This GIANT CROCODILE doesn't stand a CHANCE! - Conan Exiles

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you're gonna love their latest Conan Exiles Season 2 episode! Today, the boys are settlin...
This GIANT CROCODILE doesn't stand a CHANCE! - Conan Exiles
This GIANT CROCODILE doesn't stand a CHANCE! - Conan Exiles

This GIANT CROCODILE doesn't stand a CHANCE! - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey Appsro, did you see that GIANT CROCODILE in the video? It didn't stand a chance against us!

appsro: Oh yeah, that croc never saw us coming! It thought it could take us down, but we showed it who's boss.

neebs: I loved when we found that ghost treasure! Who knew crocodiles were hiding treasure these days?

appsro: And don't forget about the demon blood! That stuff was crazy. We were on a roll in that video.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you're gonna love their latest Conan Exiles Season 2 episode! Today, the boys are settling a score and you won't want to miss

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I've been a fan of Neebs Gaming for a while now, and I always look forward to their hilarious commentary and epic adventures in Conan Exiles. From Lady Appsro's earrings to the quest for demon blood, this episode is packed with excitement and laughs.

The timestamps in the description give you a sneak peek of what to expect, from giant crocodile battles to the search for foals. And of course, you can always count on Neebs to bring the humor and entertainment throughout the entire video.

So grab your favorite Neebs Gaming shirt, settle in with some coffee, and get ready to watch Neebs and the crew give it their all in Conan Exiles. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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the ending0.483.02
what are you doing you notice anything4.8195.2
oh with you7.55.639
um the nope I don't look at you a lot10.0195.12
did you get your hair cut no I made15.685.32
myself earrings in a circlet okay these18.34.62
molds I had to make I can make earring21.04.56
molds wow so I made earrings put your22.924.859
dye on oh the die yep there we go let's25.564.2
see oh before I do that you're gonna27.7793.84
waste it on [ __ ] clothing nope I made29.764.26
this what ah31.6194.741
so I click on that I feel like a gorilla34.024.8
more I hit die gorilla I want to see36.365.28
this wait how do I pick I want to un I38.823.72
don't want the whole thing to be green41.643.96
I'll get one again go back okay more he42.545.1
looks nothing like a gorilla I mean from45.63.54
higher no it's just like it's really47.643.72
like big arms it's baggy very baggy49.145.399
outfit oh the Ruffles you look like Ram51.366.24
man wow okay that's very green yeah54.5394.801
there's no mistaking you coming is it I57.63.599
mean this is brighter than I than I59.344.8
thought yeah if your helmet had the61.1994.92
similar green accent where the yellow is64.144.14
it could work get rid of that yellow66.1193.661
because that's kind of mean mine turned68.283.659
into gold yep oh yeah you are kind of69.784.199
yellowish aren't you yeah Wellies you71.9393.5
look cool okay73.9793.841
don't ignore my pants yeah okay listen75.4393.941
if we're gonna make more colors we need77.823.659
Christmas my pants can you guys go out79.384.26
and find Crystal we're Crystal where's81.4793.421
Chris where is it I don't know where it83.643.299
is over here go out and find it okay you84.93.42
know where you know where it's at86.9394.441
Anthony go out and scour the Earth yeah88.325.1
no I just jumped in the lake he's just91.384.52
being silly93.422.48
I used to know a girl named Crystal99.0795.68
she had a really smelly vagina101.9396.121
who are you talking to myself okay thank104.7595.481
right over here Crystal yeah or a giant126.368.459
crocodile oh what do you say what do you132.184.8
mean what I said like we can't fight it134.8194.201
huh we can fight that now yeah I mean136.984.619
look I mean got a new sword we got a139.024.56
little baby coming up practice on the141.5994.021
couple of babies yeah yeah practice this143.583.54
if we can take these two we take the big145.625.64
one I mean wow dad bam new equipment's147.126.0
great huh yes okay I didn't even get151.265.339
hurt did you no no right so that guy153.127.1
right there look at this guy rolling156.5997.201
yeah look at him he's playing I love it160.226.099
okay listen I've got these uh spider163.84.98
balls that I can throw that'll be a good166.3194.021
start all right all right and listen168.783.66
I'll get in for a little bit of bleed170.344.74
damage and then I'll run away yeah I172.443.96
want to fight from afar I don't need to175.082.939
get up on yeah I'm not real good close176.44.199
fighter I've got like 100 to 200 arrows178.0194.201
so Simon will just get in tight and180.5993.14
we'll pepper in from here182.224.26
no no no no we're not just having me183.7394.601
I'll start with the spider ball yeah and186.483.6
we'll tag you up yeah we'll tag in and188.343.36
out come on all right you know what I'm190.083.54
gonna get on this rock over here191.75.1
okay spider ball spider balling oh that193.626.5
was way too [ __ ]196.83.32
and me of course he's coming at me205.54.019
you're gonna work for me all right a207.2394.101
little bit of belief209.5193.681
on the beach211.345.44
hold on like spider on the beach there213.25.98
we go now I got a good shot of my way216.784.5
all right sorry sure I'm trying to do219.184.619
soccer right in here oh you got an arrow221.284.319
in me yeah I'm sorry about that that's223.7993.421
another spider memes are you doing225.5993.121
anything yeah227.223.239
sniper up here I don't know about that228.724.14
spider really great for this isn't it230.4594.2
distracting I've got one more when we232.863.659
need it perfect because right now this234.6595.101
this thing's halfway now236.5196.181
wow okay that's not good for me yep239.765.039
putting on a bandage and these arrows242.74.38
are great how Bloody is it coming now244.7994.02
it's coming get away watch out Simon all247.083.54
right coming I'll do another spider ball248.8196.441
because they're awesome why not hit it250.624.64
yeah go get him spider yay oh what's255.9794.66
that game people play where they're like259.323.18
on in the sidewalks and they're doing260.6393.901
some kind of ball what is it I don't262.54.32
know the side what pumpkin baller oh264.545.659
pickleball oh God266.823.379
Foreigner did a good job today294.324.659
look I got him got a little close there298.9794.861
I've got him so close so close should be300.845.34
bleeding oh yeah bleed out maybe right303.846.24
now ammo final blue come on ah one more306.185.579
hit and I'm down I can't let that happen310.083.66
run trailers oh boy my stamina's out311.7593.901
good God you think any blood would be313.744.26
the one come on baby come on come on315.664.62
come on come on in now oh boy it's gonna318.06.38
be okay yeah I'll do it320.284.1
that should keep us a little more safe326.96.16
come over here a second hold on I'm330.624.32
running I'm kind of slow that's okay333.064.32
wait are you at that tent yeah I'm right334.943.88
by the tent what's this cute little tent337.382.759
what you doing it's just a little tip338.824.379
but check this out boom340.1394.62
I mean that's cool and all but this tent343.1993.06
all right it's a cool little tin I just344.7592.641
made it I don't know what to do what is346.2592.341
this thing what does it do what is it347.45.28
this is Stables oh oh let's see oh all348.66.3
right but now okay I'm trying to learn352.684.62
to be an outrider uh now I gotta go354.94.98
capture a fool wait is that something we357.34.739
can actually ride yeah foals can be359.883.84
found grazing the lands and by362.0393.241
interacting with them you can pick them363.723.18
up and raise them as mounts in the365.283.9
stable we gotta go find it oh I want to366.95.1
find a fold let's see if I were a foal369.185.22
which I'm guessing is a [ __ ] horse is372.04.32
it a horse it might be a horse baby I374.43.92
don't know what is a foal I don't know376.324.74
this if I were one full of [ __ ] I would378.324.36
like hang I feel like I would hang out381.063.9
in greener pastures but let's go find382.684.019
one is this Gonna Be A Dangerous Mission384.964.56
it will probably it's okay I'm prepared386.6994.681
you're prepared now check this out uh389.524.26
why is that a katana that's pretty cool391.383.84
come on let's go use it on something all393.783.24
right let's go see if we can find a oh395.223.72
nice tent yeah probably even saying that397.023.6
wrong it's probably foul or something no398.943.3
that would be a bird that'd be like a400.624.919
chicken yeah lay eggs foul and be402.245.72
come on I'm going in408.783.32
okay oh no I'm not dead yet415.1997.62
come on good God how is he not dead I419.784.84
don't know all right I'm following I put422.8193.781
the bandage on [ __ ] it's coming up424.623.48
coming at me get out of it it's all out426.63.599
of it all right the rolling doesn't seem428.15.28
to do it no no let's roll again I don't430.1994.861
know you played on a different thing yep433.384.46
I know [ __ ] all right435.066.6
almost dead It's gotta be gotta be oh no437.848.259
this [ __ ] is gonna get me no oh come on441.667.92
baby this little [ __ ] baby's the one446.0996.361
the [ __ ] baby nobody likes you baby449.585.339
nobody wishes you were born through the452.465.579
mistake hey guys please please help me454.9195.041
how is that not dead neebs are you doing458.0394.981
anything let's watch this come on oh no459.964.019
it's game463.022.88
son of a [ __ ] it's getting twice as463.9794.081
much health oh no it's getting healthy465.94.739
very quickly oh really oh no it's half468.065.34
healthy again are you kidding nope me it470.6394.441
just now it's [ __ ] like three473.45.16
quarters oh he died yo I'm so mad about475.086.14
this oh478.566.24
God it was so close481.229.879
all right yeah same I yeah [ __ ] wow484.88.88
full health full health right great491.0995.171
that's why I said [ __ ]493.684.919
what the hell what you see that no oh498.5994.801
Blue Man Blue Man Group blue man501.065.039
swimming Blue Man swim yeah is it a503.45.639
ghost maybe what do we do with it follow506.0995.82
it okay what's he swim into your509.0394.201
distance you don't know if you can trust511.9193.06
it but by hearing something growling513.243.239
maybe some kind of like or is that514.9794.68
humming of magic oh oh and then he died516.4797.68
and landed there oh I see treasure chest519.6597.261
why would his own ghost help us pillage524.1594.62
his own body I don't know let's see blue526.925.78
chess what's in here oh man Chris528.7793.921
Crystal Owen some like Okay Glass I need532.85.34
glass take it man let's just take it off536.3993.241
yeah take it off we'll sort it out of538.144.08
the beach that was cool okay so if you539.644.74
see a ghost follow a ghost all right I542.224.32
believe in ghosts now yeah no kidding I544.383.72
guess they're real yeah they're always546.543.72
real I mean seeing those those shows oh548.14.98
yeah with like the the e-meter yeah the550.263.96
kind of the little thing that goes left553.082.58
and right in the Dust Bowl yeah no554.222.76
they're real yeah they're absolutely555.662.94
real those shows are those shows are556.982.94
like science yeah they're probably on558.63.299
the History Channel hey chick look what559.925.039
I found hold on shirt oh I could die561.8994.801
there that looks good actually it's nice564.9593.661
I think I'm Gonna Keep My Thing on but566.73.36
all right you know what and since we're568.622.64
on an adventure I should probably put570.063.779
that on I tried helmets it interferes571.264.019
with my hair I don't I don't like it573.8392.421
did y'all get all your stuff back yeah576.264.0
yeah realize I fought one of those big578.5194.081
red turtles and it gave me like demon580.264.56
blood it was like a level one demon582.64.44
blood thing here we go this is a cave584.824.5
hold on hold on you want my demon blood587.045.04
oh there's a rock I don't think589.325.82
that mess oh boy oh that got me592.085.46
surrounded yeah we're coming we're595.145.12
coming come on baby597.542.72
I was thinking I had an arrow in my leg608.484.84
I was thinking I'm glad I stabbed you a611.2794.081
little yeah I always I enjoyed it yeah613.324.38
all right let's see I can't get that615.364.32
special blood from those idiots Gus what617.74.139
do you use that demon blood for my altar619.684.68
oh my God like but what does it do well621.8393.721
you saw those624.362.64
what do you mean like you haven't played625.563.24
this game what if I what if I was a627.03.12
person that lived in tribe in the jungle628.82.82
said what's this gas point like my car630.123.18
like okay what's what's a car you're not631.623.36
everybody you played this game before633.32.94
you know how we have to make our634.983.419
offerings I don't know it's been like636.243.599
it's been a minute yeah but you make638.3994.021
offerings I made those uh spider balls639.8394.921
all right so okay the blood gets you the642.423.9
spider balls well I mean it's one of the644.762.94
things that's a great answer all right646.322.4
that's the kind of answers I'm looking647.73.18
for Hey listen it's great I'm gonna stay648.723.6
back there you go it wasn't the worst650.884.62
one man they wouldn't bring him652.325.1
uh-oh we're gonna need some light aren't655.53.66
we are these crystals they look crisply657.424.039
we'll find out soon659.165.1
I'll get these guys very nice you guys661.4595.201
do torches and all right torches I don't664.263.9
think I have a torch here I'll be there666.663.48
I'll be torch person good all right so668.165.1
these red things oh Crystal 21 good670.145.52
Chris there we go moving up here making673.264.079
sure there's no more threats I don't675.663.299
have a torch sorry about that yeah yeah677.3393.841
get some Crystal all right I'm doing the678.9593.961
same looks like we're a little clearer681.185.399
over here oh my God Crystal oh here we682.924.919
got some baddies but that's all right686.5792.76
did you say you were doing a light yeah687.8395.341
no we don't have lights is this uh all689.3396.361
right all clear693.185.7
this place is special Anthony why this695.75.04
is where we built our first home like698.883.66
when the original Conan Series this700.744.44
island really yeah this is far away you702.544.38
guys just wandered all the way over well705.183.599
yeah we found an island so I mean this706.923.419
was like a nice little island and we set708.7793.481
up here yeah see those two mountains off710.3393.721
in the distance I do that's where I712.264.199
build a castle I remember that it was in714.065.459
a thumbnail yeah and I think that same716.4594.261
island is where we're going to find719.5193.421
those are they new they weren't in the720.724.739
game before right I don't think so or if722.945.339
they were they weren't utilized725.4595.341
yeah then Now's the Time Now's the Time728.2794.441
you ready yeah let's do it all right730.83.719
hang on just get it get and I always732.723.78
stand up you don't need to I like the734.5195.341
view oh yes look at my grundle all right736.55.16
all right bring that sweet grundle over739.864.8
here okay741.664.02
yeah Springs me back745.684.67
right like oh I remember growing up here752.043.539
and when you go with your friends you're754.442.639
just like yeah keep telling me stories755.5793.361
you don't really care but you know right757.0793.481
you're been one you like the guy you758.945.839
want to be respectful exactly oh Anthony760.564.219
no those are turtles no in between the765.1395.2
turtles a little hoppy llama I think768.364.68
that might be a boat oh okay it's so770.3395.101
cute all right now I think we gotta773.045.34
sneak up on it and grab it so like put775.444.62
it in your inventory we're gonna run778.383.95
let's see780.064.1
little pick up the Pony app sir you're786.0795.2
right there it says press X while facing788.824.68
a foal to pick it up791.2795.101
I got it oh can we get two yeah we793.54.74
should yeah uh but oh wow I'm over796.383.54
encumbered makes sense because I got a798.243.719
horse in my [ __ ] wait are you gonna799.923.78
have to Waddle all the way home no no no801.9593.421
I can drop let's see what have I got803.74.079
what am I holding here bark yeah see805.383.72
another one up on the hill oh we're807.7792.281
getting it we're getting it we're gonna809.13.5
get it oh810.062.54
oh you're playing on a controller right826.886.04
I can still walk you can still walk832.923.06
should we get another one for the guys I834.543.18
might be able to hold two yeah okay hey835.983.24
there's one right here where they're837.723.179
right in front of me where don't look839.223.9
forward they don't run jeez these are840.8993.541
dumb animals they're dumb we need to843.123.56
train them844.442.24
are you gonna go in deeper yeah why not848.6395.221
because dying and losing your stuff but850.685.52
these guys are [ __ ] is that but is853.864.38
that everything that's in here I mean856.24.079
you would think there's a chest of some858.243.96
sort all right tell you what come on860.2793.781
come on nope there's a bunch coming I862.24.379
know like come on they're like made a864.064.86
paper mache yeah I just I can't imagine866.5793.781
that's the only thing down here you know868.923.599
I know that's why I'm going further oh870.364.44
there's a boss one yep okay it's a872.5193.301
little harder that's what I'm talking874.83.24
about yeah well like I had friends with875.823.9
me last time I checked did they need878.044.26
help yep okay I'm doing arrows I'm gonna879.724.38
pull back and heal up oh boy yep he's882.33.42
coming he's coming Simon all right here884.13.72
I'm gonna go for his ass make him bleed885.724.919
I'm making you bleed in your butt all887.824.62
right I missed him twice don't hit each890.6394.021
other why can't I see him I can't hit892.443.839
him it's got a hole in this is that a894.665.119
pan yeah oh it's a pan here we go896.2793.5
oh yeah oh he just ran right by me oh914.665.02
he's got a pan on his butt yeah yeah oh917.2794.5
we fought him before seven oh yeah919.684.14
listen I knew it was blocking the it was921.7794.641
blocking the hits923.822.6
harvested or whatever yes if you can get927.564.06
some some of your demon blood for your929.943.66
uh I don't I don't know from from those931.623.659
idiots I don't think so but let's search933.63.78
this get some Crystal and Boogie if I935.2794.5
get demon blood out of this937.384.139
um nope you're right yeah you're too939.7794.62
dumb all right I got a pot an iron pot I941.5195.76
like it let's cook up some some steak944.3994.321
and eggs947.2794.141
all right Anthony put your fouls Falls948.725.52
wow flowers put them put them in right951.425.659
okay right here so yeah yeah954.246.0
and foul oh I think I can only do one at957.0795.081
a time oh all right well we'll keep the960.244.86
other ones in our pocket is it in uh I962.165.52
yes okay and now uh hold on let me do965.15.94
this actually so I can uh so boom I'm967.686.24
actually I know this game's kind of dumb971.044.68
like if I don't do it it won't count973.924.74
towards my journey so I need to put it975.725.22
in there along my horse put your horse978.664.2
yeah along with some plant fiber and980.943.54
boom it's crafted Hey where's the horse982.863.659
what horse like shouldn't there be a984.484.5
horse in front of us yeah where is it986.5194.081
it's not there it's not I guess when988.983.24
it's done crafting it'll pop up it's990.63.479
really stupid yeah it's like you should992.223.72
see a little baby horse in there right994.0794.081
or I mean we picked up a easily a995.944.38
teenage age horse that should be a998.163.539
teenage horse yeah I'm gonna get more1000.323.6
plant fiber to put into this thing we1001.6994.44
got tons of Crystal now oh sweet throw1003.924.32
it in the forest glass already doing it1006.1394.56
we're making guy and uh tomorrow we're1008.244.459
going to fight a giant crocodile you in1010.6995.58
I'm in so ready yep oh sandstorms coming1012.6994.681
okay run away Everybody Take Shelter1017.385.68
take shelter oh I'd love to see it every1020.184.739
time though it looks cool1023.066.019
oh yeah I blew my dress around1024.9194.16
all right I'm gonna put Green Arrow1053.083.82
Johnson up on this rock maybe we'll1055.343.54
shoot arrows at it I'll be with him all1056.94.139
right good plan I'm gonna you're gonna1058.884.26
oh I'm gonna shoot arrows until I wanna1061.0394.081
stab I'm gonna hit it in the face and1063.144.14
also do the stab all right spider ball1065.125.1
out I'm gonna hit it with a uh here we1067.285.279
go where's New York yeah game on1070.225.16
Eeyore's just standing down there I'm1072.5594.201
trying to put him on the rock it won't1075.383.36
let me because apparently I'm an idiot1076.765.9
or the game's dumb it's probably Eeyore1078.743.92
that's weird and it's done coming after1082.964.66
me leave me alone come over the spider1085.525.72
too far what do you mean too far1087.623.62
ruin this ruin this where is he come on1092.244.86
spiders is he out there oh yeah he he1094.5395.02
was he by himself he was gonna get1097.14.74
killed as I was trying to move him eora1099.5594.441
is gonna get killed deserves to die if1101.844.32
we shouldn't have brought him yeah I'll1104.04.2
help you or all right I'm going in why1106.164.019
did my spider do this I don't know I1108.26.14
could Target it like it's an enemy weird1110.1794.161
all right let's focus on fat mama oh1118.0594.841
there's another baby too sorry about the1121.163.6
spider it's so weird that this is done1122.95.279
oh there's going there he goes there he1124.764.52
all right watch your health yep back up1129.285.44
if you need to oh we got this we got1132.6793.781
this all right son watch for incoming1134.723.56
arrows as well yeah1136.464.86
he's down he's down all right look all1138.285.019
the babies are down now we can focus on1141.325.52
Mama all right big boy big boy hey Green1143.2996.301
Arrow is actually doing all right nice1146.846.079
bleed damage on him oh boy1149.65.459
you're gonna have to try harder than1152.9195.201
that you scaly [ __ ]1155.0595.401
oh wow he actually hit me there you go1158.124.26
that's where it is he's going back doing1160.463.42
it the spider's freaking out it's pretty1162.383.32
easy to spot the giant crocodile Spider1163.884.919
Man go for its legs he moves a lot1165.75.26
slower all right oh I like that I'm1168.7993.961
really glad it's not a crocodile spider1170.964.86
that would be awful cracker biter1172.766.96
oh wow nope spider's still in it yeah I1175.825.16
love it because that's the first one1179.723.9
second one you left a little bit helps1180.984.5
below half oh boy excuse me spiders1183.623.72
excuse me throw in my head I said watch1185.483.54
out for incoming arrows I'm nowhere near1187.344.14
the damn thing but it was probably there1189.024.68
a long time ago or it just happened by1191.484.5
neebs oh so maybe I didn't get hit by1193.75.64
the gator maybe oh Anthony careful I'm1195.985.28
shooting at the gator get away from me1199.345.16
Val leave him alone leave my buddy alone1201.265.12
damn it oh boy1204.54.14
all right he's looking at me get his1206.383.76
butt Anthony oh I'm getting that butt1208.643.419
more of a tail but you know still rear1210.143.899
side I'm going in oh boy wow he's quick1212.0594.921
all right hold on look at me oh I'm1214.0395.421
doing some good bleed damage boys1216.985.46
all right I'm jumping in too oh [ __ ]1219.467.56
yeah no good yeah who's clumping1222.447.52
come on baby I'm in here I'm in I'm in1227.024.899
saved my last fighter I don't think we1229.963.88
need it give me a taste I think we're1231.9193.601
going to be able to take him down broke1233.844.26
my [ __ ] where you going dummy huh oh are1235.524.68
we so dumb now this last part seems to1238.13.48
be the tough part because last time we1240.23.74
had him down1241.582.36
oh wow1245.626.1
there we go oh boy all right he's almost1248.147.72
done right yeah1251.724.14
did we get did we experience what'd you1266.324.78
get from harvesting it fangs and feral1268.825.16
flesh oh well that's not bad I mean it's1271.14.86
what we get from anything eclipse1273.984.86
eclipse yeah1275.965.76
if they're happy they are pleased1278.846.079
or they're pissed1281.723.199

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