DISASTER Across the Ocean! - Valheim

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest Valheim video from Neebs Gaming yet? I just finished watching it and let me tell you, it was epic!...
DISASTER Across the Ocean! - Valheim
DISASTER Across the Ocean! - Valheim

DISASTER Across the Ocean! - Valheim

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Valheim! Today, we're talking about that disaster across the ocean. And let me tell you, it was a wild ride!

simon: Oh man, that was a crazy adventure, Neebs! I can't believe we got ourselves into that mess. But hey, it makes for great content, right?

appsro: Haha, you guys always manage to find trouble wherever you go. But I gotta say, that video was definitely one of my favorites. Watching you guys struggle is pure entertainment!

neebs: Well, what can I say, Appsro? We're just naturally gifted at getting ourselves into ridiculous situations. It's all part of the charm!

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest Valheim video from Neebs Gaming yet? I just finished watching it and let me tell you, it was epic! The boys were on a mission to find the trader but ended up going a little too far for their own good. You know that's always a recipe for disaster, but it makes for some hilarious content.

The video starts off with a swamp driveby, setting the tone for the wild adventure ahead. The intro and montage had me laughing so hard, and I was hooked from the start. As they navigate through the land, encountering bugs and storming beaches, the excitement builds. And let me tell you, the moment Neebs feeling defeated had me in stitches - that guy never fails to entertain.

One of my favorite parts was when they built a new boat and set sail, only to face the forest moving and a troll coming their way. The action was non-stop, and I couldn't look away. And the music choices throughout the video were on point, adding to the epicness of their journey. With timestamps for each exciting moment, I was able to easily navigate through the video and relive the best parts.

Overall, this Valheim video was a rollercoaster of emotions and I loved every minute of it. If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming, you definitely don't want to miss this one. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the chaos unfold as they make their way to the trader. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Neebs Gaming has done it again - providing an absolutely stellar cinematic let's play of the survival/crafting game Valheim. Their latest video, venturing into the misty and dangerous Plains biome, is a perfect example of how Neebs brings out the very best in the games they cover.

Right from the introductory montage, you feel immersed in the world of Valheim. The music combined with the stylized graphics immediately set the tone and draw you in. As they set out on their ocean voyage, the banter between the guys has you laughing one minute and holding your breath the next as they narrowly avoid disasters. Their genuine reactions to the dangers they encounter, like trolls and wraiths emerging from the fog, showcase how terrifying yet thrilling Valheim can be.

Once they finally reach the Plains, Neebs' dejected frustration at losing their gear is downright heartbreaking. But this makes their eventual triumph, building a new longship and portal to return home, so uplifting. Throughout the journey, their camaraderie and teamwork demonstrates how Valheim encourages cooperation. And the cinematic camera work enhances the feeling of adventure.

Ultimately, Neebs Gaming's cinematic approach makes playing Valheim firsthand unnecessary to appreciate how special it is. Their entertaining personalities combined with excellent editing provide the full Valheim experience without ever picking up the controller yourself. For any fan of survival games, RPGs, or cooperative adventures, Neebs' journey through the worlds of Valheim is a must-watch. It will leave you eager to join their crew on whatever grand quest comes next.

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boy that looks creepy3.9193.601
yeah yeah yeah a little bit there's5.24.0
trees like really big7.524.88
oh i've seen those uh the little bulbous9.25.04
glowing things on those trees before12.43.359
what are they yeah i don't know what14.242.959
they are i've just seen them before in15.7593.761
another map that i was on17.1994.801
maybe we should uh i don't know like try19.524.08
to shoot one with an arrow22.03.279
just pull up real quick kind of do a23.65.12
quick uh yeah yeah sure sure25.2794.801
what is that what's that what is that28.723.04
you see that thing who's that guy is it30.084.4
that is a guy you're gonna drive us31.764.0
straight towards them no nope i'm34.482.64
turning what is it okay35.763.6
oh oh he's just walking into the water37.123.759
oh wow39.363.12
what are you doing what do you mean40.8793.121
freak we went to his42.483.599
home yeah that's a good point good point44.03.68
what about the drive-by46.0793.521
yeah no no we we should probably you47.683.359
know continue on the49.64.56
road the water road so we had a goal to51.0395.121
to do a drive-by and then we didn't do54.162.96
the drive-by56.163.039
yeah no we did it driving just wasn't57.123.68
that entertaining well i thought we were59.1993.84
hoping to shoot at least the green thing60.85.359
we didn't i missed it my bad yeah we63.0396.641
didn't say a good drive-by we just said66.1593.521
what is the sail these boats112.725.84
are [ __ ] yeah we just decided to stop115.7593.761
now that we're getting118.563.04
to our destination like what's up right119.523.279
i don't know121.63.36
maybe maybe thick should swim for it122.7994.0
thick he's not gonna make that124.963.84
no none of us would none of us would i126.7993.281
wouldn't recommend that to my worst128.83.28
enemy that's right stamina130.084.08
you're very quiet up there names oh yeah132.083.36
you guys are asking all the right134.161.76
everything i was thinking you guys have135.923.12
asked it we had you covered got you137.284.4
yep i'm like is that our island are we139.043.279
right are we not going anywhere all the142.3193.201
yep right nothing144.162.32
you guys are great do you want to145.522.799
complain about the speed of the boat as146.483.36
well or did we have that yeah148.3193.121
i think we all wanted to right right149.843.6
yeah we did have it yeah we're okay yeah151.443.439
yeah that's it i guess we'll just sit153.443.84
here until we die yeah it feels that way154.8794.401
i'm gonna i'm gonna kind of follow the157.284.16
contour of the land a little bit159.285.2
just in case we're like going straight161.443.84
into something164.483.44
and we're greeted by the worst that we165.283.76
could be greeted by167.923.599
well i think that you're dragging it out169.044.16
and i think that maybe we should just171.5193.921
get in there and go get killed if173.23.84
it's meant to be it's meant to be is175.443.12
that a giant bowl177.044.96
whoa did you say a giant bull178.566.56
is that thing alive yep oh boy oh boy182.04.4
all right yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah watch185.122.0
out watching186.43.04
easy focus focus i i wish i could see187.123.039
what you guys it's189.442.879
behind us it's directly behind us now no190.1593.36
that's not a freaking192.3193.441
bull wait are you telling me it's full193.5193.121
like it's195.763.04
it's huge it's like a big bison yeah196.643.76
yeah but it looks like it198.86.159
but it's a bunch of trees right okay200.44.559
you know what how does this look hey is206.45.52
that a bug209.5192.401
get it get it door no it's well i wanna214.8793.36
when i217.363.36
come back death skeeto huh are we218.2393.441
getting ready to get killed by a220.722.32
mosquito no don't hit that221.685.04
nope oh223.045.04
i didn't mean to i was trying to hit a226.722.879
mosquito you told me oh my god look at228.082.0
simon that's what we're talking about oh230.084.879
look at those holes holy crap232.485.36
that's damaged234.9592.881
two of them oh no there's two of them oh238.03.92
my god241.122.72
try to shoot the mosquitoes with you241.924.16
okay okay okay okay okay oh man243.844.399
we are locked someone anybody helping me246.083.04
with this just248.2394.161
be helping me yes i'm getting chats249.126.08
i'm getting shots252.42.8
i think i just killed it with my sword260.164.08
oh you swung the sword263.043.52
yes i'm a man i'm pretty sure i got264.243.84
straight ahead and i don't266.564.56
care what's straight ahead weird we're268.084.559
just gonna dock271.123.84
yes and that's gonna be it and thank you272.6394.081
for showing me those big things that274.963.519
don't look like boars they look more276.722.88
like trees278.4793.201
i said it looked like a bull yep that279.63.28
bull bore i think bison was pretty282.884.0
accurate bison was very active284.883.68
it was a good job names i see something286.883.28
with uh flame288.563.6
yep over there up there and he's got a290.163.2
mosquito place292.163.36
all right hey here's what we gotta do we293.363.44
got to do a quick295.523.92
like navy seal mission where we dock the296.83.36
portal goes up within seconds yes okay300.164.56
right here at this edge right here303.124.0
this looks like a nice area looks kind304.723.039
i mean just safe for the foreseeable you307.7593.921
know what you can see310.564.4
yeah foreseeable series for cmlc311.685.2
come on are you ready do it everybody314.963.76
jump out protect protect thick316.885.36
sec build that portal318.726.08
all right missing requirements oh i need322.243.28
what do you need324.83.119
i need a workbench workbench quick build325.523.44
it ah327.9192.961
crap i'm looking just over this hill i'm328.963.28
kind of keeping an eye on the330.884.56
i see one thing with a shield and a332.244.16
it looks kind of mean he does but he's336.43.04
not walking338.82.72
our way don't call it now he is now he339.444.4
is huh yep it's a fulling what's a341.523.44
you gotta fight different than a344.963.6
halfling it's like twice346.087.2
a half life oh crap348.564.72
did you die too oh crap can i kill this361.686.16
wow wow there's no way of taking that375.524.69
boat right again379.442.72
my i love that oh my gosh382.165.12
i think i just missed getting a shot of385.7593.761
it but yeah the fulling just one shot387.284.88
your boat as well389.522.64
wow the boat is [ __ ] gone in one shot392.245.36
yeah that's that's perfect399.1210.32
i love it wow403.128.96
yeah no more swimming for me look at409.443.68
need to add a roofing maybe i don't know413.124.079
maybe all i wanted to do is really just415.5993.681
get across without having to swim417.1994.241
and mission accomplished feel pretty419.284.639
good after a week can i cheer421.444.6
what hello oh outro hey yo429.686.72
what's what okay432.966.88
what happened well we don't know what436.47.199
it was a fulling a fulling um439.848.24
oh you guys went into a planes yes443.5996.72
yeah we're nowhere near ready for that448.083.519
yeah that was a bad450.3194.0
idea well let's focus now we didn't we451.5993.921
don't have memes with us454.3193.361
so we don't have to play with it hold on455.523.519
let me look at the map where the [ __ ] is457.683.04
neebs he's probably at the other459.0394.72
island that we built oh [ __ ] oh yeah i460.724.159
see him on the island463.7593.921
oh no i see him all right i tell you464.8793.121
i'll go with you guys this time thick468.03.52
build another boat470.3192.801
the stuff is probably still there but471.523.04
it's not worth trying to get because473.122.88
it's in a plane so we don't need to go474.562.88
anywhere near our damn planes right now476.02.0
all right477.442.96
oh okay i guess we'll just build what we478.04.16
can with what we got uh480.43.84
yeah why don't simon door you work on482.163.12
getting some um484.242.639
armor and [ __ ] because i guess you got485.283.12
you guys have lost everything now486.8793.521
there's no getting back i have nothing i488.43.28
have nothing i'm going to be in my490.41.6
for the rest of the day you had the492.03.199
bronze sword didn't you493.444.8
i had the bird sword oh495.1994.881
man that's that hurts498.245.029
oh this is perfect someone left a piece504.8796.481
of cooked meat behind the fireplace507.683.68
okay not where i wanted to spawn511.5996.8
i know that i didn't have a boat515.364.96
how am i gonna build a boat i guess518.3993.681
first i'm gonna need a520.323.839
one of those tanning things and a522.083.6
chopping block524.1595.281
i'm gonna need to kill boars and deers525.686.96
nope nothing i thought i saw a boar out529.445.44
here a second ago532.644.56
i don't want you oh here's a boar would534.883.76
you stay over there grayling537.24.24
whatever you are nice god that fire538.644.96
scared him didn't it i gotta get sneaky541.446.48
hey bar there he is ah i didn't want you543.65.44
here we go547.925.2
yep is that working come here549.046.64
oh yeah no i just afraid of it right of553.123.279
the fire555.685.599
i harness fire come here come here556.3998.56
okay whoa yep geez561.2797.201
come here ah he just runs564.9596.161
there we go got him okay i'll see more568.484.08
of you out there571.125.76
oh crap this really took the wind out of572.565.04
hello i have fire keep moving577.67.04
got fire remember581.682.96
yeah still here586.726.239
all right vic you got enough stuff yep591.683.839
here we go592.9592.56
and [ __ ] vote number two hey dora yeah595.925.12
why don't you and simon just uh stay599.442.8
here well i don't know clean up the601.042.72
place do something we'll chill we'll602.242.8
we're going to do something603.763.04
yeah yeah yeah i don't know get into605.043.52
something yeah get simon built back up606.82.159
you know608.562.88
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah all right thank608.9593.841
you driving you want me to drive611.443.12
uh you go ahead and drive this time and612.83.36
sit down and614.563.6
just be safe y'all yeah you've had a616.164.32
hard day yeah and um618.163.679
absolutely you're in uh you're in luck620.483.2
it's a quick trip621.8393.521
all right which way is neebs if i look623.683.839
at mel okay all right he's down625.364.32
south we're heading south all right627.5195.361
goodbye guys629.686.48
adventure sure this is why i love this632.883.76
like the uh the defeat and then the636.643.439
build back guys639.042.88
you know i get it yeah but that was just640.0794.0
a really really long trip like641.924.64
i felt like i was playing uh arma three644.0794.481
all right we gotta take a chopper646.564.56
90 miles for you to get sniped no i get648.563.2
it look651.122.64
look the traitor is in a stupid spot in651.764.4
this map but uh neebs is not so we can653.763.759
get the thieves656.163.119
coming to save you neebs i tell you657.5193.681
about conan exiles they've got some new659.2792.641
ooh well we wrecked this boat maybe661.925.44
we'll do that664.722.64
forest is moving the forest is moving670.0796.401
dora dora673.2794.721
i think you're right here we're being676.483.919
attacked by some things678.05.44
okay oh sorry sorry sorry sorry i was680.3995.041
just relaxing meditating a bit let's go683.443.12
oh god685.445.2
guys what is up with these guys686.566.16
i don't know but the forest is moving690.643.52
that's what they're bigger692.723.52
i'm going to napster's place right now694.163.04
can you696.243.44
can you go away right i need to get my697.23.92
where do i have that699.684.88
yeah there we go oh i've got a club701.125.76
i'm gonna go out on this and do a little704.563.6
all right i'm gonna hide up here i'm708.163.76
gonna do a little crouching710.6394.961
i'll get this little guy come on oh no711.926.719
is he destroying any weapon715.66.08
oh you dick okay oh boy come here one718.6394.721
down come on dude there's a boar721.683.76
get the [ __ ] out of here no time stay723.363.279
away from our stuff725.443.199
i'm gonna lure them away i'm coming726.6394.241
get him from behind look at that thing732.723.6
look at that the goat734.6394.64
or that deer736.322.959
get away get away [ __ ] bore740.244.56
sorry got me from behind these sneaky745.5193.521
little bastards ah747.364.159
why is this door a part of this i don't749.044.56
we got it okay okay simon's not753.765.28
something's not okay all right i'll lead756.85.44
i'm gonna lead them away759.043.2
let's see yep wait wait is full765.768.56
okay head back steal hardly any hide yet768.9598.241
i'll go put this wood up and then uh774.323.92
build some777.23.28
wood things let's see built the hammer778.245.12
right oh it's number two780.486.4
names hey what are you doing783.365.279
coming to save your stupid ass is what786.883.28
we're doing i don't need saving788.6394.081
i'm a survivor okay well we're coming to790.163.84
pick you up anyway yeah792.723.679
all right well that'll be easier than me794.03.68
rebuilding from scratch796.3993.361
okay so well we don't have anything for797.683.839
you so tell you what you you still want799.762.4
to get801.5192.961
built up a little bit what here uh if802.163.04
you want to804.482.0
all right you all right we have two805.23.199
options we can either uh hop in the boat806.483.44
and sail back to where you guys were808.3992.56
going that traitor809.923.039
uh-huh or we could stay here a minute810.9593.601
kill some deer let you build up it's up812.9592.32
to you baby814.562.8
well i mean there's it's the same stuff815.2793.521
here as we have back home well we can817.362.8
only see the point we could try to get818.82.0
our stuff820.162.479
oh boy no i'm not i'm not doing that820.83.12
boat ride again well822.6393.601
just for the boat ride like 10 hours in823.923.76
the boat i know it's a long boat ride826.242.959
you hopping in or not yeah i'm hopping827.681.92
i'm gonna jump in from this rock all829.63.599
right we're going to the island where831.62.56
the traitor's at833.1992.721
bam nice to meet you all right yeah you834.163.119
heard yourself835.925.2
okay boop boop and i'm backing up a837.2795.441
little bit yeah okay all right so let me841.123.76
take a look at the map this trader is oh842.722.559
so far south okay heading south wait all845.2794.081
what do you mean we're heading south to849.363.68
the trader the one i just went to851.1993.281
yeah the one you died at but i'm not853.042.88
gonna park us in a dumb spot it sounds854.482.799
like you guys ended up on a plane855.923.279
which is insane wake me up when we get857.2793.041
there oh i know859.1993.921
it's big trip crap i don't know play860.324.16
play a game or something863.122.88
okay have you ever been on a long road864.486.41
trip i'll do a spanish lesson866.06.56
so this trader might be in this black872.564.639
forest huh i don't know i don't know man874.484.64
usually that's where traders hang out so877.1993.76
tell you what yeah we're gonna park here879.123.04
in this black forest880.9593.281
okay all right i see a little area i882.163.52
already see enemies uh yeah they're884.242.719
gonna be enemies here i think we can885.682.56
take them they're just like graylings886.9593.201
and [ __ ] oh i'm sitting back888.243.279
yeah names yeah you're the most890.162.64
vulnerable matter of fact neebs i put891.5192.481
some food in the uh892.83.279
in the boat oh cool you should eat i894.04.24
will eat and just so896.0795.44
we have it i am going to activate our898.247.039
power hell yeah okay let me slow us down901.5196.0
i want to bring us right in okay thick905.2795.041
immediately i want you to get started on907.5195.361
a workbench and then a shelter we need910.323.759
to build beds912.883.519
first things first is shelter advanced914.0793.601
wait to the right916.3992.88
are you kidding what look at the troll917.683.279
to the right uh919.2795.201
yeah that is a troll okay okay920.9596.721
okay maybe we go further down maybe a924.484.479
little further down tell you what yeah927.683.2
i'll go a little further down not much928.9593.041
see something else up there yeah this is932.03.04
a dangerous area933.7592.961
i'm not gonna lie i think we can take a935.043.039
troll though you got a bow and arrow936.723.919
thick i do938.0792.56
i think um all right then yeah i think941.683.279
we can take a troll if he comes over943.63.28
here what is that structure over there944.9594.161
uh that looks like a castle or some sort946.883.28
of yeah949.122.639
black forest castle probably bunch of950.163.119
skeletons living in it and [ __ ]951.7594.161
okay yeah again not a fun area all right953.2793.36
docked oh we're doing it yeah we're956.6393.361
doing it all right i'm gonna958.244.719
eat i guess all right beds are the first960.03.68
keep an eye on that troll oh he's coming963.684.24
towards us he's coming all right thick965.923.68
let's do it okay967.923.359
it's raining that's gonna mess us up969.63.039
that gives us a little debuff971.2793.281
all right thick we're taking down this972.6393.44
troll yeah974.566.639
go team oh boy here we go here we go976.0795.12
yeah no you don't oh maybe maybe a981.364.159
little bit984.244.64
come on get you in the back you can do985.5193.601
your foot pussy's on fire get him thick989.124.88
he's after me992.0795.281
yeah you guys are rock stars994.05.92
come on come on swing take a swing yep997.363.36
oh that one999.924.32
ahead wow man this is a dumb i mean1000.725.6
you know ping pong all right he's1004.243.519
halfway down we're doing good we're1006.324.639
doing good1007.7594.88
yep i'm gonna make a tunic out of this1010.9593.281
[ __ ] hell yeah1012.6393.76
this damn tunic sandwich i hit him in1014.243.039
the armpit1016.3992.721
that's the wingspot oh no we got we got1017.2793.201
green links coming in1019.125.679
careful oh no we're gonna fight for this1020.486.079
we're gonna get simon's stuff back we're1024.7994.561
gonna get that sword it's gonna be epic1026.5597.201
[ __ ] there's a lot of oh god1029.366.88
oh [ __ ] oh man he nailed me he nailed me1033.764.4
he nailed1036.244.0
my health's at six oh god he'll come1038.163.6
right back come on back1040.242.719
all right we gotta we gotta take this1041.763.279
guy i got an idea i have an idea i have1042.9593.681
an idea i'm going to this cave1045.0393.441
is that a troll cave it's a troll cave1046.643.84
but then i can get my stamina back1048.484.559
just in time all right he's looking at1050.484.0
me okay i'm coming back1053.0393.201
he's standing still for some reason yeah1054.483.12
he might be right at the gate when you1056.241.84
come in1057.63.12
why am i so tired is it because i'm cold1058.084.56
what's in your inventory are you heavy1060.725.44
nothing well yeah a bunch of rocks1062.646.48
heavy this is the most epic [ __ ]1066.163.92
troll fight1069.124.0
yeah yeah yeah yes okay1070.084.8
good deal you got a great ass right1073.123.52
there there's his balls come on1074.884.32
hey give it to him bring it bring it1076.643.36
do it take a swig boom boom tag team1080.03.36
bam damn thick nice job1083.366.64
good job all right hey1086.725.76
let's do this uh no i don't want to1090.04.799
build i got a crafting1092.485.12
we want this boom i got some stuff but i1094.7994.24
can't get out of the boat because i'm1097.61.76
tired you okay over there names i'm1099.363.199
tired too now i'm carrying a bunch of1101.0392.161
[ __ ]1102.5592.24
yep that's okay all right hold on let me1103.22.96
get a workbench going i got the1104.7992.561
you got the workbench awesome let's1107.362.88
start building it up where we can1109.22.0
actually use it1110.242.4
all right we got to get this place built1111.23.04
up quick and bed's down1112.643.44
thought enough yeah that's right oh god1114.243.36
the portal we need to build that portal1116.081.839
thick here yeah yeah here i brought the1117.9194.64
five cores i think the grayling1120.5593.521
eyes and what else it was find wood1122.5593.12
here's a [ __ ] ton of fine wood1124.083.68
all right here we go yeah get a portal1125.6793.441
up and what was the name of it home1127.764.48
huh i believe yes sweet okay1129.127.12
oh ho oh glorious home portal's down1132.247.679
yes yeah home1136.247.92
boom okay we can go home now1139.9194.241
oh hey hey neebs1147.526.399
how are you doing hey hey wow yeah what1150.885.919
a welcome party1153.9192.88
my friends are here yeah yeah yeah1157.126.4
yep okay good job my bed was in the1160.43.76
wrong place1163.523.68
so uh yeah i figured as much yeah i do i1164.164.32
do we might have taken some of your1167.21.76
there's just no channeling we were kind1168.963.76
of all kind of you know i did not take1170.323.68
two of your honey1172.723.04
honey i'm just putting honey in this1174.03.28
game yeah there is1175.764.08
honey yeah oh yeah there's bees in there1177.284.399
okay well uh i'll see if i got anything1181.6793.36
i got the door open i'm just trying to1185.0393.121
kill boar yep1186.644.64
here we go board and board killing1188.165.04
i'm bored of killing boars i wish there1191.283.04
were more1193.23.359
boars you think you could find some more1194.323.52
board down the shore1196.5592.961
possibly four maybe we should take a1197.843.12
tour see if you can't1199.523.84
lure i don't know if tour that's kind of1200.964.32
going into a different pronunciation1203.364.72
like four is fine you know what happened1205.284.0
so uh deal with it1208.083.12
just not just show to have that's all1209.283.84
i'm saying can't stop it now1211.23.599
you guys are boring me with your1213.124.799
argument i already used that one oh1214.7996.481
oh sorry i was half asleep don't get1217.9194.161
your mom's a [ __ ] good one simon thank1222.084.88
okay let's set up for the trainer looks1227.763.2
like we're heading1229.763.919
south okay the black forest is a little1230.963.199
but if we work as a team i think we'll1234.1594.241
be able to make it all right1236.244.319
roll back to the right there just just1238.43.36
fyi simon don't1240.5594.561
okay avoid the troll all right i'm gonna1241.764.32
pull a torch out1245.124.0
i'll be the leader follow me okay1246.084.479
like we're not gonna run we're gonna1249.122.72
walk or do we're just gonna kind of1250.5591.681
normal speed normal speed we do not want1252.2410.08
to drain our stamina okay1254.5599.441
man this thing is like squeezed in1262.323.68
between swamp and mountains this is1264.02.96
that's what she said um i don't know how1266.964.0
that worked1270.02.96
man look at that sweet [ __ ] squeezed in1270.963.76
between swamp and mountain yeah no she1272.963.76
would never okay1274.723.68
seemed like it worked there oh burial1276.724.079
chamber probably oh god skeleton1278.45.92
yeah yeah keep going keep going nope1280.7994.801
okay yeah you know what we're close1284.324.16
enough yeah run it1285.62.88
i'm a little behind you yeah you good1288.723.76
dress oh there it is1290.485.439
we found it we did it there's a bubble1292.486.24
thing yeah1295.9192.801
oh hi there safe hey1299.66.24
that's crazy oh yeah that's a locks1311.0393.201
neebs a locks1312.962.64
oh yeah you guys were in the planes you1314.243.28
might have seen a locks earlier yep1315.64.0
simon i believe you're on fire simon1317.523.36
thinks it looks like a tree1319.64.72
sorry okay thick can you buy anything1320.884.24
from this guy1324.323.68
i just laughed at me uh i can buy1325.124.24
fishing bait1328.04.159
50 of them yeah well that that'll make1329.363.76
good stuff1332.1592.721
what about a headlamp we really need a1333.124.24
headlamp for like dark areas1334.885.6
i don't see it uh why why can't i sell1337.364.799
any of my rubies or anything to this guy1340.483.28
he only takes gold1342.1594.801
let me talk hold up here i go1343.766.399
all right so i can buy1346.967.44
yamir flesh fishing bait or a yule hat1350.1595.681
what uh it's got to be more than that1354.43.44
let me look a yule hat is that a light1355.843.28
up hat it's like oh you don't want a1357.843.28
damn yule hat okay the light-up pad is1359.123.039
called a1361.124.32
burger circlet that's what we need but1362.1596.321
it cost uh 620 coins1365.445.84
yep and you have oh boy i only have 531368.484.0
hold on let me i'm going to sell him1371.284.24
some of my [ __ ] i only have 193 coins1372.485.28
thick what's your coinage at 2021375.523.76
oh [ __ ] all right we're not gonna have1377.763.12
enough coins for that1379.283.279
all right we need to go into more uh1380.884.96
dungeons we need to find treasure boys1382.5597.281
all right1385.844.0

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