Fallout 4 GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 8: Sexy Irma

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Fallout 4 video on their channel? It's a wild ride that takes us to the ...
Fallout 4 GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 8: Sexy Irma
Fallout 4 GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 8: Sexy Irma

Fallout 4 GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 8: Sexy Irma

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that Fallout 4 gameplay video with Sexy Irma in it? That's my favorite video on our channel!

simon: Oh yeah, Sexy Irma really knows how to turn heads in the wasteland. Definitely a highlight of our adventures!

appsro: Haha, you guys are just jealous of Irma's charm and brains. But hey, who can blame you? It's a classic Neebs Gaming moment for sure!

neebs: Absolutely, Irma's got it all - beauty, brains, and a killer sense of style. She's definitely the star of that video!

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Fallout 4 video on their channel? It's a wild ride that takes us to the Memory Den, where things get pretty interesting with lovely ladies and brain intrusion. The Neebs crew always knows how to keep us entertained and on the edge of our seats with their gameplay and commentary.

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oh hey hey I found the exit0.013.71
Nick Nick over here found the exit open10.5599.091
the door yeah oh hey we're back outside13.719.71
Nick holy [ __ ]19.653.77
Nick thank you see the [ __ ] the23.657.1
do not interfere our intentions are32.777.04
peaceful now36.673.14
we are a brotherhood of steel the40.985.85
Brotherhood of Steel check that [ __ ] out45.04.76
you go talk with these guys they got52.498.04
some serious artillery that is [ __ ]54.6212.78
awesome oh man yeah maybe we should go60.538.97
talk to those guys at some point we67.44.02
gotta go see Piper right now huh all69.53.57
right Nick we got to go talk to Piper I71.424.02
don't feel like walking so here's what73.076.09
we're gonna do fast travel baby boom75.445.79
here we are Diamond City all right let's79.165.18
go talk to what's-her-face81.233.11
Piper hey Nick talk to you97.157.06
Nicky Valentine walks into my office for101.8696.451
a change what can I say Piper you me and104.216.21
hard-luck all seem to run together like108.325.73
acid rain down an old sewer so you two110.425.64
are finally letting me in on this little114.054.709
case of yours what's the story116.064.619
we need help Piper do you like my hat118.7595.42
this man in Kellogg kidnapped my son120.6796.961
but that wasn't all he was working with124.1795.351
the Institute I've been investigating127.644.17
these creeps for over a year now yeah129.534.86
the Commonwealth's boogeyman131.815.25
yeah you didn't hated by everyone right134.394.05
right right right right on with it137.063.259
there's one thing nobody really knows138.446.12
where the Institute actually is or how140.3196.191
to get in but there's one person who has144.564.77
to know right the guy who just handed146.516.27
them Shawn Kellogg huh yeah he's dead149.335.7
whatever you're thinking it doesn't152.784.23
matter he's dead155.035.28
so murderer and a kidnapper gets his157.015.49
brains blown out by an avenging parents160.316.69
yeah huh be a great ending if we didn't162.55.85
still have the biggest mystery in the167.03.51
Commonwealth to solve but the Institute168.354.17
all right I'd do it again170.515.1
doesn't matter what he knew I'd kill him172.523.93
again in a heartbeat175.614.54
yeah brains blown out huh176.457.959
his brains you know Valentine that's180.155.669
like man at all184.4093.931
you're talking crazy here Nick got a185.8194.681
Fault in the old subroutines look188.343.959
there's a place in good neighbor called190.54.769
the memory den okay we live the past192.2995.071
moments in your mind as clear as the day195.2694.681
they happened if anyone could get a dead197.376.239
brain to sing it'll be dr. Amaury dr.199.956.119
Amaury who's this dr. Amaury I'll let203.6094.08
her give you her life story in person206.0695.28
let's stay focused I guess we're gonna207.6896.181
need a piece of Kellogg's brain another211.3494.5
brain matter to bring to Omari and find213.875.97
out if this is going to work seriously215.8496.181
I know he asleep you just like well [ __ ]219.844.11
I sinned you want to take the [ __ ]222.034.049
wrong with you Mick that old mercs brain223.953.899
just might have all the secrets we need226.0793.421
to know wait I already have some227.8493.75
actually I think I already have229.54.95
something Kellogg had this thing231.5996.241
attached to his head cybernetics huh we234.455.179
may have just won the lottery237.844.41
riding this crazy brain train or not we239.6293.881
can't all go running across the242.254.23
Commonwealth so who's coming with you243.514.589
oh I'm certainly not gonna take Piper246.485.339
come on Nick let's get going well there248.0997.051
it is dr. Marr a good neighbor okay well251.8196.42
I can fast travel over to this place and255.155.009
then get the good neighbour okay that'll258.2395.911
work I'm gonna do that now oh I can't260.1596.601
fast travel from in here Piper your264.155.34
office sucks don't smoke it's bad for266.7612.719
you yet dumb [ __ ] busy work mister all269.4911.31
right Nick while we're here I'm sure I279.4793.271
have stuff to sell so I'm gonna come280.83.33
over here and talk to a couple of these282.753.18
guys I got four Tilton millimeter284.133.39
pistols I don't need all of them so285.933.0
there you go all right I'll need all287.522.76
this stuff now that I have Kellogg's288.933.479
outfit take all this leg and leathers290.284.379
and legs I don't give a [ __ ] take it all292.4093.841
right I did it Mick ready to fast travel294.6593.29
let's do this296.257.349
boom get down get down Nick okay let's297.9498.261
see the sand seizes Nick help Google303.5993.6
through the graveyard306.214.759
zombies they've risen from the grave307.1993.77
what's wrong with you lady that's fun Oh335.213.11
Nick I love dismembering people all345.216.01
right it's getting foggy out fog see348.314.5
that Nick you gotta get the good351.222.25
where do I go maybe take a left go up353.477.07
and then right all right we'll try that357.073.47
run run good neighbor Nick I'm not360.8712.28
saving you this time get it to yourself370.965.31
ah good neighbor okay see where this373.158.13
place is all about all right Nick Nick376.278.85
Nick hey hold up there first time in381.284.62
good neighbor385.122.67
you can't go walking around without385.95.22
insurance you mean insure insurance387.796.45
that's right insurance personal391.125.25
protection like you hand over everything394.244.65
you've got in their pockets or accidents396.376.69
start happening to you someone steps398.896.24
through the gate the first time they're403.066.6
a guest crap what do you care look at ya405.136.27
what am I saying her love for your mayor409.664.71
Finn I said let him411.45.28
you're soft and calm you keep letting414.375.01
Outsiders walk all over us one day and416.685.55
there'll be a new man come on man this419.384.2
is me we're talking about422.2310.95
oh no I don't see that huh breaking my423.5812.95
heart over here yeah all right brother433.186.96
yeah okay fine thanks for taking care of436.534.36
him good440.142.82
now don't let this incident taint your440.894.05
view of our little community good442.963.63
neighbors of the people for the people444.944.74
you feel me I feel you baby yeah I feel446.595.67
you good you stay cool and you'll be449.684.65
part of the neighborhood so long as you452.266.89
remember George I'm guessing that's him454.337.77
you [ __ ] up Finn bottle caps I'll take459.159.01
that now my fight [ __ ] Nick what the462.19.69
[ __ ] are you doing where we supposed to468.165.25
go the memory den let's find it471.794.46
Wow look at this dude's face hey buddy473.419.53
mm-hmm oh here we go Scott Scully Square476.2516.18
Monday this is girls girls girls place482.9411.55
Valentine forgotten may have walked out494.4911.28
of the denim but I never walk out on you500.55.27
here for Amar'e she's downstairs okay511.116.61
talk to you later515.284.03
that was my grandmother's name that made517.723.569
it weird didn't it just the doctor's519.316.84
place dr. Amaury yes I take it this521.2897.111
isn't a social call we're here to talk526.154.44
about Kellogg's brain we need your help528.45.04
doctor I need the memories from a man530.596.18
named Kellogg but he's dead putting533.445.13
aside the fact that you're asking me to536.774.95
defy a corpse you don't realize that the538.576.48
memory simulators require intact living541.725.67
brains to function Nick told me you're545.054.2
the only one who can make this work this547.394.38
dead brain had inside knowledge of the549.255.01
Institute Amari the biggest scientific551.775.76
secret of the Commonwealth you need this554.264.83
and so do we557.535.81
fine I'll take a look but no guarantees559.098.16
do you have it with you have what the563.347.59
brain yeah here's what I could find567.256.95
what's this this isn't a brain this is570.936.73
wait that's the hippocampus and this574.26.4
thing attached to it a neural interface577.665.34
yeah those circuits look awfully580.64.71
familiar I'm not surprised583.04.98
from what I've seen all Institute585.315.01
technology has a similar architecture so587.984.26
the brain is still good right possibly590.323.63
but there's no way to access the592.244.02
memories inside without a compatible593.955.25
port you're talking about me right I'm596.265.94
an old sense if the Institute built me599.25.34
out of similar parts we might have an in602.25.25
there could be long-term side effects I604.545.25
don't know where to even begin with607.455.4
listing the risks don't bother I don't609.797.18
need to hear them plug me in doc612.856.4
okay thanks me I appreciate this Nick616.974.91
you can thank me when we found your son619.256.35
all right let's do this621.886.129
all right so you're gonna plug his brain625.64.299
in the midbrain acting like an old628.0095.211
grizzled mercenary pulled me out okay629.8998.88
all right let's see you digging for I633.227.33
need you to keep talking to me mr.638.7794.23
Valentine any slight change in your640.554.62
cognitive functions could be dire are643.0093.69
you feeling any different645.175.849
they don't make flashes static I can't646.6996.961
make sense of any of it doc that's what651.0195.971
I was afraid of the mnemonic impressions653.666.09
are encoded it appears the Institute has656.994.469
one last failsafe659.754.139
oh yes the lock on the memories in the661.4594.44
implant tell me you have a way past this663.8894.56
time the encryption is too strong for a665.8996.74
single mind but what if we used to668.4497.531
reload both you and mr. Valentine into672.6395.981
the memory loungers run your cognitive675.985.039
functions and power he'll act as a host678.625.04
while your consciousness drives through681.0195.301
whatever memories we can find683.665.09
that that sounds [ __ ] crazy but let's686.324.74
do it right let's get started just sit688.754.62
down over there okay and keep your691.064.71
fingers crossed so I'm gonna go into the693.376.469
memories of Kellogg this should be fun695.777.2
memories we can find okay might not be699.8398.801
stable just hold on here we go ah this702.978.94
game is just pure sci-fi goodness708.647.38
can you hear me yes ah good the711.916.09
simulation appears to be working716.023.54
although the memories are quite718.04.53
fragmentary the water I'll try to step719.565.76
you through the intact memories and hope722.535.58
we find one that gives us some clue to725.325.66
the institute's location okay728.117.77
this is wild there oh this is the730.987.57
earliest intact memory I can find or735.886.99
connected memory this is silly this one738.5510.62
aha wait that a baby it's gonna be fry742.878.74
you all749.174.78
but we don't know anybody here let's751.615.28
kill our baby come on Sarah you've got753.955.22
to be all she was a Papa yeah the baby756.893.9
and a wife I haven't got steady work759.173.599
with a good outfit I wanted to see his760.793.63
dealings with the Institute that's what762.7693.301
I'm here for I don't care about his764.425.4
family life oh how did you think this766.0710.259
was gonna end Kellogg you thought you769.827.8
could just [ __ ] with us776.3294.081
and we wouldn't [ __ ] with you well777.624.23
somebody [ __ ] with him and then they780.415.33
first saw you ma'am they died like dogs781.857.109
they kill his family did your family get785.745.65
murdered like mine helped them then why788.9594.231
would you keep murdering families you791.393.18
should be ashamed of yourself793.198.06
I found another memory to try oh794.576.68
oh here we go so yo at the Institute I804.318.19
wanted to see for myself if you really809.885.29
existed I don't think you fully812.55.94
understand the situation you're in I815.1711.36
think I do very well be 7:48 an issue oh818.448.09
dude he's a badass hmm impressive we may830.918.49
have something to talk about after all837.375.73
getting warmer [ __ ] I think I would have839.46.25
hired him too we're running out of brain843.13.18
oh there's one that looks mostly intact846.288.33
we're running out of brain Jesus Christ850.184.43
I don't wanna watch this this is the one858.579.84
here open it862.326.09
goofy-looking what is all over your face902.245.15
you reading comics need like magazines913.633.82
and comics916.372.969
I'll give you all the comics in the917.454.92
world if I just find you again Kellogg919.3394.861
oh it's okay922.374.08
whoa one of these days you're gonna get924.26.27
your head just arguing ACTA minimizing926.456.12
my exposure to civilians is a prime930.474.95
again I said anything so what's the big932.576.57
crisis this time new orders for you one935.426.18
of our scientists has left the Institute939.145.33
name's dr. Brian Virgil941.65.0
we know he's hiding somewhere in the944.476.87
glowing sea here's his file so I guess946.66.8
you're taking the kid back with you951.345.1
affirmative your only mission is to953.46.13
locate and eliminate Virgil you're956.447.62
taking me home to my father yes to me959.538.96
and hold still okay964.064.43
oh you cute little bastard yeah old he971.487.649
is like you're like 10 I didn't get to974.8695.96
see you grow up you growing up with979.1294.2
Wesley Snipes looking [ __ ] with980.82916.84
Shawn the portation now it all makes983.32914.94
Ewing fast travel but he's found the998.2693.6
entrance to the Institute because there999.9494.23
is no entrance so they just fast travel1001.8693.84
is that what it looks like when I fast1004.1798.43
travel soon as you're ready okay alright1005.7098.61
don't know what kind of side effects the1012.6094.491
procedure might have had no one's ever1014.3198.46
done this before how do you feel I'm1017.18.919
okay doctor thank you that's good but I1022.7795.79
want you to keep monitoring yourself we1026.0194.05
have to be sure there's no long-term1028.5694.681
damage are you ready to talk about what1030.0695.281
happened in there yeah so much a weird1033.254.319
[ __ ] like the teleportation we got what1035.354.489
we needed the Institute uses1037.5695.191
teleportation to get in and out yes the1039.8395.141
greatest secret is finally been revealed1042.763.779
yeah they figured out how to fast travel1044.983.72
it's two more questions how does it work1046.5393.661
where do we go next1048.74.229
I don't know don't look at me doctor1050.25.64
this stuff is beyond me um let me think1052.9295.911
what about that memory involving Virgil1055.846.089
the rogue Institute scientist right if1058.845.76
he were alive we have a common enemy I1061.9295.071
like it the memory said the Institute1064.64.5
tracked him to the glowing sea but that1067.04.799
seems crazy a madman would think twice1069.15.61
about going there hey well what's the1071.7995.701
glowing sea why what makes the glowing1074.715.63
sea so dangerous the name says it all1077.56.24
radiation so much that nothing there1080.345.589
could possibly live how do I fight that1083.744.23
much radiation doctor there are chemical1085.9294.441
compounds radix right away1087.974.02
you'd need as much as you could carry1090.373.57
what about a suit anymore1091.994.23
a sealed environment suit would be great1093.945.43
yeah find one okay or maybe one of those1096.224.47
suits of power armor1099.376.179
oh I hid one under a bridge okay I'll1100.696.93
find a way to get through the res don't1105.5492.521
good luck and be safe by the way I1108.076.809
unplugged mr. Valentine course remove1111.5195.601
the implant while you were waking up1114.8794.53
he's waiting for you upstairs1117.125.019
rad away Steve duct tape I am taking you1119.4095.431
[ __ ] what is it is that a switch on your1122.1397.591
nipple silly what's that buddy how you1124.847.26
doing Nick hope you got what you were1129.736.449
looking for inside my head that was1132.16.35

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