Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 13: Baby Boy! - Finale!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where they're on a mission to get back their Baby Boy? If not, you're in...
Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 13: Baby Boy! - Finale!
Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 13: Baby Boy! - Finale!

Fallout 4: GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 13: Baby Boy! - Finale!

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic episode of Fallout 4 gameplay and animation! Today's the big finale - we're going to get back my Baby Boy!

simon: Oh man, I can't believe this series is ending! I've been on the edge of my seat this whole time, rooting for you, Neebs.

appsro: Yeah, it's been a wild ride. But hey, at least we can always rewatch this masterpiece of a video whenever we want. It's definitely my favorite one yet!

neebs: Thanks, Appsro! I knew you had good taste. And hey, if you guys haven't already, make sure to smash that subscribe button and join us on Twitch for the world's greatest stream every Thursday at 8:00 EST!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where they're on a mission to get back their Baby Boy? If not, you're in for a treat! The guys are back with another hilarious adventure that will have you laughing out loud from start to finish.

In this video, the Neebs Gaming crew are on a quest to reunite with their beloved Baby Boy, and they need your help to make it happen. With their signature humor and wit, they navigate through obstacles and challenges to reach their goal. It's a rollercoaster of emotions, from heartwarming moments to side-splitting laughs.

Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and help them reach their goal of 1,000,000,000 subscribers! And mark your calendars for their Twitch stream every Thursday at 8:00 EST - it's the world's greatest stream, you won't want to miss it. Plus, check out their Spreadshirt shop for some awesome merch and their music for some catchy tunes to jam out to.

Join the Neebs Gaming community on their social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to stay connected and up-to-date on all their latest adventures. And be sure to visit their website for even more content and updates. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on any of the fun they have in store for you. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and get ready to watch the Neebs Gaming crew in action - you won't be disappointed!

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all right here we all this is gonna be7.0694.091
good I'm gonna light some people up with9.3893.991
this minigun Oh see things down there11.166.41
yeah what of it ah13.387.819
take that mirelurks I17.576.48
was a big guy21.1996.031
bought one of these guys before yeah24.056.6
suck a leg27.233.42
whoo phone down baby36.1497.05
well those mirelurks came back ah [ __ ]39.444.829
all y'all43.1994.07
as many guns badass44.2695.441
all right that's going back to the blimp47.2694.391
let's see the blimp it's kind of foggy49.713.86
out per usual51.663.84
all right come on Nance we got to go53.574.059
into this fort and forth strong we gotta55.54.8
go in here and clear it out u.s. army57.6295.61
forts strong what a manly name for a60.36.83
fork fork dick for [ __ ] Fork63.2397.321
Robert hey guys just us we're the67.135.11
Brotherhood of Steel we're gonna whip70.562.93
y'all's asses72.243.32
that's right73.495.739
who's gonna [ __ ] with us anybody feel75.565.229
free to [ __ ] with us if you want to I79.2293.901
got some power over here there you go80.7895.811
need a dick you get him dance83.137.939
guys down there's another one whoa86.67.72
I got those too [ __ ]91.0696.291
all right they were doing pretty good99.6195.62
here hello I love toilet people a101.75.699
baseball glove in a toilet what the [ __ ]105.2395.731
wait is that uh yes impacts what's that107.3996.871
hey a mini-nuke like that I think we110.975.48
killed them all right114.275.4
hang back here you sure there's a bunch116.454.96
of nuclear stuff here well they found119.674.35
one mini nuke no can't go upstairs is121.414.7
there a basement anywhere Oh124.024.129
found an elevator126.114.07
see where this takes us128.1493.881
hello oh132.036.51
alright its own guys oh134.647.179
[ __ ] okay alright got one of those138.546.16
always mutated it's alright keep141.8195.931
counting on him144.73.05
got him down whoo like this power armor149.316.55
man you guys having a hard time with me153.286.86
aren't you yo oh155.864.28
here's some more mini nukes take those166.0496.421
dance where'd you go and168.5797.861
hey are [ __ ] you must hate these172.477.92
mutants as much as I do yeah176.447.62
yeah I kind of do absolutely my demon I180.395.739
was a pleasure I wish all of mankind184.063.81
shared your sentiment although in all186.1293.511
honesty I do know one super mutant187.873.66
that's not bad it's name's Virgil what's189.643.36
important here is that you got the job191.533.48
done and secured these warrants you193.03.54
should head back up to the prydwen and195.013.449
talk to Maxim I'm sure he'll want to196.543.87
debrief you as soon as possible yeah you198.4593.481
think he'll help me build the thing I200.412.85
want to build cuz that's what I really201.943.71
want to do203.262.39
we gonna talk to old goofy haircut208.877.56
see if he'll get me nice [ __ ] I need to212.016.01
build the thing I gotta build the thing216.433.39
to get to the Institute I need somebody218.023.78
to help me do it what's up baby219.824.2
outstanding working fort strong soldier221.84.08
thanks man it was an honor fighting for224.023.15
the Brotherhood I'm glad you feel that225.883.57
way because our mission here has only227.174.68
just begun I try to supply my soldiers229.455.04
with the best that's why I'm giving you231.853.5
signal grenades can call a vertibird to235.354.45
your location you need aerial transport237.74.74
smoed when I need aerial transport use239.84.08
the map on your pip-boy to interface242.443.15
with the privates navigation system you243.883.66
ever heard of fast travel the Institute245.593.84
and everyone responsible for the247.543.78
creation of the Saints must be249.434.2
eliminated at all costs I'm with you man251.324.62
Bush's goal we need to locate the253.635.04
Institute's headquarters well it's your255.944.83
lucky day well guess what this is your258.674.8
lucky day I have a way inside the method260.774.47
is useless without the means to make it263.473.87
work yeah help me build the gaps we265.243.99
should pool our resources to achieve our267.344.44
common goal now we're getting somewhere269.234.59
all right now you and I are gonna see271.784.53
our man let's just whip these guys asses273.825.36
build a reflector platform276.316.51
right so I guess I just need to build279.185.8
this platform okay this seems like a282.827.08
good spot I reckon I am haha I did it284.987.56
did it all right I did it I built the289.94.8
thing build over there in the front292.545.67
platform yes yeah I've done yes I'm294.75.28
ready to build the rest of it good let's298.213.72
move on then here's a list of everything299.983.87
we'll need okay can you explain the301.933.54
teleporter to explain how this thing is303.854.38
actually not look according to Virgil's305.475.13
notes it takes four components to308.235.02
complete the signal intercept first we310.64.99
need a control console to enter a code313.254.949
sequence and process the signal that's315.593.93
the easy part318.1994.77
second we have the relay dish that's for319.525.97
the interceptor part of the name Dan's322.9694.891
and grabs the proper frequency we need325.494.54
ok we got the base started here what332.9196.631
else was it I needed to build oh ok336.776.269
alright a control console alright so if339.555.669
that's the base maybe the console can go343.0397.141
here oh okay alright I'll build this345.2197.271
thing I guess uh I'll put it beside the350.185.519
console here yeah there we go that's how352.496.679
it ought to be ma'am oh355.6993.47
all right it's looking good hey goofy359.86.88
haircut we're doing science you ready to363.3495.85
put it to the test [ __ ] yeah I am366.684.769
absolutely ready to go look confidence369.1994.351
is an inspiration to us all that being371.4494.291
said this is the first time we've373.554.41
attempted to directly adapt Institute375.745.22
technology when we throw that switch we377.964.109
don't know exactly what's gonna happen380.963.87
God willing you'll end up inside the382.0696.57
Institute all right I've gotta go man I384.836.329
gotta find my baby yeah hop into this388.6393.571
thing now391.1593.491
all right I want to take my power over392.214.74
with me394.652.3
okay we ready to do this thing shut up398.035.05
onto the platform and we'll see if I can401.344.28
find a signal to lock on to this is it403.086.0
you'll whoop some ass let's see relays405.626.57
dialed in beam emitters warmed up409.085.82
everything looks green yeah let me start412.194.93
scanning for the signal cross your414.95.04
fingers I'm inputting the code now all417.124.56
right do it there's a heck of a lot of419.944.08
interference let's do it it's gonna take421.684.11
a minute or two to lock you son of a424.024.26
[ __ ] okay fine trip you're taking is a425.794.41
heck of an opportunity to find out as428.284.02
much as we can about the Institute and430.25.25
what they're up to yeah well well looks432.36.33
like we have a winner what RF wave435.456.93
capture complete ramping diameter 60438.636.54
percent all right percent yeah better442.386.0
spiking but steady very left is to throw445.176.21
the transmitter switch drilling in three448.385.21
two zero451.386.68
bake soldier oh [ __ ]453.594.47
all right461.953.21
that do it am I here466.153.87
is it mine the Institute okay474.9999.32
okay stay sneaky stay sneaky hello oh477.9296.39
hello I wondered if you might make it484.9795.46
here you're quite resourceful487.2397.17
I've known as father the Institute is490.4397.421
under my guidance okay I know why you494.4096.99
here I'd like to discuss things with you497.864.789
please step into the elevator502.6494.86
all right don't trust it but512.584.89
I'd like to show you that you may have517.717.56
the wrong impression oh yeah520.534.74
my kid to the Institute525.995.85
this is the reality of the Institute531.846.7
this place these people the work we do534.617.14
for over a hundred years we've dedicated538.546.87
ourselves to humanity's survival and our541.755.79
actions are often misinterpreted by545.414.01
those above-ground547.544.68
someday perhaps we can show them what549.426.88
we've accomplished but for now we must552.227.05
be named from the ground I'd like to556.35.88
talk to you about what we can do for559.274.53
everyone yeah I know what you can do he562.183.68
give him my damn kid back563.85.3
you are here for our specific565.866.47
very personal reason569.18.65
you are here for your son damn straight572.339.42
where is he sons of [ __ ] how they577.756.12
know I was coming I581.755.9
guess they have a lot of techno Oh583.877.87
said Tuesday my baby boy what about you587.655.4
little baby boy591.747.85
hey Sean Sean huh yes I'm Sean593.0510.17
my god that really you599.597.11
Sean oh my god603.227.74
truly you are you I'm606.77.21
I'm your dad father what's going on610.966.01
what's happening oh I'm your dad I'm613.916.15
here now yes it's me your dad Sean616.974.98
please calm down620.064.8
I'll get you out of there father father621.955.64
healthy he's trying to take me father624.867.34
father help me Oh who are you627.594.61
s 923 recall code634.67.02
inow fascinating the disappointing the641.626.86
[ __ ] used try and keep an open mind I645.135.94
recognize that you are emotional and648.485.08
that your journey here has been fraught651.074.86
with challenges emotional it started653.564.219
anew I655.933.98
am father657.7794.75
welcome to the Institute I'm gonna but659.915.11
now I'm gonna kick your ass I could kill662.5293.141
right here right now665.677.02
yes yes you could669.127.32
and I would be powerless to stop you672.696.12
all right well then give me some answers676.445.16
[ __ ] I want answers [ __ ] you have678.815.519
travelled very far and suffered a great681.67.56
deal to find your son well your tenacity684.3297.591
and dedication have been rewarding it's689.165.82
good to finally meet you after all this691.924.19
it's me I696.116.329
am Sean I am698.4497.32
your son702.4393.33
hey guys this is apps are oh thanks for717.354.57
watching my fallout 4 playthrough I719.883.72
could keep going but I feel like this is721.923.57
a good place to end it right now we have723.63.479
some animation projects coming down the725.493.149
pipe and I need to put all of my focus727.0793.69
into that so this is the best place to728.6393.81
end this gameplay series I hope you all730.7693.661
enjoyed it and I hope everyone had a732.4493.591
good time watching734.4328.16

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