Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 12: The Brotherhood!

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! I am so excited about the new video that The Brotherhood just dropped. They are trying to build somethin...
Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 12: The Brotherhood!
Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 12: The Brotherhood!

Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 12: The Brotherhood!

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic episode of Fallout 4 gameplay with the one and only Brotherhood!

simon: Oh yeah, I love hanging out with these guys. They always bring the biggest guns to the party!

appsro: And let's not forget their amazing building skills. I mean, who else can construct a fortress out of tin cans and duct tape like The Brotherhood?

neebs: That's right! I needed some help building stuff in this wasteland, and who better to call than our trusty Brotherhood buddies?

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! I am so excited about the new video that The Brotherhood just dropped. They are trying to build something awesome and they need our help to see if they can pull it off. I can't wait to see what crazy antics they get up to this time!

Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and help them reach their goal of 1,000,000,000 subscribers. Let's show our support for this amazing channel and help them grow even bigger.

And have you checked out their Twitch stream yet? It's the world's greatest stream and they go live every Thursday at 8:00 EST. I always make sure to tune in and join the fun. It's like hanging out with friends and watching some epic gaming action.

Oh, and have you seen their Spreadshirt shop? I love picking up some merch to show off my Neebs Gaming pride. And don't even get me started on their music - it's so catchy and perfect for jamming out to while watching their videos.

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I could go on and on about how much I love this channel, but I better wrap it up. Go watch the latest video and let's see if The Brotherhood can pull off their latest crazy project. I know they won't disappoint!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, have you seen the hilarious shenanigans that the Neebs Gaming crew gets up to in their gameplay videos? I'm telling you, their cinematic style of capturing gameplay is the next best thing to playing the games yourself.

The way they roleplay and improvise conversations between their characters while exploring these huge open worlds is comedy gold. Like in their Ark series, the personalities they gave to each of their characters and the relationships between them had me cracking up constantly. Dora and Thick are such a dysfunctional couple!

And their editing is top-notch too. They always manage to capture the most absurd and cinematic moments of gameplay and edit them together into an engaging narrative. The dramatic camera angles and music choices heighten the humor and adventure perfectly.

I also love how they aren't afraid to mod their games and really go wild with experimenting in the worlds. Like in their Skyrim and Fallout series, some of the ridiculous mods they added made for such hilarious scenarios and encounters.

At the end of the day, Neebs Gaming just has such infectious enthusiasm and chemistry as a group. You can tell they're just a bunch of best friends having a blast playing games together. That energy comes through so strongly in their videos and always puts a smile on my face.

So if you're looking for gameplay content that is not only fun and cinematic, but also bursting with comedy and personality, you can't go wrong with Neebs Gaming. Their videos are the closest you can get to playing these games with a crew of hilarious best friends. I'm telling you, this is peak gaming entertainment right here!

Neebs Gaming
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we'll take this alley follow me okay I'm8.843.799
following you where are we going10.963.04
traveling this far from the police12.6393.441
station is a risk okay we getting that14.03.68
transmitter up and running needs to be16.084.56
our top priority oh I see something up17.688.2
here hey guys oh boy Raider watch out20.648.16
dance these guys25.882.92
him damn dude you don't screw around hey33.86.079
Nick is this place we're going is uh is36.925.44
it here maybe I'll get lucky maybe I'll39.8794.2
find a fusion core in there it's only42.363.839
got one left and I will kill you for44.0794.32
yours don't put that past me there46.1994.52
shouldn't be any exterior secured so48.3993.561
we'll head in through the front there's50.7193.121
two of us in power armor and a robot we51.964.119
should be fine I'm not at all worried53.845.199
about this parked yet see where are we56.0795.48
going seem to know where you want to go59.0395.84
huh look at these wrecks it appears as61.5594.6
though the facility's automated64.8793.481
Security's already been dealt with good66.1594.361
less security to worry about negative68.364.399
these robots were assaulted by Institute70.523.84
ooh okay what all right we'll be on the74.365.799
lookout on the lookout Roger that let's78.044.92
move out I know what s are I don't know80.1594.841
if you noticed there's a guy with us82.965.519
called Nick who's a syth see if you can85.05.56
find a way to get that door open88.4793.92
uh let's see there's a wire leading from90.563.919
that door back over to92.3994.801
here I bet I could use this computer94.4799.041
terminal let's see desired hey one shot97.29.08
Johnny and open the103.526.16
door sometimes you get lucky nice work106.285.68
let's get moving oh there's the109.684.799
S let's see yeah we fought these guys111.964.119
before what you really need to do is114.4793.24
shoot them in the116.0795.761
arm uhoh117.7194.121
oh boy oh boy okay121.925.32
okay easy enough all right Bubba where124.4395.04
now where you131.85.04
going where you going what you134.086.48
doing okay down here oh all right turn136.845.72
around go back up yeah yeah this makes a140.564.24
lot of [ __ ] sense where'd he go142.565.72
where's dance dance you can dance if you144.87.04
want to all right you lead the way148.286.36
Bubba seem to know what you're doing151.845.16
look at this place drives have a field154.644.44
day in here oh wow we'll have to keep157.03.959
heading down for now and find a way to159.084.079
get the facility's power back online160.9593.601
okay well I'm going to go faster than163.1592.8
you you're slow there has to be a power164.563.12
backup system somewhere all right so165.9593.761
that's what we need to get power to okay167.685.08
Nick and I'll go check it out you H Nick169.725.36
Nick likes to fast travel and disappear172.765.32
usually yeah there he is he's silly175.085.28
hello what's this178.086.96
junk jet junk jet hell180.366.599
oo so what does this186.9593.64
shoot so you load junk into it191.647.76
okay I got a lot of junk like some Fiber194.926.599
otics I don't see I'm I'm scared to get199.44.08
rid of stuff got a pack cigarettes got201.5195.041
to load it up and then you203.486.839
boom Oh God all right if I wanted to206.565.319
look at a menu every time I want to use210.3194.92
this gun I'd do it but guess what I211.8798.681
don't you can have it oh [ __ ] yeah yes215.2399.0
sir all right that made me happy here we220.565.679
go unlock this and I'll turn everything224.2395.881
back on maybe aha got it all right power226.2396.321
options all right engine core power230.126.64
restored good deal oh hey let's see232.567.319
start that engine command accepted236.765.36
commencing 5sec239.8795.08
countdown five oh wait is that going to242.125.959
go you better watch out dance oh my God244.9596.48
how much slower can you count248.0793.36
capabilities do255.285.199
it oh257.1993.28
yeah all right probably turn that off265.526.08
hey dance you okay surprised you didn't272.4794.801
get fried how you doing bubba oh my God275.084.76
are you all right got cooked by those277.284.919
Flames but thanks to my power armor I'm279.844.04
still in one piece well good the282.1992.881
important thing is that we're still283.883.44
alive yeah we have a way to get to the285.084.64
transmitter let's287.325.719
go all right you guys want in now you'll289.725.28
pop in later I know how this works293.0394.321
you're too stupid to get in an elevator295.03.72
all right what's up here I heard297.364.399
something there someone present uh-oh oh298.724.759
wait where's my gun it's doing the thing301.7595.121
again give me my gun why can't I see my303.4796.761
gun why can't I see my306.886.8
gun give me my310.243.44
gun oh Jesus Christ314.1995.521
Bethesda what the [ __ ] is wrong with316.844.639
critical there it is321.4793.801
Jesus ban out and check the S remains327.7594.601
they may have been after the transmitter330.965.239
as well okay about this guy oh deep332.364.72
transmitter this is what we're looking337.084.239
for let's get out of here take the338.884.48
service elevator to the surface all341.3194.761
right good deal excuse me Paladin dance343.365.08
well that could have gone smoother but346.084.16
mission accomplished I thought we worked348.443.84
well as a team agreed I'd like to350.243.44
compensate you for your resistance352.282.359
during this353.683.239
operation you'll find this weapon useful354.6394.321
may it serve you well in battle oh thank356.9196.041
you baby oh righteous Authority okay358.965.56
thanks man I'll take it when we met at362.963.16
the police station you told me you364.523.84
wanted to join the Brotherhood of Steel366.123.479
is that something you're still willing368.363.04
to do I mean if you guys will help me369.5994.561
out yeah all right I guess we're part of371.44.359
the Brotherhood now but hey don't worry374.162.96
I'm just I'm just joining these guys so375.7592.88
they can help us build the377.124.28
[ __ ] ain't that right I just need help378.6394.481
building the [ __ ] boom back at the381.44.72
police station they must want to protect383.124.68
something awful386.123.919
precious yeah they're live387.84.119
let's head back into the police station390.0393.761
alive and well sir oh you fast traveled391.9193.84
too mission accomplished we have the393.83.839
transmitter are you ready to head up to395.7595.16
the ship yes of course I am I've never397.6395.321
seen anything so impressive takes your400.9194.881
breath away doesn't it we call our ship402.966.04
the pidm if she's here Elder maxon's405.86.839
here and that means we're going to war o409.06.759
who's Elder maxon's Elder Maxon Maxon412.6395.721
man's a lunatic Maxon is the commander415.7594.361
of this division of the Brotherhood well418.363.399
thanks for that Nick he's the model of420.123.359
what every Brotherhood Soldier hopes to421.7594.321
become hey Nick we're going for a ride423.4794.761
you want to go we're going to go meet426.085.679
that nut job that you talked about oo428.244.959
see tell you what Nick let me handle431.7592.321
alone I think it's about time we called434.085.16
it quit your call you Chang your mind436.526.799
though you come find me I'll be at439.244.079
I'm going to miss you460.6393.761
Nick yeah I'm going to miss him all462.0394.641
right dance where you at464.46.0
baby I ride this thing wow check this466.687.16
out flying does a genetic company I went470.45.519
in there that's where I fought a corser473.843.319
tell you about I'll tell you all about475.9195.161
it sometime cool oh there's the uh yeah477.1595.32
I was on top of that building they got a481.084.079
little Gondola there I killed a lady is482.4795.481
that a pirate ship hey dance there's a485.1595.561
pirate ship down there oh yeah there she487.966.76
is oh this is this is kind of490.724.0
exciting all495.523.32
right what's going499.0396.921
on we're pulling in yeah all right here501.848.52
we are o can I hop out how do I pop out505.968.24
oh there we go yes sir is this our new510.366.44
recruit yes sir I feel promoted him to514.24.319
initiate and I'd like to sponsor his516.83.52
entry into our rankings first I'm trying518.5193.561
to hear you there's a bunch of [ __ ]520.323.36
Verte birs in the background making a522.083.96
lot of damn noise Captain kills hi523.684.64
Captain kills you're the one Paladin526.044.32
dance has taken under his528.324.32
wing you don't look much like a soldier530.364.28
to me well you're wrong about that I532.643.96
won't allow anyone to jeopardize our534.643.84
mission no matter how valuable they536.63.96
think they are not trying to jeopard out538.484.359
[ __ ] Bubba um I didn't I wasn't540.564.12
listening to what you said so uh542.8394.321
absolutely absolutely good that's all544.684.839
for now Soldier thank you good to meet547.165.359
you Captain Kel oh it's all rainy oh man549.5194.721
I wish it was a bright sunny day cuz552.5193.601
this view is incredible oh is this the554.243.279
address is this where I got to be556.124.24
brothers and sisters hey the road behind557.5195.201
has been long and fraught with560.364.88
difficulty Max every one of you has562.725.48
surpassed my expectations guy with a GOC565.244.44
facilitating our arrival in the568.24.36
Commonwealth there is a cancer mhm known569.685.76
as The Institute yeah a malignant growth572.565.08
that needs to be cut before it infects575.444.36
the surface yeah they are experimenting577.644.319
with dangerous technology yeah that579.84.44
could prove to be the world's undoing581.9595.601
the second time in recent history584.245.96
Institute scientists have created that587.564.519
transcends the destructive nature of the590.22.759
bomb this notion that a machine could be592.9597.601
granted Free Will is not offensive but597.25.36
horribly dangerous I am really glad I600.563.92
did not bring my buddy Nick on this uh602.566.16
on this trip uh victorium604.486.799
Advent so what do you want buba what do608.724.4
you want from me I want you to start611.2794.24
taking responsibility for this planet to613.124.68
start making a difference and from what615.5195.041
I've read in Paladin Dan's reports617.85.039
you've already begun that Journey see620.564.519
reports must travel fast cuz I just did622.8393.881
that like 10 minutes ago a better625.0793.721
recommendation I'll do my best I'll do626.723.92
my best has to live up to it I'm certain628.84.84
that you will all right so here's what I630.644.84
really want to talk to you about manot633.644.879
units at 30C intervals Elder Maxim I635.485.039
have a set of plans to build a signal638.5193.921
Interceptor to get me inside the640.5193.88
Institute an intriguing proposal that642.444.959
I'll have to seriously consider however644.3994.601
before I allow any of my soldiers to647.3993.56
breach the Institute careful649.04.04
preparations need to be made in the650.9594.601
meantime I need you to follow my orders653.045.28
and remain patient ah what the [ __ ] am I655.564.2
supposed to do now658.323.319
get help to build the signal trying to659.763.56
get help these idiots won't help me let661.6393.521
me get in good with these uh Brotherhood663.324.92
of Steel idiots I prefer laser weapons665.166.119
myself I Las shut up your [ __ ] I'm just668.244.52
going to be an [ __ ] I'm going to be a671.2794.641
dick hey what's up [ __ ] ah good you're672.765.48
finally here just set the books down675.925.8
anywhere get them as soon as I can uh678.245.52
clean your glasses [ __ ] glasses Pops681.725.919
Pops what does that mean oh wait I see683.765.84
that's in reference to my aim687.6394.961
clever I'll make a note of that you too689.66.32
with a goofy haircut huh anybody in here692.65.64
glad you finally stopped by Soldier yeah695.925.08
are you ready for your medical exam uh698.245.92
no can it wait that's fine but I can't701.05.0
clear you for active duty until you've704.164.32
completed the exam and I give you a706.04.56
clean bill of health let me know when708.483.039
ready okay so I can't do any missions711.5193.681
until you look at me all right let's713.8393.961
talk let's talk oh you're back good are715.28.28
you ready for your medical exam oh [ __ ]717.85.68
yeah this was a good talk I'm glad I725.9595.401
came here very worth my time you watch728.245.68
my back I'll watch yours hey Paladin731.364.36
dingdong how you doing buddy I'm I'm733.923.279
going around meeting735.724.52
everybody let's see who else is here737.1994.481
wait you know what I'm going to drop off740.244.32
this power armor right here all right741.684.36
leave that right there man mine looks744.563.48
all rusty look at you you guys as nice746.044.359
and damn mine's like a rusty piece of748.046.32
[ __ ] see who else can I meet unless sh750.3995.841
your back onun you're the new recruit I754.363.32
heard about yeah I don't know how I knew756.243.12
your name if your power armor is too757.683.68
tight in the crotch the prn's about to759.364.36
crash into the ground or a robot's gone761.365.56
Haywire yeah you come see me okay you're763.724.559
you're you're you're the guy you're the766.923.2
guy all right anyway I'm sure you're768.2793.56
here to get your hands on some power770.124.8
armor there's a pretty decent t60 suit771.8396.0
sitting in Bay 3 that's all yours what774.924.96
that ain't too shabby all right I got to779.883.04
meet one more person but sweet I got a781.2793.161
new set of fire armor anything in here I782.925.279
can take yep yep hello step forward784.446.199
Knight and this is the storage Depot and788.1994.721
I as you probably already guess storage790.6394.161
and the ship if you need to stock up on792.923.44
supplies before you head out on a794.84.0
mission this is the place to buy them oh796.364.12
cool good to know that's good to know798.83.92
I'm glad you're the agreeable type all800.484.479
right I think I met everybody can I take802.723.96
this I want to take804.9594.841
this yeah check this one out come on806.685.719
Dance you and me are going to go do [ __ ]809.84.64
so I can get you guys to trust me so I812.3993.56
can build this [ __ ] thing to get into814.443.44
the Institute that's the only reason I'm815.9593.961
doing this [ __ ] hey there you are stupid817.883.639
looking now that you familiarized819.923.96
yourself with the pin's crew yeah are821.5193.841
you ready for your next ass Simon823.884.319
brother uh yeah sure why not yes Elder825.365.24
good take a look over there that's Fort828.1994.44
strong right and it's infested with830.65.0
super muts to make matters worse they're832.6394.88
sitting on top of a massive stockpile of835.63.52
fat man shells we could use in our837.5193.76
campaign it'll be a pleasure to839.125.44
exterminate that mutant fil now we have841.2796.641
a vertebr on good input dance okay let's844.565.279
uh let's board this gunship let's go847.924.4
whoop some849.8392.481
ass all righty somebody shooting856.65.919
somewhere what's going on are you guys860.0795.841
you guys shooting at yours862.5196.76
Cranium Center oh you guys are he just865.925.96
doing target practice all right all869.2795.48
right here's where I got to871.882.879
go hey whoa whoa easy with the fire875.365.79
there God what a bunch of dumb878.0416.52

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