Don't Go To Subway!!! - RUST

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you know that they always bring the laughs and the epic gameplay. In their latest video, ...
Don't Go To Subway!!! - RUST
Don't Go To Subway!!! - RUST

Don't Go To Subway!!! - RUST

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! So, Simon, why do you think this video is our favorite? Is it because we finally learned our lesson about Subway sandwiches?

simon: Oh, absolutely, Neebs! I mean, after that last incident with the moldy bread, I think we've all sworn off Subway for good. Plus, who needs a sub when you can have a Rust server instead?

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up! But seriously, Subway is out, and Rust is in. It's all about surviving in the wild and avoiding those pesky sandwich shops. Let's stick to what we know best, right?

neebs: Exactly, Appsro! We may not be able to handle a footlong sub, but we can definitely handle some intense Rust gameplay. Who needs sandwiches when you have survival skills like ours?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you know that they always bring the laughs and the epic gameplay. In their latest video, they are playing on Survival Servers in Rust, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride from start to finish. From building bases to battling other players, Neebs and the gang never fail to entertain.

If you're curious about getting your own Rust server, they even provide a link to Survival Servers in the description. And hey, if you enjoy their content as much as I do, don't forget to hit that subscribe button and show them some love on Patreon. Every little bit helps to keep the fun going.

I gotta give a shoutout to Xidax PCs too, because Neebs Gaming is powered by them and let me tell you, their setup is top-notch. It's no wonder they can pull off all those crazy stunts and epic battles in Rust. And if you want to connect with them on social media, they've got you covered with links to Facebook, Twitter, and even TikTok. It's awesome to see them engaging with fans in so many ways.

If you're looking for more Neebs Gaming content, they've got playlists for all their different games like 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, GTA V, and Subnautica. Trust me, you won't be disappointed diving into any of these playlists. So grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready for some epic gaming adventures with Neebs and the crew.

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out of desperation time we kind of gotta0.644.32
we gotta make a move i know should we3.523.2
crawl does that help when we crawl the4.963.36
whole way cause i swear i'll do it you6.723.68
would hope so i do like a good low crawl8.324.96
like uh let's do a low crawl you talking10.43.359
like the13.282.96
crouch yeah yeah crouch we can't crawl13.7593.921
believe me i'd crawl if16.243.6
if this was like the real deal i'd crawl17.683.92
i would uh if we wouldn't starve to19.842.32
death in21.62.0
the amount of time it takes to get there22.163.76
i would take i would take an hour or23.62.96
right who cares as long as you're alive26.564.719
and me and you together we could be29.923.12
playing games along the way31.2793.601
dude we can like while you're crawling33.043.199
you could do paper rock scissors the34.882.0
whole way36.2392.64
the whole way i ever tell you about that36.883.92
guy downtown i don't even know his name38.8793.84
but i'd run into him at the irish club i40.83.2
like to head to every now and then42.7193.36
and our only relationship is that when44.03.44
we see each other we know we're going to46.0791.921
three rock paper scissors in three of48.03.76
three i mean like you know the best two51.764.0
out of three oh53.763.92
okay so we just get right into it we55.763.119
don't want to know about each other we57.682.24
don't want to know58.8793.601
okay that's fine so you've never uh just59.925.04
kissed them62.482.48
okay check this out beside the grill bam101.924.879
what's that it's a repair bench oh105.1193.761
really so yeah i think if you have like106.7993.041
you know axes108.883.12
[ __ ] that's broken i do i have a give it109.843.76
a shot what are you doing here talking112.02.96
about it put the broken thing in the113.62.879
repair bench and fix it where'd my114.962.56
broken axe go116.4794.96
ah bless you okay i found it117.527.12
it is here so i click on it121.4396.32
maybe and then i hit drag oh drag item124.644.239
here repair it there we go127.7594.961
okay okay i need stuff 20 stones128.8795.761
okay all right but you get the idea yeah132.723.84
if i had 20 stones i'm doing it134.643.52
all right uh i guess i'm gonna put this136.563.6
thing uh i'm gonna put this one over138.162.799
here look at this140.163.6
boom that's a mixing station okay i140.9594.481
think we can mix stuff now143.764.08
you're on fire and then oh can i squeeze145.444.24
this in beside it right behind you yeah147.843.36
it's a little tight but boom that's a149.683.919
research station so we can research [ __ ]151.24.24
good lord you've been busy oh man you153.5993.441
think that's great wait do you see this155.443.439
follow me i want to show you my card and157.043.44
you're doing okay yeah hey thick158.8793.521
hey this is going to blow your little160.483.759
mine okay boom162.45.839
mailbox that's a mailbox you've got mail164.2395.841
yeah so yeah i think if you have like168.2393.441
nice letters to put in here that'd be170.082.879
great that'd be great if you could just171.683.12
you know give us a little encouragement172.9595.521
drop something off in here holidays174.85.04
i hope that's my word never i was going178.483.28
to try to anyways no that's a nice179.843.759
mailbox i like that yeah does that say181.764.399
pull my finger does it yeah it says183.5993.92
right there pull my finger right on the186.1592.191
oh how clever all right i got a green189.444.24
card so192.642.16
no one cares what are you gonna do with193.682.559
that green card i don't know i assume i194.83.519
could it says restricted access so196.2393.36
okay well i know today i want to go out198.3193.521
get scrapped so you guys down for just199.5993.681
going out and harvesting scrap for a201.841.84
little bit203.282.08
yeah yeah i'm done with that perfect all203.683.199
right all right get ready get ready205.362.56
because that's what we're doing206.8797.601
okay okay there's the dead body of207.929.039
no it's just rocks never mind okay i214.483.679
don't see any216.9594.321
just yet that son of a [ __ ]218.1596.08
huh huh cause you know i feel like i'm221.284.319
really weak224.2392.801
and then all of a sudden i mean it's225.5993.121
more like real life once i get shot227.043.6
twice in real life chances are i'm dead228.722.48
yeah yeah230.642.72
there's a good chance of that um yeah231.23.679
all right we're pressing in233.364.159
uh-huh i don't see anyone i keep looking234.8794.08
hold on why don't we do this237.5194.08
you go forward yeah i'll go backward238.9593.041
ready no like this i got your back oh242.04.56
and then you got the front i don't think244.9592.241
uh no i'm behind us you never know247.23.039
they're sneaky249.22.48
we're right here it almost makes you250.2392.881
want to run in doesn't it yeah but i251.681.919
just keep253.122.72
looking left and right not running no253.5993.681
need to run but just255.844.48
running be ready pop pop up257.285.12
okay there's like a cooler thing over260.324.72
there that's a big summer brother262.45.84
get out of there this is a recycler and265.044.24
i can open it268.243.92
a recycler recycler input recycler269.283.6
i'm guessing we have to do something272.883.44
with it simon so that's good274.084.32
right yeah i don't know how we're not276.323.439
getting attacked but [ __ ] it i don't278.42.64
even know what i grabbed right there279.7593.281
all right i got a reactive target don't281.044.4
know what that means i got a metal axe283.045.599
target that reacts some some scrap and a285.445.039
blue thing what's this a288.6394.481
flashing blue light figure it out salmon290.4794.0
we're gonna figure it out i don't know293.122.079
how we294.4793.44
got away with [ __ ] crazy crazy yeah i295.1993.761
don't know how either297.9193.041
but i feel like we're is that it here298.963.28
maybe i tell you i don't know if it was300.9610.88
worth it302.249.6
i got something for him i got something314.6393.521
for him [ __ ]316.6393.041
where is he he just robbed the door and318.164.0
look out there get the [ __ ] out of here319.684.799
but you shoot a roman candle at him um322.163.84
yeah i didn't expect all this kind of324.4793.121
[ __ ] i'm chasing him he's running like a326.02.96
coward he's running327.63.68
yeah i see him oh i'm gonna shoot him328.964.48
right in the back of the damn head331.284.96
boom [ __ ] he's down nice you got333.443.84
him already336.243.519
yeah dude fluted wow see what he's got337.284.96
maybe he's got some potatoes339.7593.841
that came out of nowhere i don't like342.242.56
him if they can just come over here to343.62.879
face names he's in the front yard344.84.56
yeah these guns are crazy though boom346.4793.601
i should not have wasted that yeah it's350.083.44
like an incendiary ammo352.03.52
or shot at your friend no it's true are353.523.84
you okay i don't think i took any damage355.524.0
oh i love you357.364.64
love you too359.522.48
hey it's a rain catcher oh wow363.285.039
we can get water right here but we just367.0392.88
need to rain of course yeah that's good368.3193.201
hey should watch you check this out369.9194.801
hold on uh bam371.526.64
oh yeah ah don't shoot me374.727.039
you look crazy i look like a professor378.166.4
yeah which makes no sense hey let's get381.7594.321
on these horses go get the rest of that384.562.0
[ __ ]386.082.48
okay um i'll take the uh i'll take this386.563.6
one yes yes yes388.564.8
there might be a threat you with me um390.165.2
can i have a gun out yes no i'm not with393.364.24
you i put the gun out you ran395.363.76
i believe i know where i'm going though397.63.52
huh this [ __ ]399.123.68
[ __ ] horse gets stuck on everything401.123.12
what kind of horse is this [ __ ] oh402.82.32
there's two404.244.079
yep disregard seven disregard405.125.84
two professors just sitting right there408.3194.0
that's stamina410.963.28
i've i'm gonna get this horse killed412.3193.761
nope you're fine okay i thought there414.243.359
was one right over by where you're416.083.36
standing like just walking on that's417.5995.681
crazy we were just there well then they419.446.08
they called somebody yeah apparently and423.283.6
they're probably oh there's a guy on the425.522.399
road over here426.882.879
[ __ ] see all right that's what i was427.9193.041
talking about the water429.7594.56
down by the water okay okay come on430.966.639
salmon come on now434.3195.761
riding in style boys going out scrap437.5994.72
hunting hey there's a plane up there440.084.559
oh really yeah like right above us has442.3194.0
he dropped in something yeah oh i don't444.6392.481
do they drop stuff in this game yes they447.123.76
do assuming oh man what is up with all448.83.6
these games or just planes fly overhead450.882.8
and drop [ __ ] for you452.43.04
i don't know but uh you know who's453.683.76
flying these planes who's who's funding455.443.759
this operation is what i want to know457.444.4
i can only think of two is there two two459.1993.12
two games that do that yeah this game in462.3194.081
seven days right right are we looking to464.6393.12
see if there's anything dropping from466.42.88
those guys or no467.7593.681
i got my eye on him hey looks like we469.284.0
can uh harvest some stuff up here for471.442.56
lots of ah look at this look at this we474.04.4
gotta be careful though we're near a476.4792.881
uh oh that's an airport yeah airport479.364.48
yeah we're near an airport hey we can482.42.96
get an airplane483.844.32
great sweet man are we uh do we have485.364.08
enough stuff to even attempt488.162.64
something like that i mean do you see489.443.68
guards or no i don't see any guards yet490.83.92
maybe there are no guards can we sneak493.123.68
let's let's let's peek in let's peek in494.723.84
right okay yeah496.85.44
i'll get out yeah that's noise498.563.68
also watch out for bears and i see503.124.079
possibly a wolf or some sort of dog504.8795.201
all right i'm at the gate i'm peeking in507.1993.361
sun's right in my eyes like that hello510.567.359
it's coming it's coming cool it's coming513.9194.0
it's a wall oh no that's not a [ __ ]518.03.36
oh wow oh that made a lot of noise i521.364.4
they killed it though didn't it yeah no525.763.92
[ __ ] nice damn incendiary shot to the527.044.799
look at all these abandoned cars out531.8393.041
here interesting yeah533.5193.121
yeah [ __ ] went down probably because of534.883.2
those professors536.643.44
i look like one too oh there's some538.083.28
there's a building up here all right540.082.64
pull back stop stop stop541.367.12
all right stopped542.728.96
i don't see anything548.486.24
oh you're like off your horse yeah551.687.12
you're off your horse no i'm not554.726.239
coming i'd rather be on my horse i'm558.83.44
coming with my horse560.9592.801
all right well you can get a quick562.243.68
getaway then seems clear563.765.04
so far what yeah yeah i don't think565.924.08
something just appeared right in front568.83.039
of me or i'm having a seizure i'm not570.04.959
sure which one is happening571.8398.401
what is that improv uh uh okay574.9595.281
simon we were remember we were okay580.483.76
hello hello um our future is out there584.565.6
great okay there's gonna be some shake588.323.44
down here oh there's stairs590.163.119
there's stairs yeah well let's not be591.763.28
afraid of stairs i'm not593.2793.281
i'm gonna what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna595.042.96
park my car because i don't think i596.564.8
should bring or my horse598.03.36
coming down coming down602.564.24
all right guys let's check out tower 12607.63.359
to the east here609.683.52
there's a tower of 12 or two i mean we610.9594.32
were just in tower one but i see a one613.23.199
and a two615.2792.881
yeah you're not wrong they do that in616.3993.281
clocks you notice that618.163.84
oh man so are there 12 towers total619.683.36
maybe they're all622.03.2
so sorry is this a armored vehicle here623.044.0
can i can i drive this625.24.72
no oh this is ridiculous yeah no you627.044.64
know it's dumb that we can't fix629.923.52
any one of these cars like look this is631.683.12
a nice muscle car633.443.44
i would absolutely fix this muscle car634.83.12
and drive around636.883.44
what's this some sort of amphitheater oh637.923.2
it looks like it640.323.519
we could do it with that damn hazmat641.124.64
suit you look too much like a scientist643.8393.44
all right i'll change in a little bit645.763.519
hold on let's just uh you're fine647.2794.24
it's clear that's clear i mean he's649.2793.201
i know i get it but it's still it's the652.483.919
whole it's it's the motif it's the look654.243.68
you know what i mean yeah like you look656.3992.88
at me like who's oh that's after he's657.922.08
got a damn wolf659.2792.0
on his [ __ ] head oh you're like a660.02.8
scientist to me because of that blue661.2791.921
no nothing but look at him he's got his663.23.12
suit geared up665.23.28
yeah okay see anything over here worth a666.323.28
[ __ ] that's like a668.483.52
drafting table i'm gonna peek out here669.64.239
just make sure no one's listening to us672.02.56
yeah right673.8392.961
right right right oh pay phone ring ring674.563.519
you can use those what oh i can uh-huh678.0795.521
you gonna call i don't know what's681.363.12
simon's number683.65.239
five five five how do you spell dumb ass684.487.359
hello hello simon hello can't believe it692.485.12
i can't believe i actually got you hello695.764.8
hey hello hello hey i'm here can you697.66.239
hear me700.563.279
otherwise go to hell have a nice day708.645.999
he's not home neebs yeah yeah did you712.723.44
leave a message uh714.6393.76
no do we actually think he has a home716.163.679
though he's probably just living out718.3992.401
about me719.8393.601
yeah yeah have you seen him yeah he's720.84.08
living out of a car723.443.54
all right moving on724.883.519
we check all these rooms oh what is this728.3995.841
it's a oh god this is the light we were732.3994.401
seeing it's a busted fuse box and734.246.399
there's a wire where does a wire go736.83.839
i think this is where all of the743.363.039
hang out and play polka probably right746.3994.401
about that there simon i don't748.883.759
see any of them though all right none of750.83.599
these doors open i feel like they're752.6394.081
just there for decoration754.3994.081
right and eventually maybe you would756.723.76
think we'd find something that was758.483.039
oh my god oh my god this is like761.5196.0
really [ __ ] almost like really765.23.92
annoyingly deep767.5195.201
yes not almost it just smacked me in the769.125.12
face with annoying772.723.6
oh jesus and this is what you have okay774.244.24
rail radiation area776.324.639
maintenance room glad i got my suit on778.483.68
good to do too780.9594.56
oh wait open door here yeah there well782.166.479
at this uh uh you know785.5196.641
you could open and close the cage for788.6394.0
okay yo let's not do that it's gonna be792.6393.281
a hard fall isn't it794.03.519
i was hoping maybe give me a prompt that795.923.359
i could like ride down the797.5194.241
okay well i'm still moving on down uh799.2793.281
negative 30 or so at this point when do802.566.0
we start counting though805.8395.041
right now is that because we don't know808.563.76
we don't know810.884.72
this is this might also be a look what i812.323.84
don't know815.61.84
no there's nothing this is the same816.163.52
thing repeated over and over and over817.442.8
are we getting trolled yeah probably so820.244.56
i think this is like a repeat822.886.959
nope this is new no it's not824.85.039
what are we doing yeah it's a [ __ ]829.923.919
no no no it would have to reload it833.8393.281
would have to stop nope look835.5193.201
the same [ __ ] thing radiation that837.123.519
would mean i mean it is a repeat838.723.52
it's repeating over and over i'm running840.6393.2
down i'm running842.244.8
this is [ __ ] dumb843.8393.201
who's going down um well all of us right849.126.32
yep oh can we go first if you want to go852.563.68
for it all right855.443.839
oh wow about fail okay feel like you did856.246.08
really wow okay completely dark you want859.2794.56
me to throw a flare down there862.323.36
oh you got a flare yeah i got a flare863.8393.041
yeah there you go865.683.279
accidentally dynamite can you see now i866.883.92
put a flare down there dummy okay it's868.9592.56
really red870.82.8
well it's a flare idiot okay you have a871.5193.601
white one873.63.2
i ain't got no damn white flare oh yeah875.123.12
my torch isn't in my hot bar876.82.96
dumb ass there's the problem come on878.243.52
well it was daytime all right879.765.28
torch is out all right i'm coming881.763.28
look like i'm pedaling a bicycle all893.5193.041
oh that's fun all right needs behind you896.563.92
i'll be light you guys get up front with898.9593.601
guns got you so this wire is still going900.482.96
oh and uh yeah yeah on the ceiling huh903.443.199
okay uh it's opening up here oh this is906.6393.44
there's a door oh i bet this door won't910.0795.041
open until we get that fuse going912.884.319
wow look at this maybe that's what that915.123.76
card was for i didn't bring it917.1993.921
you didn't bring the [ __ ] card no we918.883.6
said we were harvesting stuff i didn't921.121.92
want to922.482.32
we're not that far away but yeah we923.043.039
should uh we should definitely924.82.88
try to power this thing on or well we926.0793.2
also yeah we need a fuse927.683.76
so uh the cart's not gonna do us any929.2794.081
good without this door being powered931.443.519
right probably so we probably have to933.363.279
get a fuse uh934.9593.281
stick it in that power source over there936.6393.76
the fuse box right and then power this938.243.92
thing and then use the card on the door940.3993.841
maybe we could do that all right so yeah942.163.28
now i guess now we're searching for944.241.839
possibly buy one possibly buy one go to946.0794.241
the store see if they got fuses948.484.08
yeah let's get crazy okay all right we950.323.28
fight the way i like this though the953.65.77
oh god what the [ __ ]961.5197.841
like i'm so far down oh god i can't see965.684.399
okay it got darker let's see this is970.0795.841
dumb i'd rather have a weapon out973.1995.841
oh okay975.927.68
okay and if i look open door there979.047.919
call elevator and door okay983.66.56
okay well i'm gonna call the elevator in986.9594.161
[ __ ] goes down when i open the door did991.124.56
it do it993.7596.88
don't go stay there stay there stay995.684.959
okay they've got like oh yeah yeah yeah1006.325.519
that's a1009.925.2
[ __ ] oh god1011.8393.281
one down yo oh geez i'm coming down1016.166.799
no i got one down no more you're good1019.5195.361
well i didn't see any more got this1022.9593.201
piece of [ __ ] though1024.884.0
good for you anything on that guy that1026.163.679
you killed1028.883.84
search is going to resist i i am simon1029.8394.161
kick him in the dick1032.723.359
well i shot him in the dick good then1034.04.319
kick it too1036.0795.12
there's a door and this is a oh my god1038.3193.36
options are you [ __ ] kidding what's1041.6793.441
this say platform1043.4394.081
exit platform we'll go to the platform1045.123.36
what's the platform1047.523.44
we're going to platform well that opened1048.484.24
into me okay great1050.965.52
oh oh okay1052.726.959
uh-huh uh-huh are you is this1056.488.36
really oh my god it's going down1059.6798.161
oh man nobody's gonna mess with you1074.085.839
no that's so dumb isn't it don't don't1077.763.279
cross that guy he's1079.9193.521
crazy i like the wolf helmet but look1081.0393.281
it's blue1083.443.04
kind of matches my motif this is great1084.323.92
yep you look like a scientist i look1086.483.439
like a crazy person this is what i look1088.242.88
like all right we want to try to get one1089.9194.0
of these big hangers1091.122.799
see anything i don't see enemies i see1104.164.399
crates i don't know if they're lootable1106.723.92
oh yeah i'm in like a little crate maze1108.5593.761
here that i'm at the end of1110.644.8
yeah um are these boxes or anything oh1112.326.32
god oh [ __ ] what was that shooting at me1115.445.28
oh yeah there's a guy he's coming in oh1118.643.44
yeah he's right at the entrance to the1120.722.4
i got a hit on him i'm flanking oh [ __ ]1123.124.0
he's coming out oh god he's trying to be1125.62.72
hard oh boy1127.125.439
he's running he's running [ __ ]1128.324.239
oh neebs get out there's [ __ ] names1133.444.08
don't put yourself out in the open like1136.42.48
a nut you know what cover is1137.523.84
yep yeah you put on your code got him1138.884.03
got that son of a [ __ ]1141.362.88
i also see a deer i'm not worried about1144.245.12
the deer i killed it1146.646.08
killed the deer yeah oh nice shot oh and1149.367.6
oh i see him he is southeast 130.1152.727.12
i can get him i can get him oh i see him1156.963.68
look at me1159.844.8
oh boy oh boy yep1160.646.72
what's he doing oh god he all right you1164.644.32
got me a little bit i'm okay did you get1167.362.319
him dick1168.962.8
he's not down i hit him though where you1169.6794.081
going circling around1171.765.039
go yeah i got him baby1173.766.0
are we going in the open uh cover me1176.7993.441
cover me1179.761.68
you stay you stay in cover you're1180.242.799
staying got your back i got another1181.442.8
science is walking around1183.0394.401
south 170. he's got a buddy behind him1184.244.64
all right let's uh let's get into these1187.443.04
hangers because yeah like that's that's1188.882.799
the whole purpose is we're trying to1190.483.84
find a fuse1191.6792.641
all right dora yeah yeah i see you i see1194.723.36
you okay1197.24.0
hey hey hey listen listen listen take my1198.085.2
rifle ammo give me your shotgun because1201.23.92
i didn't ever get my shotgun back so i'm1203.283.279
going to give you these four1205.123.919
boom and then i'll take that and i'll do1206.5594.081
nothing with it yeah perfect then i'll1209.0392.321
take that1210.642.56
and i'll do something okay okay perfect1211.363.36
okay hey let's do this1213.23.839
i wish i had a light on my thing okay1214.723.04
it's okay1217.0393.041
it's okay all right okay let's let's1217.764.32
call this uh let's call this elevator1220.083.36
okay and let's wait until it gets all1222.082.8
the way down before we open this next1223.442.56
door okay1224.883.679
okay and i'll just lighten it up just to1226.05.28
make this you are lighting it up1228.5593.921
like because this could be a quick1231.283.44
getaway okay1232.485.36
how is it here okay yeah open okay1234.725.439
so yes it could be some [ __ ] we don't1237.843.92
okay oh god that's kind of wide open1241.765.279
grab my gun1245.842.64
you should have okay have the gun out1247.0393.12
we've got enough light here okay1248.484.72
we do okay all right i don't know oh did1250.1593.441
where where where where where where i'm1253.63.52
not shooting i didn't shoot is it from a1255.122.559
here no pull back all right i'm back1257.6795.281
watch out1260.5592.401
come on what do you want huh huh what do1271.126.72
you want what do you want1273.6794.161
yeah he's down he's down you are a man1282.03.919
oh there's another one pull back pull1284.7992.081
back side pull back1285.9195.601
hold it from the right1286.886.64
all right see anything in here anything1291.524.56
good just some barrels give us a fuse1293.524.639
barrels i mean barrels might have fuses1296.083.52
in it right maybe1298.1593.361
yep i mean that'd be dumb it wouldn't1299.63.6
make any damn sense it would be really1301.522.96
really stupid1303.24.16
what is that crude oil oil oh come on1304.485.04
last chance come on give us a fuse1307.364.96
give us a fuse1309.522.8
oil crude oil it's a bust fellas1312.885.039
we're gonna have to find a few somewhere1316.643.36
else all right back to the car1317.9194.801
let's get home it's dark yeah let's go1320.05.76
found some good [ __ ] though1322.723.04
all right should i should i open the1326.243.52
door let me open up okay get out of the1327.9193.921
to the right still hey let me see let me1331.843.6
lead the way okay yeah i'll get out of1334.03.6
your way so you can pull right back1335.445.68
to the right to the right all right1337.65.52
i mean he might have moved well he might1341.123.76
have crossed over1343.124.48
all right i'm gonna go right oh god i'm1344.884.08
ducking down right here i'm gonna1347.62.24
[ __ ] lose this1348.963.599
[ __ ] oh i got some more rifle ammo some1349.843.76
nice oh wait a second what's that1353.63.52
somebody across the way right where i'm1355.842.0
oh i say we have to see a guy right off1357.843.76
to the left okay but we're the guy to1359.524.159
the right go1361.63.92
okay we'll come around back around this1363.6793.441
okay we're up wrong [ __ ] oh [ __ ]1367.126.64
um wrong button oh god get out of the1370.326.64
jesus christmas should we go to that1373.764.72
nearly as dumb as me oh you mean like1378.485.199
they're coming at us they're coming okay1381.763.36
let's [ __ ] get them coming from the1383.6791.761
come on [ __ ]1385.445.68
did i get one did i [ __ ] get one i1389.0394.961
don't know is it going to be good1391.122.88
no i'm out of those bullets no run run1394.5594.48
run run1397.844.88
run run run what place to run1399.03917.681
this is not good this is somehow oh [ __ ]1402.7218.5

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