DON'T EAT ME! | Subnautica: Below Zero

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica Log video yet? In this episode, the gang needs to upgrade the...
DON'T EAT ME!  |  Subnautica: Below Zero
DON'T EAT ME! | Subnautica: Below Zero

DON'T EAT ME! | Subnautica: Below Zero

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that Subnautica: Below Zero video where we get chased by those hungry fish?

simon: Oh yeah, that one where you almost got eaten because you thought the fish were friendly?

neebs: Exactly! I was just trying to upgrade the seatruck, but those fish were relentless. It was hilarious!

simon: I couldn't stop laughing when you screamed 'DON'T EAT ME!' as you swam for your life. Classic Neebs Gaming moment right there.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica Log video yet? In this episode, the gang needs to upgrade the seatruck, but of course, the parts they need are deep underwater and the fish are not making it easy for them. It's always an adventure with these guys, and you never know what kind of shenanigans they'll get into next.

If you missed the original series, no worries, you can catch up by clicking the link provided. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on any of the hilarious moments and epic gameplay that Neebs Gaming always delivers. And if you enjoy the content as much as I do, consider supporting them on Patreon so they can keep creating awesome videos for us to enjoy.

And hey, have you seen the playlist of other games they've played? From Cartoons to GTA V, there's something for everyone to enjoy. I personally love watching their Scrap Mechanic series, the creativity and teamwork never fail to impress me. And of course, their Minecraft adventures are always a blast to watch.

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feed me something good feed me something18.84.479
scanner room new blueprint synthesized24.325.199
the [ __ ] is a scanner room27.5994.08
my old base didn't have a scanner room29.5193.441
you're getting a scanner room31.6792.88
all right i'm gonna suck on you later32.962.96
i'm gonna come down here oh please34.5595.121
please please names check this out this35.925.36
i think this might be the last prawn39.684.0
suit fragment we need oh yeah41.285.84
oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah could you scan43.683.92
or three or how many well i scanned a47.63.68
couple at that other base and now i got49.522.24
oh wow so yeah we can build us a prawn51.763.2
suit okay54.05.44
man i feel like that's early fine54.966.64
so this scanner room goes on your sea59.444.16
base right uh yeah i think that's the61.64.4
okay that's super handy we might have to66.1593.761
make one of those at some point68.1595.041
oh wait controllable uh camera drones as69.923.92
what you're excited about it now kind of73.843.52
that's cool76.643.04
oh hey this ancient artifact is actually77.363.68
really close79.685.28
all right alan show me what you got81.046.079
did we decide if it was ellen or allen84.963.04
uh it's87.1193.921
alan he told me well he said al ann88.06.159
can i scan this is this al91.048.0
alan and what ally alan steve94.1597.521
uh oh it out both reassuring and99.043.6
to rediscover this site after being in102.644.4
storage for so long104.884.0
my connection to the network grows107.044.88
stronger however slightly108.885.12
i hope you will continue to search for111.924.72
more of these114.02.64
okay yeah you're welcome alan new116.7193.921
technology acquired119.22.8
just acquired a blueprint from something120.643.119
called a quantum locker122.03.92
the [ __ ] is a quantum locker like123.7594.081
sometimes quantum things can exist125.924.16
anywhere oh so it's a locker that can127.844.0
exist in two places130.084.0
maybe or transfer your [ __ ] sounds like131.843.52
it that'd be handy you could have two134.081.76
just loaded with quantum lockers oh you135.843.36
know what speaking of uh137.5993.36
if we could get a quantum locker in the139.23.2
in the old place that we're going to140.9592.081
we're not going to airbnb i think we can143.042.48
raise the price not going to airbnb of144.082.08
the place145.521.84
i've already made a mock-up you want to146.163.92
see it no i'm sending it over don't147.364.56
don't suit jesus christ really what do150.083.439
you think decent151.924.959
scenic overview i mean if well you know153.5195.041
the marketing guy of me goes no way156.8793.681
decent scenic overlook they read that158.563.44
they go oh wait i gotta i want to see160.562.0
decent scenic overlook162.569.6
so this whole base just looks like a170.83.04
mining site like they're just mining the172.162.88
ship at a titanium173.842.72
does that mean it's empty nothing for175.043.839
you well i mean we found the artifact176.564.399
and then we found that scanner room so178.8793.761
you know not a complete loss180.9592.801
i guess i gotta figure out how to get182.643.12
the [ __ ] out of here where's my map183.765.04
oh looks like i can go straight up i fit185.763.52
the sea188.83.6
truck up here okay okay189.288.87
okay way out192.413.199
welcome aboard captain thank you thank205.5993.92
you enjoy your decent207.765.039
scenic overlook in this one bedroom209.5196.0
one bathroom no no we're not renting212.7993.761
this out as an airbnb215.5192.881
it's a terrible idea you know what come216.563.44
to think of it i found a new app called218.42.24
it allows you to rent your car out220.644.0
really so you leave the sea truck there222.3194.401
no no no one's gonna rent the damn sea224.644.159
truck the people that get the cabin226.723.599
are gonna want to go check out this228.7992.72
decent scenic overlapping i think230.3192.081
they're gonna rent the seats231.5192.8
i've got a combo i mean maybe you know232.43.28
what i'm gonna try this cooked feather234.3193.12
fish let's see235.683.759
sounds gross it's got feathers in it237.4394.481
cooked feather fish239.4395.44
yup don't like that at all cook tri-ops241.924.0
a bottom feeder244.8793.761
tastes like it yep i'm gonna stick with245.923.76
my paper248.644.159
eat paper all damn day okay sea truck249.683.68
let's do it see drug app read it today253.363.52
no never256.013.84
written the damn sea truck256.8812.96
all right all right all right all right286.43.6
oh geez here we go here we go288.244.8
you sound like that ludicrous all right290.06.639
all right all right all right293.045.12
that's cool song i like that was that296.6393.12
ludicrous i thought that was outcast oh298.163.759
god oh wait there you are299.7594.641
is that the same thing no ludicrous and301.9193.681
[ __ ] oh wait what's the guy's name he's305.64.64
got like a number in his name he's an308.323.04
i i forgot andre 3000 that's it yep311.364.32
hey there goes the brain working314.42.96
sometimes all right all right all right315.683.44
all right all right all right all right317.363.839
don't come at me don't come at me don't319.123.76
come at me don't come at me okay yeah go321.1992.401
after that fish322.885.68
jesus i kind of hate it down here neebs323.67.28
uh it's gotta be done i guess right uh328.563.04
yeah cause i330.882.72
really want those modules and i know331.64.319
i've if i found the one there's gotta be333.63.2
so you have one and you need one oh god336.84.0
oh god oh god see338.725.039
i got d okay i got two d i got two d340.84.0
okay oh [ __ ]343.7593.921
oh [ __ ] all right344.82.88
stop stop please stop please stop348.167.12
oh god oh god352.083.2
okay you good leave me alone oh sea355.523.76
trucks at358.724.8
36 percent you repair it going to359.286.4
oh please don't eat me please don't eat363.524.08
me there's a squid monster down here365.683.76
really wish there wasn't neebs hey367.62.96
someday you're gonna look back and369.442.4
you're gonna have fond memories of that370.562.479
squid monster371.843.44
no i i won't i don't have fond memories373.0394.801
of the worms375.282.56
no squid monsters no squid monsters are378.883.36
we leaving the sea381.522.72
truck uh yeah we can't take it this deep382.243.519
we're below 300 meters384.243.76
okay where are you come on nope385.7593.361
everything but what i need388.03.28
fabricator module [ __ ] yeah come on come389.126.0
on come on391.286.96
that sounds scary [ __ ] but i think395.126.56
yeah we can make it storage module398.245.92
okay is this two of three uh that's two401.683.2
or three404.164.0
oh i see some more oh come on baby404.886.24
come on baby [ __ ] this might be the last408.163.759
new technology acquired [ __ ] yes is that411.9193.041
that storage module right on man found a414.964.639
battery oh i'd love to find a fabricator417.5992.961
module as well419.5992.641
what's the fabricator module it's a420.563.28
fabricator like you can build in422.243.12
the sea truck right so it's like oh i423.842.88
don't have to go back to base i'm just425.362.32
building the c truck426.723.84
right here yeah i'll just build it yeah427.684.079
convenient as [ __ ] right430.563.039
plus we could probably get more enturo431.7595.681
for it433.5995.201
i can't help but notice your health437.442.96
isn't in a hundred are you not taking438.82.239
care of yourself440.42.32
i'm taking care of myself i'm just441.0394.081
trying not to die442.725.759
how many hours you sleep oh [ __ ]445.126.079
oh what the hell leave them dead in the448.4794.641
oh wait you're coming back oh god this453.123.12
thing can like hit it has like an454.84.239
electric pulse456.242.799
okay get back up get back459.442.879
okay stop stop going go up go up462.4798.081
jesus jesus [ __ ] off [ __ ] off you know466.724.879
you can't go you don't want to go this470.564.24
high come on [ __ ] off471.5993.201
all right yeah i think so just giant475.444.08
squid sharks chasing me477.7594.72
you know mondays i don't even know if479.523.679
it's monday482.4791.941
it's tuesday483.1993.041
i think i see something neeps oh yeah486.243.84
yeah all right going for it488.4793.361
leave the sea truck up here oh you know490.083.119
what i like to leave the sea truck491.842.32
lights on493.1992.56
so i can actually see it in the dark494.163.84
yeah really really you're right there500.83.92
same thing huh same damn thing503.123.6
okay yeah oh i really want to go over504.723.36
there come on you [ __ ] off506.725.199
[ __ ] off don't see me don't see me don't508.084.399
see oh511.9193.68
absorb that throw just512.4796.721
there's a fabricator module fragment515.5995.44
all right that's two out of three that's519.23.04
two out of three neebs521.0393.761
okay one more you can build the522.243.599
and the storage do you think fish can525.8395.041
get the bends528.242.64
that's a very very good question i don't531.044.72
know oh god you oh god i'm being sucked533.64.4
from being sucked i'm being sucked535.764.88
stop it stop it stop it stop it get off538.04.56
me get off me540.645.28
stop it542.565.2
oh god now i'm disoriented where am i545.923.919
who am i what's going on547.764.72
you left your lights on no no no no no549.8393.281
no no no552.483.2
no no no leave me alone leave me alone553.123.68
yeah get caught right there555.682.88
get caught right there you dumb [ __ ]556.86.0
okay oxygen's over there558.567.76
oh god damn it god damn it get off me562.86.64
stop stop okay566.323.12
okay yep i need help i need help health570.04.32
was already low i was like572.3995.201
saying you need to sleep more okay574.324.72
all right i gotta take the damn thing577.63.44
take it don't just there you go579.044.479
[ __ ] you can't just throw the health out581.049.359
in the water and be better583.5199.521
hold on fish can get the bends really590.3993.12
interesting i don't know what kind of593.5193.281
fish this is uh594.84.88
see there's a condition called barrow596.83.68
which divers know as the bends i won't600.484.16
bore you with the details603.362.88
yeah i'm kind of uh kind of focusing604.643.12
right now neebs that's right you're606.242.719
gonna die607.762.88
uh-huh okay you're gonna stay over there608.9593.921
no you're not are you oh god yep get out612.883.84
the truck616.242.719
[ __ ]616.722.239
[ __ ] [ __ ] i hate this [ __ ] did you628.04.72
run yeah ran630.323.36
you're going to face this thing632.722.64
eventually okay i see something down633.682.8
okay you stay over there let's go go go636.483.76
go go go come on please be what i need638.9592.641
please be what i need fabricator640.242.56
fabricator module641.66.239
fabricator module642.85.039
okay a little bit of oxygen here that's651.923.28
good oh653.923.28
is that something oh a couple things655.23.44
dave come on one of these has got to be657.22.0
storage module already got come on come659.23.44
on fabricator module yeah660.725.92
you got it victory yeah662.645.92
all right let's get the [ __ ] out of here666.645.12
sea trucks right over there668.566.399
okay okay where's squid monster671.766.079
squid monster674.9592.88
okay there he is oh right in between me680.563.12
and the sea trucks right right below all682.323.28
right i'm going straight up and over683.683.76
straight up and over straight up and685.64.239
dumb [ __ ] dumb stupid [ __ ] okay690.248.08
popping in the sea truck yeah694.0799.76
go [ __ ] yourself buddy698.325.519
you can't catch me i'm in a sea truck oh709.444.079
yeah am i too fast for you712.242.96
you're nipping me all day bubba what i713.5194.0
say about taunting animals715.23.6
i'm not scared of these guys anymore i'm717.5193.12
gonna ram him yeah but you don't you718.83.039
don't not talk things just because720.6392.561
you're not scared of a rabbit hey how do721.8392.8
you like it723.24.879
run your ass over boom oh [ __ ]724.6395.121
killed his ass just killed something728.0793.601
with the sea truck yeah read his ass729.762.319
don't mess that up we're gonna try to732.0794.161
rent it later what are you you little733.2794.481
yeah i'm gonna send you some information737.764.319
on this toothy little [ __ ] okay739.126.08
this is a a brute shark742.0795.841
fruit shark got it yeah a dead brood745.24.079
shark oh let me look into your747.924.64
dead ass eyes sink you have to eat it749.2795.201
oh actually i wonder what yeah that752.563.92
would be good yeah okay too big to drag754.483.52
back to the base though756.484.0
not the base storage facility we need to758.04.16
make a base at some point760.484.919
right now we're making some fabricator762.166.239
we should write a musical768.485.359
okay glass steel ingots oh need lots of775.366.24
plastic ingots lead computer chip779.044.239
okay plasti lingas i think is going to781.63.76
be the biggest [ __ ] potentially lead783.2793.201
might have to go out and gather785.363.68
resources okay we can do that we're damn786.484.24
professionals we'll take inventory see789.042.4
what we got790.722.72
we are professionals that can be our791.443.28
broadway show title793.443.199
no it is not our broadway show title794.726.96
uh-huh good lord if you want diamonds796.6398.561
give me a second damn it i'm working801.683.52
should i make a scanner room how's807.2793.68
skater scanner809.2792.961
remember i found the blueprint for the810.9593.361
scanner room see you as a skate812.245.279
skater scanner scanner yeah go for it814.323.68
why not817.5192.801
let's do it we got time yeah scanner818.03.92
room scanner room where the [ __ ] am i820.322.8
going to put it821.924.479
on airbnb oh823.126.719
oh oh i think i found a spot neebs826.3993.44
a scanner room will allow you to survey837.444.639
the surrounding region for fragments and839.64.239
material resources like842.0795.76
lithium or copper or titanium843.8396.161
which uh which will be looking for let's847.8393.761
try this out850.04.079
lithium right that's your big thing yeah851.64.64
so oh wow so it's a854.0794.801
full-on like 3d map of the place okay856.243.839
now how would you858.884.24
like pick lithium and look for so860.0796.32
i would imagine there's probably lithium863.126.399
is there no damn lithium here i don't866.3994.0
see lithium869.5193.041
or lead i'm pretty sure i heard her say870.3993.041
lithium i872.562.48
thought i heard the [ __ ] say lithium873.442.64
too what is this875.042.4
fabricator upgrades scanner877.446.56
magnetite scanner room speed upgrade881.365.76
skin room hood chip884.06.56
camera drone range upgrade887.125.76
yeah i can't see any lithium yeah the890.564.48
[ __ ] did say lithium right892.883.92
i thought i heard lithium i don't see895.043.52
any [ __ ] lithium is there just none896.82.24
near me898.563.2
is that why it's doing this uh maybe oh899.043.84
god sure right901.762.639
choose something here no here's what i'm902.882.88
doing i'm breaking this [ __ ] down i'm904.3993.201
building this [ __ ] somewhere else905.763.6
yep yep that's what i'm doing leave it907.66.239
where it's at nope it's coming with me909.364.479
put it somewhere nice because location919.8393.44
location on airbnb922.02.72
yeah well if we end up hating it we can923.2793.441
move it all right924.725.2
here we go here we go oh yeah926.724.479
oh yeah you're gonna be much better929.923.76
right here931.1992.481
that's bright okay and then if i can934.3994.481
build a hatch936.885.68
stick the hatch right on there938.886.56
what do i not have the [ __ ] do i need a942.565.199
little bit of quartz and titanium945.445.04
damage why we need storage modules neebs947.7593.281
oh wait950.483.2
lithium right here look at this let me951.044.56
get some courts and titanium real quick953.684.399
oh hey look lithium everything you need955.64.08
is right there i know958.0793.281
lithium it's right over here you don't959.682.959
even need the scanner i know i don't961.361.919
oh hey big guy wow holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] i963.2794.721
don't like you at all966.564.079
and i see some lithium over here what968.05.44
are you chasing me970.6392.801
i don't know oh he's a big [ __ ]977.5195.12
he kind of looks like he has like the981.364.64
back of a swordfish neebs982.6393.361
yeah kind of like a spiky back oh like986.883.44
the fin989.5192.801
yep hey bubba is that what you mean by990.323.6
spikey back yeah992.324.4
like the sail yeah hey i see you down993.923.279
i'm not getting in your way kind of like997.1993.841
uh a spinosaurus998.566.32
yeah i can't find titanium you just can1001.045.68
find titanium any damn where's the one1004.883.759
place it's like nope there's no titanium1006.725.119
here for you1008.6393.2
okay so1012.322.639
make sure it's facing the south bam1018.0797.6
yeah i heard it power up good to go1022.487.68
oh yeah all primary systems online1025.6796.801
there we go okay now is what we're1030.164.24
looking for what the [ __ ]1032.484.959
i can scan that big fish i saw yeah1034.46.08
chalice chalicerate this scans animals1037.4393.76
too huh i1040.483.76
guess databox oh1041.1996.0
that's cool okay so heat area wow this1044.244.48
thing scans a bunch of stuff yeah i just1047.1992.961
guess you have to be close to it1048.723.199
gotcha all right that might come in1050.164.879
handy so what if i oh click lithium1051.9196.161
all right scan me some lithium1055.0395.361
oh all right it shows up yeah shows up1058.083.44
here on the map1060.44.159
does it update to your sea glider1061.525.6
i see glider no it does not i think1064.5593.921
there is a1067.123.919
there's a hud chip that i can install in1068.483.76
my uh1071.0393.921
i guess in my visor all right okay so1072.246.0
yeah just scans for lithium1074.966.48
we need a little bit of lead so1078.247.52
we gotta thank for that lead lead lead1081.444.32
good job good going all right [ __ ] this1087.844.56
you know what skater rooms damn1091.123.6
worthless yeah we need a mobile scanner1092.43.17
no [ __ ]1094.7210.889
feel like you're not eating enough and1106.963.839
drinking enough yeah i'm a little uh1108.724.24
yeah i got some in my pocket i'll get it1110.7994.081
i need some more galena out crops1112.964.32
where you at baby seek fluid intake did1114.883.28
you hear that1117.283.6
i did let's see fluid intake yep all1118.164.16
right i'll drink a little bit of water1120.884.56
boom boom look i'm good now you happy1122.324.64
all right well the soup's i've been1125.443.52
saying it all day the soup says it once1126.964.0
and you just jump right ah yeah but i1128.964.48
mean i was fine i was fine1130.966.88
just like you don't listen to me1133.444.4
see what i say man i'm looking for damn1139.283.68
lead what do you want1142.082.8
i just want you to listen to me why am i1142.963.36
here i thought i was helping yeah you1144.882.08
can help1146.322.56
but shut the [ __ ] up let me find lead1146.963.44
how many pieces we need we need1148.883.679
six of them i think you'd be dead if i1150.43.76
if i hadn't called you1152.5594.401
you probably did1154.162.8
there we go one more piece of lead names1158.5594.401
and we can get the [ __ ] out of1160.46.399
uh here oh come on just one more thing1162.967.599
damn it the game does not all right1166.7994.961
right here right here this is gonna be1170.5592.401
the one1171.763.919
yes all right we got it that's it yep1172.963.28
we're out1175.6792.801
we are gonna make some storage modules1176.243.28
fabricator module1178.482.64
we got the plastic we can make the1179.523.76
computer chip then it's party time1181.124.48
uh then it's party time then yeah i want1183.283.36
to like uh1185.63.36
go find some bases see if i can find any1186.644.48
info on what happened to sam1188.964.88
it's so weird she didn't have one1194.162.879
picture of me and her in her place i1195.6792.88
didn't see one picture of you1197.0392.561
you know what i don't think i don't even1198.5592.561
know what you look like well i sent you1199.62.16
a picture1201.122.0
i don't think i looked at it once you1201.763.279
print it out put it in that frame1203.123.28
instead of that cap yeah i'm good one1205.0394.561
picture of a pussy's enough1206.43.2
okay let's do the storage module1214.969.199
oh yes yeah yes1220.726.88
come on oh it looks great1224.1596.161
drop it on in1227.62.72
stuff you think we'll be able to carry1231.524.32
uh a bunch which is great1233.127.12
yes okay now i'm taking the module1235.846.8
get it is it gonna make the truck bigger1240.243.28
there we go and then where's the trip1243.524.08
there's the truck1245.64.48
taking the module and sticking it on the1247.64.48
back of the truck1250.085.04
that's crazy you're gonna have to1252.084.64
like hell yeah you don't be able to1255.123.36
squeeze into small places anymore oh1256.723.12
yeah i can check it out1258.483.12
i come in here we got all our storage1259.843.76
which is great but if i need to i got a1261.63.439
button right here it'll disconnect any1263.62.24
modules i got1265.0392.241
oh really yeah so we can easily1265.843.92
disconnect get out1267.283.84
and then get back to it if we need and1269.762.72
then like come back and pick it up like1271.122.4
a trailer yeah1272.484.319
that's pretty cool yeah1273.525.039
yeah it's a sea truck it's got it's1276.7994.0
basically a little truck with trailers1278.5596.321
all right now let's make the fabricator1280.7997.36
yes oh all that lead hunting1284.885.12
paying off names all right and we can do1288.1593.441
four right1290.04.48
four what four uh modules modules yeah i1291.65.12
think so so what is the sleeper one1294.484.319
yeah i'm a little iffy on the sleeper1296.723.199
one then we got one more1298.7992.481
why not two storage ones you know what i1299.9194.401
mean [ __ ] have all kinds of [ __ ]1301.284.8
i guess you can sleep on the floor all1304.324.8
right taking the fabricator module1306.086.16
sticking it on the back come on baby1309.124.88
come on baby1312.246.0
boom hell yeah neebs choo-choo1314.06.559
oh yeah i can hop in the back here boom1318.244.08
we got a mobile fabricator1320.5595.12
got even more storage in here yeah hell1322.324.0
pretty awesome hell yeah yeah yeah1326.326.16
okay then if i need to just poke1329.366.319
boom disconnected love it man1332.484.72
we're gonna rent that for so much not1335.6793.36
gonna rip the [ __ ] thing get out of1337.28.66
your mind1339.03920.981

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