We let him KICK in VR...

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Blade & Sorcery video featuring Appsro? If not, you're in for a treat be...
We let him KICK in VR...
We let him KICK in VR...

We let him KICK in VR...

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Appsro, did you see that video where we let him KICK in VR? That was hilarious!

appsro: Oh yeah, I remember that one! It was so funny to watch you trying to kick in virtual reality.

neebs: Hey, I may not have the best coordination in VR, but at least I got some good kicks in!

appsro: Haha, true! I guess we'll have to do another VR video soon and see if you've improved your kicking skills.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Blade & Sorcery video featuring Appsro? If not, you're in for a treat because this time, he's using his feet to battle it out in the virtual world! How cool is that?

I don't know about you, but I always love watching Appsro dive into new challenges in VR games. And this video is no exception. The way he immerses himself in the game and interacts with the environment is just so entertaining to watch. Plus, the added element of using his feet adds a whole new level of excitement to the gameplay.

If you haven't already, make sure to check out the Blade & Sorcery playlist on the Neebs Gaming channel. It's filled with epic VR adventures and hilarious moments that will keep you entertained for hours. And while you're at it, don't forget to explore the other playlists too, like One-Offs and VR, for even more gaming goodness.

And let's not forget to show our support for Neebs Gaming by checking out their Patreon and grabbing some Neebs Gaming Coffee to fuel our own gaming adventures. Plus, if you're in need of a new gaming PC, Xidax is the way to go - just like the Neebs crew!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest hilarious and action-packed playthrough of Blade & Sorcery. This physics-based medieval combat game is a perfect match for the Neebs crew's signature blend of comedy and chaos.

Appsro immediately shines as the star of the show, bringing his trademark manic energy and gleeful violence to the VR arena. His childlike enthusiasm for dismembering foes never gets old. The rest of the gang play off him perfectly, with reactions ranging from sadistic encouragement (Tony) to disgusted disbelief (Thick).

The freedom afforded by Blade & Sorcery's realistic physics leads to no end of emergent gameplay moments. Severed limbs flying, bodies ragdolling down stairs, weapons embedding themselves in walls - it's violence as absurdist slapstick comedy. Only Neebs Gaming could make such a gory game so funny.

But the video also shows off the impressive combat mechanics and worldbuilding of Blade & Sorcery itself. The tavern and castle settings are atmospheric, and the weapon selection encourages experimentation. It's easy to see why this is one of VR's killer apps.

Ultimately, Neebs Gaming is the ideal way to experience Blade & Sorcery without owning a VR headset yourself. Their comedic commentary and edits transform the game into a true spectacle. Whether you're a VR enthusiast or someone who just enjoys Neebs' brand of humor, this series is not to be missed. Neebs has once again proven they can make anything entertaining - even gruesome medieval dismemberment!

Neebs Gaming
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oh look at this match made in heaven i0.245.119
love you baby oh baby you're too good2.324.079
for me5.3593.2
yeah okay oh boy6.3994.16
i know i know it's a little perilous but8.5593.921
trust me we're going to the top of the10.5593.2
tower you and me12.482.48
i don't know if we can monetize this14.964.92
hi guys it's me abso i'm an aydah's46.04.879
house and oh look at this actually have48.3995.361
trackers on my ankles this is the and my50.8795.281
oh oh yeah who's electric i'm electric57.1995.36
okay this is going to be60.7193.76
way too much fun62.5595.361
these trackers are pretty cool64.4793.441
take a pick up my powers here i got fire71.67.68
oh yeah oh yeah then you toss it75.363.92
oh and i can put them in both hands79.63.36
somebody's about to have a very bad day85.525.36
all right i'm gonna get into some90.881.919
ah the arena the warriors i made all92.7995.28
right let me see96.04.479
oh can i pick swords98.0794.481
how i could spawn things oh no they100.4794.881
should not have given me this power102.565.12
look at you i like you i'll spawn you105.363.68
just in case you hang out right there107.683.28
we're gonna have some fun109.044.64
start with melee only let's do it110.964.88
just like a coliseum gladiator fight did113.683.92
my sword disappear what is that all115.843.12
right i'm gonna have to steal swords off117.64.4
one of these idiots you118.963.04
oh my god i'm sorry i didn't realize125.7593.521
that it would128.3192.801
kill you that quickly is that a rape out129.285.76
what the [ __ ] is that your butt [ __ ]131.123.92
sorry sorry oh that is not that is not a135.284.959
good wound sorry okay is that in your138.3196.161
head oh you you guys i'm fighting you140.2394.241
are you okay146.562.399
i feel like i'm hitting harder and i147.682.24
want to148.9592.881
hey buddy149.926.28
sorry is that your wife151.844.36
give me that rapture156.43.52
i am159.924.88
jesus christ i'm sorry oh i'm so sorry162.164.56
are you okay are you okay164.83.439
clearly not is that someone coming up166.723.76
behind me168.2394.321
ah sir170.483.28
how about you172.566.48
oh oh god sorry sorry sorry173.765.28
oh oh i got some skills do you180.085.36
lightning power184.3192.64
give me that hand give me a189.443.439
hit this game196.846.2
is amazing you [ __ ]199.683.36
got it207.5992.321
oh god is that your hit did you try to210.084.079
grab my sword212.04.4
you should never try to grab a sword214.1593.601
not cool216.43.119
god this is brutal it's more act it's217.763.839
more brutal than i remember right i219.5196.041
don't remember this being this brutal221.5993.961
uh-huh uh-huh226.724.64
uh-huh here what we're gonna do228.724.56
we got both231.363.599
yeah we got a little palpatine on you do233.284.159
a little dance234.9596.48
yep yep yep yep237.4396.481
you okay241.4392.481
you okay250.1594.0
oh hey oh yeah i got your buddy here i'm251.365.76
going to use him as a shield254.1592.961
hey quinn257.5192.96
you should259.3593.12
oh that's right i forgot about slow260.4794.241
all right now come here now you two kiss272.6395.041
oh look at this match made in heaven i275.63.68
love you baby277.684.16
baby you're too good for me you're too279.284.479
good for me we could never exist in this281.845.359
world but i have a nice dowry i have all283.7596.401
types of cows and chickens287.1997.641
oh i do love a chicken290.164.68
oh wait what does this one do309.363.52
all right what do you do315.365.679
oh it's like a little force push317.7595.761
ah throws you off balance huh321.0394.16
oh okay323.522.72
let me get two of them hey hey i'm326.244.64
experimenting here328.162.72
come on come on am i low on magic oh334.243.44
that's build next building this is gonna336.325.84
suck for you what how do i do this337.684.48
don't know how to do this347.684.72
all right so you build this up i'm350.084.16
stop it oh352.44.079
is it354.242.239
you see what this is doing358.722.72
if i let one go they all go down all361.445.12
right interesting363.1995.44
bring them up bring them down366.564.24
what's the trick here yeah i know i know368.6396.361
i'm working on it370.84.2
did you see that i made everything float380.6394.721
here give me383.125.359
whoa okay385.363.119
hey sorry i'm just gonna389.285.6
i was experimenting with that i didn't393.283.52
exactly know what it did but now i do so394.884.12
i'm just going to come over here396.86.0
and give you a nice toss399.06.28
this is a fun effect406.883.52
left a little410.883.039
little dangle all right we're going to411.9193.28
the market413.9196.12
ah yes a place of enterprise415.1994.84
who was that whoa423.366.559
well i heard you something you a mage426.165.84
yeah you're a mage429.9195.961
oh it's a fireball battle432.03.88
man i'm not very accurate with these439.1992.961
things you're not either these things440.883.2
are not easy to throw are they yeah i442.163.599
mean i just ran out444.084.399
i got kind of back into a corner mage445.7593.84
what is that thing you're holding do448.4792.321
i want that450.82.64
does this do anything453.9193.921
does this increase my magic what's the456.163.12
point of this457.842.72
all right give me a second hold on i got459.286.12
an idea so if i pick electricity easy460.564.84
that looks cool hey i got a little build469.0393.201
up here471.1991.941
can i shoot it472.242.72
just okay gotcha476.845.799
so i can hit you with it479.5994.801
all right cool so i need to mix that484.43.199
with something else give me a second486.02.72
give me a second just hold it right487.5993.361
i don't think you know who i am miss i491.124.72
am the mage493.122.72
i will shark your face and burn your497.282.8
take that500.082.64
yes the nice cooch birding is what503.7594.0
everyone needs506.162.879
enjoy the flavor509.0393.041
all right you good you hot now513.366.32
she says no she's not516.4794.721
oh i got i got to talk to you about519.682.719
yup yup oh am i out of magic there we go522.3994.641
all right so come here come here524.723.6
all right gotcha all right follow me a527.042.16
just be real cool all right i just need529.23.12
you to be real cool530.9594.241
come up here come on up here532.324.079
just this this is just a little535.24.16
experiment so536.3992.961
so long539.922.56
you okay542.642.56
oh i'm gonna kick somebody into this546.3993.361
hey come here i want to kick you into549.763.69
this well551.5197.121
all right hang on a second you're gonna558.642.08
like this559.684.04
and then kick kick564.164.4
there we go this is the way to do it566.643.52
what's going on kicks573.765.44
all right that's how i kick people into577.683.44
the well come on over here come on over579.23.44
here i'm gonna581.123.52
take you down away oh yeah stay right582.644.08
there stay right there this is good584.645.639
ow my dick586.723.559
no don't get caught on my foot you just599.123.6
get in the way yes601.043.52
no come on fall602.723.52
[ __ ]604.563.92
get all right get in the well606.245.12
get in the [ __ ] get in the [ __ ] i'm608.486.24
trying to get that [ __ ] in the well611.363.36
stay right there stay right there stay616.642.64
right there you're gonna love this617.924.509
oh man you're going high you've gone622.9594.641
you've gone too high come back down624.84.56
all right here we go here we go627.63.919
nope i need you back in that circle629.363.12
here we go631.5194.801
nope kicks too high come back down632.483.84
you okay636.3993.201
[ __ ]637.8395.361
[ __ ] this is going swimmingly639.63.6
all right buddy yep yep yep i know644.244.64
at least i got you down there you son of656.04.519
a [ __ ]657.363.159
be cool if he could shave with this660.563.519
floaty powers668.563.44
be like the floaty powers670.04.56
all right where to next672.04.399
been to the market been the coliseum674.565.68
what we got here the citadel676.3993.841
let's go to the citadel684.163.359
oh oh wow i have not been here yet687.65.2
is gorgeous694.3995.921
and i mean my immediate thought is697.2794.56
i'm gonna be throwing a bunch of people700.324.32
off this bridge701.8392.801
oh they're in trouble705.5194.161
let's see what sort of toys it'll give707.2793.12
you know what i'll try bow i haven't710.3994.481
tried a bow yet i got you all712.0795.76
oh you got one too this is gonna be one718.6394.281
of those fights didn't it720.84.56
oh dismissed i'm gonna get closer to you725.363.93
ow you mother727.64.56
i'm killing you with your own arrow you732.162.19
realize that right733.5194.54
yeah you know you're in trouble give me740.163.2
this arrow i told you i'm killing you741.922.56
with your own743.364.08
i don't know why you're doing that [ __ ]744.485.76
i can see your balls750.242.96
all right back to the bridge back to the753.2793.841
bridge here's where the fun starts you755.23.1
go to this hand757.123.32
and push760.443.959
oh come on push767.125.719
get off there769.443.399
fine i'll do it the old-fashioned way774.323.36
i didn't even know this was possible779.123.68
well that just opens up a whole new781.5193.32
world of stuff doesn't it oh sorry782.84.8
sorry did not mean to throw you that784.8394.061
[ __ ] oh god787.65.24
well then new power793.8395.0
discovered yep oh798.8394.041
oh yeah802.882.48
tell me what i want to know806.6395.2
and drop809.22.639
sorry sorry812.8394.521
oh my goodness lady clear you didn't820.165.28
exactly see what just happened you're in823.2793.12
got your foot826.3994.961
oh chip that's the wall and i apologize829.1995.361
for knocking anything over831.363.2
all right can i use835.1993.841
oh i use this and grab836.83.839
oh my goodness look at me i got a little840.6394.88
puppet lady843.125.92
and yep oh god oh god did i just rip a845.5195.141
[ __ ] it off849.047.12
rick rip856.164.96
this is i'm not doing anything sexual858.3995.44
now i am861.122.719
hey bella get over here try some of this865.1994.401
[ __ ] she's lost an arm but otherwise867.363.82
it's fine869.63.919
yeah get in there just just really enjoy873.5193.12
it you know875.2793.36
i think she's getting a little cold but876.6393.681
it should be okay for a while878.6394.241
yep yep yep there you go there you go880.324.72
make some love make some sweet love882.884.0
all right honey get down there do your885.042.75
i am a sadistic [ __ ]889.1993.76
yep so long lady oh you didn't go894.324.56
anywhere are you still alive oh yeah you896.3993.44
can i like crush your neck899.8394.721
oh i just brought you to me901.8396.0
jeez i am like a god in this universe i904.565.12
love it907.8393.36
you don't909.683.44
i do911.1994.0
oh hey lady come over here we're gonna913.123.519
have some fun915.1992.401
this might hurt917.65.64
but just give me a minute all right919.124.12
hit this sorry this is more hacking than926.323.12
i thought i thought it would just come928.242.399
right off929.442.88
clearly not930.6394.64
come on hey i did it932.324.639
jesus christ935.2793.12
this is okay936.9593.521
i don't know if we can monetize this938.3996.081
video what do you say google940.484.0
is that an over yes944.83.279
how [ __ ]949.045.19
sorry i got your buddies950.726.61
oh god i'm a murdering bastard tell you960.564.399
what if you need to get some anger out963.7594.561
this is the game to do it964.9595.68
oh i just found slow motion high968.323.36
ah all right i found slow motion though982.323.36
so i got that going for me984.03.06
all right i'm gonna try slow motion kick985.682.88
all right slow motion only works988.563.199
sometimes it's not consistent so that's989.7594.481
a problem991.7593.601
that's what i hate to do it is it the995.363.44
middle one oh it's the metal one all997.045.2
right i found it for reals this time998.83.44
oh you're still alive i had no idea all1003.043.84
right we're gonna try this again grab1005.443.6
your knife1006.885.36
grab your knife get it get your knife1009.045.44
come up here1012.244.24
come out1014.484.0
come on1016.484.08
what are you looking at me funny for1018.484.96
i'm gonna [ __ ] your face up1020.563.999
like a little bug squishy1024.5593.871
squeezy like a bug1026.5594.321
closing one eye while i do this1030.883.36
so i guess you're just not gonna go1034.45.36
all right can i get to the top of that1037.8393.6
thing i wonder i see some stairs over1039.763.76
there you see those stairs over there1041.4393.281
you want1043.522.72
you want to go with me to the top of the1044.722.56
it'll be nice and romantic1047.283.56
come on1049.9194.961
chugger it's you and me honey1050.844.04
i like the way you dance i'm a dancer1055.522.64
i don't know if you know1058.163.44
really good at dancing1059.9193.921
i'm also good in the sack1061.64.24
i didn't know if you knew that i can eat1063.843.76
a mean vagina1065.844.16
see is there any more or is this it oh1067.64.0
this platforming1071.63.439
oh my goodness1073.0394.161
can i get up there is that even possible1075.0394.721
for me to get up there what in the world1077.24.88
i don't think i can climb unless that's1082.083.36
just another thing i didn't realize i1084.02.559
all right but i don't know if i could1086.5593.681
take you up there1087.524.399
now i can jump forgot what the jump1090.245.28
button was is this1091.9195.76
yeah okay oh boy1095.524.08
i know i know it's a little perilous but1097.6793.841
trust me we're going to the top of the1099.63.199
tower you and me it's going to be1101.523.6
romantic you stupid [ __ ]1102.7993.041
come on oh god oh god i seem to have1105.845.199
fallen are you okay honey honey1108.486.079
you okay sugar pop sugar pop darling1111.0394.88
it's a little precarious here i'll help1114.5593.201
you down let me just let me just tilt me1115.9193.731
down you okay there you go1117.763.2
you all right1120.964.56
sweetie poo honey pie bubble bean1122.45.12
little bean i'm going to the top of this1125.523.76
i'll miss you hey you want to go1129.283.2
okay i'll see you up there1133.444.16
oh god1136.483.36
so wait is climbing a thing so here1140.7994.801
oh my goodness1143.844.56
oh my goodness oh god it's it's a thing1145.64.72
but it works like [ __ ] hey that's1148.42.88
something they need to work on with this1150.322.4
hey quit it just1151.283.92
[ __ ] off1152.722.48
i love hearing them scream in the1156.5592.561
okay and then maybe i grab here pull1161.9194.801
myself up kind of1164.167.04
oh and then here and then yeah pull go1166.725.28
oh god1172.02.48
[ __ ] me in the door oh no this sorry ow1174.5596.721
suppose i deserved it1178.322.96
oh dear1181.9195.801
things have gone to [ __ ]1183.763.96
well hello handsome1195.0395.841
how you doing handsome1197.6797.401
you looking real nice handsome1200.884.2
top of the tower is this a cat1224.483.52
this isn't a catapult this is a1226.963.36
guys i found a trebuchet i don't know if1230.324.4
i can do anything with it1232.5593.761
i fire up there tried to make it up1234.722.4
too bad climbing doesn't work for [ __ ]1237.123.76
in this1238.5592.321
oh right across the face you're gonna1243.9193.441
have that for the rest of your life1245.524.56
which isn't long1247.365.28
i told you1250.082.56
my name is1256.322.56
i forgot1259.24.0
but i don't know i'm here to get revenge1260.44.159
on my father1263.24.0
oh yes yes slow motion1264.5595.761
boom yes1267.23.12
[ __ ] all right1272.323.719
kicking kind of like just gets caught1277.9194.961
all over you there you go1279.6795.521
you guys coming up here all right good1282.884.0
i'm gonna step out this is like some1285.25.35
assassin's creed [ __ ]1286.886.0
i can handle it1295.0392.721
you don't even know what to do1297.845.11
how about you1300.645.76
any more1322.7992.561
i am victorious oh [ __ ] i hit a wall1326.324.32
oh and i stepped off [ __ ]1331.25.4
put it1351.9193.24

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