Black Widows Are Terrifying!!! - Grounded

Oh my gosh, you guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's all about black widows and let me tell you, they are absolutely...
Black Widows Are Terrifying!!! - Grounded
Black Widows Are Terrifying!!! - Grounded

Black Widows Are Terrifying!!! - Grounded

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that video of us dealing with those Black Widows? That's gotta be my favorite video on our channel!

simon: Oh yeah, that was a blast! I mean, who doesn't love a good old Black Widow encounter? Definitely one for the books!

neebs: I know, right? Nothing like a little tick attack and shocking dismissal to spice up our day. And don't forget about the Rollie Pollie Uber Driver!

simon: Haha, classic moments! And let's not overlook the Professor of Zippability and the A-Team Rescue. Man, we really know how to entertain our viewers with those Black Widows!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Oh my gosh, you guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's all about black widows and let me tell you, they are absolutely terrifying, especially when you're not expecting them! If you haven't already, make sure to subscribe to their channel because they always have the best content.

In this video, the Neebs team goes on an adventure in Grounded and encounters all sorts of creepy crawlies, including a black widow. But don't worry, they handle it like pros. They find shortcuts, learn new skills, and even use shocking dismissal to take down their enemies. It's so cool to see them work together and figure out how to navigate this dangerous world.

I love how Neebs Gaming always brings such a fun and entertaining twist to their gameplay. From their hilarious banter to their creative problem-solving, it's always a treat to watch. Plus, they have some awesome merch you can check out if you want to represent the Neebs squad in style. And don't forget to follow them on social media to stay up to date on all their latest adventures. Trust me, you won't want to miss a single video from these guys.

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oh there's a spider oh it's a big one0.844.76
it's not that big one3.566.96
wait oh God yellow that's that's a black5.620.2
widow why I pull that out come on this25.86.72
is going to be fun it's new and it's28.326.68
come on baby it's32.525.359
coming a rape yep tiger mosquito rape35.07.879
yeah yeah baby oh yeah dude so now we37.8796.761
can make it as long as we have the42.8795.32
materials what else we need yep analyzed44.645.64
but I tell you what I noticed that a new48.1994.921
tooth H ha happened oh I would like to50.284.84
do toothy things okay do I have to53.123.68
analyze mine as well do you do it for55.123.599
the whole group for everyone I'm56.84.64
selfless like that are oh yeah I58.7195.281
remember I'm really good now all right61.444.28
can I can I hang with you some more am I64.03.56
over staying my welcome hey burgo65.724.759
there's a normal one so I can Max active67.566.48
mutations I can I can do it I'm doing it70.4796.401
I can have three now yeah that makes me74.045.6
really happy you are excited this is a76.884.279
great trip one of the best trips I've79.644.439
ever had in the game great day so far81.1595.481
I'm going to sit here and slowly decide84.0794.68
what mutation I'm going to switch or put86.644.159
on and then we'll go make some raps88.7594.481
maybe okay so you said I'm sorry I you90.7994.521
like mutation yeah but so do I have93.243.96
another mutation you good check if you95.324.0
have if you can upgrade cuz you can have97.23.72
two applied unless you've already99.323.24
applied where you can put three you know100.923.32
how it goes I know I just know I have102.563.559
two mutations I didn't know no there's104.243.6
two out of two applied I can't go and106.1193.881
see if you can add to it with the tooth107.843.599
even though I didn't get any tooth I110.04.32
really we all got them we all do yeah111.4394.64
all right get in there do that far right114.326.04
one milk MERS just click on it yeah116.0796.121
two out of120.366.24
three three required so no what you122.26.88
don't said max active mutations right126.64.279
and you don't have enough it says uh129.084.64
mine says two out of three oh you need130.8794.921
okay so yeah but uh thank you for133.723.879
showing me this okay hey let's just head135.82.84
back to base I'll figure out the137.5994.041
mutation there138.643.0
okay he need mhm see our house from here148.285.959
is that where we're going well which151.8794.44
house uh the new one we need to go to154.2393.561
the old one though to like I don't think156.3193.121
we have a spindle or whatever it is we157.84.4
need to uh process the spider silk yeah159.444.56
but man you know what it'd be a it'd be162.25.8
great if we had a quick way H I got a164.08.12
crazy idea follow me okay oh this is168.06.64
cool what's your what's your crazy idea172.125.039
well it might not be crazy but uh all174.644.56
right so you see right in front of us M177.1594.281
yeah like uh it'd be it'd be great to179.25.119
have a quick way on top of those rocks181.444.439
up here so yeah if we ever wanted to184.3192.801
come out here from the old house we185.8792.64
don't have to go down into the pond and187.122.92
then go way back there and climb all the188.5193.321
way up yeah that sounds like a normal190.044.4
idea yeah but my crazy idea is like oh191.843.8
yeah this would be easy we should build194.443.68
a stairway right here yeah okay I195.644.04
there's plenty of grass and stuff yeah198.122.72
we should do that to make it easier to199.682.68
get up there you know what let's do it200.843.44
you down for that yeah and then we'll go202.364.0
and process that spider silk stairs and204.283.959
yep okay I'm chopping yeah let's get on206.365.799
it yep I'm a Lumberjack and I'm okay208.2397.321
sleep all night work all212.1593.401
day so okay so I what the hell I got216.767.0
these nine things and I could spend it221.085.159
so if I want to do this do I click on223.766.44
that and wait I clicked on it do I say226.2399.72
Infuse myself yes okay I can do wait230.28.8
looks like I can oh if I wanted to do235.9595.28
four I'd have to do four points so I239.04.76
have six points now all right let's get241.2394.56
healthy let's get healthy I'm not going243.763.8
to be the one dying all the time right245.7994.64
off the bat four more points do I Health247.565.16
it up again you know what stamina I feel250.4396.92
like I'm fine hunger and thirst fine252.729.12
healing oh boy yes healing257.3598.28
one right and then one more on Max261.847.919
Health spent look man I am going to be265.6398.441
be a force to be reckoned with you hear269.7598.44
that Aunt I'm going to kill your family274.088.36
at least the ones that are rude you know278.1997.241
yeah I'm assuming you're you have family282.447.319
with glowing eyes cuz they're285.444.319
[ __ ] hey yeah we doing in the woods290.7596.0
I found something this is not Woods294.244.679
could we call this Woods the grass yeah296.7593.601
yeah what are you doing in the grass I298.9194.161
found something science oh I saw you get300.365.08
that science perfect a science science303.084.959
science science all right get back to305.445.52
the stairs I got them finished yep I'mma308.0396.361
coming okay here we go sweet man we made310.965.079
a mess we should probably clean that up314.44.079
at some point but eh yep I don't like it316.0393.6
and I don't like that there's no318.4793.16
Foundation under here that's fine it's319.6395.201
functional yep don't like it though okay321.6396.081
sweet that's an easy way up and boom now324.845.16
we're up top so we can walk home from327.724.44
here right yeah God have we been up here330.04.36
should we explore up here a little bit332.164.92
uh I don't know I want to build some zip334.364.72
lines uh oh yeah I do want to build some337.084.72
zip lines too am I hearing mites what is339.084.32
that you341.83.92
might um what is that green thing right343.44.12
there oh that's a that's a soggy345.724.52
Wormhole or a tough tight Wormhole it's347.524.0
something about a wormhole you got to350.243.28
chop it with an advanced to no yeah you351.523.959
need a uh I think you need a good Hammer353.525.76
to do that yeah sour Wormhole okay what355.4797.921
am I here oh yeah it's a m look what you359.286.12
guys doing up here you cute little363.44.32
bastards yeah I don't see it still what365.45.44
are you looking at M right here wait367.725.08
that's not a m it's not370.846.88
red you is that oh that's a tick tick oh372.87.36
God it doesn't like spicy yeah ho God we377.725.0
got ticks yep they give you L well I380.164.4
don't want that oh boy do they have lme382.724.319
disease in this game um yeah I think384.565.16
they do what else seing that on the the387.0395.361
cover art on Steam lime disease yeah I389.724.4
was like yeah this game's Got Bugs it's392.44.72
got lime disease yep new DLC Rocky394.124.28
Mountain Spotted Fever that was the397.122.84
selling point of the game if I remember398.43.639
correctly all right I killed mine let's399.965.079
see got mine what do we got tick fangs402.0394.56
oh I wonder what we can make with tick405.0393.641
fangs look it up I think we got to go406.5994.641
scan it okay let's go scan got scan it408.684.48
before we can like do that okay we're411.243.48
going to get all these tick Fang it's413.163.319
going to build us something awesome like414.725.72
a lime disease Cannon oh yeah that'll be416.4797.12
powerful we'll be420.443.159
unstoppable hey Z hey hey you are up425.565.639
here okay yeah oh there's so we have a428.87.0
threat in our area and I just equipped431.1996.481
what do you mean damn it uh what what is435.84.239
it the mutations mutations you figured437.685.28
them out yes I got a thing and now i' I440.0395.44
have shocking dismissal which that's the442.965.12
same one I picked you did we both have445.4795.44
it with this let's all right so what's448.084.36
the threat uh the threat is right450.9193.441
outside yeah but what is it I don't know452.443.439
but we're let's block this son of a454.363.76
[ __ ] oh good it's what oh it's one of455.8794.961
these okay let's continually block it458.125.16
until it works yeah but we got to fight460.844.52
it too okay hold on I'm waiting for it463.284.16
to jump at me baby let's go let's go465.365.2
come on baby oh it's coming to me okay467.444.159
well hopefully well we don't want to470.562.72
kill it we got to be careful I know we471.5994.241
want to see sh I know but but not with473.285.759
it hey why why am I siss oh it got me475.845.319
all why don't you look at at me look at479.0394.56
me me he like me not once has it done a481.1595.16
thing to it hasn't all right do the483.5995.88
block to block what you do you son of a486.3197.16
[ __ ] you idiot you are so dumb what an489.4795.961
all right you know what ideally I would493.4794.321
do this with ants well Simon I blocked495.445.36
it like almost 10 well eight times not497.85.76
once did it activate yeah I didn't see500.85.399
it like jump at you eight or 10 times503.563.759
it's weird I thought you were right next506.1993.201
to me we I know I was but we got to do507.3195.121
the science hit me like 12 times all509.47.48
right enough let's be positive512.444.44
14 oh that's the sound of a tooth that's521.685.96
a tooth sound yeah that little I thought524.83.88
that meant there were like science527.643.319
stations around well there's that too528.684.8
nope I don't see is that a tick I feel530.9594.081
like fighting another The Tick right now533.484.12
yeah God are we going this way I guess535.043.88
yeah we're just exploring I'm jealous of537.63.4
your help helmet yeah we got to kill538.925.44
some lightning buds yeah oh oh spider541.05.88
webs oh there's spiders in here which is544.364.52
perfect that's what we need get these546.884.36
webs yeah I cannot wait oh there's a548.884.76
spider oh it's a big one oh it's not551.245.4
that big one wait I don't know it looks553.644.319
like an orb weaver it's got like orb556.644.24
weaver legs from here is that557.9595.401
something oh God there's no yellow560.884.68
that's a that's a black damn Widow563.363.719
that's a black damn Widow is it going to565.564.0
stay in that cake uh no I don't know oh567.0795.2
God oh God yep it's coming it's coming569.564.719
it's a lot of Health on this thing holy572.2793.361
crap oh what do we do what do we do what574.2792.641
do we do I'm caught in the Rock I'm575.643.68
caught Rock back away back away and keep576.924.599
your Shield up okay oh God I'm like the579.323.92
damn thing hold on yeah I should switch581.5195.0
to a shield okay I I want to hit it583.245.64
once okay I'm going to hit586.5194.76
him okay that didn't do much damage oh588.883.639
God you think we could take this thing591.2794.201
nope I do not come come on can I poison592.5194.601
a black widow okay do you want me to595.483.28
hold Shield okay oh we'll need this597.123.04
holy crap NES yep yep yep you keep you600.165.32
got a shield right I got a603.5193.88
shield okay trying to get my stamina605.484.96
back up gotcha are we really this thing607.3995.801
look at this damn Heth pool oh God okay610.446.639
that wor me down oh boy okay oh he's got613.25.92
babies he's got babies he's got babies617.0794.44
oh son of a [ __ ] okay he's oh God619.124.6
they're biting me okay um what do you621.5194.921
want to do um oh god oh yeah no I'm623.724.4
getting poisoned by the baby we should626.443.6
fail fail628.125.12
run run away run away run away oh my God630.045.68
I got all kinds of poison debuffs is he633.245.0
chasing okay I don't think so hold on635.724.64
where's my heal the babies are chasing638.245.0
oh okay no mercy to babies no mercy to640.364.719
the babies dude I'm going to die from643.244.08
pooning no don't do that oh God I'm645.0794.2
trying to like yeah I got to heal up647.323.6
okay I got the baby oh wait I get649.2793.921
anything just we I got five web five web650.924.56
stuff from that one baby oh God he's653.24.12
still out there God man I am poisoned I655.483.32
am really really poisoned my poison is657.323.56
not going away either uh hold on can I658.84.0
drink one of these what if I660.884.6
drink I drink both of my uh cocktail662.83.92
things hold on I think my Poison's665.484.799
almost wearing off and there it goes666.726.88
okay right all right are you okay uh670.2795.36
yeah but better weapons right oh wait673.64.0
poison back nope it's gone better675.6394.361
weapons uh better weapons and the entire677.65.239
team for that my heart is racing let's680.05.639
get the hell out of682.8392.8
here holy [ __ ] you shut the [ __ ] up687.9594.56
leave me690.242.279
alone to the shed please yes we would698.86.44
like to go to the shed yes and if you702.724.64
can turn around please to the shed yes705.244.44
to the shed to the it's back the other707.365.0
way turn around please if you could to709.685.32
the to the shed perfect there you go712.364.8
keep on going straight keep on going y715.04.079
go straight I feel like uh you really717.165.16
shitty over yeah you go straight keep no719.0795.56
n you're going no you son of what are722.323.84
you doing we went to the left of the724.6393.281
shed all right screw it we put it in726.163.56
left of the shed let's go I tell you727.923.12
what though we can run back and jump on729.724.04
it if we feel in danger there always and731.045.359
lure uh evil things to it okay this733.765.319
seems pathy it does well I already is736.3994.12
that that's a ladyb bird and they suck I739.0794.281
think I see three of them my God oh my740.5196.161
God my goodness what is what is this up743.365.56
here what are you oops not that what746.685.24
hanging from underneath the seat I don't748.925.2
know um but oh let's go to the left of751.924.599
the shed cares we're going left there754.124.56
you go follow you following me following756.5195.721
my heart all right well is your heart me758.685.88
yes you know you and me we're like762.246.48
almost besties I know sometimes yeah yep764.566.839
it happens oh wow so not much there's768.725.6
really not much of a oh what ladybird771.3994.88
yeah yeah is that a giant what's that774.324.079
yellow thing over there it looks like a776.2795.081
that looks doesn't look like a it can't778.3994.761
be a tooth cuz it's the size of a cinder781.365.2
block if that was a tooth Simon what did783.165.4
really yeah I know I it can't be but786.565.04
it's it has tooth shap it's got the788.564.88
shape of a tooth maybe it's a bag of791.65.12
concrete ooh concrete a bag of concrete793.444.959
could be Concrete in the bag you know796.723.359
that people leave Concrete in the bags798.3993.24
and then they throw the bags on top of800.0793.161
one another and then you just let like801.6394.481
nature just do its thing really yeah803.244.159
what do you mean its thing what does806.123.92
that mean uh meaning like the moisture807.3994.88
will uh eventually find its way inside810.045.76
the concrete the bag holds it all there812.2795.721
uhhuh for you know for like a month or815.83.599
two you could just get like moisture818.03.72
from the air is enough moisture to to819.3994.921
make a concrete bag solidify you leave821.725.64
it outside oh824.323.04
wow congratulations nebs congratulations827.3997.36
abro yeah we have 57 web fiber we are831.1996.281
making a ton of silk rope we will be834.7594.961
able to zip line all over this place837.484.599
soon there's nowhere we can't go yeah839.724.72
you want to go scan these tick bangs I842.0794.401
do all right follow me yep yep let's go844.443.44
to a science center I I don't want to go846.482.919
to the burgle Science Center I feel like847.882.879
I go there all the time and I'm afraid849.3993.8
burgle is going to talk to me uhhuh and850.7594.361
I don't really like him I hear you we'll853.1993.601
go somewhere cooler where going the cool855.124.8
kids go the cool kids man remember when856.85.44
we used to dig those guys up uh yeah859.924.68
little grubs yeah little grubs I still862.244.12
dig those up you don't dig those up not864.65.679
really no okay oh God no866.366.76
no all right so let's see let's let's do870.2794.321
another test all right all right and I873.123.639
will do a whole bunch of blocks and we874.63.88
not going to trick kill him just going876.7594.481
to come on at come at come at us bro878.484.12
come on come on we just want to see881.242.88
something are you stuck in a are you882.63.4
stuck are you really are you stuck there884.123.44
like we don't want you to really let me886.03.92
help you oh yeah coming at me oh that887.564.6
was all right was that a block uhhuh889.925.08
active block yeah I'm blocking all right892.165.76
oh wow he's got moves sucker's got moves895.05.279
yeah there you go there's a nice block897.924.359
do it another one come on go get him go900.2794.641
get him come on go get him man this is902.2794.881
the shittiest mutation Simon hold on904.924.32
hold on but this is like it says907.165.2
occasionally occasionally is once in 50909.246.0
no it's not 50 mine was like 30 times it912.365.64
just happened three times for me not one915.244.519
not one has it done it three time four918.04.199
five six seven times seven times all919.7594.481
right we're going to we're hold on hold922.1993.88
on give me three four more times Well924.244.48
I'm going to you there you go one more926.0794.76
two more T still hasn't happen so there928.723.599
was a spark there man it might have930.8393.961
giving some damage we didn't see it932.3194.0
though we didn't see it no we didn't see934.83.719
it we didn't see it but there was there936.3194.801
was a spark I'm changing it I'm changing938.5194.841
mine yeah me too Simon you oh but fell941.125.44
Simon you fell I did I fell there's a943.366.599
spor I'm on a sport I can't get up the946.565.839
SP guarantee wo wo wo wo wo it just949.9596.641
teleported on me all right um I appear952.3997.281
to be screwed damn it I know oh it956.66.599
worked time it worked it did see it's959.685.8
once every 50 turns all right well963.1994.721
that's fine but you oh it happened again965.484.799
I wish I could oh see we sometimes we967.924.159
just got to warm it up I love how I970.2794.641
could be lying lying completely y exact972.0795.2
listen it's just like the it's just like974.923.76
the the bean bag you know what I'm977.2792.961
saying sometimes you just got to warm it978.684.519
up oh oh it makes your attack spark I980.244.68
thought the shield would spark so we983.1993.88
have to attack back yeah oh and I see a984.924.8
glowy like green be Beetle by the way987.0795.841
down here okay totally new for me let's989.726.28
see if we could be friends GL Beetle I992.925.719
sure can't wait you're something oh man996.06.12
that's a very fast gloy Beetle all right998.6395.961
I lost1002.122.48
it science all right I'm going to spell1012.66.4
a word to you okay and I want you to say1015.8395.161
it back to me oh I like this hit me all1019.010.199
right m a c u a h UI t l m a c UA H UI t1021.013.72
l t l hoodle maah hoodle maah hoodle y1029.1996.961
well we've learned how to make a tick1034.724.8
Mahood yes we are not saying that right1036.165.6
I guarantee we are not saying that right1039.524.0
tick maah hoodle hey we've unlocked the1041.764.24
new recipe termite armor I haven't even1043.525.08
seen termites in this game all right all1046.04.679
right well we did it we learned how to1048.64.319
make a tick maal hoodle and and Termite1050.6794.321
armor right that reminds me of Rob is it1052.9194.361
meal hoodle Rob Mahood he's in Always1055.04.64
Sunny he's a good actor actually he's1057.284.56
not that good of an actor okay but I do1059.644.08
like him I'll take your word for it Rob1061.844.8
Mahood yep yeah he and Ryan reyolds do1063.725.68
stuff good old makah hoodle oh that guy1066.645.87
yeah Rob Mahood soccer guy soccer1069.46.77
guy damn it oh [ __ ] man do you have you1076.366.0
have no sap sap yeah sap to make1079.765.0
bandages oh you need bandages yes1082.365.559
because I am almost dead all right so we1084.764.88
need to either make a bed so I can1087.9195.041
respawn here right all right or uh I1089.645.64
need bandages or both would be ideal1092.965.28
I'll give you all my bandages oh nice1095.287.36
don't give them all I just you need them1098.248.28
well where uh did you put them I just oh1102.646.68
wait did I okay here see them oh yeah1106.525.24
they go out like that good ey pretty1109.324.479
dark man pretty dark but relatively safe1111.764.039
and I like it I appreciate it I'm peing1113.7994.561
over here I'm very slowly going up so1115.7994.36
you know how these things work Supreme1118.364.48
marble I don't have the proper1120.1597.561
tool I vote oh I can can make it up here1122.847.24
oh what got you1127.725.0
something [ __ ] got you we got1130.084.479
you get up here buddy I'm coming up oh1132.724.04
it's coming what is D where are you oh1134.5595.081
that's a that's a different threat1136.764.76
that's that can't be good that's an1139.644.519
earwig that's a termite Soldier it says1141.525.36
okay or that it's got the the teeth of1144.1594.201
something that's oh this is a weird1146.883.32
fight I feel like I'm in that movie with1148.363.76
the the Christopher Nolan because I1150.23.92
can't I can't I'm I'm already so hurt1152.123.36
there's no way I'm going to be able to1154.122.84
fight this freaking1155.485.72
thing hey oh damn it damn it oh God1156.967.04
there's a baby I'm scared of the babies1161.25.2
no there's a mom and a baby okay all1164.03.4
right you know what I'm going to kill1166.42.44
the baby1167.44.92
no I'm not I'm going to run from the1168.843.48
neees coming coming over here hey check1179.447.719
it out what you got these yeah weapons1183.845.16
of mass production oh we're making more1187.1594.321
web lines oh yeah we were making like1189.06.559
you know one every like hour oh1191.488.199
God sorry hold on let me just grab that1195.5597.641
back real quick there we go1199.6796.201
and you were saying we're making a lot1203.24.839
of web we're making a lot of web buddy1205.883.84
you you you just keep going out and1208.0393.841
doing whatever it is you're doing okay1209.724.0
tell you what after this I want to be in1211.883.84
charge of kind of the uh the base the1213.724.079
big base up top yeah you know what you1215.723.72
put me in charge of that I will work1217.7994.601
exclusively on that you my friend are in1219.446.479
charge of zip lines oh man I want a1222.46.25
title um zipline professor1225.9195.601
boy Zip Manager has a ring to it doesn't1231.523.92
it Zip Manager okay professor of zipping1233.1594.88
Mobility professor of zip ability zip1235.444.68
ability I like1238.0394.321
that okay you are the professor of zip1240.124.96
ability do what you got to do I will do1242.364.88
what I got to do all right I'm making1245.084.0
I'm I'm making the silk for you buddy so1247.243.6
uh yeah you just you go on that go on1249.083.479
out and play go on out and play well1250.843.16
let's don't act like I didn't gather1252.5593.36
half that Silk no you did you did great1254.05.24
okay professor zipity was I don't think1255.9195.081
that hit you this time so did it not cuz1259.243.12
it felt like it went right through me it1261.03.28
hit a chest but it was a storage chest1262.365.199
my chest no it was a storage chest my1264.286.68
chest your storage chest yeah my storage1267.5595.921
chest my1270.962.52
heart s okay no 121273.5595.281
oh wow that was awesome let's get safe1288.65.52
all right1291.762.36
bro no no no1304.1595.52
[ __ ] just run I don't know where I am I1307.04.919
don't know where you are believe1309.6795.161
it [ __ ] let's try to make our way back1311.9195.041
no I'm running away from you okay okay1314.845.04
sorry ooh it's over no it's not over1316.964.319
almost we're going back to the Red1319.883.159
s [ __ ] oh I'm not dead yet but the roll1323.0396.12
my butt oh God there's no reason why I1326.365.12
should be1329.1592.321
alive it was a1332.763.48
baby [ __ ] man if we could just get to1342.646.24
the end of that song I don't1345.886.15
anymore that's1348.887.82

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And when Simon learns how to use the ziplines? His childlike excitement at zipping around had me grinning from ear to ear. Leave it to Simon to find joy in something so simple. The way Neebs captures little moments like that really shines.

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