll go this way647.4493.361
okay I don't know they I did poorly in648.4394.861
the race so all right we're just is that650.814.62
faster I'm gonna go I'm gonna go nice653.35.94
and slow and stay in it oh god please655.436.54
dammit thinking what gets faster I'm gay659.245.27
of course it is661.973.51
was the end right is it it's kind of686.45.2
mantra video palace this is this the log689.24.41
what's it this is it is it over yeah691.63.42
because there's all these like I'm going693.612.97
to caching that it's like that finish695.024.44
there is which one of us won the696.584.92
indication is all these abandoned boats699.466.75
they got to there did a big line that701.58.43
said finish well there this there's706.215.76
three more votes staged for us to LA oh709.934.68
those are from for leaving the vodka711.974.17
video palace when do we want to go to714.614.35
the lodge for words cuz there's a wait716.145.01
for the other guys for those guys sure718.965.19
we'll hang out in the lodge welcome yeah721.155.61
let's get toasty I'm gonna warm it down724.153.75
here me too726.765.03
wait for those guys then we'll explore727.96.33
this is yeah maybe we should do the731.794.03
boats on it was that fat here won't you734.233.69
throw it down let me drive oh the boat735.824.26
okay baby hold on a second could take it737.924.169
easy there's the boat there we go740.085.07
and okay get in yep all right here742.0896.271
alright hold on oh my min all right745.153.93
we're ready748.364.74
I'm I'm as ready as I'm gonna be so just749.086.39
gotta tap it just kind of tap it yeah I753.13.96
think if you gave me about five minutes755.474.32
with it I do okay yeah five more that's757.066.6
really um I guess we is the end we could759.795.25
have just walked it Wow763.663.39
we're right there we were right there765.043.9
yep okay here we are767.056.95
is this the lodge looks like very logic768.945.06
to our vacation lodge it's very warm I779.467.24
like this never leave yeah just stay782.056.48
here I'm gonna come over here and make786.76.03
some oh yeah hungry cold it's cold out788.534.47
there's nothing nothing's in any of793.03.3
these barrels Oh God we're gonna starve794.384.59
to death this is an empty lodge let's go796.33.09
wait I have plenty of bread don't worry799.394.71
we can live here first run it it'll keep801.3394.62
us alive don't question the nutritional804.14.08
value of bread anything no nothing805.9594.201
nothing in any of that you guys just808.184.83
want to crash here tonight start fresh I810.165.04
don't know you know we'll wander about a813.013.42
little bit more in the morning that815.23.92
sounds good to me816.432.69
this place is nice but I'm giving it a831.393.85
bad rating they're supposed to provide833.743.48
and men ADIZ and food and stuff are they835.243.36
yeah what's for breakfast we don't know837.223.57
yeah everybody's usually usually have at838.64.26
least some basics this this was an air840.794.86
B&B nuts I could have swore that random842.865.61
I spoke pile in our village and then we845.654.53
just went in the door I didn't remember848.474.02
anyone book in this right exactly850.184.5
oh so we're just illegally staying in852.494.11
this house we're spotting yes we are854.683.24
oh let's get the hell out of here then856.63.989
Oh someone shows up you guys come in I'm857.927.32
with you my friend I'm upstairs trying860.5896.661
to find the stairs there are names come865.243.81
on what are you doing I know we had a867.254.08
crazy night but let's go that's what you869.053.84
call a crazy night it was a crazy night871.333.75
we rode in on a boat into an ice palace872.893.33
in the middle of nowhere yeah that's875.084.58
pretty crazy now they are polymers whoa876.228.57
say a polar bear before this game wears879.6611.71
and they're friendly they don't like884.798.95
bread Simon go punch one of the nose I'm891.374.05
gonna go run into one but just very893.744.53
gently punch it in the nose okay895.426.289
hey boots Makin's898.273.439
good you got a belly full of talent what911.1910.27
a great way to start the day go find out916.637.17
can we take it slow this time yeah I'm921.4621.06
I'm going nice yeah this is nice still a923.824.03
race I don't think that's Purdy942.527.98
this is Purdy every times Purdy so pro947.835.07
breaking lemon ice is this a snowflake I950.57.5
hate oh wow what you see doraleous what952.98.31
don't you see it looks really cool958.06.18
come on I'm coming on the way it did961.215.76
anyone see the giant statue holding a964.189.47
staff no it's amazing it was really cool966.979.939
that an ADA the goddesses of this world978.154.98
how they do something like ice wizards981.243.57
don't think that's who took the [ __ ]983.134.32
back in our world that looks wonderful984.814.23
this is a fun looking place987.4520.419
what are you doing I'm okay okay okay1009.7997.59
what sign maybe they're stairs yeah1014.3996.6
stairs over here maps naps all right1017.3895.05
well hold on we got maps we got signs we1020.9992.58
got two different things let's focus1022.4393.21
knaves what does that sign say the way1023.5793.0
is shut1025.6494.26
if you are a firing will place your toe1026.5796.151
me within I don't know what that means1029.9094.05
yeah it's dumb I don't even know what1032.733.539
you said yeah you have to hit the button1033.9596.771
wait a few seconds then hit it again ok1036.2694.461
1 2 3 hit again and then oh the goddess1040.90920.711
8 hop just said we got to find the Tommy1058.5295.25
whatever that is yeah like like tom is a1061.624.679
word that any person uses yeah no one1063.7794.711
uses tome and what what do you what is a1066.2995.271
tome I walked oh I walked home yesterday1068.494.95
home yesterday too1071.577.63
okay well we got to find it maybe that's1073.447.65
well these maps help I don't I don't1079.24.89
know like we've got mm a map of our1081.094.559
world that would appear and then a map1084.094.89
of Ving trick vada where we are rajaiah1085.6494.53
we're down in the lower right hand1088.983.39
corner right that you would appear oh is1090.1792.821
this our world1092.372.7
oh yeah there's Pennsylvania right there1093.04.98
my castle right there was the lodge the1095.075.579
lodge is up there yeah yeah that doesn't1097.983.71
open at all does it1100.6493.961
now does this map offer any useful1101.694.719
information maybe we should just split1104.613.75
up gang and look for the tome the tomes1106.4093.661
probably in this palace huh1108.364.14
all right gang let's split up gang1110.074.33
that's Scooby music go1112.514.19
leaves yeah that a weird thing happened1144.623.97
I did too1147.722.79
you think I think I got diarrhea somehow1148.593.96
are you pooping I'll make it a lot of1150.512.64
this ghost came out of nowhere yeah and1153.155.19
like flew into my face and now I have1155.74.65
like doodoo swirls coming off of me I1158.343.93
have to do swirls that I have a blue1160.353.84
chicken leg in the right corner do I1162.273.18
have to do this world's cuz I got close1164.193.48
to you know I think that's a spoon stay1165.454.38
away from me that's a really skinny1167.674.17
chicken leg doraleous stay away from1169.8310.29
them they're sick oh so up so there's a1171.8412.24
ghost in here again today it's just like1180.126.81
the other fish no it's just like those1184.084.83
things that we've been we've done this1186.933.51
before when we were underwater that one1188.913.39
time a long time ago1190.444.79
remember when Richie died remember that1192.35.46
yeah but is it the same things1195.234.81
it's the same with ice above us so right1197.763.39
now we're technically I don't know how1200.042.22
you don't know I don't know how you1201.154.2
don't see that okay well anyway we got1202.265.22
to find this come on oh hey you might be1205.353.33
able to hit a button in here and feed1207.4811.7
the foxes and a rabbit pops out and the1208.6813.17
Foxes either grab it to the chickens Oh1219.188.1
feed the Foxes all day yeah Wow that is1221.855.91
no it's okay because that's the circle1227.765.28
of life or something okay yeah I'm on1229.537.35
I'm on the very I'm very high right now1233.047.41
I'm where I I was when I fell but I1236.886.73
didn't fall this time what do I do1240.459.01
what do you mean come back down well1243.617.319
there's so many different there's so1249.463.33
many different places that I could come1250.9294.741
back down so how they way that you win1252.795.06
I got to go down the water thing wow1258.098.0
that's a great song and look at you look1266.094.87
you look majestic like you're descending1268.414.62
from heaven yeah and what close to you1270.965.85
guys yeah no not at all right oh Jesus1273.036.18
all right come on Ben let's go guys1276.814.23
I think I found something behind the1279.213.63
throne behind the throne behind the1281.047.23
throne with glowing chest is there a1282.848.31
Tomei in it Simon chest it says open up1288.275.31
this chest least ye be tempted to1291.156.36
friendship beyond Simon well what God1293.586.09
for you here come open this alright it's1297.514.17
just I don't have anything so I don't1299.676.51
care and I might not be back what do you1301.687.34
want me to do with it I don't know you1306.186.66
told me I think yeah yeah let's bring it1309.0210.48
back all right come over here we're at1312.848.67
the button we're at the button okay the1319.53.89
way is shut1321.515.64
mr. button wait if you say to this book1323.396.19
Tomei of access I think you can put it1327.155.1
inside the thing this tome a grants1329.584.47
access to the forbidden realm tread1332.255.24
carefully bring you okay put it within1334.056.69
all right so hit no wait a few seconds1337.495.02
no apps ro I think you need to put it1340.743.72
inside the thing oh really1342.513.99
within oh is that how it works probably1344.463.81
oh I didn't realize this there was a1346.53.87
thing okay BAM there we go all right now1348.275.49
I haven't hit the button oh I heard a1350.378.04
noise man again hey behind you apps are1353.768.55
oh boy oh boy what's up just what do you1358.415.79
see it's cool as hell1362.314.29
I'll say that Wow1364.25.219
gone to plaid oh it looks like I'm1366.65.28
walking up a wall right oh there is a1369.4194.291
threat on the other side and I tell you1371.883.69
what it is what killed me not long ago1373.713.78
when Simon and I were in the mana1375.576.8
I got a bring it Bilbo Baggins in Wow1377.4918.99
all right you seem doraleous one slime1382.3717.14
down oh yeah come on1396.485.72
boom Bilbo Baggins come on come on1399.517.34
Russian you want some help come on1402.24.65
alright alright it's gonna break the1414.9811.74
pieces come on now okay look at the1420.4196.841
oh all these designs okay okay1427.265.1
push forward this is like an ancient1430.5594.421
temple doors expect this under the ice1432.364.63
what is listed all right there's a book1434.985.19
here should I read it yeah read it after1436.997.11
oh okay boy needs you got to read it1440.1710.05
yeah yep cool I get to read it flows in1444.110.11
furious as Sitka quote s Spanish furious1450.2216.2
no in other words as above it looks like1454.2116.7
it's laughs ok what's the next page say1466.425.64
what's give me calm what does the next1472.066.56
page say hat off page out of the book1474.254.37
just happen the book said so below and1486.667.87
so we are hey guys there's stuff in this1489.795.34
oh really like it looks like enough for1495.135.19
each of us to just grab one of each1498.165.4
oh ok yeah when you turn by the human1500.323.81
does anyone concerned well in the world1504.135.97
of science called yeah well it was1507.254.89
probably a person at some point that's1510.14.74
good Odin carrots I want to take one of1512.145.34
them okay so where's that what does that1514.846.63
do I forget you ate it and it feels your1517.484.29
perfect so I'll wait until I'm dying1521.775.04
fantastic and then eat that curve the1523.925.35
floor is bouncy guys guys I noticed that1526.815.1
on the way tally all right very cool1529.275.91
so this says defeat that which slows1531.917.32
your spade to venture forth in land for1535.187.89
bay what slows your spade1539.236.24
water what's in Spain isn't that a1543.075.489
shovel and you cut your your pets rock1545.475.01
slows the spade because it's only good1548.5595.161
for dirt or gravel right that's it look1550.485.1
right in front right stuff right in1553.723.51
front a that's grab yeah defeat is there1555.583.99
anything down there that I haven't got a1557.234.47
shovel is good at I didn't see anything1559.574.949
I walked over here keepers of the1561.78.099
reapers of the reflection enemies over1564.5198.28
here there's enemies okay so it's weird1569.7994.44
like when you go over to the other side1572.7993.51
that's like three of all I think you see1574.2395.101
him oh right these guys I'll get back up1576.3095.131
a little bit maybe back up before we go1579.343.899
that way there's a door yeah I see that1581.444.079
oh yeah we saw the door oh do you want1583.2393.06
to go through the door1585.5192.241
do the honors Anthony okay1586.2994.99
before human skulls that are dead now1599.864.66
and a skeleton with the sword I know1602.3610.26
those possible that thing I just flew at1604.5210.35
me what the hell was that it goes yeah1612.624.23
we've we happen that's old news Simon1614.874.41
first one you sing that's the first time1616.853.24
I've seen it1619.283.42
I was I was behind remember I died1620.095.37
there's skulls in here but like things1622.74.85
you kill and then you take their skulls1625.464.74
look it's like a rotting zombie corpse1627.555.2
see it Oh God they'll kill it huh and1630.24.71
then what it gives you a little skull1632.754.5
except that one didn't okay well maybe1634.914.14
the others will is there a point to this1637.253.51
I don't know maybe the skulls are using1639.053.36
or some tools in here1640.763.99
okay well pick up all the skulls alright1642.416.03
it was a big fish down there over here1644.756.81
fish whatever that big thing is looks1648.445.94
like a big fish dive god oh wow yeah1651.564.65
alright this has fish1654.383.9
let's finish killing these fallen1656.215.07
Centurion should we kill it I feel like1658.284.32
we should kill it it looks like a fish1661.282.07
though right1662.62.34
alright should we all line up and fire1663.353.48
on it at once I don't maybe I don't have1664.943.54
a weapon so go for it1666.834.64
alright ready Pheebs very good three1668.487.52
and fire yeah how do you like them it1671.479.15
was quick water I'm assuming back to the1676.08.909
water and swim the way behind boy hmm1680.625.73
this looks awesome1684.9094.981
good call Sam we're in here yeah I don't1686.356.12
get get on that side you see it uh yep1689.896.12
I said I'm getting green shooters there1692.475.31
we go I don't want I'm out of the water1696.013.779
now the arrows don't seem to be hitting1697.784.62
it no it feels like shooting fish in a1699.7894.14
barrel doesn't it I can't tell if it's1702.43.24
hurting or not when you smack it with a1703.9294.771
sword already on it1705.647.5
I'm working in here is it food water do1708.76.75
you see any poo oh boy oh it's targeting1713.144.399
and there's a chest out here to it get1781.2894.571
it No thank God1784.4195.36
oh what a waste just to our boots1785.866.9
anybody one iron boots no thank you1789.7795.77
I'll take them I got nothing alright1792.763.899
I'll give them to Simon1795.5497.471
are they enchanted with anything hey I1796.6598.25
don't have anything but they might be1803.023.84
important clues to this Dungeness maze1804.9097.65
we're in depth strata love them oh sorry1806.867.65
you can take it if you need it you could1812.5593.331
take it if it's something that's needed1814.513.779
go ahead and take it it's it's got depth1815.893.69
Strider on it which I think allows1818.2893.181
somebody to walk at the bottom of water1819.582.79
yeah go ahead1821.473.41
you take taken I'm gonna die soon anyway1822.375.67
what now1824.885.279
all right after oh yeah do you have the1830.1596.161
boots on I have no I don't have the1834.0394.561
boots on now I have the boots on so can1836.324.41
you break the thing now with boots no1838.63.66
I'm still cursed from the guardian the1840.732.73
thing that we just killed I think it's a1842.262.82
guardian that spoon to the top right1843.463.089
that's a shovel that would suppose1845.083.719
you're oh is that one that's a shovel so1846.5495.01
bet if I drink the milk though I bet in1848.7994.891
this chess okay I'm cured1851.5594.561
okay now with the shovel which I don't1853.696.06
have I can just do this dig all right1856.126.299
dig dig I grab that curse attacks by the1859.755.279
way guys just you know it's not a curse1862.4194.801
that shuttle is it what's it gonna go1865.0294.89
it's a nice no like we're in an ancient1867.224.829
tomb and you took the main item that1869.9193.691
usually ends bad we're doing all types1872.0494.601
of signal at Anthony1873.616.04
careful is that a hole or glass you can1886.793.96
fill the hole1888.894.86
oh no it's blast splat I'm having this1890.754.83
chest see what's in here Doughboy1893.755.13
carrots and I'm war carrots and everyone1895.588.79
grabbed one of these iron chick alright1898.887.38
so which way to go looks like there's a1904.373.35
right and a left1906.264.71
leaves you pick is no-one really gonna1907.726.07
grab these extra carrots in here 24 I1910.974.92
mean my pot like a good I got a bunch in1913.795.37
here I got 22 just come on okay1915.895.159
it's just like what you have dinner it's1919.163.269
like it's really no one could eat the1921.0492.88
last slice oh no one's gonna eat the1922.4293.421
last slice trying to move us forward all1923.9296.12
right going this way I heard spooky1925.856.709
stuff yeah1930.0492.51
whoa Laura's literally lava I just turn1936.25.64
it I hear something super creepy back1939.025.22
here guys yeah I heard it too the perv1941.843.9
it sounded like a villager but he had1944.244.89
diarrhea oh my god what alright maybe1945.745.16
the other way yeah try the other way I1949.134.95
don't see anything this way try the1950.96.33
other way there's a lava floor over this1954.085.849
way but here what is that thing there's1957.236.09
a fig thing of Allah wait a second yeah1959.9294.921
through the window do you guys not see1963.322.55
that Beast1964.854.89
it looks like a god that's a that that's1965.876.84
a whole animal oh they got blaze blaze1969.744.77
is over here come on come on1972.714.26
all right I got Bilbo Baggins on the1974.516.78
case ready kid I forgot about the lava1976.976.36
floor alright blazes are down eat up1981.293.629
needs there's this there's the thing to1983.333.0
the left that we're talking about I'm1984.9193.451
gonna have to take it it looks like is1986.333.93
it like an ox oh those are though yeah1988.373.54
those big rocks is that another way is1990.263.75
raid some time alright more blades oh1991.913.06
where is he1994.012.159
whoever's gonna arrows take it out1994.972.61
alright I'm working on it I'm working on1996.1693.361
it let's focus on the blazes first let's1997.583.12
get them and then we can focus on the1999.533.32
i watch them die in one hit2004.4110.91
oh no no no no no no no no no no no2010.145.18
Anthony get out of there2015.8621.61
but neebs yep keep doing it I love you2017.728.41
good job guys fire a gun yeah I did I2037.4710.26
did I said they're across the room Oh2046.113.48
another plays do they just keep spawning2047.734.56
should we try to move on or I don't know2049.594.2
is there a blaze spawner because that2052.293.72
would suck guys remember there yep all2053.795.55
right dad I'm gonna arrows left the side2056.015.85
and see if we get moving okay oh god2059.344.079
there's another hot behind the throne2061.863.66
there's another one of those bulls okay2063.4194.591
same strategy we are right we lure him2065.524.02
out we go to the corner you Anthony2068.013.15
doesn't run around all right I'm the2069.543.0
fast one why don't you guys run away2071.163.39
I'll I'll get him there involve up there2072.544.02
he is okay that's just fire right there2074.552.369
all right2076.563.119
okay I've shot him is he stuck oh no2076.9196.111
he's not was he stuck in that far back2079.6793.351
yeah yeah beautiful beautiful when he2083.7810.61
dropped a saddle or something right oh2090.9196.151
hello you did make it back quick all2094.394.24
right let me give you stuff Oh doraleous2097.073.3
yeah yeah here I'm gonna throw stuff to2098.633.72
you as well oh so much thank you thank2100.373.3
you thank you all right be in the middle2102.356.14
just go ahead and throw sure yeah ah2103.678.67
yeah and I think that's it okay great2108.496.61
thanks guys guys I think we're about to2112.345.34
summon the final boss here Anthony do2115.15.25
the honors but that hitl that thing I'm2117.685.97
stepping back to yeah yeah everyone step2120.354.35
thank you how instan is this we don't2124.73.87
know nobody knows just before2126.8610.08
maybe swimming here that hurt it I don't2128.5710.62
know looks like a best of it yeah look2136.944.32
like like my arrow bounced off of that2139.198.45
thing all right2141.2610.45
right oh yeah all right2147.644.07
I'm out with a boy2154.53.839
why are my heart black my heart's a2169.473.03
black deer does that mean I've never2171.245.54
seen that oh I've been in my life but2172.54.28
black hard for me too it probably is the2180.13.69
kind of curse seems like a milk2182.222.62
situation I don't have any crap apps for2183.7923.25
wizard Anthony blew up our yelling beds2204.828.52
nearby there's no way there's no way2207.0412.78
oh geez2213.348.64
I can see its health bar salmon you see2219.825.31
that no oh I do yes yes right above all2221.984.92
right yeah I'm down here I see it too2225.134.77
well I have a xanax and some cobblestone2226.95.19
I just got to get to my stuff I know I2229.94.26
wanted the odds can but of me finding my2232.093.54
stuff I don't know where the hell I was2234.163.98
when I died2235.632.51
okay okay okay you don't see me you do2241.628.4
not see my stuff is like I think I see2245.714.31
nope that's not my stuff but I'm gonna2250.055.64
yeah nope oh you're clearly shooting2258.44.59
maybe I should just grab whatever just2260.892.91
so I can do whatever2262.995.28
oh boy that's not I got it just grab it2263.814.01
yes Hey roll back I think so I only2268.2711.43
remember where I died I died here I'll2277.817.29
stuff my stuff I didn't have any milk I2279.79.38
picked up some milk I'm dying yeah2285.16.96
God where's bilbo baggins I swear to God2289.084.54
if I've lost Bilbo Baggins to this2292.065.4
stupid [ __ ] adventure so whether2293.626.45
courts there is anybody has Bilbo2297.463.14
trying to fire it then why did my stuff2302.035.01
disappear yep do not be gone very long2304.645.79
so you think it'd still be here oh okay2307.044.71
leave he's gone again2310.433.09
here there's need this stuff available2311.753.72
boy just needs have a bilbo baggins in2313.524.29
that pile his crossbow might help see2315.474.41
I'll take it something to fight for yeah2317.813.78
things back at full help though most2319.885.31
sure is Anthony yeah I think I got a2321.596.66
caught in a corner okay buy a thing but2325.195.01
oh yeah I'm ganna shout that over here2328.255.63
as well you got it stuck got it2330.23.68
I'm just driving the boat I'm over here2356.986.25
by the by the thing that keeps on2361.4315.78
killing good job Simon maybe I can do it2363.2315.92
with this not Bilbo Baggins2377.218.549
all right sacred bow yeah I got a sacred2379.158.8
boat now2385.7596.961
oh okay yeah it's gonna suck one day hey2387.955.869
what's up2392.723.75
go under the throne there's a box full2393.8196.73
of armor and a sacred boat oh man okay2396.478.75
okay oh boy I did a number on him2400.5494.671
Tilikum dime leaky black box what are2407.5330.48
you doing hmm you want to make a list2417.8222.68
Apsara of what things that are more fun2438.013.78
than fighting that wither over and over2440.52.51
again yeah2441.793.66
having Bilbo Baggins back in my pocket2443.014.48
that would be more fun than having Bilbo2445.454.29
Baggins back in my pocket that's to also2447.494.109
not being forced into situations where I2449.742.94
might lose Bilbo Baggins2451.5993.631
that's three yes three I mean we could2452.685.4
you know uh number four just killing2455.235.85
ourselves whatever I mean yeah let's do2458.083.23
oh wow yeah oh this is way more fun oh2461.317.09
yeah the end result is the same2466.1094.711
really right let's get the bot upstairs2468.45.459
our beds are right there see this is a2470.827.66
good temperature after where are you2473.8596.691
sleeping what better you a nap stroke I2478.484.77
don't know this one over here hey do it2480.5514.79
oh it's okay feels good2483.2515.11
okay leaves just died and now I have his2498.366.96
stuff and oh look at that the wither has2502.056.84
full power back hey Simon we got this oh2505.326.6
yeah I got half a heart I got four2508.895.19
chicken bones and I got old needs [ __ ]2511.924.19
perfect all right2514.085.58
exactly hey everywhere were you in here2516.115.35
did you see the sign says flip the lever2519.663.84
then take a dive a leap of faith you may2521.469.09
survive I just clicked it okay did it do2523.511.1
anything oh I haven't seen it let's see2530.557.65
I'm getting uh where is life where is2534.66.87
the deal going I'm doing it I just fell2538.28.25
in there what Simon what happened what2541.476.45
the hell just happened I don't know2546.454.2
we're underneath what is this that's2547.924.62
what we fought it okay I have your eyes2550.653.78
all right hold on hold on hold on hold2552.544.05
on I got two chicken that's not enough2554.434.08
to heal up yeah but it's better than2556.592.58
but ah yes it is but I'm still only2559.175.04
gonna have a half of a heart if you've2561.575.61
got on me I will die I'm not I'm not I'm2564.214.86
not gonna do it okay I'd be hotboxing2567.183.36
you in this environment if you give me2569.073.33
one more piece of chicken I might feel2570.543.6
all the way Wow2572.44.11
don't do that voice ever again thank you2574.145.07
I just gave you all much all right2576.514.89
you're my second keeper sword of the2579.217.41
goddess oh I want it I want sort of the2581.48.28
goddess I have the sword of the goddess2586.624.89
is there another one on it is there2589.684.14
another one in there oh I have a sort of2591.517.46
the goddess - you shut it I do what now2593.828.07
you know you're still all right all2598.975.279
right ready coming2601.898.27
huh back up back up2604.2495.911
where'd that come on baby2614.666.629
whoa hello yes all right2616.94910.86
this is the leap of faith oh it's fine2621.2898.01
yeah that's what I figured2627.8095.37
oh yeah and is that see out here what2629.2996.25
okay what's going on we're going back2633.1792.731
really I don't know we've got these2635.914.349
weapons right or to the goddess you2638.0093.81
think that can't take that down you mean2640.2593.84
we're gonna try to hit that thing with a2641.8194.47
sword sure sure2644.0997.76
let's go oh hey look at your name's hey2646.28912.39
how did you get here there's nothing up2651.8599.46
front this is all this is all new right2658.6794.5
we're about where we're smelling here2661.3194.29
early doesn't new at all Simon Wow well2663.1793.57
then a little worried about you right2665.6093.57
now write me this I bring back ten times2666.7494.32
just the memory of the memory where2669.1794.62
needs take this okay take that why would2671.0694.89
I want that just to help it Simon I have2673.7993.99
some sacred stuff I've got the sword of2675.9593.57
the goddess or something like oh we2677.7893.48
still fighting this thing I thought we2679.5294.22
were like we're done with this we don't2681.2697.651
owe this remember now that's not the way2683.74911.891
you go I don't remember me I'll come2688.928.29
back down2695.644.54
come back down yeah you were so2697.215.43
confident I would I watched you like2700.184.47
you're worried about my memory I'm going2702.642.4
you don't want that Rendon's if this2705.042.85
thing ten times where the hell my work2706.3594.141
where the hell are we in relation to2707.894.8
getting back down there absolutely2710.54.68
hey what's up come on partner where they2712.694.379
I guess we're going back to fight it one2715.183.33
more time yeah you guys are going back2717.0692.401
to fight it y'all have fun2718.513.66
no all right well I see you only spawn2719.476.27
in a minute all right let's go we're2722.1711.88
going back right I'm breaking off left2725.7410.94
all right2734.052.63
welcome back to my throne room2737.46.5
because one with the wither2740.063.84
really yeah have you tried sort of would2746.887.42
there he is2753.643.18
I'm hanging I'm heading up my man I got2754.35.19
many headache many hit Kyle Cochran he's2756.823.31
down a little bit2759.493.31
he's my friend2762.84.15
with the wither hoof he said you become2764.74.649
one with it oh no I've got the black2766.954.76
I drink some milk not drink the milk2773.05.22
the winner2778.663.24
you will never never been so glad to see2786.1512.0
Anthony died before2795.282.87
oh hey Oh God Anthony or killed you2799.9411.929
never do that voice again never do it2806.665.209
hold on yeah hold on time out time out2823.3295.411
we Brooke the Greens cut yeah I'm2825.955.58
rolling okay oh yeah but that's exactly2828.744.65
how it would go if we went through that2831.534.71
door we are not gonna go now no way yeah2833.395.76
no way that sounds awful I'm gonna go2836.244.65
through the ray-tracing door what is2839.157.439
that still kill Anthony though for doing2840.896.6
that voice though right2846.5892.7
oh absolutely without absolutely we2847.493.359
should kill it might get me but he2849.28919.08
didn't really do it that's a wrap good2850.84920.52
yeah cut print move on the next shot you2868.3695.48
guys tomorrow2871.3692.48

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