Day One Survival - Rust

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! If you're ready for an epic adventure, then you're in for a treat with the latest video on the channel. The fir...
Day One Survival - Rust
Day One Survival - Rust

Day One Survival - Rust

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today, we're talking about why Day One Survival in Rust is our favorite video. And let me tell you, it's because we are absolute pros at surviving that first day!

simon: Oh yeah, Neebs, you're a real survival expert. I mean, who else would think to punch a tree to get wood in a game like Rust? Genius!

appsro: Ha, don't listen to Simon, Neebs. We all know it's my amazing skills that make this video so great. Remember that time I tried to build a house out of rocks on day one? Classic!

neebs: Oh yeah, Appsro, you really showed us how not to survive in Rust. But hey, that's what makes this video so entertaining! It's all about the chaos and the laughs, right?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! If you're ready for an epic adventure, then you're in for a treat with the latest video on the channel. The first day in Rust is always a challenge, but every great adventure has to start somewhere, right? Strap in and get ready for some intense gameplay as the Neebs crew takes on the wild world of Rust.

In this video, the gang is playing on Survival Servers, and let me tell you, the action is non-stop. If you're looking to start your own Rust server, be sure to check out Survival Servers for all your gaming needs. And don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date on all the latest Neebs Gaming videos - you won't want to miss a single moment of the action.

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they're right behind us12.7994.081
oh god things run up run run run run run14.083.52
get away16.882.319
come on we should we should turn the17.63.679
fight turn and fight yeah right oh19.1994.0
please is that a good idea21.2793.521
i'm already hurt let's do it let's do it23.1998.641
we're doing it oh god24.87.04
oh did i shoot him or did you hit him33.123.76
that was you simon that was masterfully34.962.4
that'll teach you oh [ __ ] you guys37.363.12
that'll teach you39.524.0
oh wow40.486.16
that is nice listen you know what43.525.519
wait one second one second what you46.644.079
don't come up on our [ __ ]49.0395.52
i'm already ah see he wasn't dead that's50.7198.241
why you screamed right simon let's go we54.5595.441
got work to do58.9613.45
yes we do60.037.219
babes yeah hold on man wake up102.1597.681
oh there we go there crap are we we safe106.1595.521
uh who knows i don't know where they are109.843.12
they don't know where we are so111.683.04
i i feel like we're safe right now i112.963.439
think we need to go get these trees114.723.679
oh yeah just hide in the trees yeah well116.3993.76
we need to collect stuff i got a rock118.3993.76
yeah i got a rock too i'm excited about120.1593.201
this i'm new to this game i've always122.1592.161
heard about this game123.363.039
never played it we gotta catch up those124.323.2
guys got a head start126.3993.321
yeah they did cheaters127.523.519
look some tires in a that's a box box131.0396.241
a box yeah yep a box holy134.166.64
crap simon look in the box oh137.285.599
oh we get two of everything i got this140.83.519
we got shotties yes let's just grab it144.3193.361
all we're almost home come on follow me146.2392.881
we're almost home yep yep yep yep147.684.08
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah we're gonna win149.124.479
kick some butt151.763.759
or we're not too cocky and we're just153.5993.761
happy that what we have no check it out155.5193.681
so yeah we're going to teach those guys157.363.599
a lesson right yeah we're going to teach159.22.8
them a lesson we're going to160.9593.601
have to suffer for judging and and and162.04.0
it's rust man164.564.0
we don't we don't know we think that166.03.84
they judge though they're assuming168.562.48
they're going to kick our butts and you169.842.32
know rightfully so171.042.72
yeah we're going to prove them wrong172.163.439
that's okay yeah and this place is173.762.72
looking great175.5992.881
this place looks very nice dude we have176.483.839
shotguns i know178.485.839
you're so excited180.3196.321
you got pants huh yeah i made some pants184.3193.041
how did you do that uh there's uh go go187.363.519
up top should be a little crafting189.842.16
button oh crafted190.8792.64
yeah you go in there and then you should192.04.0
be able to pick stuff items clothes193.5193.521
the things that are lit up are the196.02.48
things that you should be able to craft197.043.839
okay so just click click on it and yeah198.484.399
there you go can i do a shirt if you200.8793.681
have if you have the hemp yeah go for it202.8792.881
next it's after that204.563.599
okay helmet can i do a helmet i guess205.763.039
you can208.1593.281
alright crafting a pants shirt helmet i208.7993.681
feel like a bow and arrow i feel like211.442.48
weapons would be great for us212.482.88
right yeah what do we need to make a bow213.923.12
and arrow uh okay there you go215.365.12
okay bow and arrow wood and cloth okay217.045.52
good we make cloth it's a wooden cloth220.483.44
so we just need to find more him222.564.64
but in the oh god you look sexy223.924.72
no no that's not the word i was going227.23.2
for silly silly is more of a228.643.519
okay close enough what you're going for230.43.68
there starts with this232.1594.0
what about arrows would that be oh it's234.083.519
ammo check it out236.1594.321
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] okay boom check it out237.5995.601
you got there you're gonna be sorry240.485.28
yeah that's what they're gonna get yeah243.23.679
they're gonna be so sorry they messed245.761.52
with that246.8792.72
i feel like we should find food animals247.284.879
yeah i'm gonna go up top of this uh249.5994.321
this ridge and just look out see we can252.1593.761
find oh man we're gonna do great we're253.923.2
gonna do great i mean let's face it255.922.719
we're up against simon and dora they're257.124.079
there's a freaking deer right there can261.3593.601
you get it263.63.28
is he gonna get stuck he's so stuck264.963.04
simon is he stuck266.884.4
oh oh [ __ ] oh no no no come on i suck268.06.24
i suck i suck [ __ ] was there blood that271.283.44
he's gonna get stuck again he's gonna go274.723.36
up the cliff what is that what is that276.082.399
i don't know but look there's another278.4793.44
one right here oh he's running two279.9192.321
one coming up282.245.2
it's insane oh here they're right here285.443.28
they're hanging out together all right287.442.24
this is insane288.722.64
i'm having a hard time with this right289.685.16
click oh i got one on that guy one on291.366.48
oh so close oh my god it's going to be297.843.52
dumb again i know it oh what's attacking299.682.0
there's a behind us summit chasing the301.684.4
guy we shot305.123.84
dog i'm ignoring you there's a dog306.084.24
that's not good oh he's308.963.2
running away we should probably be310.323.599
stealthier shouldn't be screaming312.165.12
oh [ __ ] yeah we're fine we're far313.9195.201
away from those guys odds of them upon317.284.72
us are nil319.122.88
oh you mean screaming at each other yes322.243.92
yeah you're right325.1994.0
oh wait i found the deer yeah it's down326.165.52
it's down simon and it's falling down a329.1993.201
don't you no don't you fall down sam and332.44.72
i'm falling down335.364.72
no you are two okay baby i should fall337.123.359
two hold on seven i got it i think i can340.4794.16
get it it'll just take me a while343.123.84
i'll see you in a bit okay oh and you344.6399.201
can pick up wooden arrows346.966.88
oh god all right hold on i just got my363.683.76
bow and arrow oh how do you fire this365.7592.72
thing there we go367.444.24
oh wow did i one shot that or did we368.4794.641
help each other i371.683.2
i did not shoot it because i couldn't373.123.919
figure oh god374.884.08
could not figure out how to shoot i just377.0393.841
turned around and it was on my butt378.963.6
yeah we got to be careful out here man i380.883.52
know we're out here gathering but damn382.564.479
so here can i can i gather this track384.44.16
there you go am i getting something387.0393.761
maybe oh yeah i see the bar's going down388.563.199
you cannot get390.83.519
a cloth yeah i see it oh really yeah it391.7594.481
tells you what you're getting off a wolf394.3194.561
yeah wolf meat okay we're having wolf396.244.959
meat and mushrooms398.884.8
for dinner yes i love games where you401.1993.84
can pick up your arrows that makes me403.682.079
take note games all right should we put405.7593.601
down sleeping bag yeah we need to407.522.399
like a respawn point yep good idea409.9194.72
okay okay home sweet home414.727.44
here we go oh the door's not oh no damn418.83.76
yes i need a key dora i need a key door422.564.16
hey oh dora no is that you426.726.56
no oh it's me it's stick 44429.9195.68
hey dick look at you let me see you let433.283.6
me see you come here you're doing435.5994.081
you have a knife out oh hold on i'll uh436.883.2
uh i don't know what i'll i'll take out440.083.519
what is this okay441.844.56
oh we we look alike kind of do a little443.5993.121
you have sexy eyes as well your titties446.724.0
look weird you got like national449.282.639
geographic titties450.723.12
i take that as a compliment you're451.9193.041
welcome yeah453.843.6
is this your place this is dora and i's454.963.28
place i don't know457.442.0
how long you've been here looks like you458.242.959
might have been here longer than us now459.442.8
i just got here461.1993.921
uh maybe a day ago oh okay well this is462.244.72
our place i'd show you around but i'm465.124.56
i haven't gotten the key yet so what are466.963.359
you doing469.683.84
is there don't break in don't do that470.3196.0
okay nope all right did you knock he's473.524.88
not here he's down below476.3195.44
oh okay thick up478.45.12
hey what are what we've got going on481.7593.681
over here dora this is what we got we483.523.04
got a thick here485.443.199
thick is here what are you doing hey486.563.919
what are you doing oh no i'm just488.6393.12
scrolling through my [ __ ]490.4793.601
what i have look i've got a bandage yeah491.7593.12
that's crazy494.083.2
cool i'm cool i'm cool you better be494.8793.281
cool yeah497.283.52
oh look at that what's that do you have498.163.68
ammo for that500.83.679
of course we do okay of course he does501.843.759
do you think he's gonna hold the gun504.4791.521
ammo yeah that's what i would do okay506.03.36
you got me we that's what we're doing we507.9192.641
don't have that yeah509.362.799
yeah we got no ammo yeah i do good510.563.12
seeing you guys glad to get glad you're512.1592.24
in uniform513.684.08
i'm glad you are too wow yeah okay so514.3994.08
you're cool517.763.12
yeah very cool we're cool do you mind if518.4794.48
i just make myself at home here520.883.519
well you know what you could do right522.9593.601
now being like almost like uh524.3994.161
an in this area this area right here526.563.52
here you could uh set up a little528.564.32
uh knapsack or something okay hold on530.083.6
hold on yeah532.882.72
just uh you can even see put out a fire533.683.2
too if you want i can't535.63.44
won't let me i gotta go down the road536.883.04
too bad we were really hoping that you'd539.923.44
be able to542.323.36
hold on neebs there's a vehicle here546.643.36
okay what is this548.244.32
i think we can repair those push open550.03.279
just mount booth oh here you you553.2795.601
you go there i'll push you oh wow so for556.3994.0
the engine to run it needs a full set of558.883.04
components holy [ __ ] yeah you got to get560.3992.481
all this crap561.924.24
here hop in hop in mount it562.885.44
there you go oh you're pushing me there566.163.359
jump start568.323.12
yep nope i mean it's not just it's not569.5193.601
jump starting this thing it's uh kind of571.442.32
running away573.121.92
this is a good way to travel though we573.763.36
just want to go if we had all the stuff575.043.52
we don't have any of the stuff577.124.159
okay well once we gather should we578.563.839
should we take this thing and push it581.2792.0
hide it come back later i mean there was583.2793.281
i saw two of them on the road did you584.882.399
thought i saw586.562.48
another one you see some weird [ __ ]587.2794.56
hello hello help help you up hello592.485.919
uh hi hey i was wondering if you guys595.683.839
might want to598.3994.081
head out and check out actually i was at599.5194.0
this place602.482.799
it's a little bus station up at the603.5193.44
northeast bus station605.2794.321
yeah it's a little bus station icon and606.9594.56
i had some pretty good stuff on me609.64.64
including a guitar oh but i was killed611.5193.521
what what killed you a bear a berry okay615.044.32
okay all right i saw a bear earlier but617.683.279
all three of us we got this we got this619.362.32
we can help you620.9593.041
we got this and oh sorry you locked me621.684.0
thank you so any any excuse to625.685.68
to hear thick play the guitar come on628.723.52
let's go yeah631.362.08
all right and let me know if you guys632.242.8
need some food i've i've made some633.442.399
yes of course i always want food i will635.8393.041
turn it down getting dark man638.886.8
i just realized it's getting dark it642.165.6
so dark dangerous as it gets darker i645.683.68
mean because you can't see it's more647.762.48
how is that not no i didn't know if650.243.12
there are more threats that come out at651.683.12
night if you have a lot of nocturnal653.361.919
i don't think creepers come out if655.2793.441
that's what you're asking656.84.4
should we set up a camp can we camp ah658.723.76
well i don't know if we could tent but661.22.319
we could certainly662.484.72
put a fire down sit down together as men663.5196.401
and tell each other scary stories got a667.25.12
really good scary story by the way669.924.08
he does see that would be a good enough672.324.079
reason if he's got a good scary story674.04.16
i'm in676.3994.641
yeah you home you're here where were you681.044.08
at um just to bomb the hill there we are682.884.32
let's see oh yeah hey i found a balloon685.123.68
over here sandbags687.23.84
yeah oh yeah i picked up that that was688.83.84
out of that loot crate earlier up on the691.042.08
okay and i just laid them down kind of693.123.36
haphazardly is that do we have a door694.723.92
are we locked up uh no we have a door696.483.76
it's right it's on this side we can put698.642.08
okay i want that i want to put windows700.723.6
up top in case you know to fight out of702.243.279
we gotta get it i mean we got nothing to704.323.28
steal yet but uh uh well i don't know i705.5193.44
got a bunch of [ __ ] in my pocket707.63.44
i don't want to lose right uh where was708.9593.601
this it's dark711.043.359
man this game's darkness is real isn't712.563.12
it yeah here we go714.3993.761
check it out it's a hot air balloon yeah715.684.56
now what do we need to make this run718.164.96
if i know i've never been here this is720.243.52
there we go i'm in get in there i'm723.763.36
gonna circle it are there any boxes or725.22.639
there's a button can you hit the button727.8393.361
can you interact with the button nope729.5192.801
why the hell will they put a button in731.22.96
there you can't interact with there's a732.323.6
bag there's a fuel storage up top734.163.52
oh [ __ ] so you can actually get this735.923.12
thing to work are you kidding me737.683.839
i think if we had fuel holy [ __ ]739.044.0
hopefully this button would work741.5194.401
once we fill that up oh my god okay743.044.479
that's a that's an exciting745.924.0
proposition for the future it's i mean747.5193.76
where do you go749.923.28
you just float around wherever the wind751.2793.68
takes you yeah no in case we need to753.22.48
good deal well listen we gotta get this755.684.8
door we got some uh we got some food757.64.479
we're filled up we're getting better760.483.599
weapons better armor right762.0794.32
can you make a door uh i can make a door764.0793.921
right now i got too much stuff in my766.3993.041
inventory but i want like we should make768.02.16
a stash769.442.079
we don't want to put all of our good770.163.04
stuff in here right771.5195.12
we'd bury it like pirates yes so773.25.04
you really don't worry about this door776.6392.801
are you do you want to make you want to778.242.399
make some [ __ ] why don't you make a779.441.839
[ __ ] door780.6392.401
i was cooking i thought we had rolls781.2793.041
here okay yeah783.044.0
my rule is okay let me make the stash784.323.199
see now i'm like guy all right yeah you787.5193.201
be like guy yeah789.683.839
there we go okay sign i love the790.723.919
painting in this game793.5194.241
yeah yeah can you see this as i'm doing794.6393.361
i cannot i gotta wait till it's done the798.04.24
big reveal800.0794.241
it's not gonna be the prettiest but gets802.243.12
the message across804.323.199
ladies and gentlemen keep out keep out805.364.159
this is our house807.5193.44
no we're like i'm gonna go nuts with the809.5193.12
painting than this can't wait man i810.9594.88
can't wait to go nuts with the door812.6393.2
this was a real story that happened to816.3993.761
me how long ago818.0795.281
uh a couple 20 years ago i don't know a820.164.4
couple twenty823.363.76
okay so it's fresh in the head gotcha so824.565.12
it was a spooky day827.124.959
in cleveland it was daytime it was829.683.44
daytime wow832.0793.281
double spooky listen yeah here we go my833.123.12
jason and jason were walking with me by836.245.2
a spooky establishment839.044.08
moaning out don't you're burning841.443.199
yourself yeah i was getting really into843.122.079
moaning can be heard coming from inside845.1995.44
said establishment847.682.959
rumor has it that there was an asian851.444.72
lady inside that was eight feet tall853.765.439
ah wait for her856.165.919
okay looks like the size of four normal859.1994.88
sized heads and they called her the big862.0792.56
wow where'd they get that we dared our864.6395.121
one friend jason to go in he said no we867.444.24
double dog dared him he said no we869.762.96
triple dog871.683.04
who can turn that down and he went in872.723.6
and when he went in874.724.559
the door locked behind him and we heard876.324.079
cries and879.2794.8
agony coming from jason finally the door880.3996.401
swung open and we saw the woman known as884.0795.041
the big head886.84.32
she was holding a stick she was nine889.123.68
feet taller had the size of891.124.48
six normal heads six then she said892.84.0
and you never saw your friend again no896.84.159
no he ran out too899.63.52
oh so he was fine actually the the real900.9594.32
story we we held the door shut903.124.64
ah on him and she got mad and beat the905.2793.12
[ __ ] out of907.764.0
the stick it was a very tall asian lady908.3994.641
and now be careful911.763.759
how careful here yeah right yes yeah we913.043.84
got to sit down915.5193.921
yeah let's go come on uh northeast yep916.884.09
that was really scary919.444.56
abstra yeah can people open this door924.05.199
i would have just us i would assume so927.443.36
there's a there's a way to lock it929.1993.841
i'm sure i know in my inventory oh hemp930.84.08
i know in my inventory i did see933.043.599
like a lock because i mean there's a934.883.12
sign but they're probably not gonna936.6392.161
listen to that938.02.24
no you're right yeah that sign is938.83.2
probably very ineffective yeah so940.244.399
uh in construction there's a lock make942.03.279
it it's944.6392.961
made of wood that's probably a crappy945.2793.201
lock and947.63.12
you would imagine okay but is it the948.483.279
only lock available950.722.64
that's all that i saw then i would go951.7593.841
for it953.364.719
vic i can't we're going too far like how955.64.159
the hell did you even stumble upon958.0795.041
us no it's like no it's we were studying959.7596.401
okay there's no we've not seen any real963.124.079
we didn't have a chance to even explore967.1994.0
the area we live so far away969.1994.481
what just want to get my guitar and then971.1993.281
we'll go back okay973.683.2
okay fair enough are we would you say974.484.24
we're three quarters of the way thick976.884.319
we are almost at the bus stop that i978.723.28
that's great so to turn back now would982.03.04
be silly door983.922.8
we're almost back to where we ran into985.043.919
those guys it's true but but986.724.88
we're we're is this the place right here988.9594.401
yeah i died oh there's the fire oh991.62.88
there's the bed993.362.88
there all right we got the bear we got994.484.4
this i wouldn't attack the bear by the996.243.2
i'm not attacking the bear we're just999.443.839
watching the bear we're looking at the1001.7593.2
bear we're admiring the bear1003.2795.761
bear bearer ah1004.9596.961
yeah i think i think my stuff didn't i1009.043.84
it's there1011.924.4
it's not oh no i lost my guitar1012.885.44
that's not a good sign we're not gonna1016.323.759
hear you sing the blues tonight1018.325.28
no blues tonight uh i mean we can we can1020.0795.201
scavenge a little nope not gonna i'm1023.63.28
going back i'm going back yeah1025.283.44
you know what you want to do i mean we1026.883.76
did that no guitar we did it and1028.724.0
it was nice you gave us stuff and then1030.643.199
we came here1032.722.959
and you know and then now we go back1033.8393.921
home got to know each other a bit1035.6794.4
okay we gotta stop we got stuff we need1037.763.039
to unload oh1040.0793.521
yeah oh look at that ahead is it an elk1040.7993.76
or deer1043.63.04
yeah we've taken one of those down all1044.5595.921
right all right all right now let's go1046.643.84
hey neebs yeah found a building uh1052.086.479
oh that's that's not just a building1055.63.439
that's huge should we investigate1059.0393.921
yeah i'm curious there's not a lot of1062.963.44
animals i've noticed1065.123.76
uh well i saw a wolf earlier yeah but1066.43.76
that's i feel like that's the only1068.882.4
animal i've seen1070.163.36
for this entire time right the wolf that1071.283.519
attacked you1073.524.48
slow down horse whoa okay he gets crazy1074.7995.76
but for a wild horse with a saddle he's1078.03.6
a pretty good horse1080.5592.641
you gonna name him i haven't thought1081.62.959
about that i'm afraid i'm gonna lose him1083.22.16
get attached1084.5592.401
we're probably gonna lose him can horses1085.363.28
die can we yeah1086.964.0
can we eat them i don't know can this1088.643.2
horse die1090.962.4
i don't think you can feed it just1091.843.04
having to feed my animals yeah1093.365.52
i'm glad you don't okay so simon check1094.884.48
this out1098.882.799
this place that we built up next to yeah1099.363.84
we were like what the heck is this it's1101.6792.721
a freaking look at this1103.24.32
i can pump the water well and we can1104.44.0
fill up1107.523.6
right here1108.42.72
hold on i got to put this in my hand1111.444.479
yeah you go into it and then you click1113.9195.12
on your water bottle yeah oh1115.9196.561
yeah oh that's how you do it i got 5001119.0394.64
milliliters dude1122.484.48
drink up my friend or throw it on the1123.6796.321
ground you could do that too1126.963.04
give me another pump1131.282.96
i don't see anything this place looks1135.0393.601
uh make everything hard to get to don't1138.643.52
they yeah oh god1140.243.2
oh god what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] was1142.162.399
that what the [ __ ] was that right what1143.442.4
the [ __ ] was that around1144.5592.881
she's i just got shot yeah i just got1145.843.199
shot i'm bleeding you took hits1147.443.76
yeah they're fun though oh boy come on1149.0394.0
horse go i don't even see where that was1151.22.24
i don't know why my horse is doing this1153.443.119
come on names you need to run1155.125.04
i'm trying i could hey come here whoa1156.5595.601
where is it uh over the wood toward the1160.163.92
east come here come on neebs i don't1162.163.2
want to lose the horse though1164.083.92
[ __ ] the horse come on horse don't i1165.364.4
feel like that kid in the ever ending1168.02.64
he's just sinking oh god in a rock swamp1170.644.08
right oh oh god oh jesus i found who was1174.723.6
shooting at us okay1177.442.96
oh [ __ ] me he's over here to the east1178.323.2
neebs to the east1180.43.2
okay he's like it's a scientist it's a1181.523.519
blue guy gotcha1183.64.56
there he is [ __ ] yeah oh god1185.0395.041
man he hits hard i think he's looking at1188.163.44
oh god let's give me hit me quick1191.64.959
get on it get on that other side of me1194.644.88
okay i got eyes on him1196.5596.881
jesus jesus he's tough yep damn it1199.526.48
wow he gave me again he's so fast yeah1203.443.44
he is1206.03.44
okay whoa he's running at me he's1206.884.159
running at me lost him in the trees he's1209.442.56
oh no oh no oh he's he's coming behind1212.03.44
be careful oh yeah he's over there he's1215.443.68
up there everywhere1217.24.08
god damn it look at the arizona i gotta1219.123.439
put in this prick1221.283.759
oh god [ __ ] in the rock i gotta make1222.5593.201
you made bandages yeah you can make made1225.763.84
of this oh yeah he's on me1227.528.32
he really wants me where are you okay1229.66.24
yes [ __ ] means i'm coming to you come1241.365.28
home bubby1244.082.56
ah okay okay i think i'm good as long as1246.844.52
you get here all right1250.03.76
that's awesome there's gonna be boom1251.363.52
stories about you1253.763.44
no [ __ ] okay tell you what where's this1254.883.76
guy's body i want to loot this guy and i1257.23.44
want to get back to base that's right1258.643.519
we're getting that horse too yeah get1260.643.6
the horse okay wooden arrows got it1262.1594.0
okay i got a fire mechanism for a1264.243.2
semi-automatic weapon1266.1593.52
okay and some scrap that's actually good1267.443.84
can we chop this guy up for food1269.6794.321
uh maybe how do i get down here oh bone1271.283.92
fragments cloth yes1274.03.44
there we go cloth i'm dropping some [ __ ]1275.23.68
cause i'm full of inventory i got room1277.442.4
i'll carry it1278.883.36
okay back to base yeah man good job1279.844.079
gonna grab that horse we'll hit it1282.243.12
get that [ __ ] horse did you manage to1283.9193.361
get him off the rock nope i hope this1285.363.439
doesn't end like never in the story1287.282.8
it's about to i'm about to shoot this1288.79915.141
prick in the head1290.0817.599

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You could just feel the excitement, wonder, and yes, apprehension, as they spawned on the beach with nothing but rocks and torch blueprints. Seeing them scrambling to gather resources, build basic tools and weapons, and cobble together rudimentary shelters before nightfall really took me back to my own thrilling yet terrifying first days in Rust.

Of course, this being Neebs and the gang, there were plenty of hilarious misadventures mixed in too! Their confusion navigating Rust's crafting system, Doraleous' ridiculous rock tower that collapsed on Simon, and that time Thick accidentally hit Applesauce with his rock - such classic Neebs moments.

But beyond the humor, I was consistently impressed by how cinematically they presented each stage of the early game - the dramatic panning shots of their ramshackle beach base at sundown, the tension building as they waited for their first airdrop, the triumphant music as they researched new items. It truly felt like I was watching a fully produced Rust movie at times!

At the end of the day, while Rust can be experienced solo, there's nothing quite like sharing those first uncertain steps on the beach with friends, even virtually. And no one captures that communal experience better than the Neebs crew. I'd recommend their Rust series to anyone looking to vicariously live out the hilarious highs and lows of banding together to survive on a hostile island. Why struggle alone when you can enjoy it with gaming's best virtual pals?

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