GTA meets Human Fall Flat - WOBBLY LIFE

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? If not, you're in for a treat because ...
GTA meets Human Fall Flat - WOBBLY LIFE
GTA meets Human Fall Flat - WOBBLY LIFE

GTA meets Human Fall Flat - WOBBLY LIFE

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we're talking about why GTA meets Human Fall Flat - WOBBLY LIFE is our favorite video.

simon: Oh yeah, that video was a blast! I mean, who knew that combining GTA with Human Fall Flat would result in so much chaos and laughter?

appsro: I still can't believe how wobbly our characters were in that game. It was like watching a bunch of drunk toddlers trying to navigate a virtual world.

neebs: Haha, exactly! And the best part was when we tried to drive cars in that wobbly state. It was a disaster waiting to happen, but so much fun!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? If not, you're in for a treat because the gang is back at it again in a multiplayer sandbox world where they had even more fun than expected. It's like GTA meets Human Fall Flat in the hilarious game called WOBBLY LIFE.

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So grab your snacks, get comfy, and get ready to laugh along with the Neebs crew as they take on WOBBLY LIFE. With an epic soundtrack to match the gameplay, this video is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish. Don't miss out on all the fun - head over to the Neebs Gaming channel now and dive into the adventure!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest chaotic sandbox adventure in Wobbly Life. This game is like someone took the wacky physics of Human Fall Flat, the open world mayhem of GTA, and smashed them together into one hilarious package.

The second I loaded into this world as a cute little wobbly character and saw the vast cityscape waiting to be explored, I knew I was in for a treat. The controls take some getting used to as your character drunkenly stumbles around with noodle arms and legs. But that's part of the charm! Before you know it you'll be careening down the streets in a stolen car, launching yourself off ramps and crashing through buildings with reckless abandon.

The open world is packed with things to discover and interact with. You can get into all sorts of mischief like stealing ice cream trucks, customizing your character with silly outfits, building rickety contraptions, or just finding creative ways to ragdoll your character. It's like having a playground of toys at your fingertips to goof around with.

And that's just scratching the surface of the emergent gameplay on display here. The real star of Wobbly Life is the multiplayer. Getting a group of friends together to explore this world results in absolute comedic chaos. The wobbly physics and slapstick ragdoll effects lend themselves perfectly to multiplayer shenanigans. We were crying laughing within minutes of jumping into a server together.

Neebs Gaming's cinematic edit of their Wobbly Life gameplay captures all the best moments of their hilarious adventures together. It's the next best thing to playing it yourself! Their chemistry and witty banter always take these sandbox games to the next level of entertainment.

Wobbly Life is a surprising delight and some of the most fun I've had in a multiplayer world in a long time. If you're looking for a hearty dose of laugh-out-loud gameplay moments, this is a must-play. And you can't ask for a better group than Neebs Gaming to guide you through the absurdity this game has to offer. Their Wobbly Life videos are a treat for any fan of physics-based sandbox shenanigans.

Neebs Gaming
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hello ma'am would you like me to help0.3594.861
you across the street no I sure would2.285.16
actually it's it's me it's snapro oh5.224.2
you've got stuff to wear already I might7.443.42
have made a little money but uh yeah9.423.12
Mom's kicked us out of the house and we10.863.54
need to make money we were little Sons12.543.599
of Guns and we weren't doing our part14.43.42
we've been playing too many video games16.1395.121
but uh oh there's uh17.823.44
we're here so this game is probably I21.5395.221
would describe it as human Falls flat24.724.08
meets Grand Theft Auto but yeah look at26.763.72
this like this house this house here is28.84.56
for sale we can buy it for 750 good30.484.56
starter home we need to get our crap33.363.66
together so uh let's get out there and35.043.66
let's make some money I see this pizza37.023.66
and burgers can we deliver food Simon38.73.72
you want to deliver food if that's an40.683.12
option I should go let's go Simon42.424.34
actually you and me right now43.82.96
heads up door48.863.24
all right pizza yeah Pizza you can drive62.14.86
you know how to drive better than that65.43.18
you know you know better but it's fun to66.965.28
piss about isn't it okay I guess so68.586.359
Hey sir welcome to the pizza wobbly72.244.68
Pizza we gotta take the pizza transport74.9393.901
the pizza deliver Before Time runs out76.924.379
all right I've accepted the job okay78.844.38
boom Oh and there's the pizzas all right81.2995.221
so I got a one and a two here we go all83.224.8
right come on we should take this pizza86.524.26
delivery truck right yeah yeah yeah okay88.024.52
uh hold on a second90.785.04
can I just all right you holding on I92.545.259
believe uh no I'm just holding the pizza95.823.72
well let's see how it goes yep that's97.7993.541
where we gotta go here we go we got a99.543.84
minute 30. all right101.343.0
we're doing good104.345.239
oh Jesus106.23.379
how far is it I'm looking at the map but109.9793.481
I can't I don't see the Final112.22.94
Destination gotta go a little ways it's113.463.299
on the beach over here this is on the115.142.759
other side of the neighborhood all right116.7593.781
oh should I take the shortcuts Simon117.8994.941
oh God okay oh120.545.42
okay we're here hey122.845.68
how you doing what's your pizza delivery125.964.42
hey look at you oh it's you gotta put it128.523.26
in the thing130.384.32
20 bucks look at this so now we gotta131.785.02
take this cash and we gotta go visit an134.74.44
ATM to deposit it that's the funnest136.85.18
part so far139.142.84
boom boom I have always wanted to be on142.587.96
a quiz show quiz show you ready ready147.125.22
I'm so nervous welcome folks to another150.544.339
episode of quiz show152.346.119
yay wow live studio audience our newest154.8795.201
contestants look ready to show us their158.4593.36
brain power they can answer these five160.083.36
questions they'll go home with a special161.8193.661
prize you should be doing this what hat163.443.9
do you get from completing the trash165.485.399
collection job uh do we both pick167.346.259
ah I would be170.8795.161
hat what's a bin bag I don't know it173.5994.181
sounds like trash been like a bin trash176.044.979
bin yeah can we get it I'm afraid that's177.785.34
not the right answer come on and we181.0194.141
needed five why'd you just guess that on183.123.66
your own I didn't know if we both gotten185.163.18
a guess I thought it was me is that it186.785.4
that's your fault that is my fault damn188.346.5
it crap192.182.66
another episode of quiz show200.76.36
yay Russian one yep where can you find203.186.22
the wobbly Island airport man we're207.063.42
gonna be guessing because we don't know209.42.04
this world no we don't know anything210.482.64
about you I'll call app store real quick211.443.26
call them but make it on the download213.124.58
we're out of time crap we're ran out of217.764.0
uh too late hang up you ready goodbye so221.765.64
Simon what are you gonna pick uh I don't225.066.12
know uh maybe like something pinkish one227.45.52
more time Dallas talk to App Store now231.183.54
call him I'll be on the phone and dial a232.922.99
friend yes okay234.723.0
it's neebs and drellies we're on a quiz237.724.34
hey what is the most wobbly is it a bus245.227.879
a tree a lamp post or jelly249.127.2
looks like an obvious one right keep it253.0996.001
down you selected okay256.326.42
we got it that's the right answer that's259.16.099
right what side of the road do wobblies262.746.48
drive on right left left Santa I've265.1995.94
noticed left and they don't really hold269.223.3
on I can go outside maybe I'll see271.1392.581
somebody driving272.524.14
uh oh man nobody's here nobody's273.725.22
driving right now left that's right I276.663.539
put B down278.943.7
left I swear to God I'm right trust me280.1993.981
even though I chose left well done284.184.06
you're right which of these foods are286.384.02
not grown at the wobbly Farm is it288.246.54
Tomatoes beans strawberries a corn yeah290.46.9
I'm guessing it's beans I'm guessing294.784.5
it's beans let's see I don't see any297.35.24
corn well there could be corn299.283.26
why don't you have clothes on Simon I303.9193.821
didn't pick anything I only have 20306.123.359
bucks well we gotta go make more money307.746.12
yeah garbage delivery I love it309.4796.181
oh yeah here we go this is where we're313.863.96
gonna make the big money315.663.479
all righty317.824.2
yeah I can be happy with another 20. Hey319.1394.261
sir you need322.023.36
your garbage Duty323.44.019
fine trash put the trash on the lift325.384.2
press button on the van all right I327.4193.901
think we can do that all right do I do329.583.3
the same as you I got it I got it oh wow331.323.42
we got four minutes let's go Simon all332.883.48
right oh it's all in downtown it's all334.743.06
in downtown all right so I'm gonna jump336.363.66
on the back is that it uh yeah you do337.85.82
the back and jumping on and goop hang it340.025.7
on I mean I'm I'm holding on hopefully343.624.62
it won't fling me I'll try to drive safe345.723.78
I'll try to drive real safe we're gonna348.244.16
do a shortcut though349.52.9
here we go now we're getting somewhere353.34.3
all right yeah we're in the city this is355.444.5
where all the trash is I love it357.63.659
yeah right up here oh yeah there's some359.942.64
trash on the left right here something361.2593.841
all right I can do that jumping out so362.584.32
yeah I think we're grabbing the trash365.13.9
you gotta just place it on the thing I366.94.38
get I guess yeah all right so to place369.04.199
it there and then we hit the button hit371.283.6
the button yeah look at that look at373.1993.78
that beautiful oh teamwork baby all374.883.3
right there's another one right up here376.9795.28
right up here and go got it yes boom378.185.76
there we go382.2595.581
nice go get over here get over383.945.879
here yeah I'm helping out whoa it387.843.359
started storming389.8192.761
damn it I'll hit the button there you go391.1993.181
turn the other one down come here all392.583.3
right and then I'll hit this button come394.384.08
on hit the butt boom look at us look at395.884.98
us man we're pro yeah and I'm on the398.466.92
back oh yeah stop it hey God damn400.864.52
all right you do it hit the button all405.65.36
right now I'm gonna get on I promise408.844.62
stop your back and right into me like410.966.04
I'm okay we got 33 seconds all right all413.466.179
right come on come on up here somewhere417.04.919
right A little I see it I see it I see419.6393.78
it I see it all right all right come on421.9192.941
come on come on come on in two seconds423.4192.941
come on come on424.862.7
get down there get up let go hit the427.566.199
button hit the button430.563.199
we got sixty dollars each433.885.6
we got to make money dude I know that440.0993.6
last thing was not good there's anything442.083.72
I'm good at it's cart racing it's not443.6993.601
pop quizzes I know that it's not pop445.82.88
quizzes I didn't know it was going to be447.33.239
like about this world oh wow why didn't448.684.2
you push beans right here okay right450.5394.56
there you were so sure it was Bane so452.883.599
let's do this race to the next455.0993.6
checkpoint passing checkpoints adds time456.4794.261
reach the Finish Line Before Time runs458.6993.84
out yeah I'm gonna take this one because460.745.1
it's right here okay we're doing it I'm462.5396.181
sure it's time what's going on we're in465.844.56
a race now oh God we're raising guys468.725.039
what's happening oh we're racing okay470.48.48
all right hounding dog damn it uh oh wow473.7598.041
okay I don't think I like the control478.885.7
Jordan oh485.8192.72
at one point here488.725.56
watch out who am I passing491.364.959
oh wait it's not this way I thought it494.284.4
was this way496.3192.361
oh you would Simon went the wrong way I499.8794.781
guess I thought it was fun so I'm still502.9193.481
on the job I think he failed because you504.664.259
didn't hit the checkpoints oh you506.44.799
went the right way now I'm gonna miss it508.9193.56
Mr two512.4793.24
on the job I think so516.124.799
I'm a good racer boom I'm hitting these519.125.719
boosts boom boom Oh God this one520.9196.721
yeah I got 19 seconds left this is great524.8396.041
oh I missed boost but yeah you gotta hit527.644.4
the checkpoints530.884.079
yeah time runs out you know I thought I532.045.88
was hitting the checkpoints534.9592.961
yeah you did539.583.96
hey oh there's somebody on a freaking541.443.28
uh yeah there's a Finish Line boom down546.8994.261
oh God hey naves551.164.04
oh hey Dora yeah hey come in here check555.244.62
this out I think I found free money free557.764.139
money free money no such thing find559.863.9
these in the world free money did you561.8994.141
pick it up yeah is it free money 35 free563.763.9
money so yeah you get free money if you566.043.299
find these everyone probably dropped it567.663.179
all right oh there's a movie in here569.3392.761
yeah let's enjoy the movie yeah I want570.8392.701
to see I want to check this movie shot572.13.56
that you shush573.544.919
Simon who's on your bike575.665.44
well it's not my bike it was hers and578.4596.0
then she let me take the lead oh I see581.16.239
yeah wow look at you I got a girlfriend584.4596.201
already I know right587.3393.321
oh what the hell man we just got struck597.84.36
by lightning did you see600.423.84
no I can't keep up with you you're too602.164.2
quick and we're alive604.264.8
we got struck by the lightning of Love606.366.539
there he goes man oh man you and I baby609.067.32
girl we got this we got this baby I612.8995.761
think Darrell is in uh after I went to616.383.959
go see a movie yeah we're leaving that618.665.22
movie sucks sucked ass yeah this is what620.3394.861
we need a door to get out of the city623.884.8
for sure yeah take a little demo job and625.25.42
all that fresh ER628.684.26
yeah all right let's see where do we go630.624.42
to take the job oh this guy my632.943.54
supervisor says we need to knock this635.043.78
house down and start again okay use636.484.08
Thule your choice to destroy the house638.824.32
boom accept job yeah is it is it this640.563.779
house it's got to be this house right643.143.42
here right is that a house yes so why644.3394.021
use a hammer I'm gonna use this yeah646.564.38
good call why would I use a hammer648.364.32
there we go all right that's gonna start650.946.839
it oh good yeah yes well we got four652.686.899
minutes to break it okay hold on hold on657.7794.201
let me find any dynamite dynamite I mean659.5794.141
there's that and there's also661.984.74
oh yeah here's what it is I gotta I675.8995.781
gotta do a big swing is that what it is677.823.86
oh you're fine yeah I know682.75.759
yeah oh yeah686.4594.62
look at that man we tore that up in no688.4594.781
time a fish sound we got a construction691.0794.5
hat for that crap wait Dora you want to693.244.92
grab the ball okay give me the ball695.5794.581
got the ball698.166.0
oh gosh700.164.0
we say Simon I say let's put out some708.06.36
fires yeah we're gonna be heroes yeah710.826.54
drive to fire grab hoe spray fires to714.366.06
put them out except job yes oh there's a717.365.52
timer already all right all right let's720.424.74
go so we're going through the fires on722.883.6
the map we don't know how to do the725.164.32
hoses yet no we don't726.484.62
see that Barn729.483.96
yeah oh my God okay we're gonna go right731.14.32
beside it yeah I think now we gotta733.443.48
figure this hose out we're gonna do the735.424.26
hose yep I know we do hold on I'm going736.924.919
for it right now not even know what's739.684.14
going on aiming at the fire I'm hitting741.8394.68
after interact what have you done I743.826.54
don't know I have to interact okay746.5196.361
did you oh is it is that what you do oh750.365.159
you don't interact you just well nope I752.884.92
grabbed the bumpers instead of the uh I755.5194.021
look at me I'm moving here look I'm757.83.96
moving to wherever there we go teamwork759.543.72
all right let's go on the other side all761.763.379
right hold on we got a minute and a half763.264.5
did you see that cow this isn't the only765.1395.44
fire oh my God I know but the cow just767.764.92
blew up in the sky I gotta face that way770.5794.5
what's happening I don't know I can't772.687.04
see where I'm going aiming the fire baby775.0794.641
I feel like I'm hitting it did we get it781.166.1
baby we got it okay yeah 52 seconds yeah783.365.76
this is awful yep787.263.36
all right here we go all right move this790.624.44
I'm already driving on it or should we793.324.079
both be spraying no I'm not driving get795.065.279
us closer I'm not driving anymore we'll797.3995.101
get back out get back in and drive we800.3395.541
only got the point two seconds man802.53.38
look at this way too close to the808.14.359
building that I think the closest the810.425.0
building the better okay can we just812.4596.661
come on buddy come on do it815.427.3
we're getting farther right further look819.127.019
at this Hey sir how are you stop working822.728.28
now oh man yeah not one dollar today not826.1398.7
well I mean some of us made money ah why831.06.24
is there 30 here said job failed where's834.8394.141
their thirty dollars on top of the thing837.244.56
oh you know what what jump in it's gonna838.984.099
sit up there we'll take it to the bank841.84.02
yeah all right so you did get some money843.0795.221
30 bucks baby that's a win845.826.36

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