Valheim - We Can TELEPORT!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't watched the latest Valheim video yet, you're in for a treat. In this episode, Neebs take...
Valheim - We Can TELEPORT!
Valheim - We Can TELEPORT!

Valheim - We Can TELEPORT!

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another Valheim adventure! Today, I am proudly carrying all the ores like a majestic mule.

simon: Oh Neebs, you're doing such a great job hauling all that heavy stuff. I'm just here sipping my Neebs Gaming Coffee and enjoying the show.

appsro: Guys, guys, check it out! We can TELEPORT now! Isn't that amazing? Neebs, you better not mess this up like you did with the wagon.

neebs: Hey, I resent that! The wagon incident was a one-time thing. And now, I am the proud inventor of teleporter technology. Take that, Thick!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't watched the latest Valheim video yet, you're in for a treat. In this episode, Neebs takes on the role of the team's ore mule, carrying all the precious resources while the boys come up with some teleporter technology that will blow your mind.

The video kicks off with Neebs hauling around all the ore like a champ, much to the amusement of Thick and Appsro. As they work on renovating their shack and planning out their ports, Neebs manages to frustrate the rest of the team with his shenanigans. But hey, that's just part of the fun, right?

Throughout the video, you'll see Neebs causing chaos and hilarity wherever he goes, from breaking things to getting stuck in ditches. But don't worry, there's plenty of laughs and good times to be had as they travel through the world of Valheim at night and even provide a timelapse of their adventures. And let's not forget about Appsro, who takes on the role of a fine ass teacher in this episode. Trust me, you won't want to miss it!

With a catchy soundtrack and timestamps to guide you through all the best moments, this Valheim video is a must-watch for any Neebs Gaming fan. So grab your coffee, settle in, and get ready for some epic Valheim gameplay that will have you laughing and cheering along with the team. Thanks for watching, and remember to hit that subscribe button for more Neebs Gaming content!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, have you been watching Neebs Gaming play Valheim? That game looks awesome! I've never heard of it before, but the way Neebs and the crew play it makes me want to try it myself.

They started out just trying to survive, building a little shack and collecting resources. But you know Neebs - he's got big dreams. Before long he was turning into the team's pack mule, hauling ore back to base to help Appsro build epic gear. And his wagon idea? Pure genius. I was cracking up watching him frustrate Thick and Appsro by crashing that thing all over the place. Classic Neebs hijinks!

And when they invented teleportation using portals? Mind blown! I don't even understand how they pulled that off. Appsro is like a wizard, figuring out how to bend the game's rules. The celebratory dance when they got it working was amazing. This is the kind of innovative gameplay that makes Neebs Gaming so entertaining to watch.

The cinematic editing is top-notch too. The timelapses of their base expanding, dramatic music cues, and slow-mo action shots make me feel like I'm watching a movie, not just a gameplay video. It's the next best thing to playing Valheim myself.

Neebs Gaming is brilliant at taking a game and transforming it into an engrossing story. Their Valheim series has me totally invested in the saga of Thick, Appsro, Neebs, Simon and Dora. I can't wait to see where their adventures take them next. This is hands-down the best way to experience Valheim if you can't play it. Neebs Gaming is creating gaming entertainment at its finest!

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all right thick sorry for destroying2.082.48
your yard3.6793.6
that's okay i figure you have a plan oh4.564.32
i got a plan baby we got all these7.2793.201
materials that's good but we're gonna8.882.96
need more stone10.484.56
copper and tin stone copper tin11.845.199
okay and i'm going to give you something15.044.239
that's going to help your stupid journey17.0396.0
okay okay yeah and kaboom19.2797.121
wagon wagon23.0393.361
all right so neebs stand in the in the26.563.36
middle here okay right there yeah stand28.242.24
right there29.922.72
okay so uh sticks in the back and then30.483.33
there you go here we go32.643.84
yeah right very nice i like it36.486.239
yeah look at this go yeah does it go in40.03.36
the water42.7192.16
no don't go in the water with it oops43.363.519
okay oh god44.8794.641
all right oh you're damaging it yeah be46.8794.32
easy with it because yeah if you break49.522.64
the damn thing51.1991.84
you know yeah we're gonna lose52.162.879
everything i think it'd break that easy53.0393.601
all right i'm gonna stay here i'm gonna55.0393.04
get to work on the house and i'm also56.642.8
going to be building a big old bridge58.0792.64
over there i got to do59.442.72
you guys go to the black forest and get60.7194.881
the stuff we need wait say it again62.165.5
okay all right god damn it65.63.76
fish and nickel reminds you you69.367.52
going the wrong way neebs okay no he's73.684.799
not it's the right way is that the black76.882.239
i went to the black forest the other way79.1193.841
but okay this is black force too80.567.28
thick okay82.964.88
yeah come here we're going to make110.643.519
account i hate this weather we're gonna112.563.36
make a workbench in this little shack114.1592.721
so we're gonna live in this shack yeah116.883.76
why i figure you know it's already118.4792.721
okay so yeah we might as well get a121.24.08
workbench build it123.523.36
hold tight i'm gonna have to cover this125.283.119
place come on126.884.719
missing requirement workbench yes indeed128.3993.92
oh boy he has a cart up it stopped132.3193.681
cart's good135.282.72
don't worry about it all right good man136.04.319
good man i appreciate you138.05.52
and here we go140.3196.321
boom there it is okay oh yeah143.524.799
well it's a tight fit in here that's146.643.28
okay thing missing148.3194.081
oh there is on the roof over here oh149.923.599
yeah yeah152.43.52
hold tight big place i can see how you'd153.5193.36
miss that155.923.12
man glad you're here yep glad you're156.8793.201
here for those things159.042.88
just i mean there's four pieces of roof160.083.12
well why don't you put it on there161.922.08
because i'm missing163.23.44
i mean i can cut down yeah all right164.04.0
let's see if i got it i166.643.599
go to building and then see if i can do168.04.959
it faster this170.2396.161
oh no that's the wrong way here we go172.9597.2
got it do it i think i got it yeah176.46.16
well my hammer did a thing it went bam180.1593.841
and then it went up oh okay182.564.0
okay how do we fix that cart oh we just184.03.84
need some more wood186.563.12
and uh you you just use your hammer on187.843.52
it i'll use your hammer on it189.683.44
yeah what are you doing we're trying to191.363.04
do stuff we're building193.123.119
and you're messing stuff up oh look at194.43.68
that guy oh there's more um196.2393.441
so can i do it right here is this too198.084.32
far away i don't know try it i hold six199.687.839
i'm making more rooves roofs roofs202.45.119
oh look i'm doing it there you go it208.9593.441
just went from uh the yellow bar went up210.562.64
it's blue212.43.04
okay all right good deal hey all right213.23.28
grab the cart215.443.04
yep that copper deposit is just right216.484.24
over here on the edge of the black218.483.119
okay right behind you oh boy i could eat221.5993.761
another bite224.484.0
i'm excited i don't know memes just uh225.364.08
maybe put the228.483.759
cart uh not on top of it put the part229.443.76
before the horse232.2392.72
hey when you're digging a hole do you233.23.679
put stuff right on top of the hole that234.9592.801
you're gonna dig236.8794.961
you've seen me dig huh237.764.08
all right birch log you're in my244.083.6
buildings but oh is the weather clearing246.1593.761
oh the weather cleared247.685.36
that's so nice okay first log you were249.924.319
in my building space253.044.64
so you gotta move come on yep yep yep254.2395.68
nice okay so260.885.52
uh i'm gonna have to break down this264.04.08
kiln over here266.43.44
okay i'll break down the kiln i'll break268.083.36
down the smelter we're gonna move that269.843.44
out here we're gonna like yeah we're271.443.44
gonna really centralize273.284.72
all this stuff this is gonna be swell274.884.879
i'm completely out of stone though i278.03.12
gotta make the brick oh i can alright i279.7592.641
can continue making the bridge now281.123.2
because damn storm stopped282.44.32
oh yeah look at that that's looking i'm284.323.439
not gonna say nice286.722.72
that's not looking nice yet and the287.7593.281
waves are still messing up the waves are289.442.96
too high we have to build a little291.042.4
higher that's okay292.43.2
that's okay we're gonna get this done293.443.039
this is gonna look295.62.8
tits this is gonna be a nice port we'll296.4793.921
be able to sail out do all kinds of fun298.42.88
oh damn it the sun's going down it's301.283.68
gonna be304.164.68
dark i hate the dark oh well back to304.965.28
get the out of here seagull310.243.44
was that copper you just got up yup hey319.123.359
we got a321.7593.761
shaman coming in oh really yeah watch322.4794.801
out he does poison325.524.56
boy you think this guy is a guy that uh327.284.08
doraleous hangs out with330.083.2
in the desert in costa rica see if he's331.363.2
got ayahuasca333.284.0
yep uh looks like yeah because um now is334.563.52
this poison337.284.24
okay is this a hatchet guy or a club guy338.086.559
uh fire fire yeah he doesn't like fire341.525.36
okay but uh you know like i was hearing344.6393.921
did you use oh he was easy346.883.36
i was here and you use uh not your348.563.44
patches you hatch it hatch it on these350.243.36
guys yeah that guy but what about the352.03.919
shaman guy hatchet or fire353.65.52
another shaman hatchet or fire you speak355.9194.801
you don't do full sentences you should359.121.919
what about what are you hatching you361.0395.521
could use a hatchet or fire on a shaman363.9192.961
yes we're switching ships to shamans366.885.92
i swear it's not just me thick you're a370.883.439
hard person to talk to no372.83.44
that was pretty easy to what about a374.3193.921
shaman hatchet or fire376.244.56
yeah more coming in who is this guy oh378.244.56
that guy's a big boy big boy380.84.32
i got the wrong thing every door brute382.83.679
yep come on385.124.48
catch it catch it and fire that's that's386.4796.961
what i mean neebs you gotta learn to389.66.24
okay so i think this will be good403.445.44
put the wood in the kiln we're making406.564.479
coal you take the coal you put it in the408.883.759
smelter and it's all right here in the411.0392.241
yeah this will be nice this will be nice413.283.52
this will be real good415.444.24
who's that hey what's up what are you416.83.76
doing back here419.682.799
i'm gonna just get a little something to420.563.759
eat i'm hungry and then i'm gonna go422.4793.681
back out there and do some uh424.3193.841
you know get those things we're getting426.163.039
neebs yeah428.163.599
you got to remember to put a bed down429.1993.201
playing up these games you know right i432.43.04
don't know434.962.16
i go to a spot that's dangerous first435.443.12
thing i should do is put a bed down437.123.919
yeah so that if i die there i'm already438.563.359
there yeah441.0393.44
right yep right no i get it there's441.9194.321
something about this game that just my444.4794.56
my brain's like ah just wing it no don't446.244.72
just wing it hey it's raining again449.0396.72
yeah oh thunder thunder this time450.967.76
yeah talk some odin we're getting455.7593.761
out of here458.723.12
bellheim we're going to valhalla459.524.0
ah that's good you sound like a warrior463.523.359
like you're466.3192.401
like you ain't scared of nothing yeah466.8793.921
you see me making this call luden468.724.4
i'm gonna use this to smelt a bunch of470.83.04
that i'm gonna use to stab you in the473.845.359
ass how you gonna act out in whoa475.845.759
gave it to him i like it yeah all right479.1994.081
go get your back get back to thick481.5992.88
build a bed483.283.199
yeah maybe we'll see never getting out484.4793.921
of here without you building beds486.4794.641
remembering to build beds odin hates488.45.44
oh wow thick oh good progress497.7596.401
you're back yeah thank you thank you um500.85.36
just in time for me to finish up i've504.163.68
got one little nugget here left506.164.4
so both of these are copper right is507.844.079
this copper right here it is not510.563.68
i'm standing on it'll say copper deposit511.9193.6
if you're standing on it514.243.039
man i hate you had to dig all that out515.5193.921
by yourself yeah yeah me too517.2794.481
hey i need you to get better at this519.443.12
game right521.763.44
if possible yeah well no look it's good522.563.2
that i525.22.4
don't look good at some games so you can525.763.6
shine right527.63.84
i can't be shining all the time thick i529.364.32
i'm trying to remember a shining531.444.0
shining moment for you remember that533.683.36
time i uh killed that535.443.6
rod and drake i remember the time537.044.239
different game i remember the dino union539.042.88
you there there was like a lot of541.922.72
dinosaurs you were like ah they're just543.2793.281
gonna roam free my dino union544.643.92
they all got killed yeah so there you546.563.36
remember that one yeah548.564.0
wasn't shining about but hey here we go549.924.0
we have a lot of stuff552.563.68
we need 10 though that's what we need 10553.924.0
is usually found around the water from556.244.159
what i understand only 10 i'd go higher557.926.16
like a 20. double it 10 10 like uh 10560.3994.081
ah go 20. 10. the the564.485.84
material the metal 10. boy how does this567.5193.201
you could just just walk up oh you do570.723.84
that ah you just throw stuff572.84.0
so i could throw my tail my neck tails574.564.399
on there and then does a box show up576.84.64
nope you're not helping all right not578.9594.081
helping neebs well i'm learning581.444.0
learn how the cart works and you said583.043.359
that wasn't copper585.443.28
remember i know i'm chipping away at586.3993.601
this to see if there's any copper588.722.16
underneath it590.04.16
my axe broke gotta go fix it i'll just590.884.56
do all the mining594.166.72
take your time oh thank you thank you so595.445.44
oh oh oh oh is he gonna do it is it604.164.4
gonna do it607.24.4
yeah whoo608.566.0
finally guys say you are testing my damn611.64.56
patience today odin614.563.12
but i ain't gonna let you get to me no616.163.44
no no i'm getting out of valheim617.683.839
i can't do about it you can't do619.65.84
about it you stupid god621.5193.921
all right let's see at some point i'm625.5192.641
gonna have to go down here i need to626.882.399
make a nice little628.163.359
central fireplace i think storage629.2793.761
storage is gonna be where where am i631.5193.121
gonna put all the storage633.043.359
no wait maybe storage storage can go on634.643.199
this side because we're gonna need636.3995.44
lots and lots and lots of storage637.8396.24
okay all right now the weather's calm641.8394.321
i'm gonna actually do a little uh644.0795.281
yeah yeah yeah here we go all right646.165.44
little calm weather can i complete this649.364.96
come on come on come on oh i bet i don't651.64.56
have enough stone654.324.4
all right i need to raise the ground656.163.2
come on658.722.799
valid placement that's valid that's659.363.52
valid close661.5195.201
okay yeah there you go all right come on662.886.639
oh god i'm so close come on come on i'm666.723.76
so close669.5193.76
so close yeah yeah yeah yeah i'll miss a670.484.56
requirement need more stolen hey673.2794.161
look that's getting that's getting675.043.2
all right neebs and thick it's on you678.243.44
fill up that damn wheel barrel679.924.64
wagon whatever it is get it to me get it681.684.719
to me now oh you need repaired684.565.92
hold up we can't leave you like this686.3994.081
i broke it693.22.72
neems i made you a bed and a whoa oh you698.324.48
didn't tell me you were doing that701.63.12
i was trying to squeeze it in over here702.83.2
oh no704.723.2
okay like it's got a fire under it and706.03.44
then it's uh right here you're gonna707.922.24
oh it says spawn point set nice okay710.164.239
it's been mostly cold713.043.599
okay good good all right well we have714.3994.481
another one over there anyways it's cool716.6395.601
so let's go get some tan okay718.886.48
now 10 i've never seen all right it's uh722.246.32
shiny grayish silver yeah let's follow725.364.08
the coast728.562.64
and see if we can look like a does it729.443.199
look like a rock like what does it look731.22.319
yeah it looks like a rock like whoa tin733.5193.681
deposit right here neebs i'm gonna let735.5192.401
you smack it737.22.319
oh this little thing here and then use737.923.12
this uh-huh739.5194.56
right yeah you're gonna do it let's see741.046.479
okay come on baby744.0796.481
leave a comment uh-huh up747.5196.481
did we get some uh let's see hold on750.565.92
watch your toes i did i got three oh754.03.92
really there's no more 10 otherwise i756.483.2
would say 10 deposit let's find some757.923.359
more all right you got three759.684.88
and you said you wanted ten of them761.2793.281
look at all this code bam bam bam bam765.363.44
put a little bit more in here making the767.362.479
cold making the cold768.84.0
is it oh god if i got too much coal oh769.8393.68
look at my772.83.36
poor body oh that said i got too much773.5193.601
coal walk776.162.88
there's too much coal in me but nope777.124.0
gotta take the stairs cause i'm old779.043.84
too much coal i can't even jump up this781.123.04
can i782.884.72
nope there we go all right made it out784.165.84
go stick some in the chest in here can i787.63.359
do it790.04.24
can i do it nope i'm stuck i am stuck790.9594.491
this is where i live now794.244.45
dick god just hit our cart yeah saw that799.367.52
i'm vlogging nice hey we've got802.9596.0
we have got a ton of materials man we806.883.199
should get going808.9594.241
especially away we we got a lot of these810.0794.641
these idiots coming can you grab that813.23.439
cart and i'll keep you safe814.724.0
look at this yeah i was trying to repair816.6393.041
but uh okay818.723.84
um grab it now yeah just grab it819.683.92
around until morning822.563.6
no grab it now and let's go time to823.63.28
i feel like no one's going to agree with826.883.199
you on that right grab it now828.164.72
middle of night hey leaving at night yep830.0793.841
we're going to leave at night832.882.48
we're going to get away from the dark833.923.76
forest black forest whatever it is835.363.839
get the out of here we don't hunker837.683.44
down with one of your where one of your839.1993.681
guys has his hands free and841.124.24
torches all right you're making the842.883.28
yep hold on i got a tournament there we846.163.2
oh there we go i'll i'll have my weapons849.363.36
out you torch it851.684.0
torch and pull i like it yeah he said852.723.28
leave at night tombstone put that on it856.05.44
i'm the guy who stays alive hasn't died859.045.28
yet actually861.442.88
this is it man are we gonna like have uh904.3994.721
better weapons today because of all this907.1995.121
i hope so i think so if anything like909.124.24
better uh912.324.0
let's say like better axe something yeah913.363.76
with a shield916.322.72
and cut down heavier wood make better917.123.6
things okay including919.045.68
a portal absorb oh920.726.08
is that a wagon full of there's a924.725.44
wire full of926.85.92
oh let me see let me take a peek where930.164.16
you want it uh you know what yeah just932.722.799
leave it right yeah just leave it right934.322.959
here right outside for now oh my god935.5193.44
this thing is beating up the hill937.2793.12
yep i wanted to fix it he wanted to938.9593.041
leave at night okay940.3994.641
let me see what you got in here942.05.759
oh yeah that's a mighty good bit of tin945.043.44
yeah all right yep let's see oh i got948.484.359
the sweats951.684.079
yeah oh952.8395.081
i can't get over the lip oh you're fat955.7594.161
get over there all right yeah957.924.08
you know what i'm going to give it now959.923.039
i'm like you drop it i'll carry962.02.24
something here why don't we just pull it962.9591.761
pull the wagon over here yeah pull the964.723.6
wagon here you go yeah i'll drop that966.3993.841
oh god am i still really oh it's cause968.323.199
of all the wood970.243.279
i like this door seems unnecessary i971.5193.041
shouldn't have picked anything up to973.5192.641
begin with hey drop it i get it there974.562.0
you go976.162.0
there we go got it yeah bring it over976.563.04
here put the tin in the smelter978.162.96
all right should be able to put the tin979.63.359
over on this side neebs okay981.124.719
get it and then i'll put in the coal and982.9593.68
add 10. got it and i'm adding a whole986.6393.681
whole bunch of coal put all the 10 you988.82.159
okay all right we get 10 copper smelting990.9595.44
we'll be able to make us a badass axe993.8394.401
oh axe now something's like a helmet or996.3993.601
a shield or something we998.242.159
need an1000.02.639
axe so we can chop down some really good1000.3993.12
you see these damn birch trees out there1003.5194.0
uh yeah yeah we're gonna be able to chop1005.363.52
those down we can get us some1007.5193.601
fine ass wood then we can make some real1008.883.92
good okay1011.125.36
which is boat1012.83.68
when do i get a nicer helmet you get a1016.6393.44
nicer helmet when we have enough1018.6392.961
materials to do that we got other1020.0792.32
to do first1021.63.2
kick you in your stomach be a horrible1031.9193.841
teacher get him get him bad teacher1033.1994.72
good ass teacher sit down get in the1035.764.559
crafting a bronze axe you got it yeah1045.9195.041
yeah baby yeah oh i know what i want to1051.363.439
do now1054.082.719
it better be chop down one of these damn1054.7993.76
birch trees get some fine wood1056.7993.601
chop down one of the birch trees get1058.5593.041
some fine wood1060.43.519
yes oh man i've been sick of these1061.63.12
sitting in here in the yard hold up i1064.724.0
want to see okay that stuff okay if i1066.644.399
if i don't watch it yeah what i've been1068.723.36
doing do you have a stroke what do you1071.0391.441
i've been doing the cold in the copper1072.484.28
oh you think you can build that thing1074.165.44
timberlake oh yeah i hit the bird hit1076.764.36
the birch oh it's gonna go in the1079.63.36
water stop here i'm gonna stop it all1081.122.16
it's not going anywhere all right yeah1083.283.2
get it thick get it get it1085.124.4
swing it swing in and swing swingy swing1086.487.84
oh get it1089.527.36
i got some oh now we're gonna make a1094.323.44
birch uh1096.883.36
birch boat yeah tell you what neebs yeah1097.763.84
turn your hood on and thick1100.242.96
throw some fine wood at his face i1101.63.199
already got some fine wood1103.24.88
oh bucket uh chair bench table1104.7996.801
stool what else ward portal portal1108.086.08
yeah that's what you wanted right oh1111.63.36
banners okay i didn't know we're getting1114.963.12
banners man should we build a portal1116.5592.081
can we build two portals just to test it1118.643.44
out how many how many sterling cores do1120.42.08
we need1122.082.479
i don't know oh wait i got some of those1122.484.079
remember that deer taking our bridge1124.5595.681
hey he's doing what deer on the bridge1126.5595.601
what a nut what's wrong with you it's1130.243.2
not every day you see a deer1132.163.519
walk over a bridge they can do it again1133.443.52
twice in one day1135.6793.12
look at him hey get the off the1136.963.52
bridge that's cool1138.7994.801
you got it all right two circling cores1140.485.04
only two yeah i have like a bunch of1143.63.92
them at the house oh let's let's do it1145.523.12
let's do it let's do all right let's do1147.521.519
deer all right guys check it out check1149.0394.401
it out check it out1152.084.16
boom yeah1153.442.8
get out of here thick give me uh you1158.03.76
know what let's come over here to my1160.7991.441
this is just a demo we'll tear this1162.242.72
stuff down so we can actually move1163.761.84
somewhere else1164.963.839
sure okay okay and then yeah1165.66.48
boom oh wow1168.7995.201
it just went huh it just did okay i1172.083.92
think i think i turned it the wrong way1174.05.6
okay um but theoretically i think it's1176.05.44
connected i think all right so i could1179.64.0
tag this just i can name this home1181.443.04
all caps boom even if i now i can't go1184.484.4
through there because1188.083.52
i'm carrying some ore oh yeah if you1188.884.24
carry an ore you can't do it all right1191.62.079
that's okay1193.122.799
but if i touch here hugging i get it man1193.6793.761
just off1195.9192.961
all right but if i come here and name1197.443.68
this one the same thing home1198.885.679
boop yeah yeah1201.124.72
that's how you connect them you name1204.5592.48
them the same thing they're the same1205.842.48
thing names all right i'm gonna go1207.0392.64
through this one1208.324.56
and whoa oh1209.6796.721
nice boom portals are working1212.887.84
there he is yeah we got partners baby1216.49.04
time travel no not traffic time travel1220.726.959
fast travel there you go we'll get a1225.444.08
flex capacitor soon1227.6794.48
then time travel anna will want our mom1229.526.32
to us1232.1593.681

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