Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 9: The Glowing Sea

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! I am so excited to share with you the latest video from our favorite YouTube Channel. In this episode, ...
Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 9:  The Glowing Sea
Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 9: The Glowing Sea

Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 9: The Glowing Sea

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen our latest Fallout 4 video, 'The Glowing Sea'? It's pure gold, just like me.

simon: Oh yeah, that video is hilarious! I especially love the part where you accidentally blew yourself up with a mini nuke. Classic Neebs move.

appsro: Guys, that video is hands down my favorite. I mean, who doesn't love watching Neebs run around like a headless chicken in the irradiated wasteland?

neebs: Hey, I'll have you know that I was strategically maneuvering to distract the enemies while you two clowns were cowering in fear. It's all part of my master plan.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! I am so excited to share with you the latest video from our favorite YouTube Channel. In this episode, the Fallout 4 adventure continues as the gang travels to The Glowing Sea. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what kind of crazy shenanigans they get into this time!

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I absolutely love the music in their videos, especially the Neebs Gaming Intro and Wingy Dang-Dang. They always know how to set the mood and get us pumped for the adventure ahead. And let's not forget the awesome playlists they have, including Battlefield 4, Grand Theft Auto 5, and their hilarious music videos.

So, grab your snacks, get cozy, and get ready for another epic Neebs Gaming adventure in Fallout 4. I can't wait to see what kind of trouble they get into this time in The Glowing Sea. Let's show our support for Neebs and the crew by hitting that subscribe button and spreading the word to all our fellow Neebs Gaming fans. It's going to be one heck of a ride!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest Fallout 4 gameplay series! I've been hooked ever since the first episode where they emerged from Vault 111 into the wasteland. The guys really know how to pull you into the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout.

Their commentary and reactions as they explore the ruins of Boston are hilarious. Like when they first encountered the gruesome Super Mutants, I was cracking up at their horrified screams. Or when they tricked out their power armor with custom paint jobs - pure comedy gold.

The cinematic camera work also adds so much. Seeing the devastated cityscape and creepy underground tunnels from dramatic angles makes it feel like you're right there with them. It really enhances the immersive experience in a way that watching typical gameplay can't match.

And the way they approach quests and take on enemies is just so entertaining. Whether it's Thick unleashing chaos with his mini nuke or Dora the Explorer sneaking her way through Raiders, you never know what wild strategy they'll try next. It keeps every episode feeling fresh.

Overall, Neebs Gaming is hands-down the best way to enjoy Fallout 4 without actually playing it yourself. Their charismatic personalities and flair for storytelling transform the game into a truly cinematic adventure. If you're a Fallout fan, their series is an absolute must-watch!

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Nick Nick are you still in there what11.7995.56
what are you talking about well you15.363.6
sounded like Kellog you sounded like17.3595.76
Kellogg just then did I huh Amari said18.966.12
there might be some demonic Impressions23.1195.041
left over anyway I feel fine so let's25.085.039
get going we got to go to the glowing28.162.8
what do you know about it we have to30.1193.921
head into the glowing sea any30.966.32
advice I'm a syn so radiation isn't much34.045.4
of an issue for me but an old suit of37.284.56
power armor might just be the guardian39.444.4
angel you're looking for what about a41.844.28
radiation suit all right well [ __ ] it43.844.44
come ond going Nick been one heck of a46.126.919
ride so far let's see where it takes us48.288.16
next agree I bet it takes us to girls53.0395.761
all right Nick let's get out of this72.4393.36
dump let's go find my power armor I'll73.7993.761
let it under that bridge what if I can75.7994.68
fast travel there let's see no but I can77.565.96
can fast travel to the uh the diner with80.4795.201
that lady maybe she has a suit Let's83.525.44
Travel over there yeah all right so our85.685.2
mission now Nick what in the88.964.799
world weird our mission now is we got to90.884.96
find uh I I guess I could use my power93.7593.521
armor but I only think I have one more95.842.279
core let's see who's98.1195.761
this yes oh trash can Carla hey how you100.3995.68
doing need to pick something up I am103.884.64
looking for o a gas mask uh that gives106.0795.881
me 15 radiation that might that might108.524.919
come in handy all right I'll take that111.963.0
gas mask what I really need is like an113.4394.401
environmental suit right Nick you going114.964.24
to sit down and have a drink with your117.843.12
weird robot hand don't look at me like119.24.599
that wait these bodies are still120.965.119
here I mean it's not hard to clean them123.7994.641
up you just you just drag them like you126.0794.761
know put him over128.444.48
here yeah that looks better let's just130.843.32
yeah we'll leave him there all right132.922.8
Nick let's walk down the road I left my134.163.439
power armor behind that bridge let's go135.724.28
get it all right Nick we're almost here137.5994.681
I left my power armor under this bridge140.03.959
oh yep still142.286.16
there look at this woo all right so I143.9596.801
guess I put in the Cor148.444.56
how do I do this how do I do this can I150.764.28
just enter will it do it153.05.72
automatically yeah155.043.68
baby check this bad boy159.07.159
out woo got my power armor162.086.439
back right how many cores do I have166.1594.761
though oh man I'm worried about going168.5194.44
into the radioactive Zone because I only170.924.399
have like this is the only core I have172.9594.041
what if I run out of cores like while175.3193.121
we're in the radiation Zone that could177.04.519
be bad tell you what let's fast travel178.446.56
back to Diamond City see if uh see if we181.5196.36
can find a radiation suit to buy our185.05.44
newest arrival oh hi mayor learning to187.8796.521
fit in how you doing as much as I love190.446.719
talking to the people I'm a busy man all194.44.36
right well just a polite way to tell me197.1595.201
to [ __ ] off extra extra is your neighbor198.766.88
really human we202.363.28
have check this out Nick I learned205.925.48
Out close this up but then I can uh go211.45.88
up here and hit uh Boop and ha now I can214.365.239
work on my power armor one of the one of217.284.039
the legs was [ __ ] up where was it oh219.5994.161
the left arm's [ __ ] up can I repair221.3194.361
yeah here we go so yeah that leg's225.684.839
[ __ ] up let's repair228.5996.041
that right it all get this thing healthy230.5196.321
again all right power armor back in234.645.879
business baby oo Maybe I think I can buy236.846.0
Fusion cores Nick at the surus hey do240.5194.601
you have Fusion cores let's see oh you242.845.0
got a big boy 15,000 caps are you245.125.56
[ __ ] crazy Fusion core oh hey you do247.846.08
Fusion core how much 610 caps all right250.684.759
let me let me look around I got to shop253.923.2
around a little bit more Got rata Away255.4393.64
how much damn rata away it's 244 I'm257.124.04
broke God Nick I am broke Nick259.0794.361
everything is so261.165.84
expensive let's see what is this guy263.445.759
what are you selling man you need a267.03.16
authentic customade Hickory swatter all270.164.84
right nope nope nope I don't need a273.1994.84
swatter aircut everyone275.06.56
needs Fallon Fallon's basement what's278.0396.401
this careful I go in here okay what's281.566.6
this oh hi are you Fallon hey there uh284.447.08
hello have you been here before I have288.166.599
not nope first time thought so some291.526.519
ground rules this isn't a charity close294.7595.401
up for sale if you have the money298.0394.081
otherwise the door is right there oh300.164.44
it's closed all right got it noing got302.124.48
it good now that we understand each304.65.439
other welcome to306.63.439
fallons oh a hazmat suit that's it 259311.6399.961
yeah chaing all right this out hey how316.368.6
do I look Nick that look good see I can321.65.76
go in all the radiation with this thing324.964.64
all right put this back on for now but I327.364.119
guess we can start heading that way all329.63.159
right Nick let's get out of here as soon331.4792.921
as possible let me look at my map figure332.7593.041
out where we got to334.45.2
go oh jeez oh way down there oh that's335.85.36
that's a lot of traveling it's a lot of339.63.319
traveling maybe I should uh God i' take341.163.24
my power armor but I feel like I'd make342.9192.961
it halfway and then the battery would344.44.12
run dead so I tell you what I'll leave345.884.56
my power armor here in Diamond City it348.525.16
should be safe all right Nick we got a350.444.92
big old journey ahead of us baby let's353.684.079
do this355.362.399
[ __ ] at least it's enough another nice357.9193.601
out dead361.523.32
dog I don't want to speak too soon but365.9195.241
it's been kind of quiet on this road huh368.245.32
this is uh this is kind of the way we371.164.4
went to go get Kellogg no I guess it's373.564.16
different it's different can we cross375.565.039
this bridge oh I see a377.727.759
dog where is he oh there he is hey puppy380.5998.241
Legend legendary feral Mongrel good Lord385.4795.041
all right I hope hope you're ready oh388.843.4
back off back off back off back off390.524.48
there we go that's easy enough not very392.244.48
legendary was he395.05.199
Nick cross this396.723.479
River what the400.726.479
hell oh it's those uh those guys in the403.84.839
from the407.1993.041
huh hope they're not after me let me410.244.639
look at my413.523.88
map there's a bridge there oh yeah414.8793.76
that's the bridge we got to cross this417.44.0
bridge Nick418.6392.761
[ __ ] what you shooting at426.6396.441
Nick stop why Nick why are you shooting430.085.2
them they have done nothing to us435.3196.761
Nick okay now shoot back at them what439.126.359
the [ __ ] oh wait where's my uh yeah442.084.6
hunting rifle let's got a little bit445.4795.241
more range on it oh oh some got blown446.686.4
from what the hell was450.726.08
that was that thing going453.083.72
down what's going on459.1996.761
here but that's462.3193.641
die critical466.844.479
boom yeah oh boy oh boy oh boy [ __ ] stop473.528.32
stop stop you son of a480.085.2
[ __ ] get under481.843.44
it what the hell oh now we got another486.966.079
[ __ ] damn it all I wanted to do is490.1995.28
cross a493.0392.44
bridge ah498.8793.88
Nick get him there we go get him one505.086.16
more time507.6393.601
[ __ ] oh God all right Nick stand p stand513.244.2
P St back516.324.639
Nick what the517.443.519
[ __ ] all right I got an idea just keep524.8394.721
heading south we'll avoid that bridge528.083.84
all together we'll swim across here529.564.48
we'll go we'll stay on the shore and531.924.08
then we'll head that way yeah it's a534.044.6
solid plan every plan I have goes536.03.72
[ __ ]538.643.16
South Nick539.725.44
run just giant [ __ ] creatures chasing541.86.719
us [ __ ]545.163.359
off God damn553.28.6
it Nick I need help I need help556.0795.721
Nick run run run run run run run563.85.88
run can't oh God what is this what is566.724.84
that oh there's another bird there's a569.685.32
thing God damn it run all right okay571.565.24
stay down one still sees me one still575.04.76
sees me can I hide can I hide God I576.85.36
really want to579.762.4
hide sneak over here all right582.247.839
God [ __ ] did that thing just blow586.044.039
Nick coming here was a stupid idea just592.725.679
stay stay hidden stay hidden596.244.36
everything's out the kill598.3994.56
me should have brought the power armor600.64.64
god oh605.243.279
wow holy610.723.44
[ __ ] what hey I knew you'd come back you615.444.839
th okay oh damn it it's another one of620.2794.841
those [ __ ] things stay down stay down622.64.359
Nick still in danger why are we in625.125.44
danger what sees us oh it's that [ __ ]626.9597.521
fly kill that fly would you630.563.92
uh there we640.83.32
go all right644.85.4
Nick let's head this646.86.92
way uhoh RADS okay it's probably time to650.25.68
put on the suit hey Nick yeah suit's653.723.119
going to work655.884.199
out all right Nick let's go656.8395.8
so I'm guessing this is uh this is660.0794.481
probably closer to where the bomb fell662.6395.681
right it's got to be cuz my God what the664.566.079
God this place is [ __ ]670.6396.601
creepy all right the art design on this673.6396.601
place is pretty damn677.247.68
awesome climb up this hill oh680.248.2
[ __ ] I saw a death claw I don't we can't684.925.68
go that way now we cannot go that way we688.447.0
will die a horrible death we got to stay690.68.239
sneaky oh695.447.399
[ __ ] are you [ __ ] kidding698.8394.0
me quick704.323.319
save all right Nick Follow714.766.199
Me Down717.723.239
here no no no no you son of a722.485.0
[ __ ] all right let's try to fight this728.684.719
damn thing this is probably a horrible731.05.24
idea and we're going to733.3992.841
critical oh743.363.279
[ __ ] a God damn it put me down put me754.2794.841
down put me down put me down you no756.924.64
don't do the thing a why does he get to759.124.76
do the761.562.32
thing look like a counter doing C wheels765.045.4
too all right quick saved right here for767.8394.761
good reason stay in the shadows Nick770.444.04
stay in the shadows and move really772.65.44
really slow oh wait I have a stealth Boy774.485.32
there's one I got one one good check778.043.0
out all right come on we can do781.045.919
right [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] all right this was795.325.16
a good idea stay low Nick if you get798.164.2
caught you're [ __ ] I'm not going to800.485.44
bail you out okay good deal good802.366.159
deal oh God I hate those things I hate805.925.159
those things with a passion let me check808.5193.921
my map where are we811.0795.361
at oh we're not too far good deal812.447.04
yes the detective's life isn't an easy816.445.92
one but it rarely lacks for excitement819.484.719
[ __ ] is that a death claw up there yeah822.364.279
it's fighting a scorpion Nick Nick don't824.1995.361
get seen by that thing all right come826.6395.88
this way come this829.562.959
way God death claws versus833.046.32
scorpion why do why am I in danger why837.045.56
am I in danger what saw me oh is it okay839.366.2
Red Scorpion842.65.72
wait I can't I see my gun why can't I845.566.0
see my gun Bethesda there it848.325.92
is three of them [ __ ] it [ __ ] it ah no851.565.839
no no no no no no I am out I st back I854.244.959
am out I am the [ __ ] out of here I'm857.3994.521
just running I'm just running run Nick859.1996.721
just run to the damn objective imp861.924.0
pack all right get in the shadow get in866.044.52
the shadow can't see me in the shadow868.165.44
all right good caution yeah Shadow is870.565.399
the way to873.62.359
be what's878.3995.841
this oh wow this looks like a crater is881.565.48
this where the bomb884.242.8
hit Little Shack down here the crater of888.726.72
oh there903.0795.361
people hello may the glow of Adam guide904.727.84
your path hello may The Divide bring you908.447.16
peace in the end we are all Adam's912.565.56
children what in the915.66.039
hell Nick there's like a cult of weirdos918.126.32
living the crater side of the nuclear921.6395.241
bomb how weird is that924.445.24
[ __ ] oh you guys wor ship and everything926.885.199
wow you guys are full on nuts929.685.04
huh stop right there stranger hey how932.0795.32
you doing approach Adam's Holy Ground934.725.88
why State your purpose or be divided in937.3997.44
his sight um Holy Ground huh Holy Ground940.67.039
Adam what's going on here Adam reached944.8395.44
out and touched this world bringing his947.6396.12
glow to us it remains to this day a950.2797.281
reminder of his promise infinite worlds953.7595.801
through division okay I'm looking for a957.563.48
guy named Virgil I'm looking for someone959.564.56
named Virgil yes I know of him what do961.045.279
you want with him uh to help me get into964.123.92
the Institute I need his help reaching966.3193.801
the Institute I have heard of this968.045.0
institute they hide themselves trying to970.127.399
avoid the power of Adam a futile effort973.047.359
in truth this Virgil has caused some977.5195.76
concern some believe his presence is an980.3995.68
affront to Adam though he came to trade983.2795.441
with us on a few occasions we have had986.0795.361
little other contact with him it was988.725.359
quite clear he wanted to be left alone991.445.399
you can find him Southwest of the crater994.0795.401
living in a cave I would approach996.8395.721
cautiously were I you I feel he does not999.484.039
okay Southwest of here so okay Southwest1005.044.76
yeah all1008.66.359
right well thanks uh nutbag Welly this1009.87.159
is something I didn't expect to find a1014.9593.32
group of people living at the bottom of1016.9594.36
the crater worshiping what radiation how1018.2794.8
are they all how are they not dead the1021.3194.24
world will be shown Adam's Glory all1023.0794.36
right Nick follow me I got to go1025.5594.36
Southwest can I get through1027.4394.281
maybe climb the mountains just like1031.728.52
Skyrim where is it at down1036.124.12
here oh oh [ __ ] there's a death claw1041.645.76
right there see1044.46.0
oh boy it is1050.65.319
sleeping be very very1052.47.12
slow very very1055.9193.601
slow there thing that's got to be the1060.324.0
cave yeah Rocky1067.648.84
cave get in get in get Ino made it Nick1071.288.24
we made it goodness gracious1076.485.0
see this1081.485.8
way oh hey come in peace1083.729.36
man see I'm good everybody good are you1087.289.12
Virgil protect and1093.085.599
hello protect and serve protect and1098.6796.641
whoa hold it take it nice and slow no1105.327.719
sudden moves I know go from The1110.126.72
Institute so where's Kellog huh trying1113.0396.721
to sneak up on me while you distract me1116.845.68
it's not going to work [ __ ] are you1119.765.76
Virgil are you Virgil you know damn well1122.526.279
I am what are you doing here well uh I1125.525.32
guess I need help I need your help my1128.7996.041
help with what how did you even find me1130.846.079
anyway I'm just a guy looking for1134.844.959
information on the Institute The1136.9196.801
Institute so they did send you didn't1139.7996.481
they you're working with Kellogg1143.724.6
Kellogg's been taken care of there's no1146.284.6
question it's difficult to believe1148.325.479
Kellogg was ruthless there's a reason1150.885.36
the Institute used him to do their dirty1153.7995.12
work for so many years I knew they'd1156.245.88
send him after me tried to prepare for1158.9196.441
it but I still wasn't sure I'd make it1162.127.48
and so you you killed it May when what1165.366.72
do you want with me so you escaped The1169.64.76
Institute I know you were part of it and1172.085.24
you escaped they sent Kellog to kill you1174.366.92
how the hell do you know any of that no1177.327.2
it doesn't matter I'm not going back I1181.286.08
can't go back look at me why are you1184.525.56
even here what do you want I just need1187.364.319
information man I need whatever1190.084.079
information you've got anything to help1191.6795.521
me get into the Institute I'm sorry what1194.1595.601
you want to get in to The Institute are1197.25.44
you insane never mind how nearly1199.765.6
impossible that is even if you were to1202.645.36
succeed it it almost certainly end in1205.365.52
your immediate death what reason could1208.05.4
you possibly have for taking that kind1210.886.24
of risk uh he took my baby boy I'm1213.46.72
trying to find my son The Institute1217.124.52
kidnapped him1220.126.16
oh oh no I had no1221.647.039
idea I'm sorry1226.285.32
yeah the Institute has taken people from1228.6795.841
the Commonwealth in the past if your son1231.64.0
is one of1234.524.24
them I can understand why youd want to1235.67.76
get in there I can help but I'm going to1238.767.919
need something in return agreed you help1243.366.72
me and I'll help you all right if I help1246.6796.521
you you're going to do something for me1250.086.32
right before I was forced to leave I was1253.25.599
working on a serum to reverse this1256.45.36
mutation it could return me to normal1258.7996.401
you understand so if you get in there I1261.766.52
need you to find it in my old office and1265.26.04
bring it to me I think that's pretty1268.286.44
reasonable in exchange for helping you1271.245.72
that's super reasonable let's talk1274.725.88
details first things first you know how1276.965.88
synths get in and out of the1280.66.0
Institute um they teleport yeah they use1282.847.24
some sort of teleporter well well not1286.66.199
many know about it pretty closely1290.085.52
guarded secret you've certainly done1292.7995.921
your homework it's commonly referred to1295.67.24
as the molecular relay okay I don't1298.726.12
understand all the science behind it but1302.846.28
it works dematerializes you in one place1304.847.0
rematerialize you in another right right1309.125.28
fast or it sounds crazy but it's a1311.846.839
reality no it's is the only way in and1314.48.2
out of the Institute you understand the1318.6797.521
only one that means you're going to have1322.66.84
to use it now have you ever seen an1326.25.16
corser um no a corser what's that1331.367.04
corsers are Institute synths designed1335.1597.081
for one purpose they're Hunters1338.47.24
operations go wrong a synth goes missing1342.246.88
and a corser is dispatched they're very1345.646.8
good at what they do and you're going to1349.125.919
have to kill one why why do I have to1352.445.119
kill one every corser has special1355.0394.481
Hardware that gives them a direct1357.5594.761
connection to the relay in The Institute1359.526.039
it's embedded in a chip in their heads1362.326.56
you need that chip I can tell you where1365.5595.801
to start and give you some help finding1368.885.88
one but you'll have to do the Dirty Work1371.365.0
yeah what do I do what do I need to do1374.764.44
listen up the primary insertion point1376.366.6
for corsers is in the ruins of CIT1379.26.599
directly above the Institute so you'll1382.966.52
want to head there now the relay causes1385.7995.841
some pretty heavy interference all1389.485.24
across the EM spectrum you've got a1391.646.32
radio on that pit boy right when you get1394.726.319
to the ruins tune it to the lower end of1397.966.24
the band and listen in you'll be able to1401.0396.361
hear the interference follow the signal1404.26.719
and it'll lead you to a corser then you1407.47.639
just have to not get killed not going to1410.9197.921
lie the odds aren't in your favor here1415.0396.721
but if you do make it remember what I1418.847.28
said about the serum I need it badly1421.767.68
I I really do hope you find what you're1426.125.799
looking for all right Nick we got a1429.445.08
travel to CIT where's that at looking at1431.9194.64
my map okay so it's not far from Diamond1434.524.68
City Nick I got a plan we're going to1436.5594.281
fast travel back to Diamond City we're1439.22.92
going to get the power armor then we're1440.842.56
going to go over to CIT we're going to1442.123.52
kill a [ __ ] uh corser before we go1443.44.6
out here let's get sneaky we know a1445.644.32
deathclaw is sleeping right outside this1448.04.039
door so we're going to go out we're1449.964.36
going to fast travel before he sees us1452.0393.321
wait quick save all right is he still1455.364.799
over there yep yep he's right there all1457.885.57
right Nick stay with me let's do1460.1595.321
this fast travel to Diamond City1465.487.92
yes we did1470.843.07

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