Fallout 4 GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 6: Looting, Shopping, and Kellog Hunting

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest Fallout 4 video from Neebs Gaming? They're exploring Diamond City and finding all kinds of cool lo...
Fallout 4 GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 6: Looting, Shopping, and Kellog Hunting
Fallout 4 GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 6: Looting, Shopping, and Kellog Hunting

Fallout 4 GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 6: Looting, Shopping, and Kellog Hunting

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic episode of Fallout 4 gameplay! Today, we're gonna be looting, shopping, and hunting down that elusive Kellog.

simon: Oh man, I can't wait to see you guys fumble around Diamond City trying to find the best deals. Maybe you'll finally upgrade that rusty armor of yours, Nebs.

appsro: Ha! Yeah, Nebs, maybe you can finally get rid of that duct tape holding your armor together. And Simon, maybe you'll learn how to aim straight for once during the Kellog hunt.

neebs: Hey, my duct tape armor has character! And Appsro, at least I don't get lost every five minutes like you do in this game. Let's see who comes out on top in this episode!

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest Fallout 4 video from Neebs Gaming? They're exploring Diamond City and finding all kinds of cool loot and shopping opportunities. As a huge fan of the channel, I always love seeing the adventures they get into in the wasteland.

And don't forget to hit that subscribe button to help them reach 1,000,000,000 subscribers! They have the best content and it's always a blast to watch. Plus, they stream on Twitch every Thursday at 8:00 EST, it's seriously the world's greatest stream. You can catch all the action at https://Twitch.tv/Neebsgaming.

If you want to show your support, check out their Spreadshirt Shop at https://Hankandjed.Spreadshirt.com/ or buy their music at http://bit.ly/1LiDPfV. They have some awesome merch and tunes that you won't want to miss out on.

Make sure to follow them on all their social media sites too, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. They always have updates and behind-the-scenes content that you won't see anywhere else. And don't forget to visit their website at http://www.neebsgaming.net for even more fun.

Check out their playlist for other great videos on games like Battlefield 4, Grand Theft Auto 5, Minecraft, and horror games. They have such a variety of content that you'll never get bored. And their music is killer too, like the "Neebs Gaming Intro" by Hank and Jed. Seriously, these guys are the best and I can't get enough of their videos.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I just can't get enough of watching the Neebs Gaming crew play through Fallout 4. The way they approach the open world with their trademark humor and camaraderie makes it so entertaining.

You can tell they're having a blast in the post-apocalyptic Boston wasteland. Whether they're taking on quests, messing with NPCs, or just goofing around, their commentary and reactions make for some hilarious moments. And the top-notch cinematic editing brings out the best parts.

The world of Fallout 4 is just so rich for them to explore. Like when they first arrived at Diamond City, which is basically a shanty town built in the ruins of an old baseball stadium. You've got this bustling marketplace and town square where you can buy/sell weapons and gear, pick up new quests, and interact with some really unique characters. The Neebs crew had a field day shopping and looting to gear up their characters.

And there are just so many emergent storytelling opportunities, like when they decided to build giant sprawling settlements from scrap. Their creativity in crafting these impressive hideouts really showcases the possibilities of the settlement system.

At its heart, Fallout 4 is about exploration and discovery in this highly detailed post-nuclear world. And the Neebs Gaming series captures that perfectly - I really feel like I'm right there with them uncovering the mysteries of the Wasteland. Their sense of wonder and excitement is contagious.

So if you're looking for a truly fun and entertaining way to experience Fallout 4, you can't go wrong with Neebs Gaming. Their commentary and editing make it like you're playing it yourself, but with a lot more laughs along the way. Their Fallout 4 series is definitely one of their best.

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all right boy you ready to hunt down the7.553.759
[ __ ]10.533.81
oh this cigar get the scent boy yeah get11.3095.251
to simple you like that get Kellogg boy14.348.73
take me to that son of a [ __ ] all right16.5610.68
puppies on the trail well you know what23.075.699
if we're gonna go out there and go crazy27.244.439
I gotta I gotta change my I change my28.7695.88
uniform back rock and roll still got a31.6794.771
hat I'm a detective like you are Nick34.6494.771
potato what it's nighttime we're gonna36.454.679
go if we're gonna go hunt this Kellogg39.423.81
guy down maybe we should maybe we should41.1295.071
sleep first take a nap I think there's a43.239.57
I'm not mistaken there is a hotel slow46.211.519
down kids pieces of [ __ ] yeah here we go52.87.439
the dugout in Oh57.7195.61
customer neither room yeah that's what I60.2394.74
want I need a room I'll take it63.3293.561
giving room tool just through the doors64.9793.871
- thank you baby66.895.08
oh there you go all right now I got a68.856.54
place to sleep all right Nick you're on71.977.8
your own I'm napping these stores are75.398.13
open by now Nick we gotta go shopping we79.775.599
need to prepare for this journey Nick83.526.059
hey you're the new guy right yeah85.3696.43
maybe depends on who's asking name's89.5794.5
Arturo I sell protection if you're91.7994.86
looking to buy good to meet you Arturo94.0795.461
I'll take that sure self-defense at its96.6593.561
let's see I only have 400 caps so I'm100.225.829
probably won't be buying much I'm mostly103.6494.851
looking for some106.0496.301
damn that's expensive 5,000 caps you're108.56.37
out of your [ __ ] mind you got nothing112.355.25
you got nothing I want what do I use114.876.87
piece you got it you're not allowed to117.66.69
shop you know since well good to see you121.746.03
too Myrna I'm not the one shopping here124.297.08
my friend is fine as long as this synth127.775.55
doesn't touch anything we can do131.374.05
business he's touching all over your133.324.32
[ __ ] a bench over there what are you135.423.33
gonna do about it [ __ ]137.643.36
all right I need some stimpaks impact138.753.69
impact impact oh here we go141.04.34
130 down down foot stimpak you [ __ ]142.447.02
goddamn crazy I'll buy two it's highway145.346.04
robbery Nick going broke149.465.57
what are you doing armor work [ __ ] you151.386.03
making smarter are you just banging155.034.6
around are you gonna hand me a piece of157.414.08
armor yeah you just [ __ ] around159.633.27
aren't you yeah thanks thanks a lot for161.495.94
that Nick gather that plenty of ramen162.97.17
meat on those maybe I got some meat sure167.435.22
you got to take a look remember bloodier170.075.79
is better got some corn you can have my172.654.83
corn you can have this al you can have175.863.66
this now I got this from the guy named177.483.06
Kellogg he's an [ __ ]179.523.51
I got a couple of sweet rolls all right180.543.87
that's all that's all I'm willing to183.036.33
give all right Nick I make 14 caps we're184.416.329
on our way man we're gonna be filthy189.363.39
damn rich well I know it's a rainy day190.7393.901
it's not nice outside but let's start192.753.959
walking let's follow the dog all right194.647.88
puppy Letus are you taking this boy196.7095.811
all right I heard something help I hear202.7715.71
help hey did you hear help hello205.9812.5
Nick hold on we gotta help somebody shut219.058.61
up they're headed this way now are you225.865.64
ready Nick Nick we're walking into a227.665.93
call me236.533.21
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] I'm getting rushed Nick241.225.34
I need help245.787.43
rush where honkies Nick there you go246.566.65
demo this guy's name is demo what a255.333.719
stupid name257.972.91
alright busted out the old legs of259.0495.581
musket got dead birds yeah where's the260.8811.54
haha what264.637.79
alright Nick I think there's only one272.632.38
oh here I'm gonna blow his damn leg off275.013.81
woo fry baby fry do we do it I think we278.826.24
did it284.612.4
I'm just impacts a guy can only have285.062.97
four stimpacks287.013.09
you know I got an idea we're still288.034.62
pretty close to town we can uh let's290.14.26
let's let's loop the [ __ ] out of this292.653.66
place and we can go back into town and294.367.44
we can sell some stuff we're good here296.318.34
we go vodka stim pack while hunting301.88.72
rifle Nick oh god Nick look at this304.657.95
we're gonna kill us and throw us down310.526.07
here in the basement what's down here I312.67.01
don't know what it is I'll sell it316.593.02
right amber duct tape gold watch all320.024.38
right Nick you see anything abuse down322.847.38
here found an old skeleton Oh324.49.389
Nick Nick look I found the mother lode330.226.659
what's a stealth boy sweet bottle-cap333.7895.91
mine that might come in useful mole top336.8796.091
cocktail pipe revolver rifle oh boy no339.6995.34
way I could pick this the master safe342.976.659
we'll have to come back 16 bottle caps345.0397.081
all right I'm glad we came in here we've349.6295.22
got good loot sounds wanna [ __ ] ready352.125.37
drink our Barry alright alright we've we354.8494.35
spent enough time in here let's go get357.495.549
out diamond city diamond city I'm gonna359.1996.271
go back to Diamond City I'm gonna say363.0394.051
hello the [ __ ] they had arrived from the365.473.81
hardware store and diamond city and367.093.889
diamond City369.283.78
alright let's sell some of this [ __ ] we370.9794.78
don't want real quick alright do I got373.064.71
some stuff for you I got three athletic375.7594.981
outfits I got a black vest and slacks377.775.13
I got a prom Raider chess piece for you380.744.29
baby I got a good old Raider right arm382.96.06
check this out a very rare grognak the385.036.72
barbarian comic books all you go watch388.964.049
the lightbulb metal bucket pack391.753.09
cigarettes couple paint brushes look393.0093.15
it's pretty more money I don't need that394.842.31
[ __ ] to you baby396.1593.211
I got a minigun alright it's honestly397.153.739
it's so damn heavy look at it399.374.169
27.4 it's too heavy I'm gonna sell you400.8894.21
my minigun but I might be back to buy it403.5393.69
later all right let's do it make the405.0996.66
sale sweet now I got 700 Nick we got 700407.2298.0
caps man Nick we're rich you have411.7598.25
stimpacks alright I get three of them415.2297.84
impacts are so useful all right sell it420.0096.481
awesome Nick what broke again423.0695.88
but we're ready you ready Nick many426.493.78
things we'll follow the dog let's go428.9495.15
follow the dog oh there's your puppy Oh430.277.199
Jake your puppy alright lead the way434.0995.891
doggy see my new gun it's a pipe437.4697.051
revolver it's fan boy439.997.9
how long must have stopped here oh yeah444.526.9
look cigar if we can pick up the trail447.893.53
San Francisco Sun lights and cigars452.25.32
preferred brand alright what do you455.239.46
think boy enough to go on yeah good457.5241.0
puppy on the dusty tracks check me dog464.6940.44
there you go legendary flowing mole rat498.528.23
rather your [ __ ] mind505.135.01
get him puppy there you go good dog good506.754.19
whoo I got Harry what these guys got all510.946.64
in the radiated blood mole rat meat515.873.78
nuclear material hell yeah make me a517.585.75
bomb wait what is that519.656.45
mmm gives me more damage resistance more523.334.47
energy resistance BAM526.15.57
how's it look on me like everything else527.89.33
keep on truckin alright puppy531.675.46
are we going539.682.719
what's your bound it's your family it's546.9596.0
found boy geez don't something happen548.8799.661
here what bloody bandages bloody552.95911.67
bandages dog meat can track this oh good558.548.299
puppy here you want to smell the boy564.6295.611
enough to go on high good hold on I want566.8394.571
to look at this place I see a stim pack570.245.399
on the ground I'm taking that what what571.416.33
was that oh is that what was that puppy575.6394.771
heard you want and you okay puppy puppy577.7411.099
puppy brain fungus puppy puppy dog puppy580.419.75
ready go588.8395.341
puppy well there you are don't scare me590.167.02
like that dark rainy woods into the594.188.009
spooky spooky rainy woods oh it's your597.188.849
gunfire Nick Nick where are you what are602.1898.221
you doing these guys are idiots well606.0298.191
what is it Oh bad doggie bad doggie bad610.416.409
doggie bad doggie614.222.599
legendary vicious [ __ ] what the [ __ ]618.419.07
take out his legs watch out dog watch622.3998.44
out dog yeah no wonder you jump right in627.486.06
front of my gun you damn idiot come here630.8394.221
get it big yeah blue what's he got635.0611.23
sharp Raider left leg ooh my charisma my641.3398.341
intelligence yes sir oh yeah they're646.295.87
looking good649.682.48
all right that was worth it that was671.047.43
worth it and these woods look creepy673.7694.701
good thing we had the dance party678.6494.481
otherwise I'd still be all like I'd be680.6999.961
on edge whoa whoa what is it what is683.1311.16
that what is Nick Nick Nick save me save690.669.659
me dog hey there we go Oh God good [ __ ]694.298.45
shotgun shotgun shotgun wedding rifle703.3998.231
okay anything - oh god damn it I need to706.7096.18
learn where these [ __ ] things are711.631.92
here we go712.8896.12
shotgun love you guys keep it busy keep713.557.229
them busy for this app what it oh my god719.0093.471
what is that720.7796.411
guys we got a run we're [ __ ]722.484.71
okay now let's go God are those super735.715.02
mutants [ __ ] we're okay alright let's738.334.61
see you can do this740.734.71
you guys better stay back I've got a742.946.12
machine gun and I'm not afraid to use745.443.62
big dog are you at751.27.97
one man is he got a sword [ __ ] off with754.824.95
that [ __ ]759.176.359
[ __ ] off of that man yeah whoo759.7710.22
okay three more of them [ __ ] dog dick I765.5296.72
can slow them down and like shooting769.997.98
with a leg a bunch of time come on yeah772.2495.721
oh yeah now who's limping that's a good781.113.36
Oh God cover any cover impact or is he a784.479.24
I see you like thing work try that again793.715.57
you name801.486.52
[ __ ] dog Nick what's that coming from802.947.26
battlefield forum behind the wall still808.04.18
getting shot bringing out my laser810.26.56
musket what I'm doing812.184.58
yeah how you feel now baby822.6299.661
a game we're playing a game it's only826.088.66
got it832.292.45
I'm here842.133.36
burn baby burn bushes on fire though woo849.489.99
impac I think I got a bunch of those855.794.98
where's he at859.472.95
where's the oh there you are are you860.779.81
limping yeah I got one hit shut up862.4212.08
check out my new pop pistol870.583.92
[ __ ] you think that fire very bad does877.913.78
who Nick dog Nick dog okay881.6912.25
anything useful oh there you are where890.435.64
were you you came out of nowhere893.944.08
we just want a bear and a bunch of super896.074.26
mutants how bad that's was that all898.023.63
right we gotta go find the dog I hope900.334.29
he's okay is that mm okay was that901.656.24
mongrel these guys got good [ __ ] on it904.624.8
this guy's got a board on him who's this907.892.82
good thanks909.425.85
oh there he is Nick found a puppy what's910.719.47
this place an old railroad station oh915.274.91
what'd you find what'd you find what'd920.96.87
you find boy925.262.51
oh good puppy good puppy he is he more928.846.2
Scouts more cigars up here huh932.536.3
see drinking glass oh here's his beer935.045.17
when it's down938.832.88
that's the beers he likes creature940.214.5
comforts what do you think boy enough to941.718.07
go on all right Nick so we keep944.716.42
following them it's getting late we949.783.57
could bed down for the night wake up in951.135.07
the morning get some good rest yeah I953.356.75
think uh I think you okay you are you956.24.26
you're robot how do you get cold shut up960.466.27
all right tell you what965.14.78
let's uh let's bed down till morning get966.735.69
some good sleep969.882.54

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