Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 7: Fighting Kellog

Hey there, Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for another epic episode of Fallout 4? Well, get excited because revenge is on the agenda in thi...
Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 7:  Fighting Kellog
Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 7: Fighting Kellog

Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 7: Fighting Kellog

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we're talking about why this Fallout 4 video is our absolute favorite. I mean, who doesn't love fighting Kellog, am I right?

simon: Oh yeah, Kellog didn't stand a chance against us. We totally showed him who's boss in this episode. And don't forget about that epic revenge plotline, classic!

appsro: Ha, revenge is a dish best served cold, or in this case, in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. I loved every moment of taking down Kellog, it was like a virtual therapy session for all our pent-up aggression.

neebs: Absolutely, and don't forget all the hilarious moments we had during the gameplay. I mean, who else could make fighting Kellog look this entertaining? Only us, the Neebs Gaming dream team!

Hey there, Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for another epic episode of Fallout 4? Well, get excited because revenge is on the agenda in this one! The Neebs crew is back at it again, taking on the wasteland and facing off against all kinds of dangers. You won't want to miss a minute of the action as they plot their revenge in this thrilling episode.

And hey, if you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button and help Neebs Gaming reach their goal of 1,000,000,000 subscribers! You won't regret it - these guys know how to entertain and keep you on the edge of your seat with their gaming adventures. Plus, don't forget to tune in to their Twitch stream every Thursday at 8:00 EST for the world's greatest stream - you never know what kind of madness will unfold.

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So grab your snacks, get comfy, and get ready for another exciting episode of Fallout 4 with the Neebs crew. It's going to be a wild ride full of revenge, action, and plenty of laughs along the way. Don't miss out on all the fun - join the Neebs Gaming family today!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I just gotta rave about Neebs Gaming and their Fallout 4 series. The way they roleplay and tell stories in that post-apocalyptic world is just amazing.

In this latest Revenge episode, they have me hooked from start to finish. Even though I've played Fallout 4 myself, watching the Neebs crew act it out makes it feel like a whole new experience. Their jokes and banter have me laughing nonstop. And the way they set up dramatic storylines, like Thick's search for revenge against those raiders, gets me totally invested even though I know it's just a game.

It's like I'm watching the best and most immersive Fallout movie ever. The cinematography is insane - the way they mix in-game footage with custom camera angles and effects takes it to the next level. And their acting is top-notch, especially Thick's emotional performance this episode. Dude should win an Oscar!

I know some people prefer to experience games firsthand themselves. But to me, Neebs Gaming is the absolute best way to enjoy Fallout 4 and get the most entertainment out of it without actually playing. Their love for storytelling shines through. And their passion for bringing the game world to life jumps off the screen.

So if you're even a casual Fallout fan, do yourself a favor and check out Neebs Gaming's videos. It's like watching an epic interactive movie you can't get anywhere else. Their channel is one of a kind. And it just keeps getting better with every new hilarious, heartfelt, and totally badass adventure.

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I feel well rested how about you you10.963.12
still cold for some12.44.24
reason all right puppy yeah this was a14.084.359
good idea wait till morning it's a nice16.642.799
today oh oh19.4395.721
boy Nick a nasty nasty21.688.679
things yeah blew that damn leg clean off25.168.119
I hear more of them be30.3592.92
careful oh doggy33.523.96
no oh boy I got to reload ow39.2397.681
[ __ ] Nick get43.366.64
him where's the other one I hear him I46.925.959
hear him I hear him I don't see him oh50.05.879
God he son of a52.8793.0
[ __ ] shoot them in the legs they'll58.924.1
drop I learned61.2393.521
thato we did it what we got bottle cap64.765.64
sweet this guy's got a kickball on him67.725.12
hi Nick you want to play kickball I had70.44.16
a kickball on me Nick you want play72.845.0
kickball Nick74.565.76
Nick all right let's keep on trucking77.845.2
that was fun those ghouls look silly80.326.6
don't they oh boy that dog's got one83.048.28
hell of a nose yeah I know Kellog out86.929.92
in known mercenary exercise extrem91.325.52
here the hell look at this thing hello97.368.359
what have we here error system corrupt I101.967.24
can't feel my legs yeah I'd say I'd say105.7196.641
so uh oh hey what happened what happened109.26.64
here error operator deceased Threat112.364.359
Omega he killed us we're still on track116.7197.841
hopefully he's not much further this122.883.559
Kellog guy must be an idiot he killed124.563.36
these guys and he didn't even take these126.4394.121
stem packs and multi gas container127.924.36
there's a bunch of good [ __ ] here hey130.564.48
Nick Nick I need your help uh I I need132.285.92
uh I need to know how to get ahead in135.045.479
life all right you know what I got a138.24.319
little level up thing here let's see140.5193.161
what's going to be we're about we're142.5194.521
about to be in some fights143.686.52
Gunslinger 40% more damage from non147.045.16
automatic pistols that might come in150.24.72
handy doing it dragging us through the152.24.24
woods if we get attacked by another bear154.922.88
I'm going to be pissed off You' to be156.442.6
able to smell those things coming and157.83.84
lead us around159.042.6
them is that a cave over163.083.92
there Nick I want to investigate I want169.045.4
to investigate the cave it's oh that was171.847.8
a stupid idea run run like run oh no no174.447.92
no no you two idiots run run your asses179.645.4
off that's a [ __ ] death claw182.364.599
Nick I'm sorry I didn't mean to look186.9594.881
into the189.362.48
cave oh jeez where is it oh [ __ ] stay in192.7998.36
these trees maybe it can't get me197.443.719
[ __ ] oh God all right there we go that's206.044.24
what I209.4393.321
what' I get I'm sorry that was my bad210.286.239
Nick completely my bad okay dog let's212.766.16
try this again and this time I'll stay216.5194.08
away from the [ __ ] cave with the218.923.8
death claw in220.5996.2
it what is that what is that flying deer222.725.719
that just jumped up and killed itself226.7994.08
it's like a Skyrim horse are you guys228.4395.44
mean you guys ain't mean are you get out230.8793.681
here the234.567.8
[ __ ] underestimate us again what's that237.726.079
why does this thing have a bottle cap on242.364.159
oh Fort250.43.36
Hagen is this the place is he in here255.0795.761
boy I knew dog meat would sniff our man258.165.28
out let's you and I take it from here260.844.6
give our four-legged friend to break263.444.08
where you at Nick I hear you talking but265.443.64
I don't see you oh you're back there267.523.6
yeah that's a good way to have a269.084.64
conversation hey Nick how you doing oh271.124.56
it's good to talk to you today maybe we273.723.56
should leave dog me like what the [ __ ]275.684.28
are you thinking think we can break in277.284.0
think we can break in279.963.799
Nick oh I'm in danger why am I in danger281.283.44
what sees283.7593.361
me what sees284.725.36
me oh that sees me okay all right good287.124.56
know there we go got it damn St291.685.32
pack there we go boom got it Nick yep297.968.0
yeah get it get303.086.959
it there you go good job Nick oh [ __ ]305.966.079
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] how310.0394.201
many turrets do you need guard in one312.0395.681
place yeah got it I got it Nick we got314.244.959
to get in this building cuz I'm pretty317.724.28
sure Jason stm's in here hey Nick I319.1996.12
found a way in found a way in322.06.0
okay quick save328.05.8
always quick save oh [ __ ] what's331.43.88
Bethesda Bethesda what are you doing to333.88.88
me hello hello oh hi oh335.287.4
[ __ ] Nick what did you run in there for343.0396.401
man what's wrong with you oh boy sense345.965.92
it's right cuz Jason STM works for the349.444.68
Institute oh351.886.56
Bo okay okay354.127.88
easy yeah yeah oh hey I found a comic358.445.759
book nice guns and bullets ballistic362.05.52
weapons do 5% critical damage look at364.1994.101
photo oh boy this is not good this is376.525.799
good execute critical bam all right good383.887.28
job again get the other one Nick get the388.445.64
other one Nick Nick I need your help oh391.165.56
you well that's a good strategy blow his394.086.92
damn arm off fing C oh boy okay okay396.725.96
damn all right what if I that blowing406.525.36
the arm off thing kind of works do that409.565.56
bam yeah now who don't have a gun get411.885.2
Nick yes417.086.009
all right oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]423.6396.721
God damn it a mess of this place [ __ ]425.7596.921
mines [ __ ] leaving mines everywhere430.364.8
where does this go is it the bathroom432.684.799
[ __ ] all right Nick this way I don't435.164.92
think we've been this way yet uhoh437.4796.081
someone's coming say440.086.04
not that oh it's a turret it's on the443.564.96
rifle's got some range on it I like it451.45.4
pop ah454.4797.361
damn up who that'll do it456.89.92
h no F there we go all right let's loot461.847.56
find some [ __ ] oh God damn it mines466.725.36
[ __ ] I hate mines [ __ ]469.44.72
everywhere all right there's an elevator472.084.36
I guess we take that down all right Nick474.124.72
you ready for this hopefully that Kellog476.443.56
bastard's down478.843.919
there hey you made it just in time you480.04.919
goofy eyed bastard going482.7595.451
down all right all right go sneaky go484.9194.601
sneaky is someone present yeah someone489.524.82
is beep beep beep492.9194.501
beep yeah all right got that here comes498.245.959
a guy Nick get501.42.799
him oh there we go got him easy oh wait504.9196.521
I see a trap watch out Nick507.5993.841
laser Trip Mine got511.965.6
it now if it isn't my old friend the514.9195.12
Frozen TV dinner you son of a [ __ ] last517.564.24
time we met you were cozying up to the520.0393.36
peas and apple521.83.719
cobbler he knows I'm here he must have523.3993.841
cameras or some525.5194.921
[ __ ] oh [ __ ]527.246.2
boom you know when never really paid537.723.44
attention to it but there is sort of a539.922.76
cover system in this game you get close541.163.32
to a542.684.0
beep oh yeah does it automatically sweet546.683.68
good to549.5193.32
know sorry your house has been a wreck550.365.28
for 200 years but I don't need a552.8395.68
roommate leave we got him scared he555.645.08
wants us to leave Nick I don't think so558.5193.681
we're going to whoop his560.724.28
ass oh man he is buried deep under here562.25.44
isn't he it's taking forever to get565.04.64
there never expected you to come567.644.08
knocking on my door well I did gave you569.644.96
50/50 odds of making it to Diamond city571.725.04
after that figured the Commonwealth574.63.919
would shoot you up like jkey I know576.764.84
you're here Jason Stam I'm going to find578.5197.081
you look you're pissed off I get it I do581.66.52
but whatever you hope to accomplish in585.65.16
here it's not going to go your way yeah588.124.839
oh oh595.686.599
[ __ ] woo rise surprise597.84.479
[ __ ] one down the hall604.367.08
huh all right be cautious cautious606.8394.601
Nick where's he at where's he at oh612.923.56
there you615.0794.281
are I'm going try to blow his arm616.485.44
off yeah there we go who don't have a619.364.96
gun now621.925.4
[ __ ]624.323.0
woohoo what's all this632.2797.881
thing that ooh a fusion core635.9597.361
sweet take this Nick I I left a uh I640.165.28
left some power armor under a bridge I643.324.24
can use this Fusion core and uh get that645.443.28
power armor647.564.44
back oh look at this bobblehead hell648.725.48
yeah permanently gained 25% critical652.05.12
damage with energy weapons I believe so654.26.6
sweet movement detected oh657.126.959
where I knew you would reveal yourself660.86.0
Nick did you get in trouble hold on I664.0794.601
want to test out this new666.84.08
thing boom Oh wait come on hit him there670.884.8
go didn't seem to do much more damage675.685.8
did it all right here chill re where'd677.9597.0
he go where'd he go there he is oh no681.486.76
he's ha there you684.9596.281
boom and he's down for the691.927.0
count where's that coming695.23.72
from oh hey how you doing701.0794.721
pal oh wow your termination is707.24.6
inevitable all right Nick come on get710.05.959
him beat his ass Nick fight fight711.89.12
fight get him Nick there you go oh yeah715.9596.401
dance on him dance on720.924.12
him bag him bag him Nick that's what722.365.44
it's about it's not too725.047.2
late stop turn around and727.87.039
leave you have that732.247.0
option not a lot of people can say734.8394.401
that ooh shanka hat what's740.66.76
that I like it I'm keeping744.1999.76
it he okay you made it I'm just up ahead747.369.0
my sins are standing753.9594.88
down let's756.366.479
talk now he wants to758.8394.0
talk all right Jason ston where you at764.07.76
[ __ ] and there he is oh most768.485.039
resilient man in the771.764.72
Commonwealth funny I thought I had that773.5196.401
honor you murdering kidnapping776.486.4
psychopath give me my son yeah give me779.926.64
Sean now right to it then782.889.04
huh okay fine your son sha great kid but786.567.719
if you're hoping for a happy791.924.8
reunion ain't going to happen794.2796.041
pal your boy's not here all right well796.725.04
where the [ __ ] is he God damn it you800.325.639
mercenary [ __ ] where is my son801.765.439
what's the805.9595.401
cliche so close but yet so far807.1998.041
away that's Sean but don't worry you'll811.367.64
die knowing he's safe and happy a bit815.246.56
older than you expected but oh well yeah819.06.76
he's like 10 at least he's in a loving821.87.8
home The Institute all right yeah uh how825.767.319
do I get there so where is it huh this829.65.799
institute how do I get to that place833.0795.241
aart haven't you been paying attention835.3995.041
you don't [ __ ] find The838.325.36
Institute The Institute finds you you840.446.16
open the closet it's just a843.685.36
closet you can never find the monster846.63.44
that hides849.044.28
inside not until it jumps out at you but850.046.84
I think we've been talking long853.326.48
enough we both know how this has to end856.885.319
me whooping your ass859.86.2
so you ready are you oh I'm862.1998.841
ready question is for you866.05.04
yeah come on get him yeah there we go oh878.686.12
impact oh what the hell oh he's like a885.247.68
predator not fair889.6396.341
oh all right Nick help me get this897.563.97
[ __ ] he's like a899.7593.561
predator oh now I'm a predator too903.324.8
[ __ ]906.044.719
whoops burn [ __ ]908.126.12
burn oh [ __ ] set myself on910.7595.241
fire where's he at where he at you916.06.24
got there he is yeah get918.926.499
him can't see his ass your [ __ ]925.7598.721
impact Nick where you at oh we got him931.7595.64
yeah now I see his934.482.919
ass you'll never see him938.0796.601
again a you son of a940.684.0
[ __ ]945.364.56
yeah [ __ ] you Jason949.926.44
Stam hurting anyone else [ __ ] we should953.564.88
take a look around get all the Intel956.364.68
this place hi I958.446.68
agree let see Kellogg's terminal961.047.64
password cybernetic brain augmentor all965.126.719
this Tech you were barely human oh is he968.687.159
like part robot Kellogg's outfit ooh oh971.8396.8
man that gives me oh wow no wonder he975.8396.12
was tough I got like 30 strength now all978.6395.401
right Nick what do you think Nick so981.9594.961
Kellogg wasn't giving us any bull your984.046.2
son really is on the inside side even I986.925.64
don't know where the Institute is and990.244.92
they built me there has to be a way Nick992.565.32
Got To Be A Way Nick we're in the weeds995.165.76
here time to take a step back bring in997.885.879
some fresh eyes only person I know1000.924.919
willing to Snoop up the institute's tail1003.7594.44
feathers is Piper the reporter in1005.8394.721
Diamond City all that [ __ ] I say we1008.1995.841
head her way talk this1010.566.56
through why how could Piper help us I1014.045.719
know her she's done her homework work1017.125.279
and we need to talk this through with1019.7595.761
someone all right fine let's get going1022.3996.8
Diamond City it is hey chin up I know1025.526.519
the night just got darker but it won't1029.1993.921
forever oh the night got real dark cuz I1033.126.16
got to go talk to this [ __ ] Piper1035.9196.4
[ __ ] hey there1039.285.48
Nick hey we did good today right we made1042.3194.801
a little1044.762.36

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