Affordable Night Vision!!! - RUST

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's all about Doraleous finding his way back while the rest of the team ...
Affordable Night Vision!!! - RUST
Affordable Night Vision!!! - RUST

Affordable Night Vision!!! - RUST

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that Affordable Night Vision video we did on Rust? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh, you mean the one where I kept running into trees because I couldn't see anything? Classic!

appsro: Yeah, and remember when Neebs thought he was being sneaky with his night vision goggles but ended up getting shot anyway?

neebs: Hey, I was trying to be stealthy! But yeah, that was pretty funny. Good times in Rust for sure.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's all about Doraleous finding his way back while the rest of the team scours for resources and starts building. The teamwork and strategy in Rust always keep me on the edge of my seat!

I love that they play on Survival Servers, it adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. If you're interested in getting your own Rust server, definitely check them out at And don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay updated on all their latest videos!

I'm a huge fan of Neebs Gaming and I always support them on Patreon. It's awesome to see them powered by Xidax PCs, those machines are top-notch. Make sure to follow them on all their social media channels like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and their website to stay connected and never miss a beat.

If you're looking for more Neebs content, they have some amazing playlists on their channel. From cartoons to games like 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, GTA V, and Subnautica, there's something for everyone. I can't get enough of their hilarious commentary and epic gaming adventures!

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hey bud you're my new best friend and1.8395.44
now we're go go go go be a fast one all4.086.0
right this should make things easier7.2795.841
as always hello friend10.084.8
if this is clear here i'm totally13.124.079
getting this crap clear14.884.64
and yes okay17.1994.881
easy peasy i'll see those [ __ ] in no19.523.759
you wouldn't sign hell yeah23.2794.881
spring perfect all right getting on a25.843.839
horse going to get up going again got to28.162.72
see him got to see him i'm going to need29.6793.361
food all right go30.885.16
i think hey i found something look at78.1595.28
this chainsaw baby oh well we know who's80.325.68
getting wood yep vick's getting wood83.4394.801
that's right you got does it take gas86.05.68
yeah put some gas in it low-grade fuel88.245.919
is it working did you chop a tree down91.684.32
what the hell there there it goes there94.1593.121
it goes it's on i haven't chopped the96.03.6
tree down come on okay come with me yeah97.284.08
i want to see how good this works i want99.63.6
to see this thing in action how good how101.364.48
well yeah how great how fantastic yep103.24.48
wonderful how sweet i'm gonna find a big105.843.919
tree this one right here oh yeah get up107.683.2
that's with me109.7593.201
oh man i like it when you get big wood110.884.32
hit it on the x i am112.964.4
holy [ __ ]115.23.76
it sounds like it's getting the job done117.362.799
did you get like more wood than with a120.1594.96
with a hatchet i got 2 000 wood122.05.04
2300 wood125.1193.28
let me try this again let me try this127.043.279
straight got it very quickly so yeah128.3993.601
that thing's fantastic you think that130.3193.681
takes gas after yeah probably yeah it132.04.56
does take gas low-grade fuel okay yeah134.03.68
all right get all the wood you can get137.684.559
i'm building a base today all right man139.764.64
all right i gotta get to it morning wood142.2394.0
get some morning rock too144.44.88
and some morning scrap146.2393.041
that's your name horse153.25.84
howard [ __ ] dude155.123.92
if you don't know what that is or who go159.443.84
ahead and research it howard dean scream161.285.8
that'll probably come up with some163.283.8
probably not the safest place to stop174.3194.401
but i can't help it let's just get176.04.959
what's in you178.724.239
okay nobody sees me you don't see me180.9593.441
you're busy182.9593.601
um come on184.44.96
just this and then the box186.565.44
give me something magic i need some oh189.363.599
that's probably okay192.9594.081
okay come on just is our box i like194.564.64
those big boxes197.043.839
it's just all the okay199.25.599
but we can use it all right howard200.8796.881
let us go past the junkyard204.7995.841
oh except for207.765.36
can't help it i just can't all right210.644.08
what's in you213.123.92
oh more armor stuff but i'll bet they've214.724.4
got okay i've already got that i think217.044.8
my big find was my diving tank that219.124.32
should be a good time221.844.72
i'm sure not dangerous at all223.444.4
yeah i'm just i'm moving along227.844.88
where the hell231.362.64
am i232.722.159
okay okay okay yep234.8794.401
don't get sidetracked here no more boxes237.044.24
not one more box just got to get back239.283.44
damn it there's a box241.284.159
okay moving on242.722.719
hey neebs yeah come downstairs uh we're246.644.959
gonna try something here down stairs249.4394.88
yeah come downstairs okay yeah251.5994.161
downstairs oh you're already downstairs254.3194.721
i'm sorry okay uh watch look over here255.764.319
built that259.042.4
yeah that's like a261.443.6
frame and then can i oh yeah262.963.519
check it out265.043.68
what why why is that there266.4794.241
i like it but why is it there oh because268.723.759
i had never seen netting before i made270.724.4
netting okay oh you could i can climb it272.4794.881
yeah climb it okay great wait can you go275.124.079
all the way up yeah follow me up i'm277.362.72
race okay i lost gotcha but we like280.084.48
stairs do we like knitting i mean282.963.76
probably stairs but i got one more i284.563.52
tell you what i got one more piece of286.723.6
netting you got to build a wall frame to288.084.48
put it up but uh since your base monkey290.324.4
do with it what you will okay no that's292.564.16
cool we could uh hmm we can build a294.724.88
jungle jam find a use for that yeah ball296.724.72
pit yeah well299.63.68
okay i'm gonna go out i guess and gather301.444.24
resource we need food um i made a grill303.284.0
back here put a little bit of food in it305.683.76
yep okay but uh yeah i guess i'm just307.283.68
gonna go out and loot around you're309.442.72
gonna work on the base do it you get310.962.4
everything i'm gonna i'm gonna work on312.163.44
storage i'm gonna work on uh the work313.365.119
tables research uh bench thing yeah give315.64.159
us a research bit that'd be great what318.4792.801
you wanna think yeah i'll go with you319.7594.241
yeah look at this two pretty ladies yep321.284.24
we are beautiful have i known that you324.02.639
were a lady325.522.8
i feel like you've you've known it i326.6392.801
feel like you're always covered up when328.323.76
i see you well not anymore okay gaze329.444.29
your eyes upon the332.084.399
it has been quite the run337.525.6
yeah it has but you're an inferior horse340.05.68
this one's faster so um i wish you the343.125.84
best oh boy we've had some times huh345.684.079
okay i'm gonna jump on this one hey349.7595.201
maybe don't scream so loud um it weirded352.05.44
people out354.962.48
oh wait wait the drops are right over358.44.88
there i'm gonna get these damn drops ha360.965.519
ha later howard363.283.199
yeah how well armed are you got a sword373.0395.44
and a bow that's all i got too actually375.844.639
by the way who keeps a sword in a barrel378.4794.801
i i have no idea who who keeps a huge380.4794.881
wooden sign in a barrel i know it's all383.284.16
nuts isn't it it is what are you holding385.363.04
right now387.442.64
a bow is that a flaming arrow though388.44.0
yeah [ __ ] okay you didn't mention that390.085.2
part that thing looks crazy let's test392.44.0
it out on395.283.6
one of these uh scientists yes please396.43.519
let's get some high ground anakin399.9194.481
that's a reference i get because you saw402.084.48
those shitty prequels oh god404.44.0
we were all forced to suffer all right406.563.84
we got a guy way out in the woods408.43.84
way out in the open over here kind of by410.43.359
his lonesome all right why don't we just412.243.6
run up on him mess his world up i was413.7594.081
just thinking i could probably set him415.844.88
on fire uh i would like to see that oh417.844.32
there's two of them [ __ ] oh yeah of420.722.96
course there's two of them yeah let me422.162.96
see you over there with your buddy423.683.359
there's a big rock over here we can use425.124.479
that as cover okay let me see what kind427.0393.681
of damage429.5993.761
this can do man i want him to stop i430.724.24
don't think he's gonna433.364.239
this one's coming straight oh god i hate434.964.16
all of this yeah i don't like437.5993.521
positioning right now i don't like it oh439.123.84
yeah try to get him441.123.28
oh you're getting higher higher than442.963.28
that oh boy444.44.239
yep yep you have so yeah i'll ask oh446.244.32
yeah i'll ask you all ass448.6393.361
going around the rock we're not prepared450.562.32
for this452.03.12
you coming i hear them shooting and i452.883.599
really want to hit one of these guys455.122.72
yeah i want to see what kind of damage456.4793.521
that thing i want them to burn hey a457.843.919
cargo plane will deliver a airdrop in a460.04.96
few moments really oh i see that text461.7595.601
yeah that's something we could go do464.964.799
yeah loot scooting boogie some airdrop467.364.0
hopefully it'll be right on right on top469.7593.921
of us when we pray to the air drop god's471.364.72
just hey drop it right on our head473.684.639
please i'm gonna try to hit this guy do476.084.48
it aim high478.3195.44
wait too high yep is he coming uh oh oh480.564.88
he sees me he's coming oh he's coming483.7594.0
yeah we might we might have to go melee485.445.199
with this [ __ ] go come here oh sorry i487.7594.481
think i may have shot you thick oh he's490.6393.84
got a sword too he has a sword oh hey492.244.88
he's down dead son of a [ __ ] okay i'm494.4794.56
looting him what's he got oh my gosh497.123.68
whoa there's the drop see the plane ah500.83.679
why didn't we bring the horses look at504.4792.641
that i mean should we i mean we're close505.842.479
to basically we just swing by grab the507.122.96
horses we can let's do it let's go to508.3193.571
base all right510.084.93
upgrade that516.324.8
upgrade this here we go518.245.52
yeah baby gonna make this oh come on521.123.92
stick this523.763.199
all right work bench work bench number525.042.799
now we're talking we're gonna have a528.85.52
workbench one here two here three here530.646.639
not sure where to put the research table534.323.76
craft that539.364.8
research table on the way babe540.644.72
yeah hey544.163.04
what hey y'all do you still have that545.365.28
gun um yeah uh yeah okay i see it we're547.25.28
down here on the road see us on the road550.643.52
oh yeah okay yeah hey there's a552.483.6
scientist up here guarding like some554.165.359
loot uh-huh come shoot this guy uh556.086.08
i want to research bullets hold on how559.5194.0
many bullets you got you just need one562.163.679
right put on this gun here hold that guy563.5194.241
right there yeah oh he sees this hold on565.8393.601
back up he doesn't see us567.763.36
he looked right at me he looked right at569.443.92
me and winked he'd be shooting he winked571.123.76
is that because you pointed a gun at him573.363.919
uh maybe hold on if i let me look i feel574.885.36
like i can hit him 44 reload all right577.2795.201
got 24 okay as long as i don't empty580.244.56
this whole thing we can do 24 24 what582.484.0
bullets look like oh my god that's584.84.4
plenty yeah just use like five it's a586.485.359
miss it was a miss okay should we rush589.25.759
him yeah rush him okay yep moving in591.8395.281
first moving in aim true neebs ain't594.9594.32
true there he is bam bam bam bam bam bam597.122.8
bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam599.2791.68
bam bam bamp good god all right all599.922.96
right i'm rushing him on the side other600.9593.921
side i'm going to chop them up602.883.12
there we go606.05.839
was it worth the thick uh what the loot607.446.72
what are we finding in here bear bear611.8394.481
bear bear on the road oh oh god on the614.164.0
road bear all right thick flaming arrow616.323.44
time right yeah i'm out of flaming618.163.28
arrows but i got the regular kind and619.764.72
this bear is going down oh i got him yep621.444.639
that'll do it624.483.12
he's running away he's scared626.0793.041
he didn't even attack you know who i am627.63.359
he's going to base must know he is going629.123.839
to be is he going to hurt our base no he630.9593.361
ain't going to do nothing there didn't632.9593.761
hurt our horses nope he hightailed it634.324.32
yeah hey neebs thanks for the assistance636.723.44
uh you're welcome638.643.199
i built a research table i have some640.163.119
bullets to research yeah go research641.8393.12
those bullets we're still uh we're still643.2793.281
out loading probably be home i don't644.9593.361
know right around night time bring scrap646.563.12
we're gonna need scrap to research648.322.16
yeah okay neems you want my scrap yes650.483.84
yeah i'll go ahead and drop what scrap i652.9594.641
got there you go 49 scrap 261 scrap all654.326.16
right let's hope a bear doesn't kill me657.64.4
it's a fireplace660.483.039
okay no one cares if i get killed by a662.03.92
bear goodbye see the beard shoot it663.5194.801
thank you665.922.4
okay there's one oh there's the other668.723.04
relatively safe except for that bear671.765.199
okay yeah give me the goods674.05.76
oh i got no room okay get out of here676.9594.401
bullets yeah679.762.8
um yeah681.365.68
let's see guns yes thank you682.564.48
easy easy where's the bear687.2794.56
all right we got one more horsey let me691.8393.601
put this up694.3993.12
you're already good luck my friend695.445.959
our dean was the worst697.5193.88
man it's good [ __ ]702.9594.961
they're gonna love it when i get back705.045.72
i'm gonna be a hero707.926.31
big yeah715.123.279
i may have found enough parts i've got716.563.839
some parts too yeah oh man this takes718.3993.201
more than usual what do you got all720.3993.44
right i'll put what i got in here okay721.63.52
here we go723.8393.12
oh man please all right please have what725.123.719
we need please have what we need come726.9592.801
on poop728.8393.881
uh we don't we need some more um729.765.36
what is this valve oh yeah nails732.724.72
valves it looks like nails which i know735.124.0
is stupid oh yeah oh that's all we need737.443.68
all we need and that engine's fixed oh739.124.159
[ __ ] come on maybe maybe we loop this741.124.959
stuff and we see oh come on come on743.2794.961
how awesome would that be oh hold on i'm746.0793.521
going to go up to this box i see a box748.244.64
up here come on valve come on valves749.64.32
what is that metal pipe that's actually753.923.84
really good uh iran what the hell's a755.364.32
ram switch that's not a757.764.879
valve there's more stuff over here oh i759.685.36
see a barrel who keeps who keeps valves762.6394.481
in a barrel hopefully somebody got a765.044.0
targeting computer crude oil low-grade767.123.36
fuel [ __ ]769.044.72
nothing no valves no valves770.485.359
wait wait was it there's a town right773.763.28
there hold on let me look on the map can775.8392.56
we buy a valve777.043.52
one medium quality valve 40 scrap 10778.3994.401
left i'm nice 40 scraps how many how780.563.92
much scrap you got dick i got 23 now782.85.599
i've got 47. oh god let's go buy a valve784.483.919
you got this hello hey ellis hey you794.486.88
made it i did super i brought things and797.8396.481
stuff okay this feels better thank god801.365.84
uh-huh oh got some guns and things hey804.324.079
look what you're wearing look what807.22.48
you're wearing you're wearing some good808.3992.88
stuff and you got a good809.683.52
stuff too yeah yeah i got some several811.2794.401
guns i need to uh offload this stuff but813.24.639
how are you good good yeah we have a815.683.839
horse hitch here you can do that later817.8393.601
uh come on in you must be pooped what819.5194.0
are you doing over here my horse did821.444.32
that went to that spot you stopped and823.5194.401
he just run and keeps going yeah trying825.764.24
to train this one a little better uh-huh827.924.56
okay yeah hey come in check this out830.06.16
okay so uh here we are this is home832.486.24
oh yeah uh-huh and we got hey cause i836.164.4
got guns i gotta drop did you get that838.723.84
stuff from a drop i did okay i'm gonna840.564.24
build drops actually right here this is842.564.639
gonna be the spot for what um right844.84.56
where you're standing for what yeah for847.1994.161
the research table oh so we need to take849.363.839
this stuff that we got from the drop and851.364.32
learn to make it 75 scrap to learn to853.1994.481
make these hold on i got a bunch i know855.683.44
but then i got to get i think i could857.684.48
lose my uh what you call it oh i have 61859.124.8
okay we got to decide what we're willing863.923.44
to give up we should start with ammo865.363.52
we'll learn ammo yeah we need to learn867.363.839
ammo yeah i've got a bunch of kinds i am868.884.079
i got one two three871.1992.801
five kinds of ammo okay uh you wanna try874.05.68
it stick one in there stick an ammo in877.64.479
there yeah i'll stick879.684.8
okay and then how much does it cost to882.0795.521
learn it 75 okay884.484.719
you stepped away what'd you do oh i was887.63.44
i thought you were gonna learn okay i'm889.1994.161
gonna learn some too yeah um we don't891.044.08
all collectively learn what do i hit893.364.0
then nope i think you895.123.279
what do i hit897.362.88
oh i don't have the amount of scrap on898.3994.24
me oh you don't oh i have like 60900.244.8
something okay well you get the point902.6394.64
okay yeah i get the point but all right905.044.799
i'll learn some907.2792.56
oh is that you stuff911.2792.721
we have another airdrop coming in uh i914.882.959
was attacked916.563.6
by i don't know i just ran917.8394.641
but uh that's not good bears wolves what920.163.919
i don't know i was just getting attacked922.483.039
okay and i couldn't see did you get the924.0793.76
part though i did get the part yes925.5194.0
ready to go927.8394.321
did it fix it yeah look at it see this929.5194.481
thing's fixed it doesn't look fixed i932.163.44
mean the damn thing's still on fire look934.03.44
at that look at this thing this ain't935.63.44
fixed has everything it's supposed to937.444.16
have wait hold on do we have to hit it939.043.84
with a hammer sometimes that hit these941.63.44
things with hammers oh let me see let me942.885.36
see let me see what i can do945.043.2
oh yeah okay i need okay i don't have948.564.32
the right resources but if i got the950.9595.361
right resources i could fix it okay [ __ ]952.885.28
of course it's dark i keep heading back956.323.759
was that another drop yeah see the plane958.164.08
i do man we're getting drops like960.0794.641
nobody's business has it dropped it yet962.245.0
oh there they go see two of them yep964.724.799
60-65 all right are you gonna try to go967.244.68
for that uh i don't know we should969.5194.081
probably wait till morning971.922.8
yeah i tell you what i'm gonna go back973.62.159
to the base and get the stuff i need to974.722.239
fix the car because i think it's just975.7592.88
metal scrap okay i'm making a ton of976.9593.281
that in the furnace okay you lead the978.6393.361
way come on follow me follow me you like980.245.76
my hat it's a candle i haven't yeah982.04.0
my torch broke994.0794.081
follow the candle yep oh god bear oh995.364.479
bear bear's chasing me there okay i'm998.164.96
running you see you see names hey neebs999.8396.081
hey we gotta we got a bear on us no i1003.125.2
i'm gonna help oh hey dora hi careful1005.923.839
because i'm right behind got something1008.324.319
shooting at me too barefoot1009.7595.121
oh god what the [ __ ] is that something1012.6394.56
was really shooting at me hey who's that1014.883.199
hey what are we what are we running for1018.0792.721
well i was running from a bear that i1019.5192.721
started getting shot at no clue what i1020.83.279
was getting shot at start did you make1022.244.24
it back i'm close can't see anything1024.0795.201
because my torch broke where's this bear1026.484.24
should be able to see the house can i1029.283.12
get on top of the house i can see the1030.723.359
house all right i think i was getting1032.44.08
shot at by a guy i mean yeah tracer1034.0794.161
bullets flying all around me all right1036.483.199
i'm back at the house yeah see you baby1038.244.559
i see you guys i see a guy taking shots1039.6795.041
oops sorry did you learn to make that1042.7993.52
ammo yet what ammo is that oh i don't1044.723.44
know i might have just i don't know if1046.3193.281
it's just pistol bullets i can make1048.164.44
yeah he's out there he's out there david1057.63.68
i can't see him though pick up my head1059.24.16
somebody light him up trying to do oh my1061.284.24
god this hat oh he's in the dark i can't1063.363.76
see anything it's really hard to see him1065.524.399
down there little son of a [ __ ]1067.125.52
is he down might be down is he i think1069.9194.961
he's down okay turn my hat back on is he1072.644.8
down i think so well who got him i did i1074.883.36
oh good job i'm looking hold on let me1078.246.64
confirm death okay yep yep awesome nice1081.0394.961
good shot1084.883.36
thank you glad we found these guns hey1086.04.32
there's some uh what is this 12-gauge1088.244.319
incendiary shells oh yeah1090.324.32
give you a little light where yeah where1092.5594.161
are you i saw you over here somewhere1094.644.24
to the left to the left ah yeah right1096.724.24
here i see you silhouette you see me yep1098.884.799
give me a gift share this head i got oh1100.964.16
i could just you could have been out1103.6794.081
here fighting with that hat on no1105.124.559
i was up there though refueling my hat1107.764.56
okay that happened yeah it's dove as1109.6794.24
hell isn't it it's pretty dumb where'd1112.323.76
it go it was just here where you chopped1113.9194.081
them did you chop them i don't i don't1116.084.0
think it was dark i don't know okay1118.03.919
anyway what dark i was here i was like1120.083.52
to place up with my kale hat i don't1121.9194.161
have any bones1123.65.76
[ __ ] and stay out yeah yeah this is1126.085.04
our base1129.363.76
who are we talking to um whoever's out1131.123.76
there if there's any other tough to see1133.123.9
you know1134.884.72
i'm like a disco like neves1139.63.36
everybody get out on the dance floor1144.884.0
put your hands up baby he doesn't look1147.124.0
like a disco light right all right1148.884.4
probably not put your hands up1151.123.84
we're like an old police car like back1153.284.32
from the 60s1154.967.05
everybody gets on the death floor woohoo1157.67.54

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Man, watching the latest Neebs Gaming video where the crew plays Rust is just the best. I love how at the start, Doraleous wakes up naked and afraid on the beach, totally vulnerable. The situational comedy that follows as he tries to survive and reunite with the others is hilarious.

As the video goes on, the cinematic shots of the beautiful island landscape paired with the guys' quirky voice-overs really immerse you in the world. And when Anthony finally crafts some weapons and the action intensifies, I'm on the edge of my seat rooting for them!

The way Neebs Gaming blends storytelling with gameplay in their signature style allows you to experience Rust as if you're playing it yourself. But their clever editing and commentary take it to the next level. I always learn new strategies and laugh 'til it hurts watching their vids.

Overall, if you want to see what Rust is all about without actually buying and learning the game yourself, there's no better way than watching Neebs and the gang play through it. Their unique comedic spin makes the harsh survival concept so much more enjoyable. I can't wait to see what adventures and hilarious mischief they get up to next!

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