GIANT INFECTED MONSTER! | Subnautica: Below Zero

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica Log video yet? It's a wild ride as the gang tries to figure o...
GIANT INFECTED MONSTER!  |  Subnautica: Below Zero
GIANT INFECTED MONSTER! | Subnautica: Below Zero

GIANT INFECTED MONSTER! | Subnautica: Below Zero

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neebs: Hey, have you seen that Giant Infected Monster video on Subnautica: Below Zero? That thing is freaky!

simon: Oh yeah, that thing gave me nightmares! But it's so cool to watch Neebs take it on like a champ.

neebs: I know, right? Who knew a Leviathan could be so terrifying yet entertaining at the same time!

appsro: Haha, I love how they're all like 'Who put this Leviathan here?' Like, as if it's just a casual occurrence in Subnautica.

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica Log video yet? It's a wild ride as the gang tries to figure out who put that massive Leviathan there and what the deal is with that mysterious green stuff. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this epic adventure!

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good morning20.884.159
ah morning neebs hey buddy oh wow it's a22.04.8
new day25.0393.441
seize the day right yeah the weather's26.83.92
finally clear out here well this area is28.483.039
some nice like trees here these big pink31.5194.641
flowers on them oh man it could be34.0795.121
mimosas is it a mimosa yeah like the36.165.12
drink yeah like the tree39.24.08
what came first tree of the drink it's41.283.04
one of those questions oh i didn't43.282.48
realize that the drink was named off a44.324.0
tree dangerous weather approaching seek45.764.4
shelter what did you just tell me to48.323.6
seek shelter i just want it's it's first50.162.96
thing in the morning i just walked out51.922.24
here you're telling me the secret53.122.32
shelter already54.165.28
dangerous weather is coming55.446.32
for a second are you gonna seek shelter59.444.719
uh no i'm on the snow fox so i'm staying61.763.84
heated oh it's a good thing we built64.1593.201
that huh yeah but now that it's day i65.63.36
can actually see something out here so67.362.88
i'm just gonna press forward a little68.964.4
bit looking for a radio tower or70.244.86
something similar73.368.44
you start your own radio station83.682.72
go [ __ ] yourself oh yeah 1045. what kind86.43.759
of music89.22.32
a lot of punk rock who's your favorite90.1593.361
punk band yeah do i have a favorite i91.523.76
don't think i have a favorite punk man i93.523.68
don't know too many punk fans yep i'll95.284.24
look some up and hey radio tower all97.24.879
right stand by99.525.52
punk bands you don't have to do that102.0794.641
if you're starting a radio station we105.043.28
got to figure out what's good uh green106.722.8
would that be considered a punk man i109.522.8
like green day that came up in the110.884.16
search blink 182. yeah i don't mind112.326.88
playing 182. that's good too the ramones115.044.16
i think i know one or two of their songs119.4393.601
okay oh man there's a lot of stuff here121.363.039
we're not married to this bunk band123.043.359
thing you still change your mind yeah124.3995.441
cool cool cool cool names126.3993.441
you might want to go with you know132.3194.0
what's popular you pick a genre because134.2393.521
you know it changes over the decades i136.3194.0
feel like it circles around yep but like137.764.32
opera doesn't seem to have a strong140.3194.56
comeback yet or anything with a142.084.64
harpsichord yeah i haven't heard a lot144.8794.481
of harpsichord music recently you're146.727.92
correct neebs okay uh oh what is this149.365.28
found a door155.22.88
is it a bathroom no it's security158.084.32
did the person who worked here also live167.124.399
in storage oh what's it is that a joke169.24.0
is that a joke allen are you she's so171.5195.281
funny so [ __ ] funny allen173.23.6
what kind of music you think alan177.24.24
listens to maybe goofy alien music178.45.04
i would picture classical probably a181.444.879
classical guy here's some music183.443.76
it's jukebox disc yeah from uh tryhard187.24.8
ninja oh really yeah you ever heard of189.923.52
them no i can look it up for you though192.02.4
i've never heard of them either all193.442.159
right i'm pushing forward there was194.42.559
nothing really in there except for some195.5993.761
pdas oh they're a youtuber so they make196.9594.401
content for youtube i think so yeah199.364.08
that's pathetic singer i don't know who201.364.56
would do that203.442.48
thieves i'm coming up on something jesus211.045.52
this place is a mess214.45.04
holy holy crap neebs216.567.039
yeah i think i've found what is that219.447.04
a giant monster stored in ice223.5994.801
frozen monster frozen monster frozen226.483.679
monster stored in ice228.43.6
that's better than a thought out monster230.1593.28
right yeah yeah i'm kind of glad he's232.04.4
not thawed out that's good oh man233.4395.001
what the hell happened here236.44.0
hold on i'm taking a look down here okay240.44.16
they were drilling in the ice under the242.483.92
monster oh244.564.959
can i scan this yeah246.43.119
i'm scanning this guys249.765.44
the battery died what's going on hello252.486.4
hello oh there it is weird255.23.68
there frozen leviathan claws what can259.1995.041
you tell me about those standby261.683.519
that's a big boy wait a minute265.1994.881
that's not good268.6394.241
names yeah i'm seeing on this frozen270.085.2
leviathan he's got like green272.884.319
plus balls on him oh yeah say that very275.283.52
casually oh yeah you know what that is277.1994.161
right i mean i didn't never on the left278.85.28
um my cousin had that it's gross no it's281.365.279
that damn virus i had oh really what we284.084.64
got rid of oh that okay now my cousin286.6393.361
didn't have anything yeah i know he288.722.24
didn't have that because i was on this290.04.0
damn planet right290.963.04
get up there somehow oh found an294.84.48
lift some people call it lift it's a299.443.039
lift yeah301.363.04
worldly if you're gonna live in space i302.4794.321
mean lift makes much more sense304.44.88
also elevate it elevates but lifts a306.84.56
nice you know one syllable word it's a309.284.56
lip wow311.365.679
oh boy neebs what you got buddy it's a313.845.28
big guy317.0395.361
i can scan its teeth319.126.56
and it's skull322.44.96
what can you tell me about this thing325.684.56
frozen leviathan well it's big yeah no327.365.679
[ __ ] um a lot of this stuff is just330.244.72
physical features that you obviously can333.0395.321
see right334.963.4
insert sample requires injectable345.683.92
containers somebody named fred thinks347.844.48
the leviathan might still be alive349.64.8
i hope not so don't don't get too close352.324.64
to his mouth354.42.56
thinks it's still alive no no no way358.05.039
it's been pronounced dead by most361.284.08
everybody else okay well good363.0393.761
i mean i'm right here i'm on its neck365.362.959
right now and i'm jumping jumping up and366.83.2
down hey368.3194.641
wake up yeah give us cpr370.04.56
breathe come on372.963.92
come on374.562.32
yep's not doing oh [ __ ]377.124.519
uh yeah that's uh381.7594.961
raw infection oh god i gotta get out of384.563.68
here i don't want to get that wait i386.723.12
wonder if i'm immune you probably still388.243.12
got anybody you would hope so yeah389.843.44
because i've had it before yep well391.364.24
that's comforting well393.283.759
some people just start going about395.62.879
variants they'll be like ah you got a397.0393.201
variant no okay yeah that that wouldn't398.4794.801
be fun but hey listen we uh we can't let400.244.88
this thing get out again man403.283.919
right man give it a shot see what405.124.079
happens no hell no not give it a shot407.1993.521
like we fought like hell to get that you409.1992.881
know to stop the damn thing the first410.722.72
time i'm not letting it [ __ ] get out412.083.28
again okay wait is that what sam was413.442.72
hold on let me just do a pda yeah416.166.96
i am great then what you got to do is420.05.919
seal off the whole cave i've got justice423.124.32
seal off the cave god damn it okay427.444.4
so wait that mess down there wait is430.083.679
that where sam died is that what the pda431.843.919
said to seal the cave off yeah well433.7593.681
remember sam i think sam might be a435.7593.361
terrorist lesbian terrorist working with437.443.52
marguerite they were trying to blow up439.123.76
labs and stuff440.963.44
i think she may have been trying to blow442.883.92
up this lab to stop the company from444.45.76
researching the uh the virus yeah i mean446.84.64
it makes sense450.163.2
yeah i can see her doing that451.444.159
oh i found her necklace my inventory453.366.08
school pda investigation report hold on455.5996.561
my investigation of the fire excavation459.445.28
site including the cave entrance and462.165.759
surrounding area revealed minor cosmetic464.725.919
damage to altera survey equipment and467.9194.801
significant structural damage to the470.6395.12
natural cave entrance and supports we472.726.0
are reporting two casualties pavan475.7596.321
ivanov and samantha are you dear buddies478.725.28
were found beneath the rubble at the482.083.679
cave entrance484.04.24
ivanov had just entered the cave the485.7594.801
princes were still visible by the488.243.519
deeper into the cave are you appear to491.7595.041
have sustained a fall494.164.719
for souls496.84.72
what was are you doing498.8794.961
nothing in her file suggests a history501.525.44
of vandalism or carelessness503.845.919
and yet i can only conclude that the506.964.72
cause of the collapse was509.7594.16
employee negligence511.684.56
we will need to investigate a possible513.9195.12
connection to the explosive damage516.245.039
shut the [ __ ] up god they go on stop519.0394.56
stop got to go on forever521.2793.201
brevity's yeah524.483.52
yeah brevity is not a thing that yeah525.924.72
exists with them so it does seem my528.04.8
sister tried to blow up the cave and i530.643.759
think she killed herself doesn't sound532.84.159
like her well at least now we know534.3995.12
now i know hey mission complete536.9594.161
okay but now what all right i'm not539.5193.681
gonna let this damn virus get out though541.123.36
i think she was trying to seal up the543.23.84
click gave her wait a minute544.484.64
hold on i remember547.044.16
i've already synthesized an antidote and549.123.76
stashed it in a cave551.22.96
i can go552.883.04
she synthesized the nanodome stashed it554.165.28
in a cave wait a second maps maps maps555.927.12
where is the yeah559.446.399
remember that penguin circled red yeah563.044.08
that was565.8393.281
that's where she stashed it567.124.64
okay okay so neebs we're here at this569.125.68
radio tower okay we head south571.764.639
pink trees574.83.52
uh there's a couple of penguin caves in576.3994.481
one of these penguin caves i think sam578.325.76
put the antidote to the580.885.44
rock okay you still got the penguin bot584.084.0
i got the penguin let's go find a586.325.519
penguin cave i'm ready baby588.083.759
i'm not a fan of this damn weather man599.63.2
it's like it's not snowing it's [ __ ]601.124.56
foggy can't see it damn thing out here602.84.56
all right pop it off come on fog clear607.364.64
up my keyboard has these feet on it kind609.8393.921
of makes it lean towards you yeah and612.03.36
then they like fold up where they're613.764.16
okay then your keyboard is wobbly yeah618.483.919
it's like as bad as you know you go to a621.043.6
restaurant and the table's622.3994.961
wobbling yeah fold up napkins624.644.4
you try to stick it under the feet yeah627.362.96
okay hold on names actually i think i629.044.799
just see a landmark now630.325.519
okay that633.8394.401
so oh so follow the water635.8393.761
to the end638.243.599
follow the water to the end maybe639.64.96
it's got to be around here neebs okay641.8395.721
i'd like to think at some point there's651.922.8
a world where tables aren't wobbly653.363.12
anymore man if you could solve that uh654.725.2
crisis but be a saint be a hero and i'd656.485.2
give it to the people for free659.923.84
like the guy that did the polio vaccine661.683.839
right that'd be nice just be for663.764.0
humanity hold on i've found a cave665.5194.401
unsure if it's a penguin cave667.764.56
where are you669.924.4
boy that's a lot of bones there's672.324.88
stalkers in here674.322.88
man we gotta be close678.722.96
in the water683.045.28
penguin cave in the water684.244.08
yeah i think i found it okay look he690.324.16
said that a minute ago692.83.36
is there a steam yeah all right standing694.484.479
by steam van696.162.799
taking the spy penguin699.445.2
drop in the penguin702.883.98
here we go704.645.349
pretty good i'm hearing some snarling717.764.0
i don't i hope that's not back near my720.0793.121
okay don't fall don't fall i only got723.25.759
one penguin726.3996.56
okay what's that what's that what's that728.9594.0
oh god oh god it's wrong i don't know733.27.439
ah [ __ ] oh what's wrong stup snow736.86.479
stalker that's what's wrong oh okay okay740.6394.481
all right yeah he's chasing me oh god743.2794.641
where'd i put where to put that kid745.124.48
yeah stop chasing me leave me alone747.923.84
where'd he get weapon no i got no damn749.64.0
weapon why haven't we made a weapon yet751.763.199
i don't know753.64.64
can i control the penguin from here754.9593.281
get out of here771.042.799
where's that snowstorm777.123.3
hypothermic imminent oh god778.9594.56
no no783.5194.561
oh man are you serious are you safe yeah798.886.56
not yet803.123.68
come on snowbox get out of here oh god806.85.039
oh god oh god no809.23.84
still on you811.8394.081
yeah it's still [ __ ] on me okay813.044.88
are you leaving the area uh well yeah815.923.359
i'm backing up817.923.44
god damn it he's right over there by the819.2794.481
damn penguin okay i need to get the821.363.839
penguin yeah someone's gonna ask you823.762.879
gotta get that penguin825.1993.521
we gotta make a weapon man you can't run826.6395.76
around this planet with no weapon yeah828.725.28
i haven't found anything i i used to832.3993.521
have what was it the grav gun the thing834.04.079
like uh propulsion cannon yeah what you835.924.24
need is nunchucks838.0793.681
come on just lure you over here come on840.163.76
big boy come this way841.763.68
come this way843.923.68
come this way yeah845.444.88
okay come on847.64.72
come on this way all right850.323.6
all right oh god852.325.519
sneaking around sneaking around853.923.919
hop off oh god okay there's another one859.364.88
come on get the penguin get the penguin862.0793.921
dangerous don't open the storage god864.244.159
damn it866.02.399
[ __ ] [ __ ] there's two of them869.443.839
okay ah871.5193.841
get out of there i'm trying you son of a873.2795.081
[ __ ]875.363.0
okay so you you got the penguin or you886.245.44
did no penguin's still over there okay888.484.32
two stalkers yeah one two stalkers892.85.12
oh hell's down okay gotta take a health895.683.12
a little bit of food898.85.52
water all right all right looking better901.5195.12
maybe maybe they've left910.3994.8
stasis rifle that's what we had before915.1993.681
remember yeah i remember the stasis917.1993.601
rifle and i remember the propulsion918.885.519
cannon okay oh god i'm gonna die920.84.719
okay he's right there he's right there924.3992.401
come on grab the penguin and go grab the925.5193.44
penguin and go open the storage got the926.83.44
i'm just930.242.399
packing up the penguin all right i got931.362.96
it i got it932.6393.681
[ __ ] now get out of there got going man934.325.319
i am going936.323.319
oh god942.162.479
i didn't think i'd ever say this but i'm943.2793.211
ready to get back into the water944.6395.02
this course is getting dark i need to950.563.44
get back out to the lab with the kawara951.7594.961
railroad infested thing i think we need954.04.48
to get back to making a propulsion956.722.88
no no because that's going all the way960.563.76
back to the damn what sea truck okay962.164.32
fine just uh get killed964.324.959
i don't care966.485.919
oh god oh god no no no no no no no no no969.2794.321
no no972.3992.481
oh no973.64.64
no no no no no no974.883.36
you sound like you're having a day i am978.722.799
having a date i think i may have just980.164.0
put captain kid into the water981.5194.24
waiting these don't god then the snow984.164.0
stalkers can swim the snow stalkers can985.7594.64
swim names okay but you can swim it's988.163.84
fine right yeah990.3994.961
no because they're [ __ ] after me992.05.36
oh captain ken how do i get captain ken995.363.12
out of here997.363.279
oh wait can i get a break oh am i gonna998.484.08
have to break him down with the builder1000.6394.241
[ __ ] names i'm stuck out here all right1002.563.199
this is a calm down all right yeah1005.7592.88
collect your thoughts collect my1007.442.72
thoughts make a plan all right let me1008.6393.2
get into this cave and get some warmth1010.165.2
all right it's a good start1011.8393.521
now what are our goals i have to get the1018.6396.241
antidote over to the leviathan and cure1021.366.079
the caramel rubber rod and then get the1024.885.039
[ __ ] off of this iceberg1027.4394.081
snow fox we're just leaving it i would1029.9193.601
love to get the snow fox but i just i i1031.524.0
put it into the water like an idiot can1033.525.36
we break it down break it down maybe1035.524.559
let's see got some flares on me that'll1040.0795.441
help see in the dark right1042.7994.561
that's what they're made for i think so1045.523.84
all right here we go1047.365.36
come on captain kid where are you1049.363.36
come on1072.7992.801
okay names i may have gotten captain1074.163.92
kane out of the water at a boy1075.64.0
there we go all right but i can't see a1078.083.839
damn thing right now uh-huh1079.63.76
throw a flare down perfect all right1083.364.16
players oh yeah of course flare rolled1085.524.0
all the way down the damn hill1087.524.08
[ __ ] stalker see how great would a1089.523.68
cannon be right now dangerous where1091.62.8
they're approaching1093.23.2
seek shelter no way1094.43.84
yeah i see you you're gonna come after1096.44.0
babes yeah i don't think he likes the1103.23.68
player oh really yeah1105.0393.921
there we go1106.883.679
how you gonna handle it bubba how long1108.963.76
does that burn i don't know i hope for a1110.5593.761
while do i have any more oh i just put1112.724.4
it up yeah1114.324.08
he's holding him off huh it is holding1117.124.64
him up that's hard hey run away yeah oh1118.46.639
tell them yeah i'm chasing it again1121.764.56
you get1125.0393.681
hypothermia oh where's the water where's1128.723.6
the water jump in the water get warm i1130.723.04
know that makes no sense1132.322.88
there we go1133.764.159
look we're solving problems yeah yeah1135.25.51
it's just it's all got the problem1137.9197.62
where is it1148.42.639
repair tool1160.324.96
mix it up man yeah that thing just took1162.324.88
a beating we didn't upgrade it yet did1165.284.16
we there any mods on it1167.24.56
no there's no mods on it whenever we mod1169.444.4
it we should rename it1171.763.6
you don't like captain ken1173.843.12
well i thought that was just temporary1175.363.76
wouldn't it uh it doesn't matter call it1176.963.92
captain neebs or the1179.124.96
deep cycle gotcha okay well all right1180.884.96
i've just repaired it so now i'm gonna1184.083.92
travel back out there to that place1185.843.6
i wanted to come back to the thing1188.02.88
what's the battery power at now we had1189.442.479
57 oh man1191.9193.76
all right putting it back on that needs1193.844.64
a minute to charge1195.6792.801
uh oh okay yeah look i can see the1199.0394.241
battery power right here it's at 73 74.1200.724.319
i want to get that [ __ ] to 1001203.282.879
because i don't want to get out there1205.0392.961
and get stuck you know what i mean yeah1206.1596.361
of course that'd be awful yeah1208.04.52
oh no no no no no no oh yeah of course1220.324.32
right at the ramp i need to get up1223.24.8
that's where you decide to hang out1224.645.6
more stalkers yeah more stalkers hate1228.04.799
these guys and do you have any flares1230.245.52
no i think i've used both my players1232.7994.721
how do we get more players1235.763.12
find them1237.523.12
make them yes can you make them i don't1238.883.52
know look them up flares yeah that's1240.644.72
right help with that stand by1242.44.56
have you ever stopped to ask yourself if1245.363.76
you're a good driver yeah and what'd you1246.963.36
come up with i think i'm a pretty good1249.122.72
driver how much thought did you put into1250.322.8
it though well i know how other people1251.843.12
drive and they're [ __ ] pricks and i1253.124.24
don't drive like them i mean snow fox is1254.965.44
82 and you just fixed it yeah well i got1257.365.199
hit by a snow stalker1260.43.92
thing okay1262.5593.36
come on weather why won't you just be1264.324.479
nice to me once1265.9192.88
crystalline sulfur and the fabricator1270.724.72
you've got yourself a flare oh that's it1273.764.08
just sulfur yep well that's pretty cool1275.444.64
you should make a thousand of those yeah1277.843.52
oh speaking of silver did you ever1280.082.64
figure out why you were smelling a bunch1281.362.799
of it when you were a kid no you said1282.722.8
you were gonna call your dad and figure1284.1593.681
that out yeah i forgot to ask him yeah1285.523.84
okay i wasn't just smelling it it was1287.842.8
just everywhere some of there was just1289.362.559
mountains of it1290.642.8
i don't think it's too bad for you too1291.9193.76
bad i mean it says it does not1293.444.08
smelling it doesn't mean it'll harm your1295.6794.401
health it can cause worry anxiety1297.524.639
resentment that's a weird thing by1300.084.479
smelling sulfur you get resentment1302.1593.601
that sounds weird right that sounds1304.5593.201
super weird yeah i really can't get over1305.763.6
that thing you did now that i smelled1307.763.76
this yeah i got all this sulfur in my1309.363.36
brain and1311.523.36
i'm pissed off at you i'm not gonna let1312.724.12
this go i'm gonna hold a1314.884.88
grudge bye george1316.846.04
okay back to the cave all right1319.764.799
and then we're gonna1322.883.279
cure a monster is that what we're doing1324.5593.841
uh yeah we're making sure this virus is1326.1595.041
like cured and not getting out anywhere1328.44.48
which i think is what my sister was1331.23.52
trying to do but she blew herself up1332.883.6
like a stupid [ __ ] it's probably good1334.723.439
she and i didn't work out yeah because1336.483.92
she blew herself up dodged a bullet yeah1338.1595.4
you did1340.43.159
the elevator1348.7992.88
i used to have an elevator at the church1350.03.36
i used to go to when i was a kid your1351.6793.441
church had an elevator1353.363.52
well i mean it was a little a little1355.124.08
elevator for the handicapped people oh1356.885.36
all right so let's see stand by1359.25.76
okay if i have the antidote i'm taking1362.245.2
the antidote1364.965.28
and i'm inserting it into this thing1367.444.0
i have no clue what i'm doing but it1371.443.44
just the hole looked like it would fit1372.7995.201
so i did it and all right that's what1374.885.6
keeps humanity going okay i'm going to1378.04.96
begin the injection1380.486.0
okay and boom we're going to cure the1382.966.32
cava rivalries so no one else gets that1386.484.48
bad disease man we're saving the world1389.283.759
aren't we pretty much again1390.964.959
yep look at us it's golden ejection in1393.0395.041
oh that's good yeah everything1398.084.64
antibacterial agent was effective1399.524.8
without it the bacteria could have1402.723.04
now it cannot1405.763.919
your sister's memory will live in you1407.763.919
through this gesture oh that's good i1409.6793.521
mean truth be told she was kind of a1411.6794.401
[ __ ] but i mean i am sad she's gone my1413.25.359
people do not experience endings as you1416.084.4
do humans feel joy in realizing that1420.484.799
you've reached the end of something well1422.964.24
i guess it depends on the person but uh1425.2794.64
yeah for myself i can't wait to die my1427.25.28
life is a series of unfortunate events1429.9194.961
i'll tell you but uh yeah everybody's1432.484.64
different but hey we're lucky enough to1434.883.12
i guess that means we're lucky enough to1438.04.36
all right1450.883.36
well i seem a little emotional now yeah1452.1594.0
a little bit i figured out what happened1454.246.4
to my sister so that's done but uh1456.1596.081
now i got to figure out how to get this1460.644.08
dumb alien out of my brain yeah1462.243.439
back to the sea truck back to base1465.6794.48
and then i guess we're gonna go hunting1468.883.2
for alien [ __ ] cause that's what i1470.1594.081
wanted to do1472.084.24
maybe maybe okay i don't even know if i1474.244.319
know how to make a profession i do you1476.324.4
do i do you you know that i know how to1478.5594.321
i know that we could do it okay we could1480.723.68
do it but we're probably gonna have to1482.884.0
go and like look for sea monkey nest do1484.44.879
a whole bunch of [ __ ] okay you're in1486.884.399
i mean all i gotta do is talk so okay1489.2794.481
yeah i mean yeah hey virus is cured1491.2794.64
that's no big deal let's get this alien1493.765.519
out of my brain names okay1495.9193.36

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