Giant Epic Antlion Sword!!! - Grounded

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? If not, you're in for a treat. In this episode, the g...
Giant Epic Antlion Sword!!! - Grounded
Giant Epic Antlion Sword!!! - Grounded

Giant Epic Antlion Sword!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that Giant Epic Antlion Sword video? It's my absolute favorite!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is hilarious! Crafting weapons from the spoils of enemies, classic Neebs Gaming humor!

appsro: I love how they always find a way to make even the most intense battles silly and entertaining. That antlion sword is epic!

neebs: Absolutely, it's all about having fun and making the most ridiculous weapons possible. That's why I love this video so much!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? If not, you're in for a treat. In this episode, the gang is gearing up to craft some new weapons from the spoils of their enemies. It's going to be epic!

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all right they're fighting headlines0.3194.421
it's fun are you okay uh no I'm getting2.284.979
hit by oh God I'm getting yeah this is4.744.92
bad I'm bad I'm watching a fun fight not7.2594.561
gonna lie okay I'm trying to get to you9.665.059
try to get to you11.822.899
all right oh yeah Dora that's that33.55.14
crossbow huh the crow crossbow Crow36.184.379
crossbow made out of nothing but Crow38.645.099
yes gross all right let's try this thing40.5595.101
out on these mosquitoes and what are43.7393.541
these are these are pollinaros right45.664.079
yeah the polynero I think will bring a47.284.92
flying animal down so mosquitoes bees49.7395.581
okay you drop it we'll pop it baby well52.25.58
let's get the party started oh there we55.325.82
go that was a huge hit wow huge hit oh57.784.98
he's up already oh yeah he's coming in61.143.0
top two oh boy you're a great game still77.286.659
great all right oh he's had behind a80.9394.441
clover so yeah you're shooting regular83.9394.081
arrows now right ow why ow why did he85.385.18
probably your stamina oh maybe88.026.2
there we go very nice very nice90.566.3
sweet oh boy he's still up94.225.859
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah we got him we got96.866.04
him so yeah you like that crossbow I100.0795.881
love it man it hits hard the last day102.94.579
you sucker105.964.56
there he goes man they ain't nothing107.4796.521
okay successful uh crossbow yeah I would110.525.879
agree okay so we each got a mission114.04.5
today I want to go get antlion Parts116.3994.381
neebs I want to get Aunt Shields all118.54.68
right let's uh let's split up Dory120.783.6
you're coming with me yeah I'll come123.183.74
with you wow you little Aunt oh my god124.385.719
wow get out of here oh come on okay126.925.86
unnecessary really all right come on130.0994.541
little turd we're gonna have a good day132.784.94
you and me little turd yes we are134.646.06
who has this other aphid I don't know is137.725.08
it yours maybe I've been trying to get140.74.259
one for a while I was just Frank the142.84.62
third probably all right I hope so let's144.9595.201
see neebs come on let's go all right147.427.22
don't you think of these stairs I like154.644.66
it a lot yeah Simon and I built these157.443.9
it's an easy way to get up into the159.33.96
sandbox and we've got one on the other161.344.38
side of the sandbox as well oh man163.265.22
beautiful um we do need here we need a165.725.099
tent and we don't need to go up into the168.483.66
sandbox while it's you know daylight170.8193.241
outside either that's true so we'll tell172.143.36
you what why don't we set up a little174.063.899
extra I don't know walls and maybe a175.54.62
tent so we could save okay and then yeah177.9594.261
as soon as the Nightfall happens here180.124.339
we're going into the box oh182.226.799
I love going into the box oh184.4594.56
that was my pet aphid that one was yeah190.684.96
sorry about that193.29.28
it's a good way to start204.083.9
I'm not sure if these give us the right210.144.48
parts Simon we gotta find out now as212.343.36
soon as we fight they're gonna start214.624.199
running okay it gets ugly listen man I I215.75.94
okay that's fine so as soon as we start218.8194.861
the fight this is my aphid here I feel221.644.679
like maybe uh okay swinging and chopping223.684.04
might be better man they're getting away226.3194.441
swinging and chopping I just I feel like227.725.379
you're uh rate of attack is going to be230.764.619
a lot slower with the bow much slower233.0994.741
yes hold on one second I'm gonna I'm235.3795.161
gonna do all right I can't wait man I'm237.844.319
going for it go for it I'm gonna be240.544.44
stabbing yeah I don't care all right242.1594.561
when are you gonna be stabbing exactly244.984.7
okay because it's stabbing time I am246.725.04
stabbing away see then they start249.683.699
running and you gotta chase them down251.763.839
all right hold on whoa come back come253.3795.221
back come back come back yeah baby come255.5995.001
back okay baby come back258.65.24
all right guys260.63.24
I sound like you only heard it once266.064.199
you see how your aunt's getting away282.743.88
yeah that's what I was talking about you284.7593.901
hear how I'm singing this song like you286.623.6
heard the song twice I was like I've288.664.08
heard it three times almost hold on I'm290.225.039
catching him yep you do that come back292.747.04
get back down here we go295.2594.521
I'm sorry about that okay uh we need312.326.76
ant-line parts so here we go okay well I315.844.859
think if we come over here to this hole319.083.3
I think antlines live in these holes320.6993.72
well I mean you don't even have to go by322.383.96
the holes they still come out yeah but I324.4193.301
want to go to where his house is you326.343.78
know really send a message his being all327.723.96
hundreds of them I gotta hold a shield330.123.18
out let's see I should just put that331.683.359
there oh god oh what the hell was that333.34.44
what was that an ant oh yeah oh yeah335.0395.16
he's throwing he's throwing it answered337.745.12
us look at him340.1992.661
wow didn't like really hurt me but yeah345.06.12
yeah you like that okay I don't think he348.368.72
likes it oh he don't oh god wow351.125.96
this one's really strong358.583.78
wow wow wow363.443.84
does not too bad oh God369.85.04
oh wait378.9196.12
shut your mouth381.723.319
nobody wants to hear it oh man yeah386.245.519
the other ones are much easier I don't392.724.14
even care395.287.28
wiggle wiggle oh yeah oh yeah396.865.7
oh my goodness what's all this417.446.819
oh well it looks like an oh at least you420.5395.581
you get rewarded for your efforts with424.2595.821
this why we deserve it oh boy sturdy426.126.72
marble okay I'm gonna upgrade stuff what430.085.22
is this thing oh it looks like a hot432.844.32
and there's more candy back there I'm437.163.3
gonna grab my arrow do it that was easy438.783.95
fight hell yeah440.468.359
oh that's going quick Simon super super448.8195.261
quick okay is he running nope not yet451.863.87
yeah I mean he's running454.084.719
yeah except for the fact that I turn462.5994.38
around and you're really far away there464.46.78
we go and oh ah boy man466.9796.72
he's running yep I'm gonna try to get471.183.54
that shot473.6994.261
there we go good job good job oh boy474.726.24
this is our day it is that's 10. we need477.963.66
desert spoiler483.5997.281
Rose walking around486.664.22
why did you shoot so early well I496.163.64
thought it was I don't know I thought we498.4192.821
were going to delete it we want to lead499.83.36
into the uh yes is what I was afraid of501.244.019
now it's gonna get stuck up there stuck503.164.86
it's a spider give it look okay all505.2594.081
right so you go you gotta lure it508.022.28
because we gotta lure it over to this509.343.66
ant lion hole oh there's one uh landline510.35.159
coming out oh okay yeah damn all513.03.659
right I'll get it I'll get it I'll get515.4594.681
it okay oh yeah go get the spider and ah516.6596.18
yeah I hit it again for that not happy520.144.8
about that I'll bet uh yeah oh we got522.8396.381
this that line to deal with it524.944.28
I hit the wrong key this isn't good nope529.585.86
no this is not no this is not oh yeah532.86.36
you're gonna throw ants aren't you and535.445.399
all right they're playing that lines is539.164.08
fun are you okay oh no I'm getting hit540.8395.281
by oh God okay yeah this is bad I'm543.245.159
watching a fun fight it's not gonna lie546.124.62
I'm trying to get to you try to get to548.3993.06
butt out of the camera come on are you551.4594.741
safe big fat butt spider no far problem554.044.38
uh okay I got that part where I can556.23.9
revive my friends really quick so let's558.422.64
see what happens560.13.739
that's six seconds561.062.779
oh that was amazing so we kind of did564.8996.301
the job no we didn't well we got him568.684.8
heightened and that that's dead the571.24.139
spider the spider's Dead all right we573.483.359
got more antlines to face so did you get575.3393.301
those spider boards not yet but that I'd576.8394.081
say that was a success it wasn't success578.644.02
the first and I wanted I wanted to lure580.924.26
it into the hole oh well you can't get582.665.6
everything you want every day585.183.08
what's happening there Simon uh I don't590.5194.861
know just minding my own p's and q's592.925.599
we're losing our thing man piano595.385.579
and I was actually what what do you598.5194.061
gotta hit to get into the net again I600.9594.081
was gonna go repair it a second ago yep602.585.22
there we go okay there oh man that is a605.044.979
repair now rusted I was gonna repair it607.83.9
we'll fix it what's the net button again610.0193.361
so you go in the building and you hit G611.73.54
oh what it's how do you go into build613.384.86
that's the thing 14 you hit B then how615.244.68
do you go into bills618.244.9
BG baby here's what I'm thinking Simon625.75.02
what here's what we're doing wrong we628.564.8
got our mutations wrong there's one here630.725.82
for ants deactivate one turn on the ant633.364.979
one and then there's one for run for a636.543.239
stamina because once they run we're out638.3394.921
of stamina cardio fan sail adopt more639.7796.06
efficiency you see antennilator hyper643.265.4
stamina yep and cardio fan okay so I'm645.8395.461
sorry so I hit the antennilator648.664.38
pick the two651.33.659
just deactivate two that you have I'm653.043.66
gonna grab these arrows we'll share them654.9592.88
all right you see and I need to656.72.699
deactivate the meat Shield just657.8393.481
deactivate two so that two are available659.3994.921
do you have any arrows left I've got uh661.325.34
no I was probably walking around and664.324.32
trying to collect them oh no I've got666.664.26
like five that's the least I've ever had668.643.72
well listen I'm gonna give you some of670.923.9
these arrows back and then we're gonna672.365.539
try this again drop stack there we go674.826.3
there we go then we're gonna use our new677.8995.861
mutations to take these babies out all681.124.44
right I want to see how quick it happens683.764.5
all right hey how do you hit build again685.565.7
uh you hit B and then you hit G for Nat688.265.68
and a boy691.265.18
here we go yeah one ant line before the696.444.839
sun comes up yeah and starts boiling us699.34.14
this is really pushing it but uh but701.2795.161
okay oh yeah I see some sunshine but703.445.04
yeah let's do it what you got oh yeah go706.444.16
ahead go ahead708.485.299
come on710.63.179
that was little wine pants okay719.064.44
I Saw You Spin and he hits any shits724.765.88
he's a bad Airline728.3994.56
I hope mom's working these pretty good730.644.42
just rolled down the hole wouldn't it uh732.9594.201
yeah oh I'm starting to get some Sizzle735.064.219
I know I know I know737.165.04
we're halfway there we got this halfway739.2796.961
we got this we got this oh boy742.24.04
hey there's another hole here okay let's762.84.56
get the in the hole765.424.4
okay Simon you ready I'm not sure what769.826.22
I'm getting into but yeah I mean but we773.3994.321
got better perks this mutations this776.043.78
time I think right so you know I don't777.723.96
know how many we have like this one779.823.48
little fella here is no problem yeah781.683.54
well there's two behind you so we should783.34.14
be able to stab and kill them quicker I785.223.6
hope and then when we have to chase them787.442.88
our stamina should be better all right788.823.72
so I'm gonna stab instead of shoot you790.324.019
ready with my sword let's do it at the792.543.419
same time because they're gonna go nuts794.3394.021
once we start doing this all right ready795.9596.241
ready let's do it yeah here we go is798.366.719
that faster uh no no nothing has died802.25.34
yet so let's see if we can get these805.0794.801
three dead quick yeah I mean like807.545.16
judging by them oh I got one already I809.884.68
think it is quicker that's good this812.74.199
one's running yep okay I'm not gonna814.565.64
chase after him I got this one all right816.8996.0
this one's man we got him yeah we got820.26.72
him come on oh yeah that was way better822.8996.901
yeah all right let's do a count but the826.925.099
bird got 17 amp Parts how many you got829.84.26
uh I have four but I've been giving you832.0194.201
mine so that's it that's 21 that's more834.063.899
that's one more than we need perfect836.226.14
let's go make some Shields yep837.9594.401
so you think fight under the shadow of843.24.84
the apple core I mean it was it was the845.945.399
closest kind of bigger Shadow yeah keep848.045.46
seeing something there's like something851.3393.781
blinking in the sand near the apple core853.53.72
do you see that I did see it earlier855.124.26
yeah every now and then there's a blink857.224.26
what if that's like a treasure shall we859.383.78
just go start it off and we gotta fight861.484.4
a couple we fight them uh yeah863.165.46
oh yeah it's hot it's hot it's hot865.884.84
Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle oh it sizzles while868.623.06
you're in the air too that's some870.723.119
that makes zero sense my feet871.683.899
aren't even touching oh wow he says I'm873.8393.781
here no we're good we're good okay come875.5793.721
on oh I see the sparkle yeah where'd it877.623.3
go it's just the sand randomly right879.32.94
here we go here we go right here it is880.923.539
oh man I need a higher tier shovel man882.244.44
that's some just saying I know884.4594.261
it is just saying oh here he comes where886.684.74
let's see hey hey there you are you888.725.04
idiot okay oh yeah we don't want to891.424.8
fight the single Bill no I don't know do893.764.259
not want to fight the sizzle bill I do896.224.619
not care for a Sizzle Bill nor do I miss898.0196.841
scissors Shield900.8394.021
little fries what a surprise did you915.7793.56
come out there917.884.38
come on you better have some answers you919.3395.881
gotta have some good dancers922.265.04
from these little guys get the pictures925.224.859
uh yes get line pictures927.35.399
I think that's all we need yeah yeah930.0793.76
let's go home932.6994.101
I hate the desert933.8392.961
I think we need some better Lighting in963.064.74
here neebs yeah you you're a great light965.5794.681
Simon I I know that's the one thing I967.84.68
got going for Me Maybe maybe we they970.264.5
should have some ceiling lights oh972.484.56
ceiling lights yep that'd be great here974.765.22
we go black ant Shield I can craft four977.045.64
there's four of us perfect do I have all979.985.28
four hold on let's see bam here we go982.686.899
let me drop this for you all right oh985.267.439
round I already like that989.5796.06
so this is a regular shield right there992.6995.64
regular shield and shield I love it995.6395.581
Weevil Shield yeah and shield and shield998.3395.94
seems to be really doesn't look like1001.225.82
it'd be the better one okay if I had to1004.2798.24
tell by looks I'd pick maybe Weevil whoa1007.045.479
nice let me see if I can make the thing1016.06.399
I want to make and crafting what are you1018.327.019
making I made an ant lion great sword1022.3998.001
that that's not it is it no it is this1025.3399.12
oh it's a two-hander it's a two-hander1030.45.74
which sucks not using the shield but I1034.4593.6
think I could block it yeah swing with1036.143.48
it it's kind of like my crossbow I got a1038.0593.62
oh Jesus1044.7997.081
yeah all right1047.864.02
okay more careful in the house please1053.144.659
yep we're warriors1056.03.36
this is great yeah do you want to go1057.7994.081
test this out yeah baby let's find a1059.365.36
spider yes1061.882.84
all right I'm going out I'm going out I1078.287.42
got my buddies up there on defense yep1081.024.68
come on come on buddy oh God okay yep1101.986.9
it's the poison the poison hurts oh1105.143.74
all right oh okay okay okay I'm not1109.0598.86
doing too hot oh he's hurt man yeah1112.765.159
nothing really1122.5593.24
the poison got me okay loser1127.41916.221

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