Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 10: Courser Hunting

Hey everyone, I am so excited to share with you the latest video from one of my favorite YouTube channels, Neebs Gaming! In this video, they...
Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 10: Courser Hunting
Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 10: Courser Hunting

Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 10: Courser Hunting

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here and I gotta tell ya, this Courser Hunting video is my absolute favorite! I mean, who doesn't love a good ol' hunt in Fallout 4?

simon: Oh Neebs, you know I love this video too! I mean, watching you take down that Courser dude is just too hilarious. It's like watching a comedy show!

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up! But seriously, this video is top-notch entertainment. I mean, who wouldn't want to see Neebs go all Rambo on a Courser in Fallout 4? It's pure gold!

Hey everyone, I am so excited to share with you the latest video from one of my favorite YouTube channels, Neebs Gaming! In this video, they are going hunting in Fallout 4 and taking on the Courser dude. I can already tell it's going to be epic!

If you haven't already, make sure to subscribe to their channel and help them reach 1 billion subscribers. They are so close and they deserve all the support they can get. Plus, they have the world's greatest stream on Twitch every Thursday at 8:00 EST. You don't want to miss out on all the fun and action.

Also, don't forget to check out their Spreadshirt Shop for some awesome merch and their music on their website. Neebs Gaming is not just about gaming, they have some killer music too. And let's not forget their social media sites where you can stay connected with them and other fans. They are always interacting with their audience and it makes me feel like part of the Neebs Gaming family.

I can't wait to dive into this video and see how they handle the Courser dude in Fallout 4. Their gameplay is always entertaining and I know I'll be on the edge of my seat the whole time. Neebs Gaming never fails to deliver top-notch content and I am so grateful for all the laughs and excitement they bring into my life. Time to grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I just love watching Neebs Gaming play Fallout 4! Their cinematic style really makes me feel like I'm right there in the wasteland with them. The way they edit the footage to tell a story, with close-ups at just the right moments, makes their videos so engaging and entertaining.

And the banter between the guys is hilarious! They play off each other so well, and you can tell they're just having a blast exploring the world together. Like when Thick was sneaking around hunting that Courser and Dora kept messing with him, I was cracking up! Their chemistry really shines through.

The production value on Neebs' videos is top-notch too. The graphics are crisp, the audio is clear, and the editing is seamless. You can tell they put a lot of work into making high quality content. I mean, the custom intros they make for each series are fantastic!

Overall, Neebs Gaming's cinematic approach makes their gameplay videos as enjoyable to watch as a TV show or movie. Getting to see all their hilarious reactions and commentary makes me feel like I'm right there hanging out with friends, going on adventures in these huge open worlds.

It's really the next best thing to playing the games myself. In fact, I almost prefer watching Neebs play through story-driven games like Fallout 4 because I get to see the narrative brought to life with their signature comedic touch, without worrying about making gameplay decisions myself.

If you haven't seen their stuff, I highly recommend checking out their Fallout 4 playlist. It's a wild ride, and their cinematic style will pull you right into the post-apocalyptic world. Neebs Gaming is definitely my favorite way to experience open world games!

Neebs Gaming
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hey this place is hustling and bustling8.427.5
this morning huh Nick yeah I got it10.957.02
alright Nick should we take the power15.923.97
armor I'm worried that we're gonna run17.973.719
out of fuel all the way let's not do it19.893.6
okay let's start heading over to the CIT21.6893.75
place see if we can hunt down this23.494.47
[ __ ] courser okay Nick we made it to25.4396.391
CIT over there the diamond City past27.966.54
that bridge so what were you supposed to31.834.53
do oh yeah there's a radio signal right34.59.03
oh yeah here we go oh okay so I guess we36.368.49
follow it until the beeps get louder43.533.48
right Nick44.854.49
I found a floating car floating pink car47.015.85
that defies all logic and physics see49.346.129
that see that Nick see that Bethesda52.8610.08
okay Green Tech genetics think you think55.46910.05
you think you think Nick I think we62.944.56
found the place let me turn this [ __ ]65.5194.011
hello what you got bottle-cap70.774.41
yellow oh boy75.3294.511
alright I think they've just seen us78.011.11
Nick hello okay we got turrets huh eat79.8412.47
them with the turrets at89.113.2
alright we're dead there it is try yeah102.178.32
I got it Nick109.2294.141
got it crowding me let's try to be Nick110.4914.64
Oh what is that what Vegeta and Goku113.3715.499
fighting what the [ __ ] going on125.133.739
all right I guess that was something all131.2695.741
right Nick we got to stay safe oh [ __ ]134.45.309
soon as I open my stupid mouth all right137.015.85
let's see leg out come over here let's139.70914.491
see take that left arm out oh yes I am142.8613.799
okay okay back it up back it up back it154.214.25
up back it up Nick yeah go to sleep156.65915.48
little prince impact maybe we should168.455.069
start eating some of the [ __ ] I have172.1395.281
anything useful oh yeah some ammo and173.5196.72
those always useful in that Nick hello177.428.3
anyone in here oh speaking of hello180.2398.25
hello oh okay hi185.7210.12
hey just me three great mmm all that188.48911.61
work ah like a charm oh my god what have195.846.35
I done200.0992.091
okay well what the [ __ ] see I got my202.4898.191
pipe pistol its tactical its life206.44.28
super [ __ ] hey I love it up / I got213.596.25
perks damage resistance important to me217.414.47
right now because I'm very vulnerable I219.843.42
don't have any power armor I'm gonna do221.881.71
yep I'm tough Nick look how tough I am I223.596.89
there go Goku Vegeta again oh boy Yello232.114.16
ooh oh my god that guy's got a rocket242.398.01
launcher Oh God shoot him and probably246.265.55
need to take him out don't I250.411.309
oh boy oh [ __ ] run oh sorry coming Nick251.8110.89
Oh God261.7092.581
alright Nick I'm about to pull the most262.73.15
badass move of the century I'm gonna run264.293.0
out there I'm gonna toss a grenade and265.853.33
then your day into the midair267.297.38
watch this yeah that didn't go as I269.187.92
planned Acosta grenade too far run run274.6710.77
run Nick son of a [ __ ] come on just277.18.79
come on just once critical dance285.894.79
in fact292.024.84
son of a [ __ ] no rocket launcher293.817.94
oh hi oh oh hey guys Jesus ah [ __ ]296.8616.47
catch it jet jet jet jet of course311.745.549
there's a ton of them what are you doing313.338.63
laying down in the floor good job Nick317.2894.671
what the [ __ ]324.125.139
stealth boy a missile yeah I'll take325.933.87
oh speaking of missiles that guy had a329.84.47
rocket launcher remember Nick how much331.813.84
you want to bet I try to pick it up and334.275.399
it's too fat I'll be damned335.656.18
missile all and I only have one missile339.6694.171
for it that's ok so I'll make it my341.835.459
favourite let's put it up here oh god343.848.069
what is that what is that we're ok yeah347.2896.72
that's the goku thing I get it he's351.9094.951
powerful Jesus you know Nick you'd look354.0095.011
better with two heads I mean you're a356.863.69
robot maybe we can just sew another one359.023.69
on you you can be what you can be that360.556.419
guy can argue with yourself it'll be362.716.6
funny alright come on now come on now366.9694.711
work with me work with me now work with369.315.759
me now yes oh yeah Oh Nate a minor371.688.519
cocktail yes Oh oh that's good375.06911.93
come here me I don't even see anybody380.19910.74
get over here are you here for the386.9995.2
Senate Oh God390.9397.47
okay this is a courser ah the synth no392.1997.53
that's not why I'm here398.4093.6
if you're not here for the sin then399.7294.151
you're here for me402.0094.471
I need I need that coarser Jim you got407.135.43
it in your head that you cannot have the409.266.03
[ __ ] I can't rule its own now baby oh412.566.03
boy this guy's alright first thing is415.295.37
sin let's try to do that arm thing418.594.37
remember Nick where we take out the arms420.664.53
we doesn't have a weapon that might be422.964.54
advantageous to us oh boy he's gonna425.194.83
take a lot of skill a big oh all right427.55.31
all right all right yeah get a Mick you430.024.92
did already you dumb [ __ ] you are432.814.08
usin why do they always do that434.949.72
I hate this still boys [ __ ] [ __ ] out of436.8914.869
here yeah444.6610.24
go back there down huh451.7593.141
[ __ ] all right let's see how465.0496.7
about left arms not doing so good pinch469.19910.25
that off a little bit what are you oh471.74910.02
man I almost got you oh wait you're479.4495.89
trying to heal Beast impact your nights481.76919.62
with stim pack all right I got you right485.33919.86
where I want you you're the baby oh yes501.3897.44
hi Nick I got him oh [ __ ]505.1997.62
tried to jump how do I kill there's a508.8295.911
jump button I got him I'm playing too512.8193.45
much Battlefield I forgot what the jump514.744.019
button was Nick what the [ __ ] who's that516.2694.88
I know you're not here for me but I518.7595.94
can't get out not on my own I'm going to521.1496.011
have to trust you to help me I promise524.6994.74
not to hurt you I guess I don't really527.164.14
have a choice do I529.4394.08
the guard put the password in a toolbox531.34.889
over there under the stairs hold on533.5194.231
first I want to search this courser guy536.1893.63
you've got any good cheat on him you got537.754.11
baby courts your chip that's what I'm539.8192.52
ah oh here's that toolbox oh it's right542.33911.3
here that's all right I got it Nick545.618.029
I got it Nick damn stubborn ass robot556.129.95
hey y'all over the door for you baby563.145.22
you're welcome thanks again for your566.074.66
house I'm gonna look for supplies before568.366.06
heading out good good idea no I don't570.735.76
need any more help the Commonwealth is574.424.65
unforgiving I need to make I was gonna576.494.29
ask I'm gonna see if you'd give me a579.074.59
[ __ ] all right Nick we got to go get580.785.42
this thing this chip analyzed right583.666.42
where the [ __ ] are we gonna do that okay586.25.56
we are done with that nonsense oh it's590.082.91
all dark out here591.764.53
my buffout as worn out flock you know592.994.77
these fallout games really need and I596.293.75
hope I'm mater does it camping I need to597.763.69
be able to just go all right I'll just600.043.18
come over here and start a fire I'm601.454.14
gonna throw down a sleeping bag I want603.223.63
to be able to carry around a sleeping605.592.76
bag with me and throw it down anywhere606.853.48
is I don't like walking around at night608.354.41
do you Nick have the courser chip610.335.43
analyzed good neighbor oh we can go to612.766.18
good neighbor and do it well it seems615.765.07
like the place to go huh head on over to618.943.48
good neighbor and analyze this cross the620.834.17
chip what do you think Nick oh wait you622.424.47
know I never used my missile launcher625.04.41
and I really wanted to let's see this626.895.42
poor [ __ ] over here629.412.9
god I really hope I don't miss I miss632.555.53
it's gonna suck only got one all right635.476.38
let's do it come on638.083.77
Oh God that's satisfying NIC that is641.9324.06
damn satisfying oh you kidding me651.8617.16
look at that oh do this be a great665.995.849
hideout I want to make this my home this669.024.35
is where I want to set up camp671.8393.841
you got a building here with a little673.375.07
gondola gonna hop on Nick all right I'll675.684.14
see you want to get back you just hang678.445.64
out here okay hi I wonder who's coming I679.8216.34
wonder if I should turn around camera Oh684.0812.08
see somebody down there set up a701.294.57
campfire lucky bastards or is that a703.644.11
pile of burning bodies either way it's705.865.19
more than I get to do okay I'm gonna go707.755.51
to sleep711.052.21
uh-oh yeah look at this714.2796.31
look at this I want to live here I want717.24.44
to wake up to this view every morning720.5893.861
this is where I want my house to be I721.645.81
could just stare at this for724.457.59
least three seconds all right to good727.4511.45
neighbor good neighbor we go let's see732.049.48
take a look at the map real quick oh738.94.21
wait what about doing been the good741.523.48
neighbor before fast travel Jesus Christ743.113.78
I'm an idiot all right we're back in745.03.33
good neighbor Nick I think we need to go746.892.88
talk to dr. Amaury748.3311.16
hello hello see Virgil I found Virgil he749.7712.66
has a way inside the Institute but I759.494.86
need a code from a courser chip a762.435.96
coarser chip reporter Corson you did764.356.78
unfortunately I can't help you I worked768.395.29
on a lot of sins but never a course I771.135.04
don't know what that chip does let alone773.684.68
how to decode it but there are people776.175.87
who might I work with a group that well778.366.15
they're the only ones I know that even782.044.33
have a chance at cracking Institute784.515.67
security okay called the railroad the786.376.72
railroad the railroad they help sense790.185.22
escape the Institute I don't know who793.095.01
they all are usually an agent of theirs795.44.35
just shows up with someone who needs new798.13.81
memories one of them gave me a code799.754.41
phrase said it would help me find them801.914.59
if there was ever an emergency die804.165.69
follow the Freedom Trail806.55.73
exactly idea what the code phrase means809.855.23
I'm not sure but I remember there was a812.236.24
pre-war landmark with a similar name I'd815.086.03
start there alright Nick we gotta go818.475.37
find a railroad people yep821.115.93
always something823.843.2

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