Makin' That Money! - WOBBLY LIFE

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? It's another round of wobblin' fun in Wobbly ...
Makin' That Money! - WOBBLY LIFE
Makin' That Money! - WOBBLY LIFE

Makin' That Money! - WOBBLY LIFE

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Have you seen our latest video, Makin' That Money in Wobbly Life?

appsro: Oh yeah, Neebs! That video is hilarious! I love wobblin' around and making that money!

neebs: It's always a good time wobblin' with you, Appsro! But seriously, how can you resist the wobbly goodness in this video?

appsro: I know, right? Wobblin' is the best way to make that money! And hey, who doesn't love a good wobble every now and then?

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? It's another round of wobblin' fun in Wobbly Life, because why not, right? The gang is back at it again, making that money and having a blast in this hilarious game.

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The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Unfortunately I am unable to provide a detailed review of that specific video, as I do not have access to watch it. However, I can speak more broadly about Neebs Gaming and their style of content creation.

Neebs Gaming has become hugely popular on YouTube for their cinematic and narrative-driven approach to covering video games. Rather than just showing raw gameplay footage, they craft scripted stories and characters around the games they play, turning them into episodic adventures.

This allows Neebs Gaming to showcase the world and mechanics of a game in a more dynamic, entertaining fashion. Their skits and improvised dialogue breathe life into the games and give viewers a sense that they're watching a TV show rather than just a Let's Play.

Even for games you may have played yourself, Neebs Gaming provides a fresh perspective and their own signature comedic spin. Their productions values are excellent, with great camera work and editing that enhances the cinematic feel.

While you can't fully substitute playing a game yourself, Neebs Gaming gets you as close as possible to that experience. You get absorbed into the stories and characters while still seeing the games in action. For many fans, watching Neebs Gaming has become just as enjoyable as playing the games themselves.

Their videos are able to capture the spirit and appeal of the games they cover, and introduce them to new audiences in an accessible way. So while I can't review that specific video, I'm confident their signature style shines through and makes the game come alive in their humorous cinematic universe. Neebs Gaming is deservedly one of the most popular gaming channels for good reason.

Neebs Gaming
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so what's up with this guy uh he wants1.9795.521
jelly and I want to get it for him that4.55.519
Jelly's for me for you we got peanut7.54.08
butter no jelly just got your boyfriend10.0194.681
that's my uncle oh he really likes jelly11.585.039
he's got jelly on his shirt yeah and14.73.78
I've been in that house he's got like16.6194.681
jelly bed sheets really it's weird look18.485.54
at his jelly21.32.72
so I'm gonna start this job now does25.584.359
anyone want to help me out sir or maybe28.263.06
I'll roll with you I'll roll with you29.9393.661
let's do it okay accepting the job all I31.323.899
need to do is follow the marker and then33.63.0
pick up the jelly and then bring it back35.2192.701
to the Jelly all right I'm with you36.64.26
let's go y'all hurry up milk we got six37.925.22
minutes to do it Simon we do okay and40.864.08
look it's the arrows that goes over here43.143.84
oh yeah no I see an arrow that's a ways44.943.54
away let me look at the map46.984.02
oh yeah okay salmon yeah okay you're48.484.8
you're gonna walk huh you know what no I51.04.199
forget that we can drive hop in the53.284.38
yellow car right here yellow car yellow55.1994.261
car following you57.664.079
following you and is it uh there you go59.464.32
there you go there you go yeah look man61.7393.78
I'm so glad that you're gonna do this63.784.14
kind of for me but like you know bring65.5194.381
me there and stuff oh it's cool yeah67.924.28
super close we could have walked69.93.68
son of a [ __ ]73.584.48
all right we got the jelly oh do you76.024.5
want to get the Jelly yes I do think you78.064.68
get the Jelly all right so so what are80.524.2
you we just gonna walk it I mean why not82.743.9
right that's pretty darn close I mean84.723.539
yeah this is crazy they give us six86.645.46
minutes to do this yeah it's silly or88.2594.891
it's great92.14.08
go Hey listen jelly man that look like96.185.6
it might have been thick oh hey98.47.38
yeah oh well did we all get tender like101.785.62
ten dollars105.784.08
do anything no I know give me your ten107.46.12
dollars no what's up what's up it's my109.865.759
money where's it at113.524.879
it I don't understand115.6195.28
supposed to be a good person now when it118.3995.161
comes to jelly120.8992.661
he's chopping me you want some ice cream131.285.52
always I mean always they got strawberry134.046.36
swirl and chocolate swirl oh what's on136.85.28
the bottom there what are those okay you140.43.3
know hey now let's do a job we don't142.083.48
need okay uh yeah we'd like to make143.73.3
money so we can buy ice cream that's145.564.2
right uh paper round147.06.48
uh click accept job oh oh holy crap I149.765.4
did not expect this to happen nope are153.484.32
we we're all on a train okay we got155.164.2
sucked in with you what's happening oh157.83.18
yeah what's going on oh you gotta aim159.363.84
with the target yeah oh I'll get the160.983.539
right hand side two of us on the right163.23.679
okay I'm on the right side164.5194.381
left then166.8795.621
man okay didn't expect this oh I got168.95.1
that one nice172.53.78
and don't got it got it look this is174.04.319
great nice awesome176.283.3
I feel like we're all focused on the178.3193.42
left side yeah well I ran out of targets179.584.08
I heard y'all say let right now you're181.7394.201
doing left I'm staying focused on the183.664.92
left hey up me too so you on the right185.944.2
okay on the right I'm gonna get that one188.584.14
way in the front right and stick with190.144.8
right you guys are flip-floppers got one192.724.56
I'm staying on the left the whole time194.944.799
me too monkey me too now you were197.284.8
flip-floppers you know who you are huh199.7394.441
it's me ah here we go I'm here like202.086.0
crazy stop flip-flop I I enjoy it no204.188.1
there's the jelly guy hey jelly guy hey208.086.239
there is no way happy you were sticking212.284.86
to one side I am on the left all right214.3195.161
killing it here we go217.146.239
see one more and then we got it 24.25219.486.72
oh we all gotta go for that one yep well223.3796.181
I've refused to shoot all right226.23.78
somebody go get a shirt now we all got232.8194.601
paid yep I want a shirt too I'll see you235.3794.401
at the bank237.422.36
ah it's so much better oh y'all look243.446.42
great oh yeah oh yeah246.2996.321
I like I like that look a lot249.865.32
that's really good is that an avocado252.624.899
yeah you're just a little avocado that's255.184.619
it Simon you're a pizza boy yeah I'm257.5194.231
just basic all right go do more jobs259.7998.32
all right yeah hello sir we're gonna269.586.179
take a job at the power plant all righty272.526.239
yeah okay highly radioactive material275.7595.22
I'm guessing oh boy this place looks278.7593.841
like a nightmare Let's see we gotta280.9793.541
catch the barrels load the barrels onto282.63.599
the truck and then drive to the Quarry284.523.78
and dispose of the barrels boom we gotta286.1994.56
catch barrels oh here it comes288.35.76
here we go and jump okay yeah you got to290.7594.921
kind of jump throw it in there how did294.063.6
you get it up over there I just jumped295.684.82
and let go oh God yeah but it's not easy297.667.08
oh God I think you may be sick oh [ __ ]300.57.18
I'm I am sick why am I sick oh God she304.744.98
keeps popping all right how many we got307.685.7
there oh no one two ah God now I'm sick309.725.88
all right hold it jump it up and then313.384.2
drop it in this toxic waste we'll take315.64.62
that toxic waste and then we'll drop it317.584.559
right away we got one two three which320.224.14
team one more Barrel one more Barrel I'm322.1394.62
gonna be about to drop it in go oh [ __ ]324.364.32
oh didn't work okay okay what about this326.7594.22
one yeah328.682.299
I think we got five one two three yeah341.225.759
yeah we got five go all right here we go343.326.48
we got three minutes346.9796.78
it's good it's fine hey okay I like a349.86.66
good chance coming through yeah be353.7594.621
yeah this little dirt road I think358.384.2
quarries are cool yeah I don't think360.663.66
I've ever been in one I've never been in362.583.24
one but it's like looking at him it's364.324.02
like wow it's just a big hole in it yeah365.826.62
and when I think of a color no no no oh368.347.68
[ __ ] oh no no that's that's ruins372.445.819
with the liberty and then we'll try to379.2595.421
go get the other one oh in a minute 30.381.35.94
all right come on just get these well at384.684.18
least at least at least earn money for387.244.38
this will we gotta feed these barrels to388.865.16
the toxic monster all right here we go391.625.16
feed that one and I got the third one394.025.399
here there we go and that's it and396.784.919
that's it oh you grabbed two of what I399.4193.84
did oh yeah look at that going in there401.6993.541
yeah all right well you're right though403.2594.801
there's no way that we have a minute405.244.799
maybe there's a way okay408.065.88
how about you get him wow this truck's410.0395.641
doing a whole lot better than okay but413.944.199
still yeah the fact that it got that far415.684.2
I mean that that was something418.1394.141
get up here come out come on come out419.884.64
all right422.282.24
all right427.384.62
you little [ __ ] chicken come on you429.564.479
got it [ __ ]432.04.319
hey we still got 30 bucks though I'll434.0394.621
take it oh God and that but truck's not436.3194.261
looking good no no go back go back438.663.9
towards the money you got that money all440.584.1
gotta try it honey let me uh see if I448.444.379
can fly it and I'll come back and then451.1993.12
you grab on and we'll fly together huh452.8193.061
okay I don't see how that happened I'm454.3193.301
gonna go for it why not you don't trust455.884.259
me I mean here it goes457.626.199
giving it some get nope yep okay460.1397.221
I should have went the other way463.8196.701
you all right yep I'm fine but wait467.364.6
there's another flying thing we can try470.522.76
oh God471.963.84
you're gonna pilot this one as well I473.283.72
tried the last one maybe you should try475.84.08
this one you hop in there all right I'll477.03.96
oh that's some kind of Tanks okay oh480.964.019
we're doing it483.244.32
yeah okay484.9795.22
is pretty cool yeah and I guess just let487.563.96
go of the490.1992.641
they just you can do gas and go up and492.846.32
then can you can you direct it anyway uh495.726.659
kinda where was that bowling alley we499.165.62
saw bowling alley oh it's right here502.3794.04
that's it right there504.784.319
all right this is the way to travel but506.4194.601
not really so we're going bowling yeah509.0993.541
I'm just gonna let it kind of come down511.023.72
now right do I have the momentum to put512.643.779
us there no not yet nope a little514.744.58
further okay516.4192.901
the thing526.15.6
yep we're going to walk528.369.44
okay oh and you can use this thing one537.85.32
of these things too I guess oh boy I'm a540.364.14
bowler there check this out you think543.123.54
release oh gutter yeah that wasn't that546.665.04
great gutter ball549.8993.601
there you go nope other way553.54.98
so you don't want to just throw it down557.13.56
nope let's do it okay561.125.06
yeah hey you got some563.3396.481
this was a waste of time really really566.186.7
sad yeah baby I think you and me need to569.824.92
go deliver some furniture what you think572.884.98
I think that that's a good idea you know574.745.039
hopefully it's not a refrigerator let's577.864.38
see yeah here's a furniture shop Pine579.7794.5
Design Furniture582.245.219
hello sir bam take furniture transport584.2795.221
Furniture deliver furniture Before Time587.4594.56
Runs Out boom accept the job oh look at589.54.8
that and it's just a it's a couch a592.0193.901
couch I got I got this in all right hold594.34.5
on I got this end probably Jack it up595.924.859
all right yep look at this there we go598.84.86
there we go there we go easy which uh600.7794.981
where's the uh oh I'm guessing this603.663.359
truck right here just looks like a605.762.88
delivery truck all right so yeah you go607.0193.841
ahead open the back can I pick this up608.644.56
myself because I'm so strong I might610.864.14
need help there we go hold on let me all613.24.62
right back it up yeah there we go look615.04.68
at this well the door closed on my end617.824.26
that's so weird I'll get it yep hold on619.684.38
I'm Letting Go good it looks like it622.083.9
went inside for you it's sticking out of624.064.62
the door can you open the door for me oh625.985.58
hold on uh Eve interact oh it's still628.684.8
open on mine that's fine it's in here631.563.779
tell you what and we'll close it oh God633.483.78
guess what this is a quick thing so get635.3394.021
in here oh God all right we got a minute637.263.6
to go it's right around the corner right639.364.38
around the corner this is no big deal640.865.28
right here right here643.744.8
right here right here man I mean we646.144.139
could have just walked it right could648.543.239
have walked it okay yeah you're650.2793.361
absolutely correct all right so we got651.7794.021
to drop it off today yeah here we go653.644.68
here we go the button655.84.26
I'll pull it out I'll pull it all right658.323.48
okay here we go I want to act like I'm660.063.12
doing something right yeah you get that661.82.82
in we'll bring it over here here you go663.185.04
sir boom 50 damn dollars you need to do664.627.219
Furniture stuff all damn day668.223.619
is this this mine's dangerous at Dallas676.866.36
yeah it's super super dangerous explore679.925.52
the mind to find ore in the walls use683.224.38
Dynamite or pickaxe to break walls or685.444.2
barriers carry or back to the mining687.63.9
machine process the ore in the mining689.643.18
machine wow there's a lot of steps here691.53.3
I hope it gives us like 10 minutes four692.824.199
minutes four minutes okay I need a694.83.9
pickaxe that seems like a priority or697.0194.201
Dynomite I've not seen one pickaxe or698.74.199
one dynamite oh they're sparkly on the701.223.96
yep see that oh here's oh there's some702.8995.341
TNT pickaxe grab everything you can saw705.185.88
some over here I got one of each708.246.24
Heads Up Fire the hole oh oh this is the711.065.279
hole Yeah I didn't know what you meant714.485.34
by hole yeah very observant okay and I716.3395.821
gotta put it on the on this all right719.824.259
right well I really don't understand722.164.679
this game yeah all right I'm processing724.0795.281
some I wish you were better yeah like I726.8394.44
haven't seen one one thing one thing729.363.24
we'll see if that worked oh yeah I'm732.64.32
making this money oh here's some stuff734.825.1
can I just hit it with the pickaxe736.926.12
yep I did a pickaxe there you go739.925.28
I'm coming back with some like diamonds743.043.9
or something oh beautiful where'd you745.23.18
put this stuff746.944.579
on the conveyor belt oh yep yep748.385.76
gotta double up on this one oh yeah it's751.5194.181
all right I kind of want to watch it and755.73.84
I should be working yeah exactly yep you757.384.199
just trust me it went through okay but I759.543.359
really wanted to see it I know that but761.5793.301
just trust me oh762.8993.661
wait I see you know what it's already764.883.48
exposed yeah I did that you can bring it766.563.17
if you'd like yep okay768.362.659
taking it back oh two it looks like a771.0195.201
copper or bronze or something it's on774.8393.24
the way a minute and a half left I know776.224.12
I'm at least gonna get these in yeah778.0794.681
this place is a maze come on get on782.765.34
there yeah baby785.3395.821
I get another I got one but I'm lost oh788.14.14
wait maybe this way oh boy I'm locked792.244.14
out oh why did I drop the gate in the794.5193.421
way I didn't mean to drop that by the796.383.84
rest of the TNT oh I'm right through797.943.3
is that801.244.82
uh where am I oh God802.83.26
not in a good position neighbors really806.164.32
can I help you somehow I'm in a pickle808.1395.041
oh I'm at the exit crap this is why we810.484.799
shouldn't done this man we made 90 bucks813.184.219
mining is dangerous815.2795.12
oh I lit a bomb817.3995.801
hey and our friends are here all right820.3996.221
hey but hey friends oh hi we mind oh823.25.52
good I made 30 bucks who took my money826.626.2
you didn't make 30 bucks Simon really828.724.1
um you guys want to do a plane race yes841.864.86
yeah yeah yeah okay race to the843.545.52
checkpoints passing checkpoints at time846.724.38
reach the Finish Line Before Time runs849.065.519
out and boom oh so oh they put us851.16.359
together here we go take your mark get854.5794.32
set go857.4593.201
here we go858.8995.041
looks like you guys are doing it oh yeah860.666.46
oh yeah now we got it now we got it863.944.56
so maybe it's just you guys weren't867.124.39
close enough oh boy I'm falling868.56.37
I'm following you guys and uh I didn't I875.245.74
didn't see myself hit him879.04.26
pretty cool yeah I don't mind it at all880.984.859
it's pretty fun I'm catching up to you883.266.439
though I don't think you are all I is885.8393.86
hey I'm I don't want to it's just it's a891.125.1
tight ring in there you're getting very894.8393.721
close I can't see with your fat butt off896.223.72
I'm sorry898.566.899
here we go oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh905.4596.541
bring it in okay907.924.08
so yeah you and I got some cash right916.225.32
yeah who's that in that Chopper it won't918.724.799
go up there's got to be a way it goes up921.546.14
oh wait hey hey oh923.5194.161
that I wasn't reading oh that phone927.7793.961
everybody hop on all right trying to930.125.7
hold on where's door oh God oh God931.747.94
way to ruin the fun dress935.823.86
all right941.04.12
all right Simon yeah try to grab the942.8394.141
Jeep all right hold on see how strong945.123.899
you are all right oh I think I got it946.984.26
you got it yep Oh yeah he does have it949.0194.32
let's do it okay we're gonna lift lift951.246.62
lifting come on come on come on953.3394.521
oh my god959.245.14
wow yes I can't believe this works Simon961.2795.8
you're so strong I know I am I'm amazing964.384.319
all right where do we want to go from967.0793.721
here where you want to go oh man I'm968.6993.841
looking at this whole world there's the970.83.979
oh my God975.743.3
ah gee I'm fine I'm fine987.55.62

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